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David SKAE (M: 1814 Jul 5 - 1873 Apr 18)

Hilda T SKAE (F: ? - ?)
24725	Stories From English History [s|1907]
	The Song Of Hiawatha [1909]
30554	The Adventure League [f|?]

William H SKAGGS {US} (M: 1861 Sep 16 - 1947 Jan 19)
	German Conspiracies In America [n|1915]
	America And The War In Europe (ed) [n|1915]
	The Southern Oligarchy [n|1924]

Sir, Eric (Ommanney) SKAIFE {UK} (M: 1884 Oct 18 - 1956 Oct 1)
	A Short History Of The Royal Welch Fusiliers [n|1924]

Michael SKAKEL {US} (M: ? - ?)

Jan SKALA {DE} (M: 1889 Jun 17 - 1945 Jan 22)
	Skre [?-1923]
	Stary Šymko [?-1924]
	Die Nationalen Minderheiten Im Deutschen Reich.. (w J BOGENSEE) [Ge-1929]

Karlis SKALBE {LV} (M: J 1879 Oct 26 - 1945 Apr 14)
	Mans Ziemassvetku Brauciens [Lv-1933]
	Cietumnieka Sapni [p|Lv-?]

Egil SKALLAGRIMSSON (M: 900 - 983)

Gen, Stanislaw SKALSKI {PL} (M: 1915 Nov 27 - 2004 Nov 12)

Per SKANS {SE} (M: 1936 Nov 9 - 2007 Jan 26)

Hrabia, Fryderyk (Florian) SKARBEK (M: 1792 Feb 15 - 1866 Sep 25)

Yvonne SKARGON, Mrs COMMANDER {UK} (F: 1931 May 1 - 2010 Mar 16)

Ernst Teofil SKARSTEDT {US} (M: 1857 - 1929)
	Vagabond Och Redaktör.. [a|Sw-1914]

Prof, Malvin Olai SKARSTEN {US} (M: 1892 Sep 28 - 1993 Sep 30)

Prof, John Ray SKATES (Jr) {US} (M: 1934 Oct 14 - 2009 Feb 18)

Prof, John (Rattenbury) SKEAPING {UK} (M: 1901 Jun 9 - 1980 Mar 5)
	Animal Drawing [n|?]
	How To Draw Horses [n|?]
	The Big Tree Of Mexico [n|?]

Bertha Marian SKEAT {UK} (F: 1861 Dec 30 - 1948 Dec 2)
	Vox Clamantis [p|1918]
	A Public School Reciter [n|?]
	Specimens Of English Prose [n|?]
	Historical English Grammar [n|?]
	Persephone [d|?]

Francis W SKEAT (M: 1909 - ?)

Theodore Cressy SKEAT {UK} (M: 1907 Feb 15 - 2003 Jun 25)
	Fragments Of An Unknown Gospel (jt ed) [n|1935]
	Scribes And Correctors Of The Codex Sinaiticus (w H J M MILNE) [n|1938]

Rev, Walter William SKEAT (M: 1835 Nov 21 - 1912 Oct 6)
	Etymological Dictionary [n|1879-82/1910]
10625,&	A Concise Dictionary Of Middle English.. (w A L MAYHEW) [n|1888]
15755	English Dialects From The Eighth Century To The Present Day [n|1911]
36848	Lancelot Of The Laik [ME-?] (ed) [?]

Walter William SKEAT {UK} (M: 1866 Oct 14 - 1953 Jul 24)
	The Past At Our Doors [1911]

William James SKEAT (M: 1897 - ?)

