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Enrico PEA {IT} (M: 1881 Oct 29 - 1958 Aug 11)
	Prime Piogge [d|It-1923]

Andrew Preston PEABODY (M: 1811 Mar 19 - 1893 Mar 10)
34863	Conversation: Its Faults And Its Graces [n|1855]
A	Christianity, The Religion Of Nature [2v|n|1864]
27531,A	A Manual Of Moral Philosophy [n|1873]
A	Christianity And Science [n|1874]
	Christian Belief And Life [n|1875]
	The Bible In The Public Schools [n|1880]
	Harvard Reminiscences [n|1888]

Charles PEABODY (M: ? - ?)
	Twenty Years Among The Colporteurs [a|1865]

Elizabeth Palmer PEABODY (F: 1804 May 16 - 1894 Jan 2 or 3)
(&ps: Philo KOSMOS; A TEACHER in Boston)
	The Casket (ed) (anon) [1829]
	First Lessons In Grammar On..Pestalozzi (ps: A TEACHER..) [n|1830]
	First Steps To The Study Of History..A Key To History [n|1832]
	Key To History, Part II - The Hebrews [n|1833]
	Key To History, Part III - The Greeks [n|1833]
	Record Of A School (anon) [n|1835/36]
	Method Of Spiritual Culture.. (anon) [n|1836]
	Remarks On Allston's Paintings (ps: Philo KOSMOS) [1839]
	Catalogue Of The Foreign Library, No 13 West Street [n|1840]
	First Nursery Reading Book [n|1849]
	Catalogue Of Books, Engravings Etc To Be Sold At 13 West St.. [n|1839]
	The Polish-American System Of Chronology [n|1850]
	Blank Centuries Accompanying The Manual Of The Polish-American.. [n|1850]
	Guide To Recitation, From The Manual And Chart Of History.. [n|1850]
	Chronological History Of The United States..Bem's Principle [n|1856]
	Memorial Of Madame Kossuth Meszlenyi [b|1856]
	Universal History [n|1859]
	Memorial Of Dr William Wesselhoeft [b|1859]
	Report And New Prospectus Of Kindergarten [n|1862]
	Moral Culture Of Infancy, And Kindergarten Guide (w Mary MANN) [n|1863/69]
	Blank Centuries For Monographs Of History [n|1870]
	Kindergarten Culture Reprinted From The Annual Report For 1870.. [n|1871]
	The Kindergarten [n|1872]
	Lectures On The Nursery And Kindergarten [2v|e|1874]
A	Record Of Mr Alcott's School.. [n|1874]
*	Guide To The Kindergarten.. (w Mary MANN) [n|1877]
	After Kindergarten - What? (w Mary MANN) [n|1878]
	Reminiscences Of Rev Wm Ellery Channing, DD [b|1880]
	Female Education In Massachusetts [n|1884]
	A Last Evening With Allston.. [1886]
	Lectures In The Training Schools For Kindergartners [1] [e|1886]
	Education In The Home, The Kindergarten.. [repr of 1] [e|1887]
	The Piutes [n|1887]

Emily (nee?)Clough PEABODY {US} (F: ? - before 1951)
	Lives Worth Living [1915/1923]

Endicott PEABODY {US} (M: 1857 May 30 - 1944 Nov 17)

Rev, Ephraim PEABODY (Jr) (M: 1807 Mar 22 - 1856 Nov 28)
	Slavery In The United States [n|1851]

Prof, Francis Greenwood PEABODY {US} (M: 1847 Dec 4 - 1936 Dec 28)
25373	Mornings In The College Chapel [e|1896]

Frank PEABODY {US} (M: 1876 - ?)
	The Story Of A Kansan [a|1904]

Frank Elmer PEABODY {US} (M: 1914 Aug 28 - 1958 Jun 27)
	Trackways Of Living And Fossil Salamanders [n|1959]

Josephine Preston PEABODY, Mrs (Lionel) MARKS {US} (F: 1874 May 30 - 1922 Dec 4)
9313,&	Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew [s|1897]
	The Wayfarers [p|1898]
	Fortune And Men's Eyes [d|1900]
	Marlowe [d|1901]
	The Singing Leaves [p|1903]
	Pan [p|1904]
	The Wings [d|1905]
11661	The Piper [d|1910]
14531	The Singing Man: A Book Of Songs And Shadows [p|1911]
	The Wolf Of Gubbio [d|1913]
	The Harvest Moon [p|1916]
	Portrait Of Mrs W [d|1922]
	Collected Plays And Poems [d|pub:1927]

Nathaniel PEABODY (M: 1774 - 1855)
	The Art Of Preserving Teeth [n|1824]

Robert (Gerald) Lee PEABODY {US} (M: 1931 Dec 23 - 2013 Mar 20)
	Job Opportunities In State And Local Government [n|1956]
	The Functions Of A Political Campaign (w William J GORE) [n|1958]

Prof, Selim Hobart PEABODY (M: 1829 Aug 20 - 1903 May 26)

Albert Lister PEACE (M: 1844 Jan 26 - 1912 Mar 14)

Anthony Graham PEACE {UK} (M: 1917 Jun 17 - 1986 Apr 15)

David PEACE {UK} (M: 1967 - living 2022)

David (Brian) PEACE {UK} (M: 1915 Mar 13 - 2003 Feb 15)
	Guide To Historic Buildings Law.. (w Charles SPARROW) [n|?]

Frank PEACE (see: Will COOK)

John PEACE (M: baptised 1785 Dec 8 - 1861 Mar 28)

John Francis C PEACE {UK} (M: 1916 May 26 - 1986)

Margaret Sharp PEACE, nee FERGUSON (F: 1822 - 1897)
	The Convict Ship.. [p|1850]

Maskell William PEACE (M: 1834 - 1892 Nov 9)

Richard (Arthur) PEACE {UK} (M: 1933 - 2013)

Sir, Walter PEACE (M: 1840 Oct 19 - 1917 Jan 31)
	Our Colony Of Natal [n|?]
	Notes On Natal [n|?]

William PEACE (M: c1834 - 1878)

Matthew PEACEMAN {US} (M: 1956 Apr 13 - 2008 Sep 3)

Benjamin Neeve PEACH {UK} (M: 1842 - 1926 Jan 29)
	The Silurian Rocks Of Britain, v1 - Scotland [n|1899]
	The Geological Structure Of The North-west Highlands Of Scotland [n|1907]

Bill PEACH {AU} (M: 1935 - 2013 Aug 27)

Maj, Edmund PEACH (M: 1865 May 28 - 1902 Dec 17 (wrongly 20))
	Tactics - Savage Warfare [n|?]

Lawrence du Garde PEACH {UK} (M: 1890 Jan (or Feb) 14 - 1974 (wrongly 1975) Dec 30 or 31)
	Unknown Devon [n|1927]
	Sale By Auction [d|pub:1926]
	Ever Ready Plays [d|pub:1926]
	More Ever Ready Plays [d|pub:1926]
	Numbered Chickens [d|pub:1926]
	Broadcast Sketches [d|pub:1927]
	The Proposals Of Peggy [d|pub:1928]
	Motoring Without Tears [d|pub:1929]
	Radio Plays [d|pub:1931]
	Crooks' Christmas [d|pub:1931]
	Meet Mrs Beeton [d|pub:1934]
	The Path Of Glory [d|pub:1934]
	Practical Plays For Stage And Classroom (1st series) [d|pub:1935]
	Practical Plays For Stage And Classroom (2nd series) [d|pub:1936]
	Plays For Young People [d|pub:1937]
	Shells [d|pub:1937]
	Five Plays For Boys [d|pub:1937]
	Scenario [d|pub:1937]
	The Castles Of England [d|pub:1938]
	Mrs Grundy Comes To Tea [d|pub:1938]
	Famous Men Of Britain [d|pub:1938]
	Famous Women Of Britain [d|pub:1938]
	A Dramatic History Of England, AD 900-1901 [n|1939]
	Smuggler Jack [d|pub:1939]
	Plays Of The Family Goodman, 1485-1666 [d|pub:1939]
	A Dramatic History Of England [d|pub:1939]
	Music Makers [d|pub:1940]
	The Story Of Sigurd [d|pub:1940]
	Knights Of The Round Table [d|pub:1940]
	Story-Tellers Of Britain [3v|d|pub:1941]
	Biographical Plays [d|pub:1942]
	According To Plan [d|pub:1943]
	Co-operative Centenary [d|pub:1944]
	The Story Of David, King Over Israel; The Last Days Of David [d|pub:1944]
	Plays For Youth Groups [d|pub:1945]
	Tomorrow [d|pub:1945]
	A Criminal Introduction [d|pub:1946]
	The Tribulations Of Wing Lu [d|pub:1946]
	An Improbable Episode [d|pub:1947]
	The Queen's Ring [d|pub:1947]
	Mate In Three [d|pub:1950]
	Queen's Pawn [d|pub:1951]
	Roots Go Deep [d|pub:1951]
	The Spinsters Of Lavender Lane [d|pub:1951]
	The Town That Would Have A Pageant [d|pub:1952]
	The White Sheep Of The Family (w John Hay BEITH) [d|pub:1953]
	A Horse! A Horse! [d|pub:1953]
	Collected Plays [4v|d|pub:1955]
	King Alfred The Great [b|1956]
	William The Conqueror [b|1956]
	Six Wives In Favour [d|pub:1956]
	A Ghost Of A Chance [d|pub:1956]
	Sir Walter Raleigh [b|1957]
	The Story Of Nelson [b|1957]
	The First Queen Elizabeth [b|1958]
	The Story Of Captain Cook [b|1958]
	Rough Diamond [d|pub:1958]
	Jam For Mrs Hooper [d|pub:1958]
	Landed Gentry [d|pub:1958]
	Florence Nightingale [b|1959]
	Julius Caesar And Roman Britain [n|1959]
	Four Queens Wait For Henry [d|pub:1959]
	Charles II [b|1960]
	David Livingstone [b|1960]
	A Wife For The Captain [d|pub:1960]
	Welcome Home [d|pub:1960]
	Christopher Columbus [b|1961]
	Stone Age Man In Britain [n|1961]
	Just A Princess [d|pub:1961]
	Christmas And Mrs Hooper [d|pub:1961]
	Mrs Hooper In The Round [d|pub:1961]
	Henry V [b|1962]
	Marco Polo [b|1962]
	Alexander The Great [b|1963]
	Captain Scott [b|1963]
	Oliver Cromwell [b|1963]
	If You Please, Ladies [d|pub:1963]
	The Lopotkin Inheritance (w Vassili Gregorovich SMIRNOV) [d|pub:1963]

Harry Hardy PEACH {UK} (M: 1874 - 1936 Jan 24)
(ps: H H P)
	Craftsmen All (anon) [n|1926]
	Let Us Tidy Up (anon) [p|1929]

William PEACH (M: 1796 - 1867 Jan 31)

Henry PEACHAM (M: c1576 - c1643)
	Graphice (aka: The Gentleman's Exercise) [1606]
	The Compleat Gentleman [1622]


Emma PEACHEY, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
24219	The Royal Guide To Wax Flower Modelling [n|1851]

Marjorie Doris PEACHEY, nee STEVENS {UK} (F: 1891 Dec 21 - 1972 Aug 30)

Sir, Alan Turner PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1922 Jun 26 - 2014 Aug 2)
	Economics Of National Insurance [n|1952]
	Income Redistribution And Social Policy (ed) [n|1954]
	National Income And Social Accounting (w H C EDEY) [n|1954]
	The National Income Of Tanganyika (1952-54) (w D G M DOSSER) [n|1958]
	The Growth Of Public Expenditure In The UK.. (w J WISEMAN) [n|1961]
	Economic Theory Of Fiscal Policy (w G K SHAW) [n|1971/76]

Prof, Alexander David PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1886 Jun 13 - 1976 Mar 2)

Rev, (William) Arthur PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1905 Aug 23 - 1968 Sep 16)
	Yours Fraternally [a|1945]
	Tom Mann [b|?]
	Medical Mission In Spain (w George JEGER) [n|?]
	Who Are The Universalists [n|?]
	Spiritual Leadership Of Jesus [n|?]
	Yours Fraternally [n|?]
	Christian Modernism.. [n|?]
	Fellowship Through Religion [n|?]
	I'm Not Religious But .. [n|?]
	Religion Can Make Sense [n|?]
	The Family And Society (ed) [n|?]
	Prisons, Punishment And People (w Alan RUSTON) [n|?]
	Christian Encounter [n|?]

B Marjorie PEACOCK {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	A School And Club Librarian's Handbook [n|1920]

David Henry PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1889 Dec - 1978 Jul 2)

Prof, David (Philip Spencer) PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1939 Jan 14 - 2015 Mar 15)

Dimitri Rudolf PEACOCK (M: 1842 Sep 26 - 1892 May 23)

Edward PEACOCK (M: 1831 Dec 22 - 1915 Mar 31)
	Ralf Skirlaugh, The Lincolnshire Squire [f|1870]
	Mabel Heron [f|1872]
	John Markenfield [f|1874]
	Narcissa Brendon [f|1891]

Maj, Ferdinand Mansel PEACOCK (M: 1861 Mar 22 - 1908 Sep 15)
	A Soldier And A Maid [f|1890]
	A Military Crime [f|1891]
	From Reveille? To Lights Out [f|1891]
	Ronald The Fusilier [f|1892]
	A Change Of Weapons [f|1895]
	Sword Flashes [f|1895]
	Curl'd Darling [f|1896]
	Friendship After Plato [f|1897]
	Our Master Tony [f|1908]
	'When The War Is O'er' [f|1912]

Francis PEACOCK (M: 1723 - 1807)
L	Sketches Relative To The History And Theory..Dancing [n|1805]

George PEACOCK (M: 1791 Apr 9 - 1858 Nov 8)
	Collection Of Examples Of The Applications Of The..Calculus [n|1820]
	Syllabus Of A Course Of Lectures Upon Trigonometry (anon?) [n|1833]
	Report On The Recent Progress And Present State Of..Analysis [n|1834]
	Observations On The Statutes Of The University Of Cambridge [n|1841]
	Treatise On Algebra [n|1842]
	Life Of Thomas Young, MD, FRS [b|1855]

George PEACOCK (M: 1805 - 1883 Jun 6)
	Notes On The Isthmus Of Panama & Darien.. [n|1879]

James S PEACOCK {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Creole Orphans (aka: The Orphan Girls) (aka: The Two White Slaves) [f|1856]

Rev, John PEACOCK (M: 1804 - ?)
	A Sketch Of The Christian Experience, Call To The Ministry.. [a|1851]

John Macleay PEACOCK (M: 1817 Mar 31 - 1877 May 4)

Lesley PEACOCK (?: 1959 - 1994 Dec 3)

Matthew Henry PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1856 May 29 - 1929 Apr 5)
	History Of Wakefield Grammar School [n|1892]

Netta(=Pieconette) PEACOCK {UK} (F: 1864 (wrongly 1880) - 1938 Mar 30)
	Millet [1905]
	Russian Year-Bk (ed) [n|1911]
	Russian Almanac [n|1920]
	Citizens Of The Empire (w ?) [n|?]
	Dictionary Of Non-Classical Mythology (w ?) [n|1923]

Ralph PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1868 - 1946 Jan 17)

Robert Backhouse PEACOCK (M: ? - 1864 Apr 1)

Prof, Ronald PEACOCK {UK} (M: 1907 Nov 22 - 1993 Jun 1)

Thomas Bevill PEACOCK (M: 1812 Dec 31 - 1882 May 31)

Thomas Brower PEACOCK (M: 1852 - 1919)
	The Vendetta.. [p|1876]
	Poems Of The Plain And Songs Of The Solitudes [p|1888]

Thomas Love PEACOCK (M: 1785 Oct 18 - 1866 Jan 23)
12803	Headlong Hall [f|1816]
	Melincourt [f|1817]
9909	Nightmare Abbey [f|1818]
	The Four Ages Of Poetry [n|1820]
966	Maid Marian [f|1822]
	The Misfortunes Of Elphin [f|1829]
2075	Crotchet Castle [f|1831]
21514	Gryll Grange [f|1861]
*	Memoirs Of Shelley (ed H Brett SMITH) [1909]
	The Monks Of St Mark [p|?]
	The Round Table [p|?]
	Sir Hornbook [p|?]
*	The Dilettanti [?]
	The Three Doctors [n|?]
	Sir Proteus [p|?]
	The Last Day Of Windsor Forest [n|?]
#	Collected Stories [s|?]

Canon, Arthur (Robert) PEACOCKE {UK} (M: 1924 Nov 29 - 2006 Oct 21)

Bp, Cuthbert Irvine PEACOCKE {UK} (M: 1903 Apr 26 - 1994 Apr 6)

Emilie Hawkes PEACOCKE, nee MARSHALL {UK} (F: 1883 - 1964 Jan 25)
	Writing For Women [n|1936]

(Inez) Isabel Maud/Maude PEACOCKE, Mrs CLUETT {NZ} (F: 1881 Jan 31 - 1973 Oct 12)
(&ps: Mrs CLUETT)
	Songs Of The Happy Isles [p|1909]
	My Friend Phil [f|1914]
	Dicky Knight Errant [f|1917]
	Patricia Pat [f|1917]
	Cinderella's Suitors [f|1918]
	Robin Of The Round House [f|1918]
	The Guardian [f|1920]
19962	Picanninies [f|1920]
	Ginger [f|1921]
	Misdoings Of Micy And Mac [f|1920]
	Tennywiggles [f|1921]
	Sand Babies [f|1921]
	Sand Playmates [f|1921]
	Figs From Thistles [f|1921]
	Quicksilver [1922]
	The Adopted Family [f|1923]
	Little Bit 'O Sunshine [f|1924]
	The House At Journey's End [f|1925]
	His Kid Brother [f|1926]
	Brenda & The Babes [f|1927]
	When I Was Seven [f|1927]
	Tatters [f|1928]
	Runaway Princess [f|1929]
	Waif's Progress [f|1929]
	Haunted Island [f|1930]
	Dwarf Of Dark Mountain [f|1931]
	Cruise Of The Crazy Jane [f|1932]
	Guardians Of Tony [f|1933]
	Marjolaine [f|1935]
	London Called Them [f|1936]
	Good Intentions Of Angela [f|1937]
	Lizbett Anne [f|1939]
	Cathleen With A 'C' [f|1943]
	April, May, June [f|1943]
	Shadow Valley [f|1945]
	Halcyons Family [f|1947]
	Deadly Nightshade [f|1948]
	Rich Man's Ridge [f|1949]
	Concerning The Marlows [f|1950]
	Little Tree [f|1952]
	Uncertain Lover [f|1953]
	Change Partners [f|1955]
	Incompatibles In Love [f|1955]
	No More Tears Lynn [f|?]

James S PEACOCKE (M: ? - ?)
R	The Creole Orphans; or, Lights And Shadows Of Southern Life [f|1856]

Abp, Joseph Ferguson PEACOCKE (M: 1835 Nov 5 - 1916 May 26)
	Christ The Model Shepherd [n|1878]

Thomas Arthur Hardy PEACOCKE {UK} (M: 1907 Dec 11 - 1996 Jul 28)

Howard Wallace PEAK {US} (M: 1856 - ?)
	A Ranger Of Commerce [a|1929]

Rev, John PEAK (M: 1761 - 1842)
	Memoir Of Elder John Peak [a|1832]

Archibald Henry PEAKE {AU} (M: 1859 Jan 15 - 1920 Apr 6)
	Notes From A Diary [n|1914]

Prof, Arthur Samuel PEAKE {UK} (M: 1865 Nov 24 - 1929 Aug 19)
#	The Life Of Sir William Hartley [b|?]

Capt, Charles PEAKE (M: 1793 - 1847)
(ps: Blue JACKET)
	Saucy Jack [s|1840]

Eliza PEAKE {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Honour! [f|1844]
	Jealousy And Revenge [s|1845]

Dame, Felicity (Hyde) PEAKE, nee WATTS, 1:Mrs HANBURY {UK} (F: 1913 May 1 - 2002 Nov 2)

Frederick Gerard PEAKE {UK} (M: 1886 - 1970 Mar 30)
	History And Tribes Of Jordan [n|?]
	Change At St Boswells [n|?]

Harold John Edward PEAKE {UK} (M: 1867 Sep 27 - 1946 Sep 22)
	Historical Guide To Ellesmere [n|1897]
	The English Village [n|1922]
	The Bronze Age And The Celtic World [n|1922]
	The Corridors Of Time - Apes And Men (w H J FLEURE) [n|1927]
	The Corridors Of Time - Peasants And Potters (w H J FLEURE) [n|1927]
	The Corridors Of Time - Priests And Kings (w H J FLEURE) [n|1927]
	The Corridors Of Time - Hunters And Artists (w H J FLEURE) [n|1927]
	The Corridors Of Time - The Steppe And The Sown (w H J FLEURE) [n|1927]
	The Origins Of Agriculture [n|1928]
	The Corridors Of Time - The Way Of The Sea (w H J FLEURE) [n|1929]
	The Corridors Of Time - Merchant Venturers In Bronze (w H J FLEURE) [n|1929]
	The Flood [n|1930]
	The Archæology Of Berkshire [n|1931]
	Early Steps In Human Progress [n|1933]
	The Corridors Of Time - The Horse And The Sword (w H J FLEURE) [n|1933]
	The Corridors Of Time - The Law And The Prophets (w H J FLEURE) [n|1936]
	The Corridors Of Time - Times And Places (w H J FLEURE) [n|1956]

(Margaret) Lilian PEAKE {UK} (F: 1924 May 25 - 1997 May 27)

Mervyn (Laurence) PEAKE {UK} (M: 1911 Jul 9 - 1968 Nov 17)
	Shapes And Sounds [p|1941]
	Rhymes Without Reason [p|1944]
	Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor [1945]
	The Craft Of The Lead Pencil [1946]
	Titus Groan [f|1946]
	Letters From A Lost Uncle [1948]
	The Glassblowers [p|1950]
	Gormenghast [f|1950]
	Mr Pye [1953]
	The Wit To Woo [d|1957]
	Titus Alone [f|1959]
	The Rhyme Of The Flying Bomb [p|1962]

Naomi PEAKE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Teaching Of Housewifery [n|1934]

Richard Brinsley PEAKE (M: 1792 Feb 19 - 1847 Oct 4 (wrongly 24))
	French Characteristic Costumes [n|1816]
	The Bridge That Carries Us Safe Over [d|pro:1817]
	Wanted, A Governess [d|pro:1818]
	Presumption (aka: Frankenstein) [d|pro:1823]
	Snobson's 'Seasons' [1838]
	Memoirs Of The Colman Family [2v|b|1841]
	Cartouche, The Celebrated French Robber [f|1844]
	The Title Deeds [d|pro:1847]
	The Meltonians [d|?]

William PEAKE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Court Intrigues [f|1846]
	The Empire Of Austria [n|1851]

Frederick PEAKER {UK} (M: 1867 Feb 20 - 1942 Jul 14)
	British Citizenship [n|?]

Arthur Lincoln PEALE {US} (M: c1868 - 1947 Mar 1)

Constance F PEALE (see: Whitney STINE)

Cynthia PEALE (see: Nancy ZAROULIS)

Dr, Norman Vincent PEALE {US} (M: 1898 May 31 - 1993 Dec 24)
	The Power Of Positive Thinking [n|1952]
	Stay Alive All Your Life [n|1957]

Rembrandt PEALE (M: 1778 Feb 22 - 1860 Oct 3)
	Notes On Italy [n|1831]
	Portfolio Of An Artist [1837]

Richard S PEALE {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Home Library Of Useful Knowledge (ed) [n|1883/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92]
	Peale's Popular Educator And Cyclopedia Of Reference (ed) [n|1886]
	Peale's Popular Compendium Of Useful Knowledge (ed) [n|1890]

(Loretta) Ruth (nee)Stafford PEALE {US} (F: 1906 Sep 10 - 2008 Feb 6)

Giuseppe PEANO {IT} (M: 1858 Aug 27 - 1932 Apr 20)

Prof, Tom Hatherley PEAR {UK} (M: 1886 Mar 22 - 1972 May 14)
	Shell Shock And Its Lessons (w Grafton Elliot SMITH) [n|?/1917]
	Skill In Work And Play [n|1924]
	Fitness For Work [n|1928]
	The Art Of Study [n|1930]
	Voice And Personality As Applied To Radio Broadcasting [n|1931]
	The Psychology Of Effective Speaking [n|1933]
	Mental Imagery And Style In Writing [n|1935]
	The Place Of Imagery In Mental Processes [n|1937]
	The Maturing Mind [n|1938]
	The Psychology Of Conversation [n|1939]
	The Relations Between Psychology And Sociology [n|1948]
	Psychological Factors Of Peace And War [n|1950]

Brian (Leonard) PEARCE {UK} (M: 1915 May 19 - 2008 Nov 25)

Brian Louis PEARCE {UK} (M: 1933 - 2006 Apr 4)

Rev, Bruce M PEARCE {CA} (M: 1900 - ?)
	First Grand Master [b|1932]

Carol Ann PEARCE, Mrs EVANS {UK} (F: 1929 Dec 23 - 2006 Jul 15)
	Summer Term [f|1952]
	We're In The Sixth [f|1960]
	St Kelvern's Launches Out [f|1962]

Charles Edward PEARCE {UK} (M: 1843 Feb 15 - 1924 Nov 9)
	The Ball Of Fortune [1883/1896]
	Saved By A Woman [1899]
	Love Besieged [f|1909]
	The Amazing Duchess [b|1910]
	The Bungalow Under The Lake [f|1910]
	Red Revenge [f|1911]
	The Beloved Princess [b|1911]
	A Star Of The East [f|1912]
	Polly Peachum..And The Beggar's Opera [1913]
	The Eyes Of Alicia [f|1913]
	Marching Songs [1914]
	The Crimson Mascot [f|1914]
	The Jolly Duchess [Harriot Mellon] [b|1915]
	War Up-To-Date [n|1915]
	The Soul Of A Shop Girl [1915]
	A Foe In The Shadow [1918]
	Stirring Deeds In The Great War [n|1919]
	Corinthian Jack [1920]
	A History Of Perfumes And Cosmetics [n|1920]
	A Queen Of The Paddock [f|1921]
	The Mystery Of The Fur-Lined Cloak [1921]
	The Red Arrow [1921]
	Buzz, Dud And The Greaser [1921]
	The Crimson Trail [1921]
	The Magic Ruby [f|1921]
	The Rival Captains [f|1921]
	Ned Kelly The Bushranger [b|1921]
	The Secret Of Room No 13 [f|1922]
18547	Madame Flirt: A Romance Of 'The Beggar's Opera' [f|1922]
	Madame Vestris And Her Times [1923]
	The Mystery Of Judith [f|1923]
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	Dark Dramas Of Life [?]
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	The Golden Island [?]
	Billy Bos'n [?]
	The Boojum Club.. [?]
	Vengeance Is Mine [?]

Charles William PEARCE {UK} (M: 1856 Dec 5 - 1928 Dec 2)
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	The Evolution Of The Pedal Organ [n|1927]
	Modern Academic Counterpoint [n|?]
	Students' Counterpoint [n|?]
	Composers' Counterpoint [n|?]
	The Art Of The Piano-Teacher [n|?]
	The Priest's Part In The Anglican Liturgy [n|?]

Clifford James PEARCE {UK} (M: 1916 Aug 14 - 1985 Mar 6)

David (Robert) PEARCE (M: 1937 Sep 11 - 2001 Oct 12)

Prof, David William PEARCE {UK} (M: 1941 Oct 11 - 2005 Sep 8)

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Donn(=Donald) (Mills) PEARCE {US} (M: 1928 Sep 8 - 2017 Jul 25)

Edward Vernon PEARCE {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Bp, Ernest Harold PEARCE {UK} (M: 1865 Jul 23 - 1930 Oct 28)

Ethel Katherine PEARCE {UK} (F: 1856 - ?)
	Typical Flies (1st series) [n|1915]
	Typical Flies (2nd series) [n|1921]

Prof, Evan William PEARCE {UK} (M: 1870 Oct 2 - 1957 Aug 30)

F M PEARCE {CA} (?: ? - ?)

Maj, Francis Barrow PEARCE {UK} (M: 1866 Sep 16 - 1926 Jun 11)
	Rambles In Lion Land [n|1898]
	Zanzibar [n|1920]

Frank PEARCE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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Fred PEARCE {UK} (M: 1951 Dec 30 - living 2022)

Sir, (Charles) Frederick (Byrde) PEARCE {UK} (M: 1892 Jun 13 - 1964 Aug 26)
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Sir, George (Foster) PEARCE {AU} (M: 1870 Jan 14 - 1952 Jun 24)
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Harry Hastings PEARCE {AU} (M: 1897 - 1984)

Haywood Jefferson PEARCE {US} (M: 1871 Aug 26 - 1943 May 1)
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Haywood Jefferson PEARCE {US} (M: 1893 - ?)

John A PEARCE, II {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Joseph Henry PEARCE (M: 1856 - 1938 (wrongly 1909) Apr 16)
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25307	Drolls From Shadowland [s|1893]
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(Mary) Joy PEARCE {UK} (F: 1936 Oct 15 - 2014 Feb 8)

Mary Emily PEARCE {UK} (F: 1932 - 2007 Sep 29)

Melville Salter Chaning PEARCE / CHANING-PEARCE {UK} (M: 1886 Jun 9 - 1969 Jun 20)
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	Renascence [n|1943]
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	Fore-Dawn [1950]

Michael PEARCE {UK} (M: 1933 - ?)

Patrick PEARCE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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Paulin Huggett PEARCE (M: 1809 - 1888 Nov 23)

Peggy PEARCE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
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	Wayside Grasses [p|1935]

(Ann) Philippa PEARCE, Mrs CHRISTIE {UK} (F: 1920 Feb 23 - 2006 Dec 21)
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	A Dog So Small [f|1962]

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	The Savages Of America [n|1953]

(Charles Louis) St John PEARCE {UK} (M: 1877 Dec 28 - 1941 Dec 16)
(&ps: [Ada CRUNDALL]; [Iris HOLT]; [Dorothy VERNON])
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	How Tom Made Good [f|1922]
	Slogger And Co [f|1928]
	That Boy Buckle! [f|1929/1955]
	The School Jonah [f|1923]
	Schools In Turmoil [f|1933]
	Buckle Of Barchester [f|1934]

Theodocia PEARCE (F: 1894 - c1925)
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	Lights From Little Lanterns [p|1926]

Thomas PEARCE (M: 1820 - 1885 Sep 24)

William PEARCE {CA} (M: 1848 Feb 1 - 1930 Mar 3)
I	Detailed Report Upon All Claims..The NW Half-Breed Grant.. [n|1886]

William Martin PEARCE (Jr) {US} (M: 1913 Mar 11 - 1999 Aug 16)

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Catherine Owens PEARE {US} (F: 1911 Feb 4 - 1971 Mar 28)
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PEARL (see: Pearl DIEHL)

Prof, Arthur PEARL {US} (M: 1922 Apr 23 - 2018 Jul 5)

Cora PEARL (see: Emma Elizabeth CROUCH)

Cyril PEARL {AU} (M: 1906 - 1987)
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	Always Morning [n|1960]
	Morrison Of Peking [?]
	Beer, Glorious Beer [?]
	The Dunera Scandal [n|?]
	Dublin In Bloomtime [n|?]

