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Sophie (Irvine) (nee)Fox SEA {US} (F: 1844 Mar 13 - 1922 May 27)
14897	That Old-Time Child, Roberta: Her Home-Life On The Farm [f|1892]

SEA-LION (see: Geoffrey Martin BENNETT)

SEA-WRACK (see: Edward Horace CREBBIN)

Prof, Glenn Theodore SEABORG {US} (M: 1912 Apr 19 - 1999 Feb 25)

Dr, Edwin SEABORN {CA} (M: 1872 - 1951)
	The March Of Medicine In Western Ontario [n|1944]

Abp, Robert Lowder SEABORN {CA} (M: 1911 Jul 9 - 1993 Feb 15)

Idris SEABRIGHT (see: Margery ST CLAIR)

John SEABRIGHT (see: Edwin Charles TUBB)

Peter (John) SEABROOK {UK} (M: 1935 Nov 2 - 2022 Jan 14)

William (Buehler) SEABROOK {US} (M: 1886 or 1884 Feb 22 - 1945 Sep 20)
	Diary Of Section VIII [1917]
	Adventures In Arabia [n|1927]
	The Magic Island [n|1929]
	Jungle Ways [n|1931]
	Air Adventure [n|1933]
	The White Monk Of Timbuctoo [1934]
	Asylum [a|1935]
	These Foreigners [n|1937]
	Witchcraft [n|1940]
	Modern Wizard Of The Laboratory [Robert W Wood] [b|1940]
	No Hiding Place [a|1942]
	Negroes In America [n|1944]

George Alfred SEABROOKE {UK} (M: 1923 Dec 8 - 2004 Apr 2)

Robert Elliott SEABROOKE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: R E S)
	The Mind Of A Man [n|1934]

Terry(=Terence) (Kenneth) SEABROOKE {UK} (M: 1932 Dec 26 - 2011 Jan 11)
	Seabrooke's Book [n|?]
	Beyond Compere [n|?]

David SEABURY {US?} (M: 1885 - 1960)
	Unmasking Our Minds [1924]

Joseph Bartlett SEABURY {US?} (M: 1843 - 1923)
(ps: His Father)
	The Vision Of A Short Life [b|1909]

Katharine Emerson Hovey SEABURY (F: 1877 - ?)

Prof, Paul SEABURY {US} (M: 1923 May 6 - 1990 Oct 17)
	The Wilhelmstrasse [n|1954]
	The Waning Of Southern 'Internationalism' [n|1957]
	Power, Freedom, And Diplomacy [n|1963]

Rev, Samuel SEABURY (M: 1706 Jul 8 - 1764 Jun 15)
	A Modest Reply To A Letter From A Gentleman.. [n|1759]

Bp, Samuel SEABURY (M: 1729 Nov 30 - 1796 Feb 25)
(&ps: A W[=Westchester] FARMER)
	The Congress Canvassed (ps: A W FARMER) [n|1774]
	..Controversy Between Great Britain And Her Colonies [n|1774]
	..On The Proceedings Of The Continental Congress [n|1774]
	An Alarm To The Legislature Of The Province Of New York [n|1775]
	Bishop Seabury's Second Charge [n|1786]
	An Address To The Ministers And Congregations.. [n|1790]
	A Discourse Delivered In St John's Church In Portsmouth [n|1791]
	Discourses On Several Subjects [3v|e|1791-98]
	A Discourse Delivered In St James' Church [n|1795]
	Discourses On Important Several Subjects [e|1798]
	Discourses On Several Subjects [e|1815]
	Bishops Seabury And Portens On Confirmation [n|1816]
	Letters Of A Westchester Farmer 1774-75 [n|1930]
	Miles To Go Before I Sleep [?]
	Samuel Seabury's Ungathered Imprints [e|?]

Rev, Samuel SEABURY (M: 1801 Jun 9 - 1872 Oct 10)
	On Christian Unity [n|1830]
	The Efficacy Of A Mother's Prayers [1833]
	A Brief View Of The Origins And Results Of Episcopacy.. [n|1836]
	Tribute To The Memory Of Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg [b|1837]
	The Relation Of The Clergy And Laity [n|1844]
	..Right To Trial Of The Rt Rev'd Ben T Onderdonk.. [b|1845]
	The Continuity Of The Church Of England In The 16th Century [n|1856]
	The Supremacy And Obligation Of Conscience [n|1860]
	American Slavery Distinguished From..English Theorists [n|1861]
	The Theory And Use Of The Church Calendar.. [n|1872]
	Discourses On The Holy Spirit [e|1874]

Judge, Samuel SEABURY {US} (M: 1873 Feb 22 - 1958 May 7)
	Answers To The Questions..University Of The State Of NY.. [n|1894]
	..Public Utilities In New York City [n|1905]
	The Law And Practice Of The City Of New York [n|1907]
	Two Hundred And Seventy-Five Years Of East Hampton.. [n|1926]
	Captain Henry Martin Beare (1760-1828) [b|1938]
	The New Federalism [n|1950]

Prof, Allen William SEABY {UK} (M: 1867 May 26 - 1953 Jul 28)
	Drawing For Art Students [n|1921]
	Skewbald, The New Forest Pony [1923]
	Lettering - The Roman Alphabet [n|1924]
	Art In Ancient Times [n|1928]
	Exmoor Lass.. [1928]
	Birds Of The Air [n|1931]
	Dinah, The Dartmoor Pony [1935]
	British Ponies [n|1936]
	Sons Of Skewbald [1937]
	Sheltie [1939]
	The White Buck [1939]
	The Ninth Legion [1943]
	Purkess The Charcoal Burner [1945]
	Alfred's Jewel [1948]
	Mona, The Welsh Pony [1949]
	Pattern Without Pain [1949]

Wilfred Arthur SEABY {UK} (M: 1910 Sep 16 - 1991 Oct 30)

Mary (Jane) SEACOLE, nee GRANT (F: 1805 Oct 14 (or May or Nov 23) - 1881 May 14)
23031	Wonderful Adventures Of Mrs Seacole In Many Lands [a|1857]

SEAFARER (see: Clarence Hedley BARKER)

SEAFARER (see: Capt, Walter MANNING)

SEAFARER (see: William Clark RUSSELL)

Caroline SEAFORD (see: Marjorie Grant COOK)

John Albert SEAFORD {US} (M: 1858 - 1936)
&	Boston, Its Byways And Highways [n|c1914]

SEAFORTH (see: George Cecil FOSTER)

Prof, (John) Allan SEAGER {US} (M: 1906 Feb 5 - 1968 May 10)
	Equinox [f|1943]
	The Inheritance [f|1948]

Charles SEAGER (M: 1808 - 1878 Sep 18)

Charles (Rushton) SEAGER {CA} (M: 1844 May 17 - 1938 (or 1939) Jan 24)
	A Handbook Of Procedure In Criminal Cases.. [n|1907]

Archdeacon, Edward Leslie SEAGER {UK} (M: 1904 Oct 5 - 1983 Nov 2)

Henry Rogers SEAGER {US} (M: 1870 Jul 21 - 1930 Aug 23)
	Introduction To Economics [n|1904]
	Social Insurance [n|1910]
	Practical Problems In Economics [n|1923]
	Principles Of Economics [n|1913/?/1923]
	Trust And Corporation Problems (w Charles Adams GULICK) [n|1929]
	Labor.. [e|1930]

Joan M SEAGER {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Green Leaves [p|1943]

Prof, Ralph William SEAGER {US} (M: 1911 Nov 3 - 2008 Apr 20)
	Songs From A Willow Whistle [p|1956]
	Beyond The Green Gate [p|1958]

Robert SEAGER, II {US} (M: 1924 Sep 12 - 2004 Jul 21)
	Readings In Western Civilization (jt ed) [e|1958]
	And Tyler Too [b|1963]
	Henry Clay And John Tyler (ed) [n|?]

William SEAGLE {US} (M: 1898 Jan 14 - 1977 Dec 31)
	To The Pure (w Morris L ERNST) [n|1928]
	Cato [1930]

Edward Brian SEAGO {UK} (M: 1910 Mar 31 - 1974 Jan 19)
	Circus Company [1933]
	Sons Of Sawdust [1934]
	Caravan [1937]
	Peace In War [1943]
	High Endeavour [1944]
	With The Allied Armies In Italy [n|1945]
	A Canvas To Cover [1947]
	Tideline [1948]
	With Capricorn To Paris [1956]

Prof, May Violet SEAGOE {US} (F: 1906 Feb 17 - 1980 Aug 11)
	The Teacher's Guide To The Learning Process [n|1956/1961]

Gordon Stifler SEAGRAVE {US} (M: 1897 Mar 18 - 1965 Mar 28)
	Waste-Basket Surgery [n|1930]
	Tales Of A Waste-Basket Surgeon [a|1938]
	Burma Surgeon [n|1943]
	Adventure In Burma Told In Pictures [n|1944]
	Burma Surgeon Returns [n|1945]
	My Hospital In The Hills [n|1955]
	The Life Of A Burma Surgeon (w Chester BOWLES) [a|1961]

Anne (Nott) SEAGRIM {UK} (F: 1914 May 2 - 2011 Aug 10)

Sir, Brajendranath SEAL (M: 1864 Sep 3 - 1938 Dec 3)

Marcus Larry SEALE, Jr {US} (M: 1923 Jan 31 - 2004 Dec 2)
(ps: Larry BUCHANAN)

Patrick (Abram) SEALE {UK} (M: 1930 May 7 - 2014 Apr 11)

Robert F SEALE (M: ? - ?)
	Geognosy Of The Island Of St Helena.. [n|1834]

Sara SEALE (see: Mary MacPHERSON)

Richard Burl SEALOCK {US} (M: 1907 Jun 15 - 1984 Nov 3)
	Woodside Does Read (w Harry DEVEREUX & Grace O KELLEY) [1933]
	Long Island Bibliography (w P A SEELY) [n|1940]

David (Jackson) SEALS {US} (M: 1947 Apr 29 - 2017 Feb 12)
(&ps: Davydd AP SAILLE)

Charles SEALSFIELD (see: Karl Anton POSTL)

Prof, Merton Miller SEALTS, Jr {US} (M: 1915 Dec 8 - 2000 Jun 4)
	Melville As Lecturer [b|1957]

(John) Clifford SEALY {TT} (M: 1927 Nov 8 (or 27) - 1991 Sep 20)

J Hungerford SEALY (?: ? - ?)
	Rostang [f|?]
	Facts And Fictions [s|1835]

Prof, Leonard Sedgwick SEALY {UK} (M: 1930 Jul 22 - 2020 Sep 4)
	Cases And Materials In Company Law [n|1971/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?]
	Disqualification And Personal Liability Of Directors [n|1986/?/?/?/2000]
	Cases And Materials In Commercial Law (w others) [n|1994/?/?/?/2017]
	Benjamin's Sale Of Goods (jt ed) [n|1974/?/?/?/?/?/2006]
	Annotated..Insolvency Legislation (20e w BAILEY & MILMAN) [2017/?/?/2020]

Theodore SEALY {JM} (M: 1909 - 2001 Jun 18)

Thomas Henry SEALY (M: ? - 1848 Jul 9)


Augusta (nee)Huiell SEAMAN {US} (F: 1879 Apr 3 - 1950 Jun 4)
30905	The Boarded-Up House [f|1915]
	The Slipper Point Mystery [f|1919]
25770	The Dragon's Secret [f|1921]
	Tranquillity House [f|1923]
	The Edge Of Raven Pool [f|1924]
	Sally Simms Adventures It [f|1924]
+	The Shadow On The Dial [f|1927]
	The Charlemonte Crest [f|1930]
	The Strange Pettingill Puzzle [s|1932]
+	The Figurehead Of The 'Folly' [1935]
+	The Curious Affair At Heron Shoals [f|1940]
	The Vanishing Octant Mystery [f|1949]
+	The Case Of The Calico Crab [f|?]
+	The Brass Keys Of Kenwick [f|?]

Barbara (Ann) SEAMAN, nee ROSNER, 1:Mrs MARKS, 3:Mrs FORMAN {US} (F: 1935 Sep 11 - 2008 Feb 27)
	The Body Politic (w Laura ELDRIDGE) [n|?]

Ezra Champion SEAMAN (M: 1805 Oct 14 - 1879 (wrongly 1880) Jul 17)
A	Essays On The Progress Of Nations.. [e|1846]

Gideon SEAMAN {US} (M: 1929 - ?)

Holly Skiff SEAMAN {CA} (M: 1864 Mar 3 - 1952 Apr 8 (or 7))

Meshach SEAMAN (M: c1797 - 1882 Apr 7)

Sir, Owen SEAMAN, 1st Bt {UK} (M: 1861 Sep 18 - 1936 Feb 2)
	Horace At Cambridge [1894]
29515	The Battle Of The Bays [p|1896]
	War Time [p|1915/15]
	Made In England [p|1916]
	From The Home Front [p|1918]
	Interludes Of An Editor [p|1929]
	A Selection [p|1937]

Susie SEAMAN {UK} (F: 1854 - 1936)
(&ps: Susie MACTIER)
	Thoughts By The Way [p|1884]
	The Far Countrie:..At Home And In The Bush (ps: Susie MACTIER) [f|1901]
	The Hills Of Hauraki; or, The Unequal Yoke (ps: Susie MACTIER) [f|1908]
	Miranda Stanhope (ps: Susie MACTIER) [f|1911]

Sylvia Sybil SEAMAN, nee BERNSTEIN {US} (F: 1900 (wrongly 1901 or 1904) Nov 8 - 1995 Jan 8)
(&ps: Francis SYLVIN (2))

Rev, John Thompson SEAMANDS {US} (M: 1916 Nov 15 - 2004 Aug 29)

George SEAMANS (see: Ely(=Eliahu) BRAMSON)

Robert Channing SEAMANS, Jr {US} (M: 1918 Oct 30 - 2008 Jun 28)
	Automatic Control Of Aircraft [n|1953]

SEAMARK (see: Austin James(originally Major) SMALL)

Martin (Burton) SEARBY {UK} (M: 1939 May 17 - 2011 Jun 13)

Carey SEARCH (see: Caroline Ashurst BIGGS)

Edward SEARCH (see: William Henry ASHURST)

Edward SEARCH (see: Abraham TUCKER)

Gay SEARCH {UK} (F: c1945 - living 2022)

Sarah SEARCH (see: Frederick NOLAN)

Theodore C SEARCH (M: ? - ?)
	Technical Education From A Business Standpoint [n|1897]

SEARCH-LIGHT (see: Waldo (David) FRANK)

Leland SEARCHER (M: ? - ?)
R	Will It Come? [f|1870]

Emilie SEARCHFIELD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Christmas Echoes For Christmas Hearths [1876]
	Cloister Laach [s|1876]
	My Neighbours' Windows [s|1883]
	Those Watchful Eyes [f|1883]
	Joe Webster's Mistake [f|1883]
	Afterward [1885]
	Poppy's Life Service [f|1885]
	His Heart's Desire [f|1886]
	'Aim At A Sure End' [f|1886]
	Claimed At Last [f|1888]
	My Brother Jack [f|1888]
	Deborah's Trials And Triumphs [f|1889]
	Nina's Burnished Gold [f|1891]
	Jacob Winterton's Inheritance (anon) [f|1892]
	Two Busy Bees [f|1893]
	The Secret Cave [f|1895]
	Her Wilful Way [s|1900]
22398	The Heiress Of Wyvern Court [f|1900]
	Ella's Golden Year [f|1900]
	Dolly's Golden Slippers [f|1900]

Alfred SEARCY {AU} (M: 1854 Jan 4 - 1925 Oct 1)
	In Northern Seas [e|1905]
	In Australian Tropics [n|1907]
	By Flood And Field [n|1911]

Harvey Brown SEARCY {US} (M: 1884 Sep 15 - 1964 Feb 28)

Nicholas SEARE (see: Rod(=Rodney) (William) WHITAKER)

(William) Luscombe SEARELLE (see: Isaac ISRAEL)

Frederick Hanley SEARES (M: 1873 - 1964 Jul 20)

Ellen SEARIGHT (see: Doris STUART)

Richard Franklyn SEARIGHT {US} (M: 1902 Jun 13 - 1975 Sep)

Laura Catherine (nee)Redden SEARING {US} (F: 1839 Feb 9 - 1923 Aug 10)

Alfred Broadhead SEARLE {UK} (M: 1877 May 4 - 1967 Nov 26)
	The Chemistry Of Clayworking [n|1906]
	Clayworkers' Handbook [n|1906/?/?/?]
	Modern Brickmaking [n|1911]
	British Clays, Shales And Sands [n|1912]
	Cement, Concrete And Bricks [n|1913]
	Bricks And Stones Of Non-Plastic Materials [n|1915]
	Natural History Of Clay [n|1912]
	Clays And Clay Products [n|1915]
	Kilns And Kiln Building [n|1915]
	Refractory Materials [n|1917]
	Use Of Colloids In Health And Disease [n|1920]
	Ceramic Industries Pocket Book [n|1920]
	Abrasive Materials [n|1922]
	Sands And Crushed Rocks [n|1923]
	Chemistry And Physics Of Clays.. [n|1924/?/?]
	Clay And What We Get From It [n|1925]
	Refractories For Furnaces, Crucibles, Etc [n|1923]
	Uses Of Colloids In Health And Disease [n|?]
	Encyclopaedia Of The Ceramic Industries [3v|n|1929]
	Some Methods Of Burning Continuous Kilns [n|1929]
	Modern Tilemaking [n|1930]
	Sand And Gravel [n|?]
	Limestone And Its Products [n|?]
	The Glazer's Book [n|?/?/?]
	Romance Of Refractories [n|?]
	Polishes [n|?]
	Valuation Of Industrial Properties [n|?]
	Bricks And Tiles (w ?) [n|?]
	Cassell's Reinforced Concrete (w ?) [n|?]
	Making And Burning Of Glazed Ware (w ?) [n|?]
	Roads Year Book (w ?) [n|?]
	Foundrywork And Metallurgy (w ?) [n|?]

