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Harold(=Heio) (Jannsen) CLAASSEN {US} (M: 1905 Sep 21 - 1986 Jul 17)
(&ps: Hub POMEROY; Hubbard POMEROY)
	Ronald Encyclopedia Of Football (jt ed) [n|1960/?/1963]
	The History Of Professional Football [n|1963]
	Football's Unforgettable Games [n|1963]

Wynand CLAASSEN {ZA} (M: 1951 Jan 16 - living 2022)

Pamela CLABBURN {UK} (F: 1914 Apr 13 - 2010 Jul 2)

John Moxon CLABON (M: 1815 Aug 2 - 1898 Nov 17(wrongly 16))

Prof, Jennifer Alice CLACK, nee AGNEW {UK} (F: 1947 Nov 3 - 2020 Mar 26)

Louise CLACK (F: ? - ?)
R	Our Refuge Household [f|1866]

Robert Wood CLACK {US} (M: 1886 Jun 9 - 1964 Dec 15)

Sarah Joanne CLACKSON, nee QUINN {UK} (F: 1965 Dec 11 - 2003 Aug 10)

Mrs Charles, CLACY (see: Ellen (Louisa) CLACY)

Ellen (Louisa) CLACY, nee von STURMER (F: 1830 Dec 15 - 1901 Nov 11)
(&ps: Mrs Charles, CLACY; CYCLA; A Clergyman's DAUGHTER)
4054,Z	A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings.. (ps: Mrs Charles CLACY) [n|1853]
	Lights And Shadows Of Australian Life [f|1854]
	Passing Clouds; or, Love Conquering Evil (ps: CYCLA) [f|1858]
	Boernice [f|1858]
	Warfare And Work; or, Life's Progress (ps: CYCLA) [f|1859]
	Aunt Dorothy's Will (ps: CYCLA) [f|1860]
	Daybreak; or, Right, Struggling And Triumphant (ps: CYCLA) [f|1862]
	Pattie Durant: A Tale of 1662 (ps: CYCLA) [f|1863]
	Wonderful Works (1st series) (ps: A Clergyman's DAUGHTER) [n|1864]
	Wonderful Works (2nd series) (ps: A Clergyman's DAUGHTER) [n|1873]

Léon CLADEL (M: 1834 (wrongly 1835) Mar 22 - 1892 Jul 21)
	Les Va-Nu-Pieds [Fr-1871]
g	Ompdrailles, Le Tombeau Des Lutteurs [Fr-?]


Tim CLADPOLE (see: Richard LOWER)

(Andreas) Ernest(=Ernestus) (Josephus) CLAES {BE} (M: 1885 Oct 24 - 1968 Sep 2)

Edward CLAFLIN {US} (M: 1949 Apr 14 - ?)

Tennessee Celeste CLAFLIN, 1:Lady COOK, Viscountess of MONTSERRAT {US} (F: 1844 Oct 26 - 1923 Jan 18)
L	Constitutional Equality: A Right Of Woman [n|1871]
	The Human Body As The Temple Of God (w V WOODHULL) [n|1890]

Walter Harold CLAFLIN {US} (M: 1880 Oct 20 - 1950 Feb 9)
	Modern Persia [n|1907]
	History Of Holland And Belgium (ed) [n|1907]
	History Of Turkey (jt ed) [n|1907]

Brice McAdoo CLAGETT {US} (M: 1933 Jul 6 - 2008 Apr 8)

James (Henry) CLAGETT {US} (M: 1916 Apr 6 - 2013 Nov 5)
	Cradle Of The Sun [1952]
	Buckskin Cavalier [1954]

Prof, John (Henry) CLAGETT {US} (M: 1916 Apr 6 - 2013 Nov 5)
	Cradle Of The Sun [1952]
	Buckskin Cavalier [1954]
	Captain Whitecap [1955]
	Slot [1958]
	Jack Darby, Able Seaman [1963]

Prof, Marshall CLAGETT {US} (M: 1916 Jan 23 - 2005 Oct 21)
	Giovanni Marliani And Late Medieval Physics [n|1941]
	Medieval Science Of Weights (w E MOODY) [n|1952]
	Greek Science In Antiquity [n|1955]
	Archimedes In The Middle Ages [5v|n|1964-84]
	Ancient Egyptian Science [4v|n|1989-?]

John CLAGUE (M: 1842 - 1908 Aug 23)
&	Cooinaghtyn Manninagh: Manx Reminiscences [Ma-?]
&	  Cooinaghtyn Manninagh: Manx Reminiscences [Ma-?] (tr self) [1911]

Maryhelen CLAGUE, nee ? {US} (F: 1930 - ?)
(&ps: Ashley SNOW)

(Raymond) Craig CLAIBORNE {US} (M: 1920 Sep 4 - 2000 Jan 22)
	New York Times Cook Book [n|1961]
	An Herb And Spice Cook Book [n|1963]

Rep, John Francis Hamtramck CLAIBORNE {US} (M: 1807 Apr 24 - 1884 May 17)
	Speech, On The Bill 'For The Relief Of Jefferson College' [n|1830]
	Mississippi Slave Sales [n|1836]
	Argument Submitted By Messrs Claiborne And Gholson.. [n|1837]
	Proceedings Of The Board Of Choctaw..Col Claiborne's.. [n|1843]
A	Life And Correspondence Of John A Quitman.. [2v|b|1860]
	The Life And Times Of Gen Sam Dale, The Mississippi Partisan [b|1860]
	Historical Account Of Hancock County And..Mississippi [n|1876]
	Mississippi, As A Province, Territory And State [n|1880]
	A Sketch Of Harvey's Scouts, Formerly Of Jackson's Cavalry.. [n|1885]
	A Trip Through The Piney Woods [n|1927]

John Herbert CLAIBORNE (M: 1828 - ?)
	Seventy-Five Years In Old Virginia.. [a|1904]

Robert (Watson) CLAIBORNE (Jr) {US} (M: 1919 - 1990)
	Climate, Man And History [n|?]
	God Or Beast [n|?]
	The Summer Stargazer [n|?]
	On Every Side Of The Sea [n|?]
	Our Marvelous Native Tongue (aka: The Life..English Language) [n|?]
	Saying What You Mean [n|?]
	Roots Of English [n|?]
	Loose Cannons And Red Herrings [n|?]

Sybil CLAIBORNE, nee ? {US} (F: 1923 Nov 1 - 1992 Dec 16)

Elvira Eliza CLAIN-STEFANELLI, nee OLINESCU {RO/US:1956on} (F: c1915 - 2001 Oct 1)

Vladimir CLAIN-STEFANELLI (see: Waldemar Günther KLEIN)

René CLAIR (see: René-Lucien CHOMETTE)

Daphne CLAIR (see: Daphne (Clair) de JONG)

Sarah CLAIR, nee GUTMANN {FR} (F: c1925 - ?)

Alexis Claude de CLAIRAUT / CLAIRAULT (M: 1713 May 7 - 1765 May 17)
	Recherches Sur Les Courbes A Double Courbure [n|Fr-1731]
	Théorie De La Figure De La Terre [n|Fr-1743]
	Théorie De La Lune [n|Fr-1750]

Edie CLAIRE, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Eva CLAIRE (see: Claire DeLONG)

Hilary CLAIRE, 1:Mrs MUTCH, 2:Mrs DOWIE {UK} (F: 1941 Nov 4 - 2007 Jun 26)

E CLAIRMONTE {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Africander [f|1896]

Claire Josephe Hippolyte (Legris de Latude) CLAIRON (F: 1723 - 1803)
	Memoirs [a|Fr?-?]

CLAIRVILLE (see: Louis François NICOLAÏE the Younger)

Helen Mary Elizabeth CLAMP, Mrs OVERALL {UK} (F: 1892 Jan 2 - 1973 Jan 1)
(&ps: Irina KARLOVA; Olivia LEIGH)
	Desert Sand [f|1925]
	Man Alone [f|1925]
	The Beauty Mask [f|1926]
	The Great God Jazz [f|1928]
	Golden Rod [f|1928]
	Warfare [f|1928]
	Stained Glass [f|1929]
	Venus Ltd [f|1930]
	The Amateur Bohemian [f|1930]
	The Sexless Trinity [f|1930]
	Feather Bed Jane [f|1931]
	The Power And Glory Girl [f|1931]
	Brat [f|1932]
	Desert Sands [f|1932]
	Nile Water [f|1932]
	Eternal As The Sphinx [f|1933]
	Lava [f|1933]
	The Legion Of The Desert [f|1933]
	Veldt Man [f|1934]
	Jungle Woman [f|1934]
	Africa's Daughter [f|1935]
	Wild Cat [f|1935]
	Barn Owl [f|1935]
	The Sheik Of Montmartre [f|1935]
	Son Of Argent [f|1936]
	The White Ras [f|1936]
	Celestial Adventure [f|1937]
	Rebel Angels [f|1937]
	The Sheik Desires [f|1937]
	Beau Masque [f|1938]
	Desert's Daughter [f|1938]
	Behind The Paragraph [f|1939]
	His Excellency's Wife [f|1939]
	Dead Man's Bride [f|1940]
	Delenda Est [f|1941]
	The Gay Blue Wagon [f|1941]
	Desert Eagle [f|1942]
	Dreadful Hollow (ps: Irina KARLOVA) [f|1942]
	Knight-Errant [f|1943]
	The Empty House (ps: Irina KARLOVA) [f|1944]
	Ragged Princess [f|1945]
	Broomstick (ps: Irina KARLOVA) [f|1946]
	Jerramy Green-Eyes [f|1947]
	Bridewell Beauty [f|1948]
	No Husband For Caroline [f|1949]
	Thank You Philip [f|1950]
	I Married Her Son [f|1950]
	Women Unwed [f|1951]
	The Governor's Daughters [f|1952]
	The Second Woman [f|1952]
	A Girl Named Tawny [f|1953]
	The Wilderness Is Paradise [f|1954]
	United In Eden [f|1954]
	An Eagle's Feather [f|1955]
	Fatal Apple [f|1955]
	An Eagle's Feather [f|1955]
	Sixteen Candles (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1955]
	This Is My Destiny [f|1956]
	Desert Harvest? (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1956]
	Fight For Your Beloved [f|1957]
	A Kiss In San Julio [f|1957]
	Pink Wedding (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1957]
	Something To Live For [f|1958]
	Waiting For Linnette [f|1958]
	Desire In The Spring? (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1958]
	The Danger Hour [f|1959]
	Pavilioned In Splendour (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1959]
	Summer Heartbreak [f|1960]
	Nell The Life Of Nell Gwynn (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1960]
	The Rocks Of Elin [f|1961]
	Frivolity Fair (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1961]
	Journey To The Oasis [f|1962]
	The Thirteenth Child [f|1962]
	The Notorious Lady Castlemaine (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1962]
	The Pagan Lovers [f|1963]
	A Wife For Her Son [f|1963]
	The Queen Of Courtesans (ps: Olivia LEIGH) [f|1963]

Bob(=Robert) (Emerson) CLAMPETT {US} (M: 1913 May 8 - 1984 May 2)

Amy CLAMPITT {US} (F: 1920 Jun 15 - 1994 Sep 10)

Frank Theodore CLAMPITT {US} (M: 1860 Feb 16 - 1943 Jan 18)
	Some Incidents In My Life [a|1936]

John Wesley CLAMPITT (M: 1839 Apr 9 - 1906 Jul 17)
	Echoes From The Rocky Mountains.. [a|1889]

John Charles CLANCEY {UK} (M: 1854 Sep 17 - 1932 Aug)

Deirdre V CLANCY, Mrs STEER {UK} (F: 1943 Mar 31 - living 2022)

Cardinal, Edward Bede CLANCY {UK} (M: 1923 Dec 13 - 2014 Aug 3)

Fr, John Gregory CLANCY {US} (M: 1922 Jul 4 - 1992 Aug 10)
	Apostle For Our Time [Pope Paul VI] [b|1963]

Joseph Patrick CLANCY {US} (M: 1928 - ?)

Laurie CLANCY {AU} (M: 1942 - 2010)
	A Reader's Guide To Australian Fiction [n|?]

Liam (William) CLANCY {IE} (M: 1935 Sep 2 - 2009 Dec 4)

Sam CLANCY (see: Brent TOWNS)

Fr(SJ), Thomas Hanley CLANCY {US} (M: 1923 Aug 8 - 2009 Apr 13)
	English Catholic Books, 1614-1700 [n|?]

Tom(=Thomas) (John) CLANCY {IE} (M: 1924 (or 1923) Oct 29 - 1990 Nov 7)

Tom(=Thomas) (Leo) CLANCY, Jr {US} (M: 1947 Apr 12 - 2013 Oct 1)
	Net Force (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	The Deadliest Game (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	End Game (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	The Great Race (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	One Is The Loneliest Number (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	The Ultimate Escape (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Cyberspy (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Hidden Agendas (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Gameprey (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Deathworld (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Night Moves (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Breaking Point (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Private Lives (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Virtual Vandals (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	State Of Siege (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Divide And Conquer (w Steve PIECZEVIK) [f|?]
	Politika (w M H GREENBERG) [f|?]
	Ruthless.Com (w M H GREENBERG) [f|?]
	Shadow Watch (w M H GREENBERG) [f|?]
	Cutting Edge (w M H GREENBERG) [f|?]
	Wild Card (w M H GREENBERG) [f|?]
	Future War (w J B ALEXANDER) [n|?]
	War In The Boats [n|?]

Bigge CLANDON {UK} (?: 1912 - ?)
	The Mystery Of The Hollow [f|?]
	Quintet [f|?]
	Gold Bridge [f|?]
	The Vicar Calls [f|?]
	The Ogglebugs [f|?]
	Room 56 [f|?]

Henrietta CLANDON (see: John (George) Haslette VAHEY)


Jay CLANTON (see: Simon WEBB)

Sir, John CLANVOW / CLANVOWE (M: 1341 - 1391 Oct 17)
	Book Of Cupid [p|?]

Roger CLAP / CLAPP (M: 1609 - 1691)
	Memoirs.. [a|1807]

Thomas CLAP (M: 1703 Jun 26 - 1767 Jan 7)

Édouard CLAPARÈDE {CH} (M: 1873 - 1940)
	Comment Diagnostiquer Les Aptitudes Chez Les Ecolliers [Fr-1924]

Sir, Alfred William CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1883 May 27 - 1950 Oct 26)
	Lesnes Abbey [n|1915]
	English Romanesque Architecture [2v|n|1930-1934]
	European Romanesque Architecture [n|1936]

Prof, Arthur Roy CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1904 May 24 - 1990 Dec 18)
	The Biology Of Flowers (w W O JAMES) [n|1935]
	Flora Of The British Isles (w T G TUTIN & E F WARBURG) [n|1952/1962]
	Excursion Flora Of The British Isles [n|1959/?/81]

Henry Sheffield CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1875 Aug 6 - 1962 Sep 18)
	Mud And Khaki [a|1930]

John CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1908 Jul 31 - 1992 Nov 9)

Sir, John Harold CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1873 Sep 13 - 1946 Mar 29)
	The Causes Of The War Of 1792 [n|1899]
	Woollen And Worsted Industries [n|1907]
	The Abbé Sieyès [b|1912]
	The Economic Development Of France And Germany, 1815-1914 [n|1921]
	An Economic History Of Modern Britain [3v|n|1926-1938]
	The Study Of Economic History [n|1929]
	The Bank Of England [n|1944]

John Peele CLAPHAM (M: 1801 Jul 3 - 1875 Nov 19)

Sir, Michael (John Sinclair) CLAPHAM {UK} (M: 1912 Jan 17 - 2002 Nov 11)

Luc de CLAPIERS, Marquis de VAUVENARGUES (M: 1715 Aug 6 - 1747 May 28)

Sylva CLAPIN {CA} (M: 1853 Jul 15 - 1928 Feb 17)
	Londres Et Paris [n|Fr-1880]
	Le Canada [n|Fr-1885]
	Physiologie De L'Amour Moderne [n|Fr-?]
I	Dictionnaire Canadien-Français; ou, Lexique-Glossaire.. [n|Fr-1894]
	Sensations De Nouvelle-France [n|Fr-1895]
I	Histoire Des Etats-Unis Depuis Les Premiers Établissements.. [n|Fr-1900]
	Bibliographie Canadienne [n|Fr-1906]
	Ne Pas Dire, Mais Dire [n|Fr-1918]
	Dictionnaire Complet Et Illustré De La Langue Française [n|Fr-1931]
	Alma-Rose [n|Fr-(1925)/1982]

Charles CLAPP (M: ? - ?)
	Present Truth For The Honest Enquirer [1885]

Charles (Edwin) CLAPP, Jr {US} (M: 1899 May 11 - 1957 Jan 2)
	The Big Bender [a|1938]

Charles (Sunny) CLAPP, Jr {US} (M: 1899 Feb 5 - 1962 Dec 9)
(&ps: Sunny CLAPP)
	Drunks Are Square Pegs [1942]
	Drinking's Not The Problem [1949]

Charles Leon CLAPP {US} (M: 1922 Nov 7 - 2006 Feb 13)
	The Congressman [n|1963]

Prof, Cornelia Maria CLAPP {US} (F: 1849 Mar 17 - 1934 Dec 31)

Edwin Jones CLAPP {US?} (M: 1881 - ?)
&	Economic Aspects Of The War: Neutral Rights..1914-1915 [n|1915]

Elsie Ripley CLAPP {US} (F: 1879 (or 1882) Nov 13 - 1965 Jul 28)
	Community Schools In Action [n|1939]
	The Use Of Resources In Education [n|1952]

Eva Katherine CLAPP, Mrs GIBSON (F: 1857 Aug 10 - 1916)
(&ps: Eva Katharine GIBSON)
	Her Bright Future [f|1880]
	A Woman's Triumph [1885]
	A Lucky Mishap [f|1886]
	Mismated [f|1888]
	A Dark Secret [f|1888]
	Songs Of Red Rose Land [p|1901]
	Famous Lovers [1901]
	Zauberlinda, The Wise Witch (ps: Eva Katharine GIBSON) [f|1901]

Frederick Gardner CLAPP {US} (M: 1879 Jul 20 - 1944 Feb 18 or 19)

Henry CLAPP (Jr) (M: 1814 Nov 11 - 1875 Apr 2)
(&ps: FIGARO)
	The Pioneer [1846]

Henry Austin CLAPP (M: 1841 Jul 17 - 1904 Feb 19)

Prof, James Gordon CLAPP {US} (M: 1909 Dec 8 - 1970 Mar 27)
	Locke's Conception Of The Mind [n|1937]
	The Foundations Of Western Thought (ed) [n|1962]

Margaret Antoinette CLAPP {US} (F: 1910 Apr 11 - 1974 May 3)

Mary Brennan CLAPP {US} (F: 1884 Jun 4 - 1966 Mar 28)

Patricia CLAPP, Mrs della TORRE CONE {US} (F: 1912 Jun 9 - 2003)
	Peggy's On The Phone [d|1956]
	Smart Enough To Be Dumb [d|1956]
	The King Of The Dollhouse [?]

Sunny CLAPP (see: Charles (Sunny) CLAPP, Jr)

Rev, Theodore CLAPP (M: 1792 Mar 29 - 1866 May 17)
	Autobiographical Skecthes And Recollections..New Orleans [a|?/?/?/1859]

William Warland CLAPP, Jr (M: 1826 - 1891)
A	A Record Of The Boston Stage [n|1853]

Arthur A CLAPPE {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
	A Masque Entitled 'Canada's Welcome' (w Frederick A DIXON) [d|1879]

Louise Amelia Knapp (nee)Smith CLAPPE (F: 1819 Jul 28 - 1906 Feb 11)
(&ps: Dame SHIRLEY)
23280,L	The Shirley Letters From California Mines In 1851-52 [n|(1854-55)/1922]

(Archibald) John CLAPPEN {UK} (M: 1901 Sep 29 - 1970)
	Snow In Essex [f|1933]
	They Followed Dancing [f|1935]
	Flood Of Youth [f|1937]

Olive (Vincent) (nee)Ewing CLAPPER {US} (F: 1896 Feb 4 - 1968 Nov 18)

Raymond (Lewis) CLAPPER {US} (M: 1892 May 30 - 1944 Jan 29 (or Feb 1))
	Racketeering In Washington [n|1933]
	Watching The World (ed Olive Ewing CLAPPER) [e|1944]

Alan Ernest CLAPPERTON {UK} (M: 1860 or 1861 - 1931 Jul 2)
	The Ordinances Of The Universities Of Scotland (ed) [n|?]

Jane Hume CLAPPERTON (F: 1832 Sep 22 - 1914 Sep 30)
	Margaret Dunmore [f|1888]

Rev, John Alexander CLAPPERTON {UK} (M: 1858 Jun 11 - 1942 Mar 24)
	Ten To One.. [e|1899]
	Pitfalls In Bible English [n|1899]
	How To Attain Fellowship With God [n|1900]
	The Romance And Heroism Of Early Methodism [n|1901]
	Through Roman Spectacles [n|1902]
	A Manual For Local Preachers [n|1910]
	Culture Of The Christian Heart [n|1911]
	The Essentials Of Theology [n|1913]
	Forty Doctrines Of Christianity [n|1921]
	Inward Experiences Of God [n|1924]
	First Steps In Preaching [n|1926]
	Prayer [n|1932]
	Practical Talks For Preachers [n|1939]
	A Shorter Guide To The Methodist Hymn Book [n|1939]
	First Steps In NT Greek [n|?]

Manuel (Arturo) CLAPS {UY} (M: 1920 Jun 7 - 1999 May 3)

Tommaso CLAPS {IT} (M: 1871 Jul 13 - 1945 Aug 6)
	Studi E Considerazioni Sulla Natura Giuridica Del Pegno [n|It-1896]
	A Piè Del Carmine [It-?]
	Vita Nuova [It-?]
	Avigliano E I Suoi Antichi Statuti Comunali [n|It-?]
	Il Castello Di Lagopesole [n|It-?]
	Novelle Inedite, Carteggio E Scritti Vari [s|It-?]
	Studi Giuridici [e|It-?]

Eric (Patrick) CLAPTON {UK} (M: 1945 Mar 30 - living 2022)

Rev, Ernest CLAPTON {UK} (M: 1864 Nov 6 - 1941 Feb 17)
	Our Lord's Quotations From The Old Testament [n|1922]
	Our Prayer Book Psalter [n|1934]

CLARA (ps) (F: ? - ?)
26339	Cupology: How To Be Entertaining [n|1904]

Reva CLAR, nee HORWITZ, aka Reva HOWITT {US} (F: 1906 Apr 9 - 1997 Mar 25)

Aunt, CLARA (see: Clarissa MAYHEW)

Prof, René CLARAC {FR} (M: 1912 Oct 10 - 1983)
	Bagamba [Fr-1947]

Louis Julien CLARCHIES (M: 1769 Dec 22 - 1814 Dec 25)
L	15e(-30e) Recueil Des Contre-Danses Et Walzes [n|Fr-?]

Andrea CLARDY, nee FLECK {US} (F: 1943 Nov 3 - ?)

Mrs A CLARE, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
R	A Night At Isley's Grange [f|1859]

Ada CLARE (see: Ada Agnes Jane McELHENNEY)

Alison CLARE (see: Nance (Clare) DONKIN)

Alys CLARE (see: Elizabeth HARRIS)

Prof, Anthony (Ward) CLARE {IE} (M: 1942 Dec 24 - 2007 Oct 28 (or 29))

Austin CLARE (see: Wilhelmina Martha JAMES)

Cathleen CLARE (see: Catherine Ann TOOTHMAN)

Cyril CLARE {AU} (M: ? - ?)
	The Duchess Of Coolgardie (w Euston LEIGH) [d|pro:1896]

Ellen CLARE (F: ? - ?)

Frances CLARE (F: ? - ?)
	In A Sea Bird's Nest [s|1896]

Frank CLARE (see: Frederick William CLAYTON)

Rev, Frank Conquest CLARE {UK} (M: 1883 Jun 15 - 1952 Feb 25)
	Vision And Repentance [n|1916]
	The English Prayer Book [n|1917]

George (Peter) CLARE (see: Georg KLAAR)

Helen CLARE (see: Pauline (Hilda) CLARKE)

Hilary CLARE {UK} (F: 1948 - ?)

Inez CLARE (F: ? - ?)
	What Was Her Secret? [f|1929]

Israel Smith CLARE {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Centennial Universal History [n|1876]
	Illustrated Universal History [n|1881]
	The Life Of James Gillespie Blaine (w John H LANDIS) [b|1884]
	The Unrivaled History Of The World [n|1889]
	Library Of Universal Knowledge [n|1898]
	The Bancroft Library Of Universal History.. (anon) [15v|n|1908]

Jane CLARE (see: Dinah SHIELDS)

John CLARE (M: 1793 Jul 13 - 1864 May 20)
	Poems Descriptive Of A Rural Life And Scenery [p|1820]
	The Village Minstrel [1821]
	The Shepherd's Calendar [p|1827]
	The Rural Muse [1835]
8672	Poems Chiefly From Manuscript (ed E BLUNDEN & A PORTER) [p|1920]
	Sketches In The Life Of John Clare (ed Edmund BLUNDEN) [a|1931]

John CLARE (M: c1820 - 1885 Oct 12)

Marie J CLARE (F: ? - ?)
R	The Trial [f|1851]

Maurice CLARE (see: May(=Mary) (Clarissa) GILLINGTON)

Mary Elizabeth (nee?)Slattery CLARE {US} (F: 1936 Feb 29 - 2006 Mar 1)

Monica(=Mona) (Matilda) CLARE, nee McGOWAN {AU} (F: 1924 Aug 13 - 1973 Jul 13)

Natalia CLARE (see: Natalia CONLON)

Shannon CLARE (see: Linda HARRELL)

Theo CLARE (see: Clare Damaris BASTIN)

Francesca(=Frances) (B) CLAREMONT {UK} (F: 1895 or 1896 or 1898 Feb or Jul 26 - 1971 (wrongly 1969) Mar 17)
	Ballads And Lyrics [p|1925]
	The Book Of The Cat Jeremiah (ed) [1929]
	Magical Incense [f|1932]
	Lost Paradise [f|1933]
	Turn Again, Ladies [f|1934]
	Dead Waters [f|1936]
	Catherine Of Aragon [b|1939]
	The Shepherd's Tune [f|1960]

O B CLARENCE (M: 1870 Mar 25 - 1955 Oct 2)

Dean, Thomas William CLARENDON {UK} (M: 1855 Oct 8 - 1934 Oct 14)

Prof, Thomas Dean CLARESON {US} (M: 1926 Aug 26 - 1993 Jul 6)
	Science And Society (ed) [n|1961]

St, Antoni (Maria) CLARET (i CLARÀ) (M: 1807 Dec 23 - 1870 Oct 24)
	Autobiography [a|?]

