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Clara A URANN {US} (F: ? - ?)
	Centennial History Of Cleveland [n|1896]
18570	Yule-tide In Many Lands (w Mary Poague PRINGLE) [n|1916]

Luis UROYÁN (see: Enrique (Arturo) LAGUERRE (VÉLEZ))

Prof, Ephraim Elimelech URBACH {IL} (M: c1912 - 1991 Jul 3)
	[Hazal, Pirke Emunot Ve-de'ot] [n|He-?]

Josefina URBAEZ De FLORES {VE} (F: 1936 - ?)

Charles URBAN {UK} (M: 1867 - ?)
	The Cinematograph In Science [n|?]
	Education And Matters Of State [n|1907]

Garri/Harry Semionovitch URBAN {DE/VE} (M: 1916 Dec 12 - 2004 Oct 16)

Heinrich URBAN (M: 1837 Aug 27 - 1901 Nov 24)

Herbert URBAN {DE} (M: 1901 Oct 27 - c1963)

Lisl URBAN {DE} (F: c1920 - ?)

John W URBAN (M: ? - ?)
	My Experiences Mid Shot And Shell.. [a|1882]

Rudolf von URBAN (see: Rudolf (R) (von) URBANTSCHITSCH)

Wilhelm URBAN {DE} (M: 1892 Mar 21 - 1961 Jul 8)

Prof, Wilbur Marshall URBAN {US} (M: 1873 Mar 27 - 1952 Oct 15)
	Valuation [n|1909]
	The Intelligible World [n|1929]
	Fundamentals Of Ethics [n|1930]
	Language And Reality [n|1939]
	Beyond Realism And Idealism [n|1949]
	Humanity And Deity [n|1951]

Alejandro URBANEJA {VE} (M: 1859 - 1944)

Diego Bautista URBANEJA {VE} (M: 1886 - 1946 Apr 6)

Luis Manuel URBANEJA ACHELPOHL {VE} (M: 1873 Feb 25 - 1937 Sep 5)

(Elthea) Mae (nee)Bob URBANEK {US} (F: 1903 Sep 10 - 1995 May 29)
	The Uncovered Wagon [1958]
	Songs Of The Dage [1962]

Zdenek URBÁNEK {CZ} (M: 1917 Oct 12 - 2008 Jun 12)

Pilar URBANO (CASAÑA) {ES} (F: 1940 - living 2022)

Ramón A URBANO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Carl von URBANTKE (M: 1831 - 1891)
	Aus Meinen Lebensführungen [a|Ge-1902]

Rudolf (R) (von) URBANTSCHITSCH {AT/US?} (M: 1879 Apr 28 - 1964 Dec 18)
(&ps: Georg GORGONE; Rudolf von URBAN; Rudolf Urban von URBANTSCHITSCH)
	Die Innere Sekretion Und Deren Bestimmender Einfluss.. [n|Ge-1922]
	Psychoanalyse [n|Ge-1924]
	  Psycho-Analysis For All [n|Ge-1924] (tr ?) [1928]
	Moderne Kindererziehung Nach Psychoanalytischen Erfahrungen [n|Ge-1925]
	Selbsterkenntnis Mit Hilfe Der Psychoanalyse [n|Ge-1926]
	Das Problem Der Seele Im Psychoanalytischer Beleuchtung [n|Ge-1926]
	Wege Zur Lebensfreude [n|Ge-1927]
	Die Probeehe [n|Ge-1929]
	Praktische Lebenskunde [n|Ge-1930]
	Sex Perfection And Marital Happiness [n|1949]
	Sexuelle Erziehung Von Der Kindheit.. (ps: R U Von URBANTSCHITSCH) [n|Ge-1951]
	Myself Not Least: A Confessional.. (ps: Rudolf Von URBAN) [a|1958]
	Das Unbewusste Leben (ps: Rudolf Von URBAN) [n|Ge-1963]

Rudolf Urban von URBANTSCHITSCH (see: Rudolf (R) (von) URBANTSCHITSCH)


Sylvanus URBANUS (see: Edward CAVE)

Georg URBAT {DE} (M: 1887 Feb 6 - 1966 Feb 10)