Prof, Ernest Willington SKEATS {UK} (M: 1875 Nov 1 - 1953 Jan 20)
	Some Founders Of Australian Geology [n|1933]

Wilfred S SKEATS {CA} (M: ? - ?)
20939,I	The Song Of The Exile: A Canadian Epic [p|1891]

Caroline Anne James SKEEL {UK} (F: 1872 Feb 9 - 1951 Feb 25)

Frederik SKEEL-GIØRLING (M: 1876 - 1910)

Brig, Andrew SKEEN {ZW} (M: 1906 - 1984 May 11)

William SKEEN (M: ? - before 1913)
	Adam's Peak [n|1870]

Muriel (Hilda, wrongly Harvey) SKEET {UK} (F: 1926 Jul 12 - 2006 Nov 22)
	The Art Of Nursing, 1858 And 1978 [n|?]

Maxwell James SKEETERS {US} (M: 1902 Apr 1 - 1985 Sep)

Arthur Marten SKEFFINGTON {US} (M: 1890 Aug 28 - 1976 Mar 4)

Arthur Massey SKEFFINGTON {UK} (M: 1909 Sep 4 - 1971 Feb 18)

Francis (later)Sheehy SKEFFINGTON (M: 1878 Dec 23 - 1916 Apr 26)
	Democracy In Ireland Since 1913 [n|1917]

Hanna(=Johanna) (Mary) (nee)Sheehy SKEFFINGTON {IE} (F: 1877 May 26 - 1946 Apr 20)
	British Militarism As I Have Known It [n|1917]

Sir, Lumley St George SKEFFINGTON, 2nd Bt (M: 1771 Mar 23 - 1850 Nov 10)
	The Word Of Honour [d|pro:1802]
	The High Road To Marriage [d|pro:1803]
	The Sleeping Beauty [d|pro:1805]
	Maids And Bachelors [d|pro:1806]
	The Mysterious Bride [d|pro:1808]
	Bombastes Furioso [d|pro:?]
	Lose No Time [d|pro:?]

Thomas Clotworthy SKEFFINGTON (M: 1820 - 1862 Dec 20)

Sir, Norman John SKELHORN {UK} (M: 1909 Sep 10 - 1988 May 28)

Alice (Catherine) (nee)Fulton SKELSEY {US} (F: 1926 Jul 9 - 2007 Nov 13)

Barbara SKELTON, 1:Mrs CONNOLLY, 2:Mrs WEIDENFELD, 3:Mrs JACKSON {US?} (F: 1918 - 1996)
	A Young Girl's Touch [f|1956]

Betty SKELTON {US} (F: 1926 Jun 28 - 2011 Aug 31)
	Little Stinker [?]

Betty(=Elizabeth) (Clare) SKELTON, nee BUCKLAND {UK} (F: 1909 Jun 3 - 2006 Jan 20)

Clement Lister (Freestone) SKELTON {UK} (M: 1919 Aug 8 - 1979 Feb 5)
(&ps: Abigail CLEMENTS (2))
	Hardacre [f|?]
	Hardacre's Luck [f|?]
	The Maclarens [f|?]
	Sweethearts And Wives [f|?]
	Beloved Soldiers [f|?]

Prof, Christine SKELTON {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Maj-Gen, Dudley Sheridan SKELTON {UK} (M: 1878 - 1962 Mar 2)
	By Motor Through Ceylon [n|1903]
	This Amazing India [n|1904]

Geoffrey (David) SKELTON {UK} (M: 1916 May 11 - 1998 Dec 18)
	Wagner At Bayreuth [b|1965/76]

Mrs George, SKELTON, nee ? {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	How It Came To Pass [f|1871]

George James SKELTON (M: 1801 May 9 - 1868 May 11)

Mrs/Mme, (Henriette/Heneritte) SKELTON, nee HEDDERICH (F: 1839 Nov 5 - 1900 Aug 22)
	Grace Morton [f|1873]
	A Man Trap [s|1876]

Isabel SKELTON, nee MURPHY {CA} (F: c1880 - 1956 Aug 23)
	The Backwoodsman [n|1924]
	The Life Of Thomas D'Arcy McGee [b|1925]
	Isaac Jogues [b|1928]
	A Man Austere [b|1947]