Rev, Charles Edward SEARLE (M: 1828 - 1902 Jul 29)

Edith Howitt SEARLE, Mrs GROSSMAN {AU/NZ?} (F: 1863 - 1931 Feb 28)
(&ps: Edith Searle GROSSMAN)
	The Knight Of The Holy Ghost [f|1907]
	The Heart Of The Bush [f|1910]

(Eric) Frank SEARLE {UK} (M: 1921 Mar 18 - 2005 Mar 26)

George Frederick Charles SEARLE {UK} (M: 1864 Dec 3 - 1954 Dec 16)
	Experimental Elasticity [n|1908]
	Experimental Harmonic Motion [n|1915]
	Experimental Optics [n|1925]
	Experimental Physics [n|1934]

Humphrey SEARLE {UK} (M: 1915 Aug 26 - 1982 May 12)
	The Music Of Liszt [n|1954]
	Twentieth Century Counterpoint [n|1954]

January SEARLE (see: George Searle PHILLIPS)

John (Rogers) SEARLE {US} (M: 1932 Jul 31 - living 2022)

Monica (Ilse) SEARLE, nee KOENIG {UK} (F: 1925 - 2010 (or 2011) Jul)

Ronald (William Fordham) SEARLE {UK} (M: 1920 Mar 3 - 2011 Dec 30)
	Forty Drawings [1946]
	Le Nouveau Ballet Anglais [Fr-1947]
	Hurrah For St Trinian's!.. [f|1948]
	The Female Approach [1949]
	Paris Sketchbook (w Kaye WEBB) [n|1950/1957]
	Back To The Slaughterhouse [1951]
	John Gilpin [1952]
	The Terror Of St Trinian's (w D B WYNDHAM LEWIS) [f|1952]
	Souls In Torment [1953]
	Down With Skool (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1953]
	Looking At London (w Kaye WEBB) [n|1953]
	How To Be Topp (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1954]
	Merry England [1956]
	Whizz For Atomms (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1956]
	The Compleet Molesworth (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1958]
	The Dog's Ear Book (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1958]
	The Big City (w Alex ATKINSON) [1958]
	Back In The Jug Agane (w Geoffrey WILLANS) [f|1959]
	The St Trinian's Story (w Kaye WEBB) [n|1959]
	USA For Beginners (w Alex ATKINSON) [1959]
	Refugees 1960 (w Kaye WEBB) [n|1960]
	Russia For Beginners (w Alex ATKINSON) [1960]
	Which Way Did He Go? [1961]

Walter SEARLE (M: ? - ?)
	She Loved Much, A Memorial Sketch Of Mrs Walter Searle [b|1926]

(William) Baird SEARLES (M: 1934 - 1993 Mar 22)

Prof, Herbert Leon SEARLES {CA/US?} (M: 1891 Dec 1 - 1980 May 29)
	The Study Of Religion In State Universities [n|1927]
	Logic And Scientific Methods [n|1948/1956/68]

James Mansker SEARLES {US} (M: 1835 Sep 6 (or 1836 Jan 2) - 1916 Mar 8)
	Life And Times Of A Civil Engineer [a|1893]

Mary D SEARLES {US?} (F: ? - before 1952)
	Mathematical Tables (w Howard Chapin IVES) [n|1924]

Victor A SEARLES (M: ? - ?)

Herbert Duncan SEARLES-WOOD {UK} (M: 1853 - 1936 Dec 22)
	Carpentry [n|1910]
	Modern Building (jt ed) [n|1921]

Hank(=Henry) (Hunt) SEARLS (Jr) {US} (M: 1922 Aug 10 - 2017 Feb 17)
	The Big X [f|1959]
	The Crowded Sky [f|1960]
	Astronaut [f|1962]
	Kataki [f|?]
	The Lost Prince [Joseph Kennedy, Jr] [b|?]
	Jaws 2 [f|?]
	Jaws The Revenge [f|?]

Judge, Niles SEARLS {US} (M: 1825 Dec 22 - 1907 Apr 27)
	The Diary Of A Pioneer.. [a|1940]

Anna Wentworth SEARS (F: ? - ?)
*	Two On A Tour In South America [1913]

Barnas SEARS (M: 1802 Nov 19 - 1880 Jul 6)
A	Objections To Public Schools Considered [n|1875]

Charles Hatch SEARS {US} (M: 1870 Nov 21 - 1943 May 3)

Clara Endicott SEARS {US} (F: 1863 Dec 16 - 1960 Mar 25)
	The Power Within (ed) [e|1914]
	Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands [n|1915]
	The Bell-Ringer [f|1918]
	Peace Anthem [1919]
	The Romance Of Fiddler's Green [1922]
	Days Of Delusion [n|1924]
	The Great Powwow [1934]
	Wind From The Hills [1935]
	Some American Primitives [n|1941]
	Highlights Among The Hudson River Artists [n|1947]
	Snapshots From Old Registers [n|1955]
	Early Personal Reminiscences..George Peabody Mansion In Salem [n|1956]

Deane SEARS (see: Martin RYWELL)

Prof, Donald Albert SEARS {US} (M: 1923 May 25 - 1994 May 8)
	Harbrace Guide To The Library And The Research Paper [n|1956/1960]
	The Sentence In Context (w Francis Xavier CONNOLLY) [n|1959]
	The Discipline Of English [n|1963]

Edith Marie SEARS, Mrs FEILD-PALMER {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Teachings Of The Living Jesus Christ (anon) [n|1925]

Rev, Edmund Hamilton SEARS (M: 1810 Apr 6 - 1876 Jan 14 or 16)
	Regeneration [n|1853]
	Pictures Of The Olden Time [n|1857]
	Athanasia [n|1858]
	Christian Lyrics [n|1860]
	The Fourth Gospel [n|1872]
	Foregleams And Foreshadows Of Immortality [n|1873]
	Sermons And Songs Of The Christian Life [n|1875]

Edmund Hamilton SEARS {US} (M: 1852 - 1942)

Edward I SEARS (M: 1819 - 1876 Dec 7)
	Legends Of The Sea [1863]

George Washington SEARS {US} (M: 1821 Dec 2 - 1890 May 1)
	Forest Runes [n|1887]
24579	Woodcraft: The Spirit Of The Outdoors [n|1900]
	The Adirondack Letters Of George Washington Sears [n|1962]
34607	Woodcraft And Camping [n|1963]

Jack(=John) SEARS {UK} (M: 1893 Aug 13 - 1993 Apr 18)

Jesse Brundage SEARS {US} (M: 1876 Sep 25 - 1973 Dec 7)

John Van der Zee SEARS {US} (M: 1835 - ?)
7302	My Friends At Brook Farm [1912]

Joseph Hamblen SEARS {US} (M: 1865 Apr 10 - 1946 Feb 15)
33626	The Career Of Leonard Wood [b|1920]
	A Box Of Matches [?]
	These Splendid Women [?]

Matthew Urlwin SEARS (M: 1797 or 1800 - 1870 Jan 11 or 18)

Mrs Newton, (Emily Fanny) SEARS, nee LUCAS, 2:Mrs SMITH {UK/US?} (F: 1851 Dec 8 - ?)
	Kismet [f|1877]
	Cleansing Fires [f|1877]
	Folly [f|1880]

Prof, Paul Bigelow SEARS {US} (M: 1891 Dec 17 - 1990 Apr 30)
	Variations In Cytology And Gases Morphology Of Taraxacum [n|1922]
	A Laboratory Manual Of General Botany [n|1935]
	Deserts On The March [n|1935/1947/1959/80/88]
	This Is Our World [n|1937/71]
	Who Are These Americans? [n|1939]
	Life And Environment [n|1939]
	A Symposium On Hydrobiology (w others) [n|1941]
	This Useful World (w Paul R HANNA & I James QUILLEN) [n|1941]
	Making The Goods We Need (w P R HANNA & I J QUILLEN) [n|1943]
	When I Grow Up I'll Be A Farmer (w Lillian RIFKIN) [n|1943]
	Man And Nature In Modern Ohio [n|1947]
	Charles Darwin [n|1950]
	Makers Of Modern Science [n|1953]
	The Ecology Of Man [n|1957]
	Science, Life And Landscape [n|1962]
	Where There Is Life (aka: (The Biology Of) The Living Landscape) [n|1962/70]

Paul McCutcheon SEARS {US} (M: 1920 Dec 8 - 1984 Nov 1)
	Downy Woodpecker [1956]
	Tree Frog [1957]

Robert SEARS (M: ? - ?)
	Wonders Of The World [1843]

Robert Richardson SEARS {US} (M: 1908 Aug 31 - 1989 May 22)

Stephen Ward SEARS {US} (M: 1932 Jul 27 - ?)

William Joseph SEARS, Sr {US} (M: 1874 Dec 4 - 1944 Mar 30)

Zelda SEARS, nee PALDI {US} (F: 1873 Jan 21 - 1935 Feb 19)

Edgar Ronald SEARY {CA?} (M: 1908 - 1984)

Victor Perrin SEARY {CA} (M: 1903 - ?)
	A Postage Stamp History Of Canada [n|?]

Elisha Cornelius SEASE (M: 1912 - ?)

Charles Lyon SEASHOLES {US} (M: 1896 Dec 23 - 1981 Aug)

Carl Emil SEASHORE {US} (M: 1866 Jan 28 - 1949 Oct 16)
	Elementary Experiments In Psychology [n|1908]
	Elementary Experiments In Psychology (2e w R H SEASHORE) [n|1935]
	Psychology Of Music [n|1938]
	A Preview To College And Life [n|1938]
	The Junior College Movement [n|1940]
	Pioneering In Psychology [n|1942]

Robert Holmes SEASHORE {US} (M: 1902 Jun 14 - 1951 Aug 27)
	Elementary Experiments In Psychology (2e w C E SEASHORE) [n|1935]

R Kevin SEASOLTZ (see: Robert Joseph SEASOLTZ)

Fr, Robert Joseph SEASOLTZ {US} (M: 1930 Dec 29 - 2013 Apr 27)
(ps: R Kevin SEASOLTZ)
	The House Of God [n|1963]

Murray SEASONGOOD {US} (M: 1878 Oct 27 - 1983 Feb 21)

Prof, William Robert SEAT, III {US} (M: 1920 Nov 9 - 1999 May 18)
	The University Reader (jt ed) [n|1960]
	The Enigma Of Poe [n|1960]
	The Close Reading Of Factual Prose [n|1962]
	Young Coleridge [n|1963]

John SEATH (M: 1844 Jan 6 - 1919 Mar 17)


Albert Edward SEATON {UK} (M: 1848 - 1930 Aug 8)

Colin Robert SEATON {UK} (M: 1928 Nov 21 - 1997 Sep 24)

Don(=Donald) Cash(=Cashius) SEATON {US} (M: 1902 Jan 31 - 1986 Oct 8)

Rev, Douglas SEATON {UK} (M: 1839 May 1 - 1923 Feb 25)
	Handicraft Or Manual Training [n|?]
	Guide To Goodrich Castle [n|?]
	History Of Goodrich Castle [n|?]
	History Of The Deanery Of Archenfield [n|?]

Edward Cator SEATON (M: 1815 - 1880 Jan 21)
	Handbook Of Vaccination [n|1868]

Edward Cox SEATON (M: 1847 - 1915 Feb 20)
	Infectious Diseases And Their Preventive Treatment [n|?]

Bp, James Buchanan SEATON {UK} (M: 1868 Mar 19 - 1938 May 25)
	The Comfort Of The Holy Ghost [n|?]
	The Mind Of Our Lord [n|?]
	Faith And Prayer [n|?]

Jerome P SEATON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Soil And Its Fertility (w Rudolph ADLER & Henry TEUSCHER) [n|1960]

Kay SEATON (see: Denice Jeanette BRADLEY RYAN)

Reginald Ethelbert SEATON {UK} (M: 1899 Dec 27 - 1978 Apr 4)
	Trial Of Jean Pierre Vacquier (w R H BLUNDELL) [n|?]

Robert Cooper SEATON (M: 1853 - 1915 Jan 27)
29609	Six Letters From The Colonies [e|1886]

Sir, Thomas SEATON (M: 1806 - 1876 Sep 11)
	From Cadet To Colonel [2v|a|1866]

SEATSFIELD (see: Karl Anton POSTL)

Dean, Charles SEAVER (M: 1820 - 1907 Jan 29)

V-Rev, George (Fenn) SEAVER {UK} (M: 1890 Jul 23 - 1976 Oct 25)
	Bam [1925]
	Edward Wilson Of The Antarctic [b|1933]
	Edward Wilson, Nature-Lover [b|1937]
	'Birdie' Bowers Of The Antarctic [b|1938]
	Scott Of The Antarctic [b|1940]
	Sir James Cantlie (w Neil CANTLIE) [b|1939]
	Albert Schweitzer, Christian Revolutionary [b|1944/1955]
	Albert Schweitzer - The Man And His Mind [n|1947]
	The Faith Of Edward Wilson [n|1948]
	Albert Schweitzer - A Vindication [n|1950]
	Nicolas Berdyaev [n|1950]
	Francis Younghusband [b|1952]
	David Livingstone [b|1957]
	Tales Of Brother Douglas (w Coleman JENNINGS) [1960]
	John Allen Fitzgerald Gregg, Archbishop [b|1963]

James Everett SEAVER (M: 1787 - 1827)
6960,I	A Narrative Of The Life Of Mrs Mary Jemison (w Mary JEMISON) [b|1824]

Prof, James Everett SEAVER {US} (M: 1918 Oct 4 - ?)
	The Persecution Of The Jews In The Roman Empire, 313-438 AD [n|1952]

Richard (Woodward) SEAVER {US} (M: 1926 Dec 31 - 2009 Jan 6)
(&ps: Sabine d'ESTRÉE)

Robert SEAVER {US} (M: ? - before 2012)

(George) Tom(=Thomas) SEAVER {US} (M: 1944 Nov 17 - 2020 Aug 31)

John SEAWARD (M: 1786 Jan - 1858 Mar 26)

Larry L SEAWARD (F: 1930 - ?)

Manon Young (McConnell) SEAWELL {US?} (F: 1904 Jun 23 - 1994 Sep 20)
(ps: Gloria YOUNG)
	Dear Margaret (w Mrs H R MOSLEY) [1942]

Molly Elliot SEAWELL (F: 1860 - 1916)
	The House Of Egremont [f|1901]
	The Fortunes Of Fifi [f|1903]
31804	Francezka [f|1902]
	Despotism And Democracy (anon) [f|1903]
	The Great Scoop [f|?]
18022	Betty At Fort Blizzard [?]

Wallace (Lacy) SEAWELL {US} (M: 1916 Sep 16 - 2007 May 29)
	Wallace Seawell's Hollywood Camera [n|1962]

Jay SEAWIND (see: John Charles WYNN)

Clanton Jones (McInnes) SEAY, Sr {US} (M: 1911 Oct 18 - 1965 Jul 21)
	Fifty Year History Of The Mississippi..Insurance Agents [n|1948]

Rev, Frank SEAY {US} (M: 1881 Dec 17 - 1920)
	Gift Of The Old Testament [n|1905]
	The Educational Situation In Alabama Methodism [n|1907]
	The Story Of The Old Testament [n|1912]
	Outline For The Study Of Old Testament History [n|1917]
	Outline For The Study Of Old Testament Prophecy.. [n|1919]

George Liston SEAY {US} (M: 1940 Nov 10 - 2009 May 12)

Rev, Solomon Snowden SEAY, Sr {US} (M: 1899 Jan (wrongly May) 25 - 1988 Apr 8)

Thomas Austin SEAY {US} (M: 1942 Oct 5 - ?)

Albertus SEBA (M: 1665 May 12 - 1736 May 2)
	Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri [4v|n|La-1734-65]

(Nicholas) Hugh SEBAG-MONTEFIORE {UK} (M: 1955 Mar 5 - living 2022)

Ruth SEBAG-MONTEFIORE, nee MAGNUS {UK} (F: 1916 Feb 10 - 2015 Jun 10)

Simon (Jonathan) SEBAG MONTEFIORE {UK} (M: 1965 Jun 27 - living 2022)
	Sashenka [f|?]
	One Night In Winter [f|?]
	Catherine The Great & Potemkin [n|?]

William Joseph SEBALD {US} (M: 1901 Nov 5 - 1980 Aug 10)
	A Selection Of Japan's Emergency Legislation [n|1937]
	Principal Tax Laws Of Japan [n|1938]

Prof, Winfried Georg 'Max/Maximilian' SEBALD {DE} (M: 1944 May 18 - 2001 Dec 14)
	Austerlitz [Ge-?]

Frank SEBASTIAN (see: Gil(=Gilbert) BREWER)


Margaret SEBASTIAN (see: Arthur M GLADSTONE)

Mihail SEBASTIAN (see: Iosif Mendel HECHTER)

T L SEBASTIAN (see: Thomas Albert SEBEOK)

Sylvia SEBASTIANI, nee SCARAFONI {US} (F: 1916 May 10 - 2003 Nov 30)

Roberta Elizabeth SEBENTHALL {US} (F: 1917 Jan 6 - 1979 Jan 1)
(ps: Paul KRUGER)
	A Bullet For A Blonde [f|1958]
	If The Shroud Fits [f|?]

Prof, Thomas Albert SEBEOK {HU/US:1939on} (M: 1920 Nov 9 - 2001 Dec 21)
	Spoken Hungarian [n|1944]
	Finnish And Hungarian Case Systems [n|1946]

György SEBESTYEN {HU} (M: 1930 Oct 30 - 1990 Jun 6)


Ouida SEBESTYEN, nee DOCKERY {US} (F: 1924 Feb 13 - 2007 Apr 28)
(&ps: Igen SEBESTYEN)

Paul SÉBILLOT (M: 1843 Feb 6 - 1918 Apr 23)
	Contes De Terre Et De Mer [Fr-1883]
26780	Petite Légende Dorée De La Haute-Bretagne [Fr-?]
32798	Légendes Et Curiosités Des Métiers [n|Fr-?]

