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Ting-Xing YE, Mrs BELL {CN/CA?} (F: 1952 - living 2022)

Xiaoqing YE, Mrs KANE {CN} (F: 1952 - 2010)

YE Zi {CN} (?: c1912 - 1939)
25260	[Feng Shou] [s|Ch-?]

Harry Leslie YEADON {UK} (M: 1922 May 28 - 2015 Feb 8)

Bunny YEAGER (see: Linnea Eleanor YEAGER)

Linnea Eleanor YEAGER, 1:Mrs IRWIN, 2:Mrs SCHAEFER {US} (F: 1929 Mar 13 - 2014 May 25)
(ps: Bunny YEAGER)

Brig-Gen, Chuck(=Charles) (Elwood) YEAGER {US} (M: 1923 Feb 13 - 2020 Dec 7)

Dorian YEAGER, nee ? {US} (F: c1950 - ?)
	Dead At Miss Diva's [f|?]

Prof, Willard Hayes YEAGER {US} (M: 1897 Jul 6 - 1978 Dec 14)
	Successful Speaking (w William P SANDFORD) [n|1927]
	Principles Of Effective Speaking (w William P SANDFORD) [n|1928/?/?/?/?/1963]

Bp, Reuben YEAKEL (M: 1827 - 1904)
	Jacob Albrecht Und Seine Mitarbeiter [b|Ge-1879]
	  Jacob Albright And His Co-Labourers [b|Ge-1879] (tr ?) [1883]
	The Church Discipline, Doctrine, And Confession Of Faith [n|1899]
	The Genius Of The Evangelical Church [n|1900]
	Geschichte Der Evangelischen Gemeinschaft [2v|n|Ge-1890]
	  [History Of The Evangelical Society] [n|Ge-1890] (tr ?) [1894-95]
	Bishop Joseph Long [1897]

Rev, James YEAMES {UK/US:1892on} (M: 1843 Jan 7 - 1931 Jun 14)
	Vignettes From English History [1873]
	Homely Homilies [1874]
	Dollie And Dottie [f|1875]
	Mission Services For Children [n|1877]
	Life In London Alleys, With Reminiscences Of Mary McCarthy.. [b|1877]
	Ingle-nook [s|1878]
	Told With A Purpose [1880]
	Gilbert Guestling [f|1881]
	Harold Hastings [f|1882]
	Guy Sylvester's Golden Year [f|1882]
	Chronicles Of Cannelby Chase [1883]
	The Young Knight [d|c1908]
	Sir Gawain And The Green Knight [d|1911]

Walter YEANDLE {UK} (M: 1868 Oct 5 - 1937 Nov 13)
	Haywards Heath Congregational Church (w Walter H YEANDLE) [n|1912]

Rev, Walter Harold YEANDLE {UK} (M: 1895 Apr 17 - 1952 Aug 20)
	Haywards Heath Congregational Church (w Walter YEANDLE) [n|1912]

Rev, John YEARDLEY (M: 1786 Jan 3 - 1858 Aug 11)
	Extracts From The Letters Of John And Martha.. (w M YEARDLEY) [a|1835]
	Eastern Customs (w Martha YEARDLEY) [n|1842]
10369	Memoir And Diary Of John Yeardley, Minister Of The Gospel [a|1859]

Martha YEARDLEY, nee SAVORY (F: 1781 Mar 8 - 1851 May 8)
	Extracts From The Letters Of John And Martha.. (w J YEARDLEY) [a|1835]
	Eastern Customs (w John YEARDLEY) [n|1842]

Prof, Clifton Krebs YEARLEY, Jr {US} (M: 1925 Mar 8 - 1995 Nov 14)
	Britons In American Labor [n|1957]
	Enterprise And Anthracite [n|1961]

Ann YEARSLEY, nee CROWMARTIE (F: 1752 - 1806)
(&ps: LACTILLA, the Bristol Milkwoman)
	Poems On Several Occasions [p|1785]
	Poems On Various Subjects [p|1787]
	Earl Goodwin [d|1791]
	The Royal Captives [1795]
	The Rural Lyre [p|1796]