John SKELTON (M: c1460 - 1529 Jun 21)
	The Bowge Of Courte [?]
	The Garlande Of Laurell [p|?]
	Phyllyp Sparowe [p|?]
	Collyn Cloute [p|?]
	Speke, Parrot [?]
	Why Come Ye Nat To Courte [?]
	The Tunning Of Elynour Rumming [p|?]
&	Magnyfycence [d|?]
	Ballade Of The Scottysshe Kynge [?]
	Collected Poetry [p|1568]
*	The Poetical Works Of John Skelton (ed DYCE) [2v|p|1843]

Sir, John SKELTON (M: 1831 Jul 18 (wrongly 31) - 1897 Jul 19)
(&ps: SHIRLEY; A Democratic TORY)
	Nugae Criticae [e|1862]
	Spring Songs (ed anon) [p|1865]
	Benjamin Disraeli: The Past And The Future (ps: A Democratic TORY) [b|1868]
	The Boarding-out Of Pauper Children In Scotland [n|1876]
	The Impeachment Of Mary Stuart, Sometime Queen Of Scots.. [b|1876]
	The Crookit Meg [f|1880]
	Essays Of Shirley [e|1882]
	Essays In Romance And Studies From Life [e|1883]
	Maitland Of Lethington And The Scotland Of Mary Stuart [n|1887-88]
	The Handbook Of Public Health [n|1890-91]
	The Local Government (Scotland) Act In Relation To Public Health [n|1890]
	Mary Stuart [b|1893]
	The Table Talk Of Shirley [e|1895]
	Summers And Winters At Balmawhapple [e|1896]

John Fawcett SKELTON {UK} (M: 1836 Oct 13 - ?)

John R SKELTON (see: Joseph Ratcliffe SKELTON)

Joseph SKELTON (M: 1785 - c1850)

Joseph (later)Ratcliffe SKELTON {UK} (M: 1865 - 1927 Nov 6)
(&ps: John R SKELTON)

Bp, Kenneth John Fraser SKELTON {UK} (M: 1918 May 6 - 2003 Jul 30)

Prof, Oscar Douglas SKELTON {CA} (M: 1878 Jul 13 - 1941 Jan 28)
	Socialism [n|1911]
	Economic History Of Canada Since Confederation [n|1913]
	The Railroad Builders [n|1914]
31041	The Day Of Sir Wilfrid Laurier: A Chronicle Of Our Own Times [b|1916]
30509	The Railway/Railroad Builders: A Chronicle Of Overland Highways [n|1916]
	The Life And Times Of Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt [b|1920]
2835	The Canadian Dominion: A Chronicle Of Our Northern Neighbor [n|1920]
k	Life And Letters Of Sir Wilfrid Laurier [2v|b|1921]
	Our Generation, Its Gains And Losses [n|1938]

Percival SKELTON {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Peter SKELTON {UK} (M: 1928 Dec - ?)
	The Charm Of Hours [1954]
	Animals All [1959]

Raleigh Ashlin SKELTON, aka Peter SKELTON {UK} (M: 1906 Dec 21 - 1970 Dec 7)
	The Vinland Map And The Tartar Relation (w others) [n|?]

Red SKELTON (see: Richard Bernard SKELTON)

Richard Bernard SKELTON {US} (M: 1913 Jul 18 - 1997 Sep 17)
(ps: Red SKELTON)

Prof, Robin SKELTON {CA} (M: 1925 Oct 12 - 1997 Aug 22 (wrongly Jun 19))
	Leeds University Poetry, 1949 (ed) [p|1950]
	Patmos.. [p|1955]
	Third Day Lucky [1958]
	Begging The Dialect [p|1960]
	The Dark Window [p|1962]

Antanas ŠKEMA {PL/US?} (M: 1911 - 1961)

