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The aim of this site is to catalog all deceased authors, all authors of books published before 1964, and at least some more recent authors, including their full name(s), date of death, date of birth, pseudonyms, sex & nationality (for those who died from 1920 onwards), and their books published before 1964.

The purpose of this site is:

  1. by cataloging the dates of death of authors, to enable the determination of the expiry of their copyright where a “life + x years” rule applies.  Where the date of death is unavailable, the date of birth or date of their first publication can be used to set an upper limit to the duration of copyright – see my Authors by Year of Death webpages to see whose copyright expires each year in the near future.
  2. by cataloging the dates of publication of books, to enable the determination of the expiry of their copyright where a “publication + x years” rule applies.  In the US, for works published from 1928 thru 1963 the copyright status also depends on whether the initial copyright was renewed – see my Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals) webpages for guidance on this.
  3. to identify those books already available on the Internet, to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort by “electronic republishers”.
Note that therefore only some of the authors and books listed here will be out of copyright, some will still be in copyright.

This is a mammoth project, and is only partially complete.  The online webpages here currently catalog nearly 200 000 authors out of what I estimate to be at least 500 000 deceased authors, and over 350 000 (38 000 of them online) out of what I estimate to be at least 2 500 000 books published before 1964.

Of these old authors, about 32 000 (18%) are female.  If you want to find about more about women authors and their books, look at the Celebration of Women Writers and Hypatia Trust websites.

NB: Although I take care in collecting and collating the information from which these webpages are produced, errors do exist in the sources, and quite possibly in my transcriptions and understanding (eg: some of the ‘book’ titles may be pamphlets or learned journal articles; the dates for plays are often those for the first performance, which may be significantly different from the formal publication date; and for many other books there can be small variations for the publication year).  The information is provided in good faith, but it is the condition of use of these webpages that you do not rely on any of the information without checking it to your satisfaction.

For some authors, I have attempted to indicate which of their full set of names were used as a byline by the use of parentheses, but different forms occur in different places, and my sources don't always make clear what was usede.  So don't place much importance on this parenthesising.

Follow these links for definitions of the dates, the general abbreviations, the language abbreviations, the nationality abbreviations & the electronic library codes used in the catalog's pages.

Most of these books are not (yet) on-line, and I can't help you locate copies, beyond my standard advice on buying or borrowing and selling or valuing old books.  But if you obtain one that's out of copyright, how about digitising it and putting it on your webpages so that others can use it, or submitting it to an online collection such as Project Gutenberg?

If you have any additions, corrections or other suggestions, please send them to

Resolved anonymous works
Unresolved anonymous & corporate works
Numerical author names
Authors identified by initial(s) only:
A B C D E F G H I J K L M & Mc N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Authors with significant names starting:
Aa Ab Ac Ad Ae Af Ag Ah Ai Aj Ak Al Am An Ao Ap Aq Ar As At Au Av Aw Ax Ay Az

Ba Bb Bc Bd Be Bf Bg Bh Bi Bj Bk Bl Bm Bn Bo Bp Bq Br Bs Bt Bu Bv Bw Bx By Bz

Ca Cb Cc Cd Ce Cf Cg Ch Ci Cj Ck Cl Cm Cn Co Cp Cq Cr Cs Ct Cu Cv Cw Cx Cy Cz

Da Db Dc Dd De Df Dg Dh Di Dj Dk Dl Dm Dn Do Dp Dq Dr Ds Dt Du Dv Dw Dx Dy Dz

Ea Eb Ec Ed Ee Ef Eg Eh Ei Ej Ek El Em En Eo Ep Eq Er Es Et Eu Ev Ew Ex Ey Ez

Fa Fb Fc Fd Fe Ff Fg Fh Fi Fj Fk Fl Fm Fn Fo Fp Fq Fr Fs Ft Fu Fv Fw Fx Fy Fz

Ga Gb Gc Gd Ge Gf Gg Gh Gi Gj Gk Gl Gm Gn Go Gp Gq Gr Gs Gt Gu Gv Gw Gx Gy Gz

Ha Hb Hc Hd He Hf Hg Hh Hi Hj Hk Hl Hm Hn Ho Hp Hq Hr Hs Ht Hu Hv Hw Hx Hy Hz

Ia Ib Ic Id Ie If Ig Ih Ii Ij Ik Il Im In Io Ip Iq Ir Is It Iu Iv Iw Ix Iy Iz

Ja Jb Jc Jd Je Jf Jg Jh Ji Jj Jk Jl Jm Jn Jo Jp Jq Jr Js Jt Ju Jv Jw Jx Jy Jz

Ka Kb Kc Kd Ke Kf Kg Kh Ki Kj Kk Kl Km Kn Ko Kp Kq Kr Ks Kt Ku Kv Kw Kx Ky Kz

La Lb Lc Ld Le Lf Lg Lh Li Lj Lk Ll Lm Ln Lo Lp Lq Lr Ls Lt Lu Lv Lw Lx Ly Lz

Mac, Mc & M'

