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Erfyl FYCHAN (see: Robert William JONES)

Simwnt FYCHAN (M: 1546 - 1606)

Prof, Andrew FYFE (M: 1792 Jan 18 - 1861 Dec 31)

Bessie FYFE {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Christopher FYFE (M: 1929 - ?)

Christopher (Hamilton) FYFE {UK} (M: 1920 Nov 9 - 2008 Aug 26)
	A History Of Sierra Leone [n|1962/93]
	A Short History Of Sierra Leone [n|1962]

David Patrick Maxwell FYFE, 1st Earl of KILMUIR {UK} (M: 1900 May 29 - 1967 Jan 27)
	Monopoly [n|1948]

David Theodore FYFE {UK} (M: 1875 Nov 3 - 1945 Jan 1)
	Deeside Regional Planning Scheme (w Patrick ABERCROMBIE) [n|?]
	Hellenistic Architecture [n|1936]
	Architecture In Cambridge [n|1942]

Henry Hamilton FYFE {UK} (M: 1869 Sep 28 - 1951 Jun 15)
	A Player's Tragedy [f|1893]
	A Modern Aspasia [d|pro:1909]
	The Pool [d|pro:1912]
	The Borstal Boy [d|pro:1913]
	The Meaning Of The World Revolution [n|1920]
	The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory [d|1920]
	Twells Brex [1920]
	The Making Of An Optimist [n|1922]
	Behind The Scene Of The Great Strike [n|1926]
	The Religion Of An Optimist [n|1927]
	The British Liberal Party [n|128]
	Pinero's Plays And Players, 1930 [n|1930]
	Northcliffe [b|1930]
	Revolt Of Women [1933]
	Life Of T P O'Connor [b|1934]
	My Seven Selves [1936]
	Press Parade [1936]
	What Communism Means To-day [n|1937]
	The Illusion Of National Character [n|1940]
	But For Britain .. [n|1943]
	Britain's War-time Revolution [n|1944]
	The Most Civilized People In Europe [n|1948]
	A History Of The Next Hundred Years - Unless [n|1948]
	Sixty Years Of Fleet Street [a|1949]
	Poems In Praise Of Cats (ed) [p|1949]

Horace Brown/Browne FYFE {US} (M: 1918 Sep 30 - 1997 Nov 17)

James Gabriel FYFE {UK} (M: 1902 Jun 2 - 1949 Dec 30)
	Scottish Diaries And Memoirs (1550-1746) [n|1928]
	From Scotland's Past [n|1930]
	Scottish Diaries And Memories (1746-1900) [n|1931]
	A Book Of Sea Stories [s|1931]
	Games, Sports & Pastimes (anon) [n|1941]

James Hamilton FYFE (M: 1837 - 1880 Jun 5)
*	The Triumphs Of Invention And Discovery (In Art And Science) [n|1861]
	British Enterprise Beyond The Seas [n|1863]
	Merchant Enterprise [n|1864]

James J FYFE {US} (M: 1942 Feb 16 - 2005 Nov 12)

Margaret Mary Hamilton FYFE, Mrs MABEY {UK} (F: 1912 Jan 24 - 2005 May 5)
(ps: Mary HAMILTON)
	Janet Marriner [f|1961]

(Catherine) Maria FYFE {UK} (F: 1938 Nov 25 - 2020 Dec 3)

Muriel FYFE, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Adventures Of Peter [f|1933]
	Bingo [1934]
	Greystones Farm [f|1934]
	More About Greystones [f|1936]
	Mary Lee's Cottage [f|1936]
	The Stowaways [f|1937]
	Sally Travels To School [f|1937]
	Curious Kate [f|1946]
	Adventures Of Robert The Bruce [b|1951]
	Bobbin [1952]
	Four Bad Hens [1953]
	Bertie Butterbeak [1954]

Rev, Robert Alexander FYFE (M: 1816 - 1878 Sep 4)

Thomas Alexander FYFE {UK} (M: 1852 - 1928 Mar 13)
	The Law And Practice Of The Sheriff Court [n|?]
	The Bankruptcy Code (Scotland) [n|?]
	Employers And Workmen Under The Munitions Of War Acts [n|?]

Sir, William Hamilton FYFE {UK} (M: 1878 Jul 9 - 1965 Jun 13)

William Wallace FYFE (M: c1816 - 1867 Sep 25)

Caroline FYFFE (F: ? - ?)

Charles Alan FYFFE (M: 1845 Dec 3 - 1892 Feb 19)
6589	History Of Modern Europe, 1792-1878 [n|1896]

Rev, David FYFFE {UK} (M: 1866 Mar 2 - 1929 Jan 30)
	The Essentials Of Christian Belief [n|1912]

Patrick (John Nathaniel) FYFFE, aka Perri ST CLAIRE {UK} (M: 1942 Jan 23 - 2002 May 11)
(ps: Dame, Hilda BRACKET)


Frances FYFIELD (see: Frances HEGARTY)

Sarah FYGE, 1:Mrs FIELD, 2:Mrs EGERTON (F: 1670 - 1731)
(ps: A LADY in Vindication of Her Sex)
&	The Female Advocate; or, An Answer To A Late Satyr.. [n|1686/87]