Levina (nee)Buoncuore URBINO (F: 1813 - 1888 Feb 17)
	Sunshine In The Palace And Cottage [n|1854]
	Miss Kate [f|1854]
	The Home Angel [1858]
A	Art Recreations (w Henry DAY) [n|1860]
	L'Instructeur De L'Enfrance (ps: L BONCOEUR) [n|1864]
	Dictation Exercises (w E M SEWELL) [n|1867]
	An American Woman In Europe [n|1869]
	Art Recreations (w Henry DAY) [n|1869]
	Italian Conversation-Grammar (ps: L B CUORE) [n|1870]
	Biographical Sketches Of Eminent Musical Composers [n|1876]

Amenodoro URDANETA (M: 1829 Jan 14 - 1905 Jan 3)

Antonio URDANETA {VE} (M: 1947 Aug 27 - ?)

Belarmino URDANETA (M: 1859 Feb - 1891)

Ildemaro URDANETA {VE} (M: 1885 - ?)

Ismael URDANETA {VE} (M: 1885 Mar 5 - 1928 Dec 29)

José Tomás URDANETA {VE} (M: 1843 Jul 17 - ?)

Josefina URDANETA {VE} (F: 1925 May 24 - ?)

Manuel Horángel URDANETA {VE} (M: 1882 Aug 13 - 1959)

Ramón (Marcial) URDANETA (BOCNEGRA) {VE} (M: 1932 Jun 30 - ?)

CO Pres, Roberto URDANETA ARBELÁEZ {CO} (M: 1890 Jun 27 - 1972 Aug 20)
	Albacea Fiduciaria [n|Sp-?]
	Apuntes Sobre Economía Social [n|Sp-?]
	El Materialismo Contra La Dignidad Del Hombre [n|Sp-?]


Luis URDANETA HERNÁNDEZ {VE} (M: 1848 - ?)

Constance (Henriette) URDANG, Mrs FINKEL {US} (F: 1922 Dec 26 - 1996 Oct)
	Random House Vest Pocket Dictionary Of Famous People (ed) [b|1962]

Laurence URDANG {US} (M: 1927 Mar 21 - 2008 Aug 21)

Prof, Andrew URE (M: 1778 May 18 - 1857 Jan 2)
	Dictionary Of Chemistry [n|1821]
	A New System Of Geology [n|1829]
	The Philosophy Of Manufactures [n|1835]
	Account Of The Cotton Industry [n|1836]
44562	A Dictionary Of Arts, Manufactures And Mines [2v|n|1839/40/43/53]
	Recent Improvements In Arts, Manufactures And Mines [n|1845]

George P URE (M: ? - 1860 Aug 22)
(&ps: A MEMBER of the Press)
	The Maine Law Illustrated (w A FAREWELL) [n|1855]
	The Hand-book Of Toronto (ps: A MEMBER of the Press) [n|1858]

James URE {UK} (M: 1953 Oct 10 - living 2023)
(ps: Midge URE)

James Mathie URE {UK} (M: 1925 May 5 - 2020 Sep 7)
	Old English Benedictine Office [n|1952]
	English Sounds And Spellings (w L A HILL) [n|1962]
	English Sounds And Spellings - Tests (w L A HILL) [n|1963]

Jean URE {UK} (F: 1943 Jan 1 - living 2022)
	Dance For Two [1960]
	Dance With Death [f|?]
	Plague 99 [f|?]
	Come Lucky April (aka: After The Plague) [f|?]
	Big Tom [f|?]
	Family Fan Club [f|?]
	Shrinking Violet [f|?]
	The Wizard In The Woods [f|?]
	Passion Flower [f|?]
	Secret Meeting [f|?]

Louise URE, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: 1952 - ?)

