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Mykhaylo OBACHNY (see: Mykhaylo KOSACH)

Ernest OBADELE-STARKS (see: Ernest Kent STARKS)

Edgar O'BALLANCE {IE/UK?} (M: 1918 Jul 17 - 2009 Jul 8)
	No Victor, No Vanquished [n|?]
	Malaya [n|?]
	The Arab-Israeli War, 1948-9 [n|1956]
	The Sinai Campaign, 1956 [n|1959]
	The Red Army [n|?]
	The Red Army Of China [n|?]
	The Story Of The French Foreign Legion [n|?]
	The Cyanide War [n|?]

José María OBALDÍA {UY} (M: 1925 Aug 16 - living 2022)

Joseph OBALSKI (M: 1852 - 1915 Mar 25)

US Pres, Barack (Hussein) OBAMA (Jr) {US} (M: 1961 Aug 4 - living 2022)

Dan(=Daniel) (Thomas) O'BANNON {US} (M: 1946 Sep 30 - 2009 Dec 17)

Prof, Chiura (Zoruku) OBATA {JP/US?} (M: 1885 (or 1884) Nov 18 - 1975 Oct 6)

Shigeyoshi OBATA {JP} (M: 1888 - 1971)
	The Melon Thief [d|1923]

Constance Mary OBBARD, nee ? {UK} (F: c1857 - 1935 Aug 7)
	Thoughts [p|1921]

Peregrin OBDRZÁLEK (M: 1825 - 1891)
16843	Cvicen Malickch Ve Svatm Nbozenstv Krestansko-Katolickm [Cz-?]

Adolf OBÉE {DE} (M: 1884 Sep 13 - 1957 Nov 25)

Cornelius Banahan O'BEIRNE {UK} (M: 1915 Sep 9 - 1992 Aug 21)
	Laws Of Gibraltar [n|?/1968]
	Survey Of Extradition And Fugitive Offenders Legislation.. [n|1982/?/89]

Kate (Monica) O'BEIRNE, nee WALSH {US} (F: 1949 Sep 23 - 2017 Apr 23)

Kathy O'BEIRNE {IE} (F: c1960 - ?)

Marie Louise OBENAUER {US} (F: ? - 1947 Jan 7)
	The Woman Power Of The Nation [n|?]
	Is It Time To Change Faith In Our American Way Of Life? [n|?]

Prof, Victor OBENHAUS {US} (M: 1903 Sep 26 - 1994 Apr 2)
	The Hebrew Prophets And America's Conscience [n|1948]
	The Responsible Christian [n|1957]

Charles Kellogg OBER {US} (M: 1856 May 5 - 1948 Jul 13)
7957	Out Of The Fog: A Story Of The Sea [f|1911]
	Exploring A Continent [a|1929]

Frederick Albion OBER (M: 1849 Feb 13 - 1913 May 31)
	Camps In The Caribbees [a|1880]
17049	'Old Put' The Patriot [f|1904]
	The Navy Boys' Cruise With Columbus [f|?]
19997	Amerigo Vespucci [b|1907]
34802	Vasco Nuñez De Balboa [b|1906]

Prof, Warren Upton OBER {US} (M: 1925 May 2 - ?)
	The New University Reader (jt ed) [n|1960]
	The Enigma Of Poe (jt ed) [n|1960]

Rev, Carl Heinrich OBERACKER {DE} (M: 1883 Aug 21 - 1950 Jun 7)

Marie OBERDIECK {DE} (F: 1867 Dec 7 - 1944 Aug 20)

Charles (Donnell) OBERDORF {US} (M: 1941 Feb 25 - 2011 Sep 16)

Don(=Donald) OBERDORFER (Jr) {US} (M: 1931 May 28 - 2015 Jul 23)

Casimir(=Kazimierz) (Jerzy) OBERFELD {PL} (M: 1903 Nov 16 - 1945 Jan 23 or 24)

Erik Valdemar OBERG {SE/US} (M: 1881 Mar 1 - 1951 Oct 22)
	Elements Of Mechanics And Machine Design [n|1923]
	Handbook For Machine Shop And Drafting-Room (w others) [n|1924]
	Draftsman's Mathematical Manual (ed) [n|1924]

Kalervo OBERG {US} (M: 1901 Jan 15 - 1973 Jul 11)
	The Social Economy Of The Tlingit Indians [n|1940]
	The Terena And The Caduveo Of Southern Mato Grosso, Brazil [n|1949]
	Indian Tribes Of Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil [n|1953]
	Culture Shock [n|1954]
	Types Of Social Structure Among The Lowland Tribes..America [n|1955]

Henry Ernest OBERHANSLEY {US} (M: 1885 Apr 12 - 1945 Apr 6)
	The Construction..Course In Agriculture For Secondary Schools [n|1930]

Franz OBERHAUSER {AT} (M: 1894 Sep 29 - 1966 Apr 16)

Ellis Paxson OBERHOLTZER {US} (M: 1868 Oct 5 - 1936 Dec 8)

