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Juan ILARIA {UY} (M: 1906 - 1993)
	El Goal De Mascheroni (w L SCIUTTO) [d|Sp-pro:1928]
	La Bella Durmiente Del Bosque (w Luis Alberto ZEBALLOS) [d|Sp-pro:1937]
	Tiempo De Sueño Y Gozo [d|Sp-pro:1948]

Sir, Courtenay Peregrine ILBERT {UK} (M: 1841 Jun 12 - 1924 May 14)
	The Government Of India [n|1898]
	Legislative Methods And Forms [n|1901]
	Parliament [n|1911]
	The Mechanics Of Law-Making [n|1914]

Werner ILBERG {DDR} (M: 1896 Jul 20 - 1978 Dec 30)
	Der Schwere Weg [b|Ge-1955]
	Bernhard Kellermann In Seinen Werken [n|Ge-1959]

Warren Frederick ILCHMAN {US} (M: 1933 (or 1934) Sep 6 - ?)
	Professional Diplomacy In America [n|1961]

Almas(=Almaszade) ILDYRYM {SU} (M: 1907 Mar 25 - 1952 Jan 14)
	Dün Bugün [Yesterday Is Today] (w Suleyman RUSTAM) [p|?-1926]
	Daglar Seslenerken [When Mountains Make A Sound] [?-1930]
	[Undying Poem] [p|?-?]

Princess, ILEANA, of Romania, 1:Archduchess of HABSBURG, 2:Mrs ISSARESCU {RO} (F: 1909 Jan 5 - 1991 Jan 21)

Prof, Alfred Roman ILERSIC {UK} (M: 1920 Jan 14 - 2012 Feb 18)
	Statistics [n|1953]
	Government Finance And Fiscal Policy In Post-war Britain [n|1956]
	Parliament Of Commerce 1860-1960 (w P F B LIDDLE) [n|1960]
	Taxation Of Capital Gains [n|1962]

Bert ILES (see: Zola (Helen) ROSS)

E ILES {UK?} (?: ? - ?)
	Guy Darrel's Wives [f|1884]
	Nell Fraser [f|1885]

Elijah ILES (M: 1796 - ?)
	Sketches Of Early Life And Time In Kentucky, Missouri.. [a|1883]

Francis ILES (see: Anthony Berkeley COX)

George ILES {CA} (M: 1852 Jun 20 - 1942 Oct 3)
	The Liquor Question In Politics [n|1889]
	A Class In Geometry [n|1894]
I	List Of Books For Girls And Women And Their Clubs [n|1895]
	Why Progress Is By Leaps [n|1896]
	The Appraisal Of Literature [n|1897]
	Flame, Electricity And The Camera [n|1900]
29739	The Naturalist As Interpreter And Seer (ed) [n|1902]
29241	Little Masterpieces Of Science [1902]
	Teaching Farmers' Children On The Ground [n|1903]
	Inventors At Work [n|1906]
	Electricity Uncovers A Law Of Evolution [n|1909]
	Leading American Inventors [b|1912]
	Francis Parkman [b|1915]
	Canadian Stories [1918]
	Autobiography (ed) [a|1922]
	Books In The Balances [n|1927]
	Little Masterpieces Of Autobiography (aka: Famous Autobiographies) [b|?]
1702	19th Century Actor Autobiographies (ed?) [a|?]
29502	Explorers (ed) [b|?]
*	Health And Healing (ed) [n|?]
*	The Skies And The Earth (ed) [n|?]
*	Invention And Discovery [n|?]
*	Mind [n|?]
	New Light On Human Evolution [n|?]
	Figures And Words [n|?]

Gerald (T) ILES {UK/CA?} (M: 1911 (wrongly 1912) - 2004 Jul 19 or 20)
	At Home In The Zoo [a|1960]

Greg ILES {US} (M: 1960 - living 2022)
	Southern Man [f|2023]

John Henry ILES {UK} (M: 1871 Sep 17 - 1951 May 29)
	The Cyclist's Companion And Road Guide For Bristol [n|1897]

(Cecil) Graeme ILEY {UK} (M: 1931 May 28 - 1950)
	First Awakenings [p|1951]

Ilya ILF (see: Ilya Arnoldovich FAINZILBERG)

Frances Lillian ILG {US} (F: 1902 Oct 11 - 1981 Jul 26)
	Youth (w L B AMES & A GESELL) [n|1956]

Paul ILG {CH} (M: 1875 Mar 14 - 1957 Jun 15)

