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Herman Bernard WIARDI BECKMAN {NL} (M: 1904 Feb 4 - 1945 Mar 15)
	Het Syndicalisme In Frankrijk [n|Du-1931]
	Dat, Wat Blijft (w F KLEYN & W R M NOORDHOFF) [n|Du-1941]

Neeltje Louwrina WIBAUT-ISEBREE MOENS {NL} (F: 1884 - 1965)
	Bijdrage Tot De Kennis Omtrent..Water In En Om Amsterdam [Du-1916]
	Zwembaden En Hoe Zij Moeten Zijn [Du-1933]

Augustin WIBBELT {DE} (M: 1862 Sep 19 - 1947 Sep 14)

Prof, Gerald Percy WIBBERLEY {UK} (M: 1915 Apr 15 - 1993 Nov 8)

Leonard (Patrick O'Connor) WIBBERLEY {IE/US:1963on} (M: 1915 Apr 9 - 1983 Nov 22)
(&ps: Leonard HOLTON; Patrick O'CONNOR; Christopher WEBB)
	Mrs Searwood's Secret Weapon [f|1954]
	The Mouse That Roared [f|1955]
	The Black Tiger (ps: Patrick O'CONNOR) [f|1956]
	Take Me To Your President [f|1957]
	Mexican Road Race (ps: Patrick O'CONNOR) [f|1957]
	Beware Of The Mouse [f|1958]
	Black Tiger At Le Mans (ps: Patrick O'CONNOR) [f|1958]
	John Treegate's Musket [f|1959]
	Peter Treegate's War [f|1960]
	The Saint Maker (ps: Leonard HOLTON) [f|1960]
	A Pact With Satan (ps: Leonard HOLTON) [f|1960]
	Black Tiger At Bonneville (ps: Patrick O'CONNOR) [f|1960]
	Sea Captain From Salem [f|1961]
	Secret Of The Doubting Saint (ps: Leonard HOLTON) [f|1961]
	The Mouse On The Moon [f|1962]
	Treegate's Raiders [f|1962]
	Black Tiger At Indianapolis (ps: Patrick O'CONNOR) [f|1962]
	Deliver Us From Wolves (ps: Leonard HOLTON) [f|1963]

Mary WIBBERLEY, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Black Niall [f|?]
	Master Of Saramanca [f|?]
	Logan's Island [f|?]
	The Benedict Man [f|?]

Prof, Thomas WIBBERLEY {UK} (M: 1880 - 1930 Dec 23 (wrongly 22))

Harald Albin WIBERG {SE} (M: 1908 Mar 1 - 1986)

John WIBLIN (M: c1814 - 1900 Apr 27)

Fanny WIBMER {AT} (F: 1890 Feb 19 - 1967 Oct 27)
(ps: Fanny WIBMER-PEDIT)

Fanny WIBMER-PEDIT (see: Fanny WIBMER)

Walter WIBORG {DE} (M: 1904 Aug 22 - 1969 Jan 28)

Ernst WICHERT (M: 1831 - 1902)

Jørgen WICHFELD (M: ? - 1888)
	Fortidsminder Fra Egnen Om Maribo Sø [Da-1862]

Varinka (nee)WICHFELD-MUUS {DK} (F: 1922 Feb 9 - 2002 Dec 18)

Hugo WICHMANN {DE} (M: 1852 - 1932 Aug 7)

Hein WICHT {ZA} (M: 1905 - ?)
	Inside Information [s|1945]
	Conquest Of The Seas [1950]
	Authors Of My Youth [1952]
	Our Neighbours In Africa [1952]
	Road Below Me [1958]
	Palms For Gardens In Southern Africa [n|1962]

Richard WICHTERICH {DE} (M: 1894 Sep 4 - 1965 Mar 30)

Carter WICK (see: Collin WILCOX)

Stuart Mary WICK (see: Kathleen FREEMAN)

Gen, Erik E WICKBERG {SE} (M: 1904 Jul 6 - 1996 Apr 26)

Peter WICKE {DE} (M: 1951 Jun 17 - ?)
	Rock Pop Jazz Folk (w W ZIEGENRÜCKER) [n|Ge-1985/89]