Jack PEARL (see: Donald BAIN)

Jack(=Jacques) (Bain) PEARL {US} (M: 1923 Sep 12 - 1992 Oct 23)
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	Air Force Cadet [1961]

Prof, Joseph PEARL {US} (M: 1885 Dec 16 - 1974 Dec 8)
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Leonard (B) PEARL {US} (M: 1911 Dec 5 - 1993 Dec 5)
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Matthew PEARL {US} (M: 1975 - ?)

Prof, Raymond PEARL {US} (M: 1879 Jun 3 - 1940 Nov 17)
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	Alcohol And Longevity [n|1926]
	To Begin With [n|1927/1930]
	The Rate Of Living [n|1928]
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	The Ancestry Of The Long-Lived [n|1934]
	The Natural History Of Population [n|1939]

Prof, Richard Maxwell PEARL {US} (M: 1913 May 4 - 1980 Nov 28)
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	The Art Of Gem Cutting (3e w Henry Carl DAKE) [n|1945]

Prof, Daniel David PEARLMAN {US} (M: 1935 - 2013)

Prof, Jerome Theodore PEARLMAN {US} (M: 1933 May 11 - 1979 Feb 3)

Moshe(=Moses) PEARLMAN {IL} (M: 1911 Mar 3 - 1986 Jan 3)
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	Mufti Of Jerusalem [1947]

Rev, Augustus John PEARMAN (M: c1830 - 1909 Dec 13)

Inez PEARN, Mrs MADGE (F: c1915 - ?)
(ps: Elizabeth LAKE)
	Spanish Portrait [f|1945]
	Marguerite Reilly [f|1946]
	The Lovers Disturbed [f|1949]
	The First Rebellion [f|1952]
	Siamese Counterpart [f|1958]

Violet PEARN (F: ? - ?)
	The Starlight Express (w Algernon BLACKWOOD) [d|1916]
	Through The Crack (w Algernon BLACKWOOD) [1921/22]

Rev, Thomas Hall PEARNE (M: 1819 (or 1820) Jun 7 - 1901)
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Charles PEARS {UK} (M: 1873 Sep 9 - 1958 Jan 28)
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	Mr Punch's Book For Children [1902]
	Mr Punch's New Book For Children [1903]
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	South Coast Cruising From The Thames To Penzance [n|1931]
	Yachting On The Sunshine Coast [n|?]
	Going Foreign [n|?]

David Francis PEARS {UK} (M: 1921 Aug 8 - 2009 Jul 1)
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Sir, Edwin PEARS (M: 1835 - 1919 Nov 27)
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	The Destruction Of The Greek Empire [n|1903]
	Turkey And Its People [n|1911]
	Forty Years In Constantinople [n|1915]
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Francis PEARS (M: c1812 - 1875 Jun 1)

Iain PEARS {UK} (M: 1955 - ?)

Sir, Peter (Neville Luard) PEARS {UK} (M: 1910 Jun 22 - 1986 Apr 3)

Steuart Adolphus PEARS (M: 1815 Nov 20 - 1875 Dec 15)

Alan PEARSALL {UK} (M: 1925 Nov 14 - 2006 Mar 31)

Charles Williams PEARSALL {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	Queen Of The South.. [p|c1910]

Ian Stewart PEARSALL (M: ? - ?)

Phyllis (Isobel) PEARSALL, nee GROSS {UK} (F: 1906 Sep 25 - 1996 Aug 28)
	Castilian Ochre [1934]

Robert Lucas (de) PEARSALL (M: 1795 Mar 14 - 1856 Aug 5)

Ronald Joseph PEARSALL {UK} (M: 1927 Oct 20 - 2005 Sep 27)
(&ps: Ronald RAWLINGS)
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Prof, William Harold PEARSALL {UK} (M: 1891 Jul 23 - 1964 Oct 14)
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Albert William PEARSE {UK} (M: 1857 Apr 6 - 1951 Jul 12)
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Capt, Alfred PEARSE {UK} (M: 1856 - 1933 Apr 29)
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	The Good Old Days [?]
	Merrie England [?]
	Stories Old And New [?]

Prof, Anthony Guy Everson PEARSE {UK} (M: 1916 Aug 9 - 2003 May 24)
	Histochemistry, Theoretical And Applied [n|1953/1960/1968-72]
	Histochemistry, Theoretical And Applied (4e w P J STOWARD) [n|1980-91]

Geoffrey Eastcott PEARSE {ZA} (M: 1885 Feb 16 - 1968 Apr 1)
(ps: G E P)
	The Library, University Of The Witwatersrand (anon) [n|1934]

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	The Kitchen Garden And The Cook [n|1913]
	The Enchanted Past [n|1926]

Henrietta S PEARSE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Land Of Verse [p|1942]

Henry Hiram Steere PEARSE (M: 1844 - 1905 Apr 1)
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16466	Four Months Besieged: The Story Of Ladysmith [n|1900]
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Col, Hugh Wodehouse PEARSE (M: 1855 Aug 13 - 1919 Oct 23)
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James PEARSE (M: 1786 - ?)
	A Narrative.. [a|1825]

John PEARSE (M: 1780 May 17 - 1864)

Lesley PEARSE {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Rev, Mark Guy PEARSE {UK} (M: 1842 Jan 3 - 1930 Jan 1)
	Daniel Quorm, And His Religious Notions [2v|1875-79]

Padraic PEARSE (see: Patrick Henry PEARSE)

Patrick Henry PEARSE (M: 1879 Nov 10 - 1916 May 3)
(ps: Padraic PEARSE)

Reginald William Blake PEARSE {UK} (M: 1905 Mar 19 - 1989 Apr 13)

Susan Beatrice PEARSE, Mrs WEBSTER {UK} (F: 1878 Jan 19 - 1980 Jan 3)

Rev, Thomas PEARSE (M: 1797 - 1891 Jun 14)

Bp, Alfred PEARSON (M: 1848 Apr 30 - 1909 Mar 19)
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	The Claims Of The Faith On The Practice Of To-day [n|1905]

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Alfred Naylor PEARSON {AU} (M: 1856 May 17 - 1933 Aug 5)
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Prof, Allen Mobley PEARSON {US} (M: 1909 Jan 14 - 1999 Mar 28)

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	Judgment [n|1939]
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Anlouisa PEARSON {US} (F: 1898 Nov 29 - 1967 May 23)
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Sir, (Cyril) Arthur PEARSON, 1st Bt Dunstan's {UK} (M: 1866 Feb 24 - 1921 Dec 9)
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	Adventures In Christlike Living [1936]
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	Next! [1941]
	Don Pedro [1950]
	The Headhunter's Bride [1951]
	The Vision Lives [1961]

Bill PEARSON {CA} (M: 1888 - ?)

Bill(=William) PEARSON {US} (M: 1938 Jul 27 - living 2022)

Bill(=William) (Harrison) PEARSON {NZ} (M: 1922 - 2002)

Billy(=Bill) (Austin) PEARSON {US} (M: 1920 May 19 - 2002 Nov 28)
	Never Look Back (w Stephen LONGSTREET) [a|1958]

Bruce PEARSON {UK} (M: 1950 - ?)

Prof, Carl M PEARSON {US} (M: 1919 Nov 9 or 19 - 1981 May 31)
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Charles PEARSON (M: 1794 - 1862 Sep 14)

Charles Buchanan PEARSON (M: 1807 - 1881 Jan 7)

Charles Henry PEARSON (M: 1824 - 1906)
28870	The Cabin On The Prairie [1869]
	Scenes In The West [?]

Charles Henry PEARSON (M: 1830 Sep 7 - 1894 May 29)
(&ps: A Recent TRAVELLER)
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Prof, Charles Yelverton PEARSON {IE} (M: 1857 Aug 27 - 1947 May 13)
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Prof, Claude Edmund PEARSON {UK} (M: 1903 May 13 - 1971 May 25)

Dan PEARSON {UK} (M: 1964 Apr 9 - living 2022)

(Margaret) Diane PEARSON, later YOUDE, 1:Mrs LLOYD, 2:Mrs McCLELLAND {UK} (F: 1931 Nov - 1975)

Drew(=Andrew) (Russell) PEARSON {US} (M: 1897 Dec 13 - 1969 Sep 1)
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	The American Diplomatic Game [n|1935]
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Durk PEARSON {US} (M: 1943 - living 2022)

Edmund (Lester) PEARSON {US} (M: 1880 Feb 11 - 1937 Aug 8)
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5064	The Voyage Of The Hoppergrass [1913]
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4252	Theodore Roosevelt [b|1920]
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Edwin PEARSON (M: ? - ?)
19132	Banbury Chap Books And Nursery Toy Book Literature [n|1890]

Prof, Egon Sharpe PEARSON {UK} (M: 1895 Aug 11 - 1980 Jun 12)

Rev, Eliphalet PEARSON (M: 1752 Jun 11 - 1826 Sep 12)

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Emily Clemens PEARSON {US} (F: ? - ?)
R	Ruth's Sacrifice; or, Life On The Rappahannock [f|1863]
R	The Poor White; or, The Rebel Conscript [f|1864]
R	Gutenberg, And The Art Of Printing [f|1871]

Emma Maria PEARSON (F: c1828 - 1893 Jun 3)
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Francis Bail PEARSON {US} (M: 1853 - 1938)
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	The High School Problem [n|1916]
13049	Reveries Of A Schoolmaster [1917]
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Frank PEARSON, aka Foo Foo LAMARR {UK} (M: 1938 - 2003 Nov 7)

Frank A PEARSON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The World's Hunger (w Floyd Arthur HARPER) [n|1945]

Frederick John PEARSON {UK} (M: 1923 Oct 29 - 1999 Apr 11)

Prof, Geoffrey PEARSON {UK} (M: 1943 Mar 26 - 2013 Apr 5)

George PEARSON (M: 1791 Sep 18 - 1860 May 13)

George (Eustace) PEARSON {CA} (M: ? - ?)
25683	The Escape Of A Princess Pat [n|1918]

George William PEARSON {UK} (M: 1875 Mar 19 - 1973 Feb 8)
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Gustaf Adolph PEARSON {US} (M: 1880 Nov 14 - 1949 Jan 31)
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Helen C PEARSON (F: ? - ?)
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Henry PEARSON (M: 1807 - 1856 Feb 1)

Henry Carr PEARSON (M: 1871 - ?)
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Rev, Henry Daniel PEARSON (M: 1822 Mar 27 - 1896 Apr 26)
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Henry William PEARSON {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
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Hugh PEARSON (M: 1817 - 1882)

Hugh PEARSON (M: 1867 - ?)

Hugh PEARSON {US} (M: c1958 - 2005 Aug)
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Rev, Hugh Nicholas PEARSON (M: 1777 - 1856 Nov 17)

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Isaac R PEARSON (M: 1874 - ?)

J J PEARSON {CA} (?: ? - ?)
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Katie (Alexandra) PEARSON, Mrs MORTIMER {UK} (F: 1959 Jun 6 - 2010 Dec 10)

Kit PEARSON {CA} (F: 1947 Apr 30 - ?)

Leonard PEARSON (M: 1868 - 1909)
23403	Special Report On Diseases Of The Horse (w others) [n|1903/16]

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Mathew PEARSON {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Michael A PEARSON (M: ? - ?)

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Ridley PEARSON {US} (M: 1953 - ?)
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Walter Henry PEARSON (M: 1832 - 1911 Sep 1)

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William PEARSON (M: ? - ?)

William PEARSON (M: ? - ?)
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William Henry PEARSON {CA} (M: 1831 Nov 9 - 1920 Apr 5)

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(&ps: Her MOTHER)
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(&ps: The Snow BABY)
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(Elizabeth) Jane (nee)Hanna PEASE {US} (F: 1929 Nov 26 - ?)
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(ps: M P)
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William Henry (Brooks) PEASE {US} (M: 1924 Aug 31 - 2013 Jun 20)
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Prof, Osborne Harold PEASGOOD {UK} (M: 1902 Mar 5 - 1962 Jan 25)

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Adam (George) PEATY {UK} (M: 1994 Dec 28 - living 2022)

Charles PEBODY (M: 1829 Feb 3 - 1890 Oct 30)

Aurelio PECCEI (see: Aurelio RIVOTTO)

Stanislao PECCI {IT} (M: 1891 Dec 9 - 1965)
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Raymond (Jean) PECH {FR} (M: 1876 Feb 4 - 1952 Jul 3)

Josef PECHAČEK {AT} (M: 1906 Feb 21 - 1945 Jan 10)
	Kleine Chronik [s|Ge-1936]
	Die Balladen Von Schmitteks Glück Und Ende [Ge-1938]

Wilma Elizabeth PECHACEK, nee WITHEROW, 1:Mrs WOOD {US} (F: 1915 Jul 11 - 2010 May 10)

John PECHAM (M: c1240 - 1292)

Rudolf PECHEL {DDR} (M: 1882 Oct 30 - 1961 Dec 28)
	Deutscher Widerstand [n|Ge-1947]

Gladys May Mabel PECHELL, Mrs DOBRÉE {UK} (F: 1894 Nov 2 - 1974 May 14)
(ps: Valentine DOBRÉE)
	Your Cuckoo Sings By Kind [1927]
	The Emperor's Tigers [f|1929]
	To Blush Unseen [s|1935]

Mary L PECHELL (F: ? - ?)
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Ancien PÊCHEUR (ps) (M: ? - ?)
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Archibald Thomas PECHEY {UK} (M: 1876 Sep 26 - 1961 Nov 29)
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	The Way Of A Man With A Maid (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Would She Were Mine (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Love Gives Itself (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	The Little God Of Love (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Yet Love Breaks Through (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Let The Maiden Understand (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Love Will Venture In (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Woman Has Her Way (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Love Conquers All (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Stepping Stones (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Hid In The Heart (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	When Love Calls (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Leave It To Love (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	Joy Be Mine (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	The Truly Loy'd (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]
	And When Love Speaks (ps: VALENTINE) [f|?]

(Mary) Edith PECHEY, Mrs PHIPSON (F: 1845 Oct 7 - 1908 Apr 14)
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John PECHEY (M: 1655 - 1716)

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Allene PECK (see: Vera E LE PAGE)

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Claudia PECK (F: 1952 - 1996)

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Derek (Peter) PECK {UK} (M: 1932 Jun 24 - ?)

Edmund James PECK {CA} (M: 1850 Apr 15 - 1924 Sep 10)

Sir, Edward (Heywood) PECK {UK} (M: 1915 Oct 5 - 2009 Jul 24)

Ellen PECK (F: ? - ?)
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George Washington PECK (M: 1817 Dec 4 - 1859 Jun 6)
(&ps: Cantell A BIGLEY)

George Wilbur PECK (see: Metta (Victoria) VICTOR)

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PEDROG (see: John Owen WILLIAMS)

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Incognito d'Eritrea PEDSOL (see: Pietro VERRI)

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Peter PEE (see: Kurt August HAEGLER)

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(ps: Lindsey GREY; Richard HAWKE)

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Jack Armitage PEEL {UK} (M: 1921 Jan 8 - 1993 May 10)

John PEEL (see: John Robert Parker RAVENSCROFT)

John PEEL (M: 1943 - ?)

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Sir, John (Harold) PEEL {UK} (M: 1904 Dec 10 - 2005 Dec 31)
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John Hugh Brignal PEEL {UK} (M: 1913 - 1983 May 22)
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John (Ronald) PEEL {UK} (M: 1954 - living 2022)
(&ps: J P TRENT; John VINCENT)

Rev, Jonathan Sidney PEEL {UK} (M: 1937 Jun 21 - 2014 Dec 11)

Sir, Lawrence PEEL (M: 1799 Aug 10 - 1884 Jul 22)

Lilian Emma PEEL, Mrs DUFF {UK} (M: 1863 - 1922 Dec 11)
(ps: Percy ROSS)
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George PEELE (M: baptised 1556 Jul 25 - buried 1596 Nov 9)
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	Mining Engineers' Handbook (ed) [n|1918/1927/1941]
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Guy PEELLAERT {BE} (M: 1934 Apr 6 - 2008 Nov 17)

Jules PEEMANS (M: 1842 - 1900)
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Fannie (nee)Harrison PEEPLES {US} (F: 1914 Jan 31 - 2009 Jan 31)
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A PEER (ps) (?: ? - ?)

Frank Sherman PEER (M: ? - ?)
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Lyndon Arthur PEER {US} (M: 1898 Dec 12 - 1977 Oct 8)

A Sussex PEER (see: Henry North HOLROYD)

Jan PEERCE (see: Jacob Pincus PERELMUTH)


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Gaffer PEESLAKE (see: Lawrence DURRELL)

Bill(=William) (Bartlett) PEET, originally PEED {US} (M: 1915 Jan 29 - 2002 May 11)
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A	On The Legal Rights And Responsibilities Of The Deaf & Dumb [n|1856]
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PEG (see: Agnes Newberry MALTBY)

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PEGASUS (see: Nathaniel Anketell BENSON)

PEGASUS (see: Bryan Turner Tom LAWRENCE)

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Cecil Denis PEGGE {UK} (M: 1902 Dec 7 - 1994 Aug 13)
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Samuel PEGGE, the Younger (M: 1733 - 1800 May 22)

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(ps: József MINDSZENTY)
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PEI Songzhi (?: 372 - 451)

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(Étienne-)Gabriel PEIGNOT (M: 1767 May 15 - 1849)
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Rev, Walter Octavius PEILE (M: baptised 1844 Nov 24 - 1918 Sep 24)
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	West Of Swardham [f|1884]

Peter PEILER (see: Karl KLÄR)

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Hayford PEIRCE {US} (M: 1942 Jan 7 - 2020 Nov 19)

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d'Alvernha PEIRE (?: fl 1150-70)

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Lillie Marie PEISER, 1:Mrs HARRISON, 2:Mrs THOMPSON {DE} (F: 1914 May 24 - 1986 Jan 27)
(ps: Lilli PALMER)

Reuben PEISS {US} (M: 1912 Jul 2 - 1952 Feb 23)

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Heinrich PEITMANN {DE} (M: 1875 Jun 8 - 1954 Oct 1)
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Donald L PEITZKE {US} (M: 1914 Jul 24 - 1996 Jun 26)

Ernest Clifford PEIXOTTO {US} (M: 1869 Oct 15 - 1940 Dec 6)
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	Romantic California [n|?]
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	Our Hispanc South-west [n|?]
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	A Revolutionary Pilgrimage [n|?]
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Prof, Jessica Blanche (Maduro) PEIXOTTO {US} (F: 1864 Oct 9 - 1941 Oct 19)
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	Getting And Spending At The Professional Standard Of Living [n|1927]

Harvey (Lawrence) PEKAR {US} (M: 1939 Oct 8 - 2010 Jul 12)
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L B PEKIN (see: Reginald SNELL)

José Manuel PELAEZ {ES/VE?} (M: 1947 - ?)

St, PELAGIA, of Caesarea (F: ? - ?)
	The Epistle Of Pelagia [n|?-?] (tr Edgar J GOODSPEED) [1931]


George P PELECANOS {US} (M: 1957 - ?)

Sofia Lazdynu PELEDA (F: 1867 Sep 28 - 1926 Mar 14)

Jean PELEGRI (M: ? - ?)
	The Olive Trees Of Justice [Fr-?] (tr Anthony BURGESS & Llewela BURGESS) [1962]

Marcus PELEGRIMAS (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: Marcus GALLOWAY)

Yevhen/Eugene Yulii/Julian PELENSKY {?/AU?} (M: 1908 Jan 3 - 1956 Sep 29)

Judy PELFREY (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Judith DANIELS; Rhett DANIELS)

Carltheodor PELGER {DE} (M: 1890 Mar 29 - c1950)

Lucy J PELGER, nee KLEINMYER {US} (F: 1913 Sep 22 - 1971 May 25)

Anthony PELHAM (see: Charles Evelyn Graham HOPE)

C Malory PELHAM {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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Camden PELHAM (ps) (?: ? - ?)
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	The Life And Adventures Of Galloping Dick [1863]

Colleen PELHAM (see: Charlotte C B T PELHAM)

Charlotte C B T PELHAM {UK} (F: 1879 May 4 - 1966)
(ps: Colleen PELHAM)
	Love's Harvest Time [f|1928]
	By Rugged Paths [f|1929]
	The Golden Key [f|1930]
	The Greater Treasure [f|1931]

Gordon PELHAM (M: ? - ?)
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Henry Francis PELHAM (M: 1846 Sep 19 - 1907 Feb 12)

Herbert Greville PELHAM {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
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Bp, Herbert Sidney PELHAM {UK} (M: 1881 - 1944 Mar 11)
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Howard PELHAM {US} (M: ? - ?)

John PELHAM (see: Glenn G BOYER)

Mary PELHAM (see: Dorothy KILNER)


Henry Pelham PELHAM-CLINTON, 4th Duke of NEWCASTLE-Under-LYNE (M: 1785 Jan 30 - 1851 Jan 12)

Henry Pelham Fiennes PELHAM-CLINTON, 5th Duke of NEWCASTLE-Under-LYNE (M: 1811 May 22 - 1864 Oct 18)
I	Correspondence With His Grace The Duke Of Newcastle.. [a|c1863]

(ps: D P P)
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Olive PELI {AU} (F: 1903 - ?)

Prof, Jaroslav (Jan) PELIKAN, Jr {US} (M: 1923 Dec 17 - 2006 May 13)
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Jiří PELIKÁN {CZ} (M: 1923 - ?)

Elin PELIN {BG} (M: 1877 or 1878 Jul 18 - 1949 Dec 3)

Jules PÉLISSIÉ (see: Victorien SARDOU)

Georges Constantin PÉLISSIER {US?} (M: 1865 - 1931)
(ps: G P)
	Historical Notes On The Chevaux De Marly.. (anon) [n|1907]
	Pigalle (anon) [b|1907]
	Clodion (anon) [b|1907]
	Falconet (anon) [b|1907]
	Gouthière (anon) [b|1908]
	Bartolomeo Colleoni (anon) [b|1908]
	Henri Michel Chapu (anon) [b|1913]

Harry Gabriel PELISSIER (M: 1874 - 1913 Sep 25)

Léon G PÉLISSIER (M: 1863 - 1912)

Roger PÉLISSIER {FR} (M: 1924 Dec 30 - 1972 Aug 19 (or 29))
	Catalogue Des Périodiques Chinois..Bibliothèques D'Europe [n|Fr-1958]
	La Chine Entre En Scene [n|Fr-1963]

J W PELKIEL (see: Raymond A PALMER)

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	Bringing Up John [n|1920]
	Story Of Paul [b|1920]
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Robert PELL (see: David (James) HAGBERG)

Stuyvesant Morris PELL {US} (M: 1905 Mar 12 - 1943 Aug 29 (wrongly 30))
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Joseph Octave PELLAND {CA} (M: 1861 - 1924 Sep 16)

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Norman PELLEGRINI {US} (M: 1929 Jul 18 - 2009 Jul 2)

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Vincenzo Maria PELLEGRINI {MT} (M: 1911 Apr 12 - 1997 Oct 1)

Carlos S PELLEGRINO {UY} (M: 1944 - ?)

Sigismund PELLER {US} (M: 1890 Dec 16 - 1985 Jul 12)
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	Cancer In Childhood And Youth [n|?]

Fernando PELLERANO AMECHAZURRA {DO} (M: 1899 - 1933)

Arturo Bautista PELLERANO CASTRO (M: 1865 Mar 13 - 1916 May 5)
(ps: BYRON)

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Frédéric PELLETIER {CA} (M: 1870 May 1 - 1944 May 30)
(&ps: [Remi SIFFADAUX])
	Initiation À L'Orchestre [n|Fr-1948]

Gérard PELLETIER {CA} (M: 1919 Jun 21 - 1997 Jun 22)

Sabine PELLETIER, Mrs ARON {FR} (F: 1904 - 1997 May)
(ps: Sabine BERRITZ)

Sister, St Bernadette Joseph PELLETIER {US?} (F: ? - ?)

Wilfrid PELLETIER {CA/US} (M: 1896 Jun 20 - 1982 Apr 9)

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George PELLEW (M: 1793 Apr 3 - 1866 Oct 13)

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	Cantiche [p|It-?]
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Prof, Camillo PELLIZZI {IT} (M: 1896 Aug 24 - 1979 Dec 9)

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(&ps: [IXIA])
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#	West Australian Orchids [n|1930]

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Rep, Thomas Minor PELLY {US} (M: 1902 Aug 22 - 1973 Nov 21)
(ps: A Bridge CONTRACT-OR)
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	  Surgical Operations [n|Ge-1910] (tr ?) [1912]

Francisco PELSAERT (M: c1591 - 1630 Sep)
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Nicholas van PELT (see: Richard (Duane) HOYT)

Prof, Jack Walter PELTASON {US} (M: 1923 Aug 29 - 2015 Mar 21)
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	Understanding The Constitution [n|1949/?/?/67]
	Government By The People (w ?) [n|1952]

Feigele/Feygl PELTEL(-MIEDZYRZECKI?), Mrs MEED {PL/US?} (F: 1921 Dec 29 - 2012 Nov 23)
(&ps: Vladka MEED)

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Louis PELTIER (M: 1811 - ?)
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Prof, Gretel (nee)Hoffman PELTO {US} (F: c1930 - ?)

Prof, Pertti Juho PELTO {US} (M: 1927 Jul 16 - ?)
(&ps: [Bert PELTO])
	Individualism In Skolt Lapp Society [n|1962]

John Cotter PELTON {US} (M: 1826 - ?)
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Mabell Shippie Clarke PELTON (see: Mabell Shippie Clarke SMITH)

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Carla PELTONEN {US} (F: Sep 12 - ?)
(ps: Lynn ERICKSON (1))

Johannes PELTONEN (M: 1869 (wrongly 1876) Oct 18 - 1913 Aug 10)
(ps: Johannes LINNANKOSKI)
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11914	Pakolaiset [Fi-?]
12780	Laulu Tulipunaisesta Kukasta [Fi-?]
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12935	The Song Of The Blood-Red Flower [Fi-?] (tr W WORSTER) [?]

Mary Ellen PELTZ, nee OPDYCKE {US} (F: 1896 May 4 - 1981 Oct 24)

Felix PELTZER {DE} (M: 1897 Dec 13 - 1955 Feb 26)

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PEM (see: Paul MARCUS)

José María PEMÁN y PEMARTÍN {ES} (M: 1897 May 8 - 1981 Jul 19)

Tsewang Yishey PEMBA {?} (M: 1932 Jun 5 - 2011 Nov 26)
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Austin PEMBER (see: Walter Lionel BICKNELL)

Edward Henry PEMBER (M: 1833 May 28 - 1911 Apr 5)

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Mrs, PEMBERTON (see: Helen Etough CROOKSHANK)

Christopher Henry PEMBERTON {UK} (M: 1923 Mar 14 - 2010 Dec 1)

Lt-Col, Christopher Peach PEMBERTON, aka Kit PEMBERTON (M: 1838 May 23 - 1870 Sep 1)
(ps: LEO)
	The Scapegoat [f|1869]

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	A Practical Treatise On..Diseases Of The Abdominal Viscera [n|1806/07/?/20]
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Clive PEMBERTON {UK} (M: 1881 Apr 5 - 1954)
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	The Harvest Of Deceit [f|1908]
	The Valliscourt Mystery [f|c1915]
	Her Own Secret [f|c1915]
	Until You Came [f|c1915]
	A Member Of Tattersall's [f|1920]
	The Way Of The World [f|1921]

E PEMBERTON (M: ? - ?)
L	An Essay For The Further Improvement Of Dancing [n|1711]

Edward Loines PEMBERTON (M: 1844 - 1878 Dec 12)

Henry PEMBERTON (M: 1694 - 1771)
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John PEMBERTON {UK} (M: 1912 Nov 18 - 2010 Feb 7)

Joseph Despard PEMBERTON (M: 1821 Jul 23 - 1893 Nov 11)

Margaret PEMBERTON (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Maggie HUDSON)

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	Jewel Mysteries I Have Known [f|1894]
	The Impregnable City [f|1895]
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	Queen Of The Jesters [f|1897]
	Kronstadt [f|1898]
	The Phantom Army [f|1898]
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	Signors Of The Night [f|1899]
	Feo [f|1900]
	The Footsteps Of A Throne [f|1900]
	Pro Patria [f|1901]
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	I Crown Thee King [f|1902]
29462	The House Under The Sea [f|1903]
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28326	The Lodestar (US: Aladdin Of London) [f|1907]
	Wheels Of Anarchy [f|1908]
	Sir Richard Escombe [f|1908]
	The Adventures Of Captain Jack [f|1909]
	The Show Girl [f|1909]
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28595	The Man Who Drove The Car [f|1910]
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Max Joseph PEMBERTON (M: ? - ?)
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	Under The Red Flag [f|1923]
	The Mystery Of A Millionaire [f|1924]
	An Adventurer From The West [f|1925]
	The Bottles Of Scented Sweets [f|1926]
	Kidnapper Of Women [f|1927]

Morton Hord PEMBERTON {US} (M: 1875 Dec 1 - 1940 Jul 9)
	Reuben (anon) [1904]


Prof, Oliver PEMBERTON (M: 1825 Aug 15 - 1897 Mar 7)

Prentiss Lovell PEMBERTON {US} (M: 1909 Feb 16 - 1987 Jul 11)

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Robert PEMBERTON (M: 1788 - 1879 May 18)
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	The Natural Method Of Teaching Anatomy [n|1852]
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Capt, Robert Boileau PEMBERTON (M: 1798 Jun 21 - 1840 Jun 26)
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Robert (Charles) Boileau PEMBERTON (M: 1834 Nov 15 - 1914 Dec 22)
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Robert Landon PEMBERTON {UK/US?} (M: 1860 Mar - 1944 Nov 8)
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	Vagrant Verses [p|1929]
	A History Of Pleasants County, West Virginia [n|1929]

Seth PEMBERTON (M: ? - ?)

