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Public Domain Day 2016 - January 1

On the first day of each year, the copyright of a new batch of authors expires, and their works first published in their lifetime enter the Public Domain.  A full breakdown by country is listed here, but broadly it is:

For those countries with a 'life + 70 year' rule, which includes the European Union, it is authors who died in 1945, over 1950 of whom are listed, with over 12 000 of their books, here, and include: Brazilian writer Mario ANDRADE, English noblewoman Margot ASQUITH, American writer Carl BECKER, American writer Robert BENCHLEY, English novelist Harold BINDLOSS, German resistance worker Dietrich BONHOEFFER, American psychic Edgar CAYCE, Oscar Wilde's amour Lord, Alfred 'Bosie' DOUGLAS, English writer Eric Rücker EDDISON, Australian novelist George EGERTON, American writer Ellen GLASGOW, American composer Jerome KERN, British politician David LLOYD GEORGE, American war reporter Ernie PYLE, English novelist Maud Stepney RAWSON, US president Franklin D ROOSEVELT, and English novelist Edith ZANGWILL.

For those countries with a 'life + 50 year' rule, which includes Japan, Canada & New Zealand, it is authors who died in 1965, over 1350 of whom are listed, with nearly 10 000 of their books, here, and include: American novelist Edwy Searles BROOKS, British politician Sir, Winston CHURCHILL, British broadcaster Richard DIMBLEBY, American poet T S ELIOT, English novelist Eleanor FARJEON, British cartoonist FOUGASSE, American human rights activist Malcolm X, British novelist William Somerset MAUGHAM, British art historian Eric NEWTON, Albanian writer Fan S NOLI, American writer Angelo PATRI, American science-fiction novelist E E 'Doc' SMITH, American novelist T S STRIBLING, and French avant-garde composer Edgard VARÈSE.

For the United States and Australia, there will be no new entrants this year, as they are transitioning between copyright schemes.

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Important information

The condition of use of this website is that you do not rely on any of the information in it without checking it to your satisfaction.  The information is provided in good faith, but sometimes errors exist in the sources, or are introduced in transcriptions or understanding, eg: some of the ‘book’ titles may actually be pamphlets or learned journal articles; the dates for plays are often those for the first performance, which may be significantly different from the formal publication date; and for many other books there can be a small uncertainty in the publication year.

For some authors, an attempt has been made to indicate by the use of parentheses which of their full set of names were used as a byline, but different forms occur in different places, the sources don't always make clear what was used, and it's too time-consuming to check all of them.  So don't place much importance on this parenthesising.

About this website

The aim of this site is to catalog all deceased authors, all authors of books published before 1964, and at least some more recent authors, including their full name(s), date & place of death, date & place of birth, pseudonyms, gender & nationality (not nationality for those who died before 1920), and their books published before 1964.

The purpose of this site is:

  1. by cataloging the dates of death of authors, to enable the determination of the expiry of their copyright where a “life + x years” rule applies.  Where the date of death is unavailable, the date of birth or date of their first publication can be used to set an upper limit to the duration of copyright.
  2. by cataloging the dates of publication of books, to enable the determination of the expiry of their copyright where a “publication + x years” rule applies.  In the US, for works published in 1923 thru 1963 the copyright status also depends on whether the initial copyright was renewed – see the Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals) webpage for guidance on this.
  3. to identify those books already available on the Internet, to help online readers and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort by “electronic republishers”.
Note that therefore only some of the authors and books listed here will be out of copyright, some will still be in copyright.

Status: The catalog currently contains over 168 000 authors out of at least 500 000 deceased authors, and over 500 000 (35 000 of them online) out of at least 2 500 000 books published before 1964.  Of these authors, about 30 000 (18%) are female.

Credits: Thanks for their assistance to John Herrington, John Holmstrom, Allen J Hubin and countless others who have provided information on themselves, their relations and other authors of interest to them.

Abbreviations, etc

  • Women's maiden (nee) and sequence of married (1:Mrs, etc) names are identified thus, where known.
  • ‘c__’ means ‘circa __’ or about.

Dates: The date of first publication in book form is usually given; for works first published in a periodical, that date is also included, in parentheses ( ); multiple dates separated by slashes (/) indicate revised editions; a dash (-) indicates that publication was spread over that period.

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