Rev, John H OBERHOLTZER (M: 1809 Jan 10 - 1895 Feb 15)
	Wahre Character.. [a|Ge-1860]

Kenneth Edison OBERHOLTZER {US} (M: 1903 Dec 22 - 1993 Dec 17)

Peter OBERHOLTZER (see: William Tibbetts BRANNON)

Sara Louisa OBERHOLTZER, nee VICKERS {US} (F: 1841 May 20 - 1930 Feb 2)

David OBERHOLZER {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Josef Georg OBERKOFLER {AT} (M: 1889 Apr 17 - 1962 Nov 12)

Prof, Heiko Augustinius OBERMAN {NL/US?} (M: 1930 Oct 15 - 2001 Apr 22)
	Archbishop Thomas Bradwardine [b|1957/1958]
	Christianity Divided (jt ed) [n|1962]

Sheldon OBERMAN {CA} (M: 1949 May 20 - 2004 Mar 26)

Carl OBERMANN {DDR} (M: 1905 Sep 22 - 1987 Jul 10)
	J Weydemeyer [Ge-1947]
	Die Deutsche Arbeiter In Der Revolution Von 1848 [n|Ge-1950]
	Einheit Und Freiheit [n|Ge-1950]
	Deutschland Von 1815-1849 [n|Ge-1951]

Barrett John OBERMEYER {US} (M: 1937 Feb 17 - living 2006)
	Six Robbens [1951]
	The Listening Post [1957]
	Gunsmith's Apprentice (w Marion Barrett OBERMEYER) [1962]

Henry (Ernst) OBERMEYER {US} (M: 1899 Mar 5 - 1990 Feb 9)

Marion (nee)Barrett OBERMEYER {US} (F: 1907 Apr 20 or 21 - 2006 Feb 19)
	Gunsmith's Apprentice (w Barrett John OBERMEYER) [1962]

Dieter OBERNDÖRFER {DE} (M: 1929 Nov 5 - living 2022)

Graf, Carl von OBERNDORFF {AT} (M: 1876 Mar 10 - 1963 Jan 7)
	Bunte Blätte [p|Ge-1896]

Gräfin, Maria (Theresia Katharina Leopoldine Clotilde Fortunata Philippine) von OBERNDORFF {DE} (F: 1867 Aug 21 - 1940 or 1960 Feb 25)
	Die Rheda Von Rothenhof [f|Ge-1899]
	Die Barmherzige Samaritanerin, Hanna [f|Ge-1907]
	Das Brennende Mal [d|Ge-1909]

Friedrich OBERNEDER {DE} (M: 1891 Sep 25 - 1963 Feb 14)
	Die Freunde [Ge-1952]
	Der Junge Von Altegermühl [Ge-1954]
	Die Türkenkatze [Ge-?]

Adolfo OBERROTMAN {PL} (M: 1893 Feb 20 - ?)
26959	La Lastaj Tagoj De Dro L L Zamenhof (jt ed) [b|Es-?]

Prof, Anthony Richard OBERSCHALL {US} (M: 1936 Dec 4 - living 2022)

Prof, Delbert OBERTEUFFER {US} (M: 1901 Nov 19 - 1981 Apr 2)

Hermann (Julius) OBERTH {DE} (M: 1894 Jun 25 - 1989 Dec 29)
	Die Raketen Zu Den Planetenräumen [n|Ge-1921]
	Wege Zur Raumschiffahrt [n|Ge-1929]
	Menschen Im Weltraum [n|Ge-1953]
	Primer For Those Who Would Govern [n|?]

Karl OBERTHÜR (M: 1819 Mar 4 - 1895 Nov 8)

Bob(=Robert) (Earl) OBETS {US} (M: 1908 Feb 19 - 1970 Nov 26)
	Blood-Moon Range [f|1957]

André OBEY {FR} (M: 1892 May 8 - 1975 Apr 11)
	Le Gardien De La Ville [f|Fr-1919]
	La Souriante Madame Beudet (w Denys AMIEL) [d|Fr-pro:1921]
	Savreux Vainqueur, Moeurs D'Apres-Guerre [f|Fr-1923]
	L'Orgue Du Stade [e|Fr-1924]
	L'Apprenti Sorcier [e|Fr-1926]
	La Carcasse [d|Fr-pro:1926]
	Le Joueur De Triangle [f|Fr-1928]
	Noe [d|Fr-pro:1931]
	  Noah [d|Fr-1931] (tr Arthur WILMURT) [1935]
	La Bataille De La Marne [d|Fr-pro:1931]
	Le Viol De Lucrece [d|Fr-pro:1931/pub:1932]
	  Lucrece [d|Fr-1931] (tr Thornton WILDER) [pro:1933]
	Loire [d|Fr-pro:1933/pub:1933]
	L'Enfant Inquiet [f|Fr-?]