Thomas PEMBERTON (see: (Henry) Thomas HOPKINSON)

Thomas PEMBERTON (M: ? - ?)
	Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale De Metu [n|La-1777]

Thomas Edgar PEMBERTON (M: 1849 Jul 1 - 1905 Sep 28 (wrongly 27))
(&ps: P M BERTON)
	Charles Lysaught [f|1873]
	Under Pressure [f|1875]
	Dickens's London [n|1876]
	A Very Old Question [f|1877]
	A Grateful Father; A Happy Medium [d|1878]
	Born To Blush Unseen [f|1879]
	Charles Dickens And The Stage [n|1888]
	A Memoir Of Edward Askew Sothern [b|1889]
	The Birmingham Theatres [n|1890]
	The Life And Writings Of T W Robertson [b|1893]
	Fairbrass [f|1895]
	John Hare, Comedian, 1865-1895 [b|1895]
	Bret Harte [n|1900]
	The Kendals [n|1900]
	The Theatre Royal, Birmingham, 1774-1901 [n|1901]
	Ellen Terry And Her Sisters [b|1902]
	Henry VIII On The Stage [n|1902]
	The Life Of Bret Harte [b|1903]
	Sir Charles Wyndham [b|1904]
	James Watt Of Soho And Heathfield [b|1905]
	Freezing A Mother-In-Law [1908]

Thomas James PEMBERTON {UK} (M: 1882 Mar 17 - 1937 Jan 21)
	Gallipoli To-day [n|1926]

Vivian Telfer PEMBERTON (M: 1894 May 9 - 1918 Oct 7)
	Reflections In Verse [p|1919]

(Noel) William Baring PEMBERTON {UK} (M: 1897 (wrongly 1896) Dec 18 - 1965 Mar 11)
	Carteret [b|1936]
	Lord North [b|1938]
	William Cobbett [b|1948]
	Palmerston [b|1954]
	Battles Of The Crimean War [n|1962]

Prof, William Erwin PEMBERTON {US} (M: 1940 Mar 26 - ?)

Robin PEMBERTON-BILLING {UK} (M: 1929 Apr 5 - 2012 Nov 18)

William PEMBLE (M: c1592 - 1623)
	Vindiciae Fidei [n|La-1625]
	Vindiciae Gratiae [n|La-1627]
	Salomons Recantation And Repentance [n|1627]
	An Introduction To The Worthy Receiving The Sacrament [n|1628]
	De Formarum Origine [n|La-1629]
	De Sensibus Internis [n|La-1629]
	A Short And Sweet Exposition Upon The First Nine Chapters Of Zachary [n|1629]
	A Summe Of Morall Philosophy [n|1630]
14999	A Briefe Introduction To Geography.. [n|1630]
	Tractatus De Providentia Dei [n|La-1631]
	The Period Of The Persian Monarchie [n|1631]

John Cripps PEMBREY (M: 1831 Dec 28 - 1918 May 1)
	Life Of Joseph Tanner [b|?]
	Life And Ministry Of Bernard Gilpin [b|?]

Prof, Marcus Seymour PEMBREY {UK} (M: c1868 - 1934 Jul 23)
	The Physiological Action Of Drugs (w C D F PHILLIPS) [n|1901]
	Practical Physiology (w others) [n|1902/05/10]

Nora PEMBROKE (see: Margaret (Moran) McDOUGALL)

Bill PEMBURY (see: Arthur William GROOM)

Hans PEMMER {AT} (M: 1886 Jul 22 - 1972 May 5)
	Der Wiener Zentralfriedhof [n|Ge-1924]
	Der Wiener Prater Einst Und Jetzt (w Ninni LACKNER) [Ge-1935]
	Der Friedhof Zu St Marx In Wien [n|Ge-1959]

Mietek(=Mieczyslaw) PEMPER {PL/DE} (M: 1920 Mar 24 - 2011 Jun 7)
	The Road To Rescue [?]

PEN (see: Charles Forbes WARNER)

Prof, Jan PEN {NL} (M: 1921 Feb 15 - 2010 Feb 14)
	Moderne Economie [n|Du-1958]

Benedicto PEÑA {VE} (M: 1874 - 1940 Dec 10)

Prof, Cecilio PEÑA {UY} (M: 1925 - 2000)

Edilio PEÑA {VE} (M: 1951 Apr 19 - ?)

Israel PEÑA {VE} (M: 1907 Jul 4 - 1979 Apr 1)

Pierre PENA (M: 1535 - 1605)

Virginia de PEÑA De BORDAS {DO} (F: c1930 - ?)

Manuel de Jesús de PEÑA y REYNOSO / REINOSO (M: 1834 Dec 2 - 1915 Aug 2)

Prof, Alejandro PEÑASCO {UY} (M: 1914 - 1979)
	Calipso [d|Sp-pub:1951/pro:1953]

Ellen PENCE {US} (F: 1948 Apr 15 - 2012 Jan 6)

Joanne PENCE, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

William David PENCE {US} (M: 1865 Nov 26 - 1946 Jun 16)
	Stand Pipe Accidents And Failures.. [n|1895]
	Surveying Manual (w Milo S KETCHUM) [n|1900/04/15/1932]


Prof, Albrecht PENCK {DE} (M: 1858 Sep 25 - 1945 Mar 7)
	Studien Über Lockere Vulkanische Auswürflinge [n|Ge-1878]
	Die Geschiebeformation Norddeutschlands [n|Ge-1879]
	Die Vergletscherung Der Deutschen Alpen.. [n|Ge-1882]
	Schwankungen Des Meeresspiegels [n|Ge-1882]
	Die Eiszeit In Den Pyrenäen [n|Ge-1884]
	Morphologie Der Erdoberfläche [2v|n|Ge-1894]
	Die Alpen Im Eiszeitalter (w E BRÜCKNER) [3v|n|Ge-1909]
	Tsingtau [n|Ge-1910]
	Nationale Erdkunde [n|Ge-1934]

Fr, Jean Marie PÉNARD {CA} (M: 1864 - 1939 Nov 13)

John PENBERTHY {UK} (M: 1858 Apr 19 - 1927 May 23)
	A Text-book Of..Equine Medicine (2e w William ROBERTSON) [n|1889]

G G PENDARVES (see: Gladys Gordon TRENERY)

George Henry PENDARVIS {US} (M: 1854 Jul 12 - 1923 Aug 30)
	The Living Witness (anon) [n|1912]

Prof, Elmer PENDELL {US} (M: 1894 Jul 28 - 1982 Mar 18)
	Society Under Analysis (ed) [e|1942]
	Population Roads To Peace Or War (w Guy Irving BURCH) [n|1945]
	Human Breeding And Survival (w Guy Irving BURCH) [n|1947]
	Population On The Loose [n|1951]
	The Next Civilization [n|1960]
	Wisdom To Guide You (ed) [n|1960]

Charles Sutphin PENDELTON {US} (M: 1879 Feb 27 - 1948 Oct 21)
	The Social Objectives Of School English [n|1924]

Arthur PENDENYS (see: Arthur Lee HUMPHREYS)

Sir, John PENDER (M: 1816 Sep 10 - 1896 Jul 7)

Laura PENDER (see: Dana M ANDERSON)

Lydia (Kathleen) PENDER, nee PODGER {UK/AU?} (F: 1907 Jun 29 - 2005 Nov 19)
	Marbles In My Pocket [p|1950]
	Barnaby And The Horses [1961]

Marilyn PENDER (see: Thomas Curtis Hicks JACOBS)

Prof, Krzysztof PENDERECKI {PL} (M: 1933 Nov 23 - 2020 Mar 29)

Mary Lucy PENDERED {UK} (F: 1858 Oct 9 - 1940 Dec 19)
	Dust And Laurels [f|1893]
	A Pastoral Played Out [f|1895]
	Three Comely Maids And Their Affairs [f|1897]
	An Englishman [f|1899/1912]
	The Champion (w Alice Laing STRONACH) [f|1902]
	Musk Of Roses [f|1903]
	The Truth About Man (ps: A SPINSTER) [1905/?/13]
	Star Of The Morning (anon) [1906]
	The Fair Quaker [b|1910]
	The Secret Of The Dragon [f|1911]
	Daisy The Minx [f|1911]
	At Lavender Cottage [f|1912]
	Phyllida Flouts Me [1913]
	Lily Magic [f|1914]
	Plain Jill [f|1915]
	The Book Of Common Joys [1916]
	The Secret Sympathy [f|1916]
	The Silent Battlefield [f|1918]
	Land Of Moonshine [f|1922]
	John Martin, Painter [f|1923]
	Corisande [f|1926]
	The Uncanny House [f|1927]
	Amber Rose [f|1928]
	Mortmain [f|1928]
	A Heart Call [f|1929]
	The Forsaken House At Misty Vale [f|1932]
	Herriot Of Wellinborrow [1934]
	All We, Like Sheep (anon) [?]
	Skirts Of Eden (w ?) [?]
	His Absolute Shall, The Champion (w ?) [?]
	William Penn [b|?]
	Diana Dines Out [b|?]
	The Quaker [b|?]
	Banish The Bogie [d|1932]
	Princess Or Pretender? (w Justinian MALLETT) [b|1939]

Richard PENDEREL {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Wilfred Waide, Barrister And Novelist [f|1893]
	Dick Wylder [f|1894]
	A Fleet Street Journalist [f|1895]
	As A Roaring Lion [f|1897]

William PENDEREL (M: ? - ?)
	Parade Of Violence [f|1937]

James George Joseph PENDEREL-BRODHURST {UK} (M: 1859 Jun 5 - 1934 Dec 2)

Rosemary (Lou) PENDERY, nee SCHMITZ {US} (F: 1938 Aug 11 - ?)

Hugh PENDEXTER {US?} (M: 1875 - 1940)
	Tiberius Smith [f|1907]
	The Mantle Of Red Evans [f|1914]
	Gentlemen Of The North [f|1920]
	Red Belts [f|1920]
	Kings Of The Missouri [f|1921]
26631	A Virginia Scout [f|1922]
	Pay Gravel [f|1923]
	Old Misery [f|1924]
	The Wife-Ship Woman [f|1925]

Erwin PENDL {AT} (M: 1875 Oct 18 - 1945 Aug 4)

Julia PENELOPE (see: Julia P STANLEY)

Amabel PENFEATHER (see: Sarah Fenimore COOPER)

Arthur de Ramon PENFOLD {AU} (M: 1890 Aug 4 - 1980 Jun 16)
	The Eucalypts (w J L WILLIS) [n|1961]

David (John) PENFOLD {AU} (M: 1944 Feb 24 - 2013)

Dean, John Brookes Vernon PENFOLD {UK} (M: 1864 - 1922 May 4)
	Memoir Of The Very Rev Thomas Bell, MA, Dean Of Guernsey.. [b|?]

Alexy PENDLE, Mrs BURNETT {US} (F: 1943 Apr 26 - living 2016)

George PENDLE {UK} (M: 1906 Feb 20 - 1977 Jul 13)
	Much Sky [n|1932]
	Uruguay [n|1952/?/1963]

Walter Henry PENDLE {CA} (M: 1889 - ?)
	Poems, Short Tales, Phantasies [p|1951]

Bevis John PENDLEBURY {UK} (M: 1898 Jun 6 - 1988 Feb 9)
	To Enid [p|1922]
	Dryden's Heroic Plays [n|1923]
	Simple Ditties [p|1944]

Charles PENDLEBURY {UK} (M: 1854 Jul 5 - 1941 Aug 18)
	Lenses And Systems Of Lenses, Treated After..Gauss [n|1884]
	Arithmetic For Schools [n|1886]
	Examples In Arithmetic [n|1888]
	Examination Papers In Arithmetic [n|1889]
	Key To Examination Papers In Arithmetic [n|1889]
	Elementary Arithmetic [n|1890]
	Key To Arithmetic For Schools [n|1892]
	Arithmetic For Indian Schools (w T S TAIT) [n|1894]
	Arithmetic For The Standards (w W S BEARD) [n|1895]
	Elementary Trigonometry [n|1895]
	Commercial Arithmetic (w W S BEARD) [n|1898]
	Graduated Arithmetic [n|1898]
	Shilling Arithmetic (w W S BEARD) [n|1899]
	Short Course Of Plane Trigonometry [n|1900]
	Arithmetic For The Standards (Scheme B) [n|1903]
	New School Arithmetic (w F E ROBINSON) [n|1904]
	New Examples In Arithmetic [n|1904]
	Key To New School Arithmetic (w F E ROBINSON) [n|1905]
	Junior Arithmetic [n|1906]
	New Shilling Arithmetic (w F E ROBINSON) [n|1906]
	Examination Papers In Arithmetic, Mensuration And Logarithms [n|1910]
	Preparatory Arithmetic [n|1912/1924]
	New Concrete Arithmetic (w H LEATHER) [n|1914]
	Key To Examination Papers In Arithmetic, Mensuration.. [n|1915]
	Revision Papers In Arithmetic [n|1916]
	Business Arithmetic (w W S BEARD) [n|1920]

John Devitt Stringfellow PENDLEBURY {UK} (M: 1904 Oct 12 - 1941 May 22)
	Aegyptiaca [n|1930]
	A Handbook To The Palace Of Minos [n|1933]
	City Of Akhenaten II [n|1933]
	Tell El Amarna [n|1935]
	The Archæology Of Crete [n|1939]

Andrew Lewis PENDLETON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Heck HASKINS)
	The Seagoing Experiences Of One Heck Haskins.. (anon) [1912]

Ann PENDLETON (see: Mary Beatty TRASK)

Don PENDLETON (house pseudonym)

Don(=Donald) (Eugene) PENDLETON {US} (M: 1927 Dec 12 - 1995 Oct 23)
(&ps: Dan BRITAIN; Stephan GREGORY)
	Frame Up (ps: Stephan GREGORY) [f|1962]

Rev, Frederick Henry Snow PENDLETON (M: 1818 Sep 13 - 1888 Sep 13)

Grace PENDLETON (see: Margaret Boyer MANN)

Henry PENDLETON (M: c1521 - c1557)

Rev, Henry PENDLETON (M: 1626 May 6 - 1695 Jun 18)

Rev, James Madison PENDLETON (M: 1811 - 1891)
	Reminiscences Of A Long Life [a|1891]

Leila Amos PENDLETON {US} (F: 1860 - ?)
T	A Narrative Of The Negro [n|1912]

Lizzie PENDLETON {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Rhymes And Recitations [p|1947]

Louis (Beauregard) PENDLETON {US} (M: 1861 Apr 21 - 1939 May 13)
	Bewitched [f|1888]
	In The Wire-Grass [f|1889]
	King Tom And The Runaways [f|1890]
	The Wedding Garment [f|1894]
	The Sons Of Ham [f|1895]
	In The Okefinokee [f|1895]
	Corona Of The Nantahalas [f|1895]
	Carita [f|1898]
	A Forest Drama [f|1902]
	Little Tiger Tail [f|1902]
34333	Captain Ted: A Boy's Adventures..In The Great Georgia Swamp [f|1918]
	Lost Prince Almon [f|?]
	In The Camp Of The Creeks [f|?]

Philip Yancey PENDLETON {US} (M: 1863 Sep 25 - 1930 Feb 1)
&	Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians.. (w J M McGARVEY) [n|1916]

Winston K PENDLETON {US} (M: 1910 Nov 27 - 2000 Feb 18)
	Pusuit Of Happiness [n|1963]

Jacques PENDOWER (see: Thomas Curtis Hicks JACOBS)




Arthur PENDRAGON (see: Arthur McMaster GOADBY)

George Edward PENDRAY {US} (M: 1901 May 19 - 1987 Sep 15)
(&ps: Gawain EDWARDS)
	The Earth Tube [1929]
	A Rescue From Jupiter [1932]
	Men, Mirrors And Stars [1935]
	Book Of Record Of The Time Capsule [1938]
	City Noise (w Esther GODDARD) [1940]
	The Coming Age Of Rocket Power [n|1945]
	Rocket Development (jt ed) [e|1948]

Charles PENDRILL {UK} (M: 1877 Jun 27 - 1952)
	London Life In The 14th Century [n|1925]
	Wanderings In Medieval London [n|1928]

Peter PENDRY (see: Peter STRAUSFELD)

Floortje PENEDER {NL} (F: 1977 Jun 26 - 1993 Mar 2)
	Het Dagboek Van Floortje Peneder [a|Du-?]

Pentscho PENEV {BG} (M: 1930 May 7 - 1959 Apr 27)

Cornelia PENFIELD, Mrs LATHROP {US} (F: 1892 - 1938 Jan 15)
	Black Rock, The Seaport Of Old Fairfield, Connecticut, 1644-1870 [n|1930]
	After The Deacon Was Murdered [f|1933]
	After The Widow Changed Her Mind [f|1933]

Edward PENFIELD {US} (M: 1866 Jun 2 - 1925 Feb 8)
	Poster Calendar 1897 [n|1896]
	Golf Calendar 1899 [n|1898]
	Golf Calendar 1900 [n|1899]
	The Big Book Of Horses And Goats [n|1901]
	Automobile Calendar For 1906 [n|1905]
	Holland Sketches [n|1907]
	Spanish Sketches [n|1911]
	Almanack For The Year Of Our Lord 1919 [n|1918]
	Almanack For The Year Of Our Lord 1920 [n|1919]

Frederic Courtland PENFIELD {US} (M: 1855 Apr 23 - 1922 Jun 19)
	Present-Day Egypt [n|1899]
27260	East Of Suez: Ceylon, India, China And Japan [n|1907]

(Eliza) Jean (nee)Nelson PENFIELD {US} (F: 1872 Nov 4 - 1961 Feb 27 (wrongly 28))
	Mother Mine [p|?]
	The Sea [p|?]
	White Tree Tops [p|?]
	Hold High Thr Flag [p|?]

Thomas (Bridge) PENFIELD {US} (M: 1903 Feb 21 (wrongly 26) - 1973 Aug 28)
	Americans On Guard [n|1943]
	Around The World With The Fighting Yanks [n|1944]

Wilder (Graves) PENFIELD {US/CA:1934on} (M: 1891 Jan 26 (or 25) - 1976 Apr 5)
(&ps: W P)
	Cytology And Cellular Pathology Of The Nervous System (ed) [3v|1932]
	Neurological Biographies And Addresses (ed anon) [e|1936]
	Epilepsy And Cerebral Localization (w T C ERICKSON) [n|1941]
	Canadian Army Manual Of Military Neurosurgery [n|1941]
	The Cerebral Cortex Of Man (w Theodore B RASMUSSEN) [n|1950]
	Epileptic Seizure Patterns (w Kristian KRISTIANSEN) [n|1950]
	Epilepsy..Functional Anatomy Of The Human Brain (w H JASPER) [n|1954]
	No Other Gods [f|1954]
	The Excitable Cortex In Conscious Man [n|1958]
	Speech And Brain Mechanisms (w Lamar ROBERTS) [n|1959]
	The Torch [f|1960]
	The Second Career [e|1963]

Charles PENFOLD (M: 1799 - 1864 May 23)

PENG (see: Herbert (Karl Ludwig) KRANZ)

Herbert Staddon PENGELLY {UK} (M: 1892 Oct 1 - 1963 Dec 18)
	Theoretical Naval Architecture (2e w E L ATTWOOD) [n|1931]

William PENGELLY (M: 1812 Jan 12 - 1894 Mar 16)
(&ps: M Y)

Mary (nee?)Huestis PENGILLY {CA?} (F: c1822 - ?)
18398,I	Diary Written In The Provincial Lunatic Asylum [a|1885]

Richard PENGILLY (M: 1782 Sep 14 - 1865 Mar 22)

Alfred PENGKHOF {AT} (M: 1885 Nov 20 - 1958 Nov 28)

Octave PENGUILLY L'HARIDON (M: 1811 Apr 4 - 1870)

Prof, David Pearce PENHALLOW (M: 1854 May 25 - 1910 Oct 20)

Dunlap Pearce PENHALLOW {US} (M: 1880 Aug 9 - 1960 Aug 7)
	Text Book Of Military Surgery [n|1916]

Samuel PENHALLOW (M: 1665 Jul 2 - 1726 Dec 2)
	History Of The Wars Of New-England..Eastern Indians [n|1726]

Jan PENHAY (see: (George) Bracebridge HEMING)

Vladimir PENIAKOV / PENIAKOFF (M: 1897 Mar 30 - 1951 May 15)
	Private Army [1950]

Harvey PENICK {US} (M: 1904 Oct 23 - 1995 Apr 2)

Mary Frances PENICK, 1:Mrs DEPEW, 2:Mrs EMERY, 3:Mrs SPAMPINATO {US} (F: 1931 Dec 30 - 2004 Sep 19)
(ps: Skeeter DAVIS)

Rawley Martin PENICK (Jr) {US} (M: 1898 Dec 4 - 1963 Feb 21)
	Synopsis Of The Preparation..Patients (w H C ILGENFRITZ) [n|1942]

Ladie Averette (nee)Fonville PENICK {US} (F: 1896 (or 1895) Dec 11 - 1986 Mar 21)

Isaac PENINGTON, the Younger (M: 1616 - 1679)
&	The Works Of The Long Mournful And Sorely Distressed.. [4v|n|1681]

Robert PENINGTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Facts Concerning The Menhaden Industry..Atlantic Coast (anon) [n|1908]

Rienzi Evylin PENISTON {US?} (M: 1850 - ?)
	A Midnight Reverie (anon) [p|1919]
	Facts About Money (anon) [n|1920]

Albrecht PENK {DE} (M: 1858 Sep 25 - 1945 Mar 7)

Thomas PENKETH (M: c1437 - 1497 May 21)

Richard PENLAKE (see: Percy R SALMON)

Prof, Aaron Edwin PENLEY (M: 1807 - 1870 Jan 15)

Belville Sampson PENLEY {UK} (M: 1861 Oct 17 - 1940 Jul 26)
	The Bath Stage [n|1892]

Sampson PENLEY (M: ? - 1838 May 28)

Elizabeth (Ruth) PENLINGTON, nee MENDL {UK} (F: c1930 - ?)

(Gilbert) Napier PENLINGTON {UK} (M: 1928 Dec 22 - ?)

David PENMAN {UK} (M: ? - 1961 Aug 24)
	The Electrical Equipment Of Collieries [n|?]
	Compressed Air Practice In Mining [n|?]
	Treatise On Mine Ventilation [n|?]
	All About Coal [n|?]

Howard Latimer PENMAN {UK} (M: 1909 Apr 10 - 1984 Oct 13)

John PENMAN {UK} (M: 1913 Feb 10 - 1994 Jan 5)

Sharon Kay PENMAN {US} (F: 1945 - ?)

William PENMARE (see: Mavis Elizabeth NISOT)

A Sylvan PENN (ps) (?: ? - ?)
R	My Three Neighbors In The Queen City [f|1858]

Anne PENN (see: Thomas Curtis Hicks JACOBS)

Arthur PENN (see: (James) Brander MATTHEWS)

Christopher PENN (see: Pat(=Patrick Anthony) LAWLOR)

Granville PENN (M: 1761 Dec 9 - 1844 Sep 28)
	Remarks On The Eastern Origination Of Mankind.. [n|1799]
	A Greek Version Of The Inscription On The Rosetta Stone.. [n|1802]
	The Bioscope, Or Dial Of Life, Explained [n|1814]
	A Comparative Estimate Of The Mineral And Mosaical Geologies [n|1822/25]
	Life Of Admiral Sir William Penn [b|1833]
	The Book Of The New Covenant Of Our Lord [n|1836]

Irving PENN {US} (M: 1917 Jun 16 - 2009 Oct 7)

J PENN (see: Elizabeth HILL & Doris MUDIE)
	For Readers Only [1936]

Jack PENN {ZA} (M: 1909 - 1996)
	The Right To Look Human [a|?]

John PENN (see: Palma HARCOURT & Jack TROTMAN)

Margaret PENN {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Manchester Fourteen Miles [a|1947]
	The Foolish Virgin [a|?]
	Young Mrs Burton [a|?]

Peter PENN, aka Percy PENN {UK} (M: c1900 - ?)
	Tomorrow's Continent (w Lucie STREET) [n|1946]

Richard PENN (M: 1784 - 1863 Apr 21)

Rob PENN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Ruth Bonn PENN (see: Eth(=Ethel) CLIFFORD)

Verna Ernestine PENN {VG} (F: c1946 - ?)
	The Essence Of Life [?]

W W PENN (see: Frederick Joseph Harvey DARTON)

Rev, William Evander PENN (M: 1832 Aug 11 - 1895 Apr 29)
14183,L	There Is No Harm In Dancing (aka: The Upas Tree) [n|1884]
	The Life And Labors Of..The Texas Evangelist.. [a|1896]

William PENN (M: 1644 Oct 14 - 1718 Jul 30)
	The Sandy Foundation Shaken [n|1668]
	Truth Exalted, In A Short But Sure Testimony [n|1668]
	No Cross, No Crown [n|1669]
	Treatise On Oaths [n|1672]
	England's Present Interest Considered [n|1672]
	An Address To Protestants Of All Persuasions [n|1679]
	A Letter To The Free Society Of Traders [n|1683]
	Some Fruits Of Solitude (anon) [n|1693]
	An Essay Towards The Present And Future Peace Of Europe [n|1693]
	More Fruits Of Solitude [n|?]
&	William Penn's Advice To His Children [n|?]
&	A Key, Opening The Way To Every Capacity.. [n|?]
19377	A Brief Account Of The Rise And Progress Of..Quakers [n|?]
20534	A Sermon Preached At The Quaker's Meeting House..1694 [n|?]

Jessie PENN-LEWIS, nee ? {UK} (F: 1861 - 1927 Aug 15)
	The Message Of The Cross [n|1898]
	Thy Hidden Ones [n|1899]
	Bible Readings On The Inner Life [n|1901]
	The Awakening In Wales And Some Of The Hidden Springs [n|1905]
&	War On The Saints (w Evan ROBERTS) [n|1912]
	The 'Magna Charta' Of Woman 'According To The Scriptures' [n|1919]
	The Conquest Of Canaan [n|1926]
&	The Centrality Of The Cross [n|?]

Frank PENN-SMITH {AU} (M: 1863 - 1935)
	Hang! [1925]
	The Unexpected [1933]

Frederick Gabriel PENNA, aka William MITCHAM {UK} (M: 1874 - 1951 Jan 25 (wrongly 26))
(ps: Billy WHITLOCK; William W WHITLOCK)

E M PENNAGE (see: George (Irvine) FINKEL)

Thomas PENNANT (M: 1726 Jun 14 - 1798 Dec 16)
	British Zoology [n|1768-70]
	Tour In Scotland [n|1771]
	A Tour In Scotland And Voyage To The Hebrides [n|1774-76]
	A Tour In Wales [n|1778-81]
	History Of Quadrupeds [n|1781]
	The Journey From Chester To London [n|1782]

Jan PENNAR (?: ? - ?)
	The Politics Of Soviet Education (jt ed) [n|1960]

(Andreas) Meirion PENNAR {UK} (M: 1944 Dec 24 - 2010 Dec 9)

Leonard PENNARIO {US} (M: 1924 Jul 9 - 2008 Jun 27)

Prof, James Whiting PENNEBAKER {US} (M: 1950 Mar 2 - living 2022)

Alexander PENNECUIK (M: 1652 - 1722)

Alexander PENNECUIK (M: ? - 1730)

Miss, (Katherine?) PENNEFATHER (F: 1813 - ?)
	Helen Talbot [f|1852]

Catherine PENNEFATHER, nee KING (F: c1817 - 1893 Jan 12)
	Follow Thou Me [1881]
	Hints On Bible Reading [n|1883]
	Songs Of The Pilgrim Land [1886]
	The Homeward Journey (w others) [p|1888]
	That Nothing Be Lost [e|1892]

Prof, Frederick William PENNEFATHER {NZ} (M: 1852 - 1921 Feb 6)

Sir, (later)John (de Fonblanque) PENNEFATHER, 1st Bt {UK} (M: 1856 Mar 29 - 1933 Aug 8)

William PENNEFATHER (M: 1816 Feb 5 - 1873 Apr 30)

Lt-Col, Granville PENNEFATHER-EVANS {UK} (M: c1869 - 1963 Jan 12)
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Sir, Charles Henry PENNELL (M: 1805 - 1898 Sep 12)

Elizabeth (nee)Robins PENNELL {US} (F: 1855 Feb 21 - 1936 Feb 7)
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John PENNETHORNE (M: 1808 Jan 4 - 1888 Jan 20)

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Julia PENNEY (F: ? - ?)

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Scott Moncrieff PENNEY {UK} (M: 1857 - 1932 Nov 13)

Stef PENNEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)

William PENNEY, Lord KINLOCH (M: 1801 - 1872 Oct 31)

PENNIBB (see: Inez Knibb SIBLEY)

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Patience PENNINGTON (see: Elizabeth Waties Allston PRINGLE)

Prof, Robert Roland PENNINGTON {UK} (M: 1927 Apr 22 - 2008 Feb 12)

Rooke PENNINGTON (M: 1844 Oct 2 - 1887 Jul 5)

Veronica (Mary) (nee)Murphy PENNINGTON {US} (F: 1894 Jun 11 - 1986 Jun 7)
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Winifred (Anne) PENNINGTON, Mrs TUTIN {UK} (F: 1915 Oct 8 - 2007 May 1)

(John Jacob) Frank PENNINK {UK} (M: 1913 Mar 22 - 1983 Nov 1 (or Oct 31))
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Rev, Gilbert Lee PENNOCK {US} (M: 1880 Dec 30 - 1970 Aug 11)
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Keith PENNOCK {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Leila PENNOCK {US?} (F: ? - ?)
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	Our Food (anon) [n|1919]

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Arthur Guy PENNY {CA} (M: 1886 - ?)
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	The Shirt-Sleeved Generation [a|1953]

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Edward Burton PENNY (M: c1805 - 1872 Mar 1)

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Mrs Frank, PENNY (see: Fanny Emily Farr PENNY)

Rev, Frank PENNY {UK} (M: c1847 - 1928 May 13)
	The Church In Madras [n|1912]

Frederick PENNY (M: 1816 Apr 10 - 1869 Nov 22)

George Barlow PENNY {US} (M: 1861 Jun 30 - 1934 Nov 15)

Henrietta Wilcox PENNY {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Polly, Put The Kettle On (w Jane ABBOT) [f|1925]

John PENNY (M: 1803 Feb 16 - 1885 Feb 7)

Jon PENNY {UK} (M: c1964 - ?)
(ps: The Penny BROTHERS (1))

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	Land Poor, And Six Shorter Stories [s|1928]
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Laurie PENNY {UK} (F: 1986 Sep 28 - ?)

Louise PENNY, nee/Mrs ? {CA} (F: 1958 - ?)

Mark PENNY {UK} (M: c1961 - ?)
(ps: The Penny BROTHERS (2))

Rupert PENNY (see: Ernest Basil Charles THORNETT)

Sarah PENNY {ZA} (F: ? - ?)
	The Lies We Shared [?]

Virginia PENNY (F: 1826 - ?)
A	The Employments Of Women [n|1863]
A	Think And Act [e|1869]

John PENNYCUICK {UK} (M: 1943 Aug 31 - ?)