Arsène Arnaud CLARETIE (M: 1840 Dec 3 - 1913 Dec 23)
(ps: Jules CLARETIE)
	La Revanche Des Morts [Fr-1860]
	Une Drôlesse [Fr-1862]
	Pierrille [Fr-1863]
	Les Contemporains Oubliés [Fr-1864]
	La Fontaine Et Lamartine [Fr-1864]
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Jules CLARETIE (see: Arsène Arnaud CLARETIE)

Angel CLARENS {CU} (M: c1867 - ?)
(ps: ACACIA)

Kathleen Isabelle CLARGES {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
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CLARIBEL (see: Charlotte Alington BARNARD)

Joan CLARIDGE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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John CLARIDGE (M: ? - ?)
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R T CLARIDGE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
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CLARÍN (see: Leopoldo (GARCÍA-)ALAS (y UREÑA))

Sir, (Gordon) Frank CLARINGBULL {UK} (M: 1911 Aug 21 - 1990 Nov 23 (wrongly 28))
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Dana CLARINS (see: Thomas (Eugene) GIFFORD)

John Chalk CLARIS (M: c1797 - 1866 Jan 10)
(ps: Arthur BROOKE)

Jean-Pierre CLARIS De FLORIAN (M: 1755 Mar 6 - 1794 Sep 19)
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g	Estelle [f|Fr-?]
g	Fables [s|Fr-?]
g	Galatée [Fr-?]
g	Numa Pompilius, Second Roi De Rome [Fr-?]
32527	The Adventures Of Alphonso And Marina [f|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]

A H CLARK (M: ? - ?)

Adam CLARK (see: Sydney James BOUNDS)

Alan (Kenneth McKenzie) CLARK {UK} (M: 1928 Apr 13 - 1999 Sep 5)
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	The Fall Of Crete [n|1963]
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Albert Curtis CLARK {UK} (M: 1859 Feb 21 - 1937 Feb 5)

Gen, Albert Patton CLARK {US} (M: 1913 Aug 27 - 2010 Mar 8)

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Alexander CLARK (M: ? - ?)
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Rev, Alexander CLARK (M: 1834 - 1879)
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A	Workday Christianity; or, The Gospel In The Trades [n|1871]
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Alexander CLARK (M: 1851 - ?)
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Alexander Frederick Bruce CLARK (M: 1884 - ?)
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Alexander Griffin CLARK {US} (M: 1856 - 1939)
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Alexander Wilbur CLARK (M: 1913 - ?)

Alfred (Allen) CLARK (M: 1853 Sep 8 - 1916 Apr 21)
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Alfred CLARK {UK/NZ?} (M: 1861 - 1947 Feb 3)
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Prof, Alfred Joseph CLARK {UK} (M: 1885 Aug 19 - 1941 Jul 30)
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Alvan CLARK (M: 1804 Mar 8 - 1887 Aug 19)
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Amasa Gleason CLARK {US} (M: 1825 Sep 3 - 1927 Jan 28)
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Andrew Hill CLARK {CA/US:1945on} (M: 1911 Apr 29 - 1975 May 21)
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Ann (nee)Nolan CLARK {US} (F: 1896 (wrongly 1898) Dec 5 - 1995 Dec 6 (wrongly 13))
(&ps: [Marie DUNNE])
	Who Wants To Be A Prairie Dog? [1940]
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Annabel CLARK {UK} (F: c1980 - ?)

Anne (H) (nee)Rogers CLARK {US} (F: 1929 Jan 6 - 2006 Dec 20)
	Annie On Dogs! [e|?]
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Arley Carman CLARK {US} (F: 1917 - ?)

Prof, Arthur Bridgman CLARK {US} (M: 1866 Aug 11 - 1948 May 15)
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	Design [n|1915]
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Austin S CLARK (M: fl 1852-65)
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Axel CLARK {AU} (M: 1943 - 2001)

Badger CLARK (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

(Charles) Badger CLARK {US} (M: 1883 - 1957 Sep 26)
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	Grass-Grown Trails [p|1917]
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(&ps: Harold HARPER)
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Benjamin (Cutler) CLARK {US} (M: c1825 - ?)
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Benjamin Frederick CLARK {US} (M: 1873 - ?)
(ps: Sandra/Sandia BILL)
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Bertha May CLARK {US} (F: 1880 - ?)
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Billy(=Billie) Curtis CLARK {US} (M: 1928 Dec 29 - 2009 Mar 15)
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Bracy CLARK (M: 1771 Apr 7 - 1860 Dec 16)

Brian (Robert) CLARK {UK} (M: 1932 Jun 3 (wrongly 2) - 2021 Nov 16)

Bruce Lawrence CLARK {US} (M: 1880 May 29 - 1945 Sep 23 (or 24))

C S CLARK {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	Of Toronto The Good [n|1898]

Rev, Calvin Montague CLARK {US} (M: 1862 Jan 30 - 1947 Mar 1)
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Carol Higgins CLARK {US} (F: 1956 - ?)
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Carrie (nee)Patton CLARK {US} (F: c1890 - ?)
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Carroll DeWitt CLARK {US} (M: 1898 Jan 10 - 1978 Jan 1)

Cassandra CLARK {UK} (F: ? - ?)

(Evelyn) Catherine CLARK(-KENNEDY), Mrs UNIACKE {UK} (F: 1884 Nov 9 - 1982 Oct 12)
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	Heart Of A Lark [f|1925]
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Catherine Anthony (Mary) CLARK, nee SMITH {CA} (F: 1892 May 5 - 1977 (wrongly 1966) Feb 24)
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Catherine R CLARK (F: 1905 - ?)

Catherine Walden CLARK (F: 1915 - ?)

Cecil CLARK (M: 1899 - ?)

Cecil Henry Douglas CLARK {UK} (M: 1890 Jul 10 - 1970 Mar 11)
	Basis Of Modern Atomic Theory [n|1926]
	Electronic Structure And Properties Of Matter [n|1934]
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Cecily CLARK (F: ? - ?)

Rep, (James) Champ(=Beauchamp) CLARK {US} (M: 1850 Mar 7 - 1921 Mar 2)
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Champ CLARK {US} (M: 1923 Aug 24 - 2002 Dec 21)

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Charles A CLARK (M: 1841 - 1913)
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Charles Alexander CLARK {UK} (M: 1860 - 1939 Mar 11)

Charles (David Lawson) CLARK {UK} (M: 1933 Jun 12 - 2006 Oct 6)
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Prof, Charles E CLARK {US} (M: 1929 - 2013)

R-Adm, Charles Edgar CLARK {US} (M: 1843 Aug 10 - 1922 Oct 1)
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Charles Heber CLARK (M: 1841 (wrongly 1847) Jul 11 - 1915 Aug 15)
(ps: Max ADELER)
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	A Desperate Adventure.. [s|?]

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Prof, Charles Manning Hope CLARK {AU} (M: 1915 Mar 3 - 1991 May 23)
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Prof, Charles Taliaferro CLARK {US} (M: 1917 Mar 18 - 2014 Nov 25)

(Cynthia) Charlotte (nee)Moon(wrongly Moore) CLARK (F: 1828 (or 1829) Aug 10 - 1895 Nov 20)
(ps: Charles M CLAY)
	How She Came Into Her Kingdom (aka: A Daughter Of The Gods) [f|1878]
	Baby Rue [f|1881]
	The Modern Hagar [f|1882]

China Debra CLARK, Mrs PENDARVIS {US} (F: 1949 (or 1952) Sep 11 - ?)

Christie CLARK, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Christie CRAIG; C C HUNTER)

Christopher CLARK {UK} (M: 1875 Mar 1 - 1942 Feb 9)

Colin (Grant) CLARK {UK} (M: 1905 Nov 2 - 1989 Sep 4)
	The Conditions Of Economic Progress [n|1940]
	The Economics Of 1960 [n|1942]

Colin MacArthur CLARK {UK} (M: 1932 Oct 9 (wrongly 10) - 2002 Dec 17)

Corey (Delaney) CLARK {US} (M: 1980 Jul 13 - living 2022)

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Curt CLARK (see: Donald Edwin (Edmund) WESTLAKE)

Cuthbert (Edward) CLARK {UK} (M: 1869 Jan 25 - 1953 Jul (wrongly Aug) 13)

D L CLARK {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Roving Artist.. [a|1895]

Daniel CLARK (M: 1835 Aug 29 - 1912 Jun 4)
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	Pen Photographs Of Celebrated Men And Notable Places.. [s|1873]
	Selections From Scottish Canadian Poets.. (ed) [p|1900]
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Daniel Kinnear CLARK (M: 1821 or 1822 Jul 17 - 1896 Jan 22)
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David CLARK {UK} (M: 1946 Apr 16 - ?)

David Allen Richard CLARK {UK} (M: 1905 Jul 8 - 1986 Feb 15)

David (Hazell) CLARK {UK} (M: 1920 Aug 28 - 2010 Mar 29)

David Lee CLARK {US} (M: 1887 Sep 18 - 1956 Mar 27)
A	Brockden Brown And The Rights Of Women [n|1922]

Prof, David Ridgley CLARK {US} (M: 1920 Sep 11 - 2010 Jan 11)

Bp, Davis Wasgatt CLARK (M: 1812 Feb 25 - 1871 May 23)
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	Mental Discipline [n|1847]
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A	Life And Times Of Rev Elijah Hedding [b|1855]
A	Travel And Adventure:..Most Striking Narratives On Record [n|1856]
A	Man All Immortal; or, The Nature And Destination Of Man.. [n|1866]

Dennis(=John) Joseph CLARK {US} (M: 1927 Jun 30 - 1993 Sep 17)
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Dick(=Richard) (Wagstaff) CLARK {US} (M: 1929 Nov 30 - 2012 Apr 18)
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Donald CLARK {AU} (M: 1864 Feb 17 - 1932 Apr 7)
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Donald Hathaway CLARK {US} (M: 1890 Aug 5 - 1965 Jun 18)

Prof, Donald Lemen CLARK {US} (M: 1888 Jun 30 - 1966 Jun (or Jul) 28)
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Donald T CLARK {US} (M: 1911 Mar 13 - 1993 Oct 24)

Prof, Dora Mae CLARK {US} (F: 1893 Jun 10 - 1987 Nov)
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Dorothy CLARK {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Dorothy (nee)Park CLARK {US} (F: 1898 (or 1899) Sep 14 - 1983 Jun 22 or 23)
(ps: Clark McMEEKIN (1))
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Prof, Dougan CLARK (M: 1828 May 17 - 1896 Oct 10)
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Douglas Henderson CLARK {UK} (M: 1917 Jan 20 - 1991 Mar 10)

Douglas (Malcolm Jackson) CLARK {UK} (M: 1919 Dec 1 - 1993 Feb 22)
(&ps: James DITTON; Peter HOSIER)

Duncan CLARK, MD (see: Mary Coad CRAIG)

Duncan William CLARK {US} (M: 1910 Aug 31 - 2007 Aug 5)

Edward CLARK {US?} (M: ? - after 1950)
	Paradise Alley [d|1923]

Edward Hewes Gordon CLARK {US} (M: 1837 Oct 20 - after 1897)
	Man's Birthright [1885]
	The Tale Of The Shakespere Epitaph [1888]

Edwin CLARK (M: 1814 Jan 7 - 1894 Oct 22)

Prof, Edwin Charles CLARK (M: 1835 Nov 5 - 1917 Jul 20)
	Early Roman Law - Regal Period [n|1872]
	Analysis Of Criminal Liability [n|1880]
	Practical Jurisprudence [n|1883]
	Cambridge Legal Studies [n|1888]
	History Of Roman Private Law [2v|n|?]

Edwin Gurney CLARK {US} (M: 1906 Jan 2 - 1974 Jun 19)
	Report On A Study Visit To Yugoslavia..Syphilis Campaign [n|1950]
	Textbook Of Preventive Medicine (w Hugh R LEAVELL) [n|1953]
	Preventive Medicine For The Doctor.. (w Hugh R LEAVELL) [n|1958]

Lt-Col, Edwin Kitson CLARK {UK} (M: 1866 Apr 18 - 1943 Apr 15)
	The History Of 100 Years..Leeds Philosophical And Literary Society [n|1924]
	Leeds Parish Church [n|1931]
	Kitsons Of Leeds, 1837-1937 [n|1938]
	History Of Harfleur [n|?]

Eleanor (Phelps) CLARK, Mrs WARREN {US} (F: 1913 Jul 6 (or Apr 17) - 1996 Feb 16)
	The Bitter Box [f|1946]
	Rome And A Villa [n|1953]

Eliot Candee CLARK {US} (M: 1883 Mar 27 - 1980 May 19)

Elizabeth CLARK {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Stories To Tell And How To Tell Them [s|1927]
	More Stories And How To Tell Them [s|1928]
	The Tale That Had No Ending [1929]
	Twenty Tales For Telling [s|1933]
	Tales For Jack And Jane [s|1936]
	Tell Me A Tale [1938]
	A Little Book Of Bible Stories [s|1938]
	Twilight And Fireside [1942]
	Sunshine Tales For Rainy Days [s|1948]

Elizabeth Clagett CLARK {US} (F: 1904 Jun 10 - 2006 Mar 1)

Prof, Ella Elizabeth CLARK {US} (F: 1896 Jan 8 - 1984 Jul 9)
	Poetry (ed) [1935]
	Indian Legends Of The Pacific Northwest [n|1953]
	Indian Legends Of Canada [n|1960]

Ella Sterling CLARK, 1:Mrs CUMMINS, 2:Mrs MIGHELS {US} (F: 1853 May 5 - 1934 Dec 10)
(&ps: Ella Sterling CUMMINS; Aurora ESMERALDA)
	Portrait Of A California Girl [?]
	Books One Ought To Read [n|?]
	The Little Mountain Princess, A Sierra Snowplant [1880]
	Explanation Of Japanese Village And Its Inhabitants [n|1886]
	The Story Of The Files (ps: Ella Sterling CUMMINS) [n|1893]
	Bruvver Jim's Baby [1904]
	San Francisco Redivivus! [1907]
	The Full Glory Of Diantha [1909]
	Society And Babe Robinson [d|1914]
	Fairy Tale Of The White Man [1915]
	Literary California, Poetry, Prose And Portraits [1918]
	Wawona [1921]
	Book Of The Arkadian School [1928]
	Life And Letters Of A Forty-Niner's Daughter [a|1929]

Ellen CLARK {AU} (F: 1915 Mar 25 - 1988 May 2)
	Influenza (w Macfarlane BURNET) [n|1942]

Ellery Harding CLARK (Sr) {US} (M: 1874 Mar 13 - 1949 Jul 27 (or Feb 17))
	Massachusetts Street Railway Accident Law [n|1902]
	United States Street Railway Accident Law [n|1904]
	Practical Track And Field Athletics (w John GRAHAM) [n|1904]
	Loaded Dice [1909]
	The Carleton Case [1910]
	Dick Randall, The Young Athlete [1910]
	Reminiscences Of An Athlete [a|1911]
	The Camp At Sea Duck Cove [1912]
	Paharos [1913]
	Uncle Ebenezer's Millions [1915]
	Track Athletics Up-To-Date [n|1920]
	The Money Gods [1922]
	Putting It Over [1923]
	Daughters Of Eve [1924]
	Carib Gold [f|1925]
	The Lost Galleon [1927]
	The Strength Of The Hills [1929]
	This World And The Next [1934]

Ellery Harding CLARK, Jr {US} (M: 1909 Aug 6 - 1997 Aug 4)

Prof, Elmer Talmage CLARK {US} (M: 1886 Sep 9 - 1966 Aug 29)
	The Church Efficiency Movement [n|1915]
	The New Evangelism [n|1915]
	Social Studies Of The War [n|1919]
	Talking Points On Christian Education (ed) [c1920]
	Healing Ourselves.. [n|1924]
	The Latin Immigrant In The South [n|1924]
	The Task Ahead [n|1925]
	Thy Kingdom Come..Stewardship And Missions [n|1925]
	The Rebirth Of Protestantism In Europe [n|1925]
	What's The Matter In China? [n|1927]
	The Church And The World Parish [n|1929]
	The Psychology Of Religious Awakening [n|1929]
	The Missionary Imperative (w ?) [n|1929]
	The Book Of Daily Devotion (jt ed) [n|1932]
	The Small Sects In America [n|1937]
	What Happened At Aldersgate (w ?) [n|1938]
	The Negro And His Religion [n|?]

Emma Chichester CLARK / CHICHESTER CLARK {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Eric CLARK {UK} (M: 1911 Jun 22 - ?)
	Morse [n|1941]
	Ulster Quizbook [3v|n|1944-1948]
	Ulster Soccer Quiz [n|1948]

Eric CLARK {UK} (M: 1937 - ?)

Prof, Eugenie CLARK, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs KONSTANTINU, 3:Mrs ?, 4:Mrs ?, 5:Mrs ? {US} (F: 1922 May 4 - 2015 Feb 25)
	Lady With A Spear [a|1953]

Eva (nee)Turner CLARK {US} (F: 1871 (or 1872) Oct 10 - 1947 Apr 1)
	Axiophilus [n|1926]
	Shakespeare's Plays In The Order.. (US: Hidden Allusions..) [n|1930]
	Some Cousins In The Great War [?]
	Jacob Clark Of Abbeville, South Carolina [b|?]

Ezra Westcote CLARK (Jr) {US} (M: 1880 - 1949 Aug 10)
	The Unit Package Method Of Material Handling [n|1937]

Felicia (Hemans) (nee)Buttz CLARK {US} (F: 1862 Jul 8 - 1931 Feb 23)
7938	Virgilia: Out Of The Lion's Mouth [f|1917]

Felton Grandison CLARK {US} (M: 1903 Oct 13 - 1970 Jul 5)

Sir, (Thomas) Fife CLARK {UK} (M: 1907 May 29 - 1985 Feb 28)

Frances Betty CLARK {UK} (F: 1916 Feb 17 - 2006 Mar 8)
	The Pearls Of Marguerite [f|1963]

Frances Naomi CLARK {US} (F: 1894 - ?)
FFFF   i s g Localities For The California Sardine [n|1937]

Francis CLARK {UK} (M: 1864 Jun 23 - 1940 Apr 19)
	The Germ Theory Of Disease [n|1888]
	Ambulance Notes [n|1893]
	The Ventilation And Flushing Of Sewers In Relation To Health [n|1894]
	The Prevention Of Malaria In Hong-Kong [n|1906]
	Twenty Years Of Enteric Fever In Hong-Kong [n|1912]
	Kala-azar [n|1926]
	Leprosy Treatment In Wei-Hai-Wei [n|1928]

Mrs Francis Edward, CLARK, nee ? {US} (F: c1850 - ?)
	The Little Girl That Once Was I [a|1936]

Rev, Francis Edward CLARK {US} (M: 1851 Sep 12 - 1927 May 26)
	Children And The Church And The Young Peoples Society.. [n|1883]
	Our Business Boys [n|1884]
	Danger Signals [n|1885]
	Young People's Prayer-Meetings In Theory And Practice [n|1887]
	Brief History Of The Christian Endeavor Movement [n|1887]
	Work Of The Committees In The Young People's Society.. [n|1887]
	Reorganization [n|1887]
	Junior Societies Of Christian Endeavor [n|1888]
	United Society Of Christian Endeavor [n|1889]
	Lookout Committee And Its Work [n|1890]
	Drawing The Net [n|1890]
	Aids To Endeavor [n|1890]
	Ways And Means..Young People's Society Of Christian Endeavor [n|1890]
I	Looking Out On Life: A Book For Girls On Practical.. [n|1892]
	Our Journey Around The World (w Harriet E CLARK) [n|1894]
	The Great Secret [n|1895]
	Everlasting Arms [n|1898]
	Fellow Travellers [n|1898]
	Golden Alphabet [n|1898]
	Old Lanterns For Present Paths [n|1900]
	A New Way Around An Old World [n|1901]
	Training The Church Of The Future [n|1902]
	Christian Endeavour Manual [n|1903]
	The Great Siberian Railway [n|1904]
	Christian Endeavour In All Lands [n|1906]
	Continent Of Opportunity [n|1907]
	The Gospel In Latin Lands [n|1909]
	Similes And Figures From Alexander Maclaren [n|1910]
	Old Homes Of New Americans [n|1913]
	The Holy Land Of Asia Minor [n|1914]
	The Charm Of Scandinavia (w Sydney A CLARK) [n|1914]
	In Christ's Own Country [n|1914]
	The Holy Land Of Asia Minor [n|1914]
	Christ And The Young People (w Harriet E CLARK) [n|1916]
	In The Footsteps Of St Paul [n|1917]
	Our Italian Fellow Citizens In Their Old Homes And Their New [n|1919]
	The Gospel Of Out Of Doors [n|1920]
	Memories Of Many Men In Many Lands.. [a|1922]
	World-Wide Christian Endeavour [n|?]

Francis William CLARK (M: 1827 - 1886 Nov 19)

Frank James CLARK {US} (M: 1922 Aug 4 - 2007 Oct 4)
	Science And Music (w Melvin BERGER) [n|1961]
	Computers (w Alan VORWALD) [n|1961/?/70]

Fred George CLARK {US} (M: 1890 Nov 2 - 1973 (or 1972) Jan 7)
	How We Live (w Richard Stanton RIMANOCZY) [n|1944]
	Money (w Richard Stanton RIMANOCZY) [n|1947]
	How To Be Popular, Though Conservative (w Richard S RIMANOCZY) [n|1948]

Prof, Fred Emerson CLARK {US} (M: 1890 Aug 6 - 1948 Nov 26)
	The Purposes Of The Indebtedness Of American Cities (1880-1912) [n|1916]
	Principles Of Marketing [n|1922/1932]
	Readings In Marketing (ed) [e|1924/1933]
	Marketing Of Agricultural Products In The US (w L D H WELD) [n|1932]
	Principles Of Marketing (3e w Carrie Patton CLARK) [n|1942]

Prof, Frederick Le Gros CLARK (M: 1811 Feb 7 - 1892 Jul 19)
	The Practical Anatomy And..Physiology Of The Nervous System [n|1836]

Frederick Le Gros CLARK {UK} (M: 1892 Sep 3 - 1977 Sep 22)
(&ps: F Le G C)
	Apparition [1928]
	Men, Medicine And Food In The USSR (w L N BRINTON) [n|1936]
	Cécile Booysen (anon) [b|1937]
	Adventures Of The Little Pig [s|1937]
	Evacuation [n|1940]
	Feeding The Human Family [n|1947]
	Four Thousand Million Mouths (jt ed) [n|1951]
	Ageing In Industry (w A C DUNNE) [n|1955]
	Growing Old In A Mechanized World [n|1960]
	Women, Work And Age [n|1962]

Rev, Frederick Scotson CLARK (M: 1840 Nov 16 - 1883 Jul 5)

Frederick Stephen CLARK {UK} (M: 1903 (wrongly 1908) May 21 - 1978 Mar 10)
(ps: Clive DALTON)
	White Pagan [f|1932]
	Always Afternoon [1933]
	Island Spell [1934]
	Valiant Journey [1935]
	Once To Every Man [f|1935]
	A Child In The Sun [a|1937]
	The Jesting Fates [1938]
	The Spacious Days [f|1939]
	Men Of Malaya [1942]

Gail (Margaret) CLARK, nee BURTON {US} (F: 1944 Sep 16 or 19 - ?)
(&ps: Maggie MacKEEVER; Grace SOUTH)
	El Dorado (ps: Maggie MacKEEVER) [f|?]

Galen CLARK (M: 1814 Mar 28 - 1910 Mar 24)
16572	Indians Of The Yosemite Valley And Vicinity [n|1904]
	The Big Trees Of California [n|1907]
	The Yosemite Valley [n|1910]
	A Plea For Yosemite [n|1927]

Gavin Brown CLARK {UK} (M: 1846 - 1930 Jul 5)

George CLARK {US} (M: 1841 - ?)
	A Glance Backward [a|1914]

George Daniel CLARK {AU} (M: 1848 Jul 30 - 1933 Feb 21)
	Good Templar Movement, Its History And Work [n|1928]

George Edward CLARK (M: ? - ?)
R	Seven Years Of A Sailor's Life [a|1867]

George Faber CLARK {US} (M: ? - ?)
	History Of The Temperance Reform In Massachusetts, 1813-1883 [n|1888]
	The History Of Norton [n|?]