Donald OBEYESEKERE {LK} (M: 1888 - 1964)
	Outlines Of Ceylon History [n|1911]

Michael OBIORA {UK} (M: 1986 Oct 2 - living 2022)

Kurt (Alfred) OBITZ {DE} (M: 1907 Jan 16 - 1945 Aug 26)
	Badania Nad Jajami Niektórych Tasiemców..Anoplocephalidae [n|Pl-1934]
	O Rozmieszczeniu W Polsce Gzów Bydlecych (w W STEFANSKI) [n|Pl-1935]
	Die Geschichte Des Masurischen Volkes [n|Ge-1938]

Lilian (Isabel) OBLIGADO, Mrs SIMONETTI {AR} (F: 1931 Apr 12 - ?)

Milo Milton OBLINGER {US?} (M: 1890 (or 1900) Feb 16 - 1963 Sep)
(ps: Milton RICHARDS)
	Dick Kent With The Mounted Police [f|1927]
	Dick Kent In The Far North [f|1927]
	Dick Kent With The Eskimos [f|1927]
	Dick Kent, Fur Trader [f|1927]
	Dick Kent And The Malamute Mail [f|1927]
	Dick Kent On Special Duty [f|1928]
	Dick Kent At Half Way House [f|1929]
+	The Valdmere Mystery [f|1929]
	Dick Kent, Mounted Police Deputy [f|1933]
	Dick Kent's Mysterious Mission [f|1933]
	Dick Kent And The Mine Mystery [f|1934]

Robin O'BOBS (see: Robert Hesketh BANKS)

Stan(=Stanlee) OBODIAC {CA} (M: 1922 Feb 7 - 1984 (or 1985) Nov 3)
	The Soul Speaks [p|1950]
	No Substitute For Victory [n|1952]

Sir, Dimitri/Dmitriy Dmitrievich OBOLENSKY {UK} (M: J 1918 Mar 19 - 2001 Dec 23)
	The Bogomils [n|1948]
	The Penguin Book Of Russian Verse (ed) [p|1962]

Arch(=Archibald) OBOLER {US} (M: 1909 Dec 6 - 1987 Mar 19)

Apollo Milton OBOTE {UG} (M: 1924 Dec 28 - 2005 Oct 10)

Ellsworth Scott OBOURN {US} (M: 1897 Sep 5 - 1972 Dec 21)
	Science Problems Of Modern Life (w ?) [2v|n|1923]
	Civic Science In The Home [n|1923]

Nadežda OBRADOVIC {US} (F: 1936 - 2004)
	The Anchor Book Of Modern African Stories [?]

Frédéric (Michel Maurice) O'BRADY (see: Frigyes ÁBEL)

Sergei Vladimirovich OBRAZTOV {SU/RU} (M: J 1901 Jun 22 - 1992 May 8)

Jacob OBRECHT (M: c1457 - 1505 Jul)

Alexandra OBRENOVICH {VE} (F: ? - ?)

Frank O'BRIAN (see: Brian (Francis Wynne) GARFIELD)

Grace O'BRIAN, nee WILLIAMS {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	At The Top Of The Hill [p|1928]

John Lord O'BRIAN {US} (M: 1874 Oct 14 - 1973 Apr 10)

Patrick O'BRIAN (see: Richard Patrick RUSS)

Art Patrick O'BRIAIN {IE} (M: 1872 - 1949 Aug 12)
	A Handbook Of Irish Dances (w J G O'KEEFFE) [n|?]

Judge, Barra O'BRIAIN {IE} (M: 1901 Sep 19 - 1988 Jun 19)

Agnes O'BRIEN {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Winnowing [f|1935]

Alice O'BRIEN {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Anthony Blake's Experiment [f|1896]

Ally O'BRIEN (see: Ali(=Alison) GUNN)

Anne O'BRIEN, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Arthur Henry O'BRIEN {CA} (M: 1865 Aug 2 - 1957 Oct 11)
	Haliburton ('Sam Slick') [b|?/1909]

Lt-Col, Aubrey (John) O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1870 Dec 5 - 1930 Aug 31)

Brian O'BRIEN (M: ? - ?)
	She Had A Magic [b|1958]

Prof, Carl Bickford O'BRIEN, aka 'Bick' {US} (M: 1909 - 1979)
	Russia Under Two Tsars [n|1952]
	Muscovy And The Ukraine, 1654-1667 [n|1963]

Catherine Cecily O'BRIEN, aka Sister, Mary ANSELM {AU} (F: 1893 Oct 25 - 1945 May 19)
	Magic Casements [1937]
	The Catholic Evidence Guild In Secondary Schools [n|1939]