Midge URE (see: James URE)

Prof, Percy Neville URE {UK} (M: 1879 May 10 - 1950 Apr 3)
	Ephemeris Archaiologike [n|1912/15]
	Black Glaze Pottery From Rhitsona In Boeotia [n|1913]
	The Greek Renaissance [n|1921]
	The Origin Of Tyranny [n|1922]
	Sixth And Fifth Century Pottery From Rhitsona [n|1927]
	Bo=eotian Pottery Of The Geometric And Archaic Styles [n|1927]
	Aryballoi And Figurines From Rhitsona [n|1934]
	Justinian And His Age [n|1949]

Prof, Peter URE {UK} (M: 1919 Jul 12 - 1969 Jun 30)
	Towards A Mythology [n|1946]
	Seventeenth-Century Prose, 1620-1700 (ed) [n|1956]
	Mr Hobb's State Of Nature Discovered [n|1958]
	Shakespeare And The Inward Self Of The Tragic Hero [n|1961]
	Shakespeare [n|1961]
	Yeats The Playwright [n|1963]
	Yeats (US: W B Yeats) [n|1963]

Alfred Ernest UREN {CA} (M: 1881 - ?)
	Bob And Bill Go Farming [f|1935]

Prof, Lester Charles UREN {US} (M: 1888 Sep 1 - 1960 Aug 21)
	A Textbook Of Petroleum Production Engineering [1] [n|1924]
	A Decimal Classification For The Filing Of Data.. [n|1928]
	Petroleum Production Engineering [2e of 1] [2v|n|1934-1939]
	Petroleum Production Engineering [3e of 1] [3v|n|1946-1953]
	Petroleum Production Engineering [4e of 1] [n|1956]

Malcolm (John Leggoe) UREN {AU} (M: 1900 Jan 7 - 1973 Jul 22)
	Sailormen's Ghosts [n|1940]
	Waterless Horizons (w Robert STEPHENS) [n|1941]
	Land Looking West [Sir James Stirling] [b|1948]
	Glint Of Gold [n|1948]

Martyn UREN {NZ} (M: ? - ?)
	Kiwi Saga [a|1943]
	Diamond Trails Of Italy [a|1945]

Rhona UREN (F: ? - ?)

Salomé UREÑA De HENRÍQUEZ, Mrs HENRÍQUEZ (F: 1850 Oct 21 - 1897 Mar 6)

Nicolás UREÑA De MENDOZA (M: 1822 Mar 25 - 1875 Apr 3)

Prof, Harold Clayton UREY {US} (M: 1893 Apr 29 - 1981 Jan 5 (wrongly 6))
	Atoms, Molecules, And Quanta (w A E RUARK) [n|1930]
	The Planets [n|1952]
	Some Cosmochemical Problems [n|1963]

Herbert URFAHR (see: Isaac SCHREYER)

Honoré d'URFÉ, Marquis de VALROMEY (M: 1568 Feb 11 - 1625 Jun 1)
	Epîtres Morales [Fr-1598]
	Astrée [f|Fr-1610-27]
	La Sireine [p|Fr-1611]
	Sylvanire [p|Fr-1625]

Matheos URHAYETZI (M: fl c1200)
	Chronicle [n|?-?]

Peter von URI (see: Percy GOTHEIN)

Prof, Pierre (Emmanuel) URI {FR} (M: 1911 Nov 20 - 1992 Jul 21)

Elías URIARTE {UY} (M: 1945 - ?)

Julio César URIBE BUENO {VE} (M: 1919 Sep 19 - ?)

José Evaristo URÍBURU {AR} (M: 1880 - 1956 Jul 29)
	El General Arenales En La Epoca Colonial [n|Sp-1915]
	The History Of General Arenales [b|1924-1927]
	Memories Of Don Damaso De Uriburu [b|1935]
	General Report On The River Plate Countries' Conference [n|1941]
	La República Argentina A Través..Los Escritores Ingleses [n|Sp-1949]

John URICH {UK} (M: 1849 - 1939 Dec 14)
	The Pilot And Carillon [?]



Baruch URIELI (see: Kurt BEAMT)

Dorothy URIS (F: ? - ?)

Jill URIS, nee PEABODY {US?} (F: c1940 - ?)

Leon (Marcus) URIS {US} (M: 1924 Aug 3 - 2003 Jun 21)
	Battle Cry [f|1953]
	The Angry Hills [f|1955]
	Exodus [f|1958]
	Mila 18 [f|1961]

Prof, Marshall R URIST {US} (M: 1914 Jun 11 - 2001 Feb 4)
	Bone (w Franklin McLEAN) [n|?]