Ma Mb Mc Md Me Mf Mg Mh Mi Mj Mk Ml Mm Mn Mo Mp Mq Mr Ms Mt Mu Mv Mw Mx My Mz

Na Nb Nc Nd Ne Nf Ng Nh Ni Nj Nk Nl Nm Nn No Np Nq Nr Ns Nt Nu Nv Nw Nx Ny Nz

Oa Ob Oc Od Oe Of Og Oh Oi Oj Ok Ol Om On Oo Op Oq Or Os Ot Ou Ov Ow Ox Oy Oz

Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe Pf Pg Ph Pi Pj Pk Pl Pm Pn Po Pp Pq Pr Ps Pt Pu Pv Pw Px Py Pz

Qa Qb Qc Qd Qe Qf Qg Qh Qi Qj Qk Ql Qm Qn Qo Qp Qq Qr Qs Qt Qu Qv Qw Qx Qy Qz

Ra Rb Rc Rd Re Rf Rg Rh Ri Rj Rk Rl Rm Rn Ro Rp Rq Rr Rs Rt Ru Rv Rw Rx Ry Rz

Sa Sb Sc Sd Se Sf Sg Sh Si Sj Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr Ss St Su Sv Sw Sx Sy Sz

Ta Tb Tc Td Te Tf Tg Th Ti Tj Tk Tl Tm Tn To Tp Tq Tr Ts Tt Tu Tv Tw Tx Ty Tz

Ua Ub Uc Ud Ue Uf Ug Uh Ui Uj Uk Ul Um Un Uo Up Uq Ur Us Ut Uu Uv Uw Ux Uy Uz

Va Vb Vc Vd Ve Vf Vg Vh Vi Vj Vk Vl Vm Vn Vo Vp Vq Vr Vs Vt Vu Vv Vw Vx Vy Vz

Wa Wb Wc Wd We Wf Wg Wh Wi Wj Wk Wl Wm Wn Wo Wp Wq Wr Ws Wt Wu Wv Ww Wx Wy Wz

Xa Xb Xc Xd Xe Xf Xg Xh Xi Xj Xk Xl Xm Xn Xo Xp Xq Xr Xs Xt Xu Xv Xw Xx Xy Xz

Ya Yb Yc Yd Ye Yf Yg Yh Yi Yj Yk Yl Ym Yn Yo Yp Yq Yr Ys Yt Yu Yv Yw Yx Yy Yz

Za Zb Zc Zd Ze Zf Zg Zh Zi Zj Zk Zl Zm Zn Zo Zp Zq Zr Zs Zt Zu Zv Zw Zx Zy Zz

Dates: The date of first publication in book form is in brackets [ ] at the end of each book line; for works first published in a periodical, that date is also included, in parentheses ( ); multiple dates separated by slashes (/) indicate different editions; a dash (-) indicates that publication was spread over that period.  For plays, ‘pub:’ means date of publication, ‘pro:’ means date of production/performance & ‘reg:’ means date of US copyright registration.  If the book was first published in another language, that language is also in the brackets, eg [Fr-1911].  An author birth or death date preceded by ‘J’ means it's in the Julian (old-style) calendar; an author birth or death date preceded by ‘G’ means it's in the Gregorian (new-style) calendar.

General abbreviations:

Languages: Books originally published in languages other than English are indicated with the following codes:  Ab = Abenaquois;  Af = Afrikaans;  Ag = Algonquin;  AG = Ancient Greek;  Ah = Amharic;  Al = Albanian;  Am = Armenian;  Ap = Arapaho;  Ar = Arabic;  Be = Bengali;  Bm = Burmese;  Br = Belarussian;  Bt = Breton;  Bu = Bulgarian;  Ca = Catalan;  Cb = Cebuano;  Ce = Cherokee;  Ch = Chinese;  Co = Creole;  Cr = Cree;  Ct = Croatian;  Cz = Czech(oslovak);  Da = Danish;  Du = Dutch;  Ee = Estonian;  Eg = Egyptian;  Es = Esperanto;  Et = Ethiopic;  Fa = Farsi;  Fi = Finnish;  Fl = Flemish;  Fo = Faroese;  Fr = French;  Fs = Frisian;  Ga = Galician;  Ge = German;  Gg = Georgian;  Gr = Greek;  Gu = Gujarati;  He = Hebrew;  Hi = Hindi;  Hu = Hungarian;  Ic = Icelandic;  IG = Irish Gaelic;  Il = Iloko;  In = Indonesian;  It = Italian;  Ja = Japanese;  Ka = Kannada;  Ko = Korean;  La = Latin;  Li = Lithuanian;  Lv = Latvian;  Ma = Manx;  Mi = Micmac;  Mk = Mohawk;  Mm = Malayalam;  Mo = Maori;  Mr = Marathi;  Mt = Maltese;  My = Malay;  ME = Middle English;  MF = Middle French;  Na = Nahuatl;  Ni = Nipissing;  No = Norwegian;  OE = Old English;  OF = Old French;  Oj = Ojibway;  On = Oneida;  ON = Old Norse;  Pa = Pali;  Pe = Persian;  Pl = Polish;  Pr = Provençal;  Pt = Portuguese;  Pu = Punjabi;  Qu = Quiche;  Ro = Romanian;  Ru = Russian;  Sa = Sanskrit;  Se = Serbian;  SG = Scottish Gaelic;  Sh = Shona;  Sk = Slovak;  Sl = Slovenian;  Sp = Spanish;  Sw = Swedish;  Ta = Tagalog;  Te = Telugu;  Ti = Tibetan;  Th = Thai;  Tm = Tamil;  Tu = Turkish;  Uk = Ukrainian;  Ur = Urdu;  Vi = Vietnamese;  We = Welsh;  Xh = Xhosa;  Yi = Yiddish;  Yo = Yoruba.