(Patty) Charlotte O'BRIEN, nee MILES (F: 1817 Dec 3 - 1891 Mar 25)
	A Visit To Queen Victoria [1854]
	The Christmas Party [1854]
	Buttercups And Daisies [1854]
	Cousin Johnny And His Indian Nurse [1854]
	Donald, The Shetland Pony [1854]
	Tommy And His Baby Brother [1854]
	Parrots And Nightingales [1855]
	Lady Eva [f|1855]
	A Simple Catechism Of The Animal, Vegetable And Mineral Kingdoms [n|1856]
	Primrose Gathering [1856]
	The Coral Necklace [1856]
	Mary's Visit To The Gold Fields [1856]
	Midsummer Holidays At Beechwood Farm [1856]
	Ernest's Dream [1856]
	The Cottagers' Christmas [f|1856]
	The Queen Of May [1858]
	Little Arthur's Book Of Biography [n|1859]
	Gipsy Jem (anon?) [f|c1860]
	Bessie Field [f|1864]
	Oliver Dale's Decision [f|1864]
	Margaret And Her Friends [f|1864]
	The Young Folks Of Hazelbrook (anon) [f|1864]
	Basil (anon) [f|1865]
	Mother's Warm Shawl [f|1865]
	George Wayland, The Little Medicine Carrier (anon) [f|1866]
	Ben Holt's Good Name [f|c1867]
	The Peacock Butterfly (anon) [f|1867]
	Harry Blake's Trouble (anon) [f|1868]
	Dominick's Trials [f|1870]
	Little Gipsy Marion (aka: Gipsy Marion) [f|1870]
	Walter And Frank [f|1870]
	Lizzie Blake (anon) [f|1872]
	Northcliffe Boys [f|1880]
	Wild Flowers Of The Undercliff, Isle Of Wight (w C PARKINSON) [n|1881]
	Frank Hardy's Choice, And What Came Of It [f|1897]

Charlotte Grace O'BRIEN (F: 1845 Nov 23 - 1909 (wrongly 1908) Jun 3)
	Light And Shade [f|1878]
	A Tale Of Venice [d|pub:1880]
	Lyrics [p|1886]

Clare (nee)Lynch O'BRIEN {US} (F: 1943 Apr 23 - 2005 Jun 9)

Prof, (Donal) Conor (David Dermot Donat) Cruise O'BRIEN / CRUISE O'BRIEN {IE} (M: 1917 Nov 3 - 2008 Dec 18)
(&ps: Donat O'DONNELL)
	Maria Cross: Imaginative Patterns..Writers (ps: Donat O'DONNELL) [e|1952]
	Parnell And His Party [n|1957]
	To Katanga And Back [n|1962]

Abp, Cornelius O'BRIEN (M: 1843 May 4 - 1906 Mar 9 (or 10))
	Philosophy Of The Bible Vindicated [n|1876]
	After Weary Years [f|1885]
	Aminta [p|1890]
	Memoirs Of Rt Rev Edmund Burke..Of Nova Scotia [b|1894]
	Funeral Sermon On Sir John Thompson [b|1906]

D V O'BRIEN (see: Mary Elizabeth McNALLY)

Darcy O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1939 Jul 16 - 1998 Mar 2)

David (Wright) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1918 - 1944)
(ps: John York CABOT; Bruce DENNIS; Duncan FARNSWORTH; Clee GARSON; Richard VARDON)
	Blitzkrieg In The Past (ps: John York CABOT) [f|1942]

Dean D O'BRIEN (see: Earl Andrew BINDER & Otto Oscar BINDER)

Dee O'BRIEN (see: Marion Zimmer BRADLEY)

Deirdre O'BRIEN (see: Mary Elizabeth McNALLY)

Denis O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1929 Nov 2 - 1982 Sep 2)

Des(=Desmond) (John) O'BRIEN {AU} (M: 1930 Dec 10 - 2014)
	Ephemeral Aesthetics [a|?]

Dillon O'BRIEN (M: 1818 - 1882)
R	The Dalys Of Dalystown [f|1866]
R	Dead Broke [f|1873]
	Frank Blake [f|1876]
	Widow Melville's Boarding House [f|1881]

Donal Cruise O'BRIEN / CRUISE O'BRIEN {IE} (M: c1941 - 2012)

Donat Henchy O'BRIEN (M: 1784 Nov 5 - 1857 May 13)

Donough O'BRIEN {IE?} (M: 1879 Aug 29 - 1953 Sep 23)
	History Of The O'Briens From Brian Boroimhe [n|?]
	Miniatures In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries [n|?]

Donough O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1939 Apr 23 - living 2023)

E G O'BRIEN (see: Arthur C CLARKE)

(Josephine) Edna O'BRIEN, Mrs GÉBLER {IE} (F: 1930 Dec 15 - living 2022)
	The Country Girls [1] [f|1960]
	The Lonely Girl (aka: Girl With Green Eyes) [2] [f|1962]

