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William OXBERRY (M: 1784 Dec 18 - 1824 Jun 9)

William Henry OXBERRY (M: 1808 Apr 21 - 1852 Feb 28)

Harold (Frederick) OXBURY {UK} (M: 1903 Nov 11 - 2005 Oct 31)

August OXÉ {DE} (M: 1863 Jul 23 - 1944 May 17)
	Arretinische Reliefgefässe Vom Rhein [n|Ge-1933]
	Frühgallische Reliefgefaesse Vom Rhein [n|Ge-1934]

Helen (Gillian) OXENBURY, Mrs BURNINGHAM {UK} (F: 1938 Jun 2 - living 2022)

Bp, Ashton OXENDEN (M: 1808 Sep 20 - 1892 Feb 22)
	My First Year In Canada [a|1871]

Rev, Charles OXENDEN (M: 1800 May 23 - 1874 Mar 17)

Edward OXENFORD {UK} (M: 1847 (or 1846) - 1929 Mar 21)

Ina OXENFORD {UK} (F: c1858 - ?)
	Life Studies In Palmistry (w Anna COSGRAVE) [n|1899]
	Modern Palmistry (w Lilian M WILKINS) [n|1901]

John OXENFORD (M: 1812 Aug 12 - 1877 Feb 21)
32046	Tales From The German (w Charles A FEILING) [s|1844]

Elsie Jeanette OXENHAM (see: Elsie Jeanette DUNKERLEY)

Erica OXENHAM (see: Erica DUNKERLEY)

Henry Nutcombe OXENHAM (M: 1829 Nov 15 - 1888 Mar 23)

John OXENHAM (see: William Arthur DUNKERLEY)

William OXENHAM (M: 1800 Dec 13 - 1863 Oct 13)

Neal (Monroe) OXENHANDLER {US} (M: 1926 Feb 3 - 2011 Sep 7)
	Scandal And Parade [n|1957]
	Aspects Of French Literature (jt ed) [n|1961]

Kurt OXENIUS {DDR} (M: 1881 Jun 21 - 1950 Sep 12)
	Über Das Notwendige [f|Ge-1938]


An OXFORD M A (see: John Cox BOYCE)

An OXFORD M A / A A (ps) {ZA} (M: ? - ?)
	South African Poems [p|1883]

Eduardo OXFORD LÓPEZ {VE} (M: 1894 Nov 5 - 1956)

Zena Elsie OXLADE {UK} (F: 1929 Apr 26 - 2002 Mar 16)

Nowell OXLAND (M: c1890 - 1915 Aug 9)
	Poems And Stories [p|1917]

Colin Hamilton OXLEE {UK} (M: 1935 Jul 14 - 2001 Jul 27)

John OXLEE (M: 1779 Sep 25 - 1854 Jan 30)

James MacDonald OXLEY (M: 1855 Oct 22 - 1907 Sep 9)
25358,I	Bert Lloyd's Boyhood: A Story Of Nova Scotia [f|1889]
I	Les Hommes Du Jour - Le Principal Grant (w L-H TACHÉ) [b|Fr-c1891]
I	Les Hommes Du Jour - Sir Charles Tupper (w L-H TACHÉ) [b|Fr-c1891]
I	Fergus MacTavish, Or, Portage And Prairie [f|c1892]
I	Fergus MacTavish, Or, A Boy's Will [f|1893]
I	My Strange Rescue.. [1895]
I	The Boy Tramps; or, Across Canada (aka: Two Boy Tramps) [f|1896]
33714	The Wreckers Of Sable Island [f|1897]
	Fife And Drum At Louisbourg [f|1899]
33740	Ti-Ti-Pu: A Boy Of Red River [f|1900]
33754	Terry's Trials And Triumphs [f|1900]
33722	Donalblane Of Darien [f|1902]
33753	In Paths Of Peril: A Boy's Adventures In Nova Scotia [n|1903]
9968	The Young Woodsman [?]
	A Christmas Portfolio (ed) [?]
+	Archie M'Kenzie [f|?]
	In The Wilds Of The West Coast [f|?]
	My Strange Rescue [f|?]
	Up Among The Ice-Floes [f|?]
	Diamond Rock [f|?]
	Norman's Nugget [f|?]
	A Boy Of The Banks [f|?]
	In The Swing Of The Sea [f|?]
	Standing The Test [f|?]

John (Joseph William Molesworth) OXLEY (M: baptised 1784 Jul 6 - 1828 May 26)
5334	Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of NSW.. [n|1820]

Richard OXLEY (M: 1803 - 1893 Aug 9)

William OXLEY {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Modern Messiahs And Wonder Workers [n|1889]

Bp, Garfield Bromley OXNAM {US} (M: 1891 Aug 14 - 1963 Mar 12)
	Contemporary Preaching (ed) [e|1930]
	Creative Preaching (ed) [e|1930]
	The Varieties Of Present-Day Preaching (ed) [e|1932]
	Effective Preaching (ed) [e|1932]
	Preaching And The Social Crisis (ed) [e|1933]
	A Testament Of Faith [n|1958]


M A OXON (see: William Stainton MOSES)

An OXONIAN (see: John Begg SHAW)

An OXONIAN (ps) (M: ? - ?)
10088	Thaumaturgia; or, Elucidations Of The Marvellous [1835]

OXONIENSIS (see: Felicia (Mary Frances) SKENE)

OXONIENSIS (see: Francis Chevenix TRENCH)

OXONIENSIS (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	Juvenal In Piccadilly [1888]

Scriblerus OXONIENSIS (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Martin's Vagaries [1843]

Umbra OXONIENSIS (see: William PALMER)

Brig-Gen, Francis Hudson OXX {US} (M: 1898 Sep 13 - 1956 Feb 15)

Thomas Hudson OXX {US} (M: 1821 Feb 21 - 1893 Sep 15)
	History Of A Whaling Voyage In The Pacific Ocean, 1834-38 [a|1892]

William Gardener OXX (III) {US} (M: 1923 Jan 19 - 1991 Nov 27)