Claude YEARSLEY (M: c1885 - 1961 Nov 10)

James YEARSLEY (M: 1805 - 1869 Jul 9)

(Percival) Macleod YEARSLEY {UK} (M: 1867 - 1951 May 4)
	Injuries And Diseases Of The Ear [n|1897]
	Nursing In Diseases Of The Throat, Nose, And Ear [n|1899]
	Text-book Of Diseases Of The Ear [n|1908]
	Throat And Ear Troubles [n|1915]
	The Story Of The Bible [n|1922]
	A Fairy Tale Of The Sea [1923]
	The Folklore Of Fairy-Tale [n|1924]
	Electrophonoïd Method Of Zünd-Burguet [n|1927]
	The Sanity Of Hamlet [n|1933]
	Otosclerosis [n|1933]
	Doctors In Elizabethan Drama [n|1933]
	Le Roy Est Mort [1935]

Gwen YEARWOOD, nee ? {US} (F: c1938 - 2011 Oct 1)

Trisha(=Patricia) (Lynn) YEARWOOD, Mrs BROOKS {US} (F: 1964 Sep 19 - living 2022)

Sarah Jeanette YEATER, nee ELLIS {US} (F: 1832 Mar 3 - 1921 Jun 21)
	Civil War Experiences.. [a|1910]

Henry Bamsey YEATES {UK} (M: 1873 - 1948 Mar 4)
	The New Voice [p|1947]

Mabel May YEATES, Mrs PEREIRA {UK} (F: 1888 Jan 22 - 1956 Dec 29)
(ps: Hussaini Muhammad ASKARI (2))

Thomas YEATES (M: 1768 Oct 9 - 1839 Oct 7)
	Indian Church History [n|1818]
	Remarks On The Bible Chronology.. [n|1830]
	A Dissertation On The Antiquity Of The Pyramids [n|1833]
	Remarks On The History Of Ancient Egypt [n|1835]

Victor Maslin YEATES {UK} (M: 1897 Sep 30 - 1934 Dec 15)
	Winged Victory [1934]
	Echoes Of War [?]

Harry Farr YEATMAN (M: 1786 Feb 1 - 1861 Apr 22)

John Pym YEATMAN (Sr) (M: 1830 Mar 17 - 1910)

John Pym YEATMAN (M: baptised 1830 Jul 2 - 1910 Jul)
	The Albinis Of Derbyshire [n|1905]

Robert Julian YEATMAN {UK} (M: 1897 (wrongly 1898) Jul 15 - 1968 Jul 13)
	1066 And All That (w W C SELLAR) [f|1930]
	Horse Nonsense (w W C SELLAR) [1933]
	And Now All This (w W C SELLAR) [1934]
	Garden Rubbish.. (w W C SELLAR) [1936]

Bp, Huyshe (Wolcott) YEATMAN-BIGGS, originally YEATMAN {UK} (M: 1845 Feb 2 - 1922 Apr 14)
	Lay Work And The Office Of Reader [n|1904]
	The Efficiency And Inefficiency Of A Diocese [n|1909]
	Life In An English Diocese [n|1915]
	American Addresses [e|?]

(Charles) Kelly(=Kendall) YEATON {US} (M: 1911 Apr 21 - ?)

Georgina (nee)Hyde-Lees YEATS {IE} (F: 1892 or 1893 - 1968 Aug 24)

Jack(=John) Butler YEATS {IE} (M: 1871 Aug 23 or 29 - 1957 Mar 28)
(&ps: [W BIRD])
	James Flaunty [1901]
	The Scourge Of The Gulph [1903]
	The Bosun And The Bob-Tailed Comet [1904]
	A Little Fleet [1909]
	Life In The West Of Ireland [n|1912]
8557	Synge And The Ireland Of His Time (w William Butler YEATS) [n|1912]
	Sligo [n|1930]
	Sailing, Sailing Swiftly [1933]
	Apparitions [1933]
	The Amaranthers [1936]
	The Charmed Life [1938]
	Plays [d|pro:1939]
	Ah Well [1942]
	La, La Noo [d|pro:1942]
	La, La Noo [1943]
	And To You Also [1944]
	The Careless Flower [1947]
	In Sand [d|pro:1949]