Edward Joseph (Harrington) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1890 Dec 10 - 1941 Feb 24)
(&ps: Arthur MIDDLETON)
	The Flowing Of The Tide [1910]
20303	The Best Short Stories Of 1915 (ed) [s|1916]
	White Fountains [p|1917]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1916 (ed) [s|1917]
	The Masque Of Poets [1917]
20872	The Best Short Stories Of 1917 (ed) [s|1918]
13138	The Forgotten Threshold: A Journal Of Arthur Middleton ('ed') [f|1919]
39635	The Best Short Stories Of 1918 (ed) [s|1919]
	The Great Modern English Stories [1919]
23445	The Best Short Stories Of 1919 (ed) [s|1920]
22091	The Best Short Stories Of 1920 (ed) [s|1921]
	Distant Music [1921]
18709	The Best Short Stories Of 1921 (ed) [s|1922]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1922 (ed) [s|1923]
9363	The Best British Short Stories Of 1922 (jt ed) [s|1923]
	The Advance Of The American Short Story [1923]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1923 (ed) [s|1924]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1923 (jt ed) [s|1924]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1924 (ed) [s|1925]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1924 (jt ed) [s|1925]
	Hard Sayings [1926]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1925 (ed) [s|1926]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1925 (jt ed) [s|1926]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1926 (ed) [s|1927]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1926 (ed) [s|1927]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1927 (ed) [s|1928]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1927 (ed) [s|1928]
	Modern English Short Stories (ed) [s|1929]
	The Dance Of The Machines [1929]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1928 (ed) [s|1929]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1928 (ed) [s|1929]
	The Twenty-Five Finest Short Stories (ed) [s|1929]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1929 (ed) [s|1930]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1929 (ed) [s|1930]
	Modern English Short Stories (ed) [s|1930]
	Modern American Short Stories (ed) [s|1931]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1930 (ed) [s|1931]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1930 (ed) [s|1931]
	Son Of The Morning [1932]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1931 (ed) [s|1932]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1931 (ed) [s|1932]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1932 (ed) [s|1933]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1932 (ed) [s|1933]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1933 (ed) [s|1934]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1933 (ed) [s|1934]
	The Guest Book [1935]
	The Short Story Case Book [1935]
	New English Short Stories (ed) [s|1935]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1934 (ed) [s|1935]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1934 (ed) [s|1935]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1935 (ed) [s|1936]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1935 (ed) [s|1936]
	Elizabethan Tales (ed) [s|1937]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1936 (ed) [s|1937]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1936 (ed) [s|1937]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1937 (ed) [s|1938]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1937 (ed) [s|1938]
	The Best American Short Stories Of 25 Years (ed) [s|1939]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1938 (ed) [s|1939]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1938 (ed) [s|1939]
	Selected English Short Stories (ed) [s|1940]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1939 (ed) [s|1940]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1939 (ed) [s|1940]
	The Best Short Stories Of 1940 (ed) [s|1941]
	The Best British Short Stories Of 1940 (ed) [s|1941]

Elspeth O'BRIEN (F: ? - ?)

Abp, Eris (Michael) O'BRIEN {AU} (M: 1895 Sep 29 - 1974 Feb 28)
	The Life..John Joseph Therry (aka: Foundation Of Catholicism..) [b|1922]
	The Dawn Of Catholicism In Australia [n|1928]
	The Hostage [d|1928]
	The Foundation Of Australia, 1786-1800 [n|1937]
	The Establishment Of The Hierarchy In Australia [n|1942]

Esse (Permelia) (nee)Forrester O'BRIEN {US} (F: 1894 Nov 21 (or 17) - 1975 May 21 or 28)

Florence Vere O'BRIEN {IE} (F: 1896 - 1970)

Fitz-James O'BRIEN (M: 1828 Dec 31 - 1862 Apr 6)
	The Gentleman From Ireland [d|1854]
#,Q	The Diamond Lens [1858]
	The Poems And Stories Of Fitz-James O'Brien (ed William WINTER) [p|1881]
#	What Was It?.. [s|1889]

Flann O'BRIEN (see: Brian O'NOLAN)

Frances O'BRIEN, nee KELLY {US} (F: 1906 Oct 7 - 1981 Oct 22)
	Speaking French (w Raymond CAEFER & James ETMEKJION) [n|1963]

Francis Anthony O'BRIEN {US} (M: c1936 - 2003 Jan 1)

Francis Paul OBRIEN {US} (M: 1885 - ?)
	The High School Failures [n|1919]

Frank(=Franklin) George O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1843 May 15 - 1920 Aug 20)
L	Minnesota Pioneer Sketches [1904]

Frank Michael O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1875 Mar 31 - 1943 Sep 22)
	The Story Of The Sun [n|1918]
	New York Murder Mysteries [n|1932]

Frederick O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1869 - 1932)
14384	White Shadows In The South Seas [1919]
11400	Mystic Isles Of The South Seas [1921]

George O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1927 Jan 29 - 2005 Dec 28)

Prof, George (Augustine Thomas) O'BRIEN {IE} (M: 1892 Jan 26 - 1973 Dec 31)
	The Economic History Of Ireland [3v|n|?]
13488	An Essay On Mediæval Economic Teaching [n|1920]
	The Economic Effects Of The Reformation [n|?]
	Labour Organisation [n|?]
	Agricultural Economics [n|?]
	Notes On Theory Of Profit [n|?]
	The Four Green Fields [n|?]
	The Phantom Of Plenty [n|?]