George Huntington CLARK {US} (M: 1859 - 1941)
	Mica Deposits Of Alabama [n|1921]
	Rock Asphalts Of Alabama And Their Use In Paving [n|1925]

Sir, George (Norman) CLARK {UK} (M: 1890 Feb 27 - 1979 Feb 6)
	Unifying The World [n|1920]
	The Dutch Alliance And The War Against French Trade, 1688-1697 [n|1923]
	Churchwarden's Accounts Of Marston (w F W WEAVER) [n|1925]
	The Manor Of Elsfield [n|1927]
	The Seventeenth Century [n|1929/1947]
	The Oxford History Of England (ed) [15v|n|1934-65]
	The Later Stuarts, 1660-1714 [n|1934/1955]
	Science And Social Welfare In The Age Of Newton [n|1937/1949]
	Guide To Commercial Statistics, 1696-1782 (w Barbara M FRANKS) [n|1938]
	The Colonial Conferences Between.. (w W J M van EYSINGA) [2v|n|1940-1951]
	Holland And The War [n|1941]
	Belgium And The War [n|1942]
	Historical Scholarship And Historical Thought [n|1944]
	The Wealth Of England From 1496 To 1760 [n|1946]
	The Birth Of The Dutch Republic [n|1947]
	The Cycle Of War And Peace In Modern History [n|1949]
	The Idea Of The Industrial Revolution [n|1953]
	Early Modern Europe From About 1450 To About 1720 [n|1957]
	War And Society In The Seventeenth Century [n|1958]
	The Campden Wonder (ed) [1959]
	Three Aspects Of Stuart England [n|1960]
	A History Of The Royal College Of Physicians Of London [2v|n|1964-66]

R-Adm, George Ramsey CLARK {US} (M: 1857 Mar 20 - 1945 Dec 14)
	The Navy, 1775-1909 (w others) [2v|n|1910]
	A Short History Of The United States Navy [n|1911]

George Thomas CLARK (M: 1809 May 26 - 1898 Jan 31)

George W CLARK (M: ? - ?)
22089	The Liberty Minstrel [1844]

Rev, George Whitefield CLARK (M: 1831 - 1911)
	Struggles And Triumphs Of A Long Life.. [a|1914]

Gordon CLARK (M: ? - ?)
39895	The Church Of St Bunco:..Treatment Of A Copyrighted Religion [n|1901]

Sir, Gordon Colvin Lindesay CLARK {AU} (M: 1896 Jan 7 - 1986 Jan 3)

Gertrude Kellogg CLARK (F: ? - ?)
	Verses [p|1928]

Gerald (J) CLARK {CA} (M: 1918 Apr 3 - ?)
	Impatient Giant [1959]
	The Coming Explosion In Latin America [n|1963]

Gideon (Walter) CLARK {UK} (M: 1888 (wrongly 1891) Mar 3 - 1955)
	The Mistress [1932]
	The Bride [1933]
	Gold [f|1934]
	Right Honourable Lady [1936]
	Country Dance [1937]
	Substitute For Living [1937]
	Democracy In The Dock [1939]
	Royal Highness [f|1939]
	Strange Pathway [1944]
	The Secret Places [f|1946]
	The Bells Of Heaven [1948]
	To Make A World [1951]
	Fruitless Flower [1954]
	Time's Beauty [p|1957]
	The Camp Site [p|1958]

Prof, Gordon Haddon CLARK {US} (M: 1902 Aug 31 - 1985 Apr 9)
	Readings In Ehthics (jt ed) [e|1931/1935]
	Selections From Hellenistic Philosophy [n|1940]

Sir, (John) Grahame (Douglas) CLARK {UK} (M: 1907 Jul 28 - 1995 Sep 12)
	Archaeology And Society [n|1939]
	Prehistoric Europe [n|1952]
	World Prehistory [n|1961]

Gregory CLARK {CA} (M: 1892 Sep 25 - 1977 Feb 3)
	So What? [n|1936]
	Which We Did [n|1937]
	Greg's Choice [e|1961]
	The Best Of Gregory Clark [e|1962]
	Hi, There! [e|1963]
	Greg Clark And Jimmie Frise Go Fishing [?]

Grenville CLARK {US} (M: 1882 Nov 5 - 1967 Jan 13)

Harold Willard CLARK {US} (M: 1891 Nov 6 - 1986 May 12)
	Back To Creationism [n|1929]
	The New Diluvialism [n|1946]

Harriet E CLARK, nee ABBOTT {US} (F: c1852 - ?)
	Our Journey Around The World (w Francis E CLARK) [n|1894]
	Christ And The Young People (w Francis E CLARK) [n|1916]

Harry CLARK {US} (M: ? - living 2022)

Prof, Harry Hayden CLARK {US} (M: 1901 Jul 8 - 1971 Jun 6)

Harry(=Henry) (Patrick) CLARK {UK} (M: 1889 - 1931)

Helen CLARK, nee TAGGART (F: 1849 - ?)
	Verses [p|1891]

Helen CLARK, nee BANFIELD, 2:Mrs KENDALL {UK} (F: 1952 - 2015)

Henry Balsley CLARK, II {US} (M: 1930 Dec 9 - 2009 Jul 23)
	The Ethical Mysticism Of Albert Schweitzer [n|1962]

Henry James CLARK (M: 1826 Jun 22 - 1873 Jul 1)

Rev, Henry William CLARK {UK} (M: 1869 Feb 8 - 1949 (wrongly 1948) Jul 8)
	Meanings And Methods Of The Spiritual Life [n|1901]
	Echoes From The Heights And Deeps [p|1902]
	Christ From Without And Within [n|1904]
	Philosophy Of Christian Experience [n|1906]
	The Christian Method Of Ethics [n|1908]
	Laws Of The Inner Kingdom [1909]
	Studies In The Making Of Character [n|1910]
	Towards A Perfect Man [n|1911]
	History Of English Nonconformity [n|1911/13]
	The Book Of The Seven Ages [1911]
	Life Of John Goodwin [b|1913]
	Liberal Orthodoxy [n|1914]
	The Watch-Tower [p|1920]
	Pilate.. [p|1922]
	British Historical Tables [n|1923]
	Short History Of The British Empire [n|1929]
	Collected Poems, New And Old [p|1941]
	The Cross And The Eternal Order [n|1943]

Herma (Naomi) CLARK {US} (F: c1871 - 1959 Nov 26)
	When Mother Wore A Bell Skirt And Father, A Derby Hat [f|1943]
	The Victorian Keepsake [?]
	Let's Walk Along Rush Street [?]

Hilma Dymphna CLARK, nee LODEWYCKX {AU} (F: 1916 Dec 18 - 2000 May 12)

Howard CLARK (see: Dorothy Clark HASKIN)

Howard CLARK {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Howard CLARK {UK} (M: c1950 - 2013)

Howard CLARK {AU?} (M: ? - ?)
	First Stop Central (w David KEENAN) [n|1963]

Hubert Lyman CLARK {US} (M: 1870 Jan 9 - 1947 Jul 31)
	Birds Of Amherst And Vicinity [n|1887]
	The Echinoderms Of Porto Rico [n|1901]
	The Echinoderm Fauna Of Torres Strait.. [n|1921]
	Echinoderms From Australia [n|1938]
	The Echinoderm Fauna Of Australia.. [n|1946]

Hugh A CLARK (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Robert BOGGS)

Imogen CLARK (F: ? - ?)
	The Domine's Garden [f|1901]

Isaac Newton CLARK (M: 1833 - ?)
	A Personal Sketch.. [a|1917]

Isabel Constance CLARK {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Children Of The Shadow [1924]

J CLARK {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	Poems [p|1922]

Prof, J Kent CLARK {US} (M: 1917 Sep 29 - 2008 Mar 6)
	The King's Agent [f|1948]

Jack CLARK (see: Sydney James BOUNDS)

Sir, James CLARK, 1st Bt George's Hanover Square (M: 1788 Dec 14 - 1870 Jun 29)
	The Influence Of Climate In The Prevention And Cure.. [n|1829/?/41]
	Remarks On Medical Reform [n|1843]
	A Memoir Of John Conolly, MD [b|1869]

James CLARK (M: 1836 - 1895 Dec 4)
	The Epochs Of Language In General And Of The English Tongue.. [n|1866]

James CLARK (M: 1862 - ?)
	Shoeing And Balancing The Light Harness Horse [n|1916]

James CLARK {UK} (M: 1858 - 1943)

James CLARK (M: 1859 Jan 2 - 1915 May 10)
	A Treatise On The Law Of Scotland..Child (3e w Patrick FRASER) [n|1906]

Prof, James CLARK {UK} (M: 1860 - 1935 Feb 19)
	Insects Of Cornwall [n|?]
	Bees, Wasps And Ants Of Cornwall [n|?]
	Cornish Mammals [n|?]
	Cornish Fishes [n|?]
	Birds Of Scilly (w J H RODD) [n|?]
	Bees, Wasps And Ants Of Ayrshire [n|?]
	Bees, Wasps And Ants Of Berwickshire [n|?]
	Bees, Wasps And Ants Of Roxburghshire [n|?]

James Bayard CLARK (M: 1869 - ?)
24699	Some Personal Recollections Of Dr Janeway [b|1917]

James Max CLARK {US} (M: 1902 - ?)
	Colonial Days [a|1902]

James Oscar Max CLARK {UK} (M: 1877 Sep 26 - 1958 Jan 2)
	A History Of Tennis (w Evan B NOEL) [n|?]

Rev, James Osgood Andrew CLARK (M: 1827 Oct 6 - 1894 Sep 4)
	The Wesley Memorial Volume (ed) [n|1881]
	Elijah Vindicated [1888]
	Races And Their Future [n|1889]
	Esther [f|1892]

James Samuel CLARK {US} (M: 1841 Oct 17 - 1920 Aug 1)
	Life In The Middle West [a|c1916]

James Vaughan CLARK {US} (M: 1927 Apr (wrongly Jul) 9 - 2004 Apr 15)
	Organizational Behavior And Administration (w others) [n|1961]
	Education For The Use Of Behavioral Science [n|1962]

James William CLARK {UK} (M: 1851 May 30 - 1921 Jul 21)
	Student's Conveyancing Precedents [n|?]

Jeremiah Simpson CLARK {CA} (M: 1872 Dec 25 - 1950 Apr 5)
I	Rand And The Micmacs [b|1899]
	The Acadian Exile, And Sea Shell Essays [p|1902]

Jessie CLARK {US} (F: ? - ?)
	New Day For The Colored Woman.. (w Elise J McDOUGALD) [1919]

Jim(=James) CLARK (Jr) {UK} (M: 1936 Mar 4 - 1968 Apr 7)

Joan CLARK (see: Mildred AUGUSTINE)

John CLARK (M: ? - ?)
	Observations On The Diseases In Long Voyages To Hot Countries [n|1773/79]

John CLARK (M: 1785 Nov 21 - 1853 May 23)

Prof, John CLARK {ZA?} (M: 1856 - 1928)
	Manual Of Linguistics [n|1893]
	A History Of Epic Poetry [n|1900]
	Hannibal [d|1908]
	Verses Of Various Moods [p|1909]
	The Italian Poems Of Milton.. [p|It-var] (tr) [1911]
	Fredegonde [d|1913]
	Anti-Kaiser [p|1915]
	Ode On The Death Of Earl Kitchener [p|1916]
	The Fair Iberian Maid [p|1917]
	Translations Into Latin Verse [p|1918]
	Two Bundles Of Verses [p|1920]
	Ode On The Visit Of The Prince Of Wales [p|1924]
	Translated Sonnets [p|1924]
	Translations From Latin And Greek.. [p|var-var] (tr) [1926]
	Triumphalia [p|1927]
	A Century Of Sonnets [p|1928]

John CLARK {UK} (M: ? - 1931 Aug 15)
	Anglo-Saxon Life And Thoughts [n|?]
	Early Alliterative Verse [n|?]
	Latin Influence On Anglo-Saxon Poetry [n|?]
	A Comparative Sketch Of American Education [n|?]
	The Rise And Development Of Scottish Education [n|?]
	The Progress Of Education In Scotland During The Last Fifty Years [n|?]
	Report On The Educational Requirements Of Glasgow [n|?]

John Alden CLARK {US} (M: 1907 Aug 27 - 1974 Aug 31)
	The Student Seeks An Answer (ed) [n|1960]

Rev, John Alonzo CLARK (M: 1801 May 6 - 1843 Nov 30)
38644	Gleanings By The Way [1842]

Prof, John Bates CLARK {US} (M: 1847 Jan 26 - 1938 Mar 21)
31159	Essentials Of Economic Theory [n|1907]
&	The Distribution Of Wealth: A Theory Of Wages, Interest.. [n|1908]
29393	Social Justice Without Socialism [n|1914]

Rev, John Brittan CLARK {US} (M: 1863 (or 1864) Sep 2 - 1944 Oct 30)
	Guide Posts Along The Way [n|1926]
	The Challenging Christ [n|1929]
	The Future Life [n|1931]
	Things That Trouble People [n|?]

John Brown CLARK {UK} (M: 1861 Apr 30 - 1947 Jul 19)
	Arithmetic For Schools And Colleges (w John ALISON) [n|1903]
	Mathematical And Physical Tables [n|?]

Prof, John Bunyan CLARK {US} (M: 1884 Jun 6 - 1983 Jan 21)
	Populism In Alabama [n|1927]

John Calvin Lawrence CLARK (M: 1871 - ?)
	Verses [p|1899]

Prof, John Desmond CLARK {UK/US:1993on} (M: 1916 Apr 10 - 2002 Feb 14)

Rev, John Haldenby CLARK (M: c1840 - 1888 Apr 14)
(&ps: C)
	The Marriage In Cana.. [p|1880]

Prof, John Faithfull CLARK {AU} (M: 1911 Apr 20 - 1967 Jun 4)
	Vocational Guidance In The Royal Australian Air.. (w T G JONES) [n|1947]

John Heaviside CLARK, aka Waterloo CLARK (M: c1771 - 1863)
	Practical Essay On The Art Of Colouring And Painting Landscapes [n|1807]
	A Practical Illustration Of Gilpin's Day [n|1824]

John Howard CLARK (M: 1830 Jan 15 - 1878 May 20)
(&ps: [Geoffrey CRABTHORN]; [Pleeceman X])
	Echoes From The Bush [?]

John Irwin CLARK (M: ? - ?)

John J CLARK (M: ? - ?)

Prof, John Maurice CLARK {US} (M: 1884 Nov 30 - 1963 Jun 27)
	Standards Of Reasonableness In Local Freight Discriminations [n|1910]
	Studies In The Economics Of Overhead Costs [n|1923]
	Social Control Of Business [n|1926/1939]
	The Costs Of The World War To The American People [n|1931]
	Strategic Factors In Business Cycles [n|1934]
	The Economics Of Planning Public Works [n|1935]
	Preface To Social Economics [n|1936]
	Demobilization Of Wartime Economic Controls [n|1944]
	Financing American Prosperity (w ?) [n|1945]
	An Alternative To Serfdom [n|1948]
	Guide-Posts In Time Of Change [n|1949]
	National And International Measures For Full Employment (w ?) [n|1949]
	The Impact Of The Union (w ?) [n|1951]
	The Development Of Economic Thought (w ?) [n|1952]
	Goals Of Economic Life (w ?) [n|1953]
	The Ethical Basis Of Economic Freedom [n|1955]
	Economic Institutions And Human Welfare [n|1957]
	Competition As A Dynamic Process [n|1961]

John Murray CLARK {CA} (M: 1860 Jul 6 - 1929 Dec 3)
	The Reign Of Law [n|1918]

John Pepper CLARK(-BEKEDEREMO) {NG} (M: 1935 Apr 6 - 2020 Oct 13)
	Poems [p|1961]

John W CLARK (M: ? - ?)
	Spelling (w G H VALLINS) [n|1954]

John William CLARK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Concerning London Government, And The Proposed 'Clean Sweep'.. [n|1884]

John William CLARK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Harry The Eight, A Burlesque, And Miscellaneous Poems [p|1886]

John Willis CLARK (M: 1833 Jun 24 - 1910 Oct 10)
	Architectural..Colleges Of Cambridge (w Robert WILLIS) [n|1886]
19415	Libraries In The Medieval And Renaissance Periods [n|1894]
	Barnwell Priory [n|1897/1907]
26378	The Care Of Books [n|1901]

Jonathan CLARK (M: 1750 - 1811)

Prof, Jonathan William CLARK {UK} (M: 1949 Jun 1 - 2005 Oct 21)

Joseph CLARK (M: 1745 - 1833)

Joseph CLARK (M: 1751 - 1813)

Joseph CLARK {UK} (M: 1834 - 1926 Jul 4)

Joseph CLARK (M: 1854 - ?)

Joseph CLARK (M: 1913 - ?)

Joseph Benwell CLARK {UK} (M: 1857 - 1938 Feb 13)

Joseph Bourne CLARK (M: 1836 - 1923)

Prof, Joseph Deadrick CLARK {US} (M: 1893 Jun 14 - 1985 Jun 21)
	College Caravan (jt ed) [n|1936/?/1942]
	Handbook Of English (w P DAVIS & A B R SHELLEY) [n|1951]

Joseph Du Bose CLARK (M: 1894 - ?)

Adm, Joseph James CLARK, aka 'Jocko' CLARK {US} (M: 1893 (wrongly 1894) Nov 12 - 1971 Jul 13)

Joseph L CLARK (M: 1870 - 1961)

Joseph Lynn CLARK {US} (M: 1881 Jul 27 - 1969 Sep 13)
	A New History Of Texas [n|1928]

Sen, Joseph Sill CLARK {US} (M: 1901 Oct 21 - 1990 Jan 12)
	The Senate Establishment [n|1963]

Joseph Stanley CLARK (M: 1906 - ?)

Rev, Joseph Sylvester CLARK (M: 1800 Dec 19 - 1861 Aug 17)
	Repairing The Breach [n|1855]
	God's Remembrance Of Bethel [1856]

Joseph Thomas CLARK {CA?} (M: 1866 - ?)

Joshua Reuben CLARK, Jr {US} (M: 1871 Sep 1 - 1961 Oct 6)

(Josiah) Latimer CLARK (M: 1822 Mar 10 - 1898 Oct 30)

Kate Emma McCosh CLARK, nee WOOLNOUGH {UK/NZ?} (F: 1847 - 1926 Nov 30)

Kate (nee)Upson CLARK {US} (F: 1851 Feb 22 - 1935)
	Bringing Up Boys [1899]
	White Butterflies [1900]
	Prologue [p|1900]
	How Dexter Paid His Way [1901]
	Up The Witch Brook Road [1902]
	Move Upward [1902]
	Donald's Good Hen [1905]
	The Dole Twins [1907]
	Art And Citizenship [n|1907]
	Susan Hayes Ward [b|1916]

Kathy CLARK (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Kris CASSIDY)

Ken(=Kenneth) (Inman Carr) CLARK {NZ} (M: 1922 Jul 31 - 2012 Jun 10)

Kenneth Bancroft CLARK {US} (M: 1914 Jul 14 - 2005 May 1)
	Prejudice And Your Child [n|1955]

Kenneth Mackenzie CLARK (Jr), (life) Baron CLARK of Saltwood {UK} (M: 1903 Jul 13 - 1983 May 21)
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	Catalogue Of The Drawings By Leonardo Da Vinci.. [2v|n|1935]
	Leonardo Da Vinci [n|1939]
	Piero Della Francesca [n|1951]
	Landscape Into Art [n|1949]
	Moments Of Vision [n|1954]
	The Nude [n|1956]
	Looking At Pictures [n|1960]
	The Drawings By Leonardo Da Vinci.. (w Carlo PEDRETTI) [3v|n|1968-69]

Kim B CLARK {US?} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, L D CLARK {US} (M: 1922 Oct 22 - 2004 Mar 19)
	The Dove Tree [1961]

Latimer CLARK (M: ? - ?)
	A Treatise On The Transit Instrument [n|1882]

Laurence (Walter) CLARK {UK} (M: 1914 May 16 - 1987 Oct 13)
	Thirty-Nine Preludes [p|1953]
	Kingdom Come [f|1958]
	More Than Moon [f|1961]

Laurie CLARK {UK} (F: ? - ?)

(Belle) LaVerne (nee)Harrell CLARK {US} (F: 1929 Jun 6 or 7 - 2008 Feb 24)
	The Face Of Poetry And Focus 101 [n|?]
	The Deadly Swarm.. [s|?]

Prof, Leon E CLARK, Jr {US} (M: 1935 Nov 15 - 2003 Oct 25)

Leon Pierce CLARK (M: 1870 - 1933)

Leonard CLARK {UK} (M: 1905 Aug 1 - 1981 Sep 10)
	Poems [p|1925]
	The Open Door (ed) [p|1937]
	Drums And Trumpets (ed) [p|1962]

Leonard Bertrand CLARK (M: 1902 - ?)
	The Reactions Of Insects To Light [n|1933]

Col, Leonard (Francis) CLARK {US?} (M: 1907 - 1957)
	A Wanderer Till I Die [a|1937]
	The Rivers Ran East [1953]
	The Marching Wind [c1955]
	Yucatan Adventure [1959]

Lewis Garrard CLARK / CLARKE (M: 1812 - 1897)
T	Narrative Of The Sufferings Of Lewis Clarke [a|1845]
T	Narratives Of The Sufferings Of Lewis And Milton Clarke [a|1846]

Lewis Gaylord CLARK (M: 1808 Oct 5 - 1873 Nov 3)
	Knick-Knacks From An Editor's Table [1852]

Lewis H CLARK (M: ? - ?)
	History Of The Churches Of Sodus [n|1876]

Lillian Dufaur CLARK {ZA?} (F: ? - ?)
	Idylls, Chiefly South African [p|?]

Lucius Charles CLARK {US} (M: 1869 Jun 4 - 1949 Mar 27)
	The Worshipping Congregation [n|1893]

Lucy CLARK (ps) {AU} (F: ? - ?)

Lydia Benson CLARK (F: ? - ?)
	Demon Cat [f|?]
	Seance For Susan [f|?]

Margaret CLARK {UK} (F: 1926 Sep 19 - 2007 Apr 25)
	Writing For Children [n|1992/97]

Margaret (Winifred) (nee)Goff CLARK {US} (F: 1913 Mar 7 - 2003 Oct 6)
	The Mystery Of Seneca Hill [f|1961]
	The Mystery Of The Buried Indian Mask [f|1962]

Margaret (Jane Lindesay) CLARK {AU} (F: 1923 Sep 8 - 2011)

Margery CLARK {US?} (see: Mary E CLARK & Margery Closey QUIGLEY)
	The Cook's Surprise [1923]
	The Poppy Seed Cakes [1924]

Marguerite Sheridan CLARK {US} (F: c1892 or 1900 - 1982 Jun 10)
	Medicine On The March [n|1949]
	After The Doctor Leaves [n|1954]
	Medicine Today [n|1960]
	Why So Tired? [n|1962]
	The Nurse Everyone Needs [n|1963]

Marjorie CLARK {UK} (F: 1896 - ?)

Marjorie CLARK {AU} (F: 1897 Feb 3 - 1989 Aug 15)
(ps: [Jill CURTIN]; [Noel MORDAUNT]; [Carolyn ODGEN]; Georgia RIVERS)
	Jacqueline [f|1927]
	Tantalego [f|1928]
	The Difficult Art [f|1930]
	She Dresses For Dinner [f|1933]

Marjorie Ruth CLARK {US?} (F: 1899 - ?)
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	The Labor Movement In America [n|1938]

Gen, Mark Wayne CLARK {US} (M: 1896 May 1 - 1984 Apr 17)

Mary Alice CLARK {CA} (F: ? - ?)
I	Our Recent Visit To Trinidad; and,..College In San Fernando [e|1892]

Mary B CLARK (F: ? - ?)
(ps: MAYA)
	The New Play [n|1931]

Mary E CLARK {US?} (F: ? - after 1950)
(ps: Margery CLARK (1))

Mary (Theresa Eleanor) (nee)Higgins CLARK, 2:Mrs PLOETZ, 3:Mrs COHEENEY {US} (F: 1927 (wrongly 1928 or 1929) Dec 24 - 2020 Jan 31)

Mary(=Maria) Lou(=Louisa) CLARK, nee GUIDISH {US} (F: 1926 Dec 22 - 1983 Nov)
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	The True Book Of Dinosaurs [n|1955]

Prof, Mary Twibill CLARK {US} (F: 1913 Sep Or Oct 23 - 2014 Sep 1)
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	Logic, A Practical Approach [n|?]
	Discrimination Today [n|?]
	An Aquinas Reader [n|?]
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Matilda Theresa CLARK {UK} (F: 1871 Jul 15 - 1958 Mar 25)
(ps: Matilda Theresa TALBOT)
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Mattie M I CLARK {CA} (F: ? - ?)
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Mavis Rose CLARK, Mrs LATHAM {AU} (F: 1909 (or 1912) Jun 26 - 1999 Jul 8)
(&ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK; Mavis LATHAM)
	Hatherly's First Fifteen [f|1930]
	Dark Pool Island (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1949]
	Missing Gold (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1949]
	The Twins From Timber Creek (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1949]
	Home Again At Timber Creek (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1950]
	Jingaroo (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1951]
	The Brown Land Was Green (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1956]
	Gully Of Gold (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1958]
	Pony From Tarella (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1959]
	John Batman (ps: Mavis LATHAM) [n|1962]
	They Came South (ps: Mavis Thorpe CLARK) [f|1963]
	Fishing (ps: Mavis LATHAM) [n|1963]

Mavis Thorpe CLARK (see: Mavis Rose CLARK)

Mazie Earhart CLARK {US} (F: 1874 - 1958)

Melissa CLARK (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Alysse AALLYN)

Merle(=Merlyn) CLARK, Mrs GESSNER {US} (F: 1919 Jun 10 - 2016)
(ps: Lynne GESSNER)

Muriel (Irene) CLARK {UK} (F: 1886 - 1955 Jan 13)
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	Everyday Talks With Everyday Women [n|1920]
	Pandita Ramabai [1920]
	Long Ago In Galilee [n|1922]
	When Jesus Was A Carpenter [n|1926]
	The Wonderful Island [1927]
	The Council Of Kandy [1930]
	Kingdoms Of The Carpenter [n|1933]
	The Coming Of Jesus [d|1935]
	A Bible ABC [n|?]