John Butler YEATS {IE} (M: 1839 Mar 19 - 1922 Feb 3)
	Essays, Irish And American [e|?]
	Extracts From Letters By John Butler Yeats, RHA (ed Ezra POUND) [a|?]
	Further Letters Of John Butler Yeats (ed Lennox ROBINSON) [a|?]
	Letters To His Son W B Yeats.. (ed J HONE) [a|1946]

Michael (Butler) YEATS {IE} (M: 1921 Aug 22 - 2007 Jan 3)

William Butler YEATS {IE} (M: 1865 Jun 13 - 1939 Jan 28)
33430	Mosada: A Dramatic Poem [p|(1885)/1886]
33887	Fairy And Folk Tales Of The Irish Peasantry (ed) [1888]
	The Wanderings Of Oisin.. [p|1889]
49614	John Sherman & Dhoya (ps: GANCONAGH) [1891]
5167	The Countess Kathleen And Various Legends And Lyrics [p|1892/(7e)1912]
10459	The Celtic Twilight [1893/1902]
5168	The Land Of Heart's Desire [p|1894/(7e)1912]
*	Poems [p|1895/99/01/12/1927]
5795	The Secret Rose [s|1897]
49614	The Table Of The Law & The Adoration Of The Magi [s|1897]
32233,D	The Wind Among The Reeds [p|1899]
49610	The Countess Kathleen [d|pro:1899/pub:1912]
49609	The Shadowy Waters [d|pub:1900/pro:1904]
	1899 To 1900 [p|1900]
	1901 To 1908 [7v|p|1901]
	Diarmuid And Grania (w George MOORE) [d|pro:1901/pub:1951]
49611	Cathleen Ni Houlihan [d|pub:1902/pro:1902]
	Where There Is Nothing [d|pub:1902/pro:1904]
	The Pot Of Broth [d|pro:1902]
32884	Ideas Of Good And Evil [e|1903]
30652,D	(In The) Seven Woods:..Chiefly Of The Irish Heroic Age [p|1903]
	On Bailie's Strand [d|pub:1903/pro:1904]
7448	The Hour Glass [d|pro:1903/12]
49609	The King's Threshold [d|pro:1903/13/pub:1904]
49609	The King's Threshold & On Baile's Strand [d|1904]
	The Hour Glass.. [inc The Pot Of Broth] [d|1904]
5793	Stories Of Red Hanrahan [s|1904]
	Poems, 1899-1905 [p|1906]
	The Poetical Works Of William B Yeats [2v|p|1906/12]
49609	Dierdre [d|pro:1906/pub:1907]
33087	Discoveries [e|1907]
49610	The Unicorn From The Stars (w Lady GREGORY) [d|pro:1907/pub:1908]
26144	The Unicorn From The Stars.. (w Lady GREGORY) [d|1908]
49611	The Golden Helmet (aka: The Green Helmet) [d|pro:1908/10/pub:1908]
	Poetry And Ireland (w Lionel JOHNSON) [1908]
49608	The Collected Works In Verse And Prose Of William B Yeats [8v|1908]
	Poems (2nd series) [p|1910]
30488,D	The Green Helmet.. [p|1910/12]
	The Travelling Man (w Lady GREGORY) [d|pro:1910]
8557	Synge And The Ireland Of His Time (w Jack Butler YEATS) [n|1912]
33094	The Cutting Of An Agate [e|1912/19]
	Poems Written In Discouragement, 1912-1913 [p|1913]
5794	Stories Of Red Hanrahan, The Secret Rose, Rosa Alchemica [s|1913]
	A Selection From The Poetry Of W B Yeats [p|1913]
	A Selection From The Love Poetry Of W B Yeats [p|1913]
D&	Responsibilities: Poems And A Play [p|1914/16]
33348	Reveries Over Childhood And Youth [a|1915]
32491,#DThe Wild Swans At Coole [p|1917/19/94]
33338	Per Amica Silentia Lunae [e|1918]
33321	Two Plays For Dancers [d|1919]
#D&	(Michael) Robartes And The Dancer [p|1921]
	Four Plays For Dancers [d|1921]
6865	Four Years [a|1921]
	Selected Poems [p|1921]
	Plays In Prose And Verse, Written For An Irish Theatre [d|1922/1924]
	Later Poems [p|1922/1924]
33505	The Trembling Of The Veil [a|1922]
31959	Seven Poems And A Fragment [p|1922]
	Plays And Controversies [1923/1924]
	Essays [e|?/1924]
	The Cat And The Moon And Certain Poems [p|1924]
	The Bounty Of Sweden [n|1925]
	A Vision [1925/37]
	Early Poems And Stories [p|1925]
	Autobiographies [a|1926]
	October Blast [p|1927]
#D	The Tower [p|1928]
	The Death Of Synge.. [a|1928]
D	The Winding Stair [p|1929/33/95]
	A Packet For Ezra Pound [n|1929]
D	Words For Music Perhaps.. [p|1932]
	Stories Of Michael Robartes And His Friends [d|1932]
	The Collected Poems [p|1933]
	Wheels And Butterflies [d|1934]
	The King Of The Great Clock Tower [d|pro:1934/pub:1934]
	Letters To The New Island (ed Horace REYNOLDS) [e|1934]
	Wheels And Butterflies [d|1934]
	The Words Upon The Window Pane [d|pro:1930/pub:1934]
	The Collected Plays [d|1934]
	A Full Moon In March [p|1935]
	Poems [p|1935]
	Dramatis Personae [a|1935]
	Dramatis Personae, Estrangement, The Death Of Synge.. [a|1936]
	The Oxford Book Of Modern Verse (ed) [p|1936]
	The Ten Principal Upanishads [?-?] (tr w Shri PUROHIT Swami) [1937]
	Nine One-Act Plays [d|1937]
	The Autobiography Of William Butler Yeats [a|1938]
	New Poems [p|1938]
	The Hernes' Egg.. [d|1938]
	Purgatory [d|pro:1938]
	Last Poems And Two Plays [p|1939]
	On The Boiler [e|1939]
	Two Plays [d|1939]
	Last Poems And Plays [p|1940]
	If I Were Four-And-Twenty [n|1940]
	Letters On Poetry From W B Yeats To Dorothy Wellesley [e|1940]
	Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw And W B Yeats [1941]
	Pages From A Diary Written In Nineteen Hundred And Thirty [a|1944]
	The Death Of Cuchulain [d|pro:1949]
	The Poems Of W B Yeats [2v|p|1949]
	The Collected Poems Of W B Yeats [p|1950]
	The Collected Plays Of W B Yeats [d|1952]
	W B Yeats And T Sturge Moore [a|1953]
	Some Letters From W B Yeats To John O'Leary And His Sister [a|1953]
	Letters Of W B Yeats To Kathleen Tynan (ed Roger McHUGH) [a|1953]
	The Letters Of W B Yeats (ed Allan WADE) [a|1954]
	The Variorum Edition Of The Poems.. (ed ALLT & ALSPACH) [p|1957]
	Mythologies [s|1959]
	The Senate Speeches Of W B Yeats (ed Donald R PEARCE) [e|1960]
	Essays And Introductions [e|1961]
	Explorations [1962]
31763	Irish Fairy Tales [s|?]
B	Poems [p|1899-1919]
	[300+ poems] [p|?]
	[130 poems] [p|?]

