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Sir, Charles IGGLESDEN {UK} (M: 1861 Feb 7 - 1949 Jun 26)
	History Of The East Kent Volunteers [n|1899]
	A Saunter Through Kent With Pen And Pencil [n|1900]
	The Demon Eleven.. [s|1901]
	Strad.. [s|1907]
	Ashford Church [n|1908]
	A Flutter With Fate [f|1910]
	Clouds [f|1912]
	Law The Wrecker [f|1914]
	Out There [n|1916]
	Crimson Glow [f|1926]
	A Mere Englishman In America [1928]
	Those Superstitions [1932]
	Downs Valley Farm [f|1941]
	66 Years' Memories Of Kent Cricket [n|1947]

Prof, Ainsley IGGO {UK} (M: 1924 Aug 2 - 2012 Mar 25)

Conn IGGULDEN {UK} (M: 1971 Feb 24 - living 2022)

Grace (Mary) IGGULDEN, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs HOINVILLE {AU} (F: 1919 - 2006)
	Carla [f|?]
	Peeling [f|?]

Brig-Gen, Herbert Augustus IGGULDEN {UK} (M: 1861 - 1937 May 8)
	Sikkim Expedition [n|1888]

Jack(=John) (Manners) IGGULDEN {AU} (M: 1917 Feb 12 - 2010 Oct 8)
	The Storms Of Summer [f|1960]
	Breakthrough [f|1960]

Fanny (nee)Chambers (1:Mrs)Gooch IGLEHART {US} (F: 1839 Dec 9 - 1931 Oct 10)
	Face To Face With The Mexicans [n|1887]
	Christmas In Old Mexico [1901]
	The Boy Captive Of The Texas Mier Expedition [1909]

Álvaro de la IGLESIA y SANTOS {ES/CU?} (M: 1859 Apr 5 - 1940 or 1928)
	La Catástrofe De Los Polvorines San José Y San Felipe [Sp-1884]
	Hojas Sueltas, Artículos De Propaganda Católica [Sp-1893]
	Cuba Para Los Cubanos [Sp-1898]
	Amalia Batista Ó El Último Danzón [Sp-1900]
	De Navidad - Historia De Un Billete Premiado [Sp-1901]
	Episodios Cubanos [2v|Sp-1903-06]
	Adoración [Sp-1906]

Ignacio IGLESIAS (M: 1871 - 1928)

Ignacio IGLESIAS (SUÁREZ) {ES} (M: 1912 - 2005 Oct 15)
(&ps: Andrés SUÁREZ)
	El Proceso Contra El POUM (ps: Andrés SUÁREZ) [n|Sp-1938]

Cleto R IGNACIO {PH?} (M: ? - ?)
14270	Panayam Ng Tatlong Binata, Unang Hati [Ta-?]
14271	Panayam Ng Tatlong Binata, Ikalawang Hati [Ta-?]
17441	Kasaysayan Ng Katotohanang Buhay Ng Haring Clodeveo.. [Ta-?]
18536	Cahangahangang Buhay Ni Santa Margarita De Cortona [Ta-?]

Rosendo IGNACIO {PH} (M: ? - ?)
*	Aklat Ng Pagluluto [Ta-?]

George IGNATIEFF {CA} (M: 1913 Dec 16 - 1989 Aug 10)

Nicholas IGNATIEFF {CA} (M: 1904 Mar 7 - 1952 Mar 28)

St, IGNATIUS, of Loyola (see: Íñigo de EZ y LOYOLA)

IGNATIUS, IV (Hazim) {SY} (M: 1920 - ?)

Fr, IGNATIUS (see: Joseph Leycester LYNE)

Prof, David IGNATOW {US} (M: 1914 Feb 7 - 1997 Nov 17)
	Poems [p|1948]
	The Gentle Weight Lifter [p|1955]
	Political Poetry (ed) [p|1960]
	Say Pardon [p|1961]


IGNOTUS (see: James Franklin FULLER)

IGNOTUS (see: Aleksei/Alexis Stepanovich KHOMIAKOV)

Paul(=Pal) IGNOTUS {HU/UK} (M: 1901 Jul 1 - 1978 Apr 1)
	Political Prisoner [1959/64]

Presbyter IGNOTUS (see: William Harman VAN ALLEN)

Prof, John Napoleon IGO, Jr {US} (M: 1927 May 29 - 2016 Aug 9)
	God Of Gardens [p|1962]
	Yanaguana (ed) [1963]