Nationalities: Only authors who died from 1920 onwards, and US authors who died before 1920 but who had works published after 1922, have their nationality noted in braces { }.  The country codes used are based on the ISO 3166 / Internet codes:  AF = Afghanistan;  AG = Antigua & Barbuda;  AL = Albania;  AO = Angola;  AM = Armenia;  AR = Argentina;  AT = Austria;  AU = Australia;  AZ = Azerbaijan;  BA = Bosnia & Herzegovina;  BB = Barbados;  BD = Bangladesh;  BE = Belgium;  BG = Bulgaria;  BH = Bahrain;  BM = Bermuda;  BO = Bolivia;  BR = Brazil;  BS = Bahamas;  BW = Botswana;  BY = Belarus;  BZ = Belize;  CA = Canada;  CD = Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa) (ex Zaire);  CG = Congo (Brazzaville);  CH = Switzerland;  CI = Côte d'Ivoire;  CK = Cook Islands;  CL = Chile;  CM = Cameroon;  CN = China;  CO = Colombia;  CR = Costa Rica;  CS = Czechoslovakia;  CU = Cuba;  CY = Cyprus;  CZ = Czech Republic;  DDR = East Germany;  DE = Germany;  DK = Denmark;  DM = Dominica;  DO = Dominican Republic;  DZ = Algeria;  EC = Ecuador;  EE = Estonia;  EG = Egypt;  ES = Spain;  ET = Ethiopia;  FI = Finland;  FJ = Fiji;  FO = Faeroes;  FR = France;  GD = Grenada;  GE = Georgia;  GG = Guernsey;  GH = Ghana;  GM = Gambia  GR = Greece;  GT = Guatemala;  GN = Guinea;  GY = Guyana;  HN = Honduras;  HR = Croatia;  HT = Haiti;  HU = Hungary;  IE = Ireland;  IL = Israel;  IM = Isle of Man;  IN = India;  IQ = Iraq;  IR = Iran;  IS = Iceland;  IT = Italy;  JE = Jersey;  JM = Jamaica;  JO = Jordan;  JP = Japan;  KE = Kenya;  KH = Cambodia;  KN = Saint Kitts & Nevis;  KP = North Korea;  KR = South Korea;  KW = Kuwait;  KY = Cayman Islands;  LA = Laos;  LB = Lebanon;  LC = St Lucia;  LK = Sri Lanka;  LR = Liberia;  LS = Lesotho;  LT = Lithuania;  LU = Luxembourg;  LV = Latvia;  LY = Libya;  MA = Morocco;  MC = Monaco;  MG = Madagascar;  MK = Macedonia;  ML = Mali;  MM = Myanmar (Burma);  MT = Malta;  MU = Mauritius;  MW = Malawi;  MX = Mexico;  MY = Malaysia;  MZ = Mozambique;  NA = Namibia;  NE = Niger;  NG = Nigeria;  NI = Nicaragua;  NO = Norway;  NL = Netherlands;  NP = Nepal;  NU = Niue;  NZ = New Zealand;  OM = Oman;  PA = Panama;  PE = Peru;  PG = Papua New Guinea;  PH = Philippines;  PK = Pakistan;  PL = Poland;  PR = Puerto Rico;  PT = Portugal;  PY = Paraguay;  RO = Romania;  RS = Serbia;  RU = Russia;  SA = Saudi Arabia;  SB = Solomon Islands;  SC = Seychelles;  SD = Sudan;  SE = Sweden;  SI = Slovenia;  SK = Slovakia;  SL = Sierra Leone;  SN = Senegal;  SO = Somalia;  SR = Suriname;  SU = Soviet Union;  SV = El Salvador;  SX = Serbia & Montenegro  SY = Syria;  SZ = Swaziland;  TH = Thailand;  TM = Turkmenistan;  TN = Tunisia;  TO = Tonga;  TR = Turkey;  TT = Trinidad & Tobago;  TW = Taiwan;  TZ = Tanzania;  UA = Ukraine;  UG = Uganda;  UK = United Kingdom;  US = United States;  UY = Uruguay;  UZ = Uzbekistan;  VC = St Vincent;  VE = Venezuela;  VG = British Virgin Islands;  VI = US Virgin Islands;  VN = Vietnam;  WS = Western Samoa;  YE = Yemen;  YU = Yugoslavia;  ZA = South Africa;  ZM = Zambia;  ZW = Zimbabwe.

Electronic library codes in the left margins of the pages: