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TCHAADAIEFF (see: Pitirim Alexandrovitch SOROKIN)

Prof, Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (M: J 1840 Apr 25 - J 1893 Oct 25)

Katrin TCHANA, nee HYMAN {US} (F: 1963 May 2 - living 2017)


Monika/Monique Avenirovna TCHEMERZINE, 1:Mrs AUDRAN, 2:Mrs ROI, aka TCHERZINA {RU/FR?} (F: 1924 Oct 10 - 2004 Mar 21 (or 20))
(&ps: Ludmilla TCHÉRINA)

Prof, Aleksander Nikolayevich TCHEREPNIN {SU/US?} (M: 1899 Jan 21 - 1977 Sep 30)

Nikolai TCHEREPNIN {SU} (M: J 1873 May 3 - 1945 Jun 26 (or 28))

Ludmilla TCHÉRINA (see: Monika/Monique Avenirovna TCHEMERZINE)

Shaul/Saul (Gutmanovich) TCHERNICHOVSKY {?} (M: 1875 Jan 3 or Aug 20 - 1943 Oct 14)
	[Melodies And Liturgy I] [He-1898]
	[Melodies And Liturgy II] [He-1901]
	[Poems For The Children Of Israel] [p|He-1907]
	[Poems] [p|He-1911]
	[Stories] [s|He-1922]
	[The Flute] [He-1923]
	[Bar-Kochva] [d|He-1924]
	[New Poems] [p|He-1924]
	[Sonnets] [p|He-1925]
	[Collected Works] [10v|He-1929-32]
	[Ballads] [p|He-1930]
	[The Threshing Floor] [He-1936]
	[Poems By Shaul Tchernichovsky For His Young Brothers] [p|He-1936]
	[Collected Poems] [p|He-1937]
	[You See, O Earth] [p|He-1940]
	[Thirty-Three Stories] [s|He-1941]
	[That Which Never Was] [He-1942]
	[Poems] [p|He-1943]

TCHICAYA U Tamsi (see: Gérard Félix TCHICAYA)

Gérard Félix TCHICAYA {CG} (M: 1931 Aug 25 - 1988 Apr 21)
(ps: TCHICAYA U Tamsi)