Prof, Arthur Rowland SKEMP (M: 1882 - 1918 Nov 1)
	Nathanael Richards' 'Tragedy Of Messallina, The Roman Emperesse' [n|1908]
	Francis Bacon [n|1912]
	Guenevere [d|pro:1914]
	Robert Browning [n|1916]

Frank Whittingham SKEMP {UK} (M: 1880 Dec 13 - 1971 Jan 4)

John Rowland SKEMP {AU} (M: 1900 Jul 2 - 1966 (wrongly 1965) May 12)
	Memories Of Myrtle Bank [n|1952]
	Letters To Anne (ed) [n|1956]
	Tasmania Yesterday And Today [n|1959]
	Van Diemen's Land Correspondents (jt ed) [n|1961]

Prof, Joseph Bright SKEMP {UK} (M: 1910 May 10 - 1992 Oct 10)

(Benjamin) Rowland SKEMP {AU} (M: 1863 - 1947 Jan 7)
	Poems Of A Pioneer [p|1954]

Thomas Rowland SKEMP (M: 1851 - 1910 May 10)
	The D'Eyncourts Of Fairleigh [f|1872]
	Reediform Holm [f|1877]

Sir, Alec Westley SKEMPTON {UK} (M: 1914 Jun 4 - 2001 Aug 9)

Howard (While) SKEMPTON {UK} (M: 1947 Oct 31 - living 2022)

Alexander John SKENE (M: 1820 - 1894 Aug 22)
	Report On The Physical Character..Of Gippsland (w R B SMITH) [n|1874]

Alexander Johnstone Chalmers SKENE (M: 1837 - 1900)
	A Treatise On The Diseases Of Women, Their Symptoms And Treatment [n|1875]

Freiherr, Alfred von SKENE (M: 1849 - 1917)

Don SKENE {US} (M: c1898 - 1938 May 16)
	The Red Tiger [1934]

Felicia (Mary Frances) SKENE (F: 1821 May 23 - 1899 Oct 6)
(&ps: Erskine MOIR; OXONIENSIS; A Seven Years' RESIDENT in Greece)
	Isles Of Greece.. [p|1843]
	Wayfaring Sketches..Greeks And Turks (ps: A Seven Years' RESIDENT..) [n|1847]
	Use And Abuse (anon) [f|1849]
V	The Tutor's Ward (anon) [f|1851]
V	The Inheritance Of Evil; or,..Marrying A Deceased Wife's Sister [1849]
	St Alban's [f|1853]
V	Penitentiaries And Reformatories [n|1865]
	Hidden Depths (anon) [f|1866]
V	The Shadow Of Holy Week [n|1883]
	A Strange Inheritance [f|1886]
	The Lesters [f|1887]
	Through The Shadows: A Test Of The Truth (ps: Erskine MOIR) [f|1888]
V	Scenes From A Silent World; or, Prisons And Their Inmates [n|1889]
V	A Test Of The Truth (ps: OXONIENSIS) [n|1897]

Felix James Henry SKENE {UK} (M: c1863 - 1927 Mar 26)
	Liber Pluscardensis (ed) [2v|n|1877-80]

George SKENE (M: 1807 Oct 23 - 1875 Jan 2)

James SKENE (M: 1775 Mar 7 - 1864 Nov 27)

Prof, Macgregor SKENE {UK} (M: 1889 Oct 20 - 1973 Aug 8)

William Baillie SKENE (M: 1838 Apr 25 - 1911 Jun 10)

William Forbes SKENE (M: 1809 Jun 7 - 1892 Aug 29)

SKENE-DHU (see: Cecil Frederick Grant LANG)

Ineta SKEPPLE {AG} (F: ? - ?)
	Our Caribbean Heritage In Context [n|?]