Jerzy Feliks URMAN {PL} (M: 1932 Apr 11 - 1943 Nov)

James Opie URMSON {UK} (M: 1915 Mar 4 - 2012 Jan 29)
	Philosophical Analysis [n|1956]
	Encyclopedia Of Western Philosophy (ed) [n|1960]

Mary URMSTON (F: ? - c1975)
	Forty Faces [f|1940]
	Quite Contrary [f|1942]
	Plain Clothes Patricia [f|1944]
	Mystery Of The Old Barn [f|1945]
	The Mystery Of The Five Bright Keys [f|1946]
	The New Boy [f|1950]
	Larry's Luck [f|1952]
	The Twenty-Five And Ann [f|1953]
	The Seven And Sam [f|1955]
	Swamp Shack Mystery [f|1959]

Clarence Thomas URMY {US} (M: 1858? - 1923)
	A Vintage Of Verse [p|1897]
	A California Troubadour [1912]
	Songs Of The Spirit [1923]

Alexander URQUHART {UK} (M: 1867 - 1942 Jul 29)
	Odd Hours With Nature [e|1913]

Alvin W URQUHART {US} (M: 1931 Jun 8 - ?)
	Patterns Of Settlement And Subsistence In Southwestern Angola [n|1963]

Barbara URQUHART {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Heiress Of The Blackburnfoot [f|1865]
	A Life's Love [f|1865]

Sir, Brian (Edward) URQUHART {UK} (M: 1919 Feb 28 - 2021 Jan 2)
	A World In Need Of Leadership (w Erskine CHILDERS) [n|1990/96]

David URQUHART (M: 1805 - 1877 May 16)

Donald John URQUHART {UK} (M: 1909 Nov 27 - 1994 Dec 2)

Emma Maree URQUHART {UK} (F: 1991 Oct 2 - living 2022)

Fred(=Frederick) (Burrows) URQUHART {UK} (M: 1912 Jul 12 - 1995 Dec 2)
	Time Will Knit [f|1938]
	I Fell For A Sailor.. [s|1940]
	The Clouds Are Big With Mercy [s|1946]

Frederic Charles URQUHART {AU} (M: 1858 Oct 27 - 1935 (wrongly 1936) Dec 2)
	Camp Canzonettes [p|1891]
	Blood Stains [p|1919]

Hugh MacIntyre URQUHART {CA} (M: 1880 - 1950)
	Arthur Currie [b|1950]

James URQUHART {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The Yellow Door.. [p|1954]

Leonard Church URQUHART {US?} (M: 1886 Oct 24 (wrongly 25) - 1960 Mar 3)
	Design Of Concrete Structures (w Charles Edward O'ROURKE) [n|1923/1926/1935/1940/1954/1958]

M URQUHART (see: Agnes Maryon Urquhart UNWIN)

M I URQUHART (?: ? - ?)
	Housecraft (w Winifred BURMAN & M PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE) [n|1954]

Margaret M URQUHART {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Women Of Bengal [n|1925]
	Amiya, A Bengali Girl [1930]

Paul URQUHART (see: Ladbroke Lionel Day BLACK)

Maj-Gen, Robert (Elliott) URQUHART, aka Roy URQUHART {UK} (M: 1901 Nov 28 - 1988 Dec 13)
	Arnhem [n|1958]

Roderick URQUHART {UK} (M: 1917 Dec 6 - 2003 Jun 1)

Sir, Thomas URQUHART / URCHARD (M: 1611 - 1660)
	Epigrams, Divine And Moral [1641]
	Trissotetras [n|1645]
	Ekskubalauron (aka: The Exquisite Jewel) [n|1651]
	Pantochronachanon [n|1652]
	Logopandecteision [n|1653]

William J URQUHART {UK} (M: ? - 1905 Nov)

Rev, William Spence URQUHART {UK} (M: 1877 May 8 - 1964 Jul 16)
	The Historical And The Eternal Christ [n|1916]
	The Upanishads And Life [n|1917]
	Pantheism And The Value Of Life [n|1919]
	Theosophy And Christian Thought [n|1922]
	The Vedanta And Modern Thought [n|1928]
	The Idea Of Progress In Eastern And Western Thought [n|1931]
	Humanism And Christianity [n|1945]

William T URQUHART {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems [p|1868]

Pedro Manuel de URREA (M: 1486 - c1530)

Juan de URREDE / de WREEDE (M: fl 1451-82)

José Santos URRIOLA {VE} (M: 1927 Nov 14 - ?)

