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Sergei Vasilievich UTECHIN {SU/UK} (M: 1921 Dec 18 - 2004 Jul 11)
	Education And Social Mobility In The USSR [n|1961]
	Everyman's Concise Encyclopedia Of Russia (aka: A Concise..) [n|1961]

Daisy UTEMORRAH, nee ? {AU} (F: 1922 Feb - 1994)
	Do Not Go Around The Edges [p|?]

Iosif (Pavlovich) UTKIN {SU} (M: J 1903 May 14 - 1944 Nov 13)
	[Powest O Ryschem Motele] [p|Ru-1926]
	[Perwaja Kniga Stichow] [p|Ru-1927]
	[Ismoros] [p|Ru-1927]
	[Ogonek] [p|Ru-1927]
	[Stichi O Woine] [p|Ru-1930]
	[Larika] [p|Ru-1939]

Prof, Francis Lee UTLEY {US} (M: 1907 May 25 - 1974 Mar 9 (or 8))
	The Crooked Rib [1944]
	Ninth Supplement To Well's 'Manual Of Middle English' [n|1951]

Garrick UTLEY {US} (M: 1939 Nov 19 - 2014 Feb 20 (or 21))

George Burwell UTLEY {US} (M: 1876 Dec 3 - 1946 Oct 4)
	The Life And Times Of Thomas John Claggett [b|1913]
	Fifty Years Of The American Library Association [n|1926]
	The Librarians' Conference Of 1853 (w Gilbert H DOANE) [n|1951]

Robert Marshall UTLEY {US} (M: 1929 Oct 31 - living 2022)
	Custer And The Great Controversy [n|1962]
	The Last Days Of The Sioux Nation [n|1963]

Thomas Edwin UTLEY, aka Peter UTLEY {UK} (M: 1921 Feb 1 - 1988 Jun 21)
	Essays In Conservatism [e|1949]
	Modern Political Thought [n|1952]
	The Conservatives And The Critics [n|1956]
	Documents Of Modern Political Thought (jt ed) [e|1957]
	Not Guilty [n|1957]
	Edmund Burke [b|1957]
	Occasion For Ombudsmen [n|1963]
	Lessons Of Ulster [n|1975/97]

Miguel Ramón UTRERA {VE} (M: 1909 Oct 25 - ?)

Neptali UTRERA {VE} (M: 1923 - ?)

Maurice UTRILLO (see: Maurice VALADON)

Rudolph UTSCH {DE} (M: 1903 Jan 31 - 1960 Nov 30)

Richard Hays UTT {US} (M: 1923 Apr 29 - 2013 Jan 31)
	A Century Of Miracles [n|1963]

Prof, Robert Palfrey UTTER {US} (M: 1875 Nov 23 - 1936 Feb 17)
	A Guide To Good English [n|1914]
	Everyday Words And Their Uses [n|1916]
	Everyday Pronunciation [n|1918]
	Pearls And Pepper [n|1924]
	Pamela's Daughters (w Gwendolyn Bridges NEEDHAM) [n|1936]

Edward Vernon UTTERSON (M: c1775 - 1856 Jul 14)

Charles UTTING {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	Isandula, And Rorke's Drift [p|1879]
	The Fall Of Cetewayo [p|1879]
	Three Legends [p|1892]

Prof, Albert Maurel UTTLEY {UK} (M: 1906 Aug 4 - 1985 Sep 13)

Alison(=Alice) (Jane) UTTLEY, nee TAYLOR {UK} (F: 1884 Dec 17 - 1976 May 7)
	The Squirrel, The Hare And The Little Grey Rabbit [f|1929]
	How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail [f|1930]
	The Great Adventure Of Hare [f|1931]
	Country Hoard [a|1943]
	A Traveller In Time [1963]

William Velores UTTLEY {CA} (M: 1865 - 1944 May 25)
	A History Of Kitchener, Ontario [n|1937]

Leonid (Osipovich) UTYOSOV (see: Lazar Iosifovich VAYSBEYN)

Arthur Fridolin UTZ {CH} (M: 1908 Apr 15 - 2001 Oct 18)

David Charles UTZ {US} (M: 1923 Dec 2 - 2011 Oct 30)

Fritz UTZ {CH} (M: 1892 Oct 2 - 1952 Nov 28)
	Der Büßer [Ge-1928]
	Auf Der Lauenberg [Ge-1932]

Lois (Marie) UTZ {US} (F: 1932 Jan 4 - 1986 Nov 12)