Hugh Calvin ILGENFRITZ (Sr) {US} (M: 1911 Jun 7 - 1974 Feb 23)
	Synopsis Of The Preparation..Surgical Patients (w R M PENICK) [n|1942]

Heinrich ILGENSTEIN {DE} (M: 1875 Jun 3 - 1946 Apr 5)
	Goethe Und Mörike [n|Ge-1903]
	Wilhelm Von Polenz [n|Ge-1904]
	Die Wahrheitsucher [d|Ge-1908]
	Der Preußenspiegel [Ge-1909]
	Die Beiden Hartungs [f|Ge-1909]
	Fiat Justitia (w Lothar SCHMIDT) [Ge-1910]
	Europa Lacht [d|Ge-1911]
	Kammermusik [d|Ge-1912]
	Der Arzt Seiner Ehe [d|Ge-1913]
	Der Herr Von Oben [d|Ge-1916]
	Haß Regiert! [f|Ge-1917]
	Marias Hochzeit [n|Ge-1918]
	Liebfrauenmilch [d|Ge-1924]
	Skandal Um Olly [d|Ge-1927]
	Das Teufelsfinale [d|Ge-1932]

Rev, (Andreas Gottfried Christoph Friedrich) Wilhelm ILGENSTEIN {DE} (M: 1872 Feb 3 - 1959 Mar 2)
	Die Gedankenwelt Der Modernen Arbeiterjugend [n|Ge-1912]
	Die Reformatoren (w Anna ILGENSTEIN-KATTERFELD) [Ge-1933]
	Du Bist Meins Gottes Gab (w Anna KATTERFELD) [Ge-1951]
	Friedrich Braun (w Anna KATTERFELD) [Ge-1953]
	Auf Der Brücke Zur Ewigkeit (w Anna KATTERFELD) [2v|Ge-1954]



F Walter ILGES {DE} (M: 1870 May 31 - 1941 Feb 24)

Dragutin J ILIC / ILIJC {YU?} (M: 1858 - 1926)
11292	Sekund Vecnosti: Istocnjacki Roman [f|Se-1921]

Ilko ILIEW (M: ? - ?)
	The Bells' Gentle Thunder [p|1959]

Rev, Frederick ILIFF (M: 1799 Nov 12 - 1869 Mar 9)

Rev, George ILIFF (M: c1802 - 1878 Sep 6)

Harold ILIFF {UK} (M: 1863 Feb 14 - ?)

Frederick ILIFFE {UK} (M: 1847 Feb 21 - 1928 Feb 2)
	The Forty-Eight Preludes And Fugues Of John Sebastian Bach [n|1897]

M ILIN (see: Ilya Yakovlevich MARSHAK)

Mikhail Andreevich ILIN (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Michael OSSORGIN)
	A Quiet Street [1930]
	My Sister's Story [1932]

Elena ILINA (see: Liya Yakovlevna MARSHAK)

Zofia (Aleksandra) ILINSKA, nee BROCHOCKA, 2:Mrs MOSELEY (F: 1921 Oct 29 - 1995 Oct 30)
	Missing [p|1945]

Rabbi, Henry ILIOWIZI (M: 1850 Jan 2 - 1911 Apr 18)
	Sol [p|1883]
	Herod [d|pub:1884]
	Joseph [1885]
	Through Morocco To Minnesota [n|1888]
	Jewish Dreams And Realities [n|1890]
	The Quest Of Columbus [p|1892]
	Saul [d|pub:1894]
	In The Pale [s|1897]
	The Weird Orient [s|1900]
	The Archierey Of Samara [f|1903]
	Revelation [p|1910]

Kazimierza ILLAKOWICZOWNA {PL} (F: 1892 Aug 19 - 1983 Feb 16)

Friedrich (Wilhelm Josef) Maria ILLERT {DE} (M: 1892 Jul 3 - 1966 Jun 26)
	Altworms [n|Ge-1925]
	Worms Am Rhein (w E GRILL) [n|Ge-1926]
	Gruß Der Heimat An Friedrich Von Schoen [n|Ge-1939]
	Im Kreuzpunkt Der Weltstraßen [n|Ge-1940]
	Cornelius Wilhelm Freiherr Heyl Zu Herrnsheim [b|Ge-1943]
	Die Alte Stadt [n|Ge-1950]
	Adam Antes (w M GEYSENHEYNER) [Ge-1952]