Preb, William Geoffrey PENNYMAN {UK} (M: 1870 - 1942 Mar 12)
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	The Collapse Of Convention [n|?]

Isaac Rusling PENNYPACKER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Gov, Stephen Whitaker PENNYPACKER (M: 1843 Apr 9 - 1916 Sep 2)
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John PENOYRE {UK} (M: 1870 Feb 10 - 1954 Jan 2)
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Harry PENRITH, aka Burnum BURNUM {AU} (M: 1936 - 1997)

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Francis Cranmer PENROSE (M: 1817 Oct 29 - 1903 Feb 15)
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Rev, John PENROSE (M: 1778 Dec 15 - 1859 Aug 9)
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Margaret PENROSE (see: Margaret ERRINGTON)

Margaret PENROSE (house pseudonym)
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Sir, Roger PENROSE {UK} (M: 1931 Aug 8 - living 2022)

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John PENRY (M: 1563 - 1593)

Guy PENSEVAL (see: George DARLEY)


César Nicolás PENSON (M: 1855 Jan 22 - 1901 Oct 29)

Sir, (Thomas) Henry PENSON {UK} (M: 1864 Jun 27 - 1955 Apr 14)
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Hugh PENTECOST (see: Judson Pentecost PHILIPS)

Prof, John Dwight PENTECOST {US} (M: 1915 Apr 24 - 2014 Apr 28)
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Martin PENTECOST (see: John HEARN)

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(ps: Harry HUNTINGDON; Jack NORTH)
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Rev, Croft Miner PENTZ {US} (M: 1931 May 14 - 2008 Jul 2)
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Chrysoula PENTZIKI, Mrs ARGYRIADOU {GR} (F: 1901 - 1998 Jul 16)
(ps: Zoe KARELLI)

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Arno (Allan) PENZIAS {US} (M: 1933 Apr 26 - living 2022)

Edgar PENZIG {AU} (M: 1929 - 2010 Nov 19)

Irene PENZIK, Mrs NARELL {PL/US} (F: 1923 Sep 17 - 2004 Mar 15)
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(&ps: Fritz FLIEGE)
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Augustus Joseph PEPPER {UK} (M: 1849 - 1935 Dec 17)

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Pip PEPPERPOD (see: Charles Warren STODDARD)

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T S PEPPIN (?: ? - ?)
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Luis PERAZA {VE} (M: 1908 Dec 12 - 1973 Nov 7)

Nicolás PERAZZO {VE} (M: 1904 Jul 20 - 1987)

Elbert PERCE (M: 1831 - 1869 Jan 18 (wrongly 22))
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R	The Last Of His Name [f|1854]

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Arthur Philip PERCEVAL (M: 1799 Nov 22 - 1853 Jun 11)

Charles Spencer PERCEVAL (M: 1829 Feb 11 - 1889 Jan 29)

Don PERCEVAL (see: Louis James PERCEVAL)

Dudley Montague PERCEVAL (M: 1800 Oct 22 - 1856 Sep 2)

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Philemon PERCH (see: Richard Malcolm JOHNSTON)


Betty PERCHERON, 1:Mrs HOOD, 2:Mrs ?, 3:Mrs LAMBDA {UK} (F: 1921 May 21 - 2011 Feb 27)
(ps: Betty PAUL)

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&	Poems [p|1821]
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A	Poem..Phi Beta Kappa Society, September 13 1825 [p|?]

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John (Edward) PERCIVAL {UK} (M: 1937 May 25 - 2005 Feb 6)

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(John) Lance(=Lancelot) (Blades) PERCIVAL {UK} (M: 1933 Jul 26 - 2015 Jan 6)
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	Well-Versed Dogs [p|?]

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Alfred PERCIVALL (see: Alfred Percivall POTT)

Heinz von PERCKHAMMER {AT} (M: 1895 Mar 3 - 1965 Feb 3)
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Caterina PERCOTO (F: 1812 - 1887)

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Rev, Douglas Cecil PERCY {CA} (M: 1914 May 5 - ?)
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Florence PERCY (see: Elizabeth AKERS)

George PERCY (M: 1580 - c1632)
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Gilbert PERCY (see: Katharine(=Katherine) Sarah MACQUOID)

Graham William PERCY {NZ} (M: 1938 Jun 7 - 2008 Jan 4)

Hal PERCY (see: Percy Ewart HENRY)

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Karen PERCY (see: Karen PERSHING)

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&	Sonnets To The Fairest Coelia [p|?]

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Richard PERCYVALE (M: fl c1521)


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Apolinar PERDOMO y SOSA (M: 1882 - 1918)

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Gislenus PERDUYN (M: 1630 - 1708)

Ruben PERE KANTULE (M: 1907 - ?)

Prof, Juan Augusto PEREA (ROSELLÓ) {PR} (M: 1896 - 1959)

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Calvin PEREGOY (see: Thomas Calvert McCLARY)


La PEREGRINA (see: Gertrudis de AVELLANEDA)

PEREGRINATOR (ps) (?: ? - ?)
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	An Episode At Schmeks (anon) [f|1895]
	The Haunted Manor House.. (anon) [s|1896]
	The Charm Of Life [f|1901]




PEREGRINUS (see: Edmond (Auguste) TEXIER)

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Antonio N PEREIRA (M: 1838 - 1906)
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Eduardo C N PEREIRA {PT} (M: ? - ?)
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Francisco Maria Esteves PEREIRA {PT} (M: ? - ?)
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Gabriel PEREIRA (M: 1847 - 1911)

Gustavo (Eduardo) PEREIRA (SALAZAR) {VE} (M: 1940 Mar 7 - ?)

Harold Bertram PEREIRA {UK} (M: 1890 May 31 - 1979 Aug 20)
(ps: Hussaini Muhammad ASKARI (1))
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Roger PEREIRA {HT} (M: 1932 Jun 20 - ?)

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+	The Jewish Religion, Ethically Presented [n|1905]
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(ps: Teixeira de PASCOAES)
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Ambrosio PERERA {VE} (M: 1904 Dec 7 - 1977)

Arthur A PERERA (M: ? - ?)
	Sinhalese Folklore Notes [n|1917]

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Ramón PERERA (M: 1814 Mar 6 - 1890 Aug 2)

Victor (Haim) PERERA {GT/US?} (M: 1934 Apr 12 - 2003 Jun 14 (or 15))

IL Pres, Shimon PERES, originally PERSKE {IL} (M: 1923 Aug 21 - 2016 Sep 28)

George PERESSO {MT} (M: 1939 Sep 9 - ?)

Prof, Julius PERESZLENYI {US?} (M: 1918 Jun 8 - 2002 Feb 24)
(ps: Martin (Julius) ESSLIN)
	Brecht, A Choice Of Evils [n|1959]
	The Theatre Of The Absurd [n|1961]

Raoul PÉRET {FR} (M: 1870 Nov 29 - 1942 Jul 22)
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Valeryan Fedorovich PEREVERZEV {SU} (M: 1882 - 1968)

Alberto José PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1951 May 18 - ?)

Ana Mercedes PÉREZ {VE} (F: 1910 Aug 2 - ?)

Antonio PÉREZ (M: 1540 - 1611)

Arbonio PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1839 - ?)

Eddy Rafael PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1949 Apr 20 - ?)

Eduardo PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1840 - ?)

Francisco de Sales PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1836 Jun 15 - 1926 Mar 17)

Prof, Gilberto (Guillermo) PEREZ {CU/US} (M: 1943 - 2015)

Jeanne PEREZ {HT} (F: c1918 - 1957 Oct 4)

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Juan PEREZ (see: Manly Wade (Hampton) WELLMAN)

Juan Pio PÉREZ (M: ? - ?)
*	Relacion De Las Cosas De Yucatan (w D de LANDA & LIZANA) [n|Sp-?]

Manuel Antonio PÉREZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Octavio PEREZ (see: Heinz NEUMANN)

Ramón PÉREZ (M: 1837 Nov 3 - 1867 Feb)

Rosina PÉREZ {VE} (F: ? - ?)

Udón PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1871 Mar 6 - 1926 Jul 24)

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	Canto A La Independencia [p|Sp-1916]
	Palabras De Mi Madre Y Otros Poemas [p|Sp-1925]
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Carlos PÉREZ ARIZA {VE} (M: 1949 - ?)

Ramon PÉREZ De AYALA (M: 1881 Aug 9 - 1962 Aug 5 or 6)
14318	Belarmino Y Apolonio [Sp-?]

Juan Antonio PÉREZ BONALDE (PEREIRA) (M: 1846 Jan 30 - 1892 Oct 4)
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	Ritmos [p|Sp-1880]
	Poema Del Niágara [p|Sp-1880]

Pedro Andrés PÉREZ CABRAL {DO} (M: 1910 (or 1913) - 1981 (or 1982) May 10)
	Jengibre [f|Sp-1940]

Antonio PÉREZ CARMONA {VE} (M: 1936 - ?)

José Manuel PERÉZ CASTELLANO (M: 1743 Mar 24 - 1815 Sep 5)
	Crónicas Históricas, 1787-1814 [Sp-?]
	Observaciones Sobre Agricultura [n|Sp-?]

Germán PÉREZ CHIRIBOGA {VE} (M: ? - ?)

José Antonio PÉREZ CORONADO (M: 1828 Nov 13 - 1867 Mar 9)

Javier PÉREZ De CUÉLLAR {PE} (M: 1920 Jan 19 - 2020 Mar 4)

Atilio Duncan PÉREZ Da CUNHA {UY} (M: 1951 Jul 16 - ?)

Manuel PÉREZ y CURIS {UY} (M: 1884 May 21 - 1920 Nov 22)
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	Alma De Idilio Y Rimas Sentimentales [p|Sp-1909]
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	Romances Y Seguidillas Del Plata [Sp-1940]
	La canción de las crisálidas [Sp-?]
	El poema de la carne [Sp-?]

Rafael PÉREZ De La DEHESA {ES} (M: 1931 Dec 1 - 1972 Jun 28)

Antonio PÉREZ ESCLARIN {VE} (M: 1944 - ?)

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16372	Fortuna (ed Elijah Clarence HILLS) [f|Sp-1920]

Pedro PÉREZ FERNANDEZ (M: ? - ?)
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Mercedes de PÉREZ FREITES {VE} (F: 1885 Aug 2 - 1921 Feb 19)

Sául PÉREZ GADEA {UY} (M: 1929 - 1969)
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	Episodios Nacionales [s|Sp-1873-1907]
15725	Doña Perfecta [f|Sp-1876]
2462	  Doña Perfecta [f|Sp-1876] (tr Mary J SERRANO) [1896]
	Gloria [f|Sp-1877]
	  Gloria [f|Sp-1877] (tr ?) [2v|1879]
17340	Marianela [f|Sp-1878]
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	  Leon Roch [f|Sp-?] (tr 1878) [2v|1889]
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	  Fortunata And Jacinta [f|Sp-1887] (tr ?) [?]
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14311	Bailen [Sp-?]
16961	Trafalgar [Sp-?]
17443	Un Faccioso Mas Y Algunos Frailes Menos [Sp-?]
21906	Cádiz [Sp-?]

Gregorio PÉREZ GOMAR (M: 1834 - 1885)
	Curso Elemental De Derecho De Gentes.. [n|Sp-1864]
	Conferencias Sobre El Derecho Natural Como Introducion.. [n|Sp-1864]
*	Américo Vespucio [b|Sp-?]

Ada PÉREZ GUEVARA {VE} (F: 1905 Nov 3 - ?)

Fernán PÉREZ De GUZMÁN (M: 1378 - 1460)

Ginés PÉREZ De HITA (M: fl late 16th cent)

Argenis PÉREZ HUGGINS {VE} (M: 1931 Apr 21 - ?)

Pedro PÉREZ ITRIAGO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Mauricio PÉREZ LARO {VE} (M: 1842 Sep 22 - 1937 Sep)

Manuel PÉREZ LAVIERI {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Horacio PÉREZ LICAIRAC {DO} (M: 1895 - 1958)

José Antonio PÉREZ LIMARDO {VE} (M: 1872 Jun 3 - 1954 Sep 3)

José María PÉREZ LIMARDO (M: 1841 Dec - 1919 Jun 5)

José PÉREZ LOSADA {ES} (M: 1879 - 1937 Sep 24)

Prof, Enrique PÉREZ LUNA {VE} (M: 1951 - ?)

Héctor PÉREZ MARCANO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Jesús María PÉREZ MACHADO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Lilianne PÉREZ MARCHAND {PR} (F: 1926 - ?)

Prof, Monelisa (Lina) PÉREZ MARCHAND {PR} (F: 1918 Jan 7 - ?)

Francisco PÉREZ MARTÍNEZ {ES} (M: 1935 May 11 - 2007 Aug 28)
(ps: Francisco UMBRAL)

Juan PÉREZ De MONTALBAN (M: 1602 - 1638)
u	El Hijo De Serafín, San Pedro De Alcántara [d|Sp-?]
u	La Monja Alférez [Sp-?]

Julia PÉREZ y MONTES De OCA (F: 1839 - 1875 Sep 25)
	Poesías [p|Sp-1875]

Luisa PÉREZ y MONTES De OCA, Mrs de ZAMBRANA {CU} (F: 1835 Aug 25 - 1922 May 25)

José (L) PÉREZ MORIS (M: 1840 - 1881)

Joaquín PÉREZ NAVARRO {ES} (M: c1907 - 2006)

Luis Enrique PÉREZ ORAMAS {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Pedro PÉREZ PERAZZO {VE} (M: 1923 Dec 18 - ?)

Francisco PÉREZ PERDOMO {VE} (M: 1929 - ?)

Sergio de Jesús PÉREZ PERDOMO {VE} (M: 1958 Aug 9 - ?)

Carlos Federico PÉREZ y PÉREZ {DO} (M: 1913 - 1965)

Víctor Manuel PÉREZ PEROZO {VE} (M: 1898 - ?)

Víctor PÉREZ PETIT {UY} (M: 1871 Sep 27 - 1947)
	Cobarde [Sp-1894]
	El Parque De Los Ciervos [Sp-1898]
	Emilio Zola [Sp-1902]
	Los Modernistas [Sp-1902]
	Gil [s|Sp-1902]
	Cervantes [Sp-1905]
	La Rosa Blanca [Sp-1906]
	Claro De Luna [Sp-1906]
	Joyeles Bárbaros [p|Sp-1907]
	Yorick [Sp-1907]
	El Esclavo Rey [Sp-1908]
	La Rondalla [Sp-1908]
	El Baile De Misia Goya [Sp-1908]
	Teatro [Sp-1912]
	La Ley Del Hombre [Sp-1913]
	Mangacha [Sp-1914]
	Noche Buena [Sp-1914]
	Civilización Y Barbarie [Sp-1915]
	Los Picaflores [Sp-1915]
	El Príncipe Azul [Sp-1916]
	Un Sabandija [Sp-1918]
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	Entre Los Pastos [Sp-1920]
	Cantos De La Raza [Sp-1924]
	La Música De Las Flores Y Otros Cuentos [s|Sp-1924]
	Los Ojos De Argo [Sp-1942]
	Lecturas [Sp-1942]
	De Weimar A Bayreuth [Sp-1942]
	Las Tres Catedrales Del Naturalismo [Sp-1943]
	El Jardín De Pampinea [Sp-1944]
	En La Atenas Del Plata [Sp-1944]
	Los Evocadores [Sp-1944]
	Heliópolis [Sp-1944]
	Un Amor [Sp-?]
	Las Alas Azules [p|Sp-?]
	Cuentos Crueles [Sp-?]
	Hipomnemo [e|Sp-?]

Antonio PÉREZ PIERRET {PR} (M: 1885 Jan 22 - 1937 Jan 15)

Prof, Diego PÉREZ PINTOS {UY} (M: 1937 Feb 17 - 1988 Dec 5)
	Promoción De La Realidad En El Martín Fierro [n|Sp-1959]
	5 Poetas Uruguayos [Sp-1961]

Alberto PÉREZ RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: 1954 - ?)

Gerónimo PÉREZ RESCANIERE {VE} (M: 1944 - ?)

Arturo PÉREZ-REVERTE {ES} (M: 1951 - ?)

Vicente PÉREZ ROSALES (M: 1807 - 1886)

Prof, César PÉREZ SENTENAT {CU} (M: 1896 Nov 18 - 1973 May 4)

Reynaldo PÉREZ SO {VE} (M: 1945 Nov 18 - ?)

José Antonio PÉREZ SOTO {VE} (M: 1906 Mar 19 - ?)

Prof, Emma PÉREZ TÉLLEZ, Mrs MONTENEGRO {ES} (F: 1901 - 1988)

Prof, Manuel PÉREZ VILA {VE} (M: 1922 Sep 3 - 1991 May 8)
	Una Biografía De José Rafael Revenga [b|Sp-1953]
	Vida De Daniel Florencio O'Leary..Edecán Del Libertador [b|Sp-1957]

Effa Ellis PERFIELD {US} (F: 1873 Feb 2 - 1967 Dec 25)

Clifford, PERFUMER (see: Frank Sanford CLIFFORD)

Simon PERGAMENT {FI} (M: 1897 Oct 26 - 1969 Jul 20)
(ps: Simon PARMET)
	Sibeliuksen Sinfoniat [n|Fi-1955]
	  The Symphonies Of Sibelius [n|Fi-1955] (tr Kinglsey A HART) [1959]
	Con Amore [e|Sw?-1960]

Kurt PERGANDE {DE} (M: 1907 Sep 22 - 1964 Feb 10)
(ps: Curt Cäsar WINTER)

Louis PERGAUD (M: 1882 Jan 15 - 1915 Apr 4)
	La Guerre Des Boutons [Fr-1912]
	De Goupil À Margot [Fr-?]
14397	Le Roman De Miraut - Chien De Chasse [Fr-?]
	The Vengeance Of The Crows [Fr-?] (tr Claud W SYKES) [1930]

Joseph PERGHER {DE} (M: 1902 Apr 23 - 1970 Mar 10)

Henry PERHAM (M: ? - 1906)

Dame, Margery(=Margaret) (Freda) PERHAM {UK} (M: 1895 Sep 6 - 1982 Feb 19)
	Major Dane's Garden [1925]
	The Protectorates Of South Africa [n|1935]
	Native Administration In Nigeria [n|1937]
	Lugard [2v|b|1956-1960]
	The Colonial Reckoning [n|1961]

Prof, Richard (Nelson) PERHAM {UK} (M: 1937 Apr 27 - 2015 Feb 14)

Cristina PERI ROSSI {UY/ES:1975on} (F: 1941 Nov 12 - ?)
	Viviendo [Sp-1963]
	Descripción De Un Naufragio [Sp-?]
	Fantasías Eróticas [Sp-199]

Živojin PERIC (M: 1868 - 1953)
17561	Confédération Balkanique [n|Fr-?]

Louis PERICAUD (M: ? - 1909 Nov 12)

Ugo PERICOLI {IT} (M: 1923 Jan 29 - 1999 Jan 4)
	Storia Delle Uniformi Del Periodo Fascista In Italia.. [n|It-?]

Frederick PERIGAL (M: c1812 - 1905 Sep 21)

Henry PERIGAL, aka 'Cyclops' (M: 1801 Apr 1 - 1898 Jun 6)

Harvey PERIGOE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	The Genius And Nelson.. [p|1902]

Prof, Paul Hélie PÉRIGORD {FR/US:1923on} (M: 1882 Oct 23 - 1959 Nov 4)
	The International Labor Organization [n|1926]
	Short Biographies Of Great American Personalities [3v|b|?]
	Foreign Policies Of France [n|?]
	Politics - The Old Order And The New [n|?]
	The Outlook For European Civilization [n|?]
	Ideas Of Justice, Tolerance And Liberty In French Literature [n|?]

Robert PERINE {US} (M: 1922 Nov 22 - 2004 Nov 6)

Ricardus PERIPATETICUS (see: Richard WALKER)

Ceridwen PERIS (see: Alice Gray JONES)

Gutyn PERIS (see: Griffith WILLIAMS)


Nick(=Nicholas) PERITO {US} (M: 1924 Apr 7 - 2005 Aug 3)

Prof, Ismar J PERITZ {US} (M: 1863 Jan 8 - 1950 Jul 16)
	Old Testament History [n|1915]

Jacques (Fabrice Herman) PERK (M: 1859 (or 1858) Jun 10 - 1881 Nov 1)
24090	Gedichten [p|Du-?]

Willy PERK {DE} (M: 1905 Sep 27 - 1991 Dec 9)

Medora Field PERKERSON {US} (F: 1892 - 1960)
	Who Killed Aunt Maggie [f|1939]
	Blood On Her Shoe [f|1942]

Prof, Arthur George PERKIN {UK} (M: 1861 Dec 13 - 1937 May 30)

Frederick Mollwo PERKIN {UK} (M: c1870 - 1928 May 24)
	Cantor Lectures On Oils [n|1915]
	Qualitative Chemical Analysis, Organic And Inorganic [n|1901/05/10/21]
	Practical Methods Of Electro-chemistry [n|1905]
	Practical Methods Of Inorganic Chemistry [n|1906]
	The Metric And British Systems Of Weights, Measures And Coinage [n|1907]
	Text Book Of Elementary Chemistry (w Eleanor M JAGGERS) [n|1916]
	'Patent', Smokeless And Semi-Smokeless Fuels (w J GREEN) [n|1922]
	Qualitative Chemical Analysis.. (5e w Julius GRANT) [n|1935]

Prof, Harold James PERKIN {UK} (M: 1926 Nov 11 - 2004 Oct 16)

Prof, Joan PERKIN, nee GRIFFITHS {UK} (F: c1926 - 2015)
	It's Never Too Late [n|?]

Lily PERKIN {JM} (F: c1941 - ?)

Prof, William Henry PERKIN {UK} (M: 1860 Jun 17 - 1929 Sep 17)
	A Course Of Practical Chemistry [n|1890]
	Organic Chemistry [n|1902]

A J PERKINS (?: ? - ?)
	A Manual Of The Origin..Of Geographical Names (w G W FITCH) [n|1852]

Rev, Abraham PERKINS (M: 1807 - 1900)
	Autobiography.. [a|1901]

Al(=Albert) (Rogers) PERKINS {US} (M: 1904 Aug 27 - 1975 Feb 10)

Angier March PERKINS (M: 1799 - 1881 Apr 22)

Arthur James PERKINS {AU} (M: 1871 May 11 - 1944 Jun 23)
	Training And Research [n|1917]
	South Australia [n|1939]

Barbara PERKINS (F: ? - ?)

Benjamin Douglas PERKINS (M: 1774 - 1810)
	The Efficacy Of Perkins's Patent Metallic Tractors.. [n|1800]

Prof, Bradford PERKINS {US} (M: 1925 Mar 6 - 2008 Jun 29)
	The First Rapprochment [1955]
	Youthful America [n|1960]

Charles Albert PERKINS {US} (M: 1858 Oct 31 - 1945 Nov 26)
	Outlines Of Electricity And Magnetism [n|1896]

Charles Elliott PERKINS {US} (M: 1881 Feb 21 - 1943 Jun 29)
	The Pinto Horse [1927]
	The Phantom Bull [1932]

Charlotte Isabella PERKINS {CA} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Clarence PERKINS {US} (M: 1878 Aug 17 - 1946 Oct 13)
	An Outline Of Recent European History [n|1912/?/?/?/1927]
	An Outline Analysis Of History Of England [n|1912]
	History Of European Peoples [n|1927/1930]
	Introduction To World History [n|1929]
	A Directed Study Notebook For World History [n|1929]

Cyril Worsley PERKINS {UK} (M: 1871 (wrongly 1872) Dec 30 - 1924 Mar 4)
(ps: Cyril HARCOURT)
	In The Night [d|?]
	A Pair Of Silk Stockings [d|?]
	The Refomer [d|?]
	Wanted - A Husband [d|?]

David Fessenden PERKINS {US} (M: c1885 - 1962 Dec 31)

Prof, Dexter PERKINS {US} (M: 1889 Jun 20 (or 29) - 1984 May 12)
	John Quincy Adams As Secretary Of State [b|1926]
	The Monroe Doctrine, 1823-1826 [n|1927]
	The Monroe Doctrine, 1826-1867 [n|1933]
	The Monroe Doctrine, 1867-1907 [n|1937]
	Hands Off [n|1941/1955]
	America And Two Wars [n|1944]
	The United States And The Caribbean [n|1947/67]
	The Evolution Of American Foreign Policy [n|1948/66]
	The Story Of US Foreign Policy [n|1951]
	The American Approach To Foreign Policy [n|1951/1962]
	The Perkins Lectures [n|1956]
	Charles Evan Hughes And American Democratic Statesmanship [n|1956]
	The American Way [n|1957]
	The New Age Of Franklin Roosevelt, 1932-45 [n|1957]
	Foreign Policy And The American Spirit (ed VAN DEUSEN & WADE) [e|1957]
	The United States And Latin America [n|1961]
	The Education Of Historians In The United States (w others) [n|1962]
	America's Quest For Peace [n|1962]
	The United States Of America (aka: American Democracy) (w VAN DEUSEN) [2v|n|1962/64/68]
	A History Of The Monroe Doctrine [n|1963]

Diane PERKINS (see: Diane GASTON)

(George) Dudley (Gwynne) PERKINS {UK} (M: 1911 Mar 19 - 1986 Apr 15)

Eleanor Ellis PERKINS {US} (F: c1890 - ?)
	News From Notown [1919]
	The Dutch Twins And Little Brother (w Lucy Fitch PERKINS) [f|1938]

Eli PERKINS (see: Melville de Lancey LANDON)

Emily PERKINS {NZ} (F: 1970 - ?)

Rev, Ernest Benson PERKINS {UK} (M: 1881 Jul 14 - 1974 Sep 23 (wrongly 1964 May 26))
	The Problem Of Gambling (w F G NEAVE) [n|1919]
	Betting Facts [n|1925]
	Raffles, Sweepstakes.. [n|1925]
	Gambling And Youth [n|1934]
	With Christ In The Bull Ring [a|1935]
	Where All Men Are At Home [n|1937]
	Any Luck? (ed) [n|1940]
	The Methodist Church Builds Again [n|1946]
	Gambling In English Life [n|1950/1958]
	Methodist Preaching Houses And The Law [n|1952]
	Houses And Homes [n|1956]
	Charles Wesley [b|1957]
	So Appointed [a|1963]

Eugene PERKINS {US} (M: 1932 Sep 13 - ?)

Faith PERKINS (see: Jennie BRAMERS)

Frances(=Fannie) (Coralie) PERKINS, Mrs WILSON {US} (F: 1880 (wrongly 1882) Apr 10 - 1965 May 14)
	Life's Hazards From Fire In New York Factories [n|1912]
	The Problems Of Mercantile Fire Hazards [n|1914]
	A Plan For Maternity Care [n|1918]
	Women As Employers [n|1919]
	A Social Experiment Under The Workman's Compensation Jurisdiction [n|1921]
	People At Work [n|1934]
	The Roosevelt I Knew [b|1946]

Frederic Beecher PERKINS (M: 1828 Sep 27 - 1899 Jan 27)
	Charles Dickens [b|1870]
R	Scrope; or, The Lost Library [f|1874]
	Devil Puzzlers.. [s|1877]

Frederick Orville PERKINS (M: ? - ?)

Geoffrey (Howard) PERKINS {UK} (M: 1953 Feb 22 - 2009 Aug 29)

Prof, George PERKINS {UK} (M: 1892 Sep 22 - 1979 Oct 22)

Prof, George (Burton) PERKINS (Jr) {US} (M: 1930 Aug 16 - ?)

Rep, George Douglas PERKINS (M: 1840 Feb 29 - 1914 Feb 3)
	George Douglas Perkins [a|?]

Judge, George Gilpin PERKINS {US} (M: 1839 - 1933)
	A Kentucky Judge [a|1931]

Grace PERKINS, Mrs OURSLER {US} (F: 1900 Aug 20 - 1955 Dec 15)
(&ps: Dora MACY; Grace (Perkins) OURSLER)
	Music A1 [f|1926]
	Angel Child [f|1928]
	Chats With The Macfadden Family [1929]
	The Spider (ps: Grace OURSLER) [1929]
	Ex-Mistress (anon) [1930]
	Night Nurse (ps: Dora MACY) [1930]
	Personal Maid (&ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1931]
	Promiscuous (ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1931]
	Boy Crazy (&ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1931]
	The Hands Of The Receiver [f|1933]
	No More Orchids [1934]
	Public Sweetheart, No 1 (ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1935]
	Marry To-morrow [1936]
	Riding High (ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1936]
	Crazy Kid (ps: Grace OURSLER) [f|1938]
	Twilight Cheats [1940]
	When Sorrow Comes (ps: Grace Perkins OURSLER) (w April ARMSTRONG) [n|1950]

Rev, Hal Milford PERKINS {US} (M: 1860 Jun 30 - 1937 Dec 31)
	Heart-Songs.. [p|1913]

Harry Innes PERKINS {UK} (M: c1861 - 1924 Oct 24)
	Notes On British Guiana And Its Gold Industry [n|1895]
	Geology Of The Barima, Barama, Potaro..Rivers (w J B HARRISON) [n|1897]

A-V-M, Irwyn Morse PERKINS {UK} (M: 1920 Dec 15 - 1996 Jul 14)

Jacob Randolph PERKINS {US} (M: 1879 (or 1878) Jul 16 - 1959 Jan 19)
+	The Emperor's Physician [f|1944]

James (Alfred) PERKINS {US} (M: 1911 Oct 11 - 1998 Aug 15 (or 20))

James Oliver Newton PERKINS {UK} (M: 1924 Jul 11 (wrongly Nov 7) - 2016 Feb 14)
	Sterling And Regional Payments Systems [n|1956]
	Britain And Australia [n|1962]

Rev, Jocelyn Henry Temple PERKINS {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 5 - 1962 Apr 21)
	The Coronation Book [n|1902/11]
	The Honourable Order Of The Bath [n|1913/1930]
	Westminster Abbey [n|1913/20]
	Walks In Rouen [n|1918/20]
	Some French Cathedrals [n|1925]
	The Ornaments Of Westminster Abbey [n|1933]
	Historic Occasions In Westminster Abbey (w STORR) [n|1933]
	The Cathedrals Of Normandy [n|1935]
	The Chapel Of King Henry VII In Westminster Abbey..High Altar [n|1935]
	The Crowning Of The Sovereign [n|1937/1953]
	The Organs And Bells Of Westminster Abbey [n|1937]
	Westminster Abbey - The Empire's Crown [n|1937]
	Westminster Abbey, Its Worship And Ornaments [3v|n|1938-1952]
	A Wealth Of Treasure [n|1942]
	Westminster Abbey Benedictine Monastery And Collegiate Church [n|1945]
	The Chapel Of The Royal Air Force And The Battle Of Britain Window [n|1948]
	The Nurses' Chapel [n|1954]
	60 Years At Westminster Abbey [a|1960]

Prof, John Alanson PERKINS {US} (M: 1914 Jun 29 - 1982 Apr 6)
	The Role Of The Governor Of Michigan In..Appropriations [n|1943]
	Plain Talk From A Campus [n|1959]
	Harry Fletcher Brown (w Robeson BAILEY) [b|1960]

John Edward PERKINS (M: ? - ?)