Francisco URRUTIA (M: 1891 - 1913 Jul 3)

CU Pres, Manuel URRUTIA LLEÓ {CU} (M: 1901 Dec 8 - 1981 Jul 4 (or 7))

John URRY (M: ? - ?)
	Ride A Bicycle And Why [n|1923]

Honor URSE (see: Honor MAHON)

Prof, Fritz (Joseph) URSELL {DE/UK} (M: 1923 Apr 28 - 2012 May 12)

Johannes URSIN {DK} (M: 1876 Dec 11 - 1963 May 8)
	Roser Og Torne [p|Da-1914]

Karl URSIN {AT} (M: 1901 Apr 21 - 1973 Feb 3)
	Zur Österreichischen Frage [n|Ge-1926]
	Weltweite Wissenschaft Vom Volk (jt ed) [n|Ge-1958]
	Fünfzig Jahre Österreichischer Wandervogel (ed) [n|Ge-1961]

Charlotte URSINA (see: Charlotte HR)

Johannes Henricus/Heinrich URSINUS / URSIN (M: 1608 Jan 26 - 1667 May 14)
	Musagetes, Seu De Studiis Recte Instituendis Consilium [n|La-1656]
	Atrium Latinitatis Sive Commentarius Locuples In Januam.. [n|La-1657]
	Progymnastices Oratoriae Epitome, Praxin Grammaticam.. [n|La-1659]
	Analecta Rhetorica Sive Progymnasmata Sacrae.. [n|La-1660]
	De Zoroastre Bactriano, Hermete Trismegisto.. [n|La-1661]
	Tyrocinium Historico-Chronologicum Sive In Historiam.. [n|La-1662]
	Arboretum Biblicum [n|La-1663]
	Epitome Metaphysicae [n|La-1664]
	Compendium Topicae Generalis [n|La-1664]
	Compendium Logicae Aristotelicae [n|La-1664]
	Encyclopaedia Scholastica Sive Artium.. [n|La-1665]
	De Fortuna, Christophorus Ursinus Ad Panegyrin Solemnem.. [n|La-1668]

URSULA (ps) {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Mrs Greville [f|1874]

José Coronel URTECHO (M: 1906 - 1994 Mar 19)

R URTICA (ps) {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	The Story Of John And Jonathan [f|1871]

Prof, Edward Johns URWICK {CA} (M: 1867 - 1945 Feb 18)
	Studies Of Boy Life In Our Cities [n|1904]
	Luxury And Waste Of Life [n|1908]
	A Philosophy Of Social Progress [n|1912/1920]
	The Message Of Plato [n|1920]
	The Social Good [n|1927]

Henrietta Mary URWICK {UK} (F: 1860 - 1934 Aug 23)
	The Thorncliffes [f|1887]

Hilary URWICK {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	21 Poems [p|1944]

Lyndall Fownes URWICK {UK} (M: 1891 Mar 3 - 1983 Dec 5)
	Factory Organization (w others) [n|1928]
	Organizing A Sales Office (w others) [n|1928/1937]
	The Meaning Of Rationalization [n|1929]
	Europe - USA Distribution Problems [n|1931]
	Management Of Tomorrow [n|1933]
	Business Administration [n|1945]
	The Making Of Scientific Management (w E F L BRECH) [3v|n|1949-1949]
	The Elements Of Administration [n|?/1947]
	Papers On The Science Of Administration (jt ed) [e|?/1947]
	The Need Is Urgent To Make Leadership A Reality [n|1952]
	Committees In Organisation [n|1952]
	Profitably Using The General Staff Position In Business [n|1953]
	Management Education In American Business [n|1954]
	Is Management A Profession? [n|1954]
	The Load On Top Management - Can It Be Reduced? [n|1954]
	The Golden Book Of Management (ed) [n|1956/84]
	The Pattern Of Management [n|1956]
	Leadership In The Twentieth Century [n|1957]
	Sixteen Questions About The Selection And Training Of Managers [n|1958]
	Personnel Management In Perspective [n|1959]
	Staff In Organization (w Ernest DALE) [n|1960]