Neil McCullough CLARK {US} (M: 1890 Dec 13 - 1980 Apr 23)
	Common Sense In Labor Management [n|1919]
	A Story Of Success [1929]
	These Tremendous Years [n|1937]
	John Deere [n|1937]
	Seven Roads To Safety (w Paul G HOFFMAN) [n|1939]
	Pardner Of The Wind (w N Howard THORP) [1939]

Neville CLARK (M: 1926 Oct 18 - 2002 Jan 11)
	An Approach To The Theology Of The Sacraments [n|1956]

Norman CLARK {UK} (M: 1890 (or 1893) - ?)
	Boxing [n|1921]
	How To Box [n|1922/1931]
	An Introduction To Kant's Philosophy [n|1925]
	The Boxing Referee [n|1926]
	The Stellar Universe [n|1928]
	All In The Game [a|1935]
	Aerial Navigation [n|?]

Norman H CLARK {US} (M: ? - ?)

Norman Jack CLARK {US} (M: 1915 - ?)
	Elements Of Petroleum Reservoirs [n|1960]

O S CLARK {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Clay Allison Of The Washita (anon) [a|1920]

Olive Adella CLARK, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	In The New Country [a|?]

Ossie CLARK (see: Raymond CLARK)

R R CLARK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Tatie Bread.. [p|1946]

Rachel (Emma) CLARK {UK} (F: 1970 Jun 22 - 1998 Dec 2)

Lt, Ralph CLARK (M: 1755 - 1794)

Raymond CLARK {UK} (M: 1942 Jun 2 or 9 - 1996 Aug 6)
(ps: Ossie CLARK)

Richard CLARK (M: 1780 Apr 5 - 1856 Oct 5)

Robert CLARK (M: 1825 - 1894)
	Golf [n|1875]

Rev, Robert CLARK (M: c1828 - 1900 May 16)

Robert CLARK {AU} (M: 1911 - ?)

Robert CLARK (M: 1911 Dec 6 - ?)

Robert (Bernard) CLARK {UK} (M: 1923 Oct 13 - 2013 Sep 28)
	Neurosecretion [n|1962]
	Dynamics In Metazoan Evolution [n|1964/67]
	Marine Pollution [n|1986/?/?/?/2001]

Robert Douglas CLARK {ZA?} (M: 1846 - 1917)
	Adaptations Of Horace [p|1904]

Robert Edward David CLARK {UK} (M: 1906 Dec 25 - 1984 Nov 18)
	Conscious And Unconscious Sin [n|1934]
	The Universe And God [n|1939]

Robert McCarthy CLARK (M: c1913 - 1997 Apr 10)

Robert (N) CLARK (M: 1925 - ?)

Prof, Robert Thomas CLARK, Jr {US} (M: 1906 Jul 27 - 1957 May 27)
	Herder, His Life And Thought [b|1955]

Robert Thomson CLARK {UK} (M: 1889 Jun 3 - ?)
	Republican Germany (w Hugh QUIGLEY) [n|1929]

Ronald Harry CLARK {UK} (M: 1904 Nov 13 - 1999 Nov 12)

Ronald (William) CLARK, aka William Ronald CLARK {UK} (M: 1916 Nov 2 - 1987 Mar 9)
	The Royal Albert Hall [n|1958]
	Sir Julian Huxley [b|1960]
	Sir Mortimer Wheeler [b|1960]
	Sir John Cockcroft [b|1960]
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	The Birth Of The Bomb [n|1961]
	The Rise Of The Boffins [n|1962]
	Sir Winston Churchill [b|1962]
	Great Moments In Espionage [n|1963]

Rudolph J CLARK (M: 1900 - ?)

Rufus CLARK (M: 1819 - 1889)

Rufus Wheelwright CLARK (M: 1813 Dec 17 - 1886 Aug 9)
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	War With Mexico [n|1845]
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	Heaven And Its Scriptural Emblems [n|1853]
	Lectures On The Formation Of Character [e|1853]
	Fifty Arguments In Favor Of..Massachusetts Anti-Liquor Law [n|1853]
	Discourse..Society For The Prevention Of Pauperism.. [n|1854]
	Romanism In America [n|1855]
	Life Scenes Of The Messiah [n|1855]
	The True Prince Of The Tribe Of Judah [n|1859]
	The Great Evil In New York And Brooklyn [n|1860]
A	The African Slave Trade [n|1860]
	The Unity Of The American Nationality [n|1863]
	A Discourse Commemorative Of The Heroes Of Albany [n|1864]
	The New Question Books On The Great Truths.. [n|1866]
	Life Of Christ And His Apostles [b|1867]
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	The Question Of The Hour, The Bible And The School Fund [n|1870]
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	..International Sunday-School Lessons For The Year 1876 [?|n|1875]
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A	A Review Of The Rev Moses Stuart's Pamphlet On Slavery [n|?]

Rufus Wheelwright CLARK (M: 1844 - 1909)
	Our Church Work And The New Year [n|1874]
	The Church In Thy House [n|1890]
	Address Before The Society Of Colonial Wars Of The States [n|1903]

Russell (Stuart Cedric) CLARK {NZ} (M: 1905 Aug 27 - 1966 Jul 29)

Russell S CLARK {AU} (M: 1909 - ?)
(ps: Gilbert ANSTRUTHER)

Ruth Elvira CLARK (F: ? - ?)
	Anthony Hamilton, Author Of Memoirs Of Count Grammont [b|1921]

Ruth (nee)Greer CLARK {US} (F: 1903 Apr 11 - 1989 Apr 20)
	Echoes From The Hills [p|1952]

S W CLARK (?: ? - ?)
R	From The Sublime To The Ridiculous [f|1875]
R	Happy Home, Woman's Rights, And Divorce [f|1875]

Sam Lillard CLARK {US} (M: 1898 Oct 5 - 1960 Jul 1)
	The Anatomy Of The Nervous System (8e w Stephen W RANSON) [n|1947/1953/1959]

Samuel CLARK (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Rev, T WILSON)

Rev, Samuel CLARK (M: 1810 May 19 - 1875 Jul 17)
	The Book Of The United Kingdom [n|1841]
	Reuben Ramble's Travels In Western Counties Of England [n|1845]
	The Child's Treasury Of Knowledge And Amusement [n|c1845]

Samuel Adams CLARK (M: 1822 Jan 27 - 1875 Jan 28)
	Memoir Of Albert W Day (w Albert W DAY) [b|1846]
	History Of St John's Church, Elizabethtown, New Jersey [n|1857]

Prof, Samuel Delbert CLARK {CA} (M: 1910 Feb 24 - 2003 Sep 18)
	The Canadian Manufacturers' Association [n|1939]
	The Social Development Of Canada [n|1942]
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Sandra CLARK (F: ? - ?)

Septima (Modestine) (nee)Poinsette CLARK {US} (F: 1898 May 3 - 1987 Dec 15)
	Echo In My Soul (w Legette BLYTHE) [1962]

Rev, Sereno Dickinson CLARK (M: 1809 Apr 8 - 1887 Oct 4)
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Simon CLARK {UK} (M: c1990 - living 2022)
	Firmament [n|2022]

Sterling Benjamin Franklin CLARK (M: 1824 (or 1825) Sep 15 - 1852 Oct 1)
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Steven CLARK (M: ? - ?)

Stuart CLARK {UK} (M: ? - living 2022)
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Canon, Stuart Harrington CLARK {UK} (M: 1869 Sep 2 - 1947 Aug 18)
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	God And Life [n|1933]
	Services Of Intercession (ed) [n|1936]
	God And The Universe [n|1948]

Sue Ainslie CLARK, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Susan (Shuttleworth) D'Arcy CLARK / D'ARCY CLARK, nee HOLDEN {UK} (F: 1882 Oct 25 - 1969 Feb 12)

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L	The Round Trip From The Hub To The Golden Gate [n|1890]
	Key-Notes For Daily Harmonies [n|?]

Sydney Aylmer CLARK {US} (M: 1890 Aug 18 - 1975 Apr 20)
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	All The Best In Japan, With Manila, Hong Kong, And Macao [n|1958]
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Rev, T CLARK (see: John GALT)

T B CLARK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems Of A Private [p|c1917]
	Tales Of A 'Tommy' [p|1943]

Rev, Thomas CLARK (M: 1804 - 1869 Mar 27)

Thomas A CLARK {UK} (M: 1944 - ?)

Prof, Thomas Dionysius CLARK {US} (M: 1903 Jul 14 - 2005 Jun 28 (or 21))
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Bp, Thomas March CLARK (M: 1812 Jul 4 - 1903 Sep 7)
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30463,R	John Whopper, The Newsboy [f|1871]
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Prof, Timothy John Hayes CLARK {UK} (M: 1935 Oct 18 - 2020 Jul 14)
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(Alastair) Trevor CLARK {UK} (M: 1923 Jun 10 - 2005 May 23)

Van Deusen CLARK {US} (M: 1909 Dec 26 - 1974 Oct 27)
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VèVè Amasasa CLARK {US} (F: 1944 Dec 14 - 2007 Dec 1)

Victor (Cecil Froggatt) CLARK {UK} (M: 1908 May 24 - 2005 Dec 14)
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Vinnie B CLARK {US} (F: 1878 Feb 15 - 1971)
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Virginia CLARK (see: Patsey(=Patricia) GRAY)

W F L CLARK (?: ? - ?)
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Wallace CLARK {US} (M: 1880 Jul 27 - 1948 Jul 4)
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(Henry) Wallace (Stuart) CLARK {UK} (M: 1926 Nov 20 - 2011 May 8)
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Judge, Walter (McKenzie) CLARK {US} (M: 1846 Aug 19 - 1924 May 20)
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Walter A CLARK {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Walter John CLARK (M: ? - ?)
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William CLARK (M: 1770 Aug 1 - 1838 Sep 1)

William CLARK (M: 1788 Apr 5 - 1869 Sep 15)

William CLARK (M: 1821 Mar 17 - 1880 Jan 22)

William Adolphus CLARK (M: 1825 - 1906)
R	Agnes Farriday; or, The Harlot's Friend [f|1869]

William Andrews CLARK, Jr {US} (M: 1877 Mar 29 - 1934 Jun 14)
	The Library Of William Andrews Clark, Jr (w others) [20v|n|1920-1931]
	Christmas Greetings From William Andrews Clark, Jr, MCMXXXII [n|1932]

William Clifford CLARK {CA} (M: 1889 - 1952 Dec 27)

William Donaldson CLARK {UK} (M: 1916 Jul 28 - 1985 Jun 27)

William Fordyce CLARK {UK} (M: 1865 May 21 - 1948 Aug 6)
	Northern Gleams [1898]
	The Story Of Shetland [n|1907]
	Shetland Nights [1912]

William George CLARK (M: 1821 Mar - 1878 Nov 6)
	Gazpacho [n|1853]

William H CLARK {US} (M: 1840 or 1841 - ?)
33357	Reminiscences Of The Thirty-Fourth Regiment, Mass Vol Infantry [n|1871]
	The Soldier's Offering [a|1875]

William Lawrence CLARK {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Outlines For Review Of The Fundamental Principles Of The Law [n|1923]

William Mansfield CLARK {US} (M: 1884 Aug 17 - 1964 Jan 19 or 20)
	Determination Of Hydrogen Ions [n|1920/1923/1928]
	Topics In Physical Chemistry [n|1948/1952]
	Oxidation-Reduction Potentials Of Organic Systems [n|1960]

William Murray CLARK {US} (M: 1913 Aug 12 - 1988 Jun 12)
	Tales Of Cedar River [1960]
	More Tales Of Cedar River [1961]

Prof, William Robinson CLARK (M: 1829 Mar 26 - 1912 Nov 12)
	Sufferings Of Christ, Their Origin, Nature And Results [n|1889]

Prof, William Smith CLARK, II {US} (M: 1900 Sep 13 - 1969 Jul 16)
	Chief Patterns Of World Drama [n|1946]

William Tierney CLARK (M: 1783 Aug 23 - 1852 Sep 22)

Willis Gaylord CLARK (M: 1808 Oct 5 - 1841 Jun 12 or 13)
	Literary Remains..Including The Ollipodiana [1844]

Rev, Victor William Thomas CLARK-DUFF {AU} (M: 1883 May 24 - 1974 Jun 29)
	Christianity's Challenge To Civilization [n|1935]

Alexander William Maxwell CLARK-KENNEDY (M: 1851 Sep 26 - 1894 Dec 21)

Archibald Edmund CLARK-KENNEDY {UK} (M: 1893 Apr 23 - 1985 Sep 1 (wrongly 2))
	Stephen Hales, DD, FRS [b|1929]
	The Art Of Medicine In Relation To The Progress Of Thought [n|1945]
	Medicine [2v|n|1947-1953]
	Lectures On Medicine To Nurses [n|1950]
	Medicine In Its Human Setting [n|1954]
	Patients As People [n|1957]
	Human Disease [n|1957]
	How To Learn Medicine [n|1959]
	Clinical Medicine (w C W BARTLEY) [n|1960]
	Medicine As An Art And A Science (w C W BARTLEY) [n|1960]
	The London [2v|n|1962-1963]

A W CLARKE (?: ? - ?)
	Jasper Tristram [f|1899]

Adam CLARKE (M: ? - ?)
	Christian Theology [n|1837]
	The Holy Bible, With A Commentary And Critical Notes [n|1850]
	The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ [n|1851]

Adele CLARKE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Old Montreal [b|1906]

Prof, Alan Douglas Benson CLARKE {UK} (M: 1922 Mar 21 - 2011 Dec 10)
	Mental Deficiency (w Ann M CLARKE) [n|1958/?/?/85]

Prof, Alan Maxwell CLARKE {NZ} (M: 1932 Dec 12 - 2007 Jan 21)

Alfred McDonald CLARKE {TT} (M: 1912 Aug 13 - 2001 Dec 15)

Allen CLARKE {UK} (M: 1863 - 1935)
	John O' God's Sending [1889]
	The Knobstick [1890]
	Tales Of A Deserted Village [1891]
	The Effects Of The Factory System [n|1899/1913]
	The Object Of Life [1902]
	The Eternal Question [1904/19]
	Smilers [?]
	Science And The Soul [n|?]
	Lancashire Lasses And Lads [1906]
	More Smilers [1907]
	Tales Of Old Blackpool [1908]
	The Red Flag [1909]
	Extra Smilers [1911]
	Tim Bobbin Resurrected [111]
	French Smilers [1913]
	The Man Who Fought For Us [1914]
	Windmill Land [1916]
	More Windmill Land [1918]
	When The Hurly-Burley's Done [1919]
	Moorlands And Memories [1920]

Amy Key CLARKE {UK} (F: 1892 Dec 21 - 1980 Jun 20)
	Poems [p|1922]

Andrew CLARKE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Tour In France, Italy, And Switzerland..Years 1840 And 1841 [n|1843]
	A Letter To The Reconstructed Cabinet, On..Political Expediency [n|1846]

Andrew David CLARKE {CA} (M: 1882 - 1948 May 19)

Prof, Ann Margaret CLARKE, nee GRAVELY {UK} (F: 1928 Nov 3 - 2015)
	Mental Deficiency (jt ed) [n|1958/?/?/85]

Anna (Emilia) CLARKE, Mrs HACKEL {UK} (F: 1919 Apr 28 - 2004 Nov 7)
	Last Seen In London [f|?]
	Murder In Writing [f|?]
	The Case Of The Paranoid Patient [f|?]
	The Whitelands Affair [f|?]
	The End Of The Shadow [f|?]
	The Nodland Express [f|?]
	This Downhill Path [f|?]
	A Day In The Death Of Dorothea Cassidy [f|?]

Anna CLARKE (F: 1958 - ?)

Sir, Arthur CLARKE (M: 1778 - 1857 Nov 9)

Arthur CLARKE (M: ? - c1912)

Sir, Arthur Charles CLARKE {UK} (M: 1917 Dec 16 - 2008 Mar 19)
(&ps: E G O'BRIEN; Charles WILLIS)
	Tales From The White Hart [s|1940]
	Interplanetary Flight [n|1950]
	Prelude To Space [f|1951]
	Sands Of Mars [f|1951]
	The Exploration Of Space [n|1951]
	Islands In The Sky [f|1952]
	Against The Fall Of The Night [f|1953]
	Childhood's End [f|1953]
	Expedition To Earth [s|1953]
	The Deep Range [f|1954]
	The Exploration Of The Moon [n|1954]
	The Young Traveller In Space [n|1954]
	Earthlight [f|1955]
	Reach For Tomorrow [s|1956]
	The City And The Stars [f|1956]
	The Coast Of Coral [n|1956]
	Reefs Of Taprobane [1957]
	The Making Of A Moon [n|1957]
	Boy Beneath The Sea [n|1958]
	The Challenge Of The Spaceship [n|1958]
	The Other Side Of The Sky [s|1958]
	Voice Across The Sea [n|1958]
	Across The Sea Of Stars [s|1959]
	The Challenge Of The Sea [n|1960]
	The First Five Fathoms [n|1960]
	A Fall Of Moondust [f|1961]
	Indian Ocean Adventure [f|1961]
	Master Of Space [f|1961]
	From The Ocean, From The Stars [s|1962]
	Profiles Of The Future [n|1962]
	Tales Of Ten Worlds [s|1962]
	Dolphin Island [f|1963]
	Glide Path [n|1963]

Brig, Arthur Christopher Lancelot Stanley CLARKE / STANLEY-CLARKE {UK} (M: 1886 Jun 30 - 1983 Jan 8)
(ps: A C L S C)
	The Making Of The Military Shot (anon w T E H TAYLOR) [n|1930]

Arthur Gladstone CLARKE {UK} (M: 1887 Dec 25 - 1976 Mar 23)
	Decachords [n|1923]
	Analytical Studies In The Book Of Psalms [1949]
	New Testament Church Principles [n|?/?/1961]

Sir, (Henry) Ashley CLARKE {UK} (M: 1903 Jun 26 - 1994 Jan 20)

Asia (Frigga) CLARKE, nee BOOTH (F: c1838 - 1888 May 16)
(ps: His DAUGHTER)
	Booth Memorials:..Junius Brutus Booth.. (ps: His DAUGHTER) [b|1866]
	The Elder And The Younger Booth [b|1882]
	The Unlocked Book [b|1938]

Astley Vavasour CLARKE {UK} (M: 1870 Feb 7 - 1945 Feb 21)
	History Of Lyddington [n|1936]

Austin CLARKE {IE} (M: 1896 (or 1897) May 9 - 1974 Mar 19 or 20 (or 21))
	The Vengeance Of Fionn [p|1917]
	The Fires Of Baal [p|1920]
	The Sword Of The West [p|1921]
	The Cattle Drive In Connaught [p|1925]
	The Son Of Learning [d|1927]
	Pilgrimage [p|1929]
	The Flame [d|1930]
	The Bright Temptation [f|1932]
	The Singing Men At Cashel [f|1936]
	Collected Poems [1936]
	Night And Morning [p|1938]
	Sister Eucharia [d|1939]
	Black Fast [d|1941]
	The Viscount Of Blarney.. [d|1944]
	First Visit To England [e|1945]
	The Second Kiss [d|1946]
	The Plot Succeeds [d|1950]
	Poetry In Ireland [n|1950]
	The Sun Dances At Easter [f|1952]
	The Moment Next To Nothing [d|1953]
	Ancient Lights [p|1955]
	Too Great A Vine [p|1957]
	The Horse-Eaters [p|1960]
	Later Poems [d|1961]
	Twice Round The Black Church [a|1962]
	Forget-me-not [p|1962]
	Collected Plays [p|1963]
	Flight To Africa [p|1963]

Austin (Ardinel Chesterfield) CLARKE, aka Tom CLARKE {BB/CA?} (M: 1934 Jul 26 - 2016 Jun 26)

Sir, (Thomas) Basil CLARKE {UK} (M: 1879 Aug 12 - 1947 Dec 12)
	My Round Of The War [n|1917]
	The Cow-Cake Papers [?]

Basil CLARKE (M: 1907 - ?)
	Atlantic Adventure [n|1958]
	History Of Airships [n|1961]

Canon, Basil Fulford Lowther CLARKE {UK} (M: 1908 Mar 6 (wrongly 19) (wrongly 1907 Dec) - 1978 Jan 27 (wrongly Mar 31))
	Church Builders Of The Nineteenth Century [n|1938]
	Lesson Notes On The Prayer Book [n|1943]
	My Parish Church [n|1943]
	Clement Joins The Church [n|1944]
	Anglican Cathedrals Outside The British Isles [n|1958]
	Building Of The Eighteenth-Century Church [n|1963]

Benjamin CLARKE (M: 1813 Sep 5 - 1890 Feb 4)
	On Systematic Botany And Zoology [n|1870]

Benjamin CLARKE (M: 1836 Jul 16 - 1893 Jan 31)
(&ps: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words')
	The Life Of Jesus For Young People (ps: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words') [b|1868]
	The Lad With The Loaves (ps: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words') [n|1869]
	Crocker The Clown [f|1869/77]
	The First Heroes Of The Cross [1870]
	The Toll-Keepers.. [s|1871]
	My First And Last Voyage [1871]
	Across The Sea [n|1872/86]
	From Tent To Palace [b|1872]
	Pounceford Hall [f|1873]
	Saved Through The Children [b|1875]
	Will Norbury [f|1875]
	The Land Of The Pigtail, Its People And Customs.. [n|1875]
	In The Corn Fields [b|1875]
	Life's Emblems [n|1876]
	The Infant Zephyr [f|1878]
	Christian Gellert .. [s|1879]
	Barton Ferris [f|1879]
	Centenary Service Of Song [n|1880]
	The Thompsons [f|1881]
	Tales Out Of School, Illustrative Of Schoolboy Life [s|1882]
	The Blackboard In The Sunday School [n|1884]
	Wakefordbridge [f|1886]
	Broken Legs, But Sound Hearts [b|1887]

Benjamin Archibald CLARKE {UK} (M: 1864 Dec 17 - 1954 Jun 26)
	Bunny [1902]
	Minnows And Tritons [1903]
	All Abroad [1906]
	Both Sides Of The Road [s|1913]
	A Free Hand [s|1921]

Benjamin (B) CLARKE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	An Essay On Language [n|1849]
	The British Gazetteer [3v|n|1849-52]
	Conviction [f|1851]
	The Railways Of England And Wales [n|?]

Archdeacon, Benjamin Strettell CLARKE (M: 1823 - 1895 Nov 18)

Bob Carlos CLARKE {UK} (M: 1950 Jun 24 - 2006 Mar 25)

Prof, Bowman Lafayette CLARKE {US} (M: 1927 Sep 19 - 1996 Nov 20)

Brenda CLARKE (see: Brenda (Margaret Lilian) HONEYMAN)

Prof, Bryan Campbell CLARKE {UK} (M: 1932 Jun 24 - 2014 Feb 27)
	Berber Village [n|1959]

Caroline Cowles CLARKE, nee RICHARDS (F: 1842 - 1913)
	Village Life In America 1852-1872 [n|1912]

Cecil CLARKE, aka 'Old Bird' {UK} (M: baptised 1848 Jun 5 - 1926 Feb 18)
	Little Alpine Fox-Dog [f|1878]
	Great-Heart And His Little Friends, Trixie And Dot [f|1879]
	Elsie Grey [f|1881]
	Ulrica [f|1884]
	When All Was Young [f|1885]
	Love's Loyalty [f|1890]
	An Artist's Fate [f|1894]

Rev, Charles CLARKE (M: 1815 - 1870 Jul 23)
(ps: The GENTLEMAN in Black; [A SPORTSMAN])
	Charlie Thornhill [f|1863]
	Which Is The Winner? [f|1864]
	Crumbs From A Sportsman's Table [f|1865]
	The Beauclercs, Father And Son [f|1867]
	The Flying Scud [f|1867]
	Lord Falconberg's Heir [f|1868]
	Myra Gray [f|1870]
	Calcraft's Confessions [f|1870]
	A Box For The Season [?]

Charles CLARKE (M: 1826 Nov 28 - 1909 Apr 6)
	Sixty Years In Upper Canada [a|1908]

Mrs Charles, (Marion) CLARKE, nee DOAKE {UK} (F: 1841 (or 1842) Apr 29 - 1928 Apr 18)
	No Security [f|1873]
	Strong As Death [f|1875]
	Not Transferable [f|1875]

Charles Allen CLARKE {UK} (M: 1863 Feb 28 - 1935 Dec 12)
(&ps: Ben ADHEM; Teddy ASHTON)
	A Basin O' Broth (ps: Teddy ASHTON) [s|1893]
	Breaches Of Promise (ps: Ben ADHEM) [1893]
	The Knobstick [f|1893]
	The Friend Of Santa Claus.. [s|1893]
	Tales Of A Deserted Village [s|1894]
	Old Tales For Young Folks [s|1895]
	The Witch Of Eagle's Crag [f|1895]
	Teddy Ashton's Gradely Guide To Blackpool (ps: Teddy ASHTON) [n|?/?/?/1908]
	John O' God's Sending [f|1901]
	Starved Into Surrender [f|1904]
	Lancashire Lasses And Lads [f|1906]
	Windmill Land [1916/1932]
	More Windmill Land [1918]
	The Eternal Question [1919]
	When The Hurly Burly's Done [1919]
	Moorlands And Memories [n|1920]
	Teddy Ashton's Lancashire Readings.. (ps: Teddy ASHTON) [3v|n|1921-1924]
	The Story Of Blackpool [n|1923]
	Windmill Land Stories [s|1924]
	Medical Humbug [1926]
	Where Is Heaven? [1927]
	Teddy Ashton's Lancashire Poems (ps: Teddy ASHTON) [p|1928]
	Lancashire Smilers [3v|1933-1934]
	Blackpool Walks And Rides In The Fylde & Over-Wyre [n|1924]
	This Workaday World [?]
	Smilers [?]
	The Effects Of The Factory System [n|?]