Judge, Joseph D PERKINS {US} (M: 1851 - ?)
	Autobiography.. [a|c1932]

Rev, Justin PERKINS (M: 1805 Mar 5 - 1869 Dec 31)
	A Residence Of Eight Years In Persia, Among The Nestorian.. [a|1843]
	Historical Sketch Of The Mission To The Nestorians (w T LAURIE) [n|1866]

Maj-Gen, Ken(=Kenneth) PERKINS {UK} (M: 1926 Aug 15 - 2009 Oct 23)

Kenneth (Taylor) PERKINS {US} (M: 1890 May 16 - 1951 Jun 7)
(&ps: King PHILLIPS)
	The Beloved Brute [1923]
	Ride Him, Cowboy [f|1924]
	The Gunfanner [f|1924]
	Queen Of The Night [f|1925]
	The Palm Of The Hot Hand (ps: King PHILLIPS) [1926]
	The Starlit Trail (ps: King PHILLIPS) [1927]
	Wild Paradise (ps: King PHILLIPS) [1927]
	Creoles (w Samuel SHIPMAN) [d|pro:1927]
	Strange Treasure (w ?) [1927]
	Gold [f|1929]
	Mark Of The Moccasin [f|1929]
	The Discard (w ?) [1929]
	Desire (w ?) [d|pro:1930]
	The Mystery Of The Juvenal Manse [f|1931]
	Voodoo'd [f|1931]
	Canyon Of Light [f|1932]
	Dance With Your Gods [d|pro:1934]
	Smoke On The Range (ps: King PHILLIPS) [1943]

Lucy (nee)Fitch PERKINS {US} (F: 1865 Jul 12 - 1937 Mar 18)
	Robin Hood (ed) [1906]
	The Goose Girl [p|1906]
	The Twenty Best Fairy Tales By Hans Andersen.. (ed) [s|1907]
	A Midsummer-Night's Dream For Young People (ed) [d|1907]
	A Book Of Joys [1907]
	Aesop's Fables [1908]
4012,&	The Dutch Twins [f|1911]
3496	The Japanese Twins [f|1912]
28431	The Irish Twins [f|1913]
3774,J	The Eskimo Twins [f|1914]
28889	The Mexican Twins [f|1915]
28425	The Cave Twins [f|1916]
3642,J	The Belgian Twins [f|1917]
4091	The French Twins [f|1918]
9966	The Spartan Twins [f|1918]
	Cornelia [f|1919]
4086	The Scotch Twins [f|1919]
28426	The Italian Twins [f|1920]
16644	The Puritan Twins [f|1921]
3497	The Swiss Twins [f|1922]
	The Filipino Twins [f|1923]
	The Colonial Twins Of Virginia [f|1924]
	The American Twins Of 1812 [f|1925]
	The American Twins Of The Revolution [f|1926]
	Mr Chick, His Travels And Adventures [f|1926]
	The Pioneer Twins [f|1927]
	The Farm Twins [f|1928]
	Kit And Kat [f|1929]
	The Indian Twins [f|1930]
	The Pickaninny Twins [f|1931]
	The Norwegian Twins [f|1933]
	The Spanish Twins [f|1934]
	The Chinese Twins [f|1935]
	The Dutch Twins And Little Brother (w Eleanor Ellis PERKINS) [f|1938]

(Richard) Marlin PERKINS {US} (M: 1905 Mar 28 - 1986 Jun 14)

(William) Maxwell Evarts PERKINS {US} (M: 1884 Sep 20 - 1947 Jun 17)

Michael Lawson PERKINS {UK} (M: 1938 (wrongly 1940) Jun 18 - 2005 Aug 31)
(ps: Michael SHEARD)

Norah Niland PERKINS, nee ? {ZA?} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Norah NILAND)
	Anybody's Child (ps: Norah NILAND) [p|1922]
	The Candle On The Window Sill [f|1926]

Nathan E PERKINS {US} (M: 1824 - ?)
	Events And Travels..1824-87 [a|1887]

Norah PERKINS (M: 1879 - ?)
	'Through The Mill..' [a|1916]
	Thoughts For The Quiet Hour [1938]

Ralph PERKINS {US} (M: 1913 Feb 10 - ?)

Prof, Rollin Morris PERKINS {US} (M: 1889 Mar 15 - 1993 Mar 13)
	Cases On Criminal Procedure [n|1920/?/1929]
	Iowa Criminal Justice [n|1932]
	Elements Of Police Science [n|1942]
	Police Examinations [n|1947]
	Cases On Criminal Law And Procedure [n|1952/?/?/72]
	Perkins On Criminal Law [n|1957/69]

Shirley (nee)Thomas PERKINS, 1:Mrs WHITE {US} (F: 1920 Jul 16 - 2005 Jul 21)

Simeon PERKINS (M: 1735 Feb 24 - 1812 May 9)
	The Diary Of Simeon Perkins 1766-1780 (ed Harold A INNIS) [a|1948]

Sue(=Susan) (Elizabeth) PERKINS {UK} (F: 1969 Sep 22 - living 2022)

Sue (nee)Chesnutwood PERKINS (F: ? - ?)
R	Malbrook (anon) [f|1868]
R	Honor Bright (anon) [f|1870]
	Hardy And Foolhardy (anon) [f|?]
	Tom's Opinion (anon) [f|?]
	Larry's Luck (anon) [f|?]
	Robin And Linnet (anon) [f|?]
	Halt! (anon) [f|?]
	All's Well (anon) [f|?]

Tessa(=Teresa) (Elizabeth) PERKINS, nee PUDNEY {UK} (F: 1942 Feb 8 - 2004 Sep 28)

Rev, Thomas PERKINS (M: 1842 - 1907 Mar 21)
37164	The Cathedral Church Of Manchester [Bell's Cathedrals] [n|1901]
	The Cathedral Church Of Amiens [n|1902]
19511	Wimbourne Minster And Christchurch Priory [Bell's Cathedrals] [n|1902]
	The Churches Of Rouen [n|1903]
19494	The Cathedral Church Of Saint Albans [Bell's Cathedrals] [n|1903]
22880	A Short Account Of Romsey Abbey [Bell's Cathedrals] [n|1907]

Thomas James PERKINS {US} (M: 1932 Jan 7 - 2016 Jun 7)
(&ps: Tom PERKINS)

Tom PERKINS (see: Thomas James PERKINS)

Virginia Chase PERKINS (see: Virginia Lowell CHASE)

Walter Frank PERKINS {UK} (M: 1865 May 3 - 1946 Mar 17)
	New Forest Bibliography [n|?/1935]
	British And Irish Writers On Agriculture [n|1929/?/1939]

William Turner PERKINS {UK} (M: 1853 Jan 17 - 1927 May 14)
	Popular Illustrated Guide To South-eastern And Chatham Railway [n|1906]

Prof, Josef Friedrich PERKÖNIG {AT} (M: 1890 Aug 3 - 1959 Feb 8)
	Die Stillen Königreiche [f|Ge-1917]
	Trio In Moll [s|Ge-1918]
	Maria Am Rain [s|Ge-1919]
	Trio In Toskana [f|Ge-1920]
	Heimat In Not [n|Ge-1921]
	Kärnten [n|Ge-1921]
	Liebe, Leid Und Tod [s|Ge-1923]
	Heimsuchung [d|Ge-1923]
	Schubert, Hendl Und Der Birnbaum [f|Ge-1925]
	Siebenruh [f|Ge-1925]
	Kärnten, Ein Heimatbuch [n|Ge-1925]
	Landschaft Um Den Wörthersee [n|Ge-1925]
	Kärnten - Heimatbuch [n|Ge-1925]
	Das Volk Steht Auf [n|Ge-1925]
	Dorf Am Acker [s|Ge-1926]
	Bergsegen [f|Ge-1928]
	Ingrid Pan [f|Ge-1928]
	Kärnten - Landschaft, Volk, Kultur [n|Ge-1928]
	Kampf Um Kärnten [n|Ge-1930]
	Mensch Wie Du Und Ich [f|Ge-1932]
	Der Schinderhannes Zieht Übers Gebirg [Ge-1934]
	Auf Dem Berge Leben [f|Ge-1935]
	Honigraub [f|Ge-1935]
	Der Guslaspieler [f|Ge-1935]
	Der Steinbock [Ge-1935]
	Kärnten, Mein Leben Für Dich [n|Ge-1935]
	Kärnten, Deutscher Süden [n|Ge-1935]
	Nikolaus Tschinderle, Räuberhauptmann [f|Ge-1936]
	Deutsche Ostmark (ed) [p|Ge-1936/?]
	Das Verzauberte Gebirg [Ge-1937]
	Mein Herz Ist Im Hochland [n|Ge-1937]
	Lopud, Insel Der Helden (aka: Liebeslied Am Meer) [f|Ge-1938]
	Glück Im Hause Beauregard [f|Ge-1939]
	Die Fischer [Ge-1940]
	Die Reise Zu Den Quellen [Ge-1941]
	Das Zauberbründl [Ge-1942]
	Ländliches Leben [n|Ge-1942]
	Alpenland - Donauland (ed) [p|Ge-1943]
	Kärnten - Heimatland, Ahnenland [n|Ge-1943]
	Fröhlicher Sommer [Ge-1947]
	Kärnten - Sonniges Bergland [n|Ge-1947]
	Im Morgenlicht [a|Ge-1948]
	Die Erweckung Des Don Juan [f|Ge-1949]
	Patrioten [f|Ge-1950]
	Maturanten [f|Ge-1951]
	Heller Bruder, Dunkle Schwester [Ge-1951]
	Ev Und Christopher [f|Ge-1952]
	Vom Glück Des Ländlichen Lebens [n|Ge-1953]
	Österreich In Farben [n|Ge-1956]
	Ein Laib Brot, Ein Krug Milch [s|Ge-1960]
	Sonntagskinder [s|Ge-?]
	Das Tagebuch Des Lehrers Peter Blum [s|Ge-?]

Max PERKOW {DE} (M: 1887 Feb 1 - 1962 Dec 12)

Rev, George Thomas PERKS (M: 1819 Aug 29 - 1877 May 29)

Jack PERKS {UK} (M: c1990 - living 2022)

Mrs John Hartley, (Mary McKinlay) PERKS / HARTLEY PERKS, nee WATTERS {UK} (F: 1849 - 1937 Dec 13)
	From Heather Hills [f|1887]
	Among The Bracken [f|1896]

Lily PERKS {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	From Arcady To Babylon [f|1892]
	A Late Springtime [f|1895]
	Gifts And Weirds [f|1896]

Sidney/Sydney PERKS {UK} (M: c1866 - 1944 Nov 2)
	Party Structures, London Building Act [n|1894]
	The History Of The Mansion House [n|1922]
	Essays On Old London [e|1927]
	The Water Line Of The City Of London After The Great Fire [n|1936]
	Residential Flats Of All Classes [n|?]
	Dilapidations [n|?]
	Party Structures, London Building Act, 1894 [n|?]

William George PERKS {UK} (M: 1936 Oct 24 - living 2023)
(ps: Bill WYMAN)

Änne PERL {DE} (F: 1897 Aug 31 - 1970 Nov 3)
(ps: SÖLVY)

Arnold PERL {US} (M: 1914 Apr 14 - 1971 Dec 11)

Lila (B) PERL, 1:Mrs SEIDMAN, 2:Mrs YERKOW {US} (F: 1921 May 23 - 2013 Dec 4)
	What Cooks In Suburbia [1961]
	The Delights Of Apple Cookery [n|1963]

Prof, Martin Lewis PERL {US} (M: 1927 Jun 24 - 2014 Sep 30)

Ruth June PERL {US} (F: 1929 - 2016)

Susan PERL {AT/US} (F: 1922 Sep - 1983 Jun 27)
	The Sex Life Of The American Female [n|?]

Charley W PERLBERG {US} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Duff McCOY)

George PERLE (see: George PERLMAN)

Liz(=Elizabeth) (Ann) PERLE, 1:Mrs McKENNA, 2:Mrs PRESSMAN {US} (F: 1956 Apr 15 - 2015 Aug 20)

Vlado PERLEMUTER (M: 1904 May 26 - 2002 Sep 4)
	Ravel D'Après Ravel (w Hélène JOURDAN-MORHANGE) [n|Fr-1953]

PERLEY (see: Benjamin Perley POORE)

Henry PERLEY {US} (M: 1885 Feb 15 - 1972 Nov 16 (wrongly 15))
(ps: Chief, Henry Red EAGLE)

Moses Henry PERLEY (M: 1804 Dec 31 - 1862 Aug 17)
	Reports On Indian Settlements.. [n|1842]
	Reports Relating To The Project Of Constructing A Railway.. [n|1847]
	Report On The Fisheries Of The Gulf Of St Lawrence [n|1849]
	Report On The Sea And River Fisheries Of New Brunswick.. [n|1850]
	Report Upon The Fisheries Of The Bay Of Fundy [n|1851]
	A Hand Book Of Information For Emigrants To New-Brunswick [n|1854]
	On The Early History Of New Brunswick (ed W F GANONG) [n|1891]

Rae PERLIN {CA} (F: 1910 - 2006 Mar 5)

George PERLMAN {US} (M: 1915 May 6 - 2009 Jan 23)
(ps: George PERLE)
	Serial Composition And Atonality [n|1962]
	The Operas Of Alban Berg [2v|n|1980-85]

Prof, Helen (nee)Harris PERLMAN {US} (F: 1905 Dec 20 - 2004 Sep 18)
	Social Casework [n|1957]
	So You Want To Be A Social Worker [n|1962]

Prof, Isadore PERLMAN {US} (M: 1915 Apr 12 - 1991 Aug 3)

Jess PERLMAN {US} (M: 1891 Dec 24 - 1984 Apr)

Mark PERLMAN {US} (M: 1923 Dec 23 - 2006 May 3)
	Judges In Industry [n|1954]
	Labor Union Theories In America [n|1958]
	The Machinists [n|1961]

Rabbi, Samuel PERLMAN {US} (M: 1905 Oct 18 - 1975 Feb 4)

Selig PERLMAN {US} (M: 1888 Dec 9 - 1959 Aug 14)
14458	A History Of Trade Unionism In The United States [n|1920]

William J PERLMAN (M: c1882 - 1954 Nov 18)

Prof, Moshe PERLMANN {US} (M: 1905 - 2001 Sep 7)

Jerome Herbert PERLMUTTER {US} (M: 1924 Oct 17 - 2005 Oct 6)

Nathan PERLMUTTER {US} (M: 1923 (or 1921) Mar 2 - 1987 Jul 12)

Prof, Oscar William PERLMUTTER {US} (M: 1920 Jul 5 - 1975 Mar 5)

Ruth Ann PERLMUTTER, nee OSOFSKY {US} (F: 1924 Feb 9 - ?)

Yechiel PERLMUTTER {IL} (M: 1904 - 1992)
(ps: Avoth YESHURUN)
	[Al Hachmot Drachim = On The Wisdom Of Roads] [He-1942]
	[Re'em] [He-1960]

Victor PERLO {US} (M: 1912 May 16 (or 15) - 1999 Dec 1)
	American Imperialism [n|1951]
	Negro In Southern Agriculture [n|1953]

Harvey S PERLOFF {US} (M: 1915 Jun 8 - 1983 (wrongly 1984) Jul 30)
	Education For Planning [n|1957]

Joseph Kayle PERLOFF {US} (M: 1924 Dec 21 - 2014 Aug 17)
	Clinical Recognition Of Congenital Heart Disease [n|?]
	Congenital Heart Disease In Adults [n|?]
	Physical Examination Of The Heart And Circulation [n|?]

Friedrich/Frederick Salomon PERLS, aka Fritz PERLS {US} (M: 1893 Jul 8 - 1970 Mar 14)
	Ego, Hunger, And Aggression [n|1942]
	Gestalt Therapy (w Paul GOODMAN & Ralph F HEFFERLINE) [n|1951]

Lindy PERMAL (see: Randy PALMER)

Robert PERMAR {US} (M: 1895 Sep 15 - 1948 Nov 29)
          Training In The Trades 23
	The Juggler [1926]
	Shadows That Were Cast [1936]
	The Fourth Magi [1937]

George PERNET (M: 1861 - 1940 Jan 6)

Antoine Joseph PERNETY (M: 1716 Feb 23 - 1796 (or 1801) Oct 16)
	Manuel Bénédictin, Contenant L'Imitation De Jésus-Christ [n|Fr-1755]
	Dictionnaire Portatif De Peinture, Sculpture Et Gravure [n|Fr-1757]
	Les Fables Égyptiennes Et Grecques Dévoilées Et Réduites [Fr-1758]
	Dictionnaire Mytho-Hermétique, Dans..Allégories Fabuleuses [Fr-1758]
	Journal Historique D'Un Voyage Fait Aux Îles Malouines [2v|n|Fr-1769]
	Discours Sur La Physionomie Et Les Avantages.. [n|Fr-1769]
I	Dissertation Sur L'Amérique Et Les Américains (w C de PAUW) [n|Fr-1769]
	Examen Des Recherches Philosophiques Sur L'Amérique.. [n|Fr-1771]
I	De L'Amérique Et Les Américains.. (w Z de BONNEVILLE) [n|Fr-1772]
	Les Vertus, Le Pouvoir, La Clémence Et La Gloire.. [n|Fr-1790]

Carlos PERNIA {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Erich (Anton) PERNICE {DE} (M: 1864 Dec 19 - 1945 Aug 1)
	Deutsche Ausgrabungen In Den Ländern Des Klassischen Altertums [n|Ge-1922]
	Pompeji [n|Ge-1926]

Laurence PERNOUD {CH} (F: 1918 Oct 13 - 2009 Jan 1)
	J'Attends Un Enfant [n|Fr-?]
	J'Élève Mon Enfant [n|Fr-?]

Emma PERODI (F: 1850 - 1918)
17035	Il Principe Della Marsiliana [f|It-?]

Rev, John Gabriel PEROLD {CA} (M: 1877 Jul 18 - 1944 Oct 19)

François PÉRON (M: 1775 Aug 22 - 1810 Dec 14)
	Voyage De Découvertes Aux Terres Australes.. (w L de FREYCINET) [n|Fr-1807-16]
#	  A Voyage Of Discovery.. (w L de FREYCINET) [n|Fr-1807-16] (tr ?) [?]

AR Pres, Juan (Domingo) PÉRON {AR} (M: 1895 Oct 8 - 1974 Jul 1)
	The Eastern Front In The 1914 World War [n|1928]
	Treatise On Military History [n|1932]
	1870 Military Operations [n|1939]

Prof, Sergio PEROSA {IT} (M: 1933 Nov 27 - ?)

Lorenzo PEROSI (M: 1872 Dec 20 - 1956 Oct 12)

Pier Giorgio PEROTTO (M: 1930 Dec 24 - 2002 Jan 22)

Barry PEROWNE (see: Philip ATKEY)

Rev, Edward Henry PEROWNE (M: 1826 Jan 8 - 1906 Feb 5)
	The Christian's Daily Life [n|1860]
	Corporate Responsibility [n|1862]
	Counsel To Undergraduates On Entering The University [n|1863]
	The God-head Of Jesus [n|1866]
	Commentary On Galatians [n|1890]
	Savonarola [n|1900]

Rev, John James Stewart PEROWNE (M: 1823 Mar 13 - 1904 Nov 6)
	Remarks On Dr Donaldson's Jashar [n|1854]
	Immortality [n|1868]
	Sermons [e|1878]
	The Church, The Ministry And The Sacraments [n|?]
	Al Adjrumiieh [n|?]
	The Cambridge Bible For Schools [n|?]
	The Cambridge Greek Testament For Schools [n|?]
	The Doctrine Of The Lord's Supper [n|?]

Stewart (Henry) PEROWNE {UK} (M: 1901 Jun 17 - 1989 May 10)
	The One Remains [1954]
	Herod The Great [b|1956]
	The Later Herods [n|1958]
	Hadrian [b|1960]
	Cæsars And Saints [n|1962]
	Roman Mythology [n|1968/83]

Rev, Thomas Thomason PEROWNE (M: 1824 Apr 14 - 1913 May 6)
	Essential Coherence Of The Old And New Testaments [n|1858]
	Memoir Of The Rev T G Ragland [b|1861]

Blas PEROZO NEVADA {VE} (M: 1943 Nov 9 - ?)

Annie Frances PERRAM (F: ? - ?)
	'Go Work' [n|1883]
	Pages From A Little Girl's Life [f|1884]
	The Opposite House, With Other Stories For Cottage Homes [s|1886]
	Stories About The Early Christians [s|1887]
	How Katie Kept House For A Week [f|1889]
	Sara's Choice [f|1890]
	That Boy Mick [f|1890]
	How Katie Learned Sick Nursing [f|1891]
	Esther's Craze.. [s|1891]
31785	For John's Sake.. [s|1892]
	Little Jim's Rescue [f|1893]
	'Lots Of Time' [s|1893]
	Little Miss Pry.. [s|1894]
	'Something To Do, Please!'.. [s|1896]
	By Doctor's Orders [f|1896]

Prof, Antonio PERRAULT {CA} (M: 1880 Sep 15 - 1955 Jan 19)

Charles PERRAULT (M: 1628 Jan 12 - 1703 May 16)
	L'Enéide Burlesque [Fr-1648]
	Les Murs De Troie [Fr-1649]
	Dialogue De L'Amour Et De L'Amitié [Fr-1660]
	Le Miroir [Fr-1660]
	Le Siècle De Louis Le Grand [n|Fr-1687]
	Parallèle Des Anciens Et Des Modernes [n|Fr-1688-92]
	Histories (aka: Mother Goose's Tales) [s|Fr-1697] (tr R SAMBER) [1729]
	Histories (aka: Mother Goose's Tales) [s|Fr-1697] (tr G M GENT) [c1803]
17208	The Tales Of Mother Goose [s|Fr-1697] (tr Charles WELSH) [?]
	Contes [s|Fr-1781]
33931	Popular Tales [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) (ed Andrew LANG) [1888]
33511	Tales Of Passed Times [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1900]
31431	Old-Time Stories [s|Fr-?] (tr A E JOHNSON) [1921]
29021	The Fairy Tales Of.. [s|Fr-?] (tr J E MANSION & R SAMBER) [1922]
	Memoires De Ma Vie [a|Fr-?]
17098	Riquet À La Houppe [f|Fr-?]

Claude PERRAULT (M: 1613 Sep 25 - 1688 Nov 11)
	De La Musique Des Anciens [n|Fr-?]

Jean-Baptiste PERRAULT (M: 1761 - 1844)

Joseph François PERRAULT (M: 1753 Jun 2 - 1844 Apr 4)
I	Cours D'Éducation Élémentaire [n|Fr-1822]
I	Traité D'Agriculture Adapté Au Climat Du Bas-Canada [n|Fr-1831]
I	Traité D'Agriculture Pratique, Seconde Partie [n|Fr-1831]
I	Abrégé De L'Histoire Du Canada,..Deuxième Partie [n|Fr-c1832]
I	Abrégé De L'Histoire Du Canada,..Troisième Partie [n|Fr-1833]
I	Abrégé De L'Histoire Du Canada,..Quatrième Partie [n|Fr-1833]
I	Abrégé De L'Histoire Du Canada,..Cinquième Partie [n|Fr-1836]

Joseph Xavier PERRAULT (M: 1838 May 28 - 1905 Apr 9)
I	Exploration De Québec Au Lac St Jean [n|Fr-1833]

Olivier PERRELET {CH} (M: 1944 Jul 2 - ?)
	Orphée 2200 [p|Fr-?]

Julio PERRENAL (see: René André de ROOY)

Auguste PERRET {FR} (M: 1874 Feb 12 - 1955 Feb 4)

Frank Alvord PERRET {US} (M: 1867 Aug 2 - 1943 Jan 12)
	Volcanological Observations [n|1950]

Paul Michel PERRET (M: 1861 - 1893)

Betty Eileen Patricia PERRETT, nee ? (F: 1922 Aug 14 - ?)
	Rosebud Poems [p|1956]

Christopher James PERRETT {AU} (M: 1896 Nov 26 - 1972 Jul 19)

Canon, Henry PERRI / PERRY / PARRY (M: 1560-61 - 1617)

George W PERRIE {US?} (M: ? - ?)
R	Buckskin Mose; or, Life From The Lakes.. [f|1873]

Lynne PERRIE (see: Jean DUDLEY)

Walter PERRIE {UK} (M: 1949 Jun 5 - ?)
(&ps: Patrick MacCRIMMON)

Amelia PERRIER (F: c1841 - 1875)
	Mea Culpa [f|1869]
	A Good Match [f|1872]

Anne PERRIER, Mrs HUTTER {CH} (F: 1922 Jun 16 - 2017 Jan 16)
	Selon La Nuit [Fr-1952]
	Pour Un Vitrai [Fr-1955]
	Le Voyage [Fr-1958]
	Le Petit Pré [Fr-1960]

Prof, (Jean Octave) Edmond PERRIER {FR} (M: 1844 May 9 - 1921 Aug 1)
	Les Colonies Animales Et La Formation Des Organismes [n|Fr-1881]
	Les Explorations Sous-marines [n|Fr-1884]
32297	La Philosophie Zoologique Avant Darwin [n|Fr-1886]
	Le Transformisme [n|Fr-1888]
	La Femme Dans La Nature Et L'Evolution Du Sexe Féminin [n|Fr-1908]
	Traité De Zoologie [1890-1900]
	La Vie Dans Les Planètes [n|Fr-1911]
	France Et Allemagne, 1914 - À Travers Le Monde Vivant [n|Fr-1916]
	La Vie En Action [n|Fr-1918]
	La Bene Avant L'Histoire [n|Fr-1919]

Rose-Marie PERRIER (see: Rose-Marie Perrier CASIAS)

Patsy PERRIGORDE (see: Thomas Calvert McCLARY)

Alice PERRIN, nee ROBINSON {UK} (F: 1867 Jul - 1934 Feb 13)
	Into Temptation [f|1894]
	Late In Life [f|1896]
	East Of Suez [f|1901]
	The Spell Of The Jungle [f|1902]
	The Stronger Claim [f|1903]
	The Waters Of Destruction [f|1905]
	Red Records [s|1906]
	A Free Solitude [f|1907]
	Idolatry [f|(?)/1909]
	The Charm [f|1910]
	The Anglo-Indians [f|1912]
	The Happy Hunting Ground [f|1914]
	The Woman In The Bazaar [f|1914]
	Separation [1917]
	Tales That Are Told [s|1917]
	Star Of India [1919]
	The Vow Of Silence [f|1920]
	The Mound [f|1922]
	Government House [1925]
	Rough Passages [1926]
	Other Sheep [f|1932]

Anna PERRIN (F: ? - ?)

Blanche (Browning)(nee)Chenery PERRIN {US} (F: 1894 Apr 5 - 1973 Jul 1)
	Deepwood [f|1950]
	By The Same Door [f|1951]
	Born To Race [1959]
	Thudding Hoofs [1959]
	New Pony [1961]
	Horses [1962]

Clyde PERRIN (see: Howard Vincent O'BRIEN)

Ethel PERRIN {US} (F: 1871 Feb 7 - 1962 May 15)

Prof, Fleming Allen Clay PERRIN {US} (M: 1884 Jul 29 - 1944 Dec 1)
	Psychology (w David Ballin KLEIN) [n|1926]

Francis (Henri Jean Siegfried) PERRIN (M: 1901 Aug 17 - 1992 Jul 4)

Prof, Harry Crane PERRIN {UK} (M: 1865 Aug 19 - 1953 Nov 6)

Hélène PERRIN, Mrs MAKOLLI {CH} (F: 1940 - 1995 Nov 30)
(&ps: Liliane PERRIN)

Mrs Henry, (Ida Southwell) PERRIN, nee ROBINS {UK} (F: 1860 Nov 16 - 1953 Apr 17)
	British Flowering Plants (w G S BOULGER) [4v|n|1914]

Jean (Baptiste) PERRIN {FR} (M: 1870 Sep 30 - 1942 Apr 17)
	Atomes [n|Fr-1939]
	La Science Et L'Espérance [n|Fr-1948]

Joseph PERRIN (M: 1823 Jun 28 - 1866 Apr 27)

Liliane PERRIN (see: Hélène PERRIN)

Prof, (Edwin) Noel PERRIN, aka 'Ned' PERRIN {US} (M: 1927 Sep 18 - 2004 Nov 21 (wrongly 20))
	A Passport Secretly Green [e|1961]

(Horace) Norman PERRIN {UK/US:1967on} (M: 1920 Nov 29 - 1976 Nov 25)
	The Kingdom Of God In The Teaching Of Jesus [n|1963]

Porter Gale PERRIN {US} (M: 1896 Sep 17 - 1962 Sep 9)
	Writer's Guide And Index To English [n|1942/?]
	Writer's Guide And Index To English (3e w Karl W DYKEMA) [n|1959]

Robert PERRIN {UK} (M: 1939 Mar 31 - ?)