Rev, George Edward O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1848 - 1916 Nov 29)

Gerry O'BRIEN {UK} (M: before 1940 - ?)

Godfrey S O'BRIEN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	The Tourist's Guide To Quebec [n|1864]

Greg O'BRIEN {NZ} (M: 1961 - ?)

Helen(=Elena) O'BRIEN, nee CONSTANTINESCU {RO/UK?} (F: 1925 Dec 14 - 2005 Sep 16)

Henry O'BRIEN (M: 1808 - 1835 Jun 28)
	The Round Towers Of Ireland [n|1834]

Henry O'BRIEN {CA} (M: 1836 - 1931 Sep 3)

Howard Allen Frances O'BRIEN, Mrs RICE {US} (F: 1941 Oct 4 - 2021 Dec 11)

Howard Vincent O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1888 Jul 11 - 1947 Sep 30)
(&ps: Clyde PERRIN)
	New Men For Old [f|1912]
33117	Thirty [f|1914]
	The Thunderbolt (ps: Clyde PERRIN) [f|1919]
	The Green Scarf [f|1920]
	Trodden Gold [1922]
	The Terms Of Conquest [f|1923]
	What A Man Wants [f|1925]
	Wine, Women And War [f|1926]
	PS [f|1928]
	Four And Twenty Blackbirds [f|1928]
	An Abandoned Woman [f|1930]
	Folding Bedouins [f|1936]
	Notes For A Book About Mexico [n|1937]
	Memoirs Of A Guinea Pig [1942]
	So Long, Son [1944]

Pte, Jack O'BRIEN {CA} (M: c1890 - ?)
18963	Into The Jaws Of Death [1919]

Jack/John (Sherman) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1898 or 1899 Aug 18 - 1938 Dec 6)
	By Dog Sled For Byrd.. [a|1931]
	Silver Chief, Dog Of The North [f|1933]
	Alone Across The Top Of The World (w David IRWIN) [b|1935]
	Valiant, Dog Of The Timberline [f|1935]
	Corporal Corey Of The Royal Canadian Mounted [1936]
	Silver Chief To The Rescue [f|1937]
	King And The Princess [1940]
	Spike Of Swift River [f|1942]
	Return Of Silver Chief [f|1943]
	Royal Red [1951]
	Silver Chief's Revenge [f|1954]

James O'BRIEN (M: 1805 - 1864 Dec 23)

James O'BRIEN (M: 1842 - 1930)
33593	Orchids [n|1910]

James O'BRIEN (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Rio BLANE; Ben COADY; Skeeter DODDS; Jack HOLT)

James Thomas O'BRIEN (M: 1792 Sep - 1874 Dec 12)

James W O'BRIEN {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Le CORRESPONDANT du Canadien)
	Excursion Aux Provinces Maritimes [n|Fr-1864]

John O'BRIEN (see: Patrick Joseph HARTIGAN)

John O'BRIEN (M: 1837 - 1917)
	A Captain Unafraid (w Horace SMITH) [a|1912]

Fr, John Anthony O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1893 Jan 20 - 1980 Apr 18)
	Silent Reading [n|1921]
	Reading, Its Psychology And Pedagogy [n|1926]
	Evolution And Religion [n|1931]
	The Church And Marriage [n|1934]
	Legitimate Birth Control [n|1934]
	Lawful Birth Control [n|1934]
	The Priesthood In A Changing World [n|1936/1943]
	The Faith Of Millions [n|1938/1952]
	Religion In A Changing World [n|1938]
	The Power Of Love [n|1938]
	Natural Birth Control Without Contraceptives [n|1938]
	Catholics And Scholarship (ed) [n|1939]
	Pathways To Happiness [n|1940]
	Thunder From The Left [n|1941]
	Discovering Mexico [n|1943]
	Truths To Live By [n|1946]
	Winning Converts (ed) [n|1948]
	The Road To Damascus (ed) [n|1949]
	Courtship And Marriage [n|1949]
	Where I Found Christ (ed) [n|1950]
	What's The Truth About Catholics? [n|1950]
	The Art Of Courageous Living [n|1950]
	Road To Damascus Omnibus (ed) [n|1951]
	Sharing The Faith [n|1951]
	Sex-Character Education (ed) [n|1952]
	Paths To Christ (ed) [n|1952]
	The Conquest Of Life (ed) [n|1952]
	The American Martyrs (aka: First Martyrs Of North America) [n|1953]
	The Open Door [n|1953]
	The Way To Emmaus (UK: Road To Damascus, v3) (ed) [n|1953]
	The Vanishing Irish (ed) [n|1953]
	Roads To Rome (UK: Road To Damascus, v4) (ed) [n|1954]
	Understanding The Catholic Faith [n|1955]
	Bringing Souls To Christ (ed) [n|1955]
	Where Dwellest Thou? (UK: Road To Damascus, v5) (ed) [n|1956]
	Happy Marriage [n|1956]
	The Life Of Christ [b|1957]
	Giants Of The Faith [n|1958]
	Twenty-Five Questions Non-Catholics Ask [n|1958]
	Why I Became A Catholic (ed) [n|1958]
	The Early Public Life Of Jesus [b|1961]
	God And Evolution [n|1961]
	Jesus Spreads His Gospel [n|1962]
	The Catholic Way Of Life [n|1962]
	Eternal Answers For An Anxious Age [n|1962]
	One Hundred Common Questions About Catholic Faith [n|1962]