Lucijan Marija ŠKERJANC {YU} (M: 1900 Dec 17 - 1973 Feb 27)

Frank W SKERRETT {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Rhymes Of The Rail [p|1920]
	Poems [p|1943]

Rachel Ellen SKERTCHLY, nee KEMP (F: 1847 - 1919)

Prof, Sydney Barber Josiah SKERTCHLY {AU} (M: 1850 Dec 14 - 1926 Feb 2)
	Colouration In Animals And Plants (w Alfred TYLOR) [n|1886]

A SKETCHER from Nature (see: Mary STANLEY)

Arthur SKETCHLEY (see: George ROSE)

Rev, Joseph Henry SKEWES (M: 1837 Apr 29 - 1898 Mar 18)

Francis W SKEY {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Red Riding-Hood [d|1854]

Frederick Carpenter SKEY (M: 1798 Dec 1 - 1872 Aug 15)

William SKEY (M: 1835 - 1900 Oct 4)
	The Pirate Chief; and The Mummy's Complaint..Zealandian Poems [p|1889]

Thomas John SKEYHILL {AU} (M: 1895 Jan 10 - 1932 May 22)
	Soldier Songs From Anzac [p|1916]
	A Singing Soldier [1919]
	Passing Shadows [d|?]
	Moon Madness [d|?]
	The Unknown [d|?]

Bruno (Ernst) SKIBBE {DE} (M: 1893 Nov 5 - 1964 Aug 14)
	Der Begriff 'Agrarökonomik' [n|Ge-1956]
	Über Die Landwirtschaft Im Neuen China [n|Ge-1957]
	China [n|Ge-1959]

Prof, Robert (Jacob Alexander) SKIDELSKY, (life) Baron SKIDELSKY of Tilton {UK} (M: 1939 Apr 25 - ?)

Simon Jascha SKIDELSKY {UK} (M: 1904 - 1948 Jul 26)
(ps: S J SIMON)
	A Bullet In The Ballet (w Caryl BRAHMS) [f|1937]
	Casino For Sale (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1938]
	The Elephant Is White (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1939]
	Don't Mr Disraeli (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1940]
	Envoy On Excursion (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1940]
	No Nightingales (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1944]
	Titania Has A Mother (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1944]
	Six Curtains For Stroganova (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1945]
	To Hell With Hedda! (w Caryl BRAHMS) [s|1947]
	No Bed For Bacon (w Caryl BRAHMS) [1948]
	Design For Bidding [1949]

Simon S SKIDELSKY {US} (M: 1862 - ?)
	The Tales Of A Traveler..Twenty-Eight Years On The Road [a|1916]

Henry Marvin SKIDMORE (M: 1880 - ?)

Hobert (Douglas) SKIDMORE {US} (M: 1909 (wrongly 1911) Apr 11 - 1969 Apr 2)
	Disturb Not Our Dreams [1947]

Hubert (Standish) SKIDMORE {US} (M: 1909 (wrongly 1911) Apr 11 - 1946 Feb 2 (wrongly 3))
	I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes [1936]
	Heaven Came So Near [1938]
	River Rising! [1939]
	Hill Doctor [1940]
	Hawk's Nest [f|1941]
	Hill Lawyer [1942]

Ian (Edward) SKIDMORE {UK} (M: 1929 May 16 - 2013 Oct 3)
	Forgive Us Our Press Passes [a|1983/2008]
	Escape From The Rising Sun [n|?]

Prof, Rex Austin SKIDMORE {US} (M: 1914 Dec 31 (wrongly Jan 1) - 1998 Jan 10)
	Mormon Recreation [n|1941]
	Building Your Marriage (w A S CANNON) [n|1951/?/64]

Warren SKIDMORE {US} (M: 1926 Jan 12 - 2013 Dec 21)

Frederick Woodward SKIFF {US} (M: 1867 Aug 12 (or Apr 11) - 1947 (wrongly 1919) Mar 15)
	Adventures In Americana [a|1935]
	Landmarks And Literature [n|1937]