Charles Baron CLARKE (M: 1832 Jun 17 - 1906 Aug 25)
	Cyrtandreae [n|1883]
8436	Speculations From Political Economy [n|1886]

Charles Cyril CLARKE {UK} (M: 1882 Nov 25 - 1968 Jul 28)
	The Society Of Merchant Venturers Of Bristol [n|1922]

Charles Edward CLARKE {UK} (M: 1912 Jul 8 - 1981 Mar 1)
	Social Insurance In Britain [n|1950]

Charles H CLARKE {US} (M: c1840 - ?)
28481	History Of Company F, 1st Regiment, RI Volunteers..1861 [n|1891]

Charles Humphrey CLARKE (M: ? - ?)
	Germany Yesterday And To-morrow [n|1923]

Charles Kirk CLARKE {CA} (M: 1857 - 1924 Jan 20)

Sir, Charles Mansfield CLARKE, 1st Bt (M: 1782 May 28 - 1857 Sep 7)

Canon, Charles Philip Stewart CLARKE {UK} (M: 1871 Oct 15 - 1947 Dec 18)
	Everyman's Book Of Saints [n|1914]
	Church History, From Nero To Constantine [n|1920]
	Short History Of The Christian Church [n|1929/1948/1957]
	St Ignatius And St Polycarp [n|1930]
	Saints And Heroes Of The Christian Church [n|1931]
	The Oxford Movement And After [n|1932]
	Bishop Hobart And The Oxford Movement [n|1933]
	The Case Of The Church Of England Against Rome [n|1937]
	The Via Media [n|1937]
	Bishop Chandler [b|1939]
	Roman Claims [n|1948]

Charles Ramsey CLARKE (see: Archie Frederick COLLINS)

(Mary) Clorinda CLARKE, nee TOTO {US} (F: 1917 Mar 4 - 2011 Mar 17)

Coralie CLARKE {AU} (F: 1909 - 1972)

Covington CLARKE (see: (Homer) Clarke VENABLE)

Sir, Cyril (Astley) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1907 Aug 22 - 2000 Nov 21)

Mrs D, CLARKE (see: Effie A CLARKE)

David CLARKE (M: 1937 Nov 3 - 1976 Jun 28)

Prof, David A CLARKE, Jr {US} (M: 1919 Feb 26 - 1974 Jul 31)

David Waldo CLARKE {UK} (M: 1907 Aug 13 - 1992 Mar 14)
(ps: Dave WALDO)
	Modern English Writers [n|1947]
	William Shakespeare [n|1950]
	The Man From Thunder River [f|1951]
	Warbonnet [f|1952]
	Ride On, Stranger [f|1953]
	Writers Of Today [n|1956]
	The Long Riders [f|1957]
	Modern English Practice (w M D MACKENZIE) [n|1957]
	Lariat [f|1958]
	Beat The Drum Slowly [f|1961]
	Ride The High Hills [f|1961]
	The Groundwork Of English Sentence Structure (w M D MACKENZIE) [n|1963]

Mrs De Witt Clinton, (Caroline E T) CLARKE, nee ? (F: c1815 - 1866 May 20)
R	Lizzie Maitland (ed O A BROWNSON) [f|1857]

Desmond (J) CLARKE {IE?} (M: 1907 - 1979)

Donald Henderson CLARKE {US} (M: 1887 Aug 24 - 1958 Mar 27)
	The Autobiography Of Frank Tarbeaux (w Frank TARBEAUX) [b|1930]
	A Woman Called Lou [f|?]

Donovan CLARKE {AU} (M: 1904 - 1987)

Prof, Dorothy (Clotelle) CLARKE, Mrs SHADI {US} (F: 1908 Jul 16 - 1992 Dec 20)
	Romance Literature [n|1948]
	A Chronological Sketch Of Castilian Versification.. [n|1952]

Douglas A CLARKE {JE} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems [p|1944]

Brig, Dudley (Wrangel) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1899 Apr 27 - 1974 May 7)
	Seven Assignments [1948]
	The Eleventh At War [1952]
	Golden Arrow [1955]
	A Quarter Of My Century [?]

Duncan Lynn CLARKE {US} (M: 1941 Jan 22 - ?)

Dwight Lancelot CLARKE {US} (M: 1885 (wrongly 1895) Nov 2 (or 1) - 1971 Feb 7)
	Stephen Watts Kearny [b|1961]

E V CLARKE {UK?} (?: ? - ?)
(ps: J B)
	Jamaica Pie [1944]

Edith CLARKE, nee NICOLLS {UK} (F: 1844 Oct 27 - 1926 Aug 20)
(&ps: Mrs Charles CLARKE)
	Cheap Recipes For Fish Cookery [n|1883]
	Recipes For Plain Cookery [n|1885]
	Plain Cookery Recipes [n|1886/?/?/?/92/?/95]
	High-Class Cookery Recipes [n|1887/?/92]
	Artizan Recipes To Illustrate The Principles Of Cookery [n|1896]
	New High-Class Cookery, With Game Recipes.. [n|1896]
	Official Handbook Of The National Training School Of Cookery [n|1902]
	Workhouse Cookery [n|?]

Edith CLARKE {US} (F: 1883 - 1959)
	Circuit Analysis Of A-C Power Systems, v1 [n|1943]

Judge, Edward CLARKE {UK} (M: 1908 May 21 - 1989 Feb 21)

Edward Ashley Walrond CLARKE (M: 1860 - 1913 Feb 14)
	Jaspar Tristram [f|1899]

Prof, Edward de Courcy CLARKE {NZ} (M: 1880 Nov 10 - 1958 Nov 2)

Sir, Edward George CLARKE {UK} (M: 1841 Feb 15 - 1931 Apr 26)
	A Treatise Upon The Law Of Extradition [n|1867/74/88]
	Public Speeches, 1880-1890 [e|1890]
	Public Speeches, 1890-1900 [e|1900]
	A Treatise Upon The Law Of Extradition (4e w E P CLARKE) [n|1903]
	Easy Shorthand [n|1907]
	Selected Speeches [e|1908]
	Swifthand [n|1909]
	The Epistles Of St Paul [n|1912]
	The New Testament [n|1913]
	The Book Of Psalms [n|1915]
	The National Church [n|1916]
	The Story Of My Life [a|1918]
	Benjamin Disraeli [b|1926]

Edward Hammond CLARKE (M: 1820 - 1877)
18504	Sex In Education; or, A Fair Chance For The Girls [n|1873]

Sir, Edward Percival CLARKE {UK} (M: 1872 - 1936 Oct 5)
	A Treatise Upon The Law Of Extradition (4e w E G CLARKE) [n|1903]

Edwin Alfred CLARKE {US} (M: 1896 - ?)
	The Vapor Pressure Of Motor Fuels And..Vapor Lock [n|1930]

Edwin Leavitt CLARKE {US} (M: 1888 May 21 - 1948 Sep 15)
	American Men Of Letters, Their Nature And Nurture [n|1916]
	The Art Of Straight Thinking [n|1929]
	And Your Neighbor [n|1947]

Edwin (Sisterson) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1919 Jun 18 - 1996 Apr 11)

Effie A CLARKE, nee INGRAM (F: c1810 - ?)
(&ps: Mrs D, CLARKE)
	Tales And Sketches (ps: Mrs D CLARKE) [s|1838]
	Who Was She? [f|1879]

Egerton Arthur Crossman CLARKE {UK} (M: 1899 Sep 20 - 1944 Oct 20)
	Kezil.. [p|1920]
	The Earring [d|1922]

Enid G CLARKE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Divine Caller.. [p|1950]

Sir, Ernest CLARKE {UK} (M: 1856 Feb 21 - 1923 Mar 4)
	Bury Chronicles Of The Thirteenth Century (ed) [n|1905]

Ernest CLARKE {UK} (M: c1857 - 1932 Nov 22)
	The Errors Of Accommodation And Refraction Of The Eye [n|1903/06/11/18/24]
	Problems In The Accommodation And Refraction Of The Eye [n|1914]
	The Fundus Of The Human Eye [n|1931]

F C CLARKE {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Frances Elizabeth Bellenden CLARKE, Mrs M'FALL / McFALL / MacFALL {UK} (F: 1854 (or 1862) Jun 10 - 1943 May 12)
(ps: Sarah GRAND)
	Two Dear Little Feet [f|1880]
6855	Ideala: A Study From Life (anon) [f|1888]
	A Domestic Experiment (anon) [f|1891]
8676	The Heavenly Twins [f|1893]
	Singularly Deluded (anon) [f|1893]
	Our Manifold Nature [s|1894]
28088	The Beth Book:..Life Of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure.. [f|1897]
	The Modern Man And Maid [1898]
	The Human Quest [n|1900]
	Babs, The Impossible [f|1901]
	Emotional Moments [s|1908]
	Adnam's Orchard [f|1912]
	The Winged Victory [f|1916]
	Variety [s|1922]

Col, Francis Coningsby Hannam CLARKE (M: 1842 Feb 4 - 1893 Aug 27)
	The Franco-German War, 1870-71 [5v|n|1874-90]
	Staff Duties [e|1884]
	Staff Duties (2e w J S ROTHWELL) [e|1890]

Frank Wigglesworth CLARKE {US} (M: 1847 Mar 19 - 1931 May 23)
	Weights, Measures, And Money Of All Nations [n|?]
	Elementary Chemistry [n|?]
	Constants Of Nature [n|?]
	Recalculation Of The Atomic Weights [n|?]
	Data Of Geochemistry [n|?]

Sir, Fred CLARKE {UK} (M: 1880 Aug 2 - 1952 Jan 6)
	A School History Of Hampshire [n|?]
	Essays In The Politics Of Education [e|?]
	Foundations Of History Teaching [n|?]
	Education And Social Change [n|?]

Brig, Frederick Arthur Stanley CLARKE {UK} (M: 1892 Oct 3 - 1972 Jan 3)
	The History Of The Royal West African Frontier Force, Part II [n|1920-1961]

Sir, Geoffrey (Rothe) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1871 Jul 4 - 1950 Oct 11)
	The Outcasts [n|1903]
	The Post Office Of India And Its Story [n|1921]

Rev, George CLARKE (M: 1823 Jun 29 - 1913 Mar 10)
	Notes On Early Life In New Zealand [a|1903]
	Short Liturgies For Congregational Worship [n|?]

George CLARKE {UK} (M: 1856 - ?)
	The Keeper And The Kept [n|1888]
	Bible Talks [3v|n|1889]
	The Lord's Supper [n|1894]
	Daily Salvation [n|1897]
	'Are You A Christian?' [n|1900]
	True Manhood, Womanhood [n|1907]
	The Way Of Salvation [n|1907]
	From The Cross To The Crown [n|1910]
	The Glorious Gospel [n|1912]

George Fewkes CLARKE {UK} (M: 1871 Jan 22 - 1948)

George Frederick CLARKE {CA} (M: 1883 Dec 29 - 1974 Oct 23)
	Chris In Canada [f|1925]
	The Magic Road [f|1925]
	The Best One Thing [f|1926]
	Thetis Saxon [f|1927]
	..The Saint John.. [p|1933]
	David Cameron's Adventures [f|1948]
	Return To Acadia [f|1952]
	The Adventures Of Jimmy-Why [f|1954]
	Noël And Jimmy-Why [f|1956]
	Too Small A World [n|1958]
	Six Salmon Rivers, And Another [n|1960]
	The Song Of The Reel [n|1963]

Prof, George Herbert CLARKE {CA} (M: 1873 Aug 27 - 1953 Mar 27)
	Warfarings [p|1901]
	Some Reminiscences And Early Letters Of Sidney Lanier [n|1907]
	At The Shrine.. [p|1914]
8820	A Treasury Of War Poetry (ed) [p|1917]
	The Hasting Day [p|1930]
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	On The Royal Visit To Canada [p|1939]
	McMaster University, 1890-1940, Commemoration Ode [p|1940]
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George Rochfort CLARKE (M: 1801 - 1889 Sep 29)

George Sydenham CLARKE, 1st Baron SYDENHAM Of COMBE {UK} (M: 1848 Jul 4 - 1933 Feb 7)
	My Working Life [a|1927]

George Timothy CLARKE {US} (M: 1910 Jan 2 - 2006 Jun 7)
	Copywriting [n|1959]
	Effective Marketing Action (w ?) [n|1959]
	Advertising And Marketing Theses For The Doctorate.. [n|1961]

Gillian CLARKE {UK} (F: 1937 - ?)

Graham Arthur CLARKE {UK} (M: 1941 - ?)

Prof, Graham (Norman George) CLARKE {UK} (M: c1949 - 2007 Feb 6)

H C CLARKE (?: ? - ?)
T	Diary Of The War For Separation [n|1862]

Hans Thacher CLARKE {US} (M: 1887 Dec 27 - 1972 Oct (or Nov) 21)
	Organic Syntheses, v3 [n|1923]

Harold George CLARKE {UK} (M: 1884 Dec 13 - 1955 Dec 6)
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	Colour Pictures On Pot Lids..Staffordshire Pottery (w Frank WRENCH) [n|1924]
	The Story Of Old English Glass Pictures, 1690-1810 [n|1928]
	The Pot Lid Book, 1931 [n|1931]
	The Centenary Baxter Book [n|1936]

Harry Eugene CLARKE, Jr {US} (M: 1921 Jan 28 - 2004 Dec 28)
	Wing T Multiple Offense For High School Football [n|1962]

Harry(=Henry) (Patrick) CLARKE {IE} (M: 1889 (or 1890) Mar 17 - 1931 Jan 6)

Helen Archibald CLARKE {US} (F: 1860 Nov 13 - 1926 Feb 8)
14699	Shakespeare Study Programs - The Comedies (w Charlotte PORTER) [n|1914]
	Shakespeare Study Programs - The Tragedies (w Charlotte PORTER) [n|1914]
29365	Browning's England: A Study Of English Influences In Browning [n|1908]

Henriette CLARKE, nee BURCHELL {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Little Books [p|1934]
	Little Towns [p|1934]
	Unseen Blossoms.. [p|1951]

Henry CLARKE (M: 1745 - 1818 Apr 30)

Rev, Henry CLARKE (M: ? - ?)
	Christian Phrenology [n|1835]

Mrs Henry, (Amy) CLARKE, nee KEY (F: 1853 Aug 17 - 1908 Mar 4)
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8151	Miss Merivale's Mistake [f|1897]
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	The Mystery Of The Manor House [f|c1902]
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	The Bushranger's Secret [f|?]

Henry Harrison CLARKE {US} (M: 1902 Jun 30 - 1995 Jun 8)
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Henry J CLARKE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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Abp, Henry Lowther CLARKE {UK} (M: 1850 Nov 23 - 1926 Jun 23)
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	Addresses Delivered In England And Australia [e|1904]
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Henry Savile/Saville CLARKE (M: 1841 - 1893 Oct 5)
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	A Fight For Life (w L DU TERREAUX) [d|?]
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Mrs Henry Steele, (Ellen) CLARKE, nee WILLISTON (F: 1830 Jun 23 - 1913 Mar 6)
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R	Their Children [f|1875]

Herbert Lincoln CLARKE {US} (M: 1867 Sep 12 - 1945 Jan 30)
	Elementary Studies For The Cornet [n|1909]
	Technical Studies For The Cornet [n|1912]
	Characteristic Studies For The Cornet [n|1915]
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	Olympian Collection Of Cornet Solos [n|1940]

Hermann Frederick CLARKE {US} (M: 1882 Mar 29 - 1947 Oct 29)
	John Coney, Silversmith [b|1932]
	Jeremiah Dummer, Colonial Craftsman And Merchant [b|1935]
	John Hull, A Builder Of Bay Colony [b|1940]

Hewson CLARKE (M: 1787 - c1832)

Hugh Vincent CLARKE {AU} (M: 1919 Nov 27 - 1996)
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Hyde CLARKE (M: 1815 - 1895 Mar 1)

Ida Clyde CLARKE, nee GALLAHER {US} (F: 1878 Mar 24 - 1956)
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	Record No 33 [1915]
&	American Women And The World War [n|1918]
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Ignatius Frederick CLARKE, aka Knobbie CLARKE {UK} (M: 1916 Jul 10 - 2009 Nov 5)

Isabel Constance CLARKE {UK} (F: 1869 - 1951 Apr 13)
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Captain, Jafah CLARKE (see: Robert Irving NESMITH)

James CLARKE (M: 1793 - 1859)

James CLARKE (M: 1798 - 1861 Sep 25)

James Arnott CLARKE {UK} (M: 1933 Mar 5 - 1985 Jun 3)

James Fernandez CLARKE (M: 1812 - 1875 Jul 6)

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A	Steps Of Belief [n|?]
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James Jackson CLARKE {UK} (M: 1860 Feb 3 - 1940 Dec 4)
	Congenital Dislocation Of The Hip [n|?]
	Orthopædic Surgery [n|?]
	The Surgical Affections Of The Joints And The Spine [n|?]
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	Protozoa And Disease [n|?]

James Paton CLARKE (M: c1807 - 1877 Aug 27)
	Canadian Church Psalmody (ed) [p|1845]
	Lays Of The Maple Leaf [p|?]

Jane CLARKE (F: 1966 - living 2005)

Janet Kotselas CLARKE (F: ? - ?)

Joan (nee)Dorn CLARKE {US} (F: 1924 Feb 4 - 1985 Jun 11)
	Your Future As A Librarian [n|1963]

John CLARKE (see: Virginia Carli LAUGHLIN)

John CLARKE (see: Dan(=Daniel) SONTUP)

John CLARKE (M: baptised 1609 Oct 8 - 1676 Apr 20)
	Ill News From New England [n|1652]

Rev, John CLARKE (M: c1660 - 1734 May 8)
	An Essay Upon The Education Of Youth In Grammar Schools [n|1720]
	An Essay Upon Study [n|?]
	A New Grammar Of The Latin Tongue [n|?]
	The Foundation Of Morality In Theory And Practice Considered [n|1726]
	On Moral Religion [n|?]
	An Introduction To The Naking Of Latin [n|?]
	An Examintion Of Dr Middleton's Answer To Christianity.. [n|?]

John CLARKE {UK} (M: 1853 Apr 7 - 1939 Sep 28)
	Short Studies In Education In Scotland [n|1904]
	Bishop Gilbert Burnet As Educationist [b|1914]
	The School.. [n|1918]
	The Spelling Of The King's English [n|1921]
	Problems Of National Education (ed) [e|1919]
	The Tyranny Of Spelling [n|?]

John CLARKE {NZ} (M: 1948 - ?)
(ps: Fred DAGG)

John Algernon CLARKE (M: 1828 - 1887 Nov 17)

John Campbell CLARKE {UK} (M: 1913 Oct 4 - 1966 Jun 17)
(ps: Hugh CLELAND)
	George Washington In The Ohio Valley [n|1956]

Rev, John (Edward) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1934 Mar 20 - ?)

Canon, John Erskine CLARKE {UK} (M: 1827 Oct 28 - 1920 Feb 3)
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	Little Lectures For Little Folk [e|1860]
	The Giant's Arrows [1860]
	The Penny Posy Of Poetry For Children (ed) [p|1860]
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	Plain Papers On The Social Economy Of The People [n|1861]
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	Over-Dress [1863]
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	Going For A Soldier.. (ed) [s|1893]
	Faith Cotterill.. (ed) [s|1895]
	The Bank Clerk's Secret.. (ed) [s|1895]
	Bickley Wood (ed) [?]
	Annie Bourne [?]
	Gregory Of The Foretop (ed) [?]

John Frederick CLARKE {UK} (M: 1927 May 1 - 2013 Jun 11)

John Frederick Gates CLARKE {CA} (M: 1905 Feb 22 - 1990)

Prof, John Henrik CLARKE {US} (M: 1915 Jan 1 - 1998 Jul 16)

John Henry CLARKE {UK} (M: 1852 Nov 26 - 1931 Nov 24)
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	The Prescriber [n|1885/?/?/?/?/?/?/1925]
	Cold-Catching, Cold-Preventing, Cold-Curing [n|1887/?/?/?/?/1903]
	Indigestion, Its Causes And Cure [n|1888/?/?/?/1897]
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	Vital Economy [n|1909]
	Gunpowder As A War Remedy [n|1915]
	The Call Of The Sword [n|1917]
	Hahnemann And Paracelsus [n|1923]
	Constitutional Medicine [n|1926]
	William Blake On The Lord's Prayer [n|1927]
	From Copernicus To William Blake [n|1928]
	What Is Man? [n|1928]
	The God Of Shelley And Blake [n|1930]

Judge, John Hessin CLARKE {US} (M: 1857 Sep 18 - 1945 Mar (wrongly Sep) 22)
	America And World Peace [n|1925]

John Joseph CLARKE {UK} (M: 1879 Apr 2 - 1969 Oct 1)
	Outlines Of Local Government [n|1918/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/1933/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/66]
	Outlines Of Central Government [n|1919/?/?/?/?/1933]
	Outlines Of Industrial And Social Economics [n|1920]
	The Housing Problem [n|1920]
	Local Government Of The United Kingdom [n|1921]
	Social Administration Including The Poor Laws [n|1922]
	Re-housing Of Slum Dwellers [n|1923]
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	Public Assistance And Unemployment Assistance [n|1934/1937]
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	Introduction To Public Health Law [n|1949]
	Planning Law - An Introduction [n|1948/1954]
	Social Welfare [n|1953]
	A History Of Local Government [n|1955]
	Building Law And Regulations [n|1963/67]
	Planning Law [n|1962/1963]
	The Gist Of Planning Law [n|1964/68/69]

John Joseph CLARKE (M: 1898 - ?)

Prof, John Mason CLARKE {US} (M: 1857 Apr 15 - 1925 May 29)
	Heart Of Gaspé [?]
	The Magdalen Islands [?]
	The Origin Of Disease [n|?]
	L'Ile Percée [?]

John Randall CLARKE (M: c1828 - 1863 Mar 31)

John Smith CLARKE {UK} (M: 1885 Feb 4 - 1959 Jan 30)
	Satires, Lyrics, And Poems [p|1919]
	Pen Pictures Of Russia Under The 'Red Terror' [n|1921]
	Bombs Or Brains? Dynamite Or Organisation? [n|1921]
	An Epic Of Municipalisation [n|?]
	Robert Burns And His Politics [b|1925]
	Marxism And History [n|1928]
	Circus Parade [1936]
	A Scottish Encyclopedia [n|?]

John Theobald CLARKE {UK} (M: 1926 Jul 22 - 2013 May 8)
(ps: Bryan FORBES)
	Truth Lies Sleeping [1950]

Rev, Joseph CLARKE (M: 1811 - 1860 Feb 18 (wrongly 14 or 25))
	The Wreck Of The 'Orion' [1851]

Luke Wesley CHURCH (ps?) {UK?} (M: ? - ?)

Rev, Joseph CLARKE (M: c1819 - 1897 Aug 19)
(&ps: Luke Wesley CHURCH)
	The Round Preacher [f|1845]
	From The Plough To The Pulpit.. (ps: Luke Wesley CHURCH) [f|1874]
	The Story Of Two Churchwardens, Father And Son [f|1892]

Rev, Joseph Butterworth Bulmer CLARKE (M: c1805 - 1855 Feb 7)

Joseph Calvitt CLARKE, Sr {US} (M: 1887 (wrongly 1886 or 1888) Jun 30 - 1970 Jul 20)
(ps: Richard GRANT)
	Teaser [1937]

Joseph Clayton CLARKE {UK} (M: 1857 - 1937 Aug 8)
(ps: KYD)

Joseph Ignatius Constantine CLARKE {US} (M: 1846 Jul 31 - 1925 Feb 27)
	Japan At First Hand [n|1918]
	The Imperial Japanese Mission, 1917 (w others) [n|1918]
	My Life And Memories [a|1925]

Lady, Josephine Fitzgerald CLARKE, nee MOYLAN {UK} (F: c1865 - 1953 Jun 6)
(ps: Errol FITZGERALD)
	Harvests Of Deceit [f|1929]
	Jewels Of The Dark [f|1929]
	The Purple Stone [f|1930]
	Dear Hatred [f|1930]
	Storms Of Fate [f|1931]
	Gleanings Of Passion [f|1932]
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	Ungenerous Heart [f|1933]
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	Converging Shadows [f|1934]
	Love Lies Deep [f|1935]
	Love In Chains [f|1935]
	Truth Is Whispered [f|1936]
	Arrows Of Chance [f|1936]
	The Nailed Door [f|1937]
	Storms At Sunset [f|1937]
	Doubly Deceived [f|1938]
	The Faithful Knave [f|1938]
	Errant Wife [f|1938]
	Hasty Repentance [f|1939]
	Love Has Eyes [f|1939]
	Tide Of Destiny [f|1939]
	Splendid Hope [f|1940]
	Prisoners Of Love [f|1940]
	A Fatal Name [f|1941]
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	Ambition's Fool [f|1942]
	The Hidden Heiress [f|1942]
	Forbidden Flame [f|1943]
	The Secret Tenant [f|1943]
	Vengeance Tarries [f|1944]
	The Emerald Chain [f|1946]
	A Borrowed Coat [f|1947]
	Unwanted Daughter [f|1947]
	A Stranger Intervenes [f|1948]
	Beloved Deceiver [f|1951]

Joyce (Enid) CLARKE, nee FREW, 1:Mrs JOHNSTON {AU} (F: 1915 Jul 18 - 2008 Aug 26)

Katherine A CLARKE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Gleanings From My Portfolio [p|1894]
I	Lyrical Echoes [p|1899]

Laurence Ayscough CLARKE {UK} (M: 1872 or 1873 - 1942)
	Murray Of The Scots Greys [f|1906]
	A Prince Of India [f|1915]
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	The Lady In The Blue Veil [f|1923]
	The Sport Of Fate [f|1925]
	Millions Of Money [f|1925]
	The Call Of The People [f|1926]
	The Mayfair Mystery [f|1927]

Leslie CLARKE, later CARGILL {UK} (M: 1895 Mar 13 - 1964 Mar 3)
(ps: Leslie CARGILL)
	The Yellow Phantom [f|1935]
	Death Goes By Bus [f|1936]
	Murder In The Procession [f|1937]
	Heads You Lose [f|1938]
	Gestapo Gauntlet [f|1939]
	Beyond The Frontiers [f|1940]
	It Might Have Meant Murder [f|1940]
	Death Walks In Scarlet [f|1941]
	The Missing Background [f|1942]
	The Man From The Rhine [f|1943]
	The Surprising Sanctuary [f|1945]
	Fortune's Apprentice [f|1946]
	The Man Who Wasn't Himself [f|1947]
	Was It Montelli? [f|1947]
	Cherry's Choice [f|1948]
	Next Door To Murder [f|1948]
	Matrimony Most Murderous [f|1949]
	Motley Menace [f|1949]
	The Dead Are So Dumb [f|1950]
	Death Sets The Pace [f|1950]
	The Lady Was Elusive [f|1952]

Lige(=Elijah) CLARKE {US} (M: 1942 - 1975)

Lorenzo Mason CLARKE {US} (M: 1859 - 1944 Nov 6)
	Our Feast Of Tabernacles [n|?]
	Concerning The Life Beyond [n|?]
	The Church Glorious [n|?]
	The Law Of Rest [n|?]