Rose (Amy) FYLEMAN, originally FEILMANN {UK} (F: 1877 Mar 6 - 1957 Aug 1 (wrongly 2))
k	Fairies And Chimneys [p|1918]
	The Sunny Book [p|1918]
	The Fairy Queen [p|1919]
	The Fairy Flute [p|1921]
k	The Rainbow Cat.. [s|1922]
	The Rose Fyleman Fairy Book [p|1923]
	A Small Cruse [p|1923]
k	Forty Good-Night Tales [s|1923]
	Eight Little Plays For Children [d|pub:1924]
	The Adventure Club [1925]
	Fairies And Friends [p|1925]
	Forty Good Morning Tales [s|1926]
	Letty [1926]
	A Little Christmas Book [1926]
	The Katy Kruse Dolly Book [1927]
	A Princess Comes To Our Town [p|1927]
	The Rose Fyleman Calendar [p|1927]
	A Garland Of Roses [p|1928]
	Round The Mulberry Bush (ed) [1928]
	Seven Little Plays For Children [d|pub:1928]
	Old Fashioned Girls.. [p|1928]
	Gay Go Up [p|1929]
	Twenty Tea-Time Tales (US: Tea-Time Tales) [s|1929]
	The Dolls' House [1930]
	The Katy Kruse Play Book [1930]
	Fifty-One New Nursery Rhymes [p|1931]
	The Strange Adventures Of Captain Marwhopple [1931]
	The Easter Hare.. [s|1932]
	Jeremy Quince, Lord Mayor Of London [1933]
	The Princess Dances [1933]
	Nine New Plays For Children [d|pub:1934]
	Sugar And Spice (ed) [p|1935]
	A'Piping Again (ed) [p|1936]
	Six Longer Plays For Children [d|pub:1936]
	Here We Come A'Piping (ed) [p|1936-1937]
	Bells Ringing (ed) [p|1938]
	The Magic Pencil.. [d|pub:1938]
k	Folk-Tales From Many Lands [s|1939]
	The Spanish Cloak [d|pub:1939]
	Pipe And Drum (ed) [p|1939]
	Runabout Rhymes [p|1941]
	Timothy's Conjuror [1942]
	The Timothy Boy Trust [1944]
	Hob And Bob [1944]
	Adventures With Benghazi [1946]
	Number Rhymes [p|1946]
	The Smith Family At The Seaside [1947]
	The Smith Family In The Country [1947]
	The Smith Family In Town [1947]
	Nursery Stories [s|1949]
	Rhyme Book For Adam [p|1949]
	Over The Tree Tops (ed) [p|1949]
	Lucy The Lamb [1951]
	Neddy The Donkey [1951]
	The Sparrow And The Goat [1951]
	The Starling And The Fox [1951]
	White Flower [1953]

Franklin FYLES (M: 1847 Nov - 1911 Jul 4)

Rev, Thomas W FYLES {CA} (M: 1832 - 1921)
	Poems [p|1907]
	An Account Of The Early Days Of The Mission Of Iron Hill.. [n|1907]

Rev, Charles John FYNES (M: 1799 Apr 16 - 1872 Jan 10)
(ps: Charles John Fynes CLINTON)

Henry FYNES (M: 1781 Jan 14 - 1852 Oct 24)
(ps: Henry Fynes CLINTON)
	Fasti Hellenici [n|1824-51]
	Fasti Romani [n|1845-50]
	An Epitome Of..The Chronology Of Rome And Constantinople [n|1853]
	Literary Remains Of Henry Fynes Clinton (ed C J F CLINTON) [1854]

Randle FYNES (see: Randle Fynes Wilson HOLME)

Prof, Osbert Henry FYNES-CLINTON {UK} (M: 1869 Nov 9 - 1941 Aug 9)
	The Welsh Vocabulary Of The Bangor District [n|1913]

Henry Francis FYNN (M: 1803 - ?)
	Diary [a|1950]

Prof, Robert John FYNNE {UK} (M: 1880 May 14 - 1953 Jan 1)
	Montessori And Her Inspirers [n|1924]
	Modern Teaching (ed) [n|1937]

Boris (Grigoryevich) FYODOROV {RU} (M: 1958 Feb 13 - 2008 Nov 20)

Rev, Frederick FYSH (M: c1811 - 1867)

Sir, (Wilmot) Hudson FYSH {UK} (M: 1895 Jan 7 - 1974 Apr 6)
	Taming The North [n|1933]
	The Log Of The Astraea [n|c1933]

Anthony John Cedric FYSON {UK} (M: 1943 Feb 8 - ?)

Geoffrey Ford FYSON {UK} (M: 1892 - 1948 Jan 29)
	The Survivors.. [p|1920]
	Island Lights [p|1926]

Jenny Grace FYSON, nee HARRISON {UK} (F: 1904 Oct 3 (wrongly 4) - 1998 Aug 10)

Prof, Philip Furley FYSON {UK} (M: 1877 Apr 17 - 1947 Dec 26)
	Botany For India [n|?]
	The Indian Species Of Eriocaulon [n|1923]
	Flora Of The South Indian Hill Stations [n|1932]

Albert FYTCHE (M: 1820 - 1892 Jun 17)
	Burma, Past And Present [n|1878]

Maria Amelia FYTCHE {CA} (F: 1844 - 1927)
I	Kerchiefs To Hunt Souls [f|1895]
	The Rival Forts [f|1907]

Penny FYVEL (see: Ada Louise PHELPS)

T R FYVEL (see: Raphael Joseph FEIWEL)