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Lee(=Lido) (Anthony) IACOCCA {US} (M: 1924 Oct 15 - 2019 Jul 2)

Robert Paul IACONO {US} (M: 1952 Apr 7 - 2007 Jun 16)

Mikhail Borisovich IAKOVENKO {SU} (M: 1909 - 1936)

Ehedydd IÂL (see: William JONES)

Janis IAN (see: Janis Eddy FINK)

Edward I'ANSON (M: 1812 Jul 25 - 1888 Jan 30)


IANTHE (ps) (F: ? - ?)
	Guido, A Tale, Sketches From History.. [p|1828]

Gnathai Gan IARRAIDH (see: Ernest (Augustus) BOYD)

Khristo IASENOV {BG} (M: 1889 Dec 24 - 1925 Jul 4)

Paolo IASVILI {SU} (M: 1895 Jun 29 - 1937 Jul 22)

Nikolai Mikhailovich IAZYKOV (M: J 1803 Mar 4 - J 1846 Dec 26 (wrongly 12))
	[Stikhotvoreniia] [p|Ru-1833]
	[Piat'desiat Shest' Stikhotvorenii] [p|Ru-1834]
	[Novye Stikhotvoreniia] [p|Ru-1845]
	[Stikhotvoreniia N M Iazykova] [2v|p|Ru-1858]
	[Stikhotvoveniia] (ed Aleksei Sergeevich SUROVIN) [p|Ru-1898]
	[Pisma N M Iazykova..(1822-1829)] (ed E V PIETUKHOV) [a|Ru-1913]
	[Liricheskiia Stikhotvoreniia N M Iazykov] (ed V SHERSHENEVICH) [p|Ru-1916]
	[Polnoe Sobranie Stikhotvorenii] (ed Mark K AZADOVSKY) [p|Ru-1934]
	[Pisma P V Kireevskogo N M Iazykovu] (ed Mark K AZADOVSKY) [a|Ru-1935]
	[Stikhotvoreniia] (ed Mark K AZADOVSKY) [p|Ru-1936]
	[Sobranie Stikhotvorenii] (ed Mark K AZADOVSKY) [p|Ru-1948]
	[Stikhotvoreniia I Poemy] (ed K K BUKMEIER) [p|Ru-1958]
	[Stikhotvoreniia, Skazki, Poemy, Dramaticheskie Stseny..] [p|Ru-1959]