Harriett/Harriette/Harriet WICKEN, nee SMITH {AU} (F: 1847 Dec 31 - 1937 Oct 27)
	Kingswood Cookery Book [n|1885/89/91/?/?/1913]
	The Cook's Compass [n|1890]
	The Australian Home [n|1891]
	Fish Dainties [n|1892]
4219,&	The Art Of Living In Australia (w Philip E MUSKETT) [n|1893]
	Recipes Of Lenten Dishes [n|1896]

Alfred Ahier WICKENDEN {CA} (M: 1886 - ?)
	Up Trail [p|1937]

(Leonard) Dan(=Daniel) WICKENDEN {US} (M: 1913 Mar 24 - 1989 Oct 27)
	The Running Of The Deer [1937]

Elizabeth WICKENDEN, Mrs GOLDSCHMIDT {US} (F: 1909 May 8 - 2001 Jan 1)
	The Needs Of Older People [n|1953]
	Public Welfare (w Winifrfed BELL) [n|1961]

Helen WICKENDEN, nee SLACK {CA} (F: 1887 - ?)
	A Quebec Bouquet [p|1930]

Rev, William WICKENDEN (M: 1797 - c1867)

William Elgin WICKENDEN / WICKEN {US} (M: 1882 Dec 24 - 1947 Sep 1)

Charles Henry WICKENS {AU} (M: 1872 Oct 16 - 1939 Jul 30)
	The Australian Tariff (w others) [n|1929]

Prof, Delos Donald WICKENS {US} (M: 1909 Oct 6 - 1988 Apr 9)
	Experimental Foundations Of General Psychology (3e w W L VALENTINE) [n|1949]

Maria WICKENS {NZ} (F: 1966 - ?)

Peter WICKENS {UK} (M: 1938 - ?)

Ireene(=Irene) WICKER, nee SEATON {US} (F: 1900 (or 1901 or 1905) Nov 24 - 1987 Nov 17 (or 16))

James Bruce WICKER {UK} (M: 1890 May 2 - 1977 Mar 9)
	Poems [p|1946]

Tom(=Thomas) (Grey) WICKER {US} (M: 1926 Jun 18 - 2011 Nov 25)
(&ps: Paul CONNOLLY)

Gertrud WICKERHAUSER {AT} (F: 1895 Dec 28 - 1956 Jun 6)
(&ps: Konrad TRANI)

Janice WICKERI (F: ? - ?)

Philip WICKERI (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Edward Dean WICKERSHAM {US} (M: 1927 Apr 19 - 1966)
	The Practice Of Collective Bargaining (w Edwin F BEAL) [n|1963]

James WICKERSHAM {US} (M: 1857 Aug 24 - 1939 Oct 24)
	Old Yukon [a|1938]

James Pyle WICKERSHAM (M: 1825 Mar 5 - 1891 Mar 25)

Erwin (Otto Humin) WICKERT {DE} (M: 1915 Jan 7 - 2008 Mar 26)
	Fata Morgana Über Den Straßen [Ge-1938]
	Das Paradies Im Westen [Ge-1939]
	Das Tier In Der Neueren Deutschen Kunst [n|Ge-1939]
	Die Adamowa [Ge-1940]
	Du Mußt Dein Leben Ändern [Ge-1949]
	Dramatische Tage In Hitlers Reich [Ge-1952]
	Die Frage Des Tigers [Ge-1955]
	Cäsar Und Der Phönix [Ge-1956]
	Hiroshima [n|Ge-1959]
	Hitlers Machtergreifung [n|Ge-1959]
	Jahre Des Wahns [Ge-1959]
	Der Klassenaufsatz [Ge-1960]
	Robinson Und Seine Gäste [Ge-1960]
	Der Auftrag [Ge-1961]

Edward Michael WICKES {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Kinks, Meaning Love - Money - Mystery (anon) [1927]

George (Attout) WICKES {US} (M: 1923 Jan 6 - ?)