Luigi ILLICA (M: 1857 - 1919)

Prof, Ivan ILLICH {AT} (M: 1926 Sep 4 - 2002 Dec 2)

(Karl Wilhelm) Arthur ILLIES {DE} (M: 1870 Feb 9 - 1952 May 27)

Werner ILLING (M: ? - ?)
	Utopolis [f|Ge-1930]

Sir, Charles (Frederick William) ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1899 May 8 - 1991 Feb 23)

David Gordon ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1921 Dec 22 - 2009 Sep 12)

Frank ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1908 Nov 23 - 1972 Mar 30)
	British Political Yearbook (ed) [n|1946]
	Falcons And Falconry [n|1946]

James ILLINGWORTH (M: ? - 1693 Aug)

John (Holden) ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1903 Dec 16 - 1980 Mar 7)
	Offshore [n|1949/?/1955/1958/1963]

Canon, John Richardson ILLINGWORTH (M: c1850 - 1915 Aug 22)
	Sermons Preached In A College Chapel [e|1888]
	University And Cathedral Sermons [e|1893]
	Personality [n|1894]
	Divine Immanence [n|1898]
	Reason And Revelation [n|1902]
	Christian Character [n|1904]
	The Doctrine Of The Trinity [n|1907]
	Divine Transcendence [n|1911]

Leslie (Gilbert) ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1902 Sep 2 - 1979 Dec 20)
	On Target [c1940]

Neil ILLINGWORTH {UK/NZ?} (M: 1934 Jan 5 - 1999 Apr 29)
	Voyage Of The Golden Lotus (w Brian CLIFFORD) [n|1962]

Ray(=Raymond) ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1932 Jun 8 - 2021 Dec 25)

Prof, Ronald (Stanley) ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1909 Oct 7 (wrongly 1) - 1990 Jun 4)
	Recent Advances In Cerebral Palsy (ed) [e|1958]

Stewart Roy ILLINGWORTH {UK} (M: 1886 Mar 24 - 1961 Aug 10)
	Analysis Of Coal And Its By-Products (w Jenkyn GRIFFITH) [n|1921]

An ILLINOIAN (ps) {US} (?: ? - ?)
R	The Heart Of The West [f|1871]

Maybrit ILLNER, nee KLOSE, 2:Mrs OBERMANN {DE} (F: 1965 Jan 12 - living 2022)

Prof, Raymond ILLSLEY {UK} (M: 1919 Jul 6 - 2013 May 29)

Prof, John Michael ILLSTON {UK} (M: 1928 Jun 17 - 2021 Jan 26)
	Construction Materials (2e) (ed) [n|1994/2001]

Gyula ILLYÉS {HU} (M: 1902 Nov 2 - 1983 Apr 14)

Stefan ILOK (ps) {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Brotherhood Of Silence (w Lester TANZER) [n|1963]

Jakob ILS {DE} (M: 1854 Mar 31 - after 1934)
(ps: Leo FECHTIL)

Sigurd (Wilhelm Adolf Arnold Christoph Frank) von ILSEMANN {DE} (M: 1884 Feb 19 - 1952 Jun 6)

Charles P ILSLEY (M: 1807 - 1887)
R	Forest And Shore; or, Legends Of The Pine-Tree State [f|1856]

Dent ILSLEY (see: John Stanton Higham CHAPMAN & Mary Ilsley CHAPMAN)

Velma Elizabeth ILSLEY, Mrs LEDWITH {CA/US?} (F: 1918 Aug 6 - 2002 Feb 5)
	The Pink Hat [1956]
	A Busy Day For Chris [1957]

Erich ILTGEN {DE} (M: 1940 Jul 10 - 2019 Jun 9)

Hugo ILTIS {AT/CS} (M: 1882 Apr 11 - 1952 Jun 22)
	Naturwissenschaft Und Sozialismus [n|Ge-1925]
	Volkstümliche Rassenkunde [n|Ge-1930]
	Der Mythus Von Blut Und Rasse [n|Ge-1936]


Boris ILYIN (M: ? - ?)
	Green Boundary [1949]
	The Writer's Art (jt ed) [s|1950]

Mikhail Andreyevich ILYIN {SU?} (M: 1878 - 1942)

Olga ILYIN (F: ? - ?)
	Dawn Of The Eighth Day [1951]

Igor (Vladimirovich) ILYINSKY {SU} (M: 1901 (or 1902) Jul 24 - 1987 Jan 13)