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Niels KJÆR {NO} (M: 1870 Sep 11 - 1924 Feb 9)

Marinus Jacob KJELDGAARD {DK} (M: 1884 Sep 4 - 1964)
(&ps: [MARINUS])

Jim(=James) (Arthur) KJELGAARD {US} (M: 1910 Dec 6 - 1959 Jul 12)
+	Forest Patrol [f|1941]
+	Rebel Siege [f|1943]
k	Big Red [f|1945/66]
k	Buckskin Brigade [f|1947]
+	Snow Dog [f|1948]
k	Kalak Of The Ice [f|1949]
+	A Nose For Trouble [f|1949]
+	Wild Trek [f|1950]
k	Chip, The Dam Builder [f|1950]
+	Irish Red, Son Of Big Red [f|1951]
k	Fire-Hunter [f|1951]
k	The Explorations Of Pere Marquette [n|1951]
+	Trailing Trouble [f|1952]
k	Outlaw Red, Son Of Big Red [f|1953]
k	The Spell Of The White Sturgeon [f|1953]
k	The Coming Of The Mormons [n|1953]
+	Haunt Fox [f|1954]
k	Cracker Barrel Trouble Shooter [f|1954]
+	Lion Hound [f|1955]
34697,k	The Lost Wagon [f|1955]
k	Desert Dog [f|1956]
k	Trading Jeff And His Dog [f|1956]
+	Wildlife Cameraman [f|1957]
k	Double Challenge [f|1957]
34720	We Were There At The Oklahoma Land Run [f|1957]
k	Wolf Brother [f|1957]
+	Swamp Cat [f|1957]
	The Wild Horse Roundup (ed) [s|1957]
34466	Rescue Dog Of The High Pass [f|1958]
	Hound Dogs.. (ed) [s|1958]
k	The Land Is Bright [f|1958]
k	The Black Fawn [f|1958]
k	The Story Of Geronimo [b|1958]
+	Hi Jolly! [f|1959]
k	Stormy [f|1959]
+	Ulysses And His Woodland Zoo [f|1960]
+	Boomerang Hunter [f|1960]
+	The Duck-Footed Hound [f|1960]
+	Tigre [f|1961]
	My Father's Collie [f|1961]
+	Hidden Trail [f|1962]
+	Fawn In The Forest.. [s|1962]

Christian KJERULF-LASSEN (see: Peter Christian Wilhelm Eduard LASSEN)

June Creola KJOME {US} (F: 1920 Dec 12 - ?)
	Back Of Beyond [n|1963]