Frederick John SKILL (M: 1824 - 1881 Mar 8)

Hugh SKILLEN {UK} (M: 1915 Aug 22 - 2004 Jan 4)

Prof, William Edward SKILLEND {UK} (M: 1926 Apr 26 - 2010 Feb 21)

Prof, Harold Gordon SKILLING {CA} (M: 1912 Feb 28 - 2001 Mar 2)
	Canadian Representation Abroad [n|1945]

Prof, Thomas SKILLING (M: ? - 1865)

Stephen Harry SKILLINGTON {UK} (M: 1875 May 12 - 1951 Jan 26)
	A History Of Leicester [n|1923]
	A Short History Of Leicester [n|1924]
	The Old Town Hall, Leicester (w Thomas Henry FOSBROOKE) [n|1925]
	The Certificates Of Three Leicester Gilds [n|1927]
	The Leicester Gild Of Tallow Chandlers [n|1929]
	The Trinity Hospital, Leicester [n|1931]
	Historical Guide To The City Of Leicester.. [n|1933]
	A Historical Guide To The City Of Leicester (w Colin D B ELLIS) [n|1933]
	Beaumanor And Its Lords And Their Connexions [n|1946]

George Robinson SKILLMAN (Sr) {US} (M: 1887 Aug 3 - 1964 Sep)
	Stammering, Its Cause And Cure [n|1919]

Sydney Fred SKILTON {UK} (M: 1905 Nov 29 - 1971 Jul 11)
	Aspirants To AAA And Empire Titles..1934 (ed) [b|1934]

Robert (Elwayne) SKIMIN {US} (M: 1929 Jul 30 - 2011 (wrongly 1990) May 9)

Eloise A SKIMINGS {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Golden Leaves [p|1904]

Herbert SKIMPOLE (see: Julius HERMAN)

Obediah SKINFLINT (see: Joel Chandler HARRIS)

Frederick William SKINNARD {UK} (M: 1902 Mar 8 - 1984 Aug 5)

Ada Maria SKINNER {US?} (F: 1878 - after 1949)
28308	The Children's Book Of Christmas Stories (jt ed) [s|1913]
34571	The Pearl Story Book:..Christmas, And New Year's Day (jt ed) [s|1919]
	A Very Little Child's Book Of Stories (w E L SKINNER) [s|1923]
	The Emerald Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	The Topaz Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	The Turquoise Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	Children's Plays (jt ed) [d|?]

Ainslee SKINNER (see: Paula GOSLING)

Rev, Albert James SKINNER {UK} (M: 1869 Nov 16 - 1949 Nov 9)
	The Popular Fox Terrier [n|1930]

Allen Maclean SKINNER (M: 1846 Mar 20 - 1901 Jun 14)
	The Eastern Geography [n|1884/92]

Prof, Andrew Forrester SKINNER {UK} (M: 1902 May 21 - 1995 Feb 13)
	Citizenship In The Training Of Teachers [n|1948]

Prof, Andrew Stewart SKINNER {UK} (M: 1935 Jan 11 - 2011 Nov 22)
	A System Of Social Science [n|1979/96]

(Harriet Jane) Annie(=Anne) (Barbara) SKINNER, Mrs McDONELL {UK} (F: c1852 - 1935 Aug 20)

Basil Chisholm SKINNER {UK} (M: 1923 Nov 7 - 1995 Apr 5)
	Burns Authentic Likenesses [b|?/1990]

Prof, Burrhus Frederic SKINNER {US} (M: 1904 Mar 20 - 1990 Aug 18)