Sam PERRIN {US} (M: 1901 Aug 15 - 1998 Jan 8)

William Gordon PERRIN {UK} (M: 1874 Feb 10 - 1931 Feb 10)

Henry E PERRINE {US} (M: 1825 - ?)
	A True Story Of Some Eventful Years In Grandpa's Life.. [a|c1885]

Prof, Laurence (Dollins) PERRINE {US} (M: 1915 Oct 13 - 1995 Apr 27)
	Sound And Sense [n|1956/1963]
	Story And Structure [n|1959]

Mary (L) PERRINE, nee BUSH {US} (F: 1913 May 5 - 1976 May)

Mrs, (E) PERRING, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Domestic Hours [p|1841]
	The Story Of A Mouse, For The Amusement And Benefit Of Little People [f|1858]
	The Village School [1859]
	The Adventures Of A Penny [f|1863]
	The Story Of A Cat [f|1865]
	The Story Of A Dog [f|1866]
	The Castle And The Cottage [1867]
	Blanche And Agnes [f|1869]
	Our Poor Neighbours [1870]
	The Three Sisters [f|1873]
	Ellen And Frank [f|1875]
	The Twin Brothers [f|1876]
	Sybil Grey [f|1877]
	Lilian Seacroft [f|1878]
21663	Aunt Mary [f|1881]

Douglas PERRING (see: David Andrew Michael PRING)

Franklyn (Hugh) PERRING {UK} (M: 1927 Aug 1 - 2003 Oct 11)
	Atlas Of The British Flora (w Max WALTERS) [n|1962]

John Shae PERRING (M: 1813 Jan 24 - 1869 Jan 16)

Sir, Philip PERRING, 4th Bt {UK} (M: 1828 Jul 15 - 1920 Jun 2)
	Churches And Their Creeds [n|1871]
	The Spirit And The Muse [n|1880]
	Hard Knots In Shakespeare [n|1885]
	The Works And Days Of Moses [n|1889]
	Air Raids From Dreamland [p|1919]
	Hard Knots For The Clergy [n|1921]

George Herbert PERRIS {UK} (M: 1866 - 1920 Dec 23 (wrongly 3))
	Eastern Crisis And British Policy [n|1897]
	Leo Tolstoy The Grand Mujik [b|1898]
	Short History Of The First Hague Conference [n|1899]
	Life And Teaching Of Tolstoy [b|1901]
	Blood And Gold In South Africa [n|1902]
	Protectionist Peril [n|1903]
&	Leo Tolstoy (w G K CHESTERTON & Edward GARNETT) [n|1903]
	Russia In Revolution [n|1905]
	R W Emerson [b|1910]
	Short History Of War And Peace [n|1911]
	Our Foreign Policy [n|?]
	Germany And The German Emperor [n|1912]
	The Industrial History Of Modern Europe [n|1914]
	The Campaign In France And Belgium [n|1915]
	The Battle Of The Marne [n|1920]

Katharine Claire PERRIS {UK} (F: 1900 - 1941 Oct 14)
	The Gateway Of The World [1928]

Eddy(=Edgar) (du) PERRON (M: 1899 - 1940 May 15)

Hubert PERRON (M: 1939 - 1989)

Prof, Georges PERROT (M: 1832 Nov 12 - 1914 Jun 30)
	Souvenirs D'Un Voyage En Asie Mineure [n|Fr-1863]
	Essais Sur Le Droit Public Et Privé De La République Athénienne [e|Fr-1863]
	Exploration Archéologique De La Galatie (w DELBET & GUILLAUME) [n|Fr-1872]
	L'Éloquence Politique Et Judiciaire À Athènes [n|Fr-1873]
	Histoire De L'Art Dans L'Antiquité.. (w C CHIPIEZ) [10v|n|Fr-1882-1914]
28072	  History Of Art In Chaldæa.. (w CHIPIEZ) [n|Fr-1884] (tr W ARMSTRONG) [1884]
40144	  History Of Art In Ancient Egypt (w CHIPIEZ) [n|Fr-1884] (tr W ARMSTRONG) [2v|1883]
	Praxitèle [n|Fr-1906]
	L'Institut De France (w Franklin ALFRED & G BOISSIER) [n|Fr-1907]

Irene PERROT {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Trees Grow Tall [f|1946]
	Cathedral Windows [f|1949]

Nicolas PERROT, Sieur d'ABLANCOURT (M: c1621 - 1696)

Nicolas PERROT (M: c1644 - 1717 Aug 13)
I	Mémoire Sur Les Moeurs..L'Amérique Septentrionale [n|Fr-1864]

Nicolas PERROT d'ABLANCOURT (M: 1606 Apr 5 - 1664 Nov 17)

Samuel Wright PERROTT {UK} (M: 1870 - 1964 Feb 6)
	Railway Surveying And Permanent Way [n|?]
	Surveying For Schools [n|?]
	Surveying For Young Engineers [n|?]

Vera PERROTT {UK} (F: c1930 - ?)

François PERROUX {FR} (M: 1903 Dec 19 - 1987 Jun 2)

Godefroy PERROUX {FR} (M: 1956 (or 1957) Nov 27 - 2002 Jan 24)

Henri PERRUCHOT {FR} (M: 1917 Jan 27 - 1967 Feb 17)
	Le Maitre D'Homme [f|Fr-1946]
	Patrice [f|Fr-1947]

Alan Cecil PERRY {UK} (M: 1892 Nov 26 - 1971 Apr 1)

Rev, Alfred John PERRY (M: 1825 - 1876 Jul 10)

Sir, Allan PERRY {UK} (M: 1860 Apr 17 - 1929 Dec 17)
	A Medical History Of Prisoners Of War In Ceylon [n|?]

Alan PERRY {UK} (M: 1942 - ?)
	Dreaming From North To South [?]

Anne PERRY (see: Juliet (Marion) HULME)

Arthur Latham PERRY (M: 1830 Feb 27 - 1905 Jul 9)
*	Principles Of Political Economy [n|1891]

Belle McArthur PERRY (F: ? - ?)
L	Lucinda Hinsdale Stone: Her Life Story And Reminiscences [b|1902]

Prof, Ben Edwin PERRY {US} (M: 1892 Feb 21 - 1968 Nov 15 (wrongly 1))
	The Metamorphoses Ascribed To Lucius Of Patrae, Its Content.. [n|1920]
	Index Apuleianus (w H V CANTER & W A OLDFATHER) [n|1934]
	Studies In The Text History Of The Life And Fables Of Aesop [n|1936]
	Aesopica (ed) [e|1952]
	The Origin Of The Book Of Sinbad [n|1960]

Benjamin Franklin PERRY (M: 1805 Nov 20 - 1886 Dec 3)

Prof, Bliss PERRY {US} (M: 1860 Nov 25 - 1954 Feb 13)
	Walt Whitman [b|1906]
&	John Greenleaf Whittier [b|1907]
29952	The American Mind [1912]
	[biography of] Carlyle [b|1915]
16369	Fishing With A Worm [1916]
3410	The American Spirit In Literature [n|1918]
8221	A Study Of Poetry [n|1920]
	The Praise Of Folly.. [e|1923]
	[biography of] Emerson [b|1931]
	And Gladly Teach [a|1935]
	The Broughton House [?]
	Salem Kittredge.. [s|?]
	The Plated City [?]
	The Powers At Play [?]
	A Study Of Prose Fiction [n|?]
	The Amateur Spirit [?]
	Park-Street Papers [?]
	Carlyle [?]
	Life And Letters Of Major H L Higginson [b|?]
	The Heart Of Emerson's Journals [?]
	Pools And Ripples [?]
	Emerson To-day [?]
	R H Dana (1851-1931) [b|?]
	The Heart Of Emerson's Essays [?]

Catherine PERRY, Lady PERRY, nee MEALS {UK} (F: c1880 - ?)
	The Island Of Enchantment (w Percival L D PERRY) [1926]

Bp, Charles PERRY (M: 1807 Feb 17 - 1891 Dec 2)
	Five Sermons Preached Before The University Of Cambridge.. [e|1856]
	Foundation Truths [e|1864]

Prof, Charles Bruce PERRY {UK} (M: 1903 Nov 11 - 1996 Mar 12)
	Bacterial Endocarditis [n|1936]

Charles Copland PERRY {UK} (M: 1854 - 1937 Feb 28)
	Reports On German Elementary Schools And Training Colleges [n|1887]
	Technical Education (France) [n|1898]
	New French Course For Schools (w Albrecht REUM) [n|1904]

Rev, Charles Ebenezer PERRY (M: 1835 - 1917 Mar 20)

Rev, Charles Elliott PERRY (M: 1871 May 19 - 1937 Jan 8)
	The Religion Beautiful [e|1916]
	The Christian's Native Air [1918]

Prof, Charles Milton PERRY {US} (M: 1876 Nov 10 - 1942 Jun 11)
	Ironic Humanist [n|1924]
	The St Louis Movement In Philosophy (ed) [n|1930]
	Henry Philip Tappan [b|1933]

Prof, Charner Marquis PERRY {US} (M: 1902 Mar 15 - 1985 Sep 14)
	The Genesis And Operation Of Moral Judgments [n|1926]
	The Philosophy Of American Democracy (ed) [n|1943]

Clair Willard PERRY {US?} (F: 1887 - 1961)
(ps: Clay PERRY)
	Heart Of Hemlock [f|1920]
	Roving River [f|1921]
	The Two Reds Of Travoy [f|1928]

Clarence Arthur PERRY {US} (M: 1872 Mar 4 - 1944 Sep 5)
	Housing For The Machine Age [n|1939]

Clay PERRY (see: Clair Willard PERRY)

Colleen Shirley PERRY, Mrs SMITH {AU} (F: 1921 Nov 22 - 1998 Apr 28)
(ps: Mum SHIRL)

David PERRY (M: 1741 - ?)
	Recollections Of An Old Soldier.. [a|1822]

Dick(=Richard) (Samuel) PERRY {US} (M: 1922 Jun 13 - 2002 Mar 20)

Eleanor PERRY, nee ROSENFELD, 1:Mrs BAYER {US} (F: c1914 - 1981 Mar 14)

Elwood (Lake) PERRY, aka Buck PERRY {US} (M: 1915 Jul 10 - 2005 Aug 12)

Ernest PERRY {GY} (M: c1940 - ?)

Frances Mary PERRY, nee EVERETT, 2:Mrs HAY {UK} (F: 1907 Feb 19 - 1993 Oct 11)
(&ps: Charles HEWITT)

Frances Melville PERRY (F: ? - ?)
25538	Four American Indians (w Edson L WHITNEY) [b|1904]

Fred(=Frederick) (John) PERRY {UK} (M: 1909 May 18 - 1995 Feb 2)

Frederic Jacob PERRY (M: 1832 Jan 28 - 1882 Nov 29)

Geoffrey (Howard) PERRY (see: Horst PINSCHEWER)

George PERRY (M: 1719 - 1771 Feb 3)
	Essay Towards The History Of Liverpool [n|1773]

George PERRY (M: ? - ?)
	Conchology [n|1811]

George PERRY (M: 1793 - 1862 Mar 4)

Archdeacon, George Gresley PERRY (M: 1820 Dec 21 - 1897 Feb (wrongly Jan) 10)
	A History Of The English Church [3v|n|1890]

George Sessions PERRY {US} (M: 1910 May 5 - 1956 Dec 13)
	Walls Rise Up [f|1939]
	Hold Autumn In Your Hand [f|1941]
	30 Days Hath September (w Dorothy Cameron DISNEY) [f|1942]
	Texas [n|1942/1952]
	Roundup Time (ed) [1943]
	Hackberry Cavalier [s|1944]
	Where Away (w Isabel LEIGHTON) [1944]
	Cities Of America [n|1947]
	Families Of America [n|1949]
	My Granny Van [1949]
	The Story Of Texas A & M [n|1951]
	Tale Of A Foolish Farmer [1951]
	The Story Of Texas [1956]

Gordon PERRY (M: 1909 - ?)

Grace PERRY {AU} (F: 1927 - 1987)
	Staring At The Stars [1942]
	I Live A Life Of Dreams [1943]
	I Am The Songs You Sing.. [p|1944]

Grayson PERRY {UK} (M: 1960 Mar 24 - living 2022)

Harry Dennies PERRY (see: Prentiss Holt INGRAHAM)

Helen Swick PERRY {US} (F: 1911 Jul 5 - 2001 Jul 26)

Henry James PERRY (M: 1800 Jul 9 - 1869 May 29)

Prof, Henry Ten Eyck PERRY {US} (M: 1890 Dec 18 - 1973 Jun 21)
	The First Duchess Of Newcastle And Her Husband [b|1918]
	The Comic Spirit In Restoration Drama [n|1925]
	Masters Of Dramatic Comedy And Their Social Themes [n|1939]

Ichabod Jeremiah PERRY (M: 1759 (or 1758) Nov 14 - 1839 Apr 19)
	Reminiscences Of The Revolution [a|1915]

Prof, Jacquelin PERRY {US} (F: 1918 May 31 - 2013 Mar 11)
	Gait Analysis (2e w Judith M BURNFIELD) [n|?]

Jairus Ware PERRY (M: 1821 - 1877)

James PERRY (M: ? - ?)
	Perry's Address To Parents (anon) [n|1822]

James PERRY (M: ? - ?)
	A Plan And Proposition For The Organization Of Joint Stock.. [n|1867]

James Black PERRY {CA} (M: 1845 Feb 27 - 1936 Jan 19)
(ps: Logan WEIR)
	Yon Toon O' Mine [f|1924]
	Happenings In A Happy Life [a|1925]

James Cecil PERRY (M: 1899 - ?)

James Clifford PERRY (M: 1864 - ?)

James De Wolf PERRY (M: 1839 - ?)

Bp, James De Wolf PERRY {US} (M: 1871 Oct 3 - 1947 Mar 20)

James DeWolf PERRY {US} (M: 1895 - ?)

James Moorhead PERRY {US} (M: 1927 Aug 21 - 2016 Nov 23)

James Roy PERRY (M: 1874 - 1902 Feb 2)

Jane (nee?)Greverus PERRY {US} (F: 1909 Oct 27 - 1997 Apr 16)

Jason L PERRY (see: Ruth Marie SPRAGUE)

Jerome Severs PERRY (see: Robert Leslie BELLEM)

Jimmy PERRY {UK} (M: 1923 Sep 9 - 2016 Oct 23)

Prof, John PERRY {UK} (M: 1850 Feb 14 - 1920 Aug 4)
	Hydraulics [n|1882]
	The Steam Engine [n|1874]
	Practical Mechanics [n|1883]
34268	Spinning Tops [n|1890/1908]
	Calculus [n|1897]
	Applied Mechanics [n|1897]
	Steam [n|1899]
	Practical Mathematics [n|1899]
	England's Neglect Of Science [n|1901]
	Spinning Tops And Gyroscopic Motions [n|1957]

John PERRY (M: ? - ?)
	Spring Meeting (w M J FARRELL) [d|1938]

John PERRY {US} (M: 1914 Feb 25 - 2009 Apr 29)
	Human Relations In Small Industry [n|1954]
	Our Wonderful Eyes [n|1955]

John Ben PERRY, Jr {US} (M: 1902 Jun 26 - 1985 Aug 28)
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	History Of Yalobusha Baptist Association From 1835-1920 [n|1960]

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Kenneth Murray Allan PERRY {UK} (M: 1909 Feb 1 - 1984 Sep 4)

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Lily PERRY {IL} (F: 1953 - ?)

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Margaret PERRY (see: Margaret Hall FRUEAUFF)

Martha Eugenie PERRY {CA} (F: ? - ?)
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	Hero In Ermine.. [p|1939]
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Matthew (Langford) PERRY {US} (M: 1969 Aug 19 - 2023 Oct 28)
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Max PERRY (see: Jerry OSTER)

Canon, Michael Charles PERRY {UK} (M: 1933 Jun 5 - 2015 Jan 22)
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Michalann PERRY (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Megan BLYTHE)

Milton Freeman PERRY {US} (M: 1926 Aug 14 - 1991 Aug 20)
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Nora PERRY (F: 1831 - 1896 May 13)
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Richard PERRY (see: Frances COOPER)

Richard Davis PERRY (M: baptised 1849 (wrongly 1848) Jul 4 - 1892 Jan 6 (wrongly 13))
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Prof, Roger PERRY {UK} (M: 1940 Jun 21 - 1995 Oct 1)

Rufus PERRY (see: Walter Brown GIBSON)

Prof, Russell Lawrence PERRY {US} (M: 1904 Aug 24 - 1986 Mar 19)
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Ruth PERRY (see: Ruth SERGEL)

Sarah F PERRY, Mrs BUCHANAN {US} (F: 1918 (wrongly 1920) Dec 29 (or 15) - ?)
(ps: Pegasus BUCHANAN)
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Sir, Thomas Erskine PERRY (M: 1806 Jul 20 - 1882 Apr 22)
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Thomas Whipple PERRY {US} (M: 1925 Aug 18 - 2013 Feb 8)
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Rev, William PERRY {UK} (M: ? - 1948 Apr 30)
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Capt, William B PERRY (see: William Perry BROWN)

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E G PERRYMAN (?: ? - ?)
R	Our New Minister [f|1875]

Chief, Legus Chouteau PERRYMAN {US} (M: 1838 Mar 1 - 1922 Feb 5)

Prof, Michael PERRYMAN {UK} (M: 1954 Sep 21 - living 2022)

Petamber PERSAUD {GY} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Raj(=Rajendra) PERSAUD {UK} (M: 1963 May 13 - living 2022)

Saint-John PERSE (see: Marie-René-Auguste-Alexis Saint-Léger GER)

Diane PERSHING (F: ? - ?)

Gen, John Joseph PERSHING {US} (M: 1860 Sep 13 - 1948 Jul 15)
	My Experiences In The World War [2v|a|1931]

Karen PERSHING (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Karen PERCY)

Marie PERSHING (see: Perle SCHULTZ)

Giuseppe PERSIANI / PERSIANO (M: 1799 (or 1805) Sep 11 - 1869 Aug 13 (or 14))

Walter Anatole PERSICH {DE} (M: 1904 Jul 4 - 1955 May 23)

Vincent PERSICHETTI {US} (M: 1915 Jun 6 - 1987 Aug 14 (or 16))

Joseph Edward PERSICO {US} (M: 1930 Jul 19 - 2014 Aug 30)
	Casey [n|?]

PERSIS (see: Agnes Irvine Constance HAIME)

Aulus PERSIUS Flaccus, aka PERSIUS (M: 34 - 62)
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(Karl Ludwig) Lothar PERSIUS {DE} (M: 1864 Apr 19 - 1944 Aug 31)
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Betty Joan PERSKE, 1:Mrs BOGART, 2:Mrs ROBARDS {US} (F: 1924 Sep 16 - 2014 Aug 12)
(ps: Lauren BACALL)

Serge PERSKY {SU?} (M: 1870 - 1938)
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	Trois Épouses [b|Fr-1929]


Amy Louise PERSON {US} (F: 1896 Aug 23 - 1973 Sep 24)

A PERSON of Distinction (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	A View Of The Beau Monde, Or, Memoirs Of The Celebrated Coquetilla [1731]

Ethel (Jane) PERSON, nee SPECTOR, 2:Mrs SHERMAN, 3:Mrs DIAMOND {US} (F: 1934 Dec 16 - 2012 Oct 16)

A PERSON of Honour (see: Thomas CULPEPER)

Peter P PERSON {US} (M: 1889 Jan 7 - 1984 Sep 10)
	An Introduction To Christian Education [n|1958]
	The Minister In Christian Education [n|1960]
	The Church And Modern Youth [n|1963]

A PERSON of Quality (see: James RALPH)

A PERSON of Quality in the North (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	A Letter..Concerning Bishop Lake's Late Declaration.. [n|1689]

W T PERSON {US} (?: ? - ?)
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A PERSON Who Resided Several Years at Jamaica (ps of A B) (?: ? - ?)
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William PERSON (M: 1793 - 1818)
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John Cecil PERSONS {US} (M: 1888 May 9 - 1974 Dec)

Several Young PERSONS (see: Ann TAYLOR & Jane TAYLOR & Adelaide O'KEEFFE)

Truman Streckfus PERSONS {US} (M: 1924 Sep 30 - 1984 Aug 25 (wrongly 26))
(ps: Truman CAPOTE)
	Other Voices, Other Rooms [f|1948]
	Tree Of Night [s|1949]

Henry Seymour PERSSE {UK} (M: c1869 - 1960 Sep 4)
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Jon PERSSON {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Karl Gunnar PERSSON {SE} (M: 1943 Mar 19 - 2016 Sep 14)
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Troed PERSSON {SE/US} (M: 1827 - 1905)
(ps: Trued Granville PEARSON)
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Julius/Jules PERSYN {BE} (M: 1878 Apr 20 - 1933 Oct 10)
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	Hendrik Ibsen [n|Fl-1928-1929]
	A Steenhoff-Smulders En M Koenen [n|Fl-1931]
	Studiën En Lezingen [n|Fl-1931-1932]

PERTINAX (see: (Charles Joseph) André RAUD)

Candace PERT, nee BEEBE, 2:Mrs RUFF {US} (F: 1946 Jun 26 - 2013 Sep 12)

Morris PERT {UK} (M: 1947 Sep 9 - 2010 Apr 27)


Sandro(=Alessandro) PERTINI {IT} (M: 1896 Sep 25 - 1990 Feb 24)

Leonid PERVOMAYSKYI, originally Illia Shlimovich HUREVYCH {SU} (M: J 1908 May 4 - 1973 Dec 9)

Bill(=William) (Desmond Anthony) PERTWEE {UK} (M: 1926 Jul 21 - 2013 May 27)

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Otto PERTZ {DE} (M: 1885 Apr 15 - 1962 Apr 15)

Judge, Joan PERUCHO {ES} (M: 1920 Nov 7 - 2003 Oct 28)
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François Joseph de PÉRUSSE, Duc des CARS (M: 1819 - 1891)

Kathrin (L) PERUTZ {US} (F: 1939 Jul 1 - 2018)
(&ps: Johanna KINGSLEY)
	The Garden [f|1962]

Leo(=Leopold) PERUTZ {AT} (M: 1882 Nov 2 - 1957 Aug 25)
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	The Marquis Of Bolibar [f|Ge-1920] (tr ?) [?]
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	Turlupin [f|Ge-1924] (tr ?) [?]
	Little Apple [f|Ge-1928] (tr ?) [?]
	Saint Peter's Snow [f|Ge-1933] (tr ?) [?]
	The Swedish Cavalier [f|Ge-1936] (tr ?) [?]
	By Night Under The Stone Bridge [f|Ge-1952] (tr ?) [?]
	Leonardo's Judas [f|Ge-1959] (tr ?) [?]

Prof, Max (Ferdinand) PERUTZ {UK} (M: 1914 May 19 - 2002 Feb 6)

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Karl Horst PESCHEL {DDR} (M: 1909 Sep 29 - 1989 Apr 11)
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Julius PESCHKE {AT} (M: 1865 Aug 13 - 1935 Nov 12)
(ps: Janus SYLVESTRUS)

Rev, André PÉRY {CH} (M: 1921 - ?)

Guze PESCI (M: 1892 Aug 24 - 1960 Oct 10)

Edward Edgar PESCOTT {AU} (M: 1872 Dec 11 - 1954 Jul 31)
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Ludek PEŠEK {CZ/CH} (M: 1919 Apr 26 - 1999 Dec 4)
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Antonio (Mario) PESENTI {IT} (M: 1910 Oct 5 - 1973 Feb 14)
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Christ PESER (see: Peter Christian SCHEER)

Rev, Charles John Eyre PESHALL {UK} (M: 1881 Nov - 1957 Oct 18)
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Mkrtich PESHITASHLIAN (M: 1828 - 1868)

Aleksei Maximovich PESHKOV {SU} (M: J 1868 Mar 16 - 1936 Jun 18)
(ps: Maxim/Maksim GORKY / GORKI)
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3783	Mother [Ru-?] (tr ?) [?]

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Heinrich PESKOLLER / PESCOLLER, aka Harry BROWN / BROWNE {AT} (M: 1898 - after 1940)
(ps: Tex HARDING)
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Camilo (de ALMEIDA) PESSANHA {PT} (M: 1867 Sep 7 - 1926 Mar 1)
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Patricia Ruth PESSAR, Mrs JOSEPH {US} (F: 1949 Mar 22 - 2012 May 10)

Prof, Edward PESSEN {US} (M: 1920 Dec 30 - 1992 Dec 23)

Catherine Mary PESSINO {US} (F: 1925 Aug 29 - 2005 Nov 5)
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Epitácio da Silva PESSOA {BR} (M: 1865 May 23 - 1942 Feb 13)
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Fernando (António Nogueira) PESSOA (M: 1888 Jun 13 - 1935)
(&ps: Álvaro de CAMPOS, Alberto CAEIRO, Ricardo REIS)
19978	35 Sonnets [p|1918]

Gräfin, Hanna(=Brunhilde) von PESTALOZZA, 1:Gräfin von SCHLIPPENBACH {DE} (F: 1877 Dec 23 - 1963 Jul 15)
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	Erziehung Und Berufswahl [n|Ge-1921]
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	Geschichtserzählungen Für Die Unterstufe (w Theodor STEUDEL) [Ge-?]

Alice PESTANA (F: 1860 - 1929)
(ps: CAIEL)

Artur Carlos Maurício PESTANA Dos SANTOS {AO} (M: 1941 Oct 29 - ?)

Lorenzo(=Lawrence) (M C) PESTELLI {CH} (M: 1935 Jun 30 - 1977 Sep 11)
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	Falaises D'Ocre [Fr-1954]
	Poésies De La Rue Des Moutons [p|Fr-1954]

Phyllis (nee)Smith PESTIEAU {US} (F: 1946 Oct 15 - ?)

Robert (James Kenneth) PESTON {UK} (M: 1960 Apr 25 - living 2022)

Maréchal, (Henri) Philippe (Benoni Omer Joseph) PÉTAIN {FR} (M: 1856 Apr 24 - 1951 Jul 23)
	Verdun [n|Fr-1930]

Emil (Theodore) PETAJA {US} (M: 1915 Apr 12 - 2000 Aug 17)
(&ps: Theodore PINE)
	Brief Candle [f|1936]

Gorgonio PETANO y MAZARIEGOS (M: ? - ?)
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James William PETAVEL {UK} (M: 1870 Jan 10 - 1945 Aug 29)
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	Christianity And Progress [n|1905]
	Administrative Efficiency And What It Might Give Us [n|1906]
	Rien Ne Vous Serait Impossible [Fr-1908]
	The Coming Triumph Of (Christian) Civilization [n|1911]
	The Imperialism Of The Future [n|1912]
	The Other Great Illusion [n|1913]
	The Folly Of Class War [n|?]
	Man And Machine Power In War And Reconstruction [n|1918]
	Self-Government And The Bread Problem [n|1921/21]
	Unemployment And The Calcutta University Propaganda.. [n|1925/?]
	The Plan Of The Educational Colonies Association [n|1927]
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	The Colony Solution [n|1933]
	A Labour Army Plan For India's Youths [n|?/1934]

Thomas PETCH {UK} (M: 1870 Mar 11 - 1948 Dec 24)
	The Fungi Of Ceylon (w Guy Richard BISBY) [n|1950]

William PETCHER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Poetry [p|1946]

William C PETCHNER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Romance And Drama In The Valley Of Sunshine [f|1914]

Flare-Pistol PETE (see: Burnett A WARD)

Maria von PETEANI {AT} (F: 1888 Feb 2 - 1960 Jul 28)

Randall Langa PETENI {ZA} (M: 1915 Dec 6 - 2000 Sep 7)

PETER (see: Peter Blackmarr ROWE)


PETER, of Auvergne (M: fl 12th cent)

PETER z Mladenovic (M: ? - 1451)

Eva Hermine PETER {DE} (F: 1863 Feb 26 - 1945 Feb 14)
(ps: Hero MAX)

Francis PETER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: F P)
	Our River (anon) [n|c1950]

Johanna PETER (F: ? - ?)

Rev, John PETER (M: 1833 - 1877 Jan 17)
(ps: Ioan PEDR)

Prof, John (Desmond) PETER {ZA/CA?} (M: 1921 Oct 8 - 1983 Aug 12)
	Complaint And Satire In Early English Literature [n|1956]
	A Critique Of 'Paradise Lost' [n|1960]

Prof, László PÉTER {HU/UK?} (M: 1929 Jul 8 - 2008 Jun 6)

Prof, Laurence Johnston PETER {CA} (M: 1919 Sep 16 - 1990 Jan 12)

Luther Crouse PETER {US} (M: 1869 Feb 14 - 1942 Nov 12)
	Principles And Practice Of Perimetry [n|1916/1923/1931/1938]

René PETER {FR} (M: 1872 - 1947)
	Chiffon (w Robert DANCENY) [d|Fr-1905]
	Pouche (w Henri FALK) [d|Fr-1923]
	Vie Secrète De L'Académie Française [n|Fr-1934]

Richard PETER (see: Richard Peter BAUMFELDT-LOHNSTEIN)

Richard PETER {DDR} (M: 1895 May 10 - 1977 Oct 3)
	Dresden - Eine Kamera Klagt An [n|Ge-1949]
	Bautzen [n|Ge-1957]

Robert PETER (M: 1805 - 1894)
31816	History Of The Medical Department Of Transylvania University [n|1905]

Ursel PETER {AT} (F: 1923 Aug 8 - 1970 Jan 31)
	42 Deutsche Gedichte [p|Ge-1960]

William PETER (M: 1788 Mar 22 - 1853 Feb 6)
(&ps: Ralph FERRARS)

Emil PETERHANS (see: Margarete SCHUCK)

Eckart PETERICH {DE} (M: 1900 Dec 16 - 1968 Apr 13)

Prof, Jerzy (Michal/Michael) PETERKIEWICZ, originally PIETRKIEWICZ {PL/UK} (M: 1916 Sep 29 - 2007 Oct 26)
	Prowincja [Pl-1936]
	The Knotted Cord [f|1953]
	Isolation [f|1959]
	The Quick And The Dead [f|1961]
	That Angel Burning At My Left Side [f|1963]

Alexander PETERKIN (M: 1780 Mar 23 - 1846 Nov 9)
	Rentals Of Orkney Earldom [n|1820]
	Notes On Orkney [n|1822]
*	Records Of The Kirk Of Scotland [2v|n|1838]
*	Booke Of The Universall Kirk Of Scotland (ed) [n|1839]
	The Constitution Of The Church Of Scotland..1689-1690 [n|1841]

Alexander PETERKIN (M: 1814 - 1889)
	The Study Of Art [n|1870]

Col, Alfred PETERKIN {UK} (M: 1854 Oct 2 - 1929 Jul 17)
	A List Of Commissioned Medical Officers Of The Army, 1660 To 1727 [b|?]

Edward PETERKIN {UK} (M: 1856 Mar 2 - 1941 Apr 30)

Bp, George William PETERKIN (M: 1841 Mar 21 - 1916 Sep 22)
	Records Of Protestant Episcopal Church In Western Virginia.. [n|?]

Julia (Mood) PETERKIN {US} (F: 1880 Oct 31 - 1961 Aug 10)
	Green Thursday [s|1924]
	Black April [1927]
	Scarlet Sister Mary [1928]
	Bright Skin [1932]
	Roll, Jordan, Roll [1933]

Prof, Alexander L PETERMAN {US} (M: ? - ?)
15018	Elements Of Civil Government [n|1916]

August Heinrich PETERMANN (M: 1822 Apr 18 - 1878 Sep 25)

Margit PETERMANN {DE} (F: 1906 Feb 11 - 1956 Nov 6)

Pert PETERNELL {AT} (M: 1909 Aug 30 - 1970 Jun 11)

Alan (George) PETERS {UK} (M: 1933 Jan 17 - 2009 Oct 11)

Albrecht PETERS {DE} (M: 1924 Mar 31 - 1987 Oct 26)
	Realpräsenz [n|Ge-1960]
	Glaube Und Werk [n|Ge-1962]

Arno PETERS {DE} (M: 1916 May 22 - 2002 Dec 2)
	Synchronoptische Weltgeschichte (aka: Große..) [n|Ge-1952]

Arthur Anderson PETERS {US} (M: 1913 Mar 2 - 1979 Dec 19)
(ps: Fritz PETERS)
	Finistère [f|1951]

Barney PETERS (see: Erwin Adam BAUER)

Bill PETERS (see: William Peter McGIVERN)

Bob PETERS {UK} (M: 1914 Nov 17 - 2007 Jan 15)

Brian PETERS (see: Edward George STOKOE)

Bryan PETERS (see: Peter (Bryan) GEORGE)

Carl Friedrich Hubert PETERS (M: 1856 - 1918)
	The Eldorado Of The Ancients [n|?]
	New Light On Dark Africa [n|?]
	King Solomon's Golden Ophir [n|?]
	Sun And Soul [?]

