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YI Tso-lin, aka YI Chien-lou {CN} (M: 1897 Jul 19 - 1945 Mar 29)
	[Lectures On Chinese Phonetics] [n|Ch-1920]
	[The Phonetic Reader] [n|Ch-1920]
	[On The Five Tones] [n|Ch-1921]
	[On The Nantong Phonetic Alphabet] [n|Ch-1921]
	[Four Lectures On Chinese Grammar] [e|Ch-1924]

Prof, Athanassios Nikolaos YIANNOPOULOS {US?} (M: 1928 Mar 13 - 2017 Feb 1)
	American, Greek Private International Law (w ?) [n|1957]
	Negligence Clauses In Ocean Bills Of Lading [n|1962]

Barbara YIKA (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Anne BARBOUR)

Leslie Charles Bowyer YIN, later BOWYER-IAN {UK/US:1946on} (M: 1907 May 12 - 1993 Apr 15)
(ps: Leslie CHARTERIS)
	X Esquire [f|1927]
	Meet The Tiger (aka: Crooked Gold) [f|1928]
	The White Rider [f|1928]
	The Bandit [f|1929]
	Daredevil [f|1929]
	Enter The Saint [s|1930]
	The Last Hero (aka: The Saint Closes The Case) [f|1930]
	Knight Templar (US: The Avenging Saint) [f|1930]
	Featuring The Saint [s|1931]
	Alias The Saint [s|1931]
	She Was A Lady (US: Angels Of Doom) (aka: The Saint Meets His Match) [f|1931]
	The Holy Terror (US: The Saint Vs Scotland Yard) [s|1932]
	Getaway (aka: Saint's Getaway) [f|1933]
	Once More The Saint (US: The Saint And Mr Teal) [s|1933]
	The Brighter Buccaneer [s|1933]
	The Misfortunes Of Mr Teal (aka: The Saint In England) (aka: The Saint In London) [s|1934]
	Boodle (US: The Saint Intervenes) [s|1934]
	The Saint Goes On [s|1934]
	The Saint In New York [f|1935]
	Saint Overboard [f|1936]
	Killer Of Bulls [f|1937]
	The Ace Of Knaves (aka: The Saint In Action) [f|1937]
	Thieves Picnic (aka: The Saint Bids Diamonds) [f|1937]
	Prelude For War (aka: The Saint Plays With Fire) [f|1938]
	Follow The Saint [s|1939]
	The Happy Highwayman [f|1939]
	The Saint In Miami [f|1941]
	The Saint Goes West [s|1942]
	The Saint Steps In [f|1944]
	The Saint On Guard [s|1945]
	Paging The Saint [s|1945]
	The Saint Sees It Through [f|1947]
	Call For The Saint [s|1948]
	Saint Errant [s|1949]
	The Saint In Europe [s|1954]
	The Saint On The Spanish Main [s|1955]
	The Saint Around The World [s|1957]
	Thanks To The Saint [s|1958]
	Concerning The Saint [s|1958]
	Señor Saint [f|1959]
	The Saint Cleans Up [s|1959]
	The Saint To The Rescue [s|1961]
	Trust The Saint [s|1962]
	The Saint In The Sun [s|1963]
	The First Saint Omnibus [s|?]
	The Second Saint Omnibus [s|?]

YIN Wen (M: BC 350 - BC 284)
27017	[Yin Wenzi] [n|Ch-?]

YIN Xi (M: fl BC 6th cent)
25169	[Guan Yinzi] [n|Ch-?]

YING Ruocheng {CN} (M: 1929 Jun 21 - 2003 Dec 27)

Israel YINON {IL} (M: 1956 Jan 11 - 2015 Jan 29)

Jehuda YINON {DE} (M: 1935 Mar 27 - 2008 May 19)

mi-Pikov YISRAEL (?: ? - 1828)