Prof, Charles Edward SKINNER {US} (M: 1891 Apr 24 - 1983 Dec 20)
	Psychology For Teachers (w others) [n|1926/1933]
	Readings In Educational Psychology (jt ed) [n|1926/87]
	Playfellows (w M C GECKS & J W WITHERS) [n|1928]
	Friends To Make (w M C GECKS & J W WITHERS) [n|1928]
	Far And Near (w M C GECKS & J W WITHERS) [n|1928]
	Days And Deeds (w M C GECKS & J W WITHERS) [n|1928]
	Reader Manual For Story And Story Readers (w M C GECKS) [n|1928]
	The Treasure Box (w M C GECKS) [n|1928]
	Fifth Reader Manual For Story And Study Readers (w J WITHERS) [n|1929]
	Outline Of Materials, Major Objectives.. (w M C GECKS) [n|1929]
	Fact And Fancy (w J W WITHERS) [n|1930]
	Psychology For Religious And Social Workers (w Paul V WEST) [n|1931]
	Biological Foundations Of Education (w O CALDWELL & J TIETZ) [n|1931]
	Good Manners For Young Americans [n|1932]
	Readings In Psychology (jt ed) [n|1935]
	Educational Psychology (jt ed) [n|1936/1945/1951/1959]
	Readings In Educational Psychology (jt ed) [n|1937]
	An Introduction To Modern Education (jt ed) [n|1937]
	Psychology In Everyday Living (w others) [n|1938]
	Mental Hygiene In Modern Education (jt ed) [n|1939]
	Child Psychology, Child Development And Modern Education (jt ed) [n|1941]
	Psychology In Nursing Practice (w L L GREENWOOD & P L HARRIMAN) [n|1942]
	Elementary Educational Psychology (jt ed) [n|1945/1950]
	Psychology In Nursing Practice (2e w A V CROW & L D CROW) [n|1954]
	Essentials Of Educational Psychology (jt ed) [n|1958]

Charles Montgomery SKINNER (M: 1852 - 1907)
&	Little Gardens: How To Beautify City Yards.. [n|1904]
6615	Myths & Legends Of Our Own Land [n|1896]
24732	Myths & Legends Of Our New Possessions & Protectorate [n|1900]

Charles Rufus SKINNER {US} (M: 1844 Aug 4 - 1928 Jun 30)

Charles William SKINNER {UK} (M: 1895 Feb 5 - 1971 Mar 22)

Prof, Christopher John SKINNER {UK} (M: 1953 Mar 12 - 2020 Feb 21)

Conrad Arthur SKINNER {UK} (M: 1889 May 1 - 1975 Nov 21)
(&ps: Michael MAURICE)
	Prayer And Fatherhood Of God [n|1919]
	Not In Our Stars (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1923]
	Yesterday And To-day [n|1924]
	The Long Way Round (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1925]
	The Final Sentence (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1926]
	But In Ourselves (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1928]
	Concerning The Bible [n|1928]
	Blind Vision (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1929]
	Luther Wing (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1930]
	The Mocking Star (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1931]
	Importunate Questions [n|1932]
	Marooned (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1932]
	Frail Ghost (ps: Michael MAURICE) [f|1935]

Constance (Annie later)Lindsay SKINNER {CA/US?} (F: 1877 (or 1882) Dec 7 - 1939 Mar 27)
	Builder Of Men [1913]
	'Good Morning, Rosamund!' [f|1917]
	'Good Morning, Rosamund!' [d|1917]
3073	Pioneers Of The Old Southwest [1919]
	Adventures Of Oregon [1920]
	The Search Relentless [f|1925]
	Silent Scot, Frontier Scout [f|1925]
	Becky Landers, Frontier Warrior [1926]
	The White Leader [f|1926]
	Roselle Of The North [f|1927]
	The Tiger Who Walks Alone [f|1927]
	Andy Breaks Trail [f|1928]
	The Ranch Of The Golden Flowers [f|1928]
	Red Willows [p|1929]
	Red Man's Luck [f|1930]
	Songs Of The Coast Dwellers [p|1930]
	Debby Barnes, Trader [f|1932]
	Beaver, Kings And Cabins [1933]
	Rob Roy, The Frontier Twins [f|1934]