Caroline PETERS (see: Eva Kelly BETZ)

Charles PETERS, originally Carlo Pedro Deogo LAUDIER De ANDRIADO {US} (M: 1825 Jan 12 - 1921 Jan 17)
L	The Autobiography Of Charles Peters [a|c1915]

Charles PETERS (M: ? - ?)
	Eighteen Stories For Girls (ed) [s|1894]

Prof, Charles Clinton PETERS {US} (M: 1881 Nov 24 - 1973 Oct 26)
	Human Conduct [n|1918]
	Foundations Of Educational Psychology [n|1924/1930]
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	The Curriculum Of Democratic Education [n|1942]
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Christel PETERS (see: Peter Christian SCHEER)

Christian Heinrich Friedrich PETERS (M: 1813 Sep 19 - 1890 Jul 18)
	Ptolemy's Catalogue Of Stars (w E B KNOBEL) [n|1915]

Clarice PETERS (see: Laureen KWOCK)

Curtis Arnoux PETERS {US} (M: 1904 Jan 8 - 1968 Feb 22)
(ps: Peter ARNO)
	Whoops, Dearie [1927]
	Peter Arno's Parade [1930]
	Peter Arno's Hullabaloo [1932]
	Peter Arno's Circus [1933]
	Peter Arno's Favorites [1934]
	Peter Arno's For Members Only [1935]
	Peter Arno's Cartoon Review [1941]
	Peter Arno's Man In The Shower [1944]
	Peter Arno's Pocket Book [1946]
	Peter Arno's Sizzling Platter [1949]
	Ladies & Gentlemen [1951]
	Hell Of A Way To Run A Railroad [1956]

David PETERS (see: Peter DAVID)

David PETERS (M: ? - ?)
	The School On Knively Island [f|1948]

David PETERS (M: 1948 - ?)

Col, De Witt Clinton PETERS (M: 1829 (or 1838) - 1876 Apr 22)
16274	The Life And Adventures Of Kit Carson.. [b|1858]

De Witt Clinton PETERS {US} (M: 1865 - 1948)

E Curt PETERS {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Between Two Worlds [p|1941]

Edward PETERS {US} (M: 1909 Sep 5 - 1998 Jan 2)

Edwin Arthur PETERS {UK} (M: 1868 - 1945 Jan 29)
	Handbook Of Diseases Of The Ear (w Richard LAKE) [n|1927]
	Tonsils And Naso-pharyngeal Sepsis [n|1935]

Elizabeth PETERS (see: Barbara Louise MERTZ)

Ellis PETERS (see: Edith (Mary) PARGETER)

Emil PETERS (M: ? - ?)
*	Jugend, Liebe Und Leben [n|Ge-?]

Eric PETERS {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The Irrepaceable Melody [p|1944]

Frank Hesketh PETERS (M: 1849 Nov 29 - 1900 Apr 16)

Friedrich Ernst PETERS {DE} (M: 1890 Aug 13 - 1962 Feb 18)

Fritz PETERS (see: Arthur Anderson PETERS)

George Boddie PETERS {US?} (M: 1889 - 1923 May 28)
	The Bride (anon) [1923]

Prof, George Henry PETERS {UK} (M: 1934 Sep 2 - 2001 Nov 4)

Hans PETERS (see: Alexandrine BRAUNSCHILD)

(Robert) House PETERS, Jr {US} (M: 1916 Jan 12 - 2008 Oct 1)

Iva PETERS, nee LOWTHER {US?} (F: ? - ?)
14325	Taboo And Genetics (w P M BLANCHARD & M M KNIGHT) [n|1920]

Jack Vernon PETERS {NZ} (M: 1920 Sep 20 - 1973 Feb 22)

James Lee PETERS {US} (M: 1889 Aug 13 - 1952 Apr 19)
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v1 [n|1931]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v2 [n|1934]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v3 [n|1937]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v4 [n|1940]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v5 [n|1945]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v6 [n|1948]
	Checklist Of The Birds Of The World, v7 [n|1951]

Joan (Sydney) PETERS, nee FRIEDMAN, 2:Mrs KAPLAN, 3:Mrs CARO {US} (F: 1936 Apr 29 - 2015 Jan 5)

John PETERS {UK} (M: 1929 Dec 5 - 1988 Jun 6)

Sqn-Ldr, John PETERS {UK} (M: 1961 - living 2022)

John Milton PETERS {US} (M: 1935 Apr 24 - 2010 May 6)

Kenneth Jamieson PETERS {UK} (M: 1923 Jan 17 - 2000 Sep 25)

Lenrie (Leopold) PETERS {GM} (M: 1932 - 2009)

Linda PETERS (see: Arthur CATHERALL)

Lulu (E) Hunt PETERS {US} (F: 1873 May 7 - 1930 Jun 27)
15069	Diet And Health, With Key To The Calories [n|1918]
	Diet For Children [n|?]

Mary PETERS, nee BOWLY (F: 1813 Apr 17 - 1856 Jul 26)

Lady, Mary (Elizabeth) PETERS {UK} (F: 1939 Jul 6 - living 2022)

Maureen PETERS {UK} (F: 1935 - 2008 Apr 26)
(&ps: Veronica BLACK; Catherine DARBY; Belinda GREY; Elizabeth LAW; Levanah LLOYD; Judith ROTHMAN; Sharon WHITBY)

Natasha PETERS (F: ? - ?)

Pat PETERS, nee ? {UK} (F: c1923 - ?)

Prof, Raymond Harry PETERS {UK} (M: 1918 Feb 19 - 1995 Jul 15)

Richard PETERS (M: c1704 - 1776 Jul 10)

Prof, Richard Stanley PETERS {UK} (M: 1919 Oct 31 - 2011 Dec 30)
	Brett's History Of Psychology (2e w BRETT) [n|1953]
	Hobbes [n|1956]
	The Concept Of Motivation [n|1958]
	Social Principles And The Democratic State (w S I BENN) [n|1959]
	Authority, Responsibility And Education [n|1960]

Robert Henry PETERS {CA} (M: 1946 - 1996)

Prof, Robert (Louis) PETERS {US} (M: 1924 Oct 20 - 2014 Jun 13)
	Victorians On Literature And Art [n|1961]
	The Great American Poetry Bake-Off [4v|e|1979-91]

Roy PETERS (see: Arthur (Thomas) NICKSON)

Sir, Rudolph (Albert) PETERS {UK} (M: 1889 Apr 13 - 1982 Jan 29)

S T PETERS (see: William Tibbetts BRANNON)

Rev, Samuel Andrew PETERS (M: 1735 Nov 20 - 1826 Apr 19)
*	General History Of Connecticut, From Its First Settlement.. [n|1781]
	A History Of The Reverend Hugh Peters [b|1807]

Sislyn(=Christelyn) PETERS {AG} (F: ? - ?)
	A Souvenir Of Antigua In Poetry [p|?]

Sue PETERS (see: Angela CARSON)

Tom(=Thomas) (J) PETERS (M: ? - ?)

Ulrich (Adolf Friedrich Johannes) PETERS {DE} (M: 1878 Jul 12 - 1939 Oct 21)
	Zur Neugestaltung Des Geschichtsunterrichts [n|Ge-1924]
	Methodik Des Geschichtsunterrichts An Höheren Lehranstalten [n|Ge-1928]
	Sachwörterbuch Der Deutschkunde (w Walther HOFSTAETTER) [n|Ge-1930]
	Erziehungs- Und Unterrichtsplan Der Kieler.. (w P WEINROWSKY) [n|Ge-1937]

Virginia (nee?)Swain PETERS {US} (F: 1933 Jun 25 - 2004 Mar 23)

William PETERS {UK} (M: 1923 Sep 28 - 2014 Mar 29)

Prof, William Callier PETERS {US} (M: 1920 (wrongly 1921) Jul 12 - 2019 (wrongly 2007) Feb 5)
	Exploration And Mining Geology [n|?]

William Cumming PETERS (M: 1805 Mar 10 - 1866 Apr 20)

William Ernest PETERS, Jr {US} (M: 1921 Jul 30 - 2007 May 20)
	American Memorial Hospital, Reims, France [n|1955]
	Passport To Friendship [n|1957]
	The Southern Temper [n|1959]

William Theodore PETERS (M: 1862 Apr 6 - 1905 Apr 15)

Judge, Charles Erdman PETERSDORFF (M: 1800 Nov 4 - 1886 Jul 29)
	A Concise, Practical Abridgment..Law (w MARSHALL & WOOD) [n|?/1861-64]
	Law Students And Practitioners' Commonplace.. (ps: A BARRISTER) [n|1871]

Aage PETERSEN {DK} (M: 1895 Sep 27 - 1965 Aug 10)
(ps: Niels EBBESEN; Aage HEINBERG)
	Vrag [f|Da-1914]

Albert PETERSEN {DE} (M: 1883 Aug 24 - 1943 Jun 28)

Arnold PETERSEN {US} (M: 1885 Apr 16 - 1976 Feb 5)

Asmus PETERSEN {DDR} (M: 1900 Dec 6 - 1962 Jan 4)
	Grundlagen Zu Einer Reichsbonitierung Der Landw Kulturböden Dtl [n|Ge-1934]
	Die Gräser Als Kulturpflanzen Und Unkräuter [n|Ge-1936/?/?/?/?/88]
	Thünens Isolierter Staat [n|Ge-1944]
	Die Neuere Rostocker Thünenforschung [n|Ge-1953]
	Bodenschätzung, Rohertragsbonitierung.. [n|Ge-1956]

Carl PETERSEN (M: 1813 - 1880)
	Erindringer Fra Polarlandene Optegnede Af Carl Petersen [Da-1857]

Christian PETERSEN (M: ? - ?)
	The Treasure Of Troon [f|1948]
	The Adventures Of Pipkin The Elf [f|1948]
	Lilywhite [f|1950]
	Mystery Comes To St Christopher's [f|1950]

Donald PETERSEN {US} (M: 1928 Nov 11 - ?)

Fr, (Christian) Elith PETERSEN {DK} (M: 1870 Sep 3 - 1965 Jan 8)
(&ps: Elith HAUVINKEL)
	Den Ny Præstegård [f|Da-1904]

Elly PETERSEN, nee ? {DE} (F: 1874 Feb 26 - 1965 Dec 29)
	Die Mooschwaige (w Karl O PETERSEN) [Ge-1933]
	Anna [f|Ge-1947]

Eric Jens PETERSEN (see: Henry/Heinrich Edward/Eduard JACOB)

Erich Robert PETERSEN {DE} (M: 1886 Sep 24 - 1950 Aug 31)

Eugenie Vasilievna PETERSEN, 1:Mrs STRAKATY, 2:Mrs KNAUER, aka Mataji {US:1957on} (F: 1899 May 12 - 2002 Apr 24 (or 25))
(ps: Indra DEVI)
	Yoga [n|1948]
	Forever Young, Forever Healthy [n|1955]
	Yoga For Americans [n|1959]
	Renew Your Life Through Yoga [n|1963]

Gen, Frank Emmanuel PETERSEN {US} (M: 1932 Mar 2 - 2015 Aug 25)

Harald Alfred PETERSEN {DK} (M: 1877 Aug 10 - 1965 Jul 21)
(ps: Harald BERGSTEDT)
	Sange Fra Provinsen [4v|p|Da-1913-21]
	Alexandersen [f|Da-1918]
	Hans Og Else [f|Da-1920]
	Fyraften [Da-1938]
	Jødespørgsmålet [Da-1943]
	Et Liv I Folket [Da-1944]
	Sange Fra Gitteret [Da-1948]
	Feberen Falder [Da-1954]




Prof, Julius PETERSEN {DE} (M: 1878 Nov 5 - 1941 Aug 22)

Karl Olof PETERSEN {SE} (M: 1881 Sep 18 - 1939 Oct 18)
	Die Mooschwaige (w Elly PETERSEN) [Ge-1933]
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Melba Frances (nee)Runtz PETERSEN {US} (F: 1919 Oct 21 - 2007 Mar 28)
	Kindergarten Curriculum [Yr 2, Spring, Summer] [n|1956]
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	God Loves Me [n|1961]
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Nis (Johan) PETERSEN {DK} (M: 1897 Jan 22 - 1943 Mar 9)
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	Samlede Digte [p|Da-?/1966]

Pavia PETERSEN {DK} (M: 1904 Dec 23 - 1943 Dec 21)
	Ikinngutigiit [d|?-1934]

Peter PETERSEN {DE} (M: 1884 Jun 26 - 1952 Mar 21)
	Die Neueuropäische Erziehungsbewegung [n|Ge-1924]
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	Führungslehre Des Unterrichts [n|Ge-1937]

Robert Carl PETERSEN {US} (M: 1931 Mar 2 - 2008 Dec 12)

Rev, Sigurd Damskov PETERSEN {US} (M: 1904 Jan 29 - 1981 Sep 10)
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William PETERSEN {US} (M: 1912 Aug 3 - 2004 Jun 10)
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William John (Henry) PETERSEN {US} (M: 1901 Jan 30 - 1989 Feb 2)
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William (L) PETERSEN {US} (M: 1938 Dec 15 - 2011 Aug 26)

Adelheid PETERSEN-Von SYBEL {DE} (F: 1878 Oct 6 - 1966 May 3)

Rudolf PETERSHAGEN {DDR} (M: 1901 Jun 4 - 1969 Apr 13)

Maud (Sylvia) PETERSHAM, nee FULLER {US} (F: 1889 (or 1890) Aug 5 (or 6) - 1971 Nov 29 (or 30))
(&ps: Maud FULLER)
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	The Story Book Of Food (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Clothes (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Things We Use (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
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	The Story Book Of Ships (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
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	The Story Book Of Wheels, Ships, Trains, Aircraft (w Miska PETERSHAM) [e|1935]
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	The Story Book Of Coal (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Oil (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
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	The Story Book Of Corn (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
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	The Story Book Of Sugar (aka: Let's Learn About Sugar) (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
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	A Silver Mace (w Miska PETERSHAM) [1956]
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Alexander Duncan Campbell PETERSON {UK} (M: 1908 Sep 13 - 1988 Oct 17)

Ann (nee?)Voss PETERSON {US} (F: ? - ?)

Prof, Arthur LaVerne PETERSON {US} (M: 1926 Jun 27 - living 2022)

Belle PETERSON (F: ? - ?)
R	One Word And A Tear; or, The Wounded Dove [f|1875]

Betty (Isabel) (nee?)Ferguson PETERSON {UK/US} (F: 1917 Nov 9 - ?)

Charles PETERSON {US?} (M: 1906 Aug 23 - 2004 Aug 17)

Charles Jacobs PETERSON (M: 1819 Jul 20 - 1887 Mar 4)
	Grace Dudley [1849]
	History Of The United States Navy [n|1852]
R	The Cabin And Parlor; or, Slaves And Masters [f|1852]
R	Kate Aylesford: A Story Of The Refugees [f|1855]
R	The Old Stone Mansion [f|1859]

Charles Walter PETERSON {CA} (M: 1868 - ?)
	The Fruits Of The Earth [f|1928]

Christmas PETERSON (see: Joyce CHRISTMAS)

Rev, Daniel H PETERSON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Looking-Glass [a|1854]

Prof, Edward Norman PETERSON {US} (M: 1925 Aug 27 - 2005 Mar 18)
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Prof, Edwin Loose PETERSON {US} (M: 1915 Oct 27 - 1999 Aug 19)
	Cultural Geography - Europe [2v|n|1961-1962]
	Cultural Geography - Afro-Asia [2v|n|1961-1962]
	Cultural Geography - Americas [2v|n|1961-1962]

Prof, Elmer (Robert) PETERSON {US} (M: 1930 - 2014 Nov 13)

Prof, Frank Ross PETERSON {US} (M: 1941 Sep 7 - ?)

Frederick PETERSON (M: 1859 - ?)
20172	Two Doctors At Akragas [d|pub:1922]
20172	The Flutter Of The Goldleaf (w Olive Tilford DARGAN) [d|pub:1922]
20172	Everychild (w Olive Tilford DARGAN) [d|pub:1922]

George Martin PETERSON {US} (M: 1897 Aug 24 - 1940 Jun 18)

Hannah Mary PETERSON, nee BOUVIER (F: 1811 - 1870)
(ps: A LADY of Philadelphia)
A	The National Cook Book [n|1856]
	Peterson's National Cook Book [n|1891]
	The Family Save-All [n|?]

Hans PETERSON {SE} (M: 1922 Oct 26 - 2022 Aug 16)
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16343	Beth Woodburn [f|1897]

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Ben (Joe) PETMECKY {US} (M: 1922 Nov 3 - 2011 Oct 13)
	Confessions Of A Tobacco Addict [1962]

PETO (see: Stanley WHITE)

Dorothy Olivia Georgiana PETO {UK} (F: 1886 Dec 15 - 1974 Feb 26)

Gladys (Emma) PETO, Mrs EMMERSON {UK} (F: 1890 (wrongly 1891) Jun 19 - 1977 May 21)
	Malta And Cyprus [n|1928]
	The Egypt Of The Sojourner [n|1928]
	Bedtime Stories [s|1931]
	Twilight Stories [s|1932]
	Girl's Own Stories [s|1933]
	Sunshine Tales [s|1935]
	The Four-Leaved Clover.. [s|1937]
	The Peto Picture Book [?]

James PETO (see: Stanley WHITE)

Maj, (Basil Arthur) John PETO {UK} (M: 1900 Dec 13 - 1954 Feb 3)
	Escape From Now [p|?]

Sir, (James) Michael PETO, 2nd Bt {UK} (M: 1894 May 8 - 1971 Mar 24)
	Accidental Poems [p|1947]
	Pebble Ridge [1948]

Sir, Samuel Morton PETO, 1st Bt (M: 1809 Aug 4 - 1889 Nov 13)

Sandor PETÖFI (M: 1823 - 1849)

Pavel PETR {CS/AU:1972on} (M: 1931 Jun 26 - 2014 Dec 6)
	Study Guide [n|1962/65]

Angelo PETRAGLIA {US} (M: 1876 (or 1877) Nov 26 - 1965 Sep 13 (or 12))
(ps: Angelo PATRI)
	White Patch [f|1911]
	A School Master Of The Great City [n|1917]
	The School That Everybody Wants [n|1922]
	Child Training [n|1922]
	Talks To Mothers [e|1923]
	Spirit Of America [1924]
	School And Home [n|1925]
	Problems Of Childhood [n|1926]
	What Have You Got To Give? [n|1926]
	Pinocchio In America [f|1928]
	The Questioning Child [n|1930]
	The Parents Counsellor [n|1939]
	Your Children In War Time [n|1943]
	How To Help Your Children Grow Up [n|1948]
	Biondino [1951]

Harry(=Haralambos) Mark PETRAKIS {US} (M: 1923 Jun 5 - 2021 Feb 2)
	Lion At My Heart [f|1959]
	The Odyssey Of Kostas Volakis [f|1963]

Francesco PETRARCA, aka PETRARCH (M: 1304 Jul 20 - 1374 Jul 19)
17650	The Sonnets, Triumphs.. [p|?-var] (tr var) (ed Thomas CAMPBELL) [1859]

PETRARCH (see: Francesco PETRARCA)

Goffredo PETRASSI {IT} (M: 1904 Jul 16 - 2003 Mar 2)

Joyce PETRATUR (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Joyce VERRETTE)

Diana PETRE, nee PERRY, 1:Mrs WILKINSON, aka Diana BRYN {UK} (F: 1912 Apr 7 - 2001 Apr 1)
	Portrait Of Mellie [f|1952]
	The Cruel Month [f|1955]

Enid PETRE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Autumn Leaves, 1915 [p|1916]
	Fallen Petals [p|1917]

Francis (Loraine) PETRE {UK} (M: 1852 - 1925 May 9)
	Napoleon's Campaign In Poland 1806-7 [n|1901]
	The Republic Of Columbia [n|1906]
	Napoleon's Conquest Of Prussia 1809 [n|1907]
	Napoleon And The Archduke Charles 1809 [n|1908]
	Simon Bolivar, 'El Libertador' [b|1910]
	Napoleon's Last Campaign In Germany 1813 [n|1912]
	Napoleon At Bay 1814 [n|1914]
	History Of The Norfolk Regiment, 1685-1918 [n|1924]
	The Royal Berkshire Regiment [n|1925]
	The 1st, King George's Own, Gurkha Rifles [n|1925]

Henry William PETRE (M: 1820 Jan 23 - 1889 Dec 3)

Maud Dominica Mary PETRE {UK} (F: 1863 - 1942 Dec 16)
	The Soul's Orbit [n|?]
	Catholicism And Independence [n|?]
	Life Of George Tyrrell [b|?]
	Modernism [n|?]
	Reflections Of A Non-Combatant [n|?]
	Democracy At The Cross Roads [n|?]
	National Morality And The League Of Nations [n|?]
	The Two Cities [n|?]
	[Biography Of The Ninth Lord Petre] [b|?]
	My Way Of Faith [n|?]
	Von Hügel And Tyrrell [n|?]
	The Story Of A Friendship [n|?]
	[Alfred Loisy] [b|1942]

William Joseph PETRE, 13th Baron PETRE (M: 1847 Feb 26 - 1893 May 8)

Giuseppe PETRELLI {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Redeemer (anon) [n|1948]

Mihaly PETRESELYEN {HU/US} (M: 1888 Sep 20 - 1960 May 15)
(ps: Miska PETERSHAM)
	Miki (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1929]
	The Ark Of Father Noah And Mother Noah (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1930]
	The Christ Child, As Told By Matthew And Luke (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1931]
	Auntie And Celia Jane And Miki (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1932]
	The Story Book Of Houses (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Transportation (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Food (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Clothes (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	The Story Book Of Things We Use (w Miska PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	Get-A-Way And Hary Janos (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1933]
	Miki And Mary (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1934]
	The Story Book Of Wheels (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Ships (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Trains (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Aircraft (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Wheels, Ships, Trains, Aircraft (w Maud PETERSHAM) [e|1935]
	The Story Book Of Gold (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Coal (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Oil (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Iron And Steel (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of The Earth's Treasures (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1935]
	The Story Book Of Wheat (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
	The Story Book Of Corn (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
	The Story Book Of Rice (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
	The Story Book Of Sugar (aka: Let's Learn About Sugar) (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
	The Story Book Of Foods From The Field (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1936]
	Joseph And His Brothers (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1938]
	Moses (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1938]
	Ruth (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1938]
	David (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1938]
	Stories From The Old Testament (w Maud PETERSHAM) [e|1938]
	The Story Book Of Cotton (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1939]
	The Story Book Of Wool (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1939]
	The Story Book Of Rayon (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1939]
	The Story Book Of Silk (aka: Let's Learn About Silk) (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1939]
	The Story Book Of Things We Wear (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1939]
	An American ABC (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1941]
	America's Postage Stamps (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1947]
	My Very First Book (w Maud PETERSHAM) [n|1948]
	The Box With Red Wheels (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1949]
	The Circus Baby (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1950]
	The Story Of The Presidents Of The USA (w Maud PETERSHAM) [b|1953]
	Off To Bed (w Maud PETERSHAM) [s|1954]
	The Boy Who Had No Heart (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1955]
	A Silver Mace (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1956]
	The Peppernuts (w Maud PETERSHAM) [1958]

Brian W PETLEY (M: 1933 - ?)

Cristeta (Laddaran) (nee)Lamadrid PETREY, 1:Mrs ANGELES {PH} (F: c1905 - 2006 Oct 3)
	The Secrets Of Dressmaking - Combination Method [n|?]

Susan Candace PETREY {US} (F: 1945 Apr 7 - 1980 Dec 5)

Prof, Egon PETRI {US} (M: 1881 Mar 23 - 1962 May 27)
	Bach's Piano Works (w BUSONI & MUGELLINI) [n|?]
	Kadenzas For Mozart-Concertos [n|?]

Johannes PETRI {AT} (M: 1881 Oct 21 - 1957 Oct 12)
	Sunnereen, Besinnliches Und Heiters In Donaupfälzische.. [n|Ge-1953]

Olaus/Olavus PETRI (M: 1493 - 1552)
r	Samlade Skrifter Av Olavus Petri [e|Sw-?]

Hellmuth PETRICONI {DE} (M: 1895 Apr 1 - 1965 Nov 1)
	Antología De Poesías Líricas Españolas (jt ed) [p|Sp-1932]
	Spanisch-Amerikanische Romane Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1938/1955]
	Die Verführte Unschuld [n|Ge-1953]
	Das Reich Des Untergangs [n|Ge-1958]

Heidrun PETRIDES {PL} (F: 1944 Mar 8 - ?)

Margarete PETRIDES {AT} (F: 1901 Mar 25 - 1973 Feb 19)
	Hedwig Zadinek [f|Ge-1947]

Sir, Philip Bertie PETRIDES {UK} (M: 1881 - 1956 Apr 19)
	Petrides' Students' Cases [n|?]

Alexander PETRIE (M: ? - ?)
	Chiliasto-Mastix [n|1644]
	A Compendious History Of The Catholick Church [n|1662]

Prof, Alexander PETRIE {ZA?} (M: 1881 Oct 26 - 1979 Dec 1)
	A Latin Reader, For Matriculation.. [n|1918]
	Introduction To Roman History, Literature And Antiquities [n|1918/?/1963]
	Poems Of South African History, AD 1497-1910 (ed) [p|1919]
	The Speech Against Leocrates (ed) [1922]
	An Introduction To Roman History, Literature And Antiquities [n|1926]
	An Introduction To Greek History, Antiquities And Literature [n|1932/1962]
	Presbyterian Church Of Pietermaritzburg, 1850-1950 [n|1950]
	Saint Andrew's Day, 1919-1961.. [p|1962]
	Scottish Wit And Humour [1963]

Mrs Ashley Carus-Wilson PETRIE (see: Mary Louisa Georgina PETRIE)

Sir, Charles (Alexander) PETRIE, 3rd Bt {UK} (M: 1895 Sep 28 - 1977 Dec 13)
	The History Of Government [n|1929]
	George Canning [n|1930/1946]
	The Jacobite Movement [n|1932/1959]
	History Of Spain (w Louis BERTRAND) [n|1934]
	The Four Georges [n|1935]
	The Stuarts [n|1937]
	Life And Letters Of Sir Austen Chamberlain [2v|b|1939-1940]
	Diplomatic History, 1713-1933 [n|1946]
	Earlier Diplomatic History, 1492-1713 [n|1949]
	Chapters Of Life [1950]
	The Marshal Duke Of Berwick [b|1953]
	The Carlton Club [n|1955]
	Wellington [b|1956]
	The Spanish Royal House [n|1958]
	The Powers Behind The Prime Ministers [n|1959]
	The Victorians [n|1960]
	The Modern British Monarchy [n|1961]
	Philip II Of Spain [n|1963]
	King Alfonso XIII [n|1963]

Charlotte Elizabeth PETRE, Mrs PETRE (F: 1822 Jan 29 - 1903 Oct 31)
	The Spanish Mother [f|1869]

George PETRIE (M: 1790 Jan 1 - 1866 Jan 17)

Prof, George PETRIE {US} (M: 1866 Apr 10 - 1947 Sep 6)
	Church And State In Early Maryland [n|1892]
	Mace-Petrie American School History (w ?) [n|1919]
	Mace-Petrie Elementary History (w ?) [n|?]
	Comments On Current Events [n|1927]
	Materials For Alabama Day Programs [n|1929]
	History Of Alabama [n|?]
	Problems Of The Graduate Dean [n|?]
	Trials Of A Graduate Dean [n|?]

