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HSI Chun (?: fl BC 2nd cent)

Chih-Tsing HSIA {CN/US?} (M: 1921 Jan 11 - 2013 Dec 29)
	China (w ?) [2v|n|1954-1955]
	A History Of Modern Chinese Fiction, 1917-1957 [n|1961]

Hsiao HSIA (see: Wu-chi LIU)

Tsi-an HSIA {CN/US?} (M: 1916 Aug 12 - 1965 Feb 23)

Prof, Kung-Chuan HSIAO {CN/US:1957on} (M: 1897 Dec 29 - 1981 Nov)
	Political Pluralism [n|1927]
	China's Contribution To World Peace [n|1945]

Prof, Tso-Liang HSIAO {TW?} (M: 1910 Jan 26 - ?)
	Power Relations Within The Chinese Communist Movement, 1930-34 [n|1962]

HSIEH Tiao (?: fl 5th cent)

Wan-Ying HSIEH (?: ? - ?)
(ps: Hsieh Ping HSIN)
	Spring Water [p|Ch-?] (tr Grace M BOYNTON) [c1929]

Hsieh Ping HSIN (see: Wan-Ying HSIEH)

Prof, Shih I HSIUNG {CN/HK/US?} (M: 1902 Oct 14 - 1991 Sep 15)

Prof, Francis Lang Kwang HSU {TW/US?} (M: 1909 Oct 28 - 1999 Dec 15)
	Under The Ancestor's Shadow [1948]
	Religion, Science And Human Crisis [n|1952]

Prof, Immanuel C Y HSU {CN/US?} (M: 1923 May 6 - 2005 Oct 24)
	Intellectual Trends In The Ch'ing Period [n|1959]
	China's Entrance Into The Family Of Nations [n|1960]

HSU Ling (?: 507 - 583)

Prof, Robert C HSU {TW} (M: 1937 Dec 17 - 2004 Jan 18)

Emperor, HSÜAN T'ung, aka Henry P'u Yi {CN} (M: 1906 - 1967 Oct 17)