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Aleksandr Nikolaevich AFANASYEV (M: J 1826 Jul 11 - J 1871 Sep 23)

Yuri Nikolaevich AFANASYEV {RU} (M: 1934 Sep 5 - 2015 Sep 14)

Don Allen AFFELDT {US} (M: c1942 - 2001 Sep 11)
(ps: Don Affeldt ALLEN)

Arthur Herbert AFFLECK {AU} (M: 1903 Jul 3 - 1966 Sep 11)

Muriel Adeline AFFLECK, nee CALDWELL {CA} (F: 1912 Jun 9 - 2008 Mar 11)

Thomas AFFLECK (M: 1812 Jul 13 - 1868 Dec 30)
	Bee Breeding In The West [n|1841]
	Norman's Southern Agricultural Almanac (ed) [n|1848]
	Affleck's Southern Rural Almanac..For 1849 [n|1848]
	Hedging And Hedging Plants In The Southern United States [n|1869]

William Baldwin AFFLECK (M: 1830 - 1887)

Giuseppe AFFLISIO (M: 1722 - 1788)

Ireneo AFFÒ (M: 1741 - 1797)

Malcolm R AFFORD {AU} (M: 1906 (or 1908) Apr 8 - 1954 Nov 2)
(ps: Max AFFORD)
	The Flail Of God [d|1932]
	William Light - The Founder (aka: Awake My Love) [d|pub:1936]
#	Blood On His Hands! [f|1936]
	Death's Mannikins [f|1937]
#	The Dead Are Blind [f|1937]
	Owl Of Darkness (UK: Fly By Night) [f|1942]
#	Lady In Danger [d|pro:1942/pub:1944]
#	Mischief In The Air [d|pro:1944]
	Dark Enchantment [d|pro:1950]
#	Sinners In Paradise [1951]
	An Ear For Murder [1951]

Max AFFORD (see: Malcolm R AFFORD)

Abp, Denis Auguste AFFRE (M: 1793 Sep 28 (or 27) - 1848 Jun 27)
(&ps: L'ARCHEVÊQUE de Paris)
	Traité De L'Administration Temporelle Des Paroisses [n|Fr-1827]
	Essai Sur Les Hieroglyphes Egyptiens [n|Fr-1834]
	Traité De La Propriété Des Biens Ecclésiastiques [n|Fr-1837]
	Introduction Philosophique À L'Étude Du Christianisme [n|Fr-1845]

AFGHAN (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	The Exploits Of Asaf Khan [f|1922]
	The Wanderings Of Asaf [f|1923]

Jamal al-Din AFGHANI (M: 1839 - 1897)


Aleksandr Nikolaevich AFINOGENOV {SU} (M: J 1904 Mar 22 - 1941 Oct 29 (or Nov 4))

(Abu Muhammad) Jabir ibn AFLAH, aka GEBER (M: 1100 - 1150)
	[Islah Al-Majisti] [n|Ar-?]

Shams al-Din Ahmad AFLAKI (M: ? - 1360)

Frederick George AFLALO {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 17 - 1918 Dec 7)
	Sea-Fishing On The English Coast [n|1891]
	Hints And Wrinkles On Sea-Fishing [n|1894]
	A Sketch Of The Natural History Of Australia [n|1896]
	A Sketch Of The Natural History (Vertebrates) Of The British.. [n|1897]
	Sea Fish [n|1897]
	The Literary Year Book, 1897 (ed) [n|1897]
	Types Of British Animals [n|1899]
	A Walk Through The Zoological Gardens [n|1900]
	Sea And Coast Fishing [n|1901]
	Fifty Leaders Of Sport [b|1904]
	The Sea Fishing Industry Of England And Wales [n|1904]
	Saltwater Fishes [n|1904]
	The Salt Of My Life [n|1905]
	Sunshine And Sport In Florida And The West Indies [n|1907]
	Sunset Playgrounds [n|1909]
	Regilding The Crescent [n|1910]
	An Idler In The Near East [n|1910]
	A Fisherman's Summer In Canada [n|1911]
	Behind The Ranges [n|1911]
	Our Agreeable Friends [1911]
	A Book Of The Jungle And Wilderness [n|1912]
27465	Birds In The Calendar [n|1914]

Ruhi Muhsen AFNAN {IR} (M: 1899 Dec - 1971 May 8)
	Mysticism And The Baha'i Revelation [e|1934]

Ben AFRICA (see: Benjamin Northling SWEMMER)

AFRICANUS (see: Frank Hulme MELLAND)

AFRICANUS (see: Malcolm Cotter Cariston SETON)


AFRIKANER (see: C A E Vine Hall van CAPPELLE)

Albert (Abram) AFTALION {FR} (M: 1874 Oct 21 - 1956 Dec 6 (wrongly Jul 12))
	Les Crises Périodiques De Surproduction [n|Fr-1913]
	Or Et Sa Distribution Mondiale [n|Fr-1932]

Allen AFTERMAN {US/IL} (M: 1941 - 1992)

Effie AFTON (F: 1829 - 1887)
20185,R	Eventide [s|1854]