Ann WICKETT, Mrs HUMPHRY (F: ? - c1990)

Samuel Morley WICKETT (M: 1872 Oct 17 - 1915 Dec 7)

Rev, (Norman Jay) Gould WICKEY {US} (M: 1891 Sep 25 - 1976 Aug 7)
	Going To College (ed) [n|1936]
	Christian Higher Education (jt ed) [n|1940]
	The Lutheran Venture In Higher Education [n|1962]

Harry (Herman) WICKEY {US} (M: 1892 Oct 14 (wrongly 24) - 1968 Apr)
	Thus Far.. [a|1941]

Anna WICKHAM (see: Edith Alice Mary HARPER)

Archdale Kenneth WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1897 Sep - 1951 Jun 20)
	The Villages Of England [n|1932]
	The Italian Renaissance [1935]

Dean, Edward Charles WICKHAM (M: 1834 Dec 7 - 1910 Aug 18)

Bp, Edward Ralph WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1911 Nov 3 - 1994 Sep 29)

Rev, Edward Stephen Gladstone WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1882 - 1960 Dec 4)

Elizabeth (Cooke) (nee)Merwin WICKHAM (F: 1810 Jul 30 - 1901 Feb 22)
(ps: E M W)
T	A Lost Family Found: An Authentic Narrative Of Cyrus Branch.. [b|1869]

Prof, Glynne William Gladstone WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1922 May 15 - 2004 Jan 27)
	The Relation Between Universities And Films, Television And Radio [n|1956]

Sir, Henry WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1846 May 29 - 1928 Sep 27)
	Journey Through The Wilderness [n|1872]
	Introduction, Plantation..Of Parà (Hevea) Indian Rubber [n|1908]

Henry Lewis WICKHAM (M: 1789 May 19 - 1864 Oct 27)

Hill Dawe WICKHAM (M: 1807 - 1874 Dec 24)
	An Historical Sketch Of The Italian Vaudois [n|1847]
	Facts From Frome, Addressed To .. Lord John Russell [n|1853]

John (Clemensford Wilsden) WICKHAM {BB} (M: 1923 - 2000)

Martha WICKHAM (F: 1803 - ?)
R	Sea-Spray, A Long Island Village [f|1857]

Rev, Robert WICKHAM (M: 1822 - 1880 Dec 21)

Thomas Frederick WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1926 Jun 11 - 1979 May 2)

William WICKHAM (M: 1831 Jul 10 - 1897 May 16)

Col, William James Richard WICKHAM {UK} (M: 1860 Jan 22 - 1932 Jun 8)
	Military Transport In India [n|1892]

Hans WICKIHALDER {CH} (M: 1896 Jul 26 - 1951)
	Fortunat [Ge-1923]
	Zur Psychologie Der Schaubühne [n|Ge-1926]

Christopher WICKING {UK} (M: 1943 Jan 10 - 2008 Oct 13)

George Walter WICKING {AU} (M: 1883 May 22 - 1959 Feb 1)
	The Glory Box Mystery [f|1937]

Carl (August) WICKLAND {SE/US?} (M: 1861 Feb 1 - 1945 Nov 13)
	Thirty Years Among The Dead [n|1924]
	The Gateway Of Understanding [n|1934]

Peter WICKLOE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Bullen Of The 'Brigadier' [1949]

Jörg WICKRAM (M: ? - ?)
	Der Goldfaden (ed Paul ERNST) [Ge-1905]

Prof, Sunitha (Nimal) WICKRAMASINGHE {LK} (M: 1941 Jul 2 - 2009 Jun 28)
	Lecture Notes On Haematology (5e w N C HUGHES-JONES) [n|1991/96]
	Lecture Notes On Haematology (7e w C HATTON & N HUGHES-JONES) [n|2004/08]

N Don Martino de Zilva WICKREMASINGHE (M: 1865 - 1937 Jun 4)
	Nikaya-Sangraha (ed) [n|1890]
	Catalogue Of Sinhalese MSS..Books In British Museum [2v|n|1900-01]
	Catalogue Of Sanskrit MSS In Max Müller Collection [n|1901]
	Tamil Grammar [n|1906]
	Tamil Self-Taught [n|1907]
	Sinhalese Self-Taught [n|1916]
	Malayalam Grammar Self-Taught [n|1927]
	Index Of Prakrit Words [n|?]