Francis (Charles Claypon) YEATS-BROWN {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 15 - 1944 Dec 19)
k	Caught By The Turks [1919]
k	The Lives Of A Bengal Lancer [1930]
	Golden Horn [1932]
	Dogs Of War [1934]
	Lancer At Large [1936]
	Yoga Explained [n|1937]
	European Jungle [1939]
	Indian Pageant [1942]
	Martial India [n|1945]

Maurice William Walter Murray YEATTS {UK} (M: 1894 - 1950 Aug 4)
	Madras Census Report And Tables [n|1932]
	All-India Report And Tables [n|1942]

Basil Alfred YEAXLEE {UK} (M: 1883 - 1967 Aug 23)
(ps: B A Y)
	An Educated Nation [n|1920]
	Working Out The Fisher Act [n|1921]
	Settlements And Their Outlook (ed anon) [e|1922]
	Spiritual Values In Adult Education [2v|n|1925]
	Towards A Full-Grown Man [n|1926]
	The Handbook And Directory Of Adult Education, 1926-1927 (ed) [n|1926]
	The Handbook And Directory Of Adult Education, 1928-1929 (ed) [n|1928]
	Lifelong Education [n|1929]
	The Approach To Religious Education [n|1931]
	The Handbook Of Christian Teaching (ed) [n|1939]
	Religious Education In Schools (ed) [n|1954]
	Religion And The Growing Mind [n|?]
	Handbook To The Cambridgeshire Syllabus Of Religious Teaching [n|?]
	Handbook To The London Syllabus Of Religious Education [n|?]

Barbara YECHTON (see: Lyda Farrington KRAUSÉ)

John David YECK {US} (M: 1912 Nov 11 - 1999 Feb 23)
	Planning And Creating Better Direct Mail (w John T MAGUIRE) [n|1961]

Boris YEFIMOV (see: Boris Efimovich FRIDLYAND / FRIDLAND)

Ivan Antonovich(=Antipovich) YEFREMOV / EFREMOV {SU} (M: J 1908 Apr 10 (or 9) - 1972 Oct 5)
	[The Land Of Foam] [f|Ru-1946]
	[Andromeda [f|Ru-1959]
	[Razor's Edge] [f|Ru-1963]
	[Road Of Winds] [n|Ru-1956]

Mohammed YEGANEH {IR} (M: 1923 May 5 - 1995 Dec 18)
	The Economics Of Middle Eastern Oil (w Charles ISSAWI) [n|1962]

Laura Bell YEGEN, nee CLARK {US} (F: 1871 Sep 22 - 1952 Nov 12)
	Law Vs Law [n|c1935]

Eliyahu YEGNES (M: 1913 - ?)

Nelson YEGUEZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Chun-Chan YEH {CN} (M: 1914 Dec 12 - 1999 Jan 5)
(&ps: Cicio MAR)

George Kung-Chao YEH {TW} (M: 1904 Sep 12 - 1981 Nov 20)

YEH Shih-tao {TW} (M: 1925 - 2008 Dec 11)

Abraham/Avraham B YEHOSHUA {IL} (M: 1936 Dec 9 (or 19) - 2022 Jun 14)

Frank YEIGH {CA} (M: 1861 Jul 21 - 1935 Oct 26)
	Through The Heart Of Canada [n|1911]

Kate (Eva Estelle) YEIGH, nee WESTLAKE (F: 1856 - 1906 Mar 4)
	A Specimen Spinster [f|1906]

John Otho YEISER {US} (M: 1866 Oct 15 - 1928 Mar 29)
	Debts Of Today And Hell To Pay (anon) [n|1918]

Rev, Charles YELD {UK} (M: 1841 Mar 4 - 1905 May 1)

Stephen YELDHAM (M: c1810 - 1895 Aug 10)

Walter YELDHAM (M: 1837 Oct 4 (or 20) - 1916 May)
(ps: Aliph CHEEM)
	Lays Of Ind (6e) [p|1882]
	Basilormond [?]
	Lays Of The Seaside [p|?]

Lenoloc YELKREB (see: Colonel, BERKLEY)

David YELLAND {UK} (M: 1963 May 14 - living 2022)

Hedley (Lowry) YELLAND {AU} (M: 1906 - 2006)
	A Handbook Of Literary Terms (w K S W EASTON & S C J JONES) [n|1950]
	Grandma's Pistol [a|?]