Louisa CLARKE, nee LANE {UK} (F: c1820 - ?)

Lydia B CLARKE (see: Eloise MEAKER)

MacDonald CLARKE (M: 1798 Jun 18 - 1842 Mar 5)
	Elixir Of Moonshine By The Mad Poet [p|1822]

Prof, Malcolm Roy CLARKE {UK} (M: 1930 Oct 24 - 2013 May 10)

Marcus (Andrew Hislop) CLARKE (M: 1846 Apr 24 - 1881 Aug 2)
#	Long Odds (aka: Heavy Odds) [f|1869]
	Goody Two Shoes [d|1870]
#	Old Tales Of A Young Country [e|1871]
	Holiday Peak.. [s|1873]
	Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [d|1873]
3424,Z	(For The Term Of) His Natural Life (3f) [f|(1870-72)/74]
	'Twixt Shadow And Shine [f|1875]
	Photographs Of Pictures In The National Gallery, Melbourne [n|1875]
	Reverses [d|1876]
#	Four Stories High [s|1877]
	The Australian Christmas Box [s|1879]
	We 5 [1879]
	The Happy Land [1880]
	A Daughter Of Eve [d|1880]
	Civilization Without Delusion [1880]
	The Mystery Of Major Molineux [1881]
	Stories [s|1883]
	The Marcus Clarke Memorial Volume [p|1884]
	The Austral Edition Of Selected Works Of.. [p|1890]
	Chidiock Tichbourne [f|1893]
	Stories Of Australia In The Early Days [s|1897]
&	Australian Scenery [?]
#Z	Australian Tales [?]
&	Learning Colonial Experience [?]
&	Pretty Dick [?]
#	Human Repetends [?]
#	The Haunted Author [?]

Margaret CLARKE, nee ? {UK} (F: c1920 - living 2009)

Margaret Bruce CLARKE (F: ? - ?)
	The Little Heiress [f|1904]
20258	Hunter's Marjory: A Story For Girls [f|1907]

Margaret R CLARKE (F: ? - ?)
	The Secret Joy [1940]

Prof, Martin Lowther CLARKE {UK} (M: 1909 Oct 2 - 2010 May 29)
	Richard Porson [1937]
	Greek Studies In England, 1700-1830 [n|1945]

Mary CLARKE {UK} (F: 1923 Aug 23 - 2015 Mar 20)
	The Sadler's Wells Ballet [n|1955]
	Six Great Dancers [n|1957]
	Dancers Of Mercury [n|1962]
	Ballet, An Illustrated History (w Clement CRISP) [n|1973/92]

Mary Anne CLARKE, nee THOMPSON (F: 1776 - 1852 Jun 21)

Mary Bayard CLARKE, nee DEVEREUX (F: 1827 May 13 - 1866 Mar 30)
(&ps: TANELLA)

Mary Elizabeth CLARKE, Mrs MOHL (F: 1793 - 1883 May 15)
(ps: Madame MXXX)

Mary Gavin CLARKE {UK} (F: 1881 Dec 29 - 1976 Feb 12)
	Sidelights On Teutonic History During The Migration Period [n|1911]
	The Headmistress Speaks (w ?) [n|?]

Mary (nee)Stetson CLARKE {US} (F: 1911 Dec 27 - 1994 Nov)

Mary (Emma) (nee)Whatley CLARKE, 1:Mrs DUNBAR {US} (F: 1899 Jun 11 - 1990 Jul 8)
	The Palo Pinto Story [n|1957]
	Life In The Saddle [n|1963]

Maude Violet CLARKE {UK} (F: 1892 May 7 - 1935 Nov 17)
	Medieval Representation And Consent [n|1936]

May Herschel CLARKE {UK} (F: 1894 (wrongly 1850) Mar 19 - 1955 (wrongly 1950))
	Behind The Firing Lines.. [p|1917]

Michael CLARKE (see: Frank Clarke NEWLON)

Michael CLARKE (M: c1844 - 1916)
6003	Story Of Aeneas [1898]
16990	The Story Of Troy [n|?]

(Christopher) Michael CLARKE {UK} (M: 1952 Aug 29 - ?)

Canon, Michael Gilbert CLARKE {UK} (M: 1944 May 21 - 2021 Dec 22)

Nick(=Nicholas) (Campbell) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1948 Jun 9 - 2006 Nov 23)

Norman CLARKE {UK} (M: 1916 Oct 21 - 2002 Nov 22)
	A Physics Anthology (ed) [e|?]
	International Education In Physics (w S C BROWN) [n|?]
	Why Teach Physics? [n|?]
	The Education Of A Physicist [n|?]
	Metrication [n|?]

Bp, Norman Harry CLARKE {UK} (M: 1892 Jul 31 - 1974 Feb 18)
	Thine Is The Kingdom [n|1941]

Olive (nee?)Cleaveland CLARKE (F: 1785 - ?)
	Things That I Remember [a|1881]

Oz CLARKE (see: Robert CLARKE)

Patricia Hannah CLARKE, nee GREENE {UK} (F: 1919 Jul 29 - 2010 Jan 28)

Pauline (Hilda) CLARKE, Mrs HUNTER BLAIR {UK} (F: 1921 May 19 - 2013 (wrongly 1982) Jul 23)
(&ps: Pauline HUNTER BLAIR; Helen CLARE)
	The Pekinese Princess [f|1948]
	The Great Can [f|1952]
	The White Elephant [f|1952]
	Merlin's Magic (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1953]
	Five Dolls In A House (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1953]
	Smith's Hoard (aka: The Golden Collar) (aka: Hidden Gold) [f|1955]
	Five Dolls And The Monkey (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1956]
	Sandy The Sailor [f|1956]
	The Boy With The Erpingham Hood [f|1956]
	Five Dolls In The Snow (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1957]
	James The Policeman [f|1957]
	Poems From Sherwood Forest (ps: Helen CLARE) [p|1959]
	Five Dolls And Their Friends (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1959]
	James And The Robbers [f|1959]
	Torolv The Fatherless [f|1959]
	Seven White Pebbles (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1960]
	The Lord Of The Castle [f|1960]
	The Robin Hooders [f|1960]
	Keep The Pot Boiling [f|1961]
	James And The Smugglers [f|1961]
	Silver Bells And Cockle Shells [f|1962]
	The Twelve And The Genii (US: The Return Of The Twelves) [f|1962]
	Five Dolls And The Duke (ps: Helen CLARE) [f|1963]
	James And The Black Van [f|1963]

Peter CLARKE {UK} (M: c1940 - ?)

Peter Dooyentate CLARKE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
I	Origin And Traditional History Of The Wyandotts.. (anon) [b|1870]

Peter (Hugh) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1933 Mar 18 - 2014 Dec 11)

Peter J CLARKE (M: ? - ?)

Phyllis Comyn CLARKE, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	From The Canadian Prairies.. [p|1940]

Rebecca Sophia CLARKE (F: 1833 Feb 22 - 1906 Aug 16)
(ps: Sophie MAY)
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14202	(Little Prudy's) Sister Susy [f|1864]
25484	(Little Prudy's) Captain Horace [f|1864]
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27321	(Little Prudy's) Fairy/Story Book [f|1865]
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20699	Dotty Dimple At Her Grandmother's [f|1868]
16383	Dotty Dimple Out West [f|1868]
25396	Dotty Dimple At Home [f|1868]
10320	Dotty Dimple At Play [f|1869]
	Dotty Dimple At School [f|1869]
19247	Dotty Dimple Flyaway [f|1869]
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25507	Little Grandmother [f|1872]
25481	Little Grandfather [f|1873]
	Miss Thistledown [f|1873]
	Our Helen [f|1874]
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	Doctor Papa [f|1877]
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	Janet [f|1882]
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	Flaxie Growing Up [f|1884]
	Drone's Honey [f|1887]
	In Old Quinnebasset [1891]
	Wee Lucy [f|1894]
	Jimmy Boy [f|1895]
	Kyzie Dunlee [f|1895]
	Pauline Wyman [f|1897]
	The Campion Diamonds [f|1897]
	Wee Lucy's Secret [f|1899]
14608	Jimmy, Lucy, And All [f|1900]
	Lucy In Fairyland [f|1901]
	Joy Bells [f|1903]

Renee CLARKE (F: ? - ?)
	Turbulent Term [f|1948]

Richard CLARKE (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

Richard Cambridge CLARKE {UK} (M: 1909 - ?)

Fr(SJ), Richard Frederick CLARKE (M: 1839 Jan 24 - 1900 Sep 10)

Sir, Richard William Barnes CLARKE, aka Otto CLARKE {UK} (M: 1910 Aug 13 - 1975 Jun 21)
(ps: INGOT)
	The Socialisation Of Iron And Steel [n|1936]
	The Economic Effort Of War [n|1939]

Robert CLARKE (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

Robert CLARKE {UK} (M: 1949 - living 2022)
(ps: Oz CLARKE)

Robert Coningsby CLARKE {UK} (M: 1879 Mar 17 - 1934 Jan 2)

Robert Lewis CLARKE {US} (M: 1920 Feb 27 - 2005 Mar 22)
	Afro-American History [n|?]

Robin Harwood CLARKE {UK} (M: 1937 Oct 19 - ?)

Roger Geoffrey CLARKE {UK} (M: 1952 Jul 8 - 2007 Jan 28)

Sir, Rupert Turner Havelock CLARKE, 2nd Bt {AU} (M: 1865 Mar 16 - 1926 Dec 25)

Sir, Rupert William John CLARKE, 3rd Bt {AU} (M: 1919 Nov 5 - 2005 Feb 4)

Rev, Samuel CLARKE (M: 1675 Oct 11 - 1729 May 17)
	Boyle Lectures [e|1704-05]
	A Demonstration Of The Being And Attributes Of God [n|1705]
	A Discourse Concerning The Unchangeable Obligations..Religion [n|1706]

Samuel Belcher CLARKE {US} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: A Policy HOLDER)
	What Is The Dividend Principle Of The Mutual Life Insurance.. [n|c1905]

Sarah CLARKE, nee SUMMERS {US} (F: 1844 - ?)
	Then We Came To California.. (w Ralph LeRoy MILLIKEN) [a|1938]

Sister, Sarah CLARKE {IE} (F: 1919 Nov 17 - 2002 Feb 4)

Sarah Jane CLARKE (F: 1823 - 1904)

Sarah Jones CLARKE {US} (F: 1840 Sep 12 - 1929)
(ps: Penn SHIRLEY)

Sebastian CLARKE {TT} (M: 1948 - ?)

Sidney Wrangel CLARKE {UK} (M: 1864 Jun 19 - 1940 Jul 12)
	The Evolution Of Drama [n|1890]
	The Miracle Play In England [n|1897]
	The Law Of Small Holdings In England And Wales [n|1908]
	The Bibliography Of Conjuring And..Deceptions (w Adolphe BLIND) [n|1920]
	The Annals Of Conjuring From The Earliest Times To The Present [n|1929]

Somers CLARKE {UK} (M: 1841 Jul 22 - 1926 Aug 31)
	Christian Antiquities In The Nile Valley [n|1912]
	Ancient Egyptian Masonry, The Building Craft (w Reginald ENGELBACH) [n|1930]

Stephen CLARKE {UK} (M: 1958 Oct 15 - living 2022)
(&ps: Paul WEST)

Stuart Roy CLARKE {UK} (M: c1961 - ?)

Suzanna CLARKE, nee ? {NZ} (F: ? - ?)

Sydney Middleton CLARKE {UK} (?: 1895 Oct 22 - 1970)

Thomas CLARKE (M: ? - ?)
R	Avondale [f|1874]

Thomas Ernest Bennett CLARKE {UK} (M: 1907 Jun 7 - 1989 Feb 11)
	Go South - Go West [1932]
	Jeremy's England [f|1934]
	Cartwright Was A Cad [f|1936]
	Two And Two Make Five [f|1938]
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Col, Thomas Henry Matthews CLARKE {UK} (M: 1869 Jun 15 - 1941 Mar 4)
	Sanitary Work In Crete [n|?]

Mayor, Thomas Kingston CLARKE {UK} (M: 1862 Jun 21 - buried 1941 Dec 10)
	Men V Devils [1901]
	The 'Widda-Man' [f|1907]

Thomas Wood CLARKE (M: 1878 - 1959)
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Tom(=Thomas) CLARKE {UK} (M: 1884 Jun 6 - 1957 Jun 18)
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	Marriage At 6 Am [n|1934]
	Brian [b|1935]
	Round The World With Tom Clarke [n|1937]
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	The Word Of An Englishman [n|1943]
	The Devonshire Club [n|1944]
	Journalism [n|1946]
	Northcliffe In History [n|1949]
          Living Happily With A 'Heart, N' 1954

Tom CLARKE {UK} (M: 1918 Nov 7 - 1993 Jan 15)

Tom Eugene CLARKE {US} (M: 1915 Dec 16 - 1996 Jul 13)
	Alaska Challenge [n|1959]
	The Puddle Jumper [1960]

Violet Alice CLARKE, nee PRESS {CA} (F: c1867 - ?)
	The Vision Of Democracy.. [p|1919]

Mrs W N CLARKE, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	The New Song.. [p|1883]

W W CLARKE {CA} (?: ? - ?)

Wilfred CLARKE {US} (M: 1867 - 1945 Apr 27)

William CLARKE (M: 1800 - 1838 Jun 17)
	Every Night-Book [1827]
	The Boys' Own Book [n|1828]
	Three Courses And A Dessert [1830]

William CLARKE {UK} (M: 1908 - ?)

Rev, William Branwhite CLARKE (M: 1798 Jun 2 - 1878 Jun 16 or 17)
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	Carmen Exequiale [p|1821]
	The River Derwent [p|1822]
	Recollections Of A Visit To Mont Blanc [p|1828]
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	Plain Statements And Practical Hints..Gold In Australia [n|1851]
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	Remarks On The Sedimentary Formations Of New South Wales [n|1867/?/?/78]

William Bruce CLARKE (M: c1850 - 1914 Mar 25)
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	The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Diseases Of The Kidney.. [n|1886]
	The Meaning Of A Modern Hospital [n|1904]
	Handbook Of The Surgery Of The Kidneys [n|1911]

William Dixon CLARKE {US} (M: 1927 Dec 28 - 1974 Jan 10)
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	The Young Pathfinder's Book Of Oceans, Streams And Glaciers [n|1961]

William Eagle CLARKE {UK} (M: 1853 Mar 16 - 1938 May 10)
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	Bartholomew's Physical Atlas, v5 - Zoo-geography (w ?) [n|1911]
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William Elijah CLARKE {UK} (M: 1878 - ?)
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	Elementary Practical Botany [n|1908]
	Elementary Rural Science And Gardening [n|1908]
	Why [n|1909]
	Preliminary Certificate Biology [n|?]

William F CLARKE (M: 1896 - ?)

William Fairlie CLARKE (Jr) (M: 1833 - 1884 May 8)

Rev, William Fletcher CLARKE (M: 1824 Mar 31 - 1902 Sep 25)
	'In Memoriam' [b|c1863]

Canon, William Kemp Lowther CLARKE {UK} (M: 1879 Dec 16 - 1968 Apr 8)
(ps: W K L C)
	Facing The Facts [n|1911]
	St Basil The Great [b|1913]
	The Lausiac History Of Palladius [n|1918]
	A Short History Of SPCK [n|1919]
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	Divine Humanity [n|1936]
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	The Catechism Explained (anon) [n|1937]
	Could God Become Flesh? [n|1940]
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	Spiritualism And Psychical Research (anon) [n|1941]
	Eighteenth Century Piety [n|1944]
	Concise Bible Commentary [n|1952]
	A History Of The SPCK [n|1959]

William Malpas CLARKE {UK} (M: 1922 Jun 5 - 2011 Apr 23)
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	The City In The World Economy [n|1965/67]
	Inside The City [n|1979/83]
	How The City Of London Works [n|1986/?/?/?/?/2004]
	The Secret Life Of Wilkie Collins [b|1988/2004]

Rev, William Newton CLARKE (M: 1841 - 1912)
	Sixty Years With The Bible [a|1912]

William Reginald Eric CLARKE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
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Lady, Edna CLARKE HALL, nee WAUGH {UK} (F: 1879 Jun 29 - 1979 Nov 16)
	Poems [p|1926]
	Facets [1930]

Sydney CLARKE-HOOK, originally Sydney Clarke HOOK {UK} (M: 1857 - 1923 Aug 14)
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Lucy Gertrude CLARKIN, nee KELLEY {CA} (F: 1876 (or 1877) Nov 1 - 1947 Feb)
	Way O' Dreams [p|1922]
	Poems [p|1947]

Charles Tempest CLARKSON (M: c1835 - 1890)
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Edith Margaret CLARKSON {CA} (F: 1915 Jun 8 - 2008 Mar 17)
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	The Creative Classroom [n|1958]

Geoffrey Peniston Elliott CLARKSON {UK/US?} (M: 1934 May 30 - ?)
	Portfolio Selection [n|1962]
	The Theory Of Consumer Demand [n|1963]

George Arthur CLARKSON (M: 1814 - 1897 Jul 18)

Helen CLARKSON (see: Helen (Worrell Clarkson) McCLOY)

J F CLARKSON (see: Edwin Charles TUBB)

Jeremy (Charles Robert) CLARKSON {UK} (M: 1960 Apr 11 - living 2022)

Prof, Jesse Dunsmore CLARKSON {US} (M: 1897 Aug 6 - 1973 Sep)
	Labour And Nationalism In Ireland [n|1925]
	War As A Social Institution (jt ed) [n|1941]

Ormand CLARKSON (see: Gladwell (Grady) RICHARDSON)

Paul Stephen CLARKSON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	A Bibliography Of William Sydney Porter (O Henry) [n|1938]

Robert H CLARKSON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Tenth Anniversary Sermon..St James Church, Chicago [n|1859]

Rev, Thomas CLARKSON (M: ? - 1738)
	Nature .. Of Rite Of Confirmation [n|1728]

Thomas CLARKSON (M: 1760 Mar 28 - 1846 Sep 26)
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10633	The History Of The Rise..Abolition..Slave-Trade.. [2v|n|1839]
	Strictures On A Life Of William Wilberforce [n|?]

William CLARKSON (M: 1817 Dec 2 - 1897 Dec 14)

Prof, Peter John Bell CLARRICOATS {UK} (M: 1932 Apr 6 - 2020 Jan 17)
	Microwave Ferrites [n|1960]

Robert CLARSON-LEACH (M: 1917 - ?)
	Berlioz [b|?]
	Massacre At Alamein? [?]

Anna CLARY, nee LATHROP {US} (F: 1859 - ?)
	Reminiscences.. [a|1937]

Dexter CLARY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	History Of The Churches And Ministers..Of Wisconsin [n|1861]

Julian CLARY {UK} (M: 1959 May 25 - living 2022)

Sydney Ann CLARY, aka COOK {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Sherry CARR; Sara CHANCE; Lacey DANCER)

Clyde Burt CLASON {US} (M: 1903 Dec 16 - 1987 Jul 12)
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	The Purple Parrot [f|1937]
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Rev, Paul Dudley CLASPER {US} (M: 1923 Jan 9 - 2011 Oct 29)
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	The New Missionary's New Relationships [n|1960]
	Evangel And Evangelist [n|1961]
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Olive CLASSE, nee JACOBS {UK} (F: 1924 Nov 24 - ?)

Carl Joachim CLASSEN {DE} (M: 1928 Aug 15 - 2013 Sep 29)
	Sprachliche Deutung Als Triebkraft..Philosophierens [n|Ge-1959]
	Untersuchungen Zu Platons Jagdbildern [n|Ge-1960]

Ernest CLASSEN (M: 1881 - ?)

Lilian CLATTEN {US} (F: 1882 Nov 19 - 1951 Feb 25)
(ps: Margaret MAYO)
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859	Polly Of The Circus [d|1908]
860	Baby Mine [d|1911/reg:1924]
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	Crippled Hearts (w Aubrey KENNEDY) [d|1923]
	Dolly (w Aubrey KENNEDY) [d|1923]
	White Way (w Aubrey KENNEDY) [d|1923]
	The Queen Gambles (w Aubrey KENNEDY) [d|1923]
	Twin Beds [d|1931]
	Cyprienne [d|1941]

Robert CLATWORTHY {UK} (M: 1928 Jan 31 - 2015 Mar 15)

Madame, CLAUDE (see: Fernande GRUDET)

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Pierre CLAUDE {FR?} (M: 1893 Jul 21 - 1951 Jun 9)

Prof, Richard Pierre CLAUDE {US} (M: ? - 2011 Mar 17)

Paul (Louis Charles Marie) CLAUDEL {FR} (M: 1868 Aug 6 - 1955 Feb 23)
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	L'Arbre [Fr-1900]
	L'Otage [Fr-?]
	Cette Heure Qui Est Entre Le Printemps Et L'Été [Fr-?]
	Art Poétique [Fr-?]
	L'Echange [d|Fr-?]
	  The Exchange [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) [pro:1915]
	Partage De Midi [Fr-?]
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	Seigneur, Apprenez-Nous À Prier, Christophe Colombe [Fr-?]
	Coronal [Fr-?] (tr Sister MARY DAVID) [1943]

Susan CLAUDIA (see: William (Joseph) JOHNSTON)


Claudius CLAUDIANUS, aka CLAUDIAN (M: 370 - c404)

CLAUDIUS Aelianus, aka AELIAN (M: c175 - c235)
	De Natura Animalium [n|La-?]

Eduard CLAUDIUS (see: Eduard SCHMIDT)

Erich CLAUDIUS {DE} (M: 1889 Jun 18 - c1949)
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Matthias CLAUDIUS (M: 1740 - 1815)

Quintus CLAUDIUS Quadrigarius (M: fl BC c100-78)

Françoise Caroline CLAUDIUS JACQUET De LA VERRYÈRE, 1:Mrs TÉRY, 2:Mrs d'ARDENNE De TIZAC {FR} (F: 1870 - 1950)
(ps: Andrée VIOLLIS)
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H CLAUREN (see: Wilhelm HAUFF)

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I	A Primer For The Use Of The Mohawk Children [n|1786]

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(&ps: Jan HYOENS; Dorothea van MALE; Thea STREINER)
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	Natuurgetrouw [s|Fl-1954]
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	Suiker [d|Fl-1958]
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Marshall Robert CLAUS {US} (M: 1936 Jun (or Jan) 28 - 1970 Nov 22)

CLAUSEN (see: Ernst Hermann ROTHE)

Carl CLAUSEN {DK/US?} (M: 1895 - 1954)
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Lowen CLAUSEN {US} (M: ? - ?)

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(ps: Agnes ZANCIG; Mrs Julius ZANCIG)
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Richard CLAUSSEN {DE} (M: 1892 May 29 - 1947 May 7)
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Antoni CLAVÉ {ES} (M: 1913 Apr 5 - 2005 Aug 30)

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Marcel CLAVEL {FR} (M: 1899 Jul 5 - 1986 Jan 12)
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	L'Ordre [Fr-1929]
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	L'Eau Et Le Feu [Fr-1960]
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Marcel CLAVEL / CLAVELLE {FR} (M: 1905 - 1988)
(ps: Marc LEPRÉVÔT; Jean REYOR)

Maurice CLAVEL (M: 1920 Nov 10 - 1979 Apr 23)

James CLAVELL (see: James Edmund du Maresq de CLAVELLE)

James Edmund du Maresq de CLAVELLE {UK/US:1963on} (M: 1924 Oct 10 - 1994 Sep 6 (or 7))
(ps: James CLAVELL)
	King Rat [f|1962]


Vere CLAVERING {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	A Modern Delilah [f|1888]
	Barcaldine [f|1889]
	Till The Great Assize [f|1890]
	A Harvest Of Tares [f|1891]
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Mrs, Mary CLAVERS (see: Caroline Matilda KIRKLAND)

Prof, Germain CLAVIEN {CH} (M: 1933 Oct 4 - 2012 Nov 18)

Francisco Javier CLAVIGERO (M: 1731 - 1787)
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Arturo CLAVIJO TISSEUR {CU} (M: c1895 - ?)