Rev, Roland Henry August SEBOLDT {US} (M: 1924 Mar 5 - 2007 Feb 24)
	Child In Christian Worship (jt ed) [e|1959]
	Christian Adult Education [n|1962]

Rudolf von SEBOTTENDORF (see: Adam Alfred Rudolf GLAUER)

Charles SEBREE {US} (M: 1912 (or 1913 or 1914) Nov 16 - 1985 Sep 27)
	Ballad Of Dorie Miller [d|1942]
	My Mother Came Crying Most Pitifully [d|1949]
	Mrs Patterson [d|1950]

SEC (see: Marya MANNES)

Pietro SECCHIA {IT} (M: 1903 Dec 19 - 1973 Jul 7)
	La Lotta Della Gioventù Proletaria Contro Il Fascismo [n|It-1930]
	L'Insurrezione Del Nord [n|It-1945]
	Che Cos'è La Consulta [n|It-1945]
	Migliorare Il Lavoro Di Partito [n|It-1946]
	Il Partito Della Rinascita [n|It-1947]
	Per Una Sana Amministrazione [n|It-1948]
	Più Forti I Quadri, Migliore L'Organizzazione [n|It-1948]
	Lo Sciopero Del 14 Luglio [n|It-1948]
	L'Avvenire E Nelle Mani Della Gioventù [n|It-1949]
	Lenin E Il Partito Comunista Italiano [n|It-1949]
	Il Partito Forza Decisiva Per Fare Avanzare La Democrazia [n|It-1949]
	La Resistenza Accusa .. [n|It-1949]
	Fronte Unico Della Gioventù [n|It-1950]

Tazio SECCHIAROLI {IT} (M: 1925 Nov 25 - 1998 Jul 24)

John SECCOMB (M: 1708 - 1792)

Prof, Thomas SECCOMBE {UK} (M: 1866 - 1923 Jun 20)
	The Lives Of Twelve Bad Men [1894]
	The Age Of Johnson, 1748-1798 [n|1900]
	The Age Of Shakespeare (w J W ALLEN) [1903]
10489	An English Garner (jt ed) [e|1903]
54194	Some Longer Elizabethan Poems (jt ed) [p|1909]
	Bookman History Of English Literature (w William R NICOLL) [n|1905-06]
	George Meredith [1913]
	George Gissing (ed) [n|?]
	In Praise Of Oxford (jt ed) [2v|n|1910-11]

Col, Thomas Strong SECCOMBE / SECOMBE (M: 1840 Feb 24 - 1913 (wrongly 1899))
	Army And Navy Drolleries [1875]
	Military Misreadings Of Shakspere [1880]
	The Story Of Prince Hildebrand And Princess Ida [1880]
	Army And Navy Birthday Book [1881]
	The Good Old Story Of Cinderella [1882]
	Comic Sketches Of English History [1884]

Elizabeth (nee)Hough SECHRIST {US} (F: 1902 or 1903 Aug 31 - 1991 Jan 29)
	Christmas Everywhere (ed) [1931/1962]
	A Little Book Of Hallowe'en [n|1934]
	Heigh-Ho For Hallowe'en [1948]
	New Plays For Red-Letter Days (w Janette WOOLSEY) [d|1953]
	It's Time To Give A Play (w Janette WOOLSEY) [n|1955]
	It's Time For Thanksgiving (w Janette WOOLSEY) [n|1957]
	It's Time For Christmas (w Janette WOOLSEY) [n|1959]
	It's Time For Easter (w Janette WOOLSEY) [n|1961]
	It's Time For Brotherhood (w Janette WOOLSEY) [n|1962]

Philip Haim SECHZER {US} (M: 1914 Sep 13 - 2004 Sep 26)
	The Bird Respirator [n|?/1965]

Dietrich SECKEL {DE} (M: 1910 Aug 6 - 2007 Feb 12)
	Hölderlins Sprachrhythmus [n|Ge-1937]
	Der Ursprung Des Torii (w Otto KAROW) [n|Ge-1942]
	Kariteimo [n|Ge-1943]
	Grundzüge Der Buddhistischen Malerei [n|Ge-1945]
	Buddhistische Kunst Ostasiens [n|Ge-1957]
	Emaki (jt ed) [n|Ge-1959]
	Keramik Des Orients (w Fujio KOYAMA) [n|Ge-1959]
	Einführung In Die Kunst Ostasiens [n|Ge-1960]
	Japanische Plastik [n|Ge-1961]
	Kunst Des Buddhismus [n|Ge-1962]
	Das Porträt In Ostasien [3v|n|Ge-1997-99]

Klaus SECKEL {DE} (M: 1928 Nov 27 - 1944)
	Die Tagebücher Des Klaus Seckel [a|Ge-1961]

Hans-Friedrich SECKER {DE} (M: 1888 Apr 8 - 1960 Aug 7)
	Julius Bretz, 1870-1953 [b|Ge-1956]

Martin SECKER {UK} (M: 1882 Apr 6 - 1978 Apr 6)

Abp, Thomas SECKER (M: 1693 Sep 21 - 1768 Aug 3)
	Five Sermons Against Popery [e|1772]

Samuel T SECLYE (M: ? - ?)
A	Discourses.. (w Calvin E STOWE) [?]

Sir, Harry (Donald) SECOMBE {UK} (M: 1921 Sep 8 - 2001 Apr 11)

Alberic SECOND (M: ? - ?)
	La Jeunesse Dorée [f|Fr-1878]

Henry SECOND (see: Henry Sydnor HARRISON)

Charles-Louis de SECONDAT, Baron de LA BRÈDE et de MONTESQUIEU (M: 1689 Jan 18 - 1755 Feb 10)
30268	Les Lettres Persanes [2v|Fr-1721]
24260	Le Temple De Gnide [n|Fr-?]

Solomon SECONDSIGHT (see: James McHENRY)

Harry Winfeld SECOR (M: 1887 - ?)

Un Ancien SECRÉTAIRE d'Ambassade (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Quelques Vérités Sur La Question Américaine [n|Fr-1835]

Charles SECRÉTAN (M: 1815 - 1895)
31070	La Philosophie De La Liberté [?v|n|Fr-1849]
	La Philosophie De La Mythologie De Schelling [n|Fr-?]

Prof, Charles SECRÉTAN (M: 1815 Jan 19 - 1895 Jan 21)
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	La Raison Et Le Christianisme [n|Fr-1863]
	La Civilisation Et Les Croyances [n|Fr-1887]
	Les Droits De L'Humanité [n|Fr-1890]
	Mon Utopie [n|Fr-1892]

Charles Frederick SECRETAN (M: 1820 Dec 5 - 1868 Feb 5)

Hubert Arthur SECRETAN {UK} (M: 1891 Aug 8 - 1969 Jun 26)
	Unemployment Among Boys (w W McG EAGAR) [n|1925]
	London Below Bridges [n|1931]
	Towards New Landfalls [n|1936]
	The Road Ahead [n|1947]

James Henry Edward SECRETAN {CA} (M: 1852 or 1854 - 1926 Dec 22)
	To The Klondyke And Back [n|1898]
	Out West [f|1910]
	Canada's Great Highway [n|1924]

Maria SECRETAN (F: ? - ?)
	Six Months Hence [f|1870]

Walter Bernard SECRETAN {UK} (M: 1875 May 15 - 1966 Sep 28)
	A Mixed Bag [a|1943]

The Honorary SECRETARY [of the Library Association] (see: Frank PACY)

	Murder Makes By-Lines [f|1941]

W G SECRIST {US?} (?: ? - ?)
(ps: Kelliher SECRIST (2))

Sholom/Shalom SECUNDA {US} (M: J 1894 Aug 23 - 1974 Jun 13)

Junius SECUNDUS (see: Charles KELSALL)

Plinius SECUNDUS (see: John RUMSEY)

Theophilus SECUNDUS (see: Stephen JENNER)

Amy (Louise) SEDARIS {US} (F: 1961 Mar 29 - living 2022)

David (Raymond) SEDARIS {US} (M: 1956 (or 1957) Dec 26 - living 2023)

Edmund Harold SEDDING (M: 1836 Jun 20 - 1868 Jun 11)
	Norman Architecture In Cornwall [n|1909]

John Dando SEDDING (M: 1838 Apr 13 - 1891 Apr 7)

Charles Norman SEDDON {UK} (M: 1870 Dec 18 - 1950 Mar 27)
	An Elementary Marathi Grammar [n|?]
	A Chronicle Of The Early Safawis [n|?]

Prof, Felix John Vaughan SEDDON (M: 1798 - 1865 Nov 25)

George SEDDON {AU} (M: 1927 - 2007)
	A Sense Of Place [n|?]
	Searching For The Snowy [n|?]
	Landprints [n|?]
	The Old Country [n|?]

Col, Henry Cooper SEDDON (M: 1837 Aug 27 - 1911 Dec 8)
	Instruction In Construction (4e w Henry WRAY) [n|1891]

Sir, Herbert (John) SEDDON {UK} (M: 1903 Jul 13 - 1977 Dec 21)

Rev, John SEDDON (M: 1716 - 1769 Nov 22)
	Discourses On The Passion Of Christ [n|?]

Rev, John SEDDON (M: 1724 Dec 8 - 1770 Jan 22)
	A Form Of Prayer.. [n|1763]

John SEDDON {UK} (M: 1915 Sep 29 - 1991 Jul 13)

John Pollard SEDDON (M: 1827 Sep 19 - 1906 Feb 1)

Richard Harding SEDDON {UK} (M: 1915 May 1 - 2003 Aug 17)

Rev, Thomas SEDDON (M: c1753 - 1796)

Gérard de SÈDE {FR} (M: 1921 Jun 5 - 2004 May 29)
	Les Templiers Sont Parmi Nous [n|Fr-1962]

Rose Margaret (nee?)Roherty SEDEEN {US} (F: 1927 Jun 18 - 2005 Jun 13)

Juan SEDENO (M: fl 1536-1587)

John Warner SEDER {US} (M: 1928 Jan 6 - 2007 Jun 26)

Mary SEDERQUEST (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Katherine GRANGER; Katherine RANSOM)

Prof, W J SEDGEFIELD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Skeleton Outline Of Old English Accidence [n|1917]

Brian (Charles John) SEDGEMORE {UK} (M: 1937 Mar 17 - 2015 Apr 29)

John SEDGES (see: Pearl S BUCK)

Prof, Garnett Gladwin SEDGEWICK {CA} (M: 1882 May 20 - 1949 Sep 4)
	Of Irony, Especially In Drama [n|1935]

Rev, Robert SEDGEWICK {CA} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Adam SEDGWICK (M: 1785 Mar 22 - 1873 Jan 27)
+	Elementary Text-book Of Zoology (w C F W CLAUS) [2v|n|1884]

Anne Douglas SEDGWICK, Mrs de SÉLINCOURT {US} (F: 1873 Mar 28 - 1935 Jul 19)
	The Dull Miss Archinard [f|1898]
	The Confounding Of Camelia [f|1899]
	The Rescue [1902]
	Paths Of Judgment [f|1904]
	Shadow Of Life [f|1906]
	Valerie Upton [f|1907]
8087	A Fountain Sealed [1907]
28631	Amabel Channice [f|1908]
18886	Franklin Kane [f|1910]
30115	Tante [f|1911]
33519	The Nest [s|1913]
	The Encounter [1914]
J	A Childhood In Brittany, Eighty Years Ago [1918]
	The Third Window [1920]
	Christmas Roses (UK: Autumn Crocuses) [s|1920]
	Adrienne Toner [1922]
	The Little French Girl [1924]
	The Old Countess [1927]
	Dark Hester [1929]
	Philippa [1930]
	Letters (ed SEDGWICK) [a|1936]

Catharine Maria SEDGWICK (F: 1789 Dec 28 - 1867 Jul 31)
	A New-England Tale [f|1822]
	Redwood [f|1824]
31832	The Travellers: A Tale, Designed For Young People (anon) [f|1825]
	Hope Leslie [f|1827]
	Clarence [f|1830]
	The Linwoods [f|1835]
	Home [f|1835]
	The Poor Rich Man, And The Rich Poor Man [f|1837]
	Live And Let Live [f|1837]
	A Love-Token For Children [1838]
	Letters From Abroad To Kindred At Home [2v|a|1841]
	The Boy Of Mount Rhigi [f|1848]
	Married Or Single? [f|1857]
	Arcturus [1865]
	Life And Letters Of Catharine M Sedgwick (ed Mary E DEWEY) [a|1871]

Daniel SEDGWICK (M: 1814 Nov 26 - 1879 Mar 10)

Ellery SEDGWICK {US} (M: 1872 Feb 27 - 1960 Apr 21 (or 22))
	The Happy Profession [1946]
	Atlantic Harvest [1947]

Prof, Eve (nee)Kosofsky SEDGWICK {US} (F: 1950 May 2 - 2009 Apr 12)

Henry Dwight SEDGWICK (II) (M: 1824 Aug 16 - 1903 Sep 26)
	Sedgwick On Damages [n|1868/74]
	Sedgwick's Leading Cases On Damages [n|1878]

Henry Dwight SEDGWICK, III {US} (M: 1861 Sep 24 - 1957 Jan 5)
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	The Life Of Father Hecker [b|1897]
k	Samuel De Champlain [b|1901]
	Essays On Great Writers [e|1902]
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35363	A Short History Of Italy (476-1900) [n|1905]
	The New American Type.. [e|1908]
	Italy In The Thirteenth Century [n|1912]
	An Apology For Old Maids.. [e|1916]
	Marcus Aurelius [b|1921]
	Cortes The Conqueror [b|1926]
	Spain [n|1926]
	La Fayette [b|1928]
	France [n|1929]
	Henry Of Navarre [b|1926]
	Alfred De Musset, 1810-1857 [b|1931]
	The Life Of Edward The Black Prince, 1330-1376 [b|1932]
	The Art Of Happiness [n|1933]
	Dan Chaucer [n|1934]
	In Praise Of Gentlemen [n|?]
	Short History Of France [n|?]
	House Of Guise [n|?]
	Vienna [n|1939]
	Madame Récamier [1940]
	Memoirs Of An Epicurian [a|1942]
	Horace [b|1947]

James SEDGWICK (M: 1775 - 1851 Jan c26)

Modwena (Margaret) SEDGWICK, Mrs GLOVER {UK} (F: 1916 Jan 2 - 1995)
	A Play At Pebblings Village [1960]

Noel Mostyn SEDGWICK {UK} (M: 1902 Dec 1 - 1970 Jun 30)
	The Young Shot [n|1940]
	By Covert, Field And Marsh [n|1946]
	A Shooting Man's Year [n|1948]
	The Gun On Saltings And Stubble [n|1949]
	Wildfowling And Rough Shooting [n|1950]
	With Dog And Gun [n|1951]
	Shooting Round The Year [n|1952]
	Shooting Wildfowl And Game [n|1953]
	Wader Shooting, Including Woodcock And Snipe [n|1963]

Richard Romney SEDGWICK {UK} (M: 1894 May 29 - 1972 Jan 20)

Ruth (Morton) (nee)Woodbury SEDGWICK {US} (F: 1891 Jun 15 - 1974 May 27)
	I Wanted To Be An Actress.. (w Katharine CORNELL) [b|1939]

Canon, Sidney Newman SEDGWICK {UK} (M: 1872 (wrongly 1873) Sep 1 - 1941 Nov 16)
	Daughter Of The Druids [f|1898]
	Petronella [1899]
	Romance Of Precious Bibles [1902]
	Story Of The Apocrypha [n|1901]
	The Last Persecution [1900]
	Young People's Nature Study Book [n|1906]
	Young People's Microscope Book [n|1907]
	In Nature's Nursery [n|1907]
	Nature's Nursery Tales [1912]
	Beetles And Spiders [n|1917]
	Holiday Nature Book [n|1913]
	Master Of The Commandery [1920]
	Caliban Island [1921]
	British Nature Book [n|1922]
	My Five Shilling Camera [n|1923]
	Boys' Own Wireless Book [n|1926]
	Ellice Of Godbegot [?]
	Dame Nature's School [?]
	Barabbas [d|?]
	Judas Which Also -, What Is Your Verdict [d|1937]
	When Midnight Passed [d|1937]
	With Shakespeare's Fairies [d|?]

Susan (Anne Livingston Ridley) SEDGWICK (F: c1789 - 1867)
11585	The Young Emigrants [f|1836]
	Allen Prescott [f|1834]
	Alida [f|1844]

Ursula (Mary Thomason) SEDGWICK, nee BECKETT {UK} (F: 1922 Nov 3 - 2009 Dec 26)

Walter (Bradbury) SEDGWICK {UK} (M: 1885 Aug 16 - 1970 Jan 8)
	Johannis Historia [n|1938]

Prof, William Thompson SEDGWICK {US} (M: 1855 Dec 29 - 1921 Jan 25)
	General Biology (w E B WILSON) [n|1896]
	Principles Of Sanitary Science And Public Health [n|1902]
	The Human Mechanism (w T HOUGH) [n|1907]
	A Short History Of Science (w H W TYLER) [n|1917]

Prof, Jean Whitenack SEDLAR {US} (F: 1935 Feb 2 - 2010 Nov 7)
	The Rise Of The West [n|1963]

Sir, Charles SEDLEY, 5th Bt (M: 1639 Mar - 1701 Aug 20)
	Bellamira [d|1687]
	The Mulberry Garden [d|1668]

Charles SEDLEY (M: ? - ?)
	Asmodeus (anon) [f|1808]
	The Faro Table [f|?]

Henry SEDLEY (M: 1835 - 1899)
	Dangerfield's Rest (anon) [f|1864]
	Marian Rooke [f|1865]

Kate SEDLEY (see: Brenda (Margaret Lilian) HONEYMAN)

Leonid Ivanovich SEDOV {RU} (M: 1907 Nov 14 - 1999 Sep 5)

Prof, Benjamin Frank SEDWICK {US} (M: 1924 Apr 7 - 1996 Mar 7)

Rev, Albert Nelson SEE {US} (M: 1840 Jun 28 - 1924 Dec 16)
	Autobiography [a|?]

Prof, Carolyn (Penelope) SEE, nee LAWS, 2:Mrs STURAK {US} (F: 1934 or 1935 Jan 13 - 2016 Jul 13)
(&ps: Monica HIGHLAND (2))

Edmond SÉE (M: 1836 Aug 15 - 1909 Sep 14)
	Nouvelle Romaine Micrométrique De Saladin (w P SÉE) [n|Fr-1872]
	Chauffage Et Ventilation Par L'Eau Surchauffée (w P SÉE) [n|Fr-1885]

Edmond SÉE {FR} (M: 1875 Mar 20 - 1959 Nov 12)
	La Depositaire [d|Fr-pub:1924]
	Porto-Riche [Fr-1932]

Evelyn Arthur SEE (M: ? - ?)
	Absolute Life On Trial (anon) [n|1911]

Lisa SEE {US} (F: 1955 - ?)
(&ps: Monica HIGHLAND (3))

Ruth Douglas SEE {US} (F: 1910 Mar 16 - 2007 Oct 7)
	What Can We Do? [n|1957/65]
	Make The Bible Your Own [n|1961]

T J SEE (?: ? - ?)
	Comic Reciter [c1890]

Thomas Jefferson Jackson SEE {US} (M: 1866 Feb 19 - 1962 Jul 4)

Beatrice Nancy SEEAR, (life) Baroness SEEAR of Paddington {UK} (F: 1913 Aug 7 - 1997 Apr 23)

Freiin, Amalie von SEEBACH, 1:Freifrau von GROSS (F: 1803 (or 1802) Oct 10 - 1879 Jun 13)
(ps: Amalie WINTER)
	Die Kinder Und Die Engel [f|Ge-1845]
	Die Klein-Kinder-Schule [Ge-1846]
25722	Leben Und Schicksale Des Katers Rosaurus [f|Ge-1851]
	Die Kindesseele In Ihrer Tiefinnersten Ergründung [Ge-1855]
	Wunder Und Märchen Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts [s|Ge-1856]

Margaret Rebecca SEEBACH {US} (F: 1875 (or 1878) Jul 5 - 1948 Oct 20)
	Other People's Children [1914]

Friedrich SEEBASS {DE} (M: 1887 Apr 17 - 1963 Mar 5)
	Carl Hilty, Ein Freund Gottes [Ge-1949]

Prof, Edward Derbyshire SEEBER {US} (M: 1904 Dec 17 - 1983 (wrongly 1988) Jan 23)
	Anti-Slavery Opinion In France During The..Eighteenth Century [n|1937]
	Choix De Pieces Huguenotes (1685-1756).. (ed) [n|Fr-1942]

Prof, Erich SEEBERG {DE} (M: 1888 Oct 8 - 1945 Feb 26)
	Gottfried Arnold [n|Ge-1923]
	Luthers Theologie [2v|n|Ge-1929-1937]
	Luthers Theologie In Ihren Grundzügen [n|Ge-1950]

Benjamin SEEBOHM (M: 1798 - 1871 Jun 2)
	Private Memoirs.. [a|1873]

E V SEEBOHM (M: ? - 1888 Sep 11)

Henry SEEBOHM (M: 1832 Jul 12 - 1895 Nov 26)
	Siberia In Europe [n|1880]
	Catalogue Of The Passeriformes, Or Perching Birds [n|1881]
	Siberia In Asia [n|1882]
	A History Of British Birds, With..Their Eggs [n|1883]
	The Geographical Distribution Of The Family Charadriidæ [n|187]
	Classification Of Birds [n|1890]
	The Birds Of The Japanese Empire [n|1890]
	Geographical Distribution Of British Birds [n|1893]
	A History Of British Birds [n|1896]
	Coloured Figures Of The Eggs Of British Birds (ed R B SHARPE) [n|1896]
	A Monograph Of The Turdidae Or Family Of Thrushes (w R B SHARPE) [n|1898]
	The Birds Of Siberia [n|1901]

Hugh Exton SEEBOHM, aka Richard Hugh SEEBOHM ? {UK} (M: 1867 Apr 5 - 1946 Jul 16)
26341	On The Structure Of Greek Tribal Society [n|1895]

G R SEEBORD (see: Percy Measday SODERBERG)

Friedrich SEEBRECHT {DE} (M: 1888 Sep 2 - 1956 Sep 7)
	Sünderin [d|Ge-1918]
	Götzendienst [d|Ge-1918]
	Saul [d|Ge-1919]

G SEEBY {UK} (?: ? - ?)
	Brown Studies [p|1919]

Oliver Judaman SEECOOMAR {GY} (M: 1932 Jul 5 - 2006 Mar 26)

Cecile Eugenie SEED {ZA} (F: 1930 May 18 - 2022 Jul)
(ps: Jenny SEED)

Jenny SEED (see: Cecile Eugenie SEED)

Philip Z SEED {US} (M: 1911 - ?)