Jack(=Jacob) (Selig) YELLEN {US} (M: 1892 Jul 6 - 1991 Apr 17)

Samuel YELLEN {US} (M: 1906 Jul 7 - 1983 Jun 12)
	American Labor Struggles [n|1936]
	In The House And Out.. [p|1952]

YELLOW WOLF {US} (M: 1855 - 1935)
	..His Own Story (w Lucullus Virgil McWHORTER) [a|1940]

Henry YELLOWLEES {UK} (M: 1886 Jun 11 - 1971 Apr 5)
	A Manual Of Psychotherapy [n|1923]
	Clinical Lectures On Psychological Medicine [n|1932]
	Out Of Working Hours [n|1942]
	The Human Approach [n|1946]
	To Define True Madness [n|1953]
	Frames Of Mind [n|1957]

Boris (Nikolayevich) YELTSIN {RU} (M: 1931 Feb 1 - 2007 Apr 23)

Rev, Eric Esskildsen YELVERTON {UK} (M: 1888 Jun 24 - 1964 Jul 17)
	The Mass In Sweden [n|1920]
	An Archbishop Of The Reformation [b|1958]

Lois YELVERTON {US} (F: 1893 Sep 22 - 1946 Sep 7)
	The Battle Book (w H B BATTLE & W J BATTLE) [b|1930]

Roger (Y) Dawson YELVERTON / DAWSON-YELVERTON (M: 1845 Jun 15 - 1912 Jul 5)
	Lyrics [p|?]
	Noondays And Eventide [?]

Prof, Teh Fu YEN {US} (M: 1927 Jan 9 - 2010 Jan 12)

Arthur Ferdinand YENCKEN {UK} (M: 1894 Apr 1 - 1944 May 18)
	Imperial Federation [n|1914]
	1919 [n|?]
	A Scheme For Imperial Liaison [n|?]
	Studies In Dominion Constitutional Developments [n|?]

M/Mosnar YENDIS (see: Sidney RANSOM)

Sydney YENDYS (see: Sydney Thompson DOBELL)

Michalis YENITSARIS {GR} (M: 1917 Jun 15 - 2005 May 11)

Bill YENNE (M: ? - ?)

Julia Truitt YENNI, Mrs HIKES {US} (F: 1913 Feb 21 - 2000 May 12)
(&ps: Julia Yenni HIKES)
	Never Say Good-bye [f|1937]
	This Is Me, Kathie [f|1938]
	House For The Sparrow [f|1942]
	The Spellbound Village (ps: Julia Yenni HIKES?) [f|1951]

Rev, S S YENOVKIAN (M: ? - ?)
	Martyred Armenia [n|1896]

Prof, Cedric Arnold YEO {CA/US} (M: 1905 Sep 10 - 1987 Apr 1)
	A History Of The Roman People (w HEICHELHEIM) [n|1962]

Dorian YEO, nee ?, 1:Mrs VAN GELDER {ZA?} (F: 1953 Jul 25 - 2005 Jan 15)

Prof, Gerald Francis YEO (M: 1845 Jan 19 - 1909 May 1)

Giles YEO {UK&US} (M: c1975 - living 2022)
	Why Calories Don't Count [n|2021]

Prof, Isaac(wrongly J) Burney YEO (M: c1835 - 1914 Nov 20)

Margaret (Dorothy) YEO, nee ROUTLEDGE {UK} (F: 1877 - 1941 May 12)
	Gods Of Prussia.. [1915]
	The Everlasting Quest [1915]
	The Abiding City [1916]
	Salt [f|1927]
	A King Of Shadows [1928]
	Wild Parsley [1929]
	Uncertain Glory [1930]
	St Francis Xavier, Apostle Of The East [b|1931]
	Full Circle [1932]
	Don John Of Austria [1934]
	The Greatest Of The Borgias [St Francis Borgia] [b|1936]
	A Prince Of Pastors - St Charles Borromeo [US [b|1938]
	Claude De La Colombière [b|1940]
	These Three Hearts [1940]

Wilma (Rosalie) YEO, nee LETHEM, 2:Mrs WILLIAMS {US} (F: 1917 (wrongly 1918) Dec 3 or 23 - 1994 Jul 27)
	Mrs Neverbody's Recipes [?]
	Mystery Of The Third Twin [?]
	Oliver Twist And His Big Little Sister [?]
	Maverick With A Paint Brush [?]
	The Story Of Thomas Hart Benton [b|?]
	Gypsy Summer [?]
	Girl In The Window [?]
	Stranger At Winfield House [?]