Fr(SJ), Christopher CLAVIUS (M: 1538 Mar 25 - 1612 Feb 12)
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Calvin C CLAWSON {US} (M: 1941 - 2012 Nov 11)
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Clayton Joseph CLAWSON {US} (M: 1916 Jul 4 - 2004 Jan 12)
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Hamilton Phelps CLAWSON {US} (M: 1892 Dec 27 - 1975 Apr)

John Lewis CLAWSON {US} (M: 1865 Mar 17 - 1933 Nov 27)

Rudger (Judd) CLAWSON {US} (M: 1857 Mar 12 - 1943 Jun 21)

Terry CLAWSON {UK} (M: c1940 - ?)

Adelaide (Sophia) CLAXTON, Mrs TURNER {UK} (F: 1841 - ?)
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Brooke CLAXTON {CA} (M: 1898 Aug 23 - 1960 Jun 13)
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Ernest Edward CLAXTON {UK} (M: 1900 Sep 27 - 1988 Mar 3)
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Laurence CLAXTON (M: ? - 1667)

Oliver CLAXTON (M: 1900 - 1959)
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	Methodical Nature Study [n|1911]
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	Cotton And The Spinner [n|1913]
	Wool And The Weaver [n|1913]
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777	The Mastery Of The Air [n|1915]
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William (James) CLAXTON {US} (M: 1927 Oct 12 - 2008 Oct 11)
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	Young Chet [n|?]
	Claxography [n|?]
	Steve McQueen [n|?]
	Jazzlife [n|?]

Prof, Albert Tobias CLAY {US} (M: 1866 Dec 4 - 1925 Sep 14)
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	Amurru, The Home Of The Northern Semites [n|1909]
	Documents From The Temple Archives Of Nippur..Cassite Rulers [n|1912]
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11000	An Old Babylonian Version Of The Gilgamesh Epic (w M JASTROW) [n|1920]
	A Hebrew Deluge Story In Cuneiform [n|1922]
	The Origin Of Biblical Traditions [n|1923]

Alice CLAY {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	The Agony Column Of 'The Times', From 1800 To 1870 [n|?]

Alison CLAY (see: Henry John KEEVILL)

Sir, Arthur Temple Felix CLAY, 4th Bt {UK} (M: 1842 Dec 9 - 1928 Mar 18)
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Arundel Spencer CLAY {UK} (M: 1891 Feb 2 - 1982 Mar 19)
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Beatrice CLAY (F: ? - ?)
	A General Cookery Book [n|1931/1957]
	General Housewifery [n|1932]

Beatrice (Elizabeth) CLAY (F: ? - ?)
15551	Stories From Le Morte D'Arthur And The Mabinogion [s|1901]
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	Stories Of King Arthur And The Round Table [1905]
	A Holiday Engagement (w Claribel SPURLING) [1913]
	Plays From The Arabian Nights (w Claribel SPURLING) [1913]
	The Magic Mirror [1921]

Bertha M CLAY (see: Charlotte Mary BRAME)

Bertha M CLAY (see: Frederic Van Rensselaer DEY)

Bertha M CLAY (see: Alice Mangold DIEHL)

Bertha M CLAY (see: (George William) Gilbert PATTEN)

Bertha N CLAY (ps) {US} (?: ? - ?)
	Foiled By Love [f|1893]
	The Kodak Woman [f|1894]

Rep, Brutus Junius CLAY (M: 1808 Jul 1 - 1878 Oct 11)
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Buriel CLAY, III {US} (M: 1943 Nov 11 - 1978 May 27)

Maj-Gen, Cassius Marcellus CLAY (Sr) (M: 1810 Oct 19 - 1903 Jul 22 (or 2))
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Cassius Marcellus CLAY, II {US} (M: 1895 Mar 2 - 1959 Nov 26)
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	What Shall We Do About The Railroads? [n|1939]

Cassius Marcellus CLAY, Jr {US} (M: 1942 Jan 17 - 2016 Aug 3)
(ps: Muhammad ALI)
	The Greatest [a|?]

Cecil CLAY (M: 1842 Feb 13 - 1907 (wrongly 1903) Sep 23)
	Family Of Clay Of New Castle, Delaware And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [b|1895]
	Personal Narrative Of The Capture Of Fort Harrison [n|1891]

Cecil (Jalland Page) CLAY {UK} (M: c1847 - 1920 May 26 (wrongly 25))

Dr, Charles CLAY (M: 1801 Dec 27 - 1893 Sep 19)
	Geological Sketches And Observations On Fossil Vegetable.. [n|1839]
	The Results Of..Extirpation Of Diseased Ovaria.. [n|1842]
	History Of The Currency Of The Isle Of Man [n|1849]
	Observations On The Term Of Utero-Gestation [n|1855]
	The Complete Handbook Of Obstetric Surgery [n|1856/70/74]

Charles CLAY (M: ? - ?)
	Geological Sketches And Observations [n|1839]
	Collections Of American Coins, Tokens, Medals, Bills [n|1866]
	Currency Of The Isle Of Man, From Its Earliest..1840 [n|1869]

Charles CLAY {CA} (M: 1906 - 1980)
	A Truly Remarkable Experience [f|1936]
	Young Voyageur [f|1938]
	Swampy Cree Legends (w KUSKAPATCHEES, the Smoky One) [s|1938/78]
	Fur Trade Apprentice [f|1940]
	Phantom Fur Thieves [f|1944]
	Muskrat Man [f|1946]

Charles CLAY (M: ? - ?)
	Long Live The Queen [n|1953]

Charles Felix CLAY {UK} (M: 1861 Nov 5 - 1947 Feb 16)

Charles John Jervis CLAY {UK} (M: 1910 Mar 19 - 1988 Jun 1)

Charles M CLAY (see: (Cynthia) Charlotte Moon CLARK)

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Clement Claiborne CLAY (Jr) (M: 1816 Dec 13 - 1882 Jan 3)
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	President's Veto Message [n|1854]
	Speech..On The Contest In Kansas.. [n|1856]
	Speech..Depredations Of The Creek Indians In 1836 [n|1856]
	Speech On The Bill To Admit Kansas [n|1858]
	Speech..To Repeal The Fishing Bounties [n|1858]
A	Speech (Of Hon C C Clay Jr) On Slavery Issues.. [n|1859]
	Invasion Of Harper's Ferry [n|1859]

Judge, Clement Comer CLAY (M: 1789 Dec 17 - 1866 Sep 7)

Comer CLAY {US} (M: 1910 Dec 22 - 2006 Feb 3)

Dempsey CLAY (see: Paul WHEELAHAN)

E Jefferson CLAY (see: Paul WHEELAHAN)

Enid CLAY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Sonnets And Verses [p|1925]
	The Constant Mistress [p|1934]
	Smiling Woman [p|1958]

Ewart CLAY (M: 1913 Jul 3 - 2003 Apr 15)
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Sir, (George) Felix (Neville) CLAY, 5th Bt {UK} (M: 1871 Nov 24 - 1941 Nov 11)
	Modern School Buildings [n|1902/06/1929]
	The Origin Of The Sense Of Beauty [n|1908]

Frederick E CLAY (M: 1838 Aug 3 - 1889 Nov 24)

Henry CLAY (M: 1777 Apr 12 - 1852 Jun 29)
739	Henry Clay's Remarks In House And Senate [n|?]

Sir, Henry CLAY {UK} (M: 1883 May 9 - 1954 Jul 30)
	Economics [n|1916]
	The Problem Of Industrial Relations.. [e|1929]
	The Post-War Unemployment Problem [n|1929]
	Lord Norman [b|1957]

Henry Ebenezer CLAY (M: 1844 - 1896 Dec 27)
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	Westralian Poems [p|1907]
	Poems (ed S E BROOKING) [p|1910]

Henry Hull/Hurrell CLAY {UK} (M: 1882 Mar 12 - 1971 Jan 15)
	The Sanitory Inspectors Handbook [n|?]

James CLAY (see: Jim MEALS)

James CLAY (M: 1804 - 1873 Sep 26)
(ps: J C)

Rev, John CLAY (M: 1796 May 10 - 1858 Nov 21)
	Twenty-Five Sermons [e|1827]
	Burial Clubs And Infaticide In England [n|1854]
	A Plain Address To Candidates For Confirmation [n|1866]

John CLAY (M: 1821 - 1894 Jun 26)
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John CLAY {UK/US?} (M: 1851 - 1934)
I	New World Notes:..Journeyings In America And Canada [n|1875]
	Old Days Recalled [a|1915]
	My Recollections Of Ontario [a|1918]
	My Life On The Range [a|1924]

John Cecil CLAY (M: ? - ?)
23681	Cupid's Almanac And Guide To Hearticulture.. (w Oliver HERFORD) [1908]
23614	Happy Days (w Oliver HERFORD) [p|1917]

Mrs John M, CLAY, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
R	What Will The World Say? [f|1873]

John Wood CLAY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Lewis CLAY {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Gen, Lucius DuBignon CLAY {US} (M: 1897 Apr 23 - 1978 Apr 16)
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Lady, Margaret CLAY, nee BARCLAY (F: 1849 - 1915 (wrongly 1914) Dec 25)
	A Stranger In A Strange Land [f|1882]
	Failure And Fortune In Farming (w Mrs WILLATS) [n|1883]

Dame, Marie Mildred CLAY, nee IRWIN {NZ} (F: 1926 Jan 3 - 2007 Apr 13)

Mary CLAY (see: Linda TUCK-JENKINS)

Norman Llewellyn CLAY {UK} (M: 1905 Apr 22 - 1991 May 19)
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	The Young Writer [n|1930]
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	Dialogues For Discussion [n|1945]
	Record And Report [n|1947]
	Straightforward English [n|1949]
	This Half Century (ed) [p|1950]
	Prose And Verse To Study [n|1952]
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	Six Plays For Girls [d|1957]
	All Aboard.. [d|1959]
	Deerslayer.. [d|1961]
	The London Bridge Book Of Verse (ed) [p|1962]

Reginald Stanley CLAY {UK} (M: 1868 Dec 28 - 1954 Apr 10)
	Practical Exercises In Light [n|1902]
	Treatise On Practical Light [n|1911]
	The History Of The Microscope.. (w Thomas H COURT) [n|1932]

Rita CLAY, Mrs ESTRADA {US} (F: 1941 Jul 31 - ?)
(&ps: Rita Clay ESTRADA; Tira LACY; Linda King LADD)

Roberta (Louise) CLAY {US} (F: 1900 Dec 30 - 1974 Feb 16)

Theresa CLAY (F: ? - ?)
	Fleas, Flukes & Cuckoos (w Miriam ROTHSCHILD) [n|1952]

Trevor Reginald CLAY {UK} (M: 1936 May 10 - 1994 Apr 23)

Rev, Walter Lowe CLAY (M: c1832 - 1875 Sep 16)

Weston CLAY (see: Thomas W FORD)

Sir, William CLAY, 1st Bt (M: 1791 Aug 15 - 1869 Mar 13)

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	Private Prayers Put Forth By Authority..Queen Elizabeth (ed) [n|1851]
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Virginia (Caroline) (1:Mrs)CLAY-CLOPTON, nee TUNSTALL (F: 1825 Jan 15 - 1915)
T	A Belle Of The Fifties: Memoirs Of Mrs Clay Of Alabama [a|1904]

Anna CLAYBOURNE {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Casey CLAYBOURNE (see: Casey MICKLE)

Sir, Andrew (Moynihan) CLAYE {UK} (M: 1896 Jul 18 - 1977 Feb 25)
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Arthur William CLAYDEN {UK} (M: 1855 Dec 12 - 1944 Feb 21)
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Peter William CLAYDEN (M: 1827 Oct 20 - 1902 Feb 19)
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	Rogers And His Contemporaries [n|1889]
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James CLAYFORD (see: Erolie Pearl GADDIS)


CLAYMORE (see: Hugh Desmond CLEVELY)

Agnes Mary CLAYPOLE, Mrs MOODY {UK/US?} (F: 1870 Jan 1 - 1954 Aug 29)

Prof, Edith Jane CLAYPOLE (F: 1870 Jan 1 - 1915 Mar 27)

Prof, Lawrence Leonard CLAYPOOL {US} (M: 1907 Dec 30 - 1987 Oct 25)

Edward CLAYSON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: An Only Free MAN in a Penal Colony)
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Adam (Charles) CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1960 Mar 13 - living 2022)

Albert Edmund CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1886 Oct 16 - 1963)
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Barbara CLAYTON (see: Barbara LITTLEFIELD)

Belva CLAYTON {US} (F: ? - ?)

Bernard CLAYTON, Jr {US} (M: 1916 Dec 25 - 2011 Mar 28)
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Buck CLAYTON (see: Wilbur Dorsey CLAYTON)

Cecil CLAYTON {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Effie's Game [f|1872]
	Azalea [f|1876]

Rev, Charles CLAYTON (M: 1813 Jul 13 - 1883 Oct 21)

Colin Guy CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1936 Nov 5 - ?)

Cyril James CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1900 Jul 24 - buried 1960 Feb 1)
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Devon (Charles) CLAYTON {US} (M: 1961 May 24 - 1996 Apr (or May) 24)

Donna CLAYTON (see: Donna FASANA)

Douglas CLAYTON (M: ? - ?)
(ps: D C)
	A Dictionary Of Music Terms (anon) [n|1932]

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Prof, Frederick William CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1913 Dec 13 - 1999 Dec 8)
(ps: Frank CLARE)
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Prof, George Scott CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1922 Jul 15 - 2002 Apr 16)

Henry Helm CLAYTON {US} (M: 1861 Mar 12 - 1946 Oct 27)
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James Edwin CLAYTON {US} (M: 1929 Nov 14 - 2017 Oct 16)

(Patricia) Jo CLAYTON {US} (F: 1939 Feb 15 - 1998 Feb 13)

John CLAYTON (see: Henry Bertram Law WEBB)

Rev, John CLAYTON (M: 1709 Oct 9 - 1773 Sep 25)
	Friendly Advice To The Poor [n|1755]

John CLAYTON (M: c1820 - 1861 Sep 14)

Rev, John CLAYTON (M: 1780 May 13 - 1865 Oct 3)

John CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1885 - 1939)
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	Dew In April [f|1934]
	The Anger Of The North [f|1936]
	The Silver Swan [f|1939]

John CLAYTON {US} (M: 1892 Dec 1 - 1979 Jul 4)

John Bell CLAYTON {US} (M: 1906 Oct 8 - 1955 Feb 10)
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	Wait, Son, October Is Near [f|1953]
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Joseph CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1868 Apr 28 - 1943 Nov 19)
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Lawrence (Ray) CLAYTON {US} (M: 1938 Apr 21 - 2000 Dec 31)

Louisa CLAYTON (F: ? - ?)
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	Loving Messages [e|1885]
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7786	The One Great Reality [n|1916]
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Lucy CLAYTON (see: Evelyn Florence GORDINE)

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Sir, Stanley (George) CLAYTON {UK} (M: 1911 Sep 13 - 1986 Sep 12)

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Anna CLEARY (F: ? - ?)

Beverly (Atlee) CLEARY, nee BUNN {US} (F: 1916 Apr 12 - 2021 Mar 25)
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(ps: Juan NOA)
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(Leroy) Eldridge CLEAVER {US} (M: 1935 Aug 31 - 1998 May 1)

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Nancy CLEAVER (see: Evelyn (Margaret Elizabeth) Craw MATHEWS)

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(Thomas) Reginald CLEAVER, aka Reginald (Thomas) CLEAVER {UK} (M: 1864 - 1954 Dec 15 (wrongly 5))
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CLEDLYN (see: David Rees DAVIES)

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Sir, Alec(=Alexander) (Bradshaw) CLEGG {UK} (M: 1909 Jun 13 - 1986 Jan 20)

Douglas CLEGG {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Mary CLELAND (see: Margaret WELLS)

Morton CLELAND (see: James Alan RENNIE)

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Ernst CLEMENS (see: Ernst (Otto) BLECH)


Jeremiah CLEMENS (M: 1814 Dec 28 - 1865 May 21)
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CLEMENT, of Llanthony or Gloucester (M: ? - c1190)

(Thomas) Aeron CLEMENT {UK} (M: 1935 Jan 30 - 1989 Jan 8 (wrongly 1))

Charles (Alfred) CLEMENT {US} (M: 1921 Aug 15 - 1981 Jul)

Clara (nee?)Erskine CLEMENT, 2:Mrs WATERS (F: 1834 Aug 28 - 1916)
	Simple Story Of The Orient [1869]
	Legendary And Mythological Art [n|1871]
	Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers, And Their Works [n|1874]
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12045	Women In The Fine Arts, From The Seventh Century BC.. [n|1904]

Clarence Elbert CLEMENT {US} (M: 1883 Nov 15 - 1968 Feb 6)
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Claude CLEMENT (M: ? - ?)
	Thoughts In Verse (w others) [p|1855]

Edward Henry CLEMENT {US} (M: ? - ?)
32951	The Bull-Run Rout: Scenes Attending The..In The Civil War [n|1909]

Ernest Wilson CLEMENT {US} (M: 1860 Feb 21 - 1941 Mar 11)
	Handbook Of Modern Japan [n|1903]
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	Christianity In Modern Japan [n|1905]
	Hildreth's Japan As It Was And Is [n|1906]
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	A Short History Of Japan [n|1915]
	Constitutional Imperialism In Japan [n|1916]
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	Numerical Categories In Japanese [n|1927]

Eugène CLÉMENT (M: ? - ?)
L	Manuel Du Cotillon [n|Fr-c1895]

Frantz CLEMENT {DE} (M: 1882 Nov 3 - 1942 (wrongly 1943) Jun 2)
	Das Literarische Frankreich Von Heute [n|Ge-1925]

H Don CLEMENT (M: ? - ?)
	Folk Tales From The Sinhalese (anon) [s|1914]

Hal CLEMENT (see: Harry Clement STUBBS)

Jean-Pierre CLÉMENT (M: 1809 Jun 2 - 1870 Nov 8)
27215	Histoire De La Vie Et De L'Administration De Colbert [n|Fr-1846]
	Le Gouvernement De Louis XIV [n|Fr-1848]
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	Alfred Lemoine, M De Silhouette, Bouret.. [n|Fr-1872]

Jesse CLEMENT {US?} (M: ? - ?)
A	Noble Deeds Of American Women (ed) [b|?/1851]

Prof, John Addison CLEMENT {US} (M: 1875 May 19 - 1947 Nov 1)
	The Standardization Of The Schools In Kansas [n|1911]
	Curriculum Making In Secondary Schools [n|1923]
	Principles And Practice Of Secondary Education [n|1925]
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	Manual For Analyzing And Selecting Textbooks (jt ed) [n|1942]

Joyce CLEMENT {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Silhouette [p|1953]

Lewis H CLEMENT {US} (M: 1864 Jul 30 - 1946 Mar 28)

Luo CLEMENT (?: ? - ?)
	The Ancient Science Of Numbers [n|1909]

Marguerite CLEMENT (F: ? - ?)
	Once In France [s|1927]

Olivier-Maurice CLÉMENT {FR} (M: 1921 Nov 17 - 2009 Jan 15)
	Roots Of Christian Mysticism [n|?]
	The Spirit Of Solzhenitsyn [n|?]
	Taize [n|?]
	Three Prayers [n|?]

Pierre-Louis CLÉMENT (M: ? - ?)
	Montgofières [n|Fr-?]

Peter CLEMENT {US} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Priscilla (nee)Ferguson CLEMENT {US} (F: 1942 Jan 12 - 2015 May 6)
	Blood On The Path [f|?]

René CLÉMENT {FR} (M: 1913 Mar 18 - 1996 Mar 17)
	Bataille Du Rail (w C AUDRY) [Fr-1947]

Samuel Spottford CLEMENT {US} (M: 1861 - ?)
T	Memoirs Of Samuel Spottford Clement..Slavery And Freedom [a|1908]

William Henry Pope CLEMENT {CA} (M: 1858 May 13 - 1922 May 3)

William James CLEMENT (M: 1804 - 1870 Aug 29)

Edward CLEMENT-DAVIES, aka Clement Edward DAVIES {UK} (M: 1884 (or 1882 or 1886) Feb 19 - 1962 Mar 23)

Carmen (Cristina) CLEMENTE TRAVIESO {VE} (F: 1900 Jul 24 - 1983 Jan)

Aldo CLEMENTI {IT} (M: 1925 May 25 - 2011 Mar 3)

Armin CLEMENTI (see: Hermann Klemens KOSEL)

Sir, Cecil CLEMENTI {UK} (M: 1875 Sep 1 - 1947 Apr 5)
	Cantonese Love Songs [1904]
	Summary Of Geographical Observations..Kashgar To Kowloon [n|1911]
	The Chinese In British Guiana [n|1913]
	Pervigilium Veneris [1928]
	Elements In Analysis Of Thought [n|?]
	A Constitutional History Of British Guiana [n|1937]


Vladimír CLEMENTIS {CS} (M: 1902 Sep 20 - 1952 Dec 3)
	Usmernované Slovensko [n|Cz-1942]
	Medzi Nami A Madarmi [n|Cz-1943]
	Panslavizmus Kedysi A Teraz [n|Cz-1943]
	Slováci A Slovanstvo [n|Cz-1943]
	Ceskoslovenská Zahranicná Politika [n|Cz-1945]
	Slovanstvo Kedysi A Teraz [n|Cz-1946]
	Odkazy Z Londýna [n|Cz-1947]

Abigail CLEMENTS (see: Alison SCOTT & Clement Lister (Freestone) SKELTON)
	Highland Fire [f|?]
	The Sea-Harrower [f|?]
	Christabel's Room [f|?]

Andrew (Elborn) CLEMENTS {US} (M: 1949 May 29 - 2019 Nov 28)
(&ps: Andrew ELBORN)

Judge, Arthur Frederick CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1877 Jan 21 - 1968 Jan 20)
	Tudor Translations [1940]

Arthur L CLEMENTS {US} (M: 1932 Apr 15 - 2004 Feb 22)

Bernard CLEMENTS (see: William Dudley CLEMENTS)

Colin (Campbell) CLEMENTS {US} (M: 1894 (wrongly 1895 or 1899) Feb 25 - 1948 Jan 29)
	Pirates.. [d|pub:1917]
	The Touchstone.. [d|pub:1919]
	A Book Of Prayers For Boys [n|1922]
	Plays For A Folding Theatre [d|1923]
	Four Who Were Blind [d|1923]
	Job [d|1923]
	Tea And Conversation [d|1923]
	Curtain [1925]
	Sea Plays [d|1925]
	Cherry Blossom River [1925]
	All On A Summer's Day [1926]
	They Do Not [1926]
	Across The Border [1927]
	On The Lot [1928]
	Love In A French Kitchen (w J Monk SAUNDERS) [1928]
	Boy Through The Window [1928]
	All On A Summer's Day And Six Other Plays (w Florence RYERSON) [d|1928]
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	Seven Suspects (w Florence RYERSON) [1930]
	This Awful Age (w Florence RYERSON) [1930]
	Fear Of Fear (w Florence RYERSON) [1931]
	Diana Laughs (w Florence RYERSON) [1932]
	Wild Oats (w Florence RYERSON) [1933]
	Blind Man's Buff (w Florence RYERSON) [1933]
	Shadows [1934]
	The Borgia Blade [1937]
	Ladies Alone [d|1938]
	First Person Singluar [d|1937]
	Angels Don't Marry [d|1938]
	Isn't Nature Wonderful [d|1938]
	June Mad [d|1939]
	Through Th Enight [d|1940]
	Winnie Weeks [d|1940]
	Glamour Preferred [d|1941]
	Ever Since Eve [d|1941]
	Harriet (w Florence RYERSON) [d|1943]
	Spring Green [d|1944]
	The Divine Flora [1947]
	Columbine [?]
	The Seige [?]
	Yesterday [?]
	Moon Tide [?]
	Gammer Gurton's Needle [?]

Dudley Murfee CLEMENTS {US?} (M: 1889 - ?)
	Plans And Procedures In The Program For Emergency..Teachers [n|1933]

Edith (Gertrude) CLEMENTS, nee SCHWARTZ {US} (F: 1874 Oct 5 - 1971 Jun 30)
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	Rocky Mountain Flowers (w Frederic E CLEMENTS) [n|1913]
	Flower Families And Ancestors (w Frederic E CLEMENTS) [n|1928]

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	Let Him Die [1939]

Ellen Catherine CLEMENTS, nee SCOTT {UK} (F: 1920 Nov 29 - 1990 Jan)
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L	Plant Succession: An Analysis Of The Development Of Vegetation [n|1916]
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	The Phylogenetic Method In Taxonomy (w HALL) [n|1923]
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	Phytometer Method In Ecology (w GOLDSMITH) [n|1924]
	Plant Succession And Indicators [n|1928]
	Flower Families And Ancestors (w Edith CLEMENTS) [n|1928]
	Plant Ecology (w J E WEAVER) [n|1929]
	The Genera Of Fungi (w C L SHEAR) [n|1931]

Frederick Moore CLEMENTS {AU} (M: 1859 Mar 14 - 1920 Aug 17)
	Some Faces And Phases Of Clem [1921]

Gladys Agnes CLEMENTS, 1:Mrs SHARP, 2:Lady SETON {UK} (F: 1906 Apr 10 - 2010 Nov 1)
(ps: Julia CLEMENTS)
	Fun With Flowers [n|1950/1956]
	101 Ideas For Flower Arrangement [n|1953]
	Party Pieces [n|1960]
	Fun Without Flowers [n|1961]
	ABC Of Flower Arranging [n|1963]
	Flowers In Praise [n|?]
	The Art Of Arranging A Flower [n|?]