Sugiswara Abeywardena WICKREMSINGHE {LK} (M: 1901 - 1981 Aug 28)

Charles Beaumont WICKS {US} (M: 1907 Oct 21 - 1986 Jan 8)
	Charles-Guillaume Etienne, Dramatist And Publicist [b|1940]

Frederick WICKS (M: 1840 Feb 23 - 1910 Mar 30)
	The British Constitution And Government [n|1873/?/?/?/1892/1902]
	Golden Lives (aka: A Woman's Courage) [f|1891]
	The Veiled Hand [f|1892]
	The Stories Of The Broadmoor Patient; And The Poor Clerk [s|1893]
	The Infant [f|1895]
	The Unfortunate Duke [f|?]
	Thought Reading, Second Sight & 'Spiritual' Manifestations.. [n|1907]
	My Undiscovered Crimes [f|1909]

Sir, James WICKS {UK} (M: 1909 Jun 20 - 1989 Jul 17)
	The Doctrine Of Consideration [n|1939]

Joe(=Joseph) (Trevor) WICKS {UK} (M: 1985 Sep 21 - living 2022)

Malcolm (Hunt) WICKS {UK} (M: 1947 Jul 1 - 2012 Sep 29)

Margaret Campbell Walker WICKS {UK} (F: 1893 Jun 27 - 1970 May 27)
	Italian Exiles In London, 1816-1848 [n|1937]

Mark WICKS {UK} (M: 1852 - 1935 Oct 31)
	Organ Building For Amateurs [n|1887]
27633	To Mars Via The Moon: An Astronomical Story [f|1911]

Moye WICKS {US} (M: 1855 - 1932 Dec 11)

Peter WICKS (M: ? - 1993)

Peter WICKS {UK} (M: 1933 - ?)

Randy (R) WICKS {US} (M: 1954 Oct 30 - 1996 Aug 3)

Robert Russell WICKS (M: 1882 - ?)

Johan Gustaf Knut WICKSELL {SE} (M: 1851 Dec 20 - 1926 May 3)
15761	Om Utvandringen, Dess Betydelse Och Orsaker [n|Sw-1882]
	Om Prostitutionen [n|Sw-1887]
	Über Wert, Kapital Und Rente [n|Ge-1893]
	Zur Lehre Von Der Steuerincidenz [n|Ge-1895]
	Finanztheoretische Untersuchungen [n|Ge-1896]
	Geldzins Und Güterpreise [n|Ge-1898]
	Föreläsningar I Nationalekonomi [2v|n|Sw-1901-06/11-15]
	Vorlesungen Über Nationalekonomie Auf..Marginalprinzipes [n|Ge-1913]

Edward James WICKSON {US} (M: 1848 - 1923)
5152	One Thousand Questions In California Agriculture Answered [n|1914]

Rev, Charles WICKSTEED (M: 1810 Jun 10 - 1885 Apr 19)

Gustavus William WICKSTEED (M: 1799 Dec 21 - 1898 Aug 18)
	Waifs In Verse [p|1878]
	Waifs In Verse And Prose [p|1891/94]

Joseph Hartley WICKSTEED {UK} (M: 1870 - 1959 Nov 27)
	Blake's Vision Of The Rook Of Job [1910/1924]
	Blake's Innocence And Experience [n|1928]

Margaret Hope WICKSTEED {UK} (F: 1909 Feb 12 - 1994)
(ps: Margaret HOPE)

Rev, Philip Henry WICKSTEED {UK} (M: 1844 Oct 25 - 1927 Mar 18)
32497	The Alphabet Of Economic Science:..Theory Of Value Or Worth [n|1888]
36479	Dante: Six Sermons [e|1895]
	Henrik Ibsen [n|1892]
	Co-ordination Of The Laws Of Distribution [n|1894]
	Religion Of Time And Religion Of Eternity [n|1899]
	Dante And Del Virgilio (w Edmund GARDNER) [n|1901]
	Studies In Theology (w J E CARPENTER) [n|1903]
	The Common Sense Of Political Economy [n|1910]
	Dante And Aquinas [n|1913]
	Dogma And Philosophy (A Study Of Aquinas) [n|1920]
	From Vita Nuova To Paradiso [n|1922]

Thomas WICKSTEED (M: 1806 Jan 26 - 1871 Nov 15)

John William WICKWAR {UK} (M: 1874 - 1946 Sep 24)
	Dreams [n|1916/?/19]
	The Ghost World [n|1920]
	Witchcraft And The Black Art [n|1925]

William Hardy WICKWAR {UK} (M: 1903 May 22 - 1999 May 13)
	The Struggle For The Freedom Of The Press, 1819-1832 [n|1928]
	Helvetius And Holbach [n|1929]