Prof, Sylvia SEEDMAN, Mrs KENDLER {US} (F: 1918 Aug 4 - 2001 Jul 28)
(ps: Tracy S KENDLER)

Prof, Carol (A) SEEFELDT, nee ? {US} (F: 1935 May 3 - 2005 Jan 5)

Alan SEEGER (M: 1888 Jun 22 - 1916 Jul 4)
617	Poems [p|1917]
&	Letters And Diary Of Alan Seeger [a|1917]

Bernhard SEEGER {DE} (M: 1927 Oct 6 - 1999 Mar 14)
	Herbstrauch [f|Ge-1961]
	Menschenwege [f|Ge-1974-87]

Charles Louis SEEGER {US} (M: 1886 Dec 14 - 1979 Feb 7)
	Harmonic Structure (w Edward G STRICKLEN) [n|1916]

Elizabeth SEEGER {US} (F: 1889 Dec 9 - 1973 Nov 2)
	Pageant Of Chinese History [n|1934]

Frederica SEEGER (F: ? - ?)
6416	Entertainments For Home, Church And School (ed T WATERS) [n|1910]

Peggy(=Margaret) SEEGER, Mrs MILLER, aka MacCOLL {US/UK:1959on} (F: 1935 Jun 17 - living 2022)

Pete(=Peter) SEEGER {US} (M: 1919 May 3 - 2014 Jan 27)


Pierre SEEL {FR} (M: 1923 Aug 16 - 2005 Nov 25)

Moritz SEELER {DE} (M: 1896 Mar 1 - c1943)
	Die Flut [p|Ge-1937]

Emma Louisa SEELEY {UK} (F: c1847 - 1927 Feb 13)
	Eva's Mulberry Tree [p|1881]
	Belt And Spur [1882]
	The City In The Sea [1884]
	Border Lances [f|1886]
	Artists Of The Italian Renaissance [n|1906]

Prof, Henry Govier SEELEY (M: 1839 Feb 18 - 1909 Jan 8)

Sir, John Robert SEELEY (M: 1834 Sep 10 - 1895 Jan 13)
(&ps: John ROBERTSON)
	Ecce Homo (anon) [b|1865]
	The Life And Times Of Stein.. [1878]
	The Expansion Of England In The Eighteenth Century [n|1883]
	The Growth Of British Policy [n|1895]

Leonard Benton SEELEY (M: 1831 - 1893 Oct 30)

Levi SEELEY {US} (M: 1847 Nov 21 - 1928 Dec 23)
	The Grube System Of Numbers [n|1887]
	The Grube Idea [n|1890]
	The German Common School System And Its Lessons To America [n|1896]
27963	History Of Education [n|1899/1904/14]
	The Foundations Of Education [n|1901]
	A New School Management [n|1903]
	Seeley's Question Book [n|1905]
	Elementary Pedagogy [n|1906]
	Teaching [n|1915]

Rev, Reginald Sidney Kingsley SEELEY {CA} (M: 1908 - 1957 Aug 3)

Robert Benton SEELEY (M: 1798 - 1886 May 31)

Paul SEELHOF {DE} (M: 1890 Jan 31 - 1946 Apr 25)
	Tanz Im Krug [s|Ge-1937]
	Schiffe Und Diebe [f|Ge-1940]
	Bauern Und Möven [f|Ge-1940]

Carl(=Karl) (Wilhelm) SEELIG {CH} (M: 1894 May 11 - 1962 Feb 15)

(Florence) Rayner SEELIG, originally SELIG, Mrs O'RIORDAN {US} (F: 1903 Mar 21 - after 1951)
	The Eternal Huntress [1924]
	Becky [1927]

Emil SEELIGER {AT} (M: 1872 Feb 10 - 1955 Jan 2)

Ewald Gerhard SEELIGER {DE} (M: 1877 Oct 17 - 1959 Jun 8)
(&ps: Ewger Seeliger MENSCHHEIT; Ewger SEELIGER; Marquardt van VRYNDT)
	An Der Riviera [f|Ge-1901]
	Leute Vom Lande [f|Ge-1901]
	Aus Der Schule Geplaudert [f|Ge-1902]
	Der Stürmer [f|Ge-1904]
	Chinesen [f|Ge-1905]
	Hamburg [f|Ge-1905]
	Nordnordwest [f|Ge-1905]
	Über Den Watten [f|Ge-1905]
	Auf Tod Und Leben [f|Ge-1906]
	Der Schrecken Der Völker [f|Ge-1908]
	Zwischen Den Wäldern [f|Ge-1908]
	Hans Rintfleisch [f|Ge-1909]
	Mandus Frixens Erste Reise [f|Ge-1909]
	Englands Feind [f|Ge-1910]
	Meerfahrt [p|Ge-1910]
	Riffe Der Liebe [f|Ge-1910]
	Top [f|Ge-1910]
	Zurück Zur Scholle [f|Ge-1910]
	Siebzehn Schlesische Schwänke [s|Ge-1911]
	Schlesien [f|Ge-1911]
	Zwischen Polen Und Böheimb [f|Ge-1911]
	Die Weiber Von Löwenberg [f|Ge-1911]
	Buntes Blut [f|Ge-1913]
	Die Fünf Komödien Des Marquardt.. (ps: Marquardt Van VRYNDT) [f|Ge-1913]
	Frau Lenens Scheidung [f|Ge-1913]
	Mein Vortragsbuch [f|Ge-1913]
	Niß Ipsen Von Bombüll Und Anderes [s|Ge-1913]
	Peter Voß, Der Millionendieb [f|Ge-1913]
	Das Paradies Der Verbrecher [f|Ge-1914]
	Das Sterbende Dorf [f|Ge-1914]
	Der Gelbe Seedieb [f|Ge-1915]
	Max Doberwitz, Der Tantenmörder [f|Ge-1915]
	Das Meer [s|Ge-1915]
	Das Amerikanische Duell [f|Ge-1916]
	Die Abenteuer Der Vielgeliebten Falsette [f|Ge-1918]
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	Junker Schlörks Tolle Liebesfahrt [f|Ge-1919]
	Die Macht [s|Ge-1919]
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	Die Zerstörung Der Liebe [f|Ge-1921]
	Die Diva Und Der Diamant [f|Ge-1922]
	Handbuch Des Schwindels (ps: Ewger Seeliger MENSCHHEIT) [Ge-1922]
	Die Entjungferung Der Welt (ps: Ewger Seeliger MENSCHHEIT) [Ge-1923]
	Das Weltgewissen [f|Ge-1923]
	Heinz Wolframs Weihnachtsgeschenke [f|Ge-1925]
	Die Vierzehn Kurbrandenburgischen Nothelfer [f|Ge-1927]
	Rübezahl [f|Ge-1928]
	Der Streit Um Die Rote Rose [f|Ge-1928]
	Bark Fortuna [f|Ge-1929]
	Zwei Richtige Menschen [f|Ge-1931]
	Glaube Mit Humor (ps: Ewger SEELIGER) [Ge-1940]
	Liebe Mit Humor (ps: Ewger SEELIGER) [Ge-1940]
	Siege Mit Humor (ps: Ewger SEELIGER) [Ge-1940]
	Liebe, Zwischen Den Wäldern, [f|Ge-1942]
	Knabe Quirinus [f|Ge-1944]

Ewger SEELIGER (see: Ewald Gerhard SEELIGER)

Rudolf SEELIGER {DDR} (M: 1886 Nov 12 - 1965 Jan 20)
	Einführung In Die Physik Der Gasentladungen [n|Ge-1927]
	Allgemeine Eigenschaften..Bogenentladung (w Georg MIERDEL) [n|Ge-1929]
	Angewandte Atomphysik [n|Ge-1938]
	Die Grundbeziehungen Der Neuen Physik [n|Ge-1948]
	Lehrbuch Der Physik (w C GRIMSEHL & W SCHALLREUTER) [4v|n|Ge-1951]

Hart SEELY {US} (M: ? - ?)

Herman Gastrell SEELY {US} (M: 1891 Sep 27 - 1958 Feb 17)
20708	A Son Of The City: A Story Of Boy Life [f|1917]
	Sagebrush Dentist (w Will FRACKELTON) [b|1941]

John Edward Bernard SEELY, 1st Baron MOTTISTONE {UK} (M: 1868 May 31 - 1947 Nov 7)
	Adventure [n|1930]
	Fear And Be Slain [n|1931]
	Launch [1932]
	For Ever England [n|1932]
	My Horse Warrior [n|1934]
	Paths Of Happiness [1938]

Prof, John (Douglas) SEELYE {US} (M: 1931 Jan 1 - 2015 Apr 20)

Prof, Julius Hawley SEELYE (M: 1824 Sep 14 - 1895 May 12)

Laurenus Clark SEELYE {US} (M: 1837 Sep 20 - 1924 Oct 12)

Elizabeth SEEMAN, nee BRICKEL {US} (F: 1904 May 2 - 1994 Sep 11)
	The Talking Dog And The Barking Man [1961]
	In The Arms Of The Mountain [a|1961]

Berthold Carl SEEMANN (M: 1825 Feb 28 - 1871 Oct 10)

Margarete SEEMANN {AT} (F: 1893 Jul 26 - 1949 Jun 6)

A Highland SEER (ps) (M: ? - ?)
18241	Tea-Cup Reading, And The Art Of Fortune-Telling By Tea Leaves [n|?]

Homer Horation SEERLEY {US} (M: 1848 Aug 13 - 1932 Dec 23)

Dudley SEERS {UK} (M: 1920 Apr 11 - 1983 Mar 21)

Eugène SEERS {CA} (M: 1865 Nov 28 - 1945 Jan 17)
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	Tout N'est Pas Dit (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1929]
	La Vie En Rêve (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1930]
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	La Vie En Rêve (ps: Louis DANTIN) [s|Fr-1930]
	Le Mouvement Littéraire Dans Les Cantons De L'Est (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1930]
	Chanson Citadine (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1931]
	Gloses Critiques (ps: Louis DANTIN) [2v|e|Fr-1931-1935]
	Chanson Intellectuelle (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1932]
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	Contes De Noël (ps: Louis DANTIN) [Fr-1936]
	L'Invitée: Conte De Noël (ps: Louis DANTIN) [f|Fr-1936]
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	Les Sentiments D'Un Père Affectueux (ps: Louis DANTIN) [a|Fr-1963]
	L'École Littéraire De Montréal (ps: Louis DANTIN) [n|Fr-?]

George Lloyd SEESE {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: G L S)
	Out Of The Rough [1942]

Otto (Emil) SEESEMANN {DE} (M: 1866 Aug 26 - 1945 Feb 9)
	Die Ältesten Im Alten Testament [n|Ge-1895]
	Israel Und Juda Bei Amos Und Hosea.. [n|Ge-1898]

SEETEUFEL (see: Felix von LUCKNER)

Prof, Giorgios Stylanou SEFERIADES {GR} (M: J 1900 Feb 29 - 1971 Sep 20)
(ps: Giorgos/George SEFERIS)
	[Strofi] [Gr-1931]
	[Sterna] [Gr-1932]
	[Mythiostorima] [Gr-1935]
	[Tetradio Gymnasmaton] [Gr-1940]

George SEFERIS (see: Giorgios Stylanou SEFERIADES)

William Henry John SEFFERN (M: 1829 - 1900 Oct 26)

Max SEFRIN {DE} (M: 1913 Nov 21 - 2000 Aug 10)

Maggie SEFTON, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

L F SEGADLO (?: ? - ?)
L	Course Of Instruction In Dancing & Aesthetic Development.. [n|c1889]

Albert SEGAL {ZA?} (M: 1905 - ?)
	Johannesburg Friday [f|1954]

Prof, Charles (Paul) SEGAL {US} (M: 1936 Mar 19 - 2002 Jan 1)

Prof, Erich (Wolf) SEGAL {US} (M: 1937 Jun 16 - 2010 Jan 17)

Hanna (Maria) SEGAL, nee POZNANSKA {UK} (F: 1918 Aug 20 - 2011 Jul 5)

Harvey Hirst SEGAL {US} (M: 1922 Sep 25 - 1994 Mar 21)
	Theory And Measurement Of Rent (w ?) [n|1961]
	Canals And American Economic Developement (w ?) [n|1962]

Helen SEGAL {ZA} (F: 1929 - ?)

Prof, Howard P SEGAL {US} (M: ? - ?)

Jakob SEGAL {DE} (M: 1911 Apr 17 - 1995 Sep 30)

Prof, Judah Benzion SEGAL {UK} (M: 1912 Jun 21 - 2003 Oct 23)
	The Diacritical Point And The Accents In Syriac [n|1953]

Lore SEGAL, nee GROSZMANN {AT/US} (F: 1928 Mar 8 or 9 - living 2022)

Prof, Martin SEGAL {US} (M: c1927 - ?)
	Wages In The Metropolis [n|1961]

Prof, Mohsheh Zevi Hirsch SEGAL {IL} (M: 1876 Oct - 1968 Jan 11)

Morley SEGAL {US} (M: 1933 Dec 17 - 2008 Apr 18)

Moyse Zakharovich SEGAL {FR} (M: 1887 Jul 7 - 1985 Mar 28)
(ps: Marc CHAGALL)

Ronald SEGAL {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Tokolosh [f|1960]
	Into Exile [n|1963]

Sheldon Jerome SEGAL {US} (M: 1926 Mar 15 - 2009 Oct 17)

Prof, Stanley Solomon SEGAL {UK} (M: 1919 Oct 11 - 1994 Jun 27)

Walter SEGAL (M: 1907 May 15 - 1985 Oct 27)

Sister, Blandina SEGALE (see: Rosa Maria SEGALE)

Rosa Maria SEGALE {US} (F: 1850 May (or Jan) 23 - 1941 Feb 23)
(ps: Sister, Blandina SEGALE)
	At The End Of The Santa Fé Trail [a|1932]

Don(=Donald) SEGALL {US} (M: 1933 Aug 11 - 1994 Jul 16)

Jean SEGALL, nee BROWN {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Wings Of The Morning [Mark Henry Brown] [b|1945]

Jehuda SEGALL {RO} (M: 1891 May 20 - 1945 Feb 1)
(ps: Elias DIACONIDE)
	Was Ist Recht? [n|Ge-1934]
	Roemeense Letterkunde [n|Du-1934]
	Roemeense Critiek [n|Du-1936]

Peter Christian SEGALL (see: Patrick MOREAU)

Elzie Crisler SEGAR {US} (M: 1894 Dec 8 - 1938 Oct 13)
	Popeye, The Sailor Man (anon) [f|1937]

Rufus SEGAR {UK} (M: c1933 - 2015)

Sebastianus SEGELFALTER (see: Richard LLER-FREIENFELS)

Elisabeth SEGELKEN {DE} (F: 1888 Feb 19 - 1965 Oct 30)
	Aus Dem Kinderland Einer Bremerin [Ge-1952]
	Wolken Die Vorüberzogen [Ge-1954]
	Eine Fahrt In Die Vergangenheit [Ge-1956]
	Geschichten Aus Dem Alten Schwachhausen [Ge-1959]
	Erinnerungen Einer Alten Lehrerin [Ge-1961]
	Kleine Geschichten Um Die Jahrhundertwende [s|Ge-?]

Gerhard H SEGER {DE/US?} (M: 1896 Nov 16 - 1967 Jan 21)

Rev, John SEGER (M: 1786 - 1870)
	Narrative [a|1863]

Maura SEGER (F: ? - ?)

Torgny Karl SEGERSTEDT {SE} (M: 1876 Nov 1 - 1945 Mar 31)
	Till Frågan Om Polyteismens Uppkomst [n|Sw-1903]
	Det Religiösa Sanningsproblemet [n|Sw-1912]
	Gammal Och Ny Religiositet [n|Sw-1915]
	Demokrati Och Diktatur [n|Sw-1933]

Torgny Torgnysson SEGERSTEDT {SE} (M: 1908 Aug 11 - 1999 Jan 28)
	Moral Sense-skolan Och Dess Inflytande På Svensk Filosofi [n|Sw-1937]
	Verklighet Och Värde [n|Sw-1938]
	Frihet Och Människovärde [n|Sw-1939]
	Demokratiens Problem I Socialpsykologisk Belysning [n|Sw-1939]
	Ordens Makt [n|Sw-1944]
	Var Torgny Segerstedt Diktatursvärmare? [n|Sw-1945]
	Boströms Betydelse I Svenskt Kulturliv [n|Sw-1947]
	Den Femte Generationens Problem [n|Sw-1949]
	Människan I Industrisamhället [n|Sw-1952]
	Anda Och Trivsel I Företaget [n|Sw-1953]
	Gruppen Som Kommunikationssystem [n|Sw-1955]
	Kriminalsociologi [n|Sw-1955]
	Industrifolk På Fritid [n|Sw-1956]
	Slutna Och Öppna Arbetsgrupper [n|Sw-1956]
	Symbolmiljö, Mening Och Attityd [n|Sw-1956]
	Utbildning Och Samhälle [n|Sw-1957]
	Fakulteterna Och Vetenskapens Enhet [n|Sw-1961]
	Tekniskt Bistånd Och Social Struktur [n|Sw-1962]
	Humanisternas Yrkesval [n|Sw-1963]
	Israel Kontrasternas Land [n|Sw-1963]

Dieter SEGERT {DE} (M: 1952 Apr 20 - ?)