Julia CLEMENTS (see: Gladys Agnes CLEMENTS)

Keith CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1913 May 9 - 2003 Nov 27)

Reginald F CLEMENTS {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Salisbury Plain.. [p|1917]

Rex(=Reginald) (Valentine) CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1885 Aug 31 - 1961 Jul 5)
	Havens And Horizons [p|1921]
	A Gipsy Of The Horn [1924]
	A Stately Southerner [1926]
	Manavilino [1928]
	Weardale Sketches [1932]

Richard (Harry) CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1928 Oct 11 - 2006 Nov 23)
	Glory Without Power [n|1959]

Robert Henry Martin CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1856 Apr 11 - 1944)
	Mate's Illustrated Tunbridge Wells [n|1906]

Prof, Robert John CLEMENTS {US} (M: 1912 Oct 23 - 1993 Sep 8)
	Critical Theory And Practice Of The Pleiade [n|1942]
	Platonism In French Renaissance Poetry (w Robert V MERRILL) [n|1957]

Ronald Ernest CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1929 May 27 - living 2022)

Rory CLEMENTS {UK} (M: c1960 - ?)

Rose A CLEMENTS {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	A Son Or Daughter As Desired (anon) [1922]

Teresa CLEMENTS {UK} (F: 1939 - 2007 Feb 18)
	Missionary Spirituality [n|?]

Thomas CLEMENTS {US} (M: 1898 Jun 7 - 1996 May 13)

Rev, William Dudley CLEMENTS {UK} (M: 1880 May 8 - 1942 Sep 13)
(ps: Bernard CLEMENTS)
	How To Pray [n|1929]
	Philip Cometh To Andrew [n|1930]
	Members Of Christ [n|1932]
	The Merchantman In Africa [n|1933]
	The Royal Banners [n|1934]
	The Precepts Of The Church [n|1936]
	When Ye Pray [e|1936]
	Learning To Be A Christian [e|1938]
	What Happens When I Die [e|1939]
	The Weapons Of A Christian [e|1940]
	A Monk In Margaret Street [n|1941]
	7.55 AM [e|1941]
	The Training Of An Apostle [e|1942]

Rev, Constantine CLEMENTSON {UK} (M: 1854 Dec 15 - 1901 Sep 14)

Ivor Malcolm CLEMITSON {UK} (M: 1931 Dec 8 - 1997 Dec 24)

Mary CLEMMER (F: 1839 May 6 - 1884 Aug 18)
R	His Two Wives [f|1875]

Gertrude CLEMMONS {US} (F: 1903 - ?)

Robert Starr CLEMMONS {US} (M: 1910 Oct 21 - 1995 Dec 11)
	Dynamics Of Christian Education [n|1958]
	Young Adults And The Churches [n|1959]

Ebenezer CLEMO (M: c1831 - 1860)
(ps: Maple KNOT)
	Canadian Homes [f|1858]
	The Life And Adventures Of Simon Seek [f|1858]

(Reginald) Jack(=John) CLEMO {UK} (M: 1916 Mar 11 - 1994 Jul 25)
	Wilding Graft [f|1948]
	Confession Of A Rebel [a|1949]

Prof, Peter Alan Martin CLEMOES {UK} (M: 1920 Jan 20 - 1996 Mar 16)

Clarence (Anicholas) CLEMONS (Jr) {US} (M: 1942 Jan 11 - 2011 Jun 18)

Elizabeth CLEMONS (see: Elizabeth CAMERON)

(William) Harry CLEMONS {US} (M: 1879 Sep 9 - 1968 Aug 30)
	The ALA In Siberia [n|1919]
	A Survey Of Research Materials In Virginia Libraries, 1936-37 [n|1938]

Judge, Samuel Houston CLEMONS {US} (M: 1924 Oct 5 - 2002 Mar 3)
(ps: Merle ELLIS)

Walter (Carl) CLEMONS, Jr {US} (M: 1929 (or 1930) Nov 14 - 1994 (wrongly 1964) Jul 6)
	The Poison Tree.. [s|1959]

Frank (later)Gerard CLEMOW {UK} (M: c1863 - 1939 Feb 25)
	The Cholera Epidemic Of 1892 In The Russian Empire [n|1893]
	The Medicinal Waters And Muds Of Russia [n|1897]
	Medicine Past And Present In Russia [n|1897]
	Des Formes Cliniques De La Peste [n|Fr-1900]
	Etude Sur La Défense Sanitaire Du Chemin De Fer Du Hedjaz [n|Fr-1910]
	The Geography Of Disease [n|1903]

Brig, John CLEMOW {UK} (M: 1911 Nov 9 - 2008 Nov 17)
	Short-Range Guided Weapons [n|1961]
	Missile Guidance [n|1962]

Katie(=Kay) CLEMSON, Mrs ALLAN {AU} (F: 1949 - 2007)

Clarence Clemons CLENDENEN {US} (M: 1899 Jun 8 - 1977 Nov 19)
	The Column From California [n|1953]
	The United States And Pancho Villa [n|1961]
	Clendenen Family Papers, 1855-1972 (ed) [n|?]

Prof, Frank Leslie CLENDENEN {US} (M: 1864 - 1940)
L	Prof Clendenen's Fashionable Quadrille Book.. [n|c1895]
L	Clendenen's Treatise On Elementary And Classical Dancing [n|1903]
L	The Art Of Dancing: Its Theory And Practice [n|1919]

Henry Wilson CLENDENIN {US} (M: 1837 Aug 1 - 1927)
	Autobiography.. [a|1926]

William Ritchie CLENDENIN {US} (M: 1927 Jul 23 - ?)
	Visual Aids In Western Music (2e w Louis TRZCINSKI) [n|1960]

Logan CLENDENING {US} (M: 1884 May 25 (or 24) - 1945 Jan 31)
	Modern Methods Of Treatment [n|1924]
	The Human Body [n|1927]
	The Care And Feeding Of Adults [n|1931]
	Behind The Doctor [n|1933]
	Source Book Of Medical History [n|1942]
	Methods Of Diagnosis [n|?]

Donn (Alvin) CLENDENON {US} (M: 1935 Jul 15 - 2005 Sep 17)

Alexander CLENDINEN (M: c1786 - 1861)

Alexander CLENDINEN (M: 1841 - 1891)

(James) Dudley CLENDINEN {US} (M: 1944 Aug 17 - 2012 May 30)

Angela CLENDININ, nee AARON (F: 1882 - ?)

Luke CLENNELL (M: 1781 Apr 8 - 1840 Feb 9)

Rev, Frank Harold CLEOBURY {UK} (M: 1892 Nov 6 - 1981 Mar 25)
	God, Man, And The Absolute [n|1947]
	The Armour Of Saul [n|1957]
	Christian Rationalism And Philosophical Analysis [n|1959]
	Liberal Christian Orthodoxy [n|1963]

CLEOFAS (see: James Edward NEILD)

CLEON (see: William Collin BROOKS)

Robert Coltman CLEPHAN {UK} (M: 1839 - 1922 Mar 22)

Irene (Amy) CLEPHANE {UK} (F: 1895 May 19 - 1982 Jan 29)
	Our Mothers (w Alan BOTT) [n|1932]
	Ourselves, 1900-1930 [n|1933]
	Towards Sex Freedom [n|1935]

Charly CLERC {CH} (M: 1882 Aug 15 - 1958 Oct 20)
	Jésus Et Marc-Aurèle [n|Fr-1907]
	La Crise De L'Enseignement Religieux [n|Fr-1913]
	Les Théories Relatives Au Culte Des..Auteurs Grecs.. [n|Fr-1915]
	Les Chemins Et Les Demeures [Fr-1920]
	Lettres Sur L'Esprit Romand [n|Fr-1921]
	La Trêve De Dieu [p|Fr-1923]
	Le Génie Du Paganisme [e|Fr-1926]
	Écrivains De Suisse Allemande [n|Fr-1929]
	Évolution De L'Esprit Romand [n|Fr-1933]
	Monsieur Providence [d|Fr-1935]
	Le Mouton Enragé [d|Fr-1936]
	Portrait De Philippe Bridel (1852-1936) [b|Fr-1938]
	Panorama Des Littératures Contemporaines De Suisse (w others) [n|Fr-1938]
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	La Journée Des Sept Démons Et Autres Contes [s|Fr-1956]

René (Desiderius) de CLERCQ {BE} (M: 1877 Nov 14 - 1932 Jun (or May) 12)

Mrs, (Ellen) CLERE, nee VAUGHAN {UK} (F: c1822 - ?)
	The Colonel's Daughters [1] [f|1858]
	The Apostles Of Jesus [n|1868]
	Bethlehem's Three Mothers, And The Soil They Trod [1872]
	Katherine Gordon [1874]
	The Latter Days Of Judah, And Her Fall [n|1876]
	Rhoda And Adela, The Colonel's Daughters [2e of 1] [f|1877]

Henry CLERE (M: ? - ?)
	English Grammar For Junior Classes (w Alexander M SHAW) [n|1864]

Rev, Henry CLERE / CLEARE (M: c1824 - 1887 Jun 29)
	The Death Of Clement Royds, Esq, High Sheriff Of Lancashire [b|1850]
	Sermons, Doctrinal And Practical [e|1853]

Jules CLERE (M: ? - ?)
	Histoire De L'École De La Flèche.. [n|Fr-1853]
	Les Hommes De La Commune [n|Fr-1871]
	Biographie Des Députés, Avec Leurs Principaux Votes.. [b|Fr-1875]

Mario CLERI (see: Mario PUZO)


CLERICUS (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	A Defence Of The Clergy Of The Church Of England [n|1786]

CLERICUS (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Progressive Democracy In Religion [n|1848]

Non CLERICUS (see: Robert COTTLE)

Glafkos John CLERIDES {CY} (M: 1919 Apr 29 - 2013 Nov 15)
	My Deposition [4v|a|1988-91]

E CLERIHEW (see: Edmund Clerihew BENTLEY)

Helen CLERGUE (F: ? - ?)
16661	George Selwyn: His Letters And His Life (w E S ROSCOE) [b|1899]
	The Salon [1907]

Lucien CLERGUE {FR} (M: 1934 Aug 14 - 2014 Nov 15)


A CLERGYMAN (ps of Miss, NEALE?) (F: ? - ?)
	The Servants Hall ('ed') [f|1849]
	Rhymes For Little Ones (anon) [p|1858]

CLERGYMAN (ps) (M: ? - ?)
I	Marriage With A Deceased Wife's Sister [n|1871]

A CLERGYMAN (ps) {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Antipodes [f|1855]

A CLERGYMAN (ps) {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Askerdale Park [f|1864]
	Out Of Charity [f|1868]

A CLERGYMAN (ps) {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Jottings From Memory [a|1870]

A CLERGYMAN of the Church of England (see: John Kipling QUARTERMAN)

A CLERGYMAN of the Church of England (see: Legh RICHMOND)

A CLERGYMAN of the Church of England (see: Mary Martha SHERWOOD)

A Country CLERGYMAN (see: Robert Augustus GORDON)

A Country CLERGYMAN (see: Thomas GWATKIN)

A Country CLERGYMAN (see: Thomas ZOUCH)

A Country CLERGYMAN (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Universal Redemption [n|1820]

A CLERGYMAN in Debt (see: Frederick William Naylor BAYLEY)

A CLERGYMAN of the Episcopal Church (see: John McNAMARA)

A CLERGYMAN of the Established Church, aka 'Hibernicus' (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Observations On The Progress Of Public Opinion..Ireland [n|1847]

A Working CLERGYMAN (see: Erskine NEALE)

Astley (Gunter) CLERK (M: 1868 May 11 - 1944 May 21 (or 20))

Carol (Elizabeth) CLERK, Mrs O'BRIEN {UK} (F: 1954 Oct 15 - 2010 Mar 13)

Sir, Dugald CLERK {UK} (M: 1854 Mar 31 - 1932 Nov 12)

E G CLERK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Rhymes Of Times And Climes [p|1929]

F V CLERK (M: ? - ?)
	A Manual Of The Lawngwaw Or Maru Language [n|1911]

John CLERK (M: fl late 15th cent)

Sir, John CLERK, 2nd Bt (M: 1676 - 1755)
	Historical View Of The Forms And Powers.. (w SCROPE) [n|1726]
	Dissertatio De Quibusdam Minumentis Romanis [n|La-1750]

Sir, John CLERK (M: 1728 Dec 10 - 1812 May 10)
	An Esssay On Naval Tactics [n|1790]
	System Of Seamanship, And Naval Tactics [n|1807]
	Series Of Etchings Chiefly Of Views In Scotland [n|1855]

John CLERK (M: 1816 Apr 16 - 1900 Apr 10)
	The Law And Practice Of Election Committees [n|1852]

John Frederic CLERK {UK} (M: 1848 - 1931 Apr 4)
	Canadian Edition Of The Law Of Torts [n|1908]

The Managing CLERK (see: Leopold SPERO)

Agnes Mary CLERKE (F: 1842 Feb 10 (or Jan 20) - 1907 Jan 20)
28247	Popular History Of Astronomy During The Nineteenth Century [n|1885/87/93/02]
	The System Of The Stars [n|1890/03]
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	(The Concise Knowledge) Astronomy (w A FOWLER & J E GORE) [n|1898]
	Problems In Astrophysics [n|1903]
	Modern Cosmogonies [n|1905]

Archdeacon, Charles Carr CLERKE (M: 1798 Dec 30 - 1877 Dec 24)

Ellen Mary CLERKE (F: 1840 Sep 26 (wrongly 20) - 1906 Mar 6)
	The Flying Dutchman.. [p|1881]
	Jupiter And His System [1892]
	Fable And Song In Italy [1899]
	Flowers Of Fire [f|1902]

Sir, William (Henry) CLERKE, 8th Bt (M: 1751 - 1818)
	Health Of The Poor [n|1790]

Catherine de CLERMONT (F: fl c1573)

Raymond CLERMONT {FR} (M: c1929 - ?)

Charles Simon CLERMONT-GANNEAU (M: 1846 Feb 19 - 1923)

Othenin (Bernard Gabrielle) de CLÉRON, Comte d'HAUSSONVILLE, aka Gabriel-Paul-Othenin de CLÉRON {FR} (M: 1843 Sep 21 - 1924 Sep 1)
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34872	Mme De La Fayette [b|Fr-1891]
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William Edward CLERY {UK} (M: 1861 - buried 1931 Oct 26)
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Janita CLEVE (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

John CLEVE (see: Andrew Jefferson OFFUTT)

John CLEVE (see: Dwight V SWAIN)

Lucas CLEVE (see: Mrs Howard, (Adeline Georgina Isabella) KINGSCOTE)

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(Francis) Les(=Leslie) CLEVELAND {NZ} (M: 1921 - 2014)
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Rev, Philip Jerome CLEVELAND {US} (M: 1903 Jun 1 - 1995 Feb 27)
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(Charles) Peter CLEVERLY (M: 1923 Apr 9 - 2002 Jun 4)

Ann CLEVES {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Marie CLÈVES, 1:Duchesse d'ORLÉANS, 2:Mrs de RABODANGES (F: 1426 Sep 19 - 1487 Aug 23)

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Jørgen (Hans) CLEVIN {DK} (M: 1920 Apr 24 - 1993 Aug 7)
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Ralph CLEWORTH {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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Rev, Thomas Ebenezer CLEWORTH (M: 1854 Apr 2 - 1909 Apr 5)

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Harry CLIFF {UK} (M: c1980 - living 2022)
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William CLIFF {BE} (M: 1940 Dec 27 - living 2022)

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Prof, Lionel (R) CLIFFE {UK} (M: 1936 - 2013)

Alexander Graeme CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1909 - 1952 Mar 13)
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Lady, Anne CLIFFORD, 1:Mrs SACKVILLE, Countess of DORSET, 2:Mrs HERBERT, Countess of PEMBROKE And MONTGOMERY (F: 1590 Jan 30 - 1676 Mar 22)

Arthur CLIFFORD (M: 1778 - 1830)

Arthur Edward CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1925 Oct 6 - 2010 Apr 24)
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Sir, Augustus William James CLIFFORD, 1st Bt (M: 1788 May 26 - 1877 Feb 8)

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Chandler Robbins CLIFFORD {US?} (M: 1858 - 1935)
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(ps: UMBRA)

Clark (McAdams) CLIFFORD {US} (M: 1906 Dec 25 - 1998 Oct 10)

Deborah Pickman CLIFFORD {US} (F: 1933 Mar 22 - 2008 Jul 25)


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Edward J CLIFFORD (M: ? - ?)
(ps: E J C)
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Ella CLIFFORD (see: Mrs George A, (Minnie E) PAULL)

Eth(=Ethel) CLIFFORD, originally FLIGELMAN, Mrs ROSENBERG {US} (F: 1914 or 1915 Dec 25 - 2003 Apr 1)
(&ps: Ruth Bonn PENN)
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Florence CLIFFORD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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Francis CLIFFORD (see: Arthur Leonard Bell THOMPSON)

Frank Sanford CLIFFORD (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Clifford, PERFUMER)
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Frederick CLIFFORD (M: 1828 Jun 22 - 1904 Dec 30)
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Gay (Allis Rose) CLIFFORD, Mrs ? {UK} (F: 1943 Jun 27 - 1998 Jul 22)

George CLIFFORD {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Graham Douglas CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1913 Feb 8 - 1989 Oct 22)
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Guy CLIFFORD (see: Arthur Guy ROBERTS)

Harold Burton CLIFFORD {US} (M: 1893 May 21 - 1988 (or 1987) Apr 12 (wrongly 11))
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Julian CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1877 Sep 28 - 1921 Dec 27)

Kay CLIFFORD (F: ? - ?)

Lilian CLIFFORD (see: Lilian Alleyne Estelle JACK)

Martin CLIFFORD (see: Charles Harold St John HAMILTON)

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Maurice CLIFFORD {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
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Max(=Maxwell) (Frank) CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1943 Apr 6 - 2017 Dec 10)

Sir, (Geoffrey) Miles CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1897 Feb 16 - 1986 Feb 21)

Prof, Paul Rowntree CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1913 Feb 21 - 2003 Jan 18)
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Peggy(=Margaret) (Cort) CLIFFORD {US} (F: 1929 Sep 20 - ?)

Read CLIFFORD (?: ? - ?)
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	Guard The Girl [f|1939]

Susan CLIFFORD (F: ? - ?)
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Susan (G) (nee)Sweetser CLIFFORD {US} (F: 1922 Dec 25 - 2010 Apr 6)

Timothy Peter Plint CLIFFORD {UK} (M: 1946 Jan 26 - ?)

Mrs W K, (Sophia Lucy Jane) CLIFFORD, nee LANE {UK} (F: 1846 (or 1849 or 1853) Aug 2 - 1929 Apr 21)
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William Hugh CLIFFORD, 10th Baron CLIFFORD of Chudleigh {UK} (M: 1858 Dec 17 - 1943 Jul 5)
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&	Elements Of Dynamic [n|1878]
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	Speed Mad [f|1936]
	The Case Of The Brass-Bound Chest (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1936]
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	The Stage Door Crime (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1936]
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	The Man From Moscow (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1937]
	Death Walks In (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1938]
	The Hire Purchase Crime (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1938]
	The Secret Of The Snows (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1938]
	The Secret Of The Sunken Ships (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1938]
	The Depository Mystery (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1939]
	The Monastery Mystery (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1939]
	The Mystery Of The Condemned Cottage (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1939]
	The Case Of The Man On Leave (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1940]
	The Riddle Of The Gas Meter (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1940]
	The Riddle Of The Murdered Fisherman (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1940]
	The Crime Of Corporal Sherwood (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1941]
	The Man From Norway (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1941]
	The Mystery Of The Hush-Hush Factory (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1941]
	The Riddle Of The Missing Fire Watcher (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1941]
	The Man Who Bailed Out (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1942]
	The Mystery Of The Underground Factory (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1942]
	The Paper Salvage Crime (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1942]
	The Silk Stocking Murders (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1942]
	The Victim Of The Combine (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1942]
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	The Man They Couldn't Buy (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1944]
	The Man Who Wouldn't Quit (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1944]
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	Previously Reported Missing - Now? (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1944]
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	Under Police Observation (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1945]
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	A Date With Danger (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1947]
	The Great Currency Racket (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1947]
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	The Riddle Of The Night Garage (ps: Gilbert CHESTER) [f|1949]

Katherine (nee)Potter CLIFFTON, 2:Mrs BRYANT {US} (F: 1912 Feb 2 - ?)
(&ps: Katherine Cliffton BRYANT)
	Business English In Practice (3e w Ralph S HANDY) [n|1963]

William CLIFFTON (M: 1772 - 1799 Dec)
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Charmian CLIFT, Mrs JOHNSTON {AU} (F: 1923 Aug 30 - 1969 Jul 8)
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	Mermaid Singing [n|1956]
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Eleanor CLIFT, nee ROELOFFS, 2:Mrs BRAZAITIS {US} (F: 1940 Jul 7 - living 2022)

Ken(=Kenneth) (Rochester) CLIFT {AU} (M: 1916 - 2009 (wrongly 1943))
	The Saga Of A Sig [a|?]
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Don CLIFTON {UK} (M: 1924 Feb 5 - 2003 Sep 14)
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Eugene CLIFTON (see: Jean ROWDEN)

George CLIFTON {NZ} (M: 1898 - 1970)
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Grace R CLIFTON, nee ? {US?} (F: ? - ?)
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John Talbot CLIFTON {UK} (M: 1868 Dec 1 - 1928 Mar 23)
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Lewis CLIFTON (see: Joseph J DILLEY & Lewis Clifton LYNE)

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Prof, Marguerite Ann CLIFTON {US} (F: 1925 Jul 17 - 2009 Sep 9)
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Mark (Irvin) CLIFTON {US} (M: 1906 - 1963)
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Myles CLIFTON (M: ? - ?)
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N Roy CLIFTON {UK} (M: 1908 - 1984)

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A CLIMBER (see: Geoffrey Winthrop YOUNG)

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A J CLINE (?: ? - ?)
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Ray Stiner CLINE {US} (M: 1918 Jun 4 - 1996 Mar 15)

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B West CLINEDINST {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Alfred CLINT (M: 1807 Mar 22 - 1883 Mar 22)

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(ps: Harold SAXON)
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William CLINT (M: ? - ?)
I	The Aboriginies Of Canada Under The British Crown [n|c1878]

CLINTON (see: Lafayette Rupert HAMBERLIN)

Alan (Michael) CLINTON {UK} (M: 1943 Jun 8 - 2005 Jan 10)

US Pres, Bill(=William) (Jefferson) CLINTON, originally BLYTHE {US} (M: 1946 Aug 19 - living 2022)

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A	A Winter From Home [?]

Charles Alexander CLINTON {US?} (M: 1865 - ?)
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Henry Fynes CLINTON (see: Henry FYNES)

Henry Lauren CLINTON (M: 1820 - 1899)
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Sen, Hillary (Diane) (nee)Rodham CLINTON {US} (F: 1947 Oct 26 - living 2022)

Iris A CLINTON (see: Iris CORBIN)


Jon CLINTON (see: Jack Harvey PRINCE)

Kate CLINTON {US} (F: 1945 - ?)

Lee CLINTON (see: Leigh (Clinton) ALVER)

Margery CLINTON {UK} (F: 1931 Sep 20 - 2005 May 18)

Matthew William CLINTON {US} (M: 1898 Jan 9 - 1977 Jul 30)

Thomas Patrick CLINTON {US} (M: 1859 Sep 1 - 1935 Mar 4)
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Rev, Graham William CLITHEROE {UK} (M: 1883 Sep 19 - 1968 Apr 30)

Sally CLITHERO (see: Myrtle ELY)

Rev, Archer CLIVE (M: 1800 Mar 16 - 1878 Sep 17)

(Mrs Archer), Caroline CLIVE, nee MEYSEY WIGLEY (F: 1801 Jun (or Jul) 30 (or 24) - 1873 Jul 14 (wrongly 11 or 13))
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Catherine CLIVE, aka Kitty CLIVE (F: 1711 - 1785)
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Clifford CLIVE (see: Charles Harold St John HAMILTON)

Dennis CLIVE (see: John (Francis) Russell FEARN)

John CLIVE (see: Clive John Frederick HAMBLEY)

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Lady, Mary (Katherine) CLIVE, nee PAKENHAM {UK} (F: 1907 Aug 23 - 2010 Mar 19)
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Nigel (David) CLIVE {UK} (M: 1917 Jul 3 - 2001 May 6)

Robert Henry CLIVE (M: 1789 Jan 15 - 1854 Jan 20)
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Evelyn (nee)Kimmel (1:Mrs)Campbell CLOAK {US} (F: 1907 Mar 9 - 1971 Oct 1)

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Flora (Louise) CLOMAN, nee SMITH, 1?:Mrs CLEMENT {US} (F: 1867 (or 1869) Dec 12 - ?)
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Nicholas John CLONES {US} (M: 1928 Nov 28 - 2011 Jun 11)
(ps: N I KLONIS)

Dennis (F) CLONTZ {US} (M: 1951 Apr 10 - 2004 Jun (wrongly Jul) 14)
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Jerry (M?) CLONTZ {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Jean CLOPINEL / CHOPINEL, aka JEAN de Meun/Meung (M: c1240 - c1305)
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Henry CLORISTON (see: William F HART)

Maud CLORLEY (see: Claude MORLEY)

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(Dennis) Brian CLOSE {UK} (M: 1931 Feb 24 - 2015 Sep 13)

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Alton CLYDE (see: Mrs, (Sarah Ann) ARNOLD)

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(ps: Janet BELL; Elizabeth KINSEY)
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Terence CLYNE (see: William Peter BLATTY)

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Michael CLYNES (see: Paul (C) DOHERTY)

Dr, Morris/Morys CLYNNOG (M: 1525 - 1581)