Henry PETRIE (M: 1768 - 1842)

Prof, Jim(=James) (Colquhoun) PETRIE {UK} (M: 1941 Sep 18 - 2001 Aug 31)

Martin PETRIE (M: 1823 Jun 1 - 1892 Nov 19)

Mary Louisa Georgina PETRIE, Mrs CARUS-WILSON {UK} (F: 1857 - 1935 Nov 19)
(&ps: Mrs Ashley CARUS-WILSON; Mary Louisa Georgina CARUS-WILSON; Mrs Ashley Carus-Wilson PETRIE)
I	Clews To Holy Writ [n|1891]
I	The Medical Education Of Women (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [n|1895]
	Tokiwa.. (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [p|1896]
	Unseal The Book (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [1899]
	Irene Petrie (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [b|1900]
	Missionary Clues To The New Testament (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [n|1907]
	Redemptor Mundi (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [n|1907]
	The Expansion Of Christendom (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [n|1910/13]
	Baghdad (ps: M L G CARUS-WILSON) [n|1918]

Paul (James) PETRIE {US} (M: 1928 Jul 1 - 2012 Nov 9)
	Confessions Of A Nonconformist [p|1963]

Rhona PETRIE (see: Eileen-Marie Duell BUCHANAN)

Sir, (Charles) Richard (Borthwick) PETRIE, 4th Bt {UK} (M: 1921 Oct 19 - 1988 Mar 8)

Vera PETRIE {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Paint For Fun, Paint For A Hobby (anon) [n|1946]

Sir, William Matthew Flinders PETRIE {UK} (M: 1853 Jun 3 - 1942 Jul 28)
	Inductive Metrology [n|1875]
	Stonehenge [n|1880]
	Pyramids And Temples Of Gizeh [n|1883]
	Tanis I [n|1885]
	Naukratis I [n|1886]
	Tanis II [n|1887]
	Season In Egypt [n|1888]
	Racial Portraits [n|1888]
	Historical Scarabs [n|1889]
	Hawara [n|1889]
&	Kahun [n|1890]
	Lachish (T Hesy) [n|1891]
&	Illahun [n|1891]
&	Medum [n|1892]
	Ten Years' Digging [n|1893]
	History Of Egypt [3v|n|1894-1923]
	Tell El Amarna [n|1895]
	Koptos [n|1896]
	Naqada [n|1896]
7386	Egyptian Tales (1st series) (ed) [1895]
	Egyptian Tales (2nd series) (ed) [1895]
	Decorative Art [n|1895]
	Six Temples At Thebes [n|1897]
	Deshasheh [n|1897]
	Religion And Conscience In Ancient Egypt [n|1898]
	Syria And Egypt [n|1898]
	Dendereh [n|1900]
	Diospolis [n|1901]
	Royal Tombs Of The First Dynasty [n|1900]
	Hierakonpolis I [n|1900]
	Royal Tombs Of The Earliest Dynasties [n|1901]
	Abydos I [n|1902]
	Abydos II [n|1903]
	Ehnasya [n|1904]
	Roman Ehnasya [n|1904]
	Methods And Aims In Archæology [n|1904]
	Researches In Sinai [n|1906]
	Hyksos And Israelite Cities [n|1906]
	Migrations [n|1906]
29010	The Religion Of Ancient Egypt [n|1906]
	Gizeh And Rifeh [n|1907]
	Janus In Modern Life [n|1907]
	Athribis [n|1908]
	Personal Religion In Egypt [n|1908]
	Memphis I [n|1909]
	Qurneh [n|1909]
	The Palace Of Apries [n|1909]
	Arts And Crafts In Egypt [n|1909]
	The Growth Of The Gospels [n|1910]
	Meydum And Memphis [n|1910]
	Historical Studies [n|1910]
	Egypt And Israel [n|1910]
	Historical Studies (w Edward B KNOBEL) [n|1911]
	Revolutions Of Civilisation [n|1911]
	Roman Portraits [n|1912]
	The Labyrinth [n|1912]
	The Formation Of The Alphabet [n|1912]
	The Hawara Portfolio [n|1913]
	Tarkhan I [n|1913]
	Tarkhan II [n|1914]
	Riqqeh [n|1914]
	Lahun I [n|1914]
	Amulets [n|1914]
	Heliopolis [n|1914]
	Scarabs [n|1917]
	Tools And Weapons [n|1917]
	Corpus Of Prehistoric Pottery [n|1918]
	Eastern Exploration [n|1919]
	Some Sources Of Human History [n|1919]
	Prehistoric Egypt [n|1920]
	Status Of The Jews In Egypt [n|1922]
	Social Life In Ancient Egypt [n|1923]
	Lahun II [n|1923]
	Religious Life In Ancient Egypt [n|1924]
	Sedment I, II [n|1924]
          Tombs Of The Courtier Ns 1924
	Buttons And Design Scarabs [n|1925]
	Ancient Weights And Measures [n|1926]
	Glass Stamps And Weights [n|1926]
	Descriptive Sociology Of Ancient Egypt [n|1926]
	Hill Figures Of England [n|1926]
	Objects Of Daily Use [n|1927]
	Gerar [n|1928]
	Bahrein And Hemamieh [n|1929]
	Corpus Of Palestinian Pottery [n|1930]
	Antæopolis [n|1930]
	Bethpelet I [n|1930]
	Decorative Patterns [n|1930]
	Ancient Gaza [5v|n|1931-1938]
	Seventy Years In Archæology [n|1931]
	Palestine And Israel [n|1934]
	Measures And Weights, Shabtis [n|1935]
	Anthedon, Sinai [n|1937]
	Funeral Furniture And Stone And Metal Vases [n|1937]
	Egyptian Architecture [n|1938]
	Making Of Egypt [n|1939]
	Wisdom Of The Egyptians [n|1940]
&	Kahun, Gurob, And Hawara [?]
&	Illahun, Kahun, And Gurob [?]
*	The Arts And Crafts Of Ancient Egypt [n|?]

John PETRIZELLI {VE} (M: 1956 - ?)

Dimitri/Demetrios PÉTROCOCHINO {SU/FR?} (M: 1874 - 1943 Mar 2 or 3)
(ps: Paul ARMONT)
	Le Truc Du Brésilien (w Nicolas NANCEY) [d|Fr-1905]
	Le Trèfle À Quatre (w Nicolas NANCEY) [d|Fr-1906]
	Théodore Et Cie (w Nicolas NANCEY) [d|Fr-1909]
	Notice Sur La Famille Pétrocochino De L'Île De Chio (anon?) [Fr-1910]
	Le Cavalier Au Masque (w Jean MANOUSSI) [d|Fr-1913]
	La Tontine (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1914]
	Le Coq En Pâte (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1916]
	L'École Des Cocottes (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1918]
	La Maison Du Passeur (w Louis VERNEUILL) [d|Fr-1920]
	Le Zèbre (w Nicolas NANCEY) [d|Fr-1920]
	Comédienne (w Jacques BOUSQUET) [d|Fr-1921]
	Dicky (w Marcel GERBIDON & Jean MANOUSSI) [d|Fr-1923]
	La Femme Du Jour (w Leopold MARCHAND) [d|Fr-1923]
	Un Chien Qui Rapporte (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1924]
	Le Tailleur Au Château (w Léopold MARCHAND) [d|Fr-reg:1924]
	Alain, Sa Mère Et Sa Maîtresse (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1925]
	Le Danseur De Madame (w Jacques BOUSQUET) [d|Fr-1925]
	Le Club Des Loufoques (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1927]
	L'Enlèvement (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1927]
	Souris D'Hôtel (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1928]
	L'Enlèvement (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1929]
	L'Amoureuse Aventure (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1929]
	Coiffeur Pour Dames (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1930]
	Fleurs De Luxe (w Marcel GERBIDON) [d|Fr-1930]
	Ces Messieurs De La Santé (w Léopold MARCHAND) [d|Fr-1931]
	Le Coup Du Parapluie [d|Fr-1934]

Prof, Sylvester (Joseph) PETRO {US} (M: 1917 Jun 6 - 2007 Nov 10 (or 13))
	The Labor Policy Of The Free Society [n|1957]
	How The NRLB Repealed Taft-Hartley [n|1958]
	The Kohler Strike [n|?]

Maurice PETROCOCHINO {MT} (M: 1923 Jul 28 - ?)

Peter PETROFF (M: 1826 - 1894)
	Ante-Mortem Depositions.. [a|1895]

Strashimer Alburtus PETROFF {BG/US?} (M: 1883 Aug 20 - 1948 Nov 26)
	Tuberculosis Bacteriology, Pathology And..Diagnosis (w others) [n|1927]


Jane Muir PETRONE (see: Jane MUIR)

Titus/Gaius PETRONIUS Arbiter (M: c27 - 66)
&	The Satyricon [f|La-?] (tr Alfred R ALLINSON) [?]
5225	The Satyricon Of Petronius Arbiter [f|La-?] (tr W C FIREBAUGH) [?]
5611	The Satyricon [f|La-?] (tr William BURNABY) [?]

Stefano Egidio PETRONJ (M: c1776 - 1838 Jan 6)

Elias PETROPOULOS {GR} (M: 1928 Jun 26 - 2003 Sep 3)

Prof, Henry PETROSKI {US} (M: 1942 Feb 6 - living 2022)

Tigran Vartanovich PETROSYAN / PETROSIAN {SU} (M: 1929 Jun 17 - 1984 Aug 13)

Prof, Maria PETROU, Mrs ? {GR} (F: 1953 May 17 - 2012 Oct 15)

Aleksei Zinovyevich PETROV {SU} (M: J 1910 Oct 15 - 1972 May 9)
	[Einsteinian Space] [n|Ru-1961]

Evdokia (Alekseyevna) PETROV / PETROVA, nee ?, aka Maria ALLYSON {SU/AU:1956on} (F: 1915 - 2002 (wrongly 1992) Jul 19)
	Empire Of Fear (w Vladimir PETROV) [n|1956]

Fyodor (Nikolayevich) PETROV {SU} (M: c1877 - 1973 May 28)
	[65 Years In The Ranks Of Lenin's Party] [a|Ru-c1963]

Nikolai Nikolaevich PETROV {SU} (M: 1876 Dec 14 - 1964 Mar 2)

Sergei PETROV {SU?} (M: 1911 - 1988)

Valeri PETROV (see: Valeri Nisim MEVORAH)

Vladimir PETROV (see: Afanasy (Mikhaylovich) SHOROKOV)

Yevgeniy PETROV (see: Yevgeniy Petrovich KATAEV)

Olga PETROVA (see: Muriel HARDING)

Walter D PETROVIC {CA} (M: 1960 Mar 28 (wrongly 29) - living 2017)
	Boys Kill, Men Die [?]
	Quorantined [n|?]

Woislav Maksim PETROVITCH (M: c1885 - 1934)
*	Hero Tales And Legends Of The Serbians [n|1914]

Kyra PETROVSKAYA, Mrs WAYNE {SU/US} (F: 1918 Dec 31 - 2018 Jun 3)
(&ps: Kyra Petrovskaya WAYNE)
	Kyra [1959]
	The Quest For The Golden Fleece [1960]
	Kyra's Secrets Of Russian Cooking (aka: Russian Cookbook) [n|1961]

Ivan Georgievich PETROVSKY {SU} (M: 1901 Jan 18 - 1973 Jan 15)
	Vorlesungen Über Die Theorie Der Integralgleichungen [n|Ge-1953]
	Lectures On Partial Differential Equations [n|1954]
	Vorlesungen Über Der Gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen [n|Ge-1954]
	Lectures On The Theory Of Integral Equations [n|1957]

Ferdinando PETRUCCELLI Della GATTINA (M: 1816 - 1890)
19426	I Moribondi Del Palazzo Carignano [It-1862]
30878	Il Re Dei Re: Convoglio Diretto Nell'XI Secolo [?v|It-1864]

Raphael PETRUCCI (M: 1872 - 1917 Feb 20)
	La Philosophie De La Nature Dans L'Art D'Extrême Orient [n|Fr-?]
	Peintres Chinois [n|Fr-?]
22288	  Chinese Painters: A Critical Study [n|Fr-?] (tr Frances SEAVER) [1920]
	La Porte De L'Amour Et De La Mort [f|Fr-?]

Prof, Alexander (Ivanovitch) PETRUNKEVITCH {RU/US} (M: 1875 Dec 22 - 1964 Mar 9)
(&ps: Alexandr JAN-RUBAN)
*	Morphology Of Invertebrate Types [n|1916]
8465	The Russian Revolution: The Jugo-Slav Movement (w others) [n|1918]

Ambrose PETRY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Carmelita-Fans (anon) [1906]

Ann (Houston) PETRY, nee LANE {US} (F: 1908 (wrongly 1911 or 1912) Oct 12 - 1997 Apr 28)
	The Street [f|1946]
	Country Place [f|1947]
	The Drugstore Cat [1949]
	The Narrows [f|1953]
	Tituba Of Salem Village [f|1955]
	Harriet Tubman (UK: The Girl Called Moses) [b|1955]

Ernst PETRY {DE} (M: 1925 May 6 - 1965 Nov 9)
(ps: E N WIDOC)

Jürgen PETRY {DE} (M: 1939 Nov 26 - 2018 Sep 7)

Prof, Ray C PETRY {US} (M: 1903 Jul 2 - 1992 Dec 23)
	The Ideal Of Poverty In Francis Of Assisi [n|1934]
	Francis Of Assisi [n|1941]

Walter PETRY (M: c1897 - 1932 Jul 22)

(August Ferdinand) Robert PETSCH {DE} (M: 1875 Jun 4 - 1945 Sep 10)
	Freiheit Und Notwendigkeit In Schillers Dramen [n|Ge-1905]
	Lessings Briefwechsel Mit Mendelssohn Und F Nicolai.. [n|Ge-1910]
	Der Urfaust [n|Ge-1920]
	Wesen Und Formen Der Erzählkunst [n|Ge-1934]

George Thornton PETT / THORNTON PETT (M: ? - ?)
	The Ceylon Tea-Makers' Handbook [n|1899]

(William) Norman PETT {UK} (M: 1891 Apr 12 - 1960 Feb 16)
	Jane's Summer Idle [1946]
	Jane's Journal [1946]
	Jane On The Sawdust Trail [1947]
	Susie Of The Sunday Dispatch [1956]
	Farewell To Jane [1960]

Orange Leroy PETTAY (M: 1848 Jan 12 - 1901 Jan 3)
	Five Years In Hell [a|1883]

Evaline PETTENGILL, nee ? {US} (F: c1866 - 1935 Aug 23)

Samuel Barrett PETTENGILL {US} (M: 1886 Jan 19 - 1974 Mar 20)
	Hot Oil [?]
	Jefferson, The Forgotten Man [b|?]
	Smokescreen [?]
	For Americans Only [?]

Max Joseph von PETTENKOFFER (M: 1818 Dec 13 - 1901 Feb 10)

George William PETTER (M: 1824 - 1888 Sep 16)

Rodolphe (Charles) PETTER {CH/US?} (M: 1865 Feb 19 - 1947 Jan 6 (wrongly 1935 May 6))
	Reminiscences Of Past Years In Mission Service..Cheyenne.. [a|1936]
	English-Cheyenne Dictionary [n|?]
	Cheyenne Grammar [n|?]

William Frederick PETTERD (M: 1849 Jul 13 - 1910 Apr 15)
	Census Of Tasmanian Shells [n|?/1893]
	Catalogue Of The Minerals Of Tasmania [n|?/1910]

Lovisa PETTERQVIST (see: Alfhild AGRELL)

(Gustaf) Allan PETTERSON (M: 1911 Sep 19 - 1980 Jun 21)

Henry William PETTERSON {US} (M: 1922 Apr 29 - 2010 Nov 16)

Rena (nee)Oldfield PETTERSEN {US} (F: 1877 (wrongly 1875) Feb 7 - 1959 Jun 16)
	Venus [1924]

George PETTIE (M: c1548 - 1589 Jul)
	A Petite Pallace Of Pettie His Pleasure.. [s|1576]

John PETTIE (M: 1839 Mar 17 - 1893 Feb 21 (wrongly 23))

Rev, Samuel Thomas PETTIGREW (M: c1824 - 1889 May 19)

Thomas Joseph PETTIGREW (M: 1791 Oct 28 - 1865 Nov 23)

Francis John PETTIJOHN {US} (M: 1904 Jun 20 - 1999 Apr 23)

Jonas PETTIJOHN (M: 1813 - ?)
	Autobiography.. [a|1890]

Phoebe PETTINGELL, Mrs HYMAN {US} (F: ? - living 1993)

George H PETTIS {US} (M: 1834 - ?)
28951	Frontier Service During The Rebellion [n|1885]

Nancy Ann PETTIS, Mrs ROBINSON {US} (F: 1939 Aug 12 - 2003 Nov 18)
	Funding For Civil Society [n|?]
	To Protect And Promote Women's Human Rights [n|?]

H M PETTIT (?: ? - ?)

Prof, Henry (Jewett) PETTIT {US} (M: 1906 Dec 8 - 1994 Apr 16)
	A Dictionary Of Literary Terms (w C DUFFY) [n|1951/1952]
	A Bibliography Of Young's Night Thoughts [n|1954]

Maud PETTIT {CA} (F: ? - ?)
I	Beth Woodburn: A Canadian Tale [f|1897]

Prof, Philip (Noel) PETTIT {IE?} (M: 1945 Dec 20 - living 2022)
	The Concept Of Structuralism [n|1975/77]
	Not Just Deserts (w John BRAITHWAITE) [n|?]
	Semantics And Social Science (w Graham MacDONALD) [n|?]

Phyllis Adye PETTIT {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Promise [p|1943]

Edwin (William Wynne) PETTITT {UK} (M: 1818 Feb 16 - 1880 Feb 8)
(ps: Herbert GLYN)
	The Cotton Lord [f|1862]
	Uncle Crotty's Relations [f|1863]

Rev, George PETTITT (M: c1809 - 1873 Jan 19)
	The Tinnevelly Mission Of The Church Missionary Society [n|1857]
	Sowing And Reaping [b|1872]
	Be Lovers Still! [n|1892]

George Albert PETTITT {US} (M: 1901 Jun 7 - 1976 May 6)
	So Boulder Dam Was Built [d|1935]
	Primitive Education In North America [n|1946]
	The Quileute Of La Push, 1775-1945 [n|1950]

Henry Alfred PETTITT (M: 1848 Apr 7 - 1893 Dec 24)

Wilfrid (Henry) PETTITT {US?} (M: ? - 1948 Dec 9)
	The Dictator Visits His Mother [1937]
	Nine Girls [1943]

Daniel PETTIWARD {UK} (M: 1913 Nov 7 - 1996 Aug 22)
	Truly Rural [1939]
	Money For Jam [1956]

Roger (Gamlen/Gamelyn) PETTIWARD {UK} (M: 1906 Nov 25 - 1942 Aug 19)
(ps: Paul CRUM)

Rev, Charles PETTMAN {UK/ZA?} (M: 1851 Aug 14 - 1935 Apr 4)

Grace PETTMAN, Mrs POUT {UK} (F: 1870 - 1951)
(&ps: Spencer DEANE; Helen KENT; Nigel STRONG)
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	The Waif Of Trelagan [f|1889]
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	Given In Exchange [f|1926]
	Not Open On Sundays [n|1928]
	A Step In The Dark [f|1929]
	For Another's Sin [f|1929]
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	Say! Are You Ready? [f|1947]
	The Stranger At Roseways [f|1948]
	Missing The Tide [f|1949]
	The Dullest Boy At Treherne (ps: Spencer DEANE) [f|1950]
	One Clear Call! [f|1951]

Alfred PETTO {DE} (M: 1902 Dec 12 - 1962 Jan 30)

Gertrude Ilett PETTS, Mrs DAFFIN {UK} (F: 1909 May 17 - 1987 Dec 29)

John PETTS {UK} (M: 1914 - 1991)

Bruce (Leslie) PETTY {AU} (M: 1929 Nov 23 - living 2022)
	Australian Artist In South East Asia [1962]

Elizabeth PETTY (F: ? - ?)

George W PETTY {US} (M: ? - ?)
	In Camp With L Company [a|c1905]

Dr, Gerald FitzMaurice PETTY {UK} (M: 1906 Apr 5 - 1986 Nov 1)

Kate(=Katharine) PETTY, nee CHAPMAN {UK} (F: 1951 Jun 9 - 2007 May 22)

Rev, Orville Anderson PETTY {US} (M: 1874 Feb 20 - 1942 Aug 12)
	Did The Christian Use Of The Term 'The Gospel' Originate With Paul? [n|1925]
	Kindling The Christmas Fire [p|1929]
	Common Sense And God [n|1936]

Prof, Thomas Lee PETTY {US} (M: 1932 Dec 24 - 2009 Dec 12)

Sir, William PETTY (M: 1623 May 26 or 27 - 1687 Dec 16)
&	Political Arithmetick [n|1690]
5619	Mankind And Political Arithmetic [n|?]
&	A Treatise Of Taxes And Contributions [n|?]

William Henry PETTY {UK} (M: 1921 Sep 7 - 2011 Apr 9)
	No Bold Comfort [1957]

Henry William Edmund PETTY-FITZMAURICE, 6th Marquess of LANSDOWNE {UK} (M: 1872 Jan 14 - 1936 Mar 5)

Prof, Jakob Josef PETUCHOWSKI {US} (M: 1925 Jul 30 - 1991 Nov 12)
	The Theology Of Haham David Nieto [n|1954]
	Ever Since Sinai [n|1961]

Franz PETUELLI {AT} (M: 1905 Apr 30 - 1950 Feb 28)
	Die Seligen Orte [p|Ge-1949]
	Lob Der Landschaft [Ge-1950]

Gipsy/Gypsy, PETULENGRO (see: Xavier PETULENGRO)

Claire PETULENGRO {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Eva PETULENGRO {UK} (F: ? - ?)

James PETULENGRO {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Leon PETULENGRO {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Xavier PETULENGRO, aka Walter LLOYD, aka Walter SMITH {UK} (M: 1859 Dec 25 ? - 1957 Jun 16)
(ps: Gipsy/Gypsy PETULENGRO)
	A Romany Life [a|1935]
	Romany Remedies And Recipes [n|1935]
	Gypsy Fiddler [a|1936]
	Romany Hints For Hikers [n|1936]
	Gypsy Petulengro's Romany Remedies [n|1936]
	Gipsy Petulengro's Book Of Mystery [n|1937]
	Britain Through Gipsy Eyes [n|1937]
	Romany Lore [n|1938]
	Fanya [f|1938]
	Gypsy Petulengro's Mystery Book [n|1948]
	The Open Road To Health! [n|?]

Ásgeir PÉTURSSON {IS?} (M: ? - ?)
5603	Seven Icelandic Short Stories (jt ed) [s|1960]

Rev, Hallgrímur PÉTURSSON / PJETURSSON (M: 1614 - 1674)

Alfons PETZOLD {AT} (M: 1882 Sep 24 - 1923 Jan 25 or 26)
	Trotz Alledem! [Ge-1910]
	Seltsame Musik [Ge-1911]
	Der Ewige Und Die Stunde [Ge-1912]
	Memoiren Eines Auges [Ge-1912]
	Aus Dem Leben Und Der Werkstätte Eines Werdenden [Ge-1913]
	Erde [f|Ge-1913]
	Heimat Welt [Ge-1913]
	Der Heilige Ring [Ge-1914]
	Krieg [Ge-1914]
	Johanna [Ge-1915]
	Volk, Mein Volk .. [Ge-1915]
	Drei Tage [Ge-1916]
	Österreichische Legende [Ge-1916]
	Sil, Der Wanderer [Ge-1916]
	Der Stählerne Schrei [Ge-1916]
	Dämmerung Der Herzen [Ge-1917]
	Das Neue Fest [Ge-1917]
	Verklärung [Ge-1917]
	Von Meiner Straße [Ge-1917]
	Auferstehung [Ge-1918]
	Der Feurige Weg [Ge-1918]
	Franciscus Von Assisi [Ge-1918]
	In Geruhigter Stunde [Ge-1918]
	Der Dornbusch [Ge-1919]
	Das Buch Von Gott [Ge-1920]
	Einkehr [Ge-1920]
	Der Franzl [Ge-1920]
	Menschen Im Schatten [Ge-1920]
	Das Rauhe Leben [Ge-1920]
	Der Totschläger Und Andere Geschichten [s|Ge-1921]
	Frühlingssage [Ge-1922]
	Gesang Von Morgen Bis Mittag [Ge-1922]
	Der Pilgrim [Ge-1922]
	Gesicht In Den Wolken [Ge-1923]
	Der Irdische [Ge-1923]
	Das Lächeln Gottes [Ge-1923]
	Sevarinde [Ge-1923]
	Totentanz [Ge-1923]
	Gedichte Und Erzählungen [p|Ge-1924]
	Das Leben Des Arbeiters [Ge-1925]
	Das Hohe Leuchten [Ge-1939]
	Gedichte Und Erzählungen [p|Ge-1947]
	Pfad Aus Der Dämmerung [Ge-1947]
	Ich Bin Voll Sehnsucht [Ge-1948]
	Die Hundert Schönsten Gedichte [p|Ge-1952]
	Ein Bißchen Sonne Jeden Tag [Ge-1956]
	Ein Bruder So Wie Du [Ge-1957]
	Einmal Werden Sich Die Tage Ändern [Ge-1959]

Max PETZOLD {DE} (M: 1865 May 3 - 1940 Jan 24)

Artur PETZOLDT {DE} (M: 1908 Jun 2 - 1972 Aug 11)
	Der Jahresabschluss Der Deutschen Bundesbahn..1959 [n|Ge-1960]


Prof, Will-Erich PEUCKERT {DE} (M: 1895 May 11 - 1969 Oct 25)

Georg von PEUERBACH / PEURBACH / PURBACH (M: 1423 May 30 - 1461 Apr 8)
	Theoricæ Novæ Planetarum [n|La-1472]
	Sex Primi Libri Epitomatis Almagesti [n|La-1496]
	Tabulæ Eclypsium Super Meridiano Viennensi [n|La-1514]
	Quadratum Goemetricum Meridiano [n|La-1516]
	Nova Tabula Sinus De Decem Minutis In Decem Per Multas [n|La-1541]

Prof, Cornelis Anthonie van PEURSEN {NL} (M: 1920 Jul 8 - 1996)

Antoine PEVSNER {SU} (M: J 1886 Jan 18 - 1962 Apr 12)

Naum Neemya/Neemia PEVSNER {SU/US?} (M: 1890 Aug 5 - 1977 Aug 23)
(ps: Naum GABO)
	Circle (jt ed) [e|1937]
	Three Lectures On Modern Art (w K DRIER & J J SWEENEY) [e|1949]
	Gabo [n|1957]
	Of Divers Arts [n|1962]

Sir, Nikolaus (Bernhard Leon) PEVSNER {UK} (M: 1902 Jan 30 - 1983 Aug 18)

Stella PEVSNER {US} (F: 1921 Oct 4 - 2020 Jun 11)

(Te Kumeroa) Ngoi(=Ngoingoi) PEWHAIRANGI, nee NGAWAI {NZ} (F: 1921 (wrongly 1922) Dec 29 - 1985 Jan 29)

(Gertrude Evelyn) Vera PEWTRESS {UK} (F: 1897 Feb 7 - 1983 Oct 5)
	Our Church [p|1939]
	The Lord God Made Them All [1939]
	Prayer Time With Juniors [n|1940]
	Everyday Tales For Beginners (w Audrey DINES) [1940]
	Prayer Time With Intermediates [n|1943]
	Prayer Time With Primaries [n|1943]
	Bible Stories Retold For Children [n|1943]
	Babies Of The Bible [n|1945]
	Children Of The Bible [n|1945]
	Beryl And Derek's Bible Treasury [n|1950]
	It Happened At Casway [1952]
	Day By Day With Beryl And Derek [1962]
	More Tales Of Beryl And Derek [1963]

Frieda (E) PEYCKE, Mrs HOLMAN {US} (F: 1884 Jun 17 - 1964 Oct 30)

Bruno PEYN {DE} (M: 1887 Jun 8 - 1970 May 31)

Prof, Émile PEYNAUD {FR} (M: 1912 Jun 29 - 2004 Jul 18)

PEYO (see: Pierre CULLIFORD)

Prof, Henri (Maurice) PEYRE {FR/US?} (M: 1901 Feb 21 - 1988 Dec 9)
	Louis Menard, 1822-1901 [b|1932]

(Pierre-)Roger PEYREFITTE {FR} (M: 1907 Aug 17 - 2000 Nov 5)
	Les Amitiés Particulières [f|Fr-1941]
	  Special Friendships [f|Fr-1941] (tr ?) [1950]
	Mademoiselle De Murville [f|Fr-1947]
	Le Prince Des Neiges [d|Fr-1947]
	L'Oracle [f|Fr-1948]
	Les Amours Singulières [f|Fr-1949]
	La Mort D'Une Mère [f|Fr-1950]
	Les Ambassades [f|Fr-1951]
	  Diplomatic Diversions [f|Fr-1951] (tr James FITZMAURICE) [1953]
	Du Vésuve À L'Etna [f|Fr-1952]
	La Fin Des Ambassades [f|Fr-1953]
	  Diplomatic Conclusions [f|Fr-1953] (tr Edward HYAMS) [1954]
	South From Naples [Fr-?] (tr T H F McEWEN) [1954]
	Les Clés De Saint-Pierre [f|Fr-1955]
	  Keys Of Saint Peter [f|Fr-1955] (tr Edward HYAMS) [1957]
	Jeunes Proies [f|Fr-1956]
	Les Chevaliers De Malta [n|Fr-1957]
	  Knights Of Malta [n|Fr-1957] (tr Edward HYAMS) [1960]
	L'Exilé De Capri [f|Fr-1959]
	Le Spectateur Nocturne [f|Fr-1960]
	Les Fils De La Lumière [n|Fr-1961]
	La Nature Du Prince [Fr-1963]

François PEYROT {CH} (M: 1918 Jun 19 - 1998 Jan 7)

Bernard-Marcel PEYROUTON {FR} (M: 1887 Jul 2 - 1983 Nov 6)
	Le Char Des Dieux [f|Fr-1930]

Monique PEYROUTON De LADEBAT (M: ? - ?)
10697	Discours Sur..L'Esclavage Dans Les Colonies [n|Fr-1788]

Monique PEYROUTON De LADEBAT (M: 1909 - ?)
	Le Frère Que J'Attendais [Fr-1955]
	Le Village Aux Yeux Fermés [Fr-1962]
	  The Village That Slept [Fr-1962] (tr Thelma NIKLAUS) [1963]
	Prisonnière Dans La Tour [Fr-1963]

Earl (J) PEYROUX {US} (M: 1924 Oct 24 - 2003 Oct 23)

Alfred PEYSER {DE} (M: 1870 Dec 23 - c1958)
	Heroische Gestalten Jüdischen Stammes (w ?) [n|Ge-1937]
	Vom Labyrinth Gesehn .. [Ge-1942]

Arnold (L) PEYSER {US} (M: 1921 Apr 23 - 2001 Jul 1 (wrongly 7))

Dora PEYSER {DE/AU?} (F: 1904 Feb 22 - 1970 Feb 15)
	Hilfe Als Soziologisches Phaenomen [n|Ge-?]
	The Strong And The Weak [n|1951]

Ethel Rose PEYSER (F: ? - ?)
	How Music Grew.. (w Marion BAUER) [1925]

Joan PEYSER, nee GOLDSTEIN, later GILBERT {US} (F: 1930 Jun 12 - 2011 Apr 24)

Green PEYTON (see: Green Peyton WERTENBAKER)

John Lewis PEYTON (M: 1824 - 1896)
	The American Crisis [2v|a|1867]
*	Memoir Of John Howe Peyton (ed) [b|1894]

John (Wynne William) PEYTON, (life) Baron PEYTON Of YEOVIL of Yeovil {UK} (M: 1919 Feb 13 - 2006 Nov 22)

K M PEYTON (see: Kathleen Wendy PEYTON & Mike(=Michael) PEYTON)
	North To Adventure [s|1958]

Kathleen Wendy PEYTON, nee HERALD {UK} (F: 1929 - ?)
(&ps: K M PEYTON (1))
	Windfall [1962]

Karen PEYTON, nee HANSEN {US} (F: 1897 Oct 16 - 1965 Aug 6)
	The World So Fair [1963]

Prof, Leonard PEYTON (M: 1891 - ?)
	Le Cornache Del Palazzo-Tormentato [It-1916]
	Strocanin [It-1917]
	Pompeo Minore [It-1919]
	Che Cosa E Lo Scoutnmo [It-1923]
	Lettere Ad Un Capo-Gruppo [It-1923]

Mike(=Michael) PEYTON {UK} (M: 1921 Jan 8 - 2017 Jan 25)
(&ps: K M PEYTON (2))

Fr, Patrick Joseph PEYTON, aka 'The Rosary Priest' {IE/US?} (M: 1909 Jan 9 - 1992 Jun 3)
	The Ear Of God [n|1951]
	Father Peyton's Rosary Prayer Book [n|1954]

Sidney Augustus PEYTON {UK} (M: 1891 Sep 28 - 1982 Dec 19)

Ernest PEZET {FR} (M: 1887 Dec 6 - 1966 Nov 21)
	Des Héros Hors La Loi (w Jean SUBERVILLE) [Fr-1926]