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Mrs H (see: (Barbara) HOFLAND)

Professor H (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	The Letter And The Spirit [f|1856]

H (see: Henry SMITH)

A H (see: Abraham HAYWARD)

A H (see: Mary Anne (Duffus) HARDY)

A H (see: Algernon HERBERT)

The Hon A H (see: Algernon HERBERT)

A H (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	The Deplorable State Of New-England.. [n|1708]

A H (ps of Joseph BADGER?) (?: ? - ?)
	Roving Joe.. [a|1882]

A H {AU} (?: ? - ?)
	The Anglo-Russian War Of 1900 [f|1900]

A B H (see: A Beatrice HICKSON)

A C H (see: Agnes C HALL)

A H H (see: Alsager Hay HILL)

A L O H [=A Lady of Halifax?] (ps) {CA?} (F: ? - ?)
	Greetings From Mayflower Land [p|c1896]

A M H (see: Anna Matilda HULL)

A R H (see: Nelson HEAVER)

A S H (see: Abraham S HOLMES)

A W H (see: Archibald Walter HARRISON)

B S H (see: B S HARVEY)

C H (see: Charles HARDWICK)

C H (see: Charles HARRISON)

C H (see: Charles HEAVYSEGE)

C D H (see: Charles Daniel HIGHAM)

C E H (see: Charles Ernest HEYDON)

C F H (see: Cecil Frances ALEXANDER)

C F H (see: Charles Frederick HEARTMAN)

C F H (see: Charles F HOWARD)

C G H (see: Catherine Georgina HAMILTON)

C S H (see: Charles S HARINGTON)

D H (see: Derek (Rommel) HUDSON)

E H (see: Elizabeth HAM)

E H (see: Edwin HODDER)

E H (see: (Jane) Ellice HOPKINS)

E A W H (ps) (?: ? - ?)
R	Ella Lincoln; or, Western Prairie Life [f|1857]

E M H (see: Emily Marion HARRIS)

E N H (see: Eben Norton HORSFORD)

E S H (see: Edward Sidney HOLE)

E S J H (see: Ellen St John HUNT)

E W H (see: Eric William HAMILTON)

F H (see: Fairfax HARRISON)

F H (see: Francis HESSEY)

F H (see: F HOWARTH)

F B H (see: Frank B HOLE ?)

F K H (see: Florence King HASCALL)

F P H (see: Francis Patrick HAVEY)

F T H (see: Frederic Thomas HALL)

F V H (see: Frances Vernon HARVEY)

F V H (see: Frederic Vinton HEMENWAY)

G H (see: Thomas Graeme Nelson HALDANE)

G H (see: G HILS)

G H (see: Gordon HUNDLEY)

G F H (see: George Francis HILL)

G M H (see: George Moses HORTON)

H H (see: Herbert HAINES)

H H (see: Helen Hunt JACKSON)

Hd H (ps) (?: ? - ?)
R	My Comrades [f|1874]

H A H (see: Henry Ameroy HARTWELL (Sr))

H D H (see: Henry Doveton HUTCHINSON)

H L H (see: Harry L HEMMENS)

H P H (see: Hester Periam LEWIS)

I H (see: John HAYWARD)

J H (see: John HARLAND)

J H (see: John HAWTHORN)

Sir J D H (see: John Dorney HARDING)

J D H H (see: John David Hay HILL)

J E H (see: Joseph E HALL)

J E H (see: John Eaton HOSKING)

J F R H (see: John Frederic Roundell HOPE)

J G R H (see: John George Russell HARVEY)

J L H (see: James Lindsay HILSON)

J O H (see: James Orchard HALLIWELL)

J P H (see: J P HODGES)

J S H (see: John Saul HOWSON)

J W H (see: John William HARDEN)

K H (see: Koot HOOMI)

L H (see: Lucy M HILL)

L A H (see: Lylyan Ann HILL)

L C H (see: Laura C HILL)

L V H (see: Lucy Volet HODGKIN)

M H (see: Martin HENRY)

M H (see: Matilda HERON)

M D H (see: Martha Douglas HARRIS)

M E H (see: M E HOLLAND)

M J H H (see: Mary Jane Hope HOLLINGS)

M S H (see: Margaret S HARDING)

M V G H (see: Maria Vernon Graham HAVERGAL)

M V H (see: Maurice Victor HARDY)

O W T H (see: Osborn William Trenery HEIGHWAY)

P H (see: Philippa HOLE)

R H (see: Richard HAINES)

R H (see: Roger HOWSON)

R H, Sometimes Governour of the Plantation (see: Robert HAYMAN)

Mrs, R H (see: Mary STURGE)

R H (see: Richard HARVEY)

R H (see: Robert HOWLETT)

R G H (see: Robert Guy HOWARTH)

R H H (see: Richard Henry(later Hengist) HORNE)

R J E H (see: Reginald John Edward HANSON)

S H (see: Sidney (Herbert S) HEATH)

S C H (see: S C HANNING)

S H A H (see: Sydenham Henry Augustus HERVEY)

S M H (see: Silas Morgan HARRIS)

T H (ps) {UK} (?: ? - ?)
17652	The History Of Sir Richard Whittington (ed Henry B WHEATLEY) [1885]

T H (see: Thea HUDSON)

T H (see: Thomas HUGHES)

T Ll H (see: Thomas Lloyd HUMBERSTONE)

W H (see: William HORNSELL)

W B H (see: William Beadon HEATHCOTE)

W F H (see: William Frederick HUNT)

W G H (see: William Gawin HERDMAN)

W J H (see: William John HOCKING)

Mr, W L H (see: William Lockey HARLE)

W P H (see: William P HALLORAN)

W R H (see: Richard Hamilton ESSEX)

W T S H (see: William Trotman Stower HEWETT)

D H-B (see: Digby Clifton HAWORTH-BOOTH)

T H-H (see: Therese HOBART-HAMPDEN)

HW (see: Ernest Leslie HOWARD-WILLIAMS)