Francis Sill WICKWARE {CA} (M: 1883 Jan 31 - 1940 Oct 12)

	Camera Obscura [p|Sw-1946]

Ann (Noreen) WIDDECOMBE {UK} (F: 1947 Oct 4 - living 2022)

Mabel Cleland WIDDEMER (see: Mabel CLELAND)

Margaret WIDDEMER, Mrs SCHAUFFLER {US} (F: 1884 (or 1897) Sep 30 - 1978 Jul 14)
	The Factories With Other Lyrics [p|1915]
26635	The Rose-Garden Husband [f|1915]
	Winona Of The Camp Fire [f|1915]
	Why Not? [f|1915]
7424	The Wishing-Ring Man [f|1917]
	Winona Of Camp Karonya [f|1917]
J	The Old Road To Paradise [p|1918]
	You're Only Young Once [f|1918]
	Winona's War Farm [f|1918]
	Winona's Way [f|1919]
	The Wishing Ring Man [f|1919]
	The Boardwalk [f|1919]
17229	The Haunted Hour (ed) [1920]
22904	I've Married Marjorie [f|1920]
	The Year Of Delight [f|1921]
	Cross Currents [p|1921]
	A Minister Of Grace [f|1922]
	Winona On Her Own [f|1922]
	A Tree With A Bird In It [p|1923]
	Binkie And The Bell Dolls [f|1923]
	Winona's Dreams Come True [f|1923]
	Graven Image [f|1923]
	Charis Sees It Through [f|1924]
	Little Girl And Boy Land [p|1924]
	Ballads And Lyrics [p|1925]
	The Singing Wood [d|1926]
	Gallant Lady [f|1926]
	More Than Wife [f|1927]
	Rhinestones [f|1928]
	Collected Poems [p|1928]
	Loyal Lover [f|1929]
	Laughing Helen [1930]
	All The King's Horses [f|1930]
	The Truth About Lovers [f|1931]
	The Road To Downderry [p|1931]
	The Pre-War Lady [f|1932]
	The Years Of Love [f|1933]
	Golden Rain [f|1933]
	The Other Lovers [f|1934]
	Eve's Orchard [f|1935]
	Back To Virtue, Betty [f|1935]
	Songs For A Christmas Tree [f|1935]
	This Isn't The End [f|1936]
	The Singing Wood [f|1936]
	Marriage Is Possible [f|1936]
	Hill Garden [p|1937]
	Do You Want To Write? [n|1937]
	Marcia's Farmhouse [f|1939]
	Ladies Go Masked [f|1939]
	Hand On Her Shoulder [f|1939]
	She Knew Three Brothers [f|1939]
	Someday I'll Find You [f|1940]
	Lover's Alibi [f|1941]
	Angela Comes Home [f|1942]
	Constancia Herself [f|1945]
	Let Me Have Wings [f|1945]
	Lani [f|1949]
	Red Cloak Flying [f|1950]
	Lady Of The Mohawks [f|1951]
	Basic Principles Of Fiction Writing [n|1953]
	The Golden Wildcat [f|1957]
	Dark Cavalier [p|1958]
	Buckskin Baronet [f|1960]

(John) Arthur WIDDER, Jr {US} (M: 1928 Dec 31 - 2020 May 5)
	Adventures In Black [1962]

Rev, John WIDDICOMBE {UK} (M: 1839 Mar 28 - 1927 Jun 27)
	Fourteen Years In Basutoland [n|?]
	In The Lesuto [n|1907]
	Distant Brethren Of Low Degree [n|?]
	Memories And Musings [a|1915]

Josh(=Joshua) (Michael) WIDDICOMBE {UK} (M: 1983 Apr 8 - living 2022)

Charles Howard WIDDIFIELD {CA} (M: 1859 Jan 21 - 1937 Jun 10)

Samuel Edward WIDDINGTON (see: Samuel Edward COOK)

Elsie May WIDDOWSON {UK} (F: 1906 Oct 21 - 2000 Jun 14)
	The Composition Of Foods (w R A McCANCE) [n|1940/67]
	Breads White And Brown (w R A McCANCE) [n|1956]

Prof, Peter (John) WIDDOWSON {UK} (M: 1942 Oct 6 - 2009 Jun 3)
	A Reader's Guide To Contemporary Literary Theory (jt ed) [n|?]