Eric McKay YEOMAN (M: 1885 Oct 9 - 1909 Feb 3)
	Poems [p|1910]

Philip Metcalfe YEOMAN {UK} (M: 1923 Apr 29 - 1997 Nov 29)

Thomas Harrison YEOMAN (M: 1812 - 1865 Jul 21)
	Consumption Of The Lungs, Or Decline [n|1848/50]
	Catarrh, Influenza, Bronchitis And Asthma [n|1849]
	Debility And Irritability Induced By Spermatorrho=ea [n|1854]

Betty Jean YEOMANS, nee EDWARDS {UK} (F: 1917 (wrongly 1919) Sep 22 - 1988 Jan 5)

Patricia (Corinne) (nee)Henry YEOMANS {US} (F: 1917 May 31 - 2013 Mar 13)
	Ten Tests For Better Tennis [n|1972/76]

Jack YEOVIL (see: Kim James NEWMAN)

James YEOWELL (M: c1803 - 1875 Dec 10)

Laurence Michael YEP {US} (M: 1948 Jun 14 - ?)

Inés Lucia YEPES {VE} (F: 1882 Oct 29 - 1942 Jun 16)

José Ramón YEPES (M: 1822 Dec 9 - 1881 Aug 22)

Juan de YEPES y ÁLVAREZ, aka St, JOHN, of the Cross (M: 1542 Jun 24 - 1591 Dec 14)
C	Ascent Of Mount Carmel [n|Sp-?] (tr ?) [?]
C	Dark Night Of The Soul [n|Sp-?] (tr ?) [?]
C	Spiritual Canticle Of The Soul.. [n|Sp-?] (tr ?) [?]
&	The Living Flame Of Love [n|Sp-?] (tr Kieran KAVANAUGH) [?]
C	Collected Works [e|Sp-?] (tr Kieran KAVANAUGH) [?]

Guillermo YEPES BOSCAN {VE} (M: 1942 - ?)

Rafael YEPES TRUJILLO {VE} (M: 1895 Oct 19 - 1972 Mar 22)

Luis YEPEZ {VE} (M: 1889 Oct 10 - 1964 Dec 24)

Aleksei (Alekseevich) YEPISHEV {SU} (M: 1908 May 19 - 1985 Sep 15)

Frank (Garvin) YERBY {US} (M: 1916 Sep 5 - 1991 Nov 29)
	The Foxes Of Harrow [f|1947]
	The Vixens [f|1948]
	The Golden Hawk [f|1949]
	Floodtide [f|1950]
	Pride's Castle [f|1950]
	A Woman Called Fancy [f|1952]
	The Saracen Blade [f|1953]
	The Devil's Laughter [f|1954]
	Bride Of Liberty [f|1955]
	Benton's Row [f|1955]
	The Treasure Of Pleasant Valley [f|1956]
	Captain Rebel [f|1957]
	Fairoaks [f|1958]
	The Serpent And The Staff [f|1959]
	Jarrett's Jade [f|1960]
	Gillian [f|1961]
	The Garfield Honour [f|1962]
	Griffin's Way [f|1963]

William Edward Wadsworth YERBY {US} (M: 1864 Oct 10 - ?)
	History Of Greensboro, Alabama, From Its Earliest Settlement [n|1908]

Francis Rowland YERBURY {UK} (M: 1885 (wrongly 1886) Nov 19 - 1970 Jul 7)
	Studies Of The Human Figure (w George M ELLWOOD) [n|1918]
	Architectural Students' Handbook [n|1922]
	The Human Form And Its Use In Art [n|1924]
	Small Houses For The Community (w Charles H JAMES) [n|1924]
	Old Domestic Architecture Of Holland (ed) [n|1924]
	Lesser Known Architecture Of Spain [n|1925]
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