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Kaye UMANSKY, nee ? {UK} (F: 1946 Dec 6 - living 2022)

UMARADANA (?: 1851 - 1903)
	Umara-Kavya [p|?-1930]

Arnold William UMBACH {US} (M: 1903 Nov 4 - 1993 Sep 30)

George UMBER (see: William FINDLEY)

UMBRA (see: Charles Cavendish CLIFFORD)

Francisco UMBRAL (see: Francisco REZ MARTÍNEZ)

Haruo UMEZAKI {JP} (M: 1915 Feb 15 - 1965 Jul 19)
	[Hi No Hate] [f|Ja-1947]
	[Kuroi Hana] [f|Ja-1950]
	[Suna Dokei] [f|Ja-1953]
	[Boroya No Shunju] [f|Ja-1954]

Edward UMFREVILLE (M: fl 1771-90)
I	The Present State Of Hudson's Bay [n|1790]
	Nipigon To Winnipeg (ed R DOUGLAS) [n|1929]

(Donna) Jean (nee)UMIKER-SEBEOK {US} (F: c1925 - living 2011)
	Speaking Of Apes [n|?]

Prof, Anna-Louise UMLAUF {AT} (F: 1895 Mar 6 - 1962 Feb 18)
(ps: Annelies UMLAUF-LAMATSCH)

Annelies UMLAUF-LAMATSCH (see: Anna-Louise UMLAUF)

Walter UMMINGER (M: ? - ?)
	Helden, Götter, Übermenschen [n|Ge-1962]
	  Supermen, Heroes And Gods [n|Ge-1962] (tr James CLARK) [1963]

John Charles UMNEY (M: 1868 - 1919 Oct 9)
	A Short Guide To The British Pharmacopoeia [1898]
	Essential Oils In..The British Pharmacopoeia And Trade [n|?]
	Standards For Medicines [n|?]

Francis Albert UMPHERSTON {UK} (M: 1869 - 1940 Jun 19)
	The Law Of Master And Servant [n|1904]
	A Commentary On The Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 [n|1907]

Luzma(=Luz María) UMPIERRE(-HERRERA) {US} (F: 1947 Oct 15 - living 2022)

Pahlan Ratanji UMRIGAR, aka 'Polly' UMRIGAR {IN} (M: 1926 Mar 28 - 2006 Nov 7)

David A UMSTEAD {US?} (M: 1942 - ?)

Kenneth H H UMSTEAD (M: ? - ?)
	The French In The Americas During The Sixteenth Century [n|1940]

Stanley Milward UMSTEAD, Jr {US} (M: 1928 (wrongly 1929) Sep 29 - 2005 Feb 21)

Walter Williams UMSTEAD, Jr {US} (M: 1929 Apr 4 - 2012 Nov 7)

James Greenleaf UMSTATTD {US} (M: 1896 Feb 26 - 1988 Jan 31)
	Institutional Teacher Placement (ed) [e|1937]
	Secondary School Teaching [n|1937/1944/1953]
	Instructional Procedures At The College Level [n|1947]
	Teaching Procedures Used In Twenty-eight..Universities [n|1954]
	Secondary Education In Europe (ed) [e|1956]

Denis D UMSTOT {US} (M: 1937 - ?)

Martha Louise UMSTOTT {US} (F: 1951 - ?)