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CYBI (see: Robert EVANS)

CYCLA (see: Ellen (Louise) CLACY)

Morus CYFANNEDD (see: Morus JONES)

Gwilym CYFEILIOG (see: William WILLIAMS)

Roger CYFFYN (M: fl early 17th cent)

Frederik CYGNAEUS (M: 1807 Apr 1 - 1881 Feb 7)

Uno CYGNAEUS (M: 1810 Oct 12 - 1888 Jan 2)

Prof, Edmund Albert CYKLER {US} (M: 1903 Sep 2 - 1988 Mar 14)
	An Introduction To Music And Art.. (w Milo A WOLD) [n|1955/?/?/72]
	An Outline History Of Music (w Milo A WOLD) [n|1963/73]

Petro CYMBALISTYJ {SU/UK?} (M: 1921 Nov 16 - 2006 Mar 20)

CYNAN (see: Albert(later Cynan) EVANS-JONES)

CYNDDELW (see: Robert ELLIS)

CYNDDELW BRYDYDD MAWR (M: fl late 12th cent)

CYNEWULF (M: fl late 8th cent)
14781	The Elene Of Cynewulf [?-?] (tr Lucius Hudson HOLT) [1904]


Lewis Glyn CYNON (see: Lewis DAVIES)

William CYNWAL (M: 1530 - c1600)

Rev, Jeff Davis Tahchee CYPERT {US} (M: 1904 Mar 4 - 1978 Jun 9)
(ps: Chief TAHACHEE)
	Poems Of Dreams [p|1940]
	Drifting Sands [p|1950]
	An American Indian Climb Toward Truth & Wisdom [1955]
	The Rough And Rowdy Ways Of An American Indian Cowboy [1957]

William CYPLES (M: 1831 Aug 31 - 1882 Aug 24)
	Satan Restored [p|1859]
	Philip The Dreamer [f|1866]
	An Inquiry Into The Process Of Human Experience [n|1880]
	Hearts Of Gold [f|1883]
	Pottery Poems [p|?]

Bp, Thascius Caecilius CYPRIANUS, aka St CYPRIAN (M: ? - 258 Sep 14)
	On The Lord's Prayer [n|?-?] (tr ?) [1702]

Anatole CYPRIEN (see: Claude DAMBREVILLE)

Ellen M CYR (F: ? - ?)
&	Cyr's Fourth Reader [n|1903]
&	Cyr's Fifth Reader [n|1899]
11047	Libro Segundo De Lectura [n|Sp-?]

Narcisse CYR (M: 1823 - 1894)
	Memoir Of The Rev C H O Cote, MD.. [b|1852]

CYRANO (see: Emanuels ORLANDO)

Hercule Savinien de CYRANO De BERGERAC (M: 1619 Mar 6 - 1655 Jul 28)
	Estats Et Empires De La Lune & Estats Et Empires Du Soleil [p|Fr-1657]
	  Voyages To The Moon And The Sun [p|Fr-1657] (tr Richard ALDINGTON) [1923]
	La Mort D'Agrippine [Fr-?]

Prof, James(=Julius) Henry(=Henrik) (K) CYRIAX {UK} (M: 1904 Oct 27 - 1985 Jun 17)

CYRIL (see: Henry Edward DENNEHY)

Miley CYRUS (see: Destiny Hope CYRUS)

Destiny Hope CYRUS {US} (F: 1992 Nov 23 - living 2022)
(ps: Miley CYRUS)

Éric de CYS (see: (Marie-Josèphe-)Valentine BENOÎT d'ENTREVAUX)

Canon, Raymond Frederick CYSTER {UK} (M: 1913 Oct 23 - 2006 Jul 30)
	Scripture And The Word Of God [n|1959]

Owain CYFEILIOG (see: OWAIN ap Gruffydd)