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Maik IOHANSEN (M: 1895 - 1937)

IOLO 'Goch' (M: c1320 - 1398)

Taliesin ab IOLO (see: Taliesin WILLIAMS)

Tony(=Anthony) Frank IOMMI {UK} (M: 1948 Feb 19 - living 2022)

ION (see: Karoline von NDERRODE)

Dafydd IONAWR (see: David RICHARDS)

Larissa IONE, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Sydney CROFT (1))
	Ecstasy Unveiled [f|?]

Eugène IONESCO, originally Eugen IONESCU {RO/FR?} (M: 1909 (wrongly 1912) Nov (or Sep) 26 - 1994 Mar 28)
	La Cantatrice Chauve [d|Fr-1950]
	  The Bald Prima Donna [d|Fr-1950] (tr Donald H WATSON) [1958]
	La Leçon [d|Fr-1951]
	  The Lesson [d|Fr-1951] (tr Donald H WATSON) [1958]
	The Chairs [d|1952]
	Rhinoceros [d|1959]
	The Killer [d|1958]
	Exit The King [d|1962]
	A Stroll In The Air [d|1963]

Prof, (George) Ghita IONESCU {RO?} (M: 1913 Mar 21 - 1996 Jun 28)

IONICUS (see: Joshua Charles ARMITAGE)

Basil IONIDES {UK} (M: 1884 Jun (wrongly Jul) 20 - 1950 Sep 23)
	Colour And Interior Decoration [n|1926]
	Colour In Everyday Rooms [n|1934]

Cyril (Constantine Luke) IONIDES {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 30 - 1960 Aug 20)
	A Floating Home (w John Black ATKINS) [n|1918]

Thomas (James) IONS (M: 1817 Aug 19 - 1857 Sep 25)

William IOOR (M: c1760 - c1830)
	Independence.. [d|1805]
	The Battle Of Eutaw Springs [d|1807]

Bruno IORIO (ACERA) {IT/VE} (M: 1924 Feb 23 - ?)

IORWERTH FYNGLWYD (M: c1460 - c1530)

Jaba IOSELIANI {GE} (M: 1926 Jul 10 - 2003 Mar 4)

IOTA (see: (Kathleen) Mannington CAFFYN)

IOTA (see: John HARLAND)

Joannes IOVHANNÉ (see: Jean Baptiste PROULX)

Iordan IOVKOV {BG} (M: 1884 - 1938)