Agnes von SEGESSER (BRUNEGG) {CH} (F: 1884 Jan 28 - 1964 Apr 12)
(&ps: Franz BUCHEN)
	Zeit-Lupe [s|Ge-1931]

Anna von SEGESSER (Von BRUNEGG) {CH} (F: 1887 Apr 10 - 1973 Jan 9)
	Der Gegenwärtige Schwesternmangel Und..Seiner Behebung [n|Ge-1930]
	Wenn Jemand Krank Ist (w Sophie FISCHER) [n|Ge-1933]
	Eifach Kei Platz [n|Ge-1936]
	Generaloberin Schwester Maria Theresia Scherer 1825-1888 [b|Ge-1939]
	Über Die Praktische Verwendung Von Röntgenstrahlen [n|Ge-1945]
	Aus Der Geschichte Der Schweizerfrau In Der Krankenpflege [n|Ge-1945]
	Dreißig Jahre Krankendienst In Zürichs Spitälern [n|Ge-1945]
	Dr Med Anna Heer, 1863-1918 [b|Ge-1948]
	Der Schweizerische Krankenpflegebund..Jahre 1911..1930 [n|Ge-1951]

Tom SEGEV {IL} (M: 1945 Mar 1 - living 2022)

Sydney Walter SEGGER {UK} (M: 1902 Feb 22 - 1967 Mar 18)
	Model French Proses For Scholarship Candidates (w H P MONCLIN) [n|1952]

Anna SEGHERS (see: Netti REILING)

A Victor SEGNO (M: 1870 - ?)

Adalbert de SEGONZAC {FR} (M: 1884 - ?)

Adalbert de SEGONZAC {FR} (M: 1912 Jul 25 - 2001 Dec 27 (wrongly 2002 Jan))

Andrés SEGOVIA (TORRES), 1st Marquis of SALABREÑA {ES} (M: 1893 Feb 21 (or 1894 Feb 18) - 1987 Jun 2)

Tomás SEGOVIA {ES} (M: 1929 (or 1927) May 27 - 2011 Nov 7)
	La Luz Provisional [p|Sp-c1953]
	El Sol Y Sueco [p|Sp-1960]

Jean Reginauld de SEGRAIS (M: 1624 - 1701)

Adolphus SEGRAVE (see: Philip Gilbert HAMERTON)

Sir, Henry O'Neal Dehane SEGRAVE (M: 1896 - 1930 Jun 13)
	The Lure Of Speed [n|1932]

Dino SEGRÈ {IT} (M: 1893 May 9 - 1975 May 8)
	The Man Who Searched For Love [It-?] (tr Warre B WELLS) [1932]
	L'Esperimento Di Pott [It-?]
	  Mr Pott [It-?] (tr Warre B WELLS) [1933]

Prof, Emilio (Gino) SEGRÈ {IT/US} (M: 1905 Feb 1 - 1989 Apr 22)
	Experimental Nuclear Physics (ed) [n|?]
	Nuclei And Particles [n|?]

Mario SEGRE {IT} (M: 1904 Oct 16 - 1944 May 24)
	Un Poema Colombiano Del Settecento [p|It-1925]
	Documenti Di Storia Ellenistica Da Cipro [n|It-1952]
	Tituli Calymnii [n|It-1952]

George Gregory M SÉGUEL {SU/FR?} (M: ? - 1954 Jul 8)
	On Obstetrical And Gynæcological Complications Of Influenza [n|1895]

Prof, Jean SÉGUY {FR} (M: 1914 Jun 25 - 1973 Mar 26)
	Atlas Linguistique Et Ethnographique De La Gascogne [6v|n|Fr-1954-73]

Édouard SÉGUIN (M: ? - ?)
	Idiocy And Its Treatment By The Physiological Method [n|1866]

Mayor, John(=Juan) Nepomucena SEGUIN (M: 1806 Oct 27 - 1889)
	Personal Memoirs.. [a|1858]

Lisbeth Gooch SÉGUIN, Mrs STRAHAN {UK} (F: 1841 Sep 8 - 1890 Aug 7 (wrongly 11))
	Little Nineteenth-Century Child [s|1878]
	A Picturesque Tour In Picturesque Lands [n|1881]
	Mr Caroli [f|1881]
	The Children's Pastime, Pictures And Stories [1884]
	Rural England [n|1884]
	Walks In Bavaria [n|1884]
	The Algerian Slave [f|1888]
	Walks In Algiers And Its Surroundings [n|1888]
	Scenes And Characters From The Works Of George Eliot [n|c1890]
	Life In A French Village [n|?]
	The Black Forest [n|?]

Bart SEGUNDO (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Msgr, Louis Gaston Adrien de SÉGUR (M: 1820 Apr 15 - 1881 Jun 9)
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	L'École Sans Dieu [n|Fr-1873]
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I	Le Séraphique Saint François: Merveilles De Sa Vie [b|Fr-1878]
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	La Foi Devant La Science Moderne [n|Fr-?]
	Causeries Sur Le Protestantisme D'Aujourd'hui [n|Fr-1894]

Nicolas SÉGUR (see: Nikolaos EPISKOPOPOULOS)

Marquis, Pierre Marie Maurice Henri de SÉGUR (M: 1853 Feb 13 - 1916 Aug 13 (or 14))
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	Parmi Les Cyprès Et Les Lauriers [n|Fr-1912]
	Vieux Dossiers, Petits Papiers [n|Fr-1913]
	Marie-Antoinette [b|Fr-1920]

Comte, Philippe(-Paul) de SÉGUR (M: 1780 Nov 4 - 1873 Feb 25)
19972	Histoire De Napoléon Et De La Grande Armée..1812 [2v|n|Fr-1825]
18113	  History Of The Expedition To Russia.. [n|Fr-1825] (tr ?) [2v|1825]
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	Histoire De Charles VIII [2v|n|Fr-1834-42]
	Histoire Et Mémoires [8v|n|Fr-1873]
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Comtesse, Sophie (Feodorovna) de SÉGUR, nee ROSTOPCHINE (F: 1799 Aug 1 - 1874 Feb 9)
	La Santé Des Enfants [f|Fr-1855]
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30129,k	  Old French Fairy Tales [s|Fr-1856] (tr anon) [1920]
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15058	Les Malheurs De Sophie [f|Fr-1858]
15059	Les Petites Filles Modèles [f|Fr-1858]
15057	Les Vacances [f|Fr-1859]
12783	Les Mémoires D'Un Âne [f|Fr-1860]
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Roderick SEIDENBERG {US} (M: 1889 Oct 20 - 1973 Aug 27)

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(ps: Klages KLUMP)
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	Unter Der Dorflinde [Ge-?]
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	Substitute Doctor [f|1957]
	The Doctor's Husband [f|1957]
	The New Doctor (UK: Doctor Jamie) [f|1958]
	Love Calls The Doctor [f|1958]
	Hometown Doctor [f|1959]
	Doctor On Trial [f|1959]
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Ilja SEIFERT {DE} (M: 1951 May 6 - ?)

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Shirley Louise SEIFERT {US} (F: 1888 (wrongly 1889) May 22 - 1971 Sep 1)
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	American Novelist [a|1940]
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Hans SEIFFERT {DE} (M: 1898 Jan 17 - 1964)

Konrad SEIFFERT {DE} (M: 1895 Sep 23 - 1969 Jan 18)

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Prof, Eli SEIFMAN {US} (M: 1936 Aug 4 - 2008 Oct 1)

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John (Lawrence) SEIGENTHALER, Sr {US} (M: 1927 Jul 27 - 2014 Jul 11)

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Gustavo SEIJA {UY} (M: 1942 - ?)

Magdalena SEIJAS {VE} (F: ? - ?)

Rafael SEIJAS (M: 1822 - 1900 Sep 4)

Rafael SEIJAS COOK {VE} (M: 1887 - 1969)
(ps: El Architecto POETA)

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Oskar SEITZ {DE} (M: 1885 Sep 27 - 1949 Jul 21)

Robert SEITZ {DE} (M: 1891 Sep 28 - 1938 Apr 21)

Stephen SEITZ {US} (M: ? - ?)

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SEJANUS (ps) {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
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Francis L SEJOUR-MAGLOIRE {HT} (M: 1940 Jan 1 - ?)
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Parminder SEKHON {UK} (F: 1968 - ?)

Roku SEKI (see: Takie OKUMARA)

George Augustus SEKON (see: George Augustus NOKES)

Prof, Allan SEKULA {US} (M: 1951 - 2013 Aug 10)

Owen SELA {CA} (M: ? - ?)

Atle SELBERG {NO/US} (M: 1917 Jun 14 - 2007 Aug 6)

Rev, George Alexander SELBIE {UK} (M: 1858 Sep 25 - 1935 May 22)
(ps: Esme HOPE)
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Rev, John Alexander SELBIE {UK} (M: 1856 - 1931 Apr 25)

Rev, William Boothby SELBIE {UK} (M: 1862 Dec 24 - 1944 Apr 28)
	The Life Of Andrew Martin Fairbairn [b|1914]
	The Life And Teaching Of Jesus Christ [b|?]
	Aspects Of Christ [n|?]
	The Servant Of God [n|?]
	Nonconformity [n|?]
	Schleiermacher [n|?]
	Nature And Message Of The Bible [n|?]
	Belief And Life [n|?]
	Life Of Sylvester Horne [b|?]
	The Psychology Of Religion [n|?]
	Congregationalism [n|?]
	Theology And The Modern Man [n|?]
	Christian Ethics, Religion And Life [n|?]
	This Ministry [n|?]
	Faith And Life [n|?]
	The Fatherhood Of God [n|?]
	Faith And Fact [n|?]
	The Christian Faith And The New Psychology [n|?]
	The Validity Of Christian Belief [n|?]
	God And Ourselves [n|?]

Erich SELBMANN {DE} (M: 1926 Sep 2 - 2006 Apr 29)

Fritz(=Friedrich) (Wilhelm) SELBMANN {DDR} (M: 1899 Sep 29 - 1975 Jan 26)
	Wahrheit Und Wirklichkeit [e|Ge-1947]
	Die Neue Epoche Der Technischen Entwicklung (w G ZILLER) [n|Ge-1956]
	Ein Zeitalter Stellt Sich Vor [n|Ge-1957]

Angelica Mary SELBY, 1:Mrs LAW, 2:Mrs BRUCE, Baroness STENHOUSE (F: c1856 - 1917 Dec 15 (wrongly 16))
	On Duty [f|1888]
	In The Sunlight [f|1890]

Charles SELBY (M: 1801 - 1863 Mar 21)
(&ps: Tabitha TICKLETOOTH)
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Clarence John SELBY {UK/US?} (M: 1872 Oct 14 - 1939 Jul 8)
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Prof, Donald Joseph SELBY {US} (M: 1915 Feb 7 - 1996 Dec 21)
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Elliott SELBY (see: Hubert NICHOLSON)

Francis Guy SELBY {UK} (M: 1852 Dec 8 - 1927 May 7)
	The Metaphysic Of Aristotle [n|?]
	An Introduction To The Study Of Kant [n|?]

Frank Poulson SELBY (M: 1927 Sep 6 - ?)

Hazel (nee)Barrington SELBY {US} (F: 1889 Mar 8 - 1972 Feb 13)
	Stalks Of Wind [p|1941]
	Home To My Mountains [1962]

Henry A SELBY {US} (M: c1935 - ?)

Prof, Hubert (Norman) SELBY, Jr {US} (M: 1928 Jul 23 - 2004 Apr 26 (wrongly 27))

Isaac SELBY {AU} (M: 1859 Nov 3 - 1956 Mar 26)
	The Old Pioneers' Memorial History Of Melbourne [n|1924]
	Memories Of Maoriland [a|1925]
	The Old Pioneers Memorial Almanac [n|1935]

John (Allen) SELBY {US} (M: 1897 Feb 7 - 1980 (wrongly 1960) May 7)
	Sam [f|1939]
	Island In The Corn [1941]
	Starbuck [f|1943]
	Madame [f|?]

Mary A SELBY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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Percival Marchant SELBY {UK} (M: 1886 - 1955 Nov 25)
	Theatre Manager's Handbook (w James M GLOVER) [n|?]

Prideaux John SELBY (M: 1788 Jul 23 - 1867 Mar 27)

Rev, Thomas Gunn SELBY (M: 1846 Jun 5 - 1910 Nov 15)

Walford Dakin SELBY (M: 1845 Jun 16 - 1889 Aug 3)

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	Diplomatic Twilight, 1930-1940 [n|1953]

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Sir (Louis) Amherst SELBY-BIGGE, 1st Bt King's Sutton {UK} (M: 1860 Apr 3 - 1951 May 24)
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Joan (Monica) SELBY-LOWNDES {UK} (F: 1916 Sep 29 - 1997 Feb 9)
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	On Stage Please [1952]
	The Conti Story [Italia Conti] [b|1954]
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Bogislav von SELCHOW {DE} (M: 1877 Jul 4 - 1943 Feb 6)
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Albert (Wiggin) SELDEN {US} (M: 1922 Oct 20 - 1987 Jun 10)

David Seeley SELDEN {US} (M: 1914 Jun 4 - 1998)

George SELDEN (see: George Selden THOMPSON)

George Charles SELDEN {US?} (M: 1870 - ?)
	The Stock Market Simplified (anon) [n|1922]

John SELDEN (M: 1584 Dec 16 - 1654 Nov 30)
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	Judicature In Parliament [n|1640]
	Privileges Of The Baronage Of England.. [n|1642]
	Fleta [1647]
	On The Nativity Of Christ [n|1661]
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Prof, Samuel SELDEN {US} (M: 1899 Jan 2 - 1979 Apr 27)
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George (Henry/Herman) SELDES {US} (M: 1890 Sep 10 (wrongly Nov 16) - 1995 Jul 2)
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	Can These Things Be! [n|1931]
	World Panorama [n|1933]
	The Vatican [n|1934]
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	World Panorama, 1918-1935 [n|1935]
	Sawdust Caesar [n|1935]
	Freedom Of The Press [n|1935]
	Lords Of The Press [n|1938]
	You Can't Do That [n|1938]
	The Catholic Crisis [n|1940]
	Witch Hunt [n|1940]
	The Facts Are [n|1942]
	Facts And Fascism [n|1943]
	One Thousand Americans [n|1947]
	The People Don't Know [n|1949]
	Tell The Truth And Run [n|1953]
	The Great Quotations (ed) [n|1960]

Prof, Gilbert (Vivian) SELDES {US} (M: 1893 (or 1892) Jan 3 - 1970 Sep 29)
(&ps: Lucien BLUPHOCKS; Sebastian CAULIFLOWER; Foster JOHNS; Vivian SHAW)
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34890	Proclaim Liberty! [1949]
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Marian (Hall) SELDES {US} (F: 1928 Aug 23 - 2014 Oct 6)

Arthur SELDON {UK} (M: 1916 May 29 - 2005 Oct 11)

Franz SELDTE (M: 1882 Jun 29 - 1947 Apr 1)

Eduard SELER (M: 1849 - 1922)

Jeanette SELETZ (F: ? - ?)
	Hope Deferred [f|1946]

David Michael SELF {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Credere Aude (Dare To Believe) [p|1962]

Jonathan (Otter) SELF {UK} (M: 1959 Mar 11 - living 2022)

Margaret (nee)Cabell SELF {US} (F: 1902 Feb 12 - ?)

Prof, Peter (John Otter) SELF {UK} (M: 1919 Jun 7 - 1999 Mar 29)
	Regionalism [n|1949]
	Whiter Local Government? [n|1950]
	Cities In Flood [n|1960]
	The State And The Farmer [n|1962]

Prof, Will(=William) (Woodard) SELF {UK} (M: 1961 Sep 26 - living 2022)

Rose Emily SELFE {UK} (F: 1852 - 1929 Nov 2)
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	The Work Of The Prophets [n|1904]
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Oliver (Gordon) SELFRIDGE {US} (M: 1926 May 10 - 2008 Dec 3)
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	All About Mud [?]
	Trouble With Dragons [?]

Thomas Oliver SELFRIDGE {US} (M: 1836 - 1924)
	Memoirs.. [a|1924]

Giles Asa SELIG (see: Joseph S THOMSON)

Sylvie SELIG {US} (F: 1942 Jan 23 - ?)

Adrian (Charles Cuthbert) SELIGMAN {UK} (M: 1909 Nov 26 - 2003 Aug 6)
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	No Stars To Guide [n|1947]

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Prof, Charles Gabriel SELIGMAN {UK} (M: 1873 Dec 24 - 1940 Sep 19)
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Eustace SELIGMAN {US} (M: 1889 Apr 1 - 1976 Sep 5)
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	What The United States Can Do About India [n|1956]
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	Oh! Fickle Taste [n|1952]
	The Drawings Of Georges Seurat [n|1947]
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Jesse SELIGMAN (M: 1827 - 1894)
	In Memoriam, Jesse Seligman [a|1894]

Prof, Lester George SELIGMAN {US} (M: 1918 Feb 6 - 2004 Nov 2)

Marjorie SELIGMAN {US} (F: 1900 Sep 13 - 1974 Mar 15)

Herbert Jacob SELIGMANN {US} (M: 1891 Nov 13 - 1984 Mar 4)
	The Negro Faces America [n|1920]
	D H Lawrence [n|1924]
	Firebird.. [p|1930]
	Race Against Man [n|1939]
	Suns And Tides [p|?]

Walter Eduard SELIGMANN {DE} (M: 1889 Jan 15 - 1942 Aug c23)
(ps: Walter SERNER)
	Letzte Lockerung [n|Ge-1920/1927]
	Zum Blauen Affen [s|Ge-1921]
	Der Elfte Finger [s|Ge-1923]
	Der Pfiff Um Die Ecke [s|Ge-1925]
	Die Tigerin [f|Ge-1925]
	Die Tückische Straße [s|Ge-1926]
	Posada [d|Ge-1926]
	Die Bücher Von Walter Serner [7v|Ge-1927]

Irving J SELIKOFF {US} (M: 1915 Jan 15 - 1992 May 20)

George/Goetzel SELIKOVITSCH {US} (M: 1863 - 1926)

Bernard SELIKSON (M: 1922 - ?)

Elazar SELIKSON (M: 1904 - ?)


Sultan, SELIM, I of the Turks (M: 1470 - 1520 Sep 21 or 22)

Aubrey de SÉLINCOURT {UK} (M: 1894 Jun 7 - 1962 Dec 20)
	Streams Of Ocean [e|1923]
	Isle Of Wight [n|1933]
	Family Afloat [1944]
	Six O'Clock And After.. (w Irene de SÉLINCOURT) [p|1945]
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	Calicut Lends A Hand [1946]
	Dorset [n|1947]
	Micky [1947]
	Three Green Bottles [1941]
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	Isle Of Wight [n|1948]
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	Mr Oram's Story [b|1949]
	Odysseus The Wanderer [1950]
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	Six Great Englishmen [b|1953]
	Cat's Cradle [1955]
	Six Great Poets [n|1956]
	Nansen [1957]
	Six Great Thinkers [n|1958]
	Six Great Playwrights [n|1960]
	The Book Of The Sea (ed) [n|1961]
	The World Of Herodotus [n|1962]

Basil de SÉLINCOURT {UK} (M: 1876 (wrongly 1877) - 1966 Feb 16)
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	William Blake [n|1909]
	Walt Whitman [n|1914]
	The English Secret.. [e|1923]
	The Religion Of Theit [n|1927]
	Pomona [n|1928]
	Towards Peace.. [e|1932]
	Enjoyment Of Music [n|?]
	Anne Douglas Sedgwick [b|1936]

Beryl de SÉLINCOURT (see: Beryl (Drusilla) de ZOETE)

Prof, Ernest de SÉLINCOURT {UK} (M: 1870 Sep 24 - 1943 May 22)
	English Poets And The National Ideal [e|1915]
	On Poetry [n|1929]
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Hugh de SÉLINCOURT {UK} (M: 1878 Jun 15 - 1951 Jan 20)
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	The Beetle [d|1909]
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	Beastie [1911]
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	Realms Of Day [f|1915]
	A Soldier Of Life [f|1916]
	Nine Tales [s|1917]
	Women & Children [f|1921]
	One Little Boy [f|1923]
	The Cricket Match [f|1924]
	Young Mischief And The Perfect Pair [f|1925]
	Young 'Un [1927]
	Never In Vain [f|1929]
	Mr Buffum [f|1930]
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	'Over!' [n|1932]
	Moreover [n|1934]
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	The World Of Roerich [b|1924]
	Dining & Wining In Old Russia [n|1933]

J B SELKIRK (see: James BROWN)

Rev, James SELKIRK (M: c1800 - 1871 Feb 10)
	Recollections Of Ceylon [a|1844]

Jane SELKIRK (see: John Stanton Higham CHAPMAN & Mary Ilsley CHAPMAN)

Rev, Thomas SELKIRK (M: ? - 1832)

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Canon, Edward SELL {UK} (M: 1839 - 1932 Feb 15)
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7338	Studies In The Life Of The Christian [n|1905]
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	Bible Study By Doctrines [n|?]
	Bible Study By Periods [n|?]
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	Studies In Early Church History [n|?]

