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Hans EFFENBERGER {AT} (M: 1902 (or 1909) May 20 - 1955 Sep 8)

Karagueuz EFFENDI (see: Jacques Jean-Marie de MORGAN)

Kiatib EFFENDI (see: Robert Standish SIEVIER)

Nejati EFFENDI {CY?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Key Of The Greek Elementary Book (anon) [n|1929]

The Osmanli Abderahman EFFENDI (see: Eliza Vere FOSTER)

Shoghi EFFENDI (Rabbani) (M: 1897 Mar 1 - 1957 Nov 4)
19243	The Advent Of Divine Justice [n|?]
19244	The Light Of Divine Guidance [2v|n|?]
19251	Arohanui: Letters To New Zealand [n|?]
19252	Baha'i Administration [n|?]
19254	Citadel Of Faith [n|?]
19270	Directives From The Guardian [n|?]
19271	Dawn Of A New Day [n|?]
19274	Letters From The Guardian To Australia And New Zealand [n|?]
19275	God Passes By [n|?]
19276	High Endeavours: Messages To Alaska [n|?]
19277	Messages To America [n|?]
19278	Messages To Canada [n|?]
19280	Messages To The Baha'i World, 1950-1957 [n|?]
19282	The Promised Day Is Come [n|?]
19297	Unfolding Destiny [n|?]
19298	The World Order Of Baha'u'llah [n|?]
19299	The Will And Testament Of Abdu'l-Baha [n|?]
19300	A Traveler's Narrative [n|?]

Aunt, EFFIE (see: Jane Euphemia BROWNE)

Aunt, EFFIE (see: Ann HAWKSHAW)

George (Alec) EFFINGER {US} (M: 1947 Jan 10 - 2002 Apr 26)
(&ps: John K DIOMEDE; Susan DOENIM)

Prof, John Robert EFFINGER {US} (M: 1869 Jul 3 - 1933 Jun 7)
	A French Grammar (w H P THIEME) [n|1908]
18642	Women Of The Romance Countries [n|1908]

William Lloyd EFFINGER {US} (M: ? - ?)
&	A Report On The Geology Of Devils Tower National Monument [n|1934]
&	A Report On The Geology Of Rocky Mountain National Park [n|1935]

Donald Brian EFFLER {US} (M: 1915 Aug 18 - 2004 Aug 24)

Erich EFFLER {DE} (M: 1894 Feb 8 - 1959 May 20)
(ps: Fedor van BERGEN; Erich BERLINER)
	Der Galeerensträfling [f|Ge-1919]
	Die Holde Weiblichkeit [s|Ge-1924]

Louis Robert EFFLER {US} (M: 1888 - ?)
	My Memoirs Of The Gay 90's [a|1942]

Boris EFIMOV (see: Boris Efimovich FRIDLYAND / FRIDLAND)

Vladimir Pavlovich EFROIMSON {SU} (M: 1908 Nov 21 - 1988 Jul 21)

Alexander EFRON {SU/US} (M: 1897 Dec 26 - 1981 Dec 30)
	Basic Physics [n|1957]
	Heat (aka: Exploring Heat) [n|1957]
	Laboratory Workbook (aka: Exploring Modern Physics) [n|1961]

Benjamin EFRON {SU/US} (M: 1908 Mar 10 - 1991 Mar 3)
	Story Without End (w Solomon LANDMAN) [n|1949]
	Your Neighbor Worships [n|1955]

Prof, Israel (Isaac) EFROS {US} (M: 1891 May 28 - 1981 Jan 4)
	The Problem Of Space In Jewish Mediaeval Philosophy [n|1917]
	The Bloody Jest [d|pub:1922]
	Philosophical Terms In The Moreh Nubukim [n|1924]
	[Milon Angli-'ivri] (w Judah I-S KAUFMAN & Benjamin SILK) [n|He-1929]
	  English-Hebrew Dictionary (w KAUFMAN & SILK) [n|He-1929] (tr ?) [1956]
	[Vigvamim Shotkim] [He-1933]
	Palquera's Reshit Hokmah And Alfarabi's Ihsa Al'ulum [n|1935]
	Maimonides Treatise On Logic [n|1938]
	[Hyyim Nahman Bialik] [He-1940]
	Judah Halevi As Poet And Thinker [n|1941]
	[Zahav] [He-1942]
	Saadia's Theory Of Knowledge [n|1942]
	[Anahnu Ha-dor] [He-1944]
	Heimlose Yidn [Yi?-1947]
	[Zakharti Iakh] [He-1950]
	Ha-mahashavah Ha-genuzah [n|1953]
	Goral U-pit'om [p|1954]
	[Ha-filosofyah Ha-yehudit Ha'atikah] [He-1959]
	[Ben Hofim Nistarim] [He-1960]

Argyris EFTALIOTIS (see: Kleanthes MICHAELIDES)

Victor EFTIMIU {RO} (M: 1889 Jan 24 - 1972 Nov 27)
	Însir-te Margarite [d|Ro-1911]
	Poemele Singuratatii [p|Ro-1912]
	Cocosul Negru [d|Ro-1913]
	Rapsozii [d|Ro-1913]
	Napoleon [d|Ro-1914]
	Akim [d|Ro-1914]
	Ringala [d|Ro-1915]
	Candele Stinse [p|Ro-1915]
	Prometeu [d|Ro-1920]
	Lebedele Sacre [p|Ro-1920]
	Inspectorul Broastelor [d|Ro-1922]
	Comoara [d|Ro-1922]
	Dansul Milioanelor [d|Ro-1922]
	Don Juan [d|Ro-1922]
	Thebaida [d|Ro-1924]
	Mesterul Manole [d|Ro-1925]
	Cântecul Milei [p|Ro-1925]
	Glafira [d|Ro-1926]
	Fantoma Celei Care Va Veni [d|Ro-1928]
	Omul Care A Vazut Moartea [d|Ro-1928]
	Marele Duhovnic [d|Ro-1929]
	Daniela [d|Ro-1931]
	Theochrys [d|Ro-1932]
	Poiana De Aur [d|Ro-1933]
	Noaptea Subterana [p|Ro-1933]
	Stele Cazatoare [d|Ro-1936]
	Atrizii [d|Ro-1939]
	Oglinzile [p|Ro-1939]
	Cântecul Mamei Si Al Copilului [p|Ro-1939]
	Haiducii [d|Ro-1947]
	13 Decembrie Si Alte Poeme [p|Ro-1947]
	Doctor Faust - Vrajitor [d|Ro-1957]
	Oda Limbii Române [p|Ro-1957]
	Parada [d|Ro-1959]
	Halatul Alb [d|Ro-1959]
	Soliile Terestre [p|Ro-1961]
	Pana Lesnea Rusalim [d|Ro-?]
	Stramosii [d|Ro-?]
	Crinul Vietii [d|Ro-?]
	Crizanteme [p|Ro-?]