Cornelia Otis SKINNER, Mrs BLODGET {US} (F: 1899 (wrongly 1901) May 30 - 1979 Jul 9)
	Tiny Garments [e|1932]
	Excuse It, Please! [e|1936]
	Dithers And Jitters [e|1937]
	Soap Behind The Ears [e|1941]
	Our Hearts Were Young And Gay (w Emily KIMBROUGH) [a|1942]
	Popcorn [e|1943]
	That's Me All Over [e|1948]
	Family Circle (UK: Happy Family) [a|1948]
	Nuts In May [e|1950]
	Bottoms Up! [e|1955]
	The Ape In Me [e|1959]
	Elegant Wits And Grand Horizontals [n|1962]

Donal George SKINNER {UK} (M: 1904 Apr 29 - 1976 Jun 12)

Douglas Reid SKINNER {ZA} (M: 1949 - ?)

Edith (nee)Warman SKINNER {CA/US?} (F: 1904 Sep 22 - ?)
	Speak With Distinction [n|1942]

Eleanor Louise SKINNER {US?} (F: 1872 - after 1949)
(&ps: Eleanor M SKINNER)
	Tales And Plays Of Robin Hood [1915]
34571	The Pearl Story Book:..Christmas, And New Year's Day (jt ed) [s|1919]
	Child's Book Of Modern Stories (ps: Eleanor M SKINNER) (w A M SKINNER) [s|1920]
	A Very Little Child's Book Of Stories (w Ada M SKINNER) [s|1923]
	The Emerald Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	The Topaz Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	The Turquoise Story Book (jt ed) [s|?]
	Children's Plays (jt ed) [d|?]

Eleanor M SKINNER (see: Eleanor Louise SKINNER)

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William SKINNER (M: ? - ?)

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Maria SKOBTSOVA (see: Elizaveta Yurievna PILENKO)

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Karel (Václav) ŠKORPIL {BG} (M: 1859 May 15 - 1944 Mar 9)

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John/Johnn SKOT (M: 1521 - c1537)
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Petr SKRABANEK {CZ/SK?} (M: 1940 - 1994)

Stanislas SKRABEC (M: 1844 - 1918)

(Bertha) Amalie SKRAM (F: 1846 - 1905 or 1908)

Gabriele SKRBENSKY {DE} (F: 1898 Jul 5 - 1961 Jul 19)
(ps: Gabriele von SAZENHOFEN)

Fenwick SKRIMSHIRE (M: c1774 - 1855 Jun 11)

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Rev, John Huntley SKRINE {UK} (M: 1848 Apr 3 - 1923 May 8)
(ps: J H S)
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Rev, Francis SKURRAY (M: 1774 - 1848 Mar 10)

Joseph SKURRIE {AU} (M: 1858 Jan 8 - 1949 Dec 12)
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Gloria (Joan) SKURZYNSKI, nee FLISTER {US} (F: 1930 Jul 6 - living 2023)

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Karl Ludwig SKUTSCH {DE} (M: 1905 Jul 19 - 1958 Aug 18)
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Prof, Otto SKUTSCH {UK} (M: 1906 Dec 6 - 1990 Dec 8)

Halldor SKVALDRI (M: fl c1110)

Zdena ŠKVORECKÁ, nee SALIVAROVÁ {CZ} (F: 1933 Oct 21 - living 2022)

Josef (Vaclav) ŠKVORECKÝ {CZ} (M: 1924 Sep (or Jan) 27 - 2012 Jan 3)
(&ps: Jan ZÁBRANA)
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Kristen Ejner SKYDSGAARD {DK} (M: 1902 Nov 15 - 1990 Feb 9)

(Augustus Charles) Robin SKYNNER {UK} (M: 1922 Aug 16 - 2000 Sep 24)

Sir, (William) Thomas (Charles) SKYRME {UK} (M: 1913 Mar 20 - 2002 Jan 24)