Margret SELL, nee KRÜGER {DE} (F: 1898 - 1973)
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	Reminiszenz [Ge-1963]

Sophie Charlotte von SELL {DE} (F: 1864 Dec 25 - 1943)

Vittorio SELLA {IT} (M: 1859 Aug 20 (or 28) - 1943 Aug 12)

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Gordon SELLAR (M: c1812 - ?)
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Robert James Batchen SELLAR {UK} (M: 1893 - 1960 Oct 10)
(&ps: Peter CHALFONT)
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Walter Carruthers SELLAR {UK} (M: 1898 Dec 27 - 1951 Jun 11)
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Earl Albert SELLE (M: ? - ?)
	[William Henry] Donald Of China [b|1948]

Prof, Wilbur Arthur SELLE {US} (M: 1902 May 30 - 1989 Apr 23)
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Antonio SELLÉN (M: 1838 (or 1840) - 1889)

Francisco SELLÉN (M: 1836 (or 1838) Oct 10 - 1907)

Prof, Betty-Carol SELLEN {US} (F: ? - ?)

William SELLER (M: c1795 - 1869 Apr 11)

Alexandra SELLERS, nee ? {CA?} (F: ? - ?)

Alvin Victor SELLERS {US} (M: 1882 Sep 14 - 1968 Apr 3 (wrongly 15))
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Con SELLERS (see: Connie (Leslie) SELLERS (Jr))

Connie (Leslie) SELLERS (Jr) {US} (M: 1922 Mar 1 - 1992 Feb 2)
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	Feed Among The Lillies (ps: Con SELLERS) [?]
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James Earl SELLERS {US} (M: 1926 Nov 1 - 1997 Mar 26)
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Ernest SELLEY (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Richard C SELLEY {UK} (M: 1939 - ?)

Werner SELLHORN {DE} (M: 1930 Nov 16 - 2009 May 17)

André SELLIER {FR} (M: 1920 Jul 1 - ?)
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David SELLIN {US} (M: 1930 Apr 13 - 2006 Apr 11)

Arthur SELLINGS (see: Robert Arthur Gordon LEY)

Christianus Theophilus SELLIUS (M: 1748 - 1800)

Gottfried SELLIUS (M: ? - 1767)
(ps: M**)

Prof, Josef SELLMAIR {DE} (M: 1896 Feb 21 - 1954 Jul 23)
(ps: Der TEMPLER)

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(ps: Herbert SCHOBER)
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	Frank Reade, Jr's New Electric Invention.. (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
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	Fighting The Slave Hunters (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
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	Lost In The Land Of Fire (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
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	Chased Across The Sahara (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
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	Frank Reade, Jr And His Magnetic Gun-Carriage (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
	Frank Reade, Jr And His Engine Of The Cloud (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
	The Sunken Pirate (ps: NONAME) [f|1893]
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	Jack Wright And His Electric Deep Sea Cutter [f|1893]
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	Jack Wright And His Electric Devil-Fish [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Electric Demon Of The Plains [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Electric Balloon Ship [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Electric Locomotive [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Iron-clad Air-Motor [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Electric Tricycle [f|1893]
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	Jack Wright And His Naval Cruiser [f|1893]
	Jack Wright, The Boy Inventor, And His Whaleback Privateer [f|1893]
	Jack Wright And His Electric Phantom Boat [f|1893]
	Young Sleuths In Demijohn City [f|1894]
	Young Sleuths On The Stage [f|1894]
	The Black Range (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	From Zone To Zone (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Frank Reade, Jr And His Electric Prairie Schooner (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
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	Frank Reade, Jr In Central India (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Missing Island (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
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	From Coast To Coast (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
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	Lost In The Mountains Of The Moon (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	100 Miles Below The Surface Of The Sea (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Abandoned In Alaska (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Around The Arctic Circle (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Under Four Oceans (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	From The Nile To The Niger (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Chase Of A Comet (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Lost In The Great Undertow (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	From Tropic To Tropic (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	To The End Of The Earth In An Air-Ship (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Underground Sea (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Mysterious Mirage (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Electric Island (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	For Six Weeks Buried In A Deep Sea Cave (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	The Galleon's Gold (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
	Across Australia With Frank Reade, Jr.. (ps: NONAME) [f|1894]
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	Jack Wright And His Submarine Explorer [f|1894]
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C	Against Marcion [La-?] (tr Peter HOLMES) [?]
C	Against Hermogenes [La-?] (tr Peter HOLMES) [?]
C	Against Praxeas [La-?] (tr Peter HOLMES) [?]
C	On The Pallium [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Fasting [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Modesty [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Monogamy [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	To His Wife [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On The Veiling Of Virgins [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Exhortation To Chastity [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	De Fuga In Persecutione [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On The Apparel Of Women [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On The Resurrection Of The Flesh [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Prayer [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	A Treatise On The Soul [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	To Scapula [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On The Flesh Of Christ [La-?] (tr Peter HOLMES) [?]
C	The Prescription Against Heretics [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	The Soul's Testimony [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Baptism [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Patience [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	Ad Martyras [=To Martyrs] [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	De Spectaculis [=The Shows] [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	Ad Nationes [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	An Answer To The Jews [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	On Idolatry [La-?] (tr Sydney THELWALL) [?]
C	De Corona [=The Chaplet] [La-?] (tr ?) [?]

Eduardo (Henrique) (VIEIRA COELHO De) SEQUEIRA (M: 1861 - 1914)
27412	Lendas Dos Vegetaes [n|Pt-1892]

James Harry SEQUEIRA {UK} (M: 1865 Oct 2 - 1948 Nov 24)
	Diseases Of The Skin [n|1911/15/19/1927]
	Diseases Of The Skin (5e w R T BRAIN & J T INGRAM) [n|1947/1957]

Armando José SEQUERA {VE} (M: 1953 Mar 8 - ?)

Mariano SEQUERA {PH} (M: ? - ?)
13683	Justicia Nang Dios [Ta-1899]

Edward/Édouard SÉQUIN {FR} (M: 1812 Jan 20 - 1880 Oct 28)
	Traitement Moral, Hygiène, Et Education Des Idiots [n|Fr-1846]
	Idiocy And Its Treatment By The Physiological Method [n|1866]
	Medical Thermometry, And Human Temperature [n|1871]
	Thermomètres Physiologiques [n|Fr-1873]
	Tableaux De Thermométrie Mathématique [n|Fr-1873]
	Report On Education [n|1875]
	Psycho-Physiological Training Of The Idiotic Hand [n|1879]

Aleksandr Serafimovich SERAFIMOVICH (see: Aleksandr Serafimovich POPOV)

David SERAFÍN (see: Ian David Lewis MICHAEL)

Leszek SERAFINOWICZ {PL} (M: 1899 Mar 13 - 1956 Jun 8)
(ps: Jan LECHÓN)

Barbara SERANELLA, nee SHORE {US} (F: 1956 Apr 30 - 2007 Jan 21)
(&ps: [Crazy BARBARA])

SERANUS (see: Susie Frances HARRISON)

Matilde SERAO, Mrs SCARFOGLIO {IT} (F: 1856 Mar 7 - 1927 Jul 25)
	Opale (ps: TUFFOLINA) [It-1878]
19887	Dal Vero [s|It-1879]
	Leggende Napolitane [s|It-1881]
	Raccolta Minima [s|It-1881]
	Cuore Inferno [It-1881]
	Fantasia [f|It-1883]
	  Fantasy [f|It-1883] (tr ?) [1890]
27156	Fior Di Passione [It-1883]
	Piccole Anime [s|It-1883]
	Pagina Azzurra [It-1883]
	La Virtù Di Cecchina [It-1884]
	Il Ventre Di Napoli [It-1884]
	La Conquista Di Roma [It-1885]
	  The Conquest Of Rome [It-1885] (tr ?) [1902]
	Il Romanzo Della Fanciulla [It-1886]
	Montecitorio (ps: TARTARIN) (w Edoardo SCARFOGLIO) [It-1886]
	Per La Fine Del Giornale La Rassegna [It-1886]
	Vita E Avventure Di Riccardo Joanna [It-1887]
	L'Italia A Bologna [a|It-1888]
	Racconti Napoletani [s|It-1889]
	All' Erta Sentinella [It-1889]
	Addio, Amore! [It-1890]
	  Farewell Love [It-1890] (tr ?) [1890]
	Il Paese Di Cuccagna [f|It-1891]
	  The Land Of Cockayne [f|It-?] (tr 1891) [1901]
	Piccolo Romanzo [It-1891]
	Castigo [f|It-1893]
17909	Le Amanti [s|It-1894]
19060	Gli Amanti [f|It-1894]
	Le Marie [It-1894]
	Telegrafi Dello Stato [f|It-1895]
	L'Indifferente [It-1896]
21423	L'Infedele [It-1897]
	Donna Paola [It-1897]
	Nel Sogno [It-1897]
	Nel Paese Di Gesù [It-1898]
	Storia Di Una Monaca [It-1898]
	La Ballerina [f|It-1899]
	Come Un Fiore [It-1900]
	Saper Vivere (ps: Gibus Del MATTINO) [It-1900]
	L'Anima Semplice [It-1901]
	Lettere D'Amore [It-1901]
	La Madonna E I Santi [It-1901]
	Novelle Sentimentali [It-1902]
	L'Anima Dei Fiori [It-1903]
	Santa Teresa [It-1904]
	Storia Di Due Anime [It-1904]
	Tre Donne [It-1905]
	'Sterminator Vesevo' [It-1906]
	Il Giornale [Ge-1906]
	La Leggenda Di Napoli [It-1906]
	Sognando [Ge-1906]
	Evviva La Vita! [It-1908]
	Cristina [It-1908]
	Lettere D'Una Viaggiatrice [It-1908]
	I Capelli Di Sansone [It-1909]
	San Gennaro Nella Leggenda E Nella Vita [It-1909]
	Il Pellegrino Appassionato [It-1911]
	Vita E Scuola (w Camillo ALBERICI) [It-1912]
	La Mano Tagliata [f|It-1912]
	Ella Non Respose [f|It-1914]
	Parla Una Donna [It-1916]
	Temi Il Leone [It-1916]
	La Vita E Cosi Lunga! [f|Ge-1918]
	La Moglie Di Un Grand'Uomo [Ge-1919]
	Ricordando Neer [It-1920]
	Mors Tua [f|Ge-1926]
	Via Delle Cinque Lune [It-1941]

(August) Ernst (Wilhelm) SERAPHIM {DE} (M: J 1862 Jul 11 - 1945 Jul)
	Malerische Ansichten Aus Livland, Estland, Kurland [n|Ge-1901]
	Das Livländische Mittelalter Und Die Zeit Der Reformation [n|Ge-1906]
	Aus Vier Jahrhunderten [n|Ge-1913]
	Junitage In Nidden [n|Ge-1922]
	Aus Livlands Vorzeit [n|Ge-1925]
	Die Tragödie Der Zarenfamilie [n|Ge-1925]
	Deutsch-russische Beziehungen 1918-1925 [n|Ge-1925]
	Zarenwillkür Und Roter Terror [n|Ge-1926]
	Aus Der Geschichte Des Deutschtums In Polen [n|Ge-1935]
	Baltische Schicksale [n|Ge-1935]
	Eupraxia-Adelheid [n|Ge-1938]
	Führende Deutsche Im Zarenreich [n|Ge-1942]
	Russisch [n|Ge-?]

Mother, Mary SERAPHINE (see: Mary Catherine KRAUS)

Alex Leo SERBAN {RO} (M: 1959 Jun 28 - 2011 Apr 8)

Prof, Eli E SERCARZ {US} (M: 1934 Feb 14 - 2009 Nov 3)

SERCQ (see: Jean-François DENIAU)

Charlotte SERDA, later JUNKERMANN {DDR} (F: 1910 Jun 13 - 1965 Mar 3)
	Prominente Privat [b|Ge-1940]
	Das Farbfotobuch Vom Film [n|Ge-1941]

Jente/Yente SERDATZKY {US} (F: 1879 - ?)
	Geklibene Shriften [Yi-1913]

Alexandre (Borissovich) SEREBRIAKOFF {SU/FR} (M: 1907 Sep 7 - 1994)

Victor (Vladimir) SEREBRIAKOFF {UK?} (M: 1912 Oct 17 - 2000 Jan 1)
(&ps: Victor SERRY)
	British Sawmill Practice [n|?]
	How Intelligent Are You - The Universal IQ [n|?]
	Self-Scoring IQ Tests [n|?]
	Self-Scoring Personality Tests [n|?]
	Brain [n|?]
	A Mensa Puzzle Book [n|?]
	A Second Mensa Puzzle Book [n|?]
	The Mammoth Book Of Puzzles [n|?]
	The Mammoth Book Of Astounding Puzzles [n|?]
	The Mammoth Book Of Mindbending Puzzles [n|?]

Alexander (Pavolvich) SEREBROVSKY {SU} (M: 1884 - 1938 Feb 10)
	[On The Gold Front] [n|Ru-1938]

Cardinal, Jusztinián György SERÉDI {HU} (M: 1884 Apr 23 - 1945 Mar 29)

Kate SEREDY {HU/US} (F: 1896 (wrongly 1899) Nov 10 - 1975 Mar 7)
	The Good Master [1935]
	Listening [1936]
	The White Stag [1937]
	The Singing Tree [1939]
	A Tree For Peter [1941]
	The Open Gate [1943]
	The Chestry Oak [1948]
	Gypsy [1951]
	Philomena [1955]
	The Tenement Tree [1959]
	A Brand New Uncle [1961]
	Lazy Tinka [1962]

Jeanne-Elisabeth SERELMANN-KÜCHLER {DE} (F: 1904 Feb 17 - 1965 Dec 25)

Giuseppe SEREMBE (M: 1844 (or 1843) Mar 6 - 1901 (or 1891))
	Poesie Italiane E Canti Originali Tradotti Dall'Albanese [p|It-1883]
	Il Reduce Soldato, Ballata Lirica [p|It-1895]
	Sonetti Vari [p|It-c1895]
	Vjersha [p|Al-1926]

Enzo (Chaim) SERENI {IT} (M: 1905 Apr 17 - 1944 Nov 18)
	Arabs And Jews In Palestine (w R E ASHERY) [n|1936]

Vittorio SERENI {IT} (M: 1913 Jul 27 - 1983 Feb 10 (or 19))

Gitta SERENY, Mrs HONEYMAN {UK?} (F: 1921 Mar 13 - 2012 Jun 14)
	The Medallion [f|1957]

Abraham SERFATY {MA} (M: 1926 - 2010 Nov 18)

Mary Margaret SERFOZO, nee CANNON {US} (F: 1925 Feb 21 - 2016 Sep 24)

Victor SERGE (see: Viktor Lvovich KIBALCHICH)

(Emily Frances) Adeline SERGEANT (F: 1851 Jul 4 - 1904 Dec 5)
	Dicky And His Friends [f|1879]
	Una's Crusade [f|1880]
	Beyond Recall [f|1882]
	An Open Foe [f|1884]
	No Saint [f|1886]
	Jacobi's Wife [f|1887]
	Seventy Times Seven [f|1888]
31375,I	Under False Pretences [f|c1889]
	Deveril's Diamond [f|1889]
31984,I	A Life Sentence [f|c1889]
I	The Luck Of The House [f|c1889]
	Esther Denison [f|1889]
	Roy's Repentance [f|1889]
23797,I	A True Friend [f|c1890]
30110,I	Name And Fame [f|1890]
	Little Miss Colwyn [f|1890]
31106,I	(Caspar) Brooke's Daughter [f|1891]
	A Life Sentence [f|1891]
	The Story Of A Penitent Soul [f|1892]
	Under False Pretences [f|1892]
	An East London Mystery [f|1892]
	Sir Anthony [f|1892]
	A Broken Idol [f|1893]
	St Maur [f|1894]
	Christine [f|1894]
	Dr Endicott's Experiment [f|1894]
	The Surrender Of Margaret Bellarmine [f|1894]
	The Mistress Of Quest [f|1895]
	Marjory's Mistake [f|1895]
	Kitty Holden [f|1895]
	Erica's Husband [f|1896]
	The Failure Of Sybil Fletcher [f|1896]
	In The Wilderness [f|1896]
	Told In The Twilight [f|1896]
	A Rogue's Daughter [f|1896]
	The Idol Maker [f|1897]
	In Vallombrosa [f|1897]
	The Claim Of Anthony Lockhart [f|1897]
	Women Novelists Of Queen Victoria's Reign (ed) [n|1897]
	The Lady Charlotte [f|1898]
	The Story Of Phil Enderby [f|1898]
	A Valuable Life [f|1898]
	Miss Betty's Mistake [f|1898]
	The Common Lot [f|1899]
	Blake Of Oriel [f|1899]
	The Conscience Of Gilbert Pollard [f|1900]
	Daunay's Tower [f|1900]
	Miss Cleveland's Companion [f|1901]
	The Treasure Of Captain Scarlett [f|1901]
	A Great Lady [f|1901]
	This Body Of Death [f|1901]
	A Soul Apart [f|1902]
	The Marriage Of Lydia Mainwaring [f|1902]
	Anthea's Way [f|1903]
	Under Suspicion [f|1904]
	The Yellow Diamond [f|1904]
	Mrs Lygon's Husband [f|1905]
	Out Of Due Season [f|1905]
	Roger Vanburgh's Wife [f|1906]
	Barbara's Money [f|?]

(Herbert) Howard SERGEANT {UK} (M: 1914 May 6 - 1987 Feb 26)
	The Leavening Air [p|1946]
	For Those Who Are Alive (ed) [p|1946]
	An Anthology Of Contemporary Northern Poetry (ed) [p|1947]
	The Headlands [p|1953]

Jane SERGEANT, nee ? {UK} (F: c1820 - ?)