William URWICK, the Elder (M: 1791 Dec 8 - 1868 Jul 16)
	The True Nature Of Christ's Person And Atonement Stated [n|1831]
	The Second Advent Of Christ, The Blessed Hope Of The Church [e|1839]
	Life Of John Howe, AM [b|1853]
	China [e|1854]
	Christ's World-School [p|1866]
	A Father's Letters To His Son, Upon His Coming Of Age [n|1874]

William URWICK, the Younger (M: 1826 - 1905)
(&ps: W U)
	Historical Sketches Of Nonconformity In The County..Chester (ed) [e|1864]
	Ecumenical Councils [n|1870]
	Errors Of Ritualism [n|1872]
	The Nonconformists And The Education Act, A Protest.. [n|1872]

Catherine URWIN {UK} (F: 1949 Sep 13 - 2012 Jun 2)

Prof, Gregory J W URWIN {US} (M: ? - ?)

Else URY {DE} (F: 1877 Nov 1 - 1943 Jan 13 (or 12))
	Was Das Sonntagskind Erlauscht [s|Ge-1905]
	Studierte Mädel [f|Ge-1906]
	Goldblondchen [f|Ge-1908]
	Baumeisters Rangen [f|Ge-1910]
	Babys Erstes Geschichtenbuch [s|Ge-1910]
	Vierzehn Jahr Und Sieben Wochen [f|Ge-1911]
	Nesthäkchen Und Ihre Puppen [f|Ge-1913]
	Kommerzienrats Olly [f|Ge-1913]
	Das Graue Haus [f|Ge-1914]
	Huschelchen [s|Ge-1914]
	Nesthäkchens Erstes Schuljahr [f|Ge-1915]
	Nesthäkchen Im Kinderheim [f|Ge-1915]
	Dornröschen [f|Ge-1916]
	Nesthäkchen Und Der Weltkrieg [f|Ge-1917]
	Das Ratstöchterlein Von Rothenburg [f|Ge-1917]
	Lotte Naseweis [s|Ge-1917]
	Flüchtlingskinder [f|Ge-1918]
	Nesthäkchens Backfischzeit [f|Ge-1919]
	Lieb Heimatland [f|Ge-1919]
	Lilli Liliput [f|Ge-1920]
	Nesthäkchen Fliegt Aus Dem Nest [f|Ge-1921]
	Hänschen Tunichgut [f|Ge-1921]
	Nesthäkchen Und Ihre Küken [f|Ge-1923]
	Professors Zwillinge Bubi Und Mädi [f|Ge-1923]
	Jungmädelgeschichten (aka: Die Beiden Ilsen) [s|Ge-1923]
	Nesthäkchens Jüngste [f|Ge-1924]
	Nesthäkchen Und Ihre Enkel [f|Ge-1924]
	Nesthäkchen Im Weißen Haar [f|Ge-1925]
	Professors Zwillinge In Der Waldschule [f|Ge-1925]
	Lillis Weg [f|Ge-1925]
	Professors Zwillinge In Italien [f|Ge-1927]
	Professors Zwillinge Im Sternenhaus [f|Ge-1928]
	Professors Zwillinge - Von Der Schulbank Ins Leben [f|Ge-1929]
	Studierte Mädel Von Heute [f|Ge-1929]
	Das Rosenhäusel [f|Ge-1930]
	Wie Einst Im Mai [f|Ge-1930]
	Wir Mädels Aus Nord Und Süd [s|Ge-1931]
	Für Meine Nesthäkchenkinder [s|Ge-1932]
	Kläuschen Und Mäuschen [f|Ge-1933]
	Jugend Voraus [f|Ge-1933]

Fernándo URZÁIS (M: 1840 - 1900)

Prof, Johannes URZIDIL {DE} (M: 1896 Feb 3 - 1970 Nov 2)