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T (see: William Cooke TAYLOR)

A T (ps) {UK} (?: ? - ?)
	Montgomery [p|1943]

A E T (see: Annie Eliot TRUMBULL)

B T (ps) (?: ? - ?)
R	The Beautiful Jewess, Rachel Mendoza [f|1853]

C T (see: Charles Bruce Lockyer TENNYSON)

C T (see: Carlos TESTA)

C H T (see: Charles Henry TITTERTON)

C J T (see: Charles John TIBBITS)

D F T (see: Donald Francis TOVEY)

E T (see: Jessie Ralph CHAMBERS)

E T (see: Einar THALLACKSON)

E T (see: Edward (John) THOMPSON)

E T (see: Emanuel RMÄLÄ)

E A T (see: Eleanor (Emma) Ashworth TOWLE)

E P T (see: Edward Palmer THOMPSON)

E W T (see: Edward Wyndham TENNANT)

F C T (see: F C TAYLOR)

F E T (see: Francis Edward TOURSCHER)

F G F T (see: Frederica G F THOMAS)


G E T (see: George Elmslie TROUP)

H T (see: Helen (Berenice) THOMAS)

H F T (see: Herbert Frederick TOMKINSON)

H G T (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	'Whither Goest Thou?' [1864]

H J T (see: Harold John TENNANT)

I T (see: Ivor THOMAS)

I T (ps) {UK?} (?: ? - ?)
	Forbidden Fruit [f|1863]
	Belial [f|1864]

J T (see: James TAYLOR)

J T (see: Jemima THOMPSON)

J T (see: Jethro TULL)

J L M T (see: John Lowe Munro THOMSON)

J M T (see: James Matthew THOMPSON)

J S T (see: Joseph Smith THORNTON)

M K T (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	Early Days [1854]

N T (see: Norman THOMSON)

P V T (see: Percy Vivian Joseph TABBUSH)

R A T (see: Reginald Aneurin THOMAS)

R L T (see: Ralph Lilley TURNER)

S P T (see: Silvanus Phillips THOMPSON)

T C T (see: Daniel PLANT)

T E H T (see: Thomas Edgar Hugh TAYLOR)

T L T (see: Terrell Louise TATUM)

T J T (see: Theodosia J THOMPSON)

W T (see: William H G THOMAS)

W J T (see: Walter James TURNER)

T124 (see: Russell GRENFELL)