Fr, John SERGEANT (M: 1623 - 1707 or 1710)

John SERGEANT {UK} (M: 1944 Apr 14 - living 2022)

Lewis SERGEANT (M: 1841 Nov 10 - 1902 Feb 2)

The Orderly SERGEANT (see: William Waldie MURRAY)

Rev, Oswald SERGEANT (M: 1800 May 28 - 1854 Feb 12)

Philip Walsingham SERGEANT {UK} (M: 1872 Jan 27 - 1952)
20346	The Cathedral Church Of Winchester [Bell's Cathedrals] [n|1898]

Will SERGEANT {UK} (M: 1958 Apr 12 - living 2023)
	Echoes [a|2023]

Sergei Nikolaievich SERGEEV-TSENSKY / SERGEYOV-TSENSKI (ne SERGEEV/SERGEYOV) {SU} (M: 1875 - 1958 Dec 3)

Albert SERGEL {DE} (M: 1876 Nov 4 - 1946 Jun 26)
	Sehnen Und Suchen [p|Ge-1904]
	Jenseits Der Straße [p|Ge-1905]

Roger Louis SERGEL {US} (M: 1894 Dec 28 - 1963 May 3)
	Arlie Gelston [1923]

Ruth SERGEL, nee FULLER, 2:Mrs PERRY {US} (F: 1892 Oct 21 - 1987)
(&ps: Ruth FULLER; Ruth PERRY)
	Irving Stone's 'Love Is Eternal' [d|pub:1955]
	No Star To Guide Them [d|pub:1956]
	The Noel Candle [d|pub:1956]
	A A Milne's 'The Red House Mystery' [d|pub:1956]
	The Cinderella Complex (&ps: Ruth FULLER) [d|pub:1960]

Prof, Émile (Eugène Joseph) SERGENT {FR} (M: 1867 Jul 11 - 1943 May 24)
	Laënnec, Clinicien Et Médecin [b|Fr-1926]
	Exploration Radiologique De L'Appareil Respiratoire (w BORDET & DURAND) [n|Fr-1931]

Fedor Andreyevich SERGEYEV, aka 'Artem' {SU} (M: c1883 - 1921 Jul 24)
	[Schastlivaya Strane] [Ru-1926]

Giannantonio SERGIO (see: Ferdinando GALIANI)

Prof, Thomas J SERGIOVANNI {US} (M: ? - ?)

Suljo SERHATLIJA (see: Friedrich Salomo(=Solomon) KRAUSS)

Prof, George William SERIES {UK} (M: 1920 Feb 22 - 1995 Jan 2)
	The Spectrum Of Atomic Hydrogen [n|1957]

Paolo SERINI {IT} (M: 1899 - 1965 Feb 14)
	Emilio Boutroux [It-1922]
	Bergson E Lo Spiritualismo Francese Del Secolo 19 [n|It-1923]
	Pascal [n|It-1942]
	Il Triennio Dell'Unità (1859-1861) (w Franco ANTONICELLI) [n|It-1960]

Constancia (Rebecca Stephana) SERJEANT {UK} (F: 1859 - 1932 Mar 25)
	His Captain (aka: The Hero Of St Basil's) [f|1906]

Sir, David Maurice SERJEANT {UK} (M: 1830 Jan 18 - 1929 Jan 12)
	Australia [n|?]

Rev, John Flowers SERJEANT (wrongly SERGEANT) (M: c1823 - 1881 Apr 19)
	My Sunday-School Class [n|1846/53]
	Sunday School Teaching [n|1851/58]
	Sunday Echoes From Paris [e|1869]
	Echoes From A Continental City And A London Suburb [n|?/1875]
	Two Cities [e|1882]

Robert Bertram SERJEANT {UK} (M: 1915 Mar 23 - 1993 Apr 29)

William Ronald SERJEANT {UK} (M: 1921 Mar 5 - 2020 Jan 19)
	Index To The Probate..Archdeacon Of Suffolk 1444-1700 (ed) [n|1979-80]

(Alan) Geoffrey SERLE {AU} (M: 1922 Mar 10 - 1998 Apr 27)
	The Melbourne Scene 1803-1956 (jt ed) [n|1957]
	The Golden Age [n|?]
	John Monash [b|?]
	Sir John Medley [b|?]
	For Australia And Labor [b|?]

Percival SERLE {AU} (M: 1871 Jul 18 - 1951 Dec 16)
	A Bibliography Of Australasian Poetry And Verse [n|1925]
	An Australasian Anthology (jt ed) [1927]
#	Dictionary Of Australian Biography [2v|b|1949]
	A Primer Of Collecting [n|1951]

Canon, Samuel Edward Bayard SERLE {UK} (M: 1866 Dec 31 - 1939 Aug 3)

Thomas James SERLE (M: 1798 (or 1799) Oct 28 - 1889 Mar 20)
	Joan Of Arc, The Maid Of Orleans [f|1841]
	The Players [f|1847]

Robert Jerome SERLING {US} (M: 1918 Mar 28 - 2010 May 6)

Rod(=Rodman) (Edward) SERLING {US} (M: 1924 Dec 25 - 1975 Jun 28)

Sebastiano SERLIO (M: 1475 Sep 6 - c1554)
	I Sette Libri Dell'Architettura (aka: Tutte L'Opere..) [n|It-?]

Jean SERMET (M: ? - ?)
	L'Espagne Du Sud [n|Fr-1953]

William SERMON (M: ? - ?)
	A Friend To The Sick [n|1673]

Martin Gunnar SERNER {SE} (M: 1886 Jul 20 - 1947 Oct 14)
(ps: Frank HELLER)
	On The Language Of Swinburne's Lyrics And Epics [n|1910]
	Herr Collins Affärer I London [Sw-1914]
	  The London Adventures Of Mr Collin [Sw-1914] (tr ?) [1923]
	I Hasardens Huvudstad [Sw-1914]
	Herr Leroux I Luften [Sw-1915]
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	  The Grand Duke's Finances [Sw-1915] (tr ?) [?]
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	  The Strange Adventures Of Mr Collin [Sw-1916] (tr ?) [1926]
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	  The Marriage Of Yussuf Khan [Sw-1916] (tr ?) [1923]
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	  Mr Collin Is Ruined [Sw-1921] (tr ?) [1925]
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	  Twilight Of The Gladiators [Sw-1943] (tr ?) [1944]
	De Ödesdigra Skorna [Sw-1944]
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	All Världens Detektivhistorier [Sw-1945]
	All Världens Sällsamma Berättelser [s|Sw-1947]
	Resa I Schweiz [Sw-1948]

Walter SERNER (see: Walter Eduard SELIGMANN)

Kazimierz SEROCKI {PL} (M: 1922 Mar 3 - 1981 Jan 9)

Victor Iilyitch SEROFF {SU/US:1939on} (M: 1902 Oct 14 - 1979 May 10)

Mongane Wally SEROTE {ZA} (M: 1944 May 8 - living 2022)

SEROWE (see: Jack LYNCH)

Enrique SERPA {CU} (M: 1899 or 1900 - 1968)

Maria Manuela SERPA (see: Alvaro (Barreirinhas) CUNHAL)

Col, Alexandre Alberto (da ROCHA De) SERPA PINTO (M: 1846 Apr 10 - 1900 Dec 28)
20508	Como Atravessei Àfrica [2v|n|Pt-?]
	  How I Crossed Africa [n|Pt-?] (tr ?) [1881]

Narciso (Matías SÁENZ) SERRA {CU} (M: 1830 - 1877 Sep 26)
	Poesías [p|Sp-1848]

José SERRA CRESPO {ES/VE?} (M: 1901 - 1964)

Prof, Jesús Rafael SERRA PÉREZ {VE} (M: 1940 Dec 25 - ?)

Joseph SERRACINO {MT} (M: 1944 Feb 20 - ?)

Erin SERRACINO-INGLOTT {MT} (M: 1904 Oct 16 - 1983 Aug 22)

Mario SERRACINO-INGLOTT {MT} (M: 1934 Nov 4 - 2007 Sep 22)

Prof, Peter SERRACINO-INGLOTT {MT} (M: 1936 Apr 6 - ?)

Ian (Lucien) SERRAILLIER {UK} (M: 1912 Sep 24 - 1994 Nov 28)
	The Weaver Birds [p|1944]

Aniceto E SERRANO (M: 1874 Mar 5 - 1913 May 10)

Bento SERRANO {PT} (M: c1850 - 1939)
27242	O Oraculo Do Passado, Do Presente E Do Futuro [7v|Pt-1883]

Fr, Juan SERRANO {PH?} (M: ? - ?)
13915	Novena Sa Maloualhating Ama,t, Doctor..San Augustín.. [Ta-1887]

Prof, Arturo SERRANO PLAJA {ES/US?} (M: 1909 Dec 23 - 1979 Jun 16)
	El Hombre Y El Trabajo [p|Sp-c1938]

Segundo SERRANO PONCELA {ES/VE?} (M: 1912 Dec 12 - 1976 Dec 9)
	El Pensamiento De Unamuno [n|Sp-1953]
	Seis Relatos Y Uno Más [s|Sp-1954]
	Antonio Machado, Su Mundo Y Su Obra [n|Sp-1954]
	Prosa Moderna En La Lengua Española [n|Sp-1955]
	La Venda [s|Sp-1956]
	La Raya Oscura [s|Sp-1959]
	Huerto De Melibea [n|Sp-1959]
	El Secreto De Melibea Y Otros Ensayos [n|Sp-1959]
	Dostoiewuski Menor [n|Sp-1959]
	La Puesta De Capricornio [s|Sp-1960]
	Un Olor A Crisantemo [s|Sp-1961]
	Del Romancero A Machado [n|Sp-1962]
	Habitación Para Hombre Solo [f|Sp-1963]
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Ramón SERRANO SUÑER {ES} (M: 1901 Sep 12 - 2003 Sep 1)
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A SERVER (see: Eugene Milne COSGROVE)

SERVETUS (see: Charles Abraham ELTON)

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(ps: Tom CAREW)

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Prof, Tiruvenkata Rajendra SESHADRI {IN} (M: 1900 Feb 3 - 1975 Sep 27)

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Francis SETON (see: Franz SZEDO)

George SETON (M: 1822 Jun 25 - 1908 Nov 14)

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Graham SETON (see: Graham Seton HUTCHISON)

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Charles SEVERN (M: 1805 - 1894 Dec 8)

David SEVERN (see: David Storr UNWIN)

Donald SEVERN (see: Frederick (William) NOLAN)

Emma SEVERN, Mrs ATKINSON (F: 1799 Dec 22 - c1875)
	Anne Hathaway [f|1845]

Forepoint SEVERN (see: Leonard Arthur BETHELL)

Joseph Arthur Palliser SEVERN {UK} (M: 1842 - 1931 Feb 23)

Mark SEVERN (see: Franklin LUSHINGTON)

Prof, Roy Thomas SEVERN {UK} (M: 1929 Sep 6 - 2012 Nov 25)

Sue(=Esther) (Beatha) SEVERN, nee SCHULZ {US} (F: 1918 Dec 8 - 1996 Jan 28)
	Let's Give A Show (w Bill SEVERN) [n|1956]
	How To Earn Money (w Bill SEVERN) [n|1957]

Thomas Henry SEVERN (M: 1801 Nov 5 - 1881 Apr 15)

Walter SEVERN (M: 1830 Oct 12 - 1904 Sep 22)

Florence SEVERNE {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	The Pillar House [f|1888]
	Uneven Ground [f|1891]
	In The Meshes [f|1894]
	The Dowager's Determination [f|1897]
	José [f|1903]

Harleigh SEVERNE (?: ? - ?)
	Chums [f|1878]

Sir, John (de Milt) SEVERNE {UK} (M: 1925 Aug 15 - 2015 Oct 4)

Kenneth SEVERS {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Maj, Alexander (Nikolaivich) Procofieff de SEVERSKY, originally PROCOFIEFF-SEVERSKY {SU/US} (M: 1894 Jun 7 - 1974 Aug 24 (or 27))
	Victory Through Air Power [n|1942]

John Hugh SEVERSON (Jr) {US} (M: 1933 Dec 12 - 2017 May 26)

Aleksei Nikolaievich SEVERTSOV {SU} (M: 1866 - 1936)

SEVERUS (Sozopilatanus?), of Antioch (M: c465 - 538 Feb 8)

Emmanuel von SEVERUS (M: 1908 - ?)

Melchior SEVERUS (M: 1528 - 1589)

Andrei Borisovich SEVERNY {SU} (M: 1913 May 11 - 1987 Apr 4)

Melvin Linwood SEVERY {US} (M: 1863 Aug 5 - 1951 Oct 12)
	Fleur-De-Lis.. [s|1889]
1955	The Darrow Enigma [1904]
	Mystery Of June 13th [f|1905]
	Gillette's Social Redemption, A Review Of World-wide Conditions [n|1907]
	Gillette's Industrial Solution - World Corporation [n|1908]
	Maitland's Master Mystery [1913]
	Awakening [f|1940]

Prof, (Joseph-)Pierre(-Albert) SÉVIGNY {CA} (M: 1917 Feb 12 - 2004 Mar 20)
	Face À L'Ennemi [n|Fr-?]

José N SEVILLA {PH} (M: 1880 - 1946)
13156	Alamat Ng Ilang-Ilang [Ta-1908]
17786	Mga Dakilang Pilipino: O Ang Kaibigan Ng Mga Nagaaral [Ta-1922]
18887	Si Rizal At Ang Mga Diwata [Ta-?]
46639	Ang Pag-Ibig Ng Layas [Ta-?]

Mildred SEVILLA, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs ?, 3:Mrs ? {US} (F: 1939 Aug 25 - 2014 Oct 16)
(ps: Sumi HARU)

William Penn SEVILLE (M: 1833 Aug 10 - 1913 Jun 24)
33177	Narrative..March Of Co A, Engineers From Fort Leavenworth [n|1912]

Charles SEVIN, Marquis de QUINCY (M: 1660 or 1666 - 1728 or 1736)
	Histoire Militaire Du Règne De Louis Le Grand [8v|n|Fr-1726]

Hetty Jane SEWALL, nee DUNAWAY {US} (F: ? - 1961 Dec 12)

Rev, John Smith SEWALL (M: 1830 Mar 20 - 1911 Oct 11)
	The Logbook Of The Captain's Clerk [a|1905]

Jonathan Mitchell SEWALL (M: 1748 - 1808 Mar 29)
	Versification Of President Washington's.. [p|1798]
	Eulogy On The Late General Washington [p|1800]
	Miscellaneous Poems [p|1801]

Marcia Osgood SEWALL {US} (F: 1935 Nov 5 - ?)

Mary Franklin SEWALL (Jr) {US} (F: 1884 Jul 14 - 1971 Dec 6)
	Trends In Nursing History (w Elizabeth JAMIESON) [n|1940/?/?/?/?/66]

May (Eliza) (nee)Wright SEWALL, 1:Mrs THOMPSON {US} (F: 1844 May 27 - 1920 Jul 22 or 23)
	..Third Quinquennial International Council Of Women.. (ed) [e|1904]
	Women, World War And Permanent Peace [n|1915]
	Neither Dead Nor Sleeping [n|1920]
	The Higher Education Of Women In The Western States [n|?]
	The Woman Suffrage Movement In Indiana [n|?]
	Historical Resumé..World's Congress Of Representative Women [2v|n|?]
	The Open Mind [n|?]
	The New Internationalism [n|?]

Prof, Richard Benson SEWALL {US} (M: 1908 Feb 11 - 2003 Apr 16)

Robert SEWALL {US} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Wood C LAMONT)
	The Devil's Advocate [s|1942]

Samuel SEWALL (M: 1652 Mar 28 - 1730 Jan 1)
	The Revolution In New England Justified [n|1691]
	Phaenomena Quaedam Apocalyptica.. [n|1697]
	The Selling Of Joseph [1700]
	Proposals Touching The Accomplishment Of Prophecies [n|1713]
	A Memorial Relating To The Kennebeck Indians [n|1721]
	Diary [3v|a|1878-82]
	The Letters Of Samuel Lee And Samuel Sewall.. [a|1913]

Yvonne (nee)SEWALL-RUSKIN {US?} (F: c1945 - ?)

Sir, Albert Charles SEWARD {UK} (M: 1863 Oct 9 - 1941 Apr 11)
	Fossil Plants As Tests Of Climate [n|1892]
	The Wealden Flora [2v|n|1894-95]
	Fossil Plants For Students Of Botany And Geology [4v|n|1898-1919]
	The Jurassic Flora [2v|n|1900-04]
1909	Darwin And Modern Science (ed) [e|1909]
	Science And The Nation (ed) [n|1917]
	A Summer In Greenland [n|1922]
	Plant Life Through The Ages [n|1931]
	Plants [n|1932]

Anna(=Anne) (Hunter) SEWARD (F: 1747 Dec 12 - 1809 Mar 23)
I	Elegy On Captain Cook, To Which Is Added An Ode To The Sun [p|1780]
27663	Original Sonnets On Various Subjects [p|1799]
	Memoirs Of The Life Of Dr Darwin [b|1804]
	Poetical Works (ed Walter SCOTT) [3v|p|1810]
	Letters Of Anna Seward 1784-1807 [6v|a|1811]
	Louisa [f|?]

Frederick William SEWARD (M: 1830 Jul 8 - 1915 Apr 25)
	Reminiscences Of A War-Time Statesman And Diplomat, 1830-1915.. [a|1916]

Georgene (nee)Hoffman SEWARD {US} (F: 1902 Jan 21 - 1992 Sep 19)

Guy William SEWARD {UK} (M: 1916 Jun 10 - 2009 Jul 2)

Prof, John Perry SEWARD {US} (M: 1905 Apr 24 - 1985 Mar 10)

Prudence (Eaton) SEWARD, 1:Mrs BELMONTE, 2:Mrs GRAHAM {UK} (F: 1926 Sep 10 - ?)

Gov, William Henry SEWARD (M: 1801 May 16 - 1872 Oct 16)
18196	Life And Public Services Of John Quincy Adams [b|1849]
A	..In Defence Of Abel F Fitch.. [n|1851]
A	Speech..Immediate Admission Of Kansas Into The Union [n|1856]
A	Freedom In Kansas [n|1858]
	The Admission Of Kansas [n|1860]
	William H Seward, An Autobiography From 1801 To 1834.. [3v|a|1891]

William Ward SEWARD, Jr {US} (M: 1913 Feb 2 - 2006 Nov 30)
(&ps: Leigh RIVES)
	The Quarrels Of Alexander Pope [1935]

Anna SEWELL (F: 1820 Mar 30 - 1878 Apr 25)
271,D	Black Beauty: The Autobiography Of A Horse [f|1878]
11860	Black Beauty [Young Folks' Edition] [f|?]

Brian (Alfred Christopher Bushell) SEWELL, originally PERKINS {UK} (M: 1931 Jun 15 - 2015 Sep 19)

Brocard SEWELL (see: Michael Seymour SEWELL)

Rev, Caleb Wit SEWELL (M: 1828 Jun 30 - 1911 Sep 8)
	The Nondescript Described [a|?]