John Augustus O'BRIEN, aka 'Dynamite' Johnny O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1851 - 1931)
	The Sea Saga Of Dynamite Johnny O'Brien (w Milton A DALBY) [a|1933]

John Emmet(wrongly Emmett) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1845 (or 1848) Oct 7 - 1922 Jun 14)
	Telegraphing In Battle.. [a|1910]

Prof, John Wilfrid O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1931 Aug 4 - 2011 Dec 16)

John William Alexander O'BRIEN {AU} (M: 1908 Jun 13 - 1980 May 27)
	Guns And Gunners [n|1950]

Joseph O'BRIEN (M: ? - ?)
25947	The Devil [f|1908]

Prof, Justin (McCortney) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1906 Nov 26 - 1968 Feb or Dec 7)
	The Novel Of Adolescence In France [n|1937]
	Portrait Of André Gide [b|1953]

Kate O'BRIEN, Mrs RENIER {UK} (F: 1897 Dec 3 - 1974 Aug 13)
	Without My Cloak [1931]
	Farewell Spain [1937]
	The Anteroom [?]

Katherine O'BRIEN {AU} (F: ? - 1982)

Kathleen O'BRIEN {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	John-Barbara [f|1927]
	The Mandeville [f|1928]
	Our Little Life [f|1931]

Kathleen O'BRIEN, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Kevin O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1955 - ?)

Lawrence (Francis) O'BRIEN, Jr {US} (M: 1917 Jul 7 - 1990 Sep 26)

Liam(=William) (Francis Xavier) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1913 Mar 7 - 1996 Mar 24)

Louis O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1902 Apr 17 - 1935 Sep 6)
	Innocent XI And The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes [n|1930]
	The Writing Of History [n|1935]

Sir, Lucius (McEdward) O'BRIEN, 13th Baron INCHIQUIN (M: 1800 Dec 5 - 1872 Mar 22)
	Ireland In 1848 [n|1848]

Dean, Lucius H O'BRIEN (M: 1842 Aug 13 - 1913 Sep 25)

Martin O'BRIEN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Matthew O'BRIEN (M: 1814 - 1855 Aug 22)

May O'BRIEN {IE} (F: 1932 - ?)

Prof, Michael O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1918 Oct 1 - 1999 Jul 25)
	Shopwork Teaching Tricks [n|1953]
	Shopwork Teaching Tricks (2e w Elwood JURGENSON) [n|1956]
	Demonstrations In Farm Mechanics (w Elwood JURGENSON) [n|1957]
	Principals And Practices For Harvesting..Fruits And Nuts (jt ed) [n|?]

Prof, Michael O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1948 Apr 13 - 2015 May 6)

Michael Joseph O'BRIEN (M: 1870 - 1960)

Murrough Charles O'BRIEN {CA} (M: 1868 May 2 - 1955 Dec 5)

Oswald O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1928 Apr 6 - 1997 Mar 10)

Pat O'BRIEN (see: William Joseph O'BRIEN)

Pat O'BRIEN {UK} (F: c1952 - ?)
	The House Share [f|?]

Sir, Patrick O'BRIEN, 2nd Baronet O'BRIEN of Merrion Square and Boris-in-Ossory (M: 1823 - 1895 Apr 25)

Prof, Phillips Payson O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1963 - living 2022)

Rev, Richard O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1833 Jul 24 - ?)
	Questions And Answers [n|?]

Sir, Richard O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1920 Feb 15 - 2009 Dec 11)

Dean, Richard Baptist O'BRIEN (M: 1809 Sep 30 - 1885 Feb c10)
(&ps: [BAPTIST])

Richard Berry O'BRIEN (M: 1847 - 1918 Mar 17)
	The Irish Land Question And English Public Opinion [n|1879]
	The Parliamentary History Of The Irish Land Question [n|1880]
	Fifty Years Of Concessions To Ireland [2v|n|1883-85]
	Irish Wrongs And English Remedies [n|1887]
	Thomas Drummond, Life And Letters [b|1889]
	The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell [2v|b|1898]
	Life Of Lord Russell Of Killowen [b|1901]
	A Hundred Years Of Irish History [n|1902]
	Irish Memories [n|1904]
	England's Title In Ireland [n|1905]
	Dublin Castle And The Irish People [n|1909]
	John Bright [b|1910]

Robert C O'BRIEN (see: Robert Leslie Carroll CONLY)