Douglas (Arthur) SEWELL {UK} (M: 1919 Jun 9 - 1998)

Edward Humphrey Dalrymple SEWELL {UK} (M: 1872 Sep 30 - 1947 Sep 21)
	The Book Of Football [n|1911]
	Triangular Cricket [n|1912]
	The Rugby Football Internationals Roll Of Honour [b|1919]
	Rugby Football Up To Date (w others) [n|1921]
	The Log Of A Sportsman [n|1923]
	Cricket Up-To-Date [n|1931]
	Rugby Football To-day [n|1931]
	First Principles Of Cricket [n|1935]
	From A Window At Lord's [e|1937]
	Cricket Under Fire [n|1941]
	Rugger [n|1944/?]
	Who's Won The Toss [n|1944]
	An Outdoor Wallah [a|1945]
	Overthrows [n|1946]
	Well Hit! Sir [n|1947]
	Rugger (3e w Owen Llewellyn OWEN) [n|1950]

Eleanor Lucy SEWELL {UK} (F: c1838 - 1920 Mar 15)

Elizabeth Missing SEWELL (F: 1815 Feb 19 - 1906 Aug 17)
(&ps: A LADY)
	Amy Herbert (ps: A LADY) [f|1844]
	Gertrude (anon) [f|1845]
	Laneton Parsonage (anon) [f|1846]
	Margaret Percival (anon) [f|1847]
	The Sketches (anon) [s|1848]
	Was It A Dream? (anon) [s|1849]
	The Child's First History Of Rome (anon) [n|1849]
	The Earl's Daughter (anon) [f|1850]
	Margaret Percival In America (anon) [f|1850]
	Stories Illustrative Of The Lord's Prayer (anon) [n|1851]
	A First History Of Greece (anon) [n|1852]
	A Journal Kept During A Summer Tour (anon) [3v|1852]
	The Experience Of Life (anon) [f|1853]
	Readings For A Month Preparatory To Confirmation (anon) [n|1853]
	Katharine Ashton (anon) [f|1854]
	Cleve Hall (anon) [f|1855]
	Ivors (anon) [f|1856]
	Thoughts For The Holy Week, For Young Persons (anon) [n|1857]
	Extraits Choisis (ed anon) [s|1858]
	The Earl's Daughter (anon) [f|1858]
	Ursula (anon) [f|1858]
	Tales By The Author Of 'Amy Herbert' [1s|1858-62]
	Self-Examination Before Confirmation (anon) [n|1859]
	Extracts From The Works Of The Author Of 'Amy Herbert' [s|1859]
	Sentences From The Works Of The Author Of 'Amy Herbert' [n|1860]
	Passing Thoughts On Religion (anon) [n|1860]
	Night Lessons From Scripture (anon) [n|1860]
	Contes Faciles (ed anon) [s|1861]
	Impressions Of Rome, Florence, And Turin (anon) [n|1862]
	Dictation Exercises (2nd series) [2v|n|?/1862-65]
	Ancient History Of Egypt, Assyria, And Babylonia [n|1862/70]
	Preparation For The Holy Communion (anon) [n|1864/1907]
A	Principles Of Education.. (anon) [2v|n|1865/1914]
	Uncle Peter's Fairy Tale For The Nineteenth Century (ed) [1867]
	Contes Et Critiques Français Recueillis.. (ed anon) [Fr-1867]
	The Journal Of A Home Life [1] [1867]
	After Life [2] [1868]
	Historical Selections (jt ed) [1868]
	Thoughts For The Age (anon) [n|1870/76]
	History Of The Early Chuch..To The Council Of Nicea (anon) [n|?/?/1870]
	Poems Of Bygone Years (anon) [1871]
	The Giant (anon) ('ed') [1871]
	Mrs Britton's Letter Touching The Europa Troubles (anon) [1871]
	A Catechism Of English History (ed) [n|1872]
	Grammar Made Easy [n|1872]
	A Catechism Of Roman History [n|1873]
	What Can Be Done For Our Young Servants? [n|1873]
	Catechism Of The History Of Greece [n|1874]
	Some Questions Of The Day [n|1875]
	Popular History Of France..To The Death Of Louis XIV [n|1876]
	Note-Book Of An Elderly Lady [e|1881]
	Private Devotions For Young Persons (ed) [n|1881]
	A Glimpse Of The World (anon) [1883]
	Letters On Daily Life [e|1885]
	Home And After Life [1+2] [1891]
	Outline History Of Italy From The Fall Of The Western Empire [n|1895]
	Conversations Between Youth And Age [n|1896]
	The Autobiography Of.. (ed Eleanor L SEWELL) [a|1907]
	A Fairy Tale For The Nineteenth Century (anon) [f|?]

Ellen Mary SEWELL (F: 1813 - 1905 Mar 5)

(Henry) Fane (Dalrymple) SEWELL {CA} (M: 1862 May 17 - 1944 Oct 5)
	The King, Canada, And Empire [p|1910]

George SEWELL (M: c1688 - 1726)

Harold Edward Boeda SEWELL {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The Empire 'One And All' [p|1916]

Helen (Moore) SEWELL {US} (F: 1896 Jun 27 - 1957 (wrongly 1956) Feb 24)
	A Head For Happy [1931]
	Words To The Wise [1932]
	Blue Barns [1933]
	A First Bible [1934]
	Ming And Mehitable [1936]
	Peggy And The Pony [1936]
	Jimmy And Jemima [1940]
	Peggy And The Pup [1941]
	Belinda The Mouse [1944]
	Birthdays For Robin [1944]

Henry SEWELL (M: 1807 Sep 14 - 1879 May 14)

James Witt SEWELL {US} (M: 1865 - 1955)
14006	An English Grammar (w W M BASKERVILL) [n|1896]
	Elements Of English Grammar (w W M BASKERVILL) [n|1900]
	School Grammar Of The English Language (w W M BASKERVILL) [n|1903/09]
	Practical English For Seventh And Eighth Grades [n|1911]
	Makers Of America [n|1930]
	Team Work [n|1930]

John Swindale Nanson SEWELL {UK} (M: 1904 Jul 20 - 1988)
	Rules Of The Road [n|1928]
	The Straight Left [n|1928]
	Black And White [f|1931]
	Second Innings [1933]
	Gray's School Days [f|1935]
	Adventure On Wheels [1936]

Judge, Jonathan SEWELL (M: 1766 Jun 6 - 1839 Nov 12)

Kitty SEWELL, nee ?, ?/Mrs ? {SE/CA} (F: ? - ?)

Martin SEWELL (see: Thomas H LEWIS)

Mary SEWELL, nee WRIGHT (F: 1797 Apr 6 - 1884 Jun 10)
	Stories In Verse [p|?]
	Poems And Ballads [2v|p|1886]
	Mrs Sewell's Poems And Ballads [p|1899]

Fr, Michael Seymour SEWELL {UK} (M: 1912 Jul 30 - 2000 Apr 2)
(ps: Joseph JEROME; Brocard SEWELL)
	Corvo, 1860-1960 (jt ed) [n|1961]
	Two Friends [n|1963]

Richard Clarke SEWELL (M: baptised 1803 Feb 6 - 1864 Nov 9)

Judge, Robert SEWELL {UK} (M: 1845 Jun 4 - 1925 (wrongly 1945) Dec 30)
	Analytical History Of India [n|1870]
	The Amravati Tope And Excavations On Its Site In 1877 [n|?]
	Antiquarian Remains In Presidency Of Madras [n|1882]
	A Sketch Of The Dynasties Of S India [n|1883]
	South Indian Chronological Tables [n|1889]
	The Indian Calendar (w S B DIKSHIT) [n|1896]
	Eclipses Of The Moon In India [n|1878]
3310	A Forgotten Empire - Vijayanagar [n|1900]

Prof, William SEWELL (M: 1804 Jan 23 - 1874 Nov 14)
	Domestic Virtues And Manners Of The Greeks And Romans (anon?) [n|1828]
	Essay On The Cultivation Of The Intellect By..Dead Languages [n|1830]
	An Introduction To The Dialogues Of Plato [n|1841]
	Christian Politics [n|1844]
	Hawkstone [f|1846]
	The Nation, The Church And The University Of Oxford [n|1849]
	The University Commission (anon?) [1850]
	Christian Vestiges Of Creation [n|1861]
	Reminiscences [2v|a|1873]
	Some Last Words Of The Rev W Sewell [e|1876]

William SEWELL, aka Bill SEWELL {NZ?} (M: 1951 - ?)

William George Grant SEWELL (M: 1829 Apr 24 - 1862 Aug 9)

Prof, William (Hamilton) SEWELL {US} (M: 1909 Nov 27 - 2001 Jun 24)

William Henry SEWELL (M: 1836 Oct 27 - 1896 Nov 14)

Wynne SEWELL {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Festubert.. [p|1916]

Kathryn (E) (nee)Wiehe SEWNY {US} (F: 1909 Apr 8 - 1983 Nov 24)
	Herbert E Hawkes (w W E WELD) [b|1958]


Richard SEXAU {DE} (M: 1882 Jan 11 - 1962 Jul 23)
	Der Tod Im Deutschen Drama Des 17 Und 18 Jahrhunderts [n|Ge-1906]
	Märztrieb [f|Ge-1911]
	Ewiger Durst [f|Ge-1913]
	Blut Und Eisen [f|Ge-1914]
	Die Alte Weise [f|Ge-1916]
	Brigitta [f|Ge-1917]
	Wiedergeburt [f|Ge-1928]
	Das Bessere Ich [s|Ge-1931]
	Der Rächer [d|Ge-1931]
	Venus Und Maria [f|Ge-1932]
	Denkmal Einer Freundschaft [s|Ge-1934]
	Kaiser Oder Kanzler [n|Ge-1960]
	Symphonie [s|Ge-1942]
	Das Gemeisterte Leben [s|Ge-1956]
	Fürst Und Arzt Dr Med Herzog Carl Theodor In Bayern [b|Ge-1963]

A SEXTON of the Old School (see: Lucius Manlius SARGENT)

Alex SEXTON (see: Gil(=Gilbert) BREWER)

Prof, Alexander Humboldt SEXTON {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	An Elementary Text-book Of Metallurgy [n|?/1899]

Anne (Gray) SEXTON, nee HARVEY {US} (F: 1928 Nov 9 - 1974 Oct 4)
	To Bedlam And Part Way Back [1960]
	All My Pretty Ones [1962]

Bernard SEXTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Peter GRAY WOLF)
	Gray Wolf Stories [s|1941]

Daniel A SEXTON {US} (M: 1951 Oct 8 - 1994 Aug 28)

Ella M SEXTON (F: ? - ?)
13232	Stories Of California [1902]

Frederic Henry SEXTON {CA} (M: 1879 - ?)
	Mining History Of The Maritime Provinces, V15 [n|?]

Sir, James SEXTON {UK} (M: 1856 Apr 13 - 1938 Dec 27)
	Sir James Sexton, Agitator [a|1936]
	The Riot Act [d|pro:?]

James Seymour SEXTON {US} (M: 1854 Nov 2 - 1928 Nov 3)
	Address..University Of Mississippi, September 21, 1910 [n|1911]

John Henry SEXTON {AU} (M: 1863 Jul 2 - 1954 Nov 3)
	The Classic Of The Soul [n|1937]
	Australian Aborigines [e|1944]

Maj, John Joseph O'Brien SEXTON {UK} (M: 1866 Dec 30 - 1941 Sep 26)
	Japanese Colour-Prints (w Laurence BINYON) [n|1923]

Rev, Lydia SEXTON, nee CASAD, 1:Mrs MOORE (F: 1799 Apr 12 - 1894 Dec 15)
	Autobiography.. [a|1882]

Prof, August SEYBOLD {DE} (M: 1901 Dec 7 - 1965 Dec 11)
	Über Die Drehung Bei Der Entfaltungsbewegung Der Blätter [n|Ge-1925]
	Untersuchungen Über Die..Blätter Der Angiospermen [n|Ge-1927]
	Zur Klärung Des Xerophytenproblems [n|Ge-1928]
	Die Physikalische Komponente Der Pflanzlichen Transpiration [n|Ge-1929]
	Untersuchungen Über Chlorophylle (w Karl EGLE) [n|Ge-1939]
	Zur Physiologie Des Chlorophylls [n|Ge-1940]
	Vinum Der Wein [Ge-1955]

Robert Francis SEYBOLT {US} (M: 1888 Feb 25 - 1951 Feb 5)

Lawrence SEYCHELL {MT} (M: 1951 Jan 25 - ?)

Ernest SEYD (M: c1829 - 1881 May 1)

Mildred SEYDELL (see: Mildred WOOLLEY)

Baroness, Marie Anna Sophie Margrete von SEYDEWITZ {UK?} (F: c1874 - 1960 Mar 27)

Max SEYDEWITZ {DDR} (M: 1892 Dec 19 - 1987 Feb 8)
(&ps: Peter MICHEL)
	Stalin Oder Trotzki [n|Ge-1938]
	Den Tyska Hemmafronten (ps: Peter MICHEL) [n|Sw-1944]
	Es Geht Um Deutschland [n|Ge-1948]
	Es Hat Sich Gelohnt Zu Leben [2v|a|Ge-1976-78]

Paul SEYDOR {US} (M: 1947 Oct 4 - ?)

Reza SYED-HOSSEINI {IR} (M: 1926 - 2009 May 1)
	Literary Schools [2v|n|1955]

Prof, William Frederick SEYER {US} (M: 1890 Jul 9 - 1972 Nov 25)

Gabriele SEYFERT {DE} (F: 1948 Nov 23 - ?)

Prof, Gustavus/Gustav SEYFFARTH (M: 1796 Jul 13 - 1885 Nov 17)
	De Sonis Literarum Graecearum Turn Genuinis Turn Adoptivis Libri Duo [n|La-1823]
	Rudimenta Hieroglyphica, Ace Explicationes, XVII.. [n|La-1826]
	Beitrage Zur Kenntniss Der Literatur, Kunst..Aegyptens [n|Ge-1826]
	Brevis Defensio Hieroglyphices Inventae A Fr August Spohn.. [n|La-1827]
	Replique Aux Objections De Mon Champollion Contre Le Meme.. [n|Fr-1827]
	Systema Astronomiae Ægyptiaceae [n|La-1833]
	Chronologia Sacra [n|Ge-1846]
	Theologische Schriften Der Alten Aegypter, Nach Dem Turiner.. [n|Ge-1855]
	Grammatica Aegyptiacae [n|Ge-1855]
	Summary Of Recent Discoveries In Biblical Chronology.. [n|1857]
	Die Wahre Zeitrechnung Des Alten Testaments.. [n|Ge-1857]
	An Astronomical Inscription Concerning The Year 22 BC [n|1860]
	Amerikanischer Kalendermann [n|Ge-1869]
	Chronologia Veterum [n|La-1871]
	Die Allgemeinheit Der Sundfluth [n|Ge-?]
	The Literary Life Of Gustavus Seyffarth.. [a|1886]

Alois Karl SEYFRIED {AT} (M: 1909 May 2 - 1941 Sep 23)
	Kampf Der Straßen [p|Ge-1930]
	Das Ewige Lied [p|Ge-1933]
	Kompaß Für Morgen [Ge-1933]
	Fürstensaga [Ge-1936]
	Peter Und Ingrid [f|Ge-1936]

SEYGIE (see: Félix KLEIN)

Athene SEYLER, 1:Mrs STERNDALE-BENNETT, 2:Mrs HANNEN {UK} (F: 1889 May 31 - 1990 Sep 12)
	The Craft Of Comedy (w Stephen HAGGARD) [n|1943]

Clarence Arthur SEYLER {UK} (M: 1866 (wrongly 1886) Dec 5 - 1959 Jul 24)

A W SEYMOUR (see: Alexander William WEBSTER)

Aaron Crossley Hobart SEYMOUR (M: 1789 Dec 19 - 1870 Oct 22)


Alan SEYMOUR {AU} (M: 1927 Jun 6 - 2015 Mar 21)
	Swamp Creatures [d|1957]
	The One Day Of The Year [d|pro:1960]

Alice SEYMOUR (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Alec C MORE)
	Radia [p|1906]

Alta (nee)Halverson SEYMOUR {US} (F: 1893 May 8 - 1970 Oct)
	Timothy Keeps A Secret [f|1939]
	On The Edge Of The Fjord [f|1944]
	Galewood Crossing [f|1944]

Amy Elizabeth SEYMOUR, Mrs WEBSTER {UK} (F: 1899 Feb 5 - 1988 Feb 1)
	A Schoolgirl's Secret [f|1929]
	Two New Girls [f|1931]
	The Fourth Form Crusaders [f|1932]
	Carry On, Cumberledge! [f|1937]

Ana SEYMOUR (F: ? - ?)

Arthur SEYMOUR {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Ern SHAW)
	Good Bye-ee! [1919]

Arthur James SEYMOUR {GY} (M: 1914 Jan 12 - 1989 Dec 25)
	Verse [p|1937]
	More Poems [p|1940]
	Over Guiana, Clouds [p|1945]
	Sun's In My Blood [p|1945]
	A Survey Of West Indian Literature [n|1950]
	Six Songs [p|1946]
	The Guiana Book [p|1948]
	Leaves From The Tree [p|1951]
	Water And Blood [p|1952]
	The Kyk-Over-Al Anthology Of West Indian Poetry (ed) [p|1952/1958]
	An Anthology Of Guianese Poetry (ed) [p|1954]

Arthur Romeyn SEYMOUR {US} (M: 1872 Jul 8 - 1955 Jan 2)
	Short Spanish Review Grammar..Book (w D H CARNAHAN) [n|1923]

Beatrice (Mary) Kean SEYMOUR, nee STAPLETON {UK} (F: 1886 Sep 1 - 1955 Oct 31)
	Invisible Tides [f|1919]
	Intrusion [f|1921]
	The Hopeful Journey [f|1923]
	The Romantic Tradition [f|1925]
	The Last Day [f|1926]
	Three Wives [f|1927]
	Youth Rides Out [f|1928]
	False Spring [f|1929]
	But Not For Love [f|1930]
	Maids And Mistresses [f|1932]
	Daughter To Philip [f|1933]
	Interlude For Sally [f|1934]
	Frost At Morning [f|1935]
	Summer Of Life [f|1936]
	The Happier Eden [f|1937]
	Jane Austen [b|1937]
	The Chronicles Of Sally [s|1940]
	Fool Of Time [f|1940]
	The Unquiet Field [f|1940]
	Happy Ever After - [f|1941]
	Return Journey [f|1942]
	Buds Of May [f|1943]
	Joy As It Flies [f|1944]
	Tumbled House [f|1946]
	Family Group [f|1947]
	The Children Grow Up [f|1949]
	The Second Mrs Conford [f|1951]
	The Wine Is Poured [f|1953]
	The Painted Lath [f|1955]

Brenda Meredith SEYMOUR {UK} (F: before 1925 - ?)

Prof, Charles SEYMOUR {US} (M: 1885 Jan 1 - 1963 Aug 11)
	Electoral Reform In England And Wales [n|1915]
	The Diplomatic Background Of The War, 1870-1914 [n|1916]
	How The World Votes (w Donald Paige FRARY) [n|1918]
21877	Woodrow Wilson And The World War [n|1921]
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