Saliee O'BRIEN (see: Frances Leroy GRIGGS)

Sara Redempta O'BRIEN {US} (F: 1875 Aug 13 - 1953 Aug 22)
	English For Foreigners [n|1909]
	Beginner's English For Foreigners [n|1924]

Sean O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1952 Dec 19 - living 2022)

Seumas (James) O'BRIEN, originally James John O'BRIEN {IE} (M: 1880 Apr 26 - ?)
11969	Duty.. [Jurisprudence; Magnanimity; Matchmakers; Retribution] [d|1916]

Terry(=Terence) (Patrick) O'BRIEN {AU} (M: 1915 Nov 4 - 2007 Sep 10)

Judge, Thomas D O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1859 - 1935)
	There Were Four Of Us, Or Was It Five [a|1936]

Vincent O'BRIEN {IE} (M: 1871 May 9 - 1948 Jun 21)

Vincent O'BRIEN {UK} (M: 1916 Jan 24 - ?)
	The White Cockade [f|1963]
	History Of Seigneurial Families In St Eustache [n|1963]

William O'BRIEN (M: c1736 - 1815 Sep 2)

William O'BRIEN {IE} (M: 1852 Oct 2 - 1928 Feb 25)
	Christmas On The Galtees [1878]
	When We Were Boys [f|1890]
	Irish Ideas [n|1893]
	A Queen Of Men (Grace O'Malley) [f|1897]
	Recollections [a|1905]
	An Olive Branch In Ireland, And Its History [n|1910]
	The Downfall Of Parliamentarianism [n|1918]
	Evening Memories [a|1920]
	The Responsibility For Partition [n|1921]
	The Irish Revolution [n|1921]
	Edmund Burke As An Irishman [b|1924]
	The Parnell Of Real Life [n|1926]

Msgr, William (Bastable) O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1924 Sep 28 - 2014 Oct 19)

William Joseph O'BRIEN, Jr {US} (M: 1899 Nov 11 - 1983 Oct 16)
(ps: Pat O'BRIEN)

William Smith O'BRIEN (M: 1803 Oct 17 - 1864 Jun 18)

Prof, William Vincent O'BRIEN {US} (M: 1923 Jul 9 - 2003 Jul 8)
	International Law (w H F JAEGER) [2v|n|1959]

Col, Michael Joseph O'BRIEN-TWOHIG {UK} (M: 1893 Aug 6 - 1971 Apr 9)

Vladimir Afanasievitch OBRUCHEV {SU} (M: 1863 Oct 10 ? - 1956 Jun 18)
	[Plutoniia] [f|Ru-1915]
	  Plutonia [f|Ru-1915] (tr Fainna SOLASKO) [1957]
	[Zemlia Sannikova] [f|Ru-1925]
	  Sannikov Land [f|Ru-1925] (tr David SKVIRSKY) [1955]

William O'BRYAN (see: William BRYANT)

Karl Joseph OBSER {DE} (M: 1860 Jan 16 - 1944 Jan 21)
	Wilfrid Der Ältere Bischof Von York [b|Ge-1884]
	Denkwürdigkeiten Des Markgrafen Wilhelm Von Baden [b|Ge-1906]
	Die Obser [n|Ge-1911]
	Quellen Zur Bau- Und Kunstgeschichte Des Überlinger Münsters [n|Ge-1917]


An OBSERVER (see: Guy Cadogan ROTHERY)

An Impartial OBSERVER (see: Thomas O'CONOR)

A Near OBSERVER (see: Charlotte Ann/Anne EATON)

The Unofficial OBSERVER (see: John Franklin CARTER)

Veteran OBSERVER (see: Edward Deering MANSFIELD)

Frances Melanie OBST {US} (F: 1909 May 20 - 1988 Jul 12)
	Art And Design In Home Living [n|1963]

Sigbjørn OBSTFELDER (M: 1866 Nov 21 - 1900 Jul 29)
	Digte [p|No-1893]
	  Poems [p|No-1893] (tr ?) [1920]
	To Novelletter [s|No-1895]
	Korset [f|No-1896]
	De Roede Draaber [d|No-1897]
	Esther [d|No-1899]
	En Praests Dagbog [f|No-1900]

Lydia OBUKHOVA (F: 1924 - 1991)
	[Lilit] [f|Ru-?]

Nadezhda Andreevna OBUKHOVA {SU} (F: 1886 - 1961)

Dermot O'BYRNE (see: Arnold Edward Trevor BAX)

E O'BYRNE (see: Edith (Marion Huberta) JOHNSTONE)

M Louise O'BYRNE {IE?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Emilobie de CELTIS)
	The Pale And The Septs [f|1876]

Robert O'BYRNE (M: 1959 - ?)

W Lorcan O'BYRNE (M: ? - ?)
	Kings And Vikings [s|1901]

William Richard O'BYRNE (M: 1823 Jan 27 - 1896 Jul 7)
	A Naval Biographical Dictionary [n|1849/61]