Thomas William WIDDOWSON {UK} (M: 1877 Jun 18 - 1956 Dec 27)
	Care And Regulation Of Children's Teeth [n|?]
	Dental Surgery And Pathology [n|?/?/1937/1950]
	Special Anatomy And Physiology And Dental Histology (8e) [n|1952]

Captain WIDEAWAKE (ps) {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Jottings From The Trenches [p|1915]

Don WIDENER {US} (M: 1930 Mar 13 - 2003 Apr 22)

Harry Elkins WIDENER {US} (M: 1885 Jan 3 - 1912 Apr 15)

Joseph Early WIDENER {US} (M: 1872 Aug 19 - 1943 Oct 26)
	Paintings At Lynnewood Hall [n|1923]

Peter Arrell Brown WIDENER (M: 1834 - 1915)

Peter Arrell Brown WIDENER (II) {US} (M: 1895 - ?)
	Without Drums [a|1940]

David WIDGER {US} (M: 1932 Dec 17 - 2021 Jul 5)

Prof, Alban Gregory WIDGERY {UK/US:1941on} (M: 1887 May 9 - 1968 Mar 22)
	Jesus In The Nineteenth Century And After (w H WEINEL) [n|1914]
	Human Needs And The Justification Of Religious Beliefs [n|1918]
	Personality And Atonement [n|1918]
	Immortality.. [e|1919]
	Goods And Bads [n|1920]
	The Comparative Study Of Religions [n|1922]
	Outlines Of A Philosophy Of Life [n|1923]
	Contemporary Thought Of Great Britain [n|1926]
	Living Religions And Modern Thought [n|1936]
	Christian Ethics In History And Modern Life [n|1940]
	What Is Religion? [n|1953]
	Interpretations Of History [n|1961]
	A Philosopher's Pilgrimage [n|1961]

Frederick John WIDGERY {UK} (M: 1861 - 1942 Jan 26)

Prof, Branko John WIDICK {US} (M: 1910 Oct 25 - 2008 Jun 28)
	The UAW And Walter Reuther (w Irving HOWE) [n|1949]

Max WIDMANN {CH} (M: 1867 Jan 23 - 1946 Oct 24)
	Das Verhängnis [f|Ge-1920]
	Josef Viktor Widmann [b|Ge-1922]
	Zweite Lebenshälfte [Ge-1924]
	Sanfter Nachklang Gold'ner Tage [a|Ge-1942]

Therese WIDMANN {DE} (F: 1885 Aug 16 - 1951 Jun 17)

(J) Kingsley WIDMER {US} (M: 1925 Jul 17 - 2009 Feb 19)
	Literary Censorship (jt ed) [n|1961]
	The Art Of Peversity [n|1962]

Urs WIDMER {CH} (M: 1938 May 31 - 2014 Apr 2)

(Karl) Walter WIDMER {CH} (M: 1903 Apr 3 - 1965 Jun 18)
(&ps: Urs USENBENZ; Aloysius Xavier WEINTRAUB)
	Fug Und Unfug Des Übersetzens [n|Ge-1959]
	Berufe Für Unberufene [n|Ge-1963]

Samuel Page WIDNALL (M: c1830 - 1897 Dec 16)
	A Mystery Of Sixty Centuries [f|1889]

E N WIDOC (see: Ernst PETRY)

Charles-Marie Jean Albert WIDOR {FR} (M: 1844 (or 1845 or 1847) Feb 21 (or 22) - 1937 Mar 12)

WIDOW (ps) (F: ? - ?)
I	Consolation For A Lonely Hour [n|1863]

His WIDOW (see: Frances Oke ALFORD)

His WIDOW (see: Fanny BYRNE)

His WIDOW (see: Elizabeth DENT)

His WIDOW (see: Elizabeth (Anne) FINN)

His WIDOW (see: !Victoria Henrietta HAMILTON)

His WIDOW (see: Mary Amelia POYSER)


His WIDOW (see: Mrs M J SHENTON)

An Officer's WIDOW (ps) (F: ? - ?)
	The Etiquette Of The Toilette-Table [n|1859]

John Andreas WIDTSOE {US} (M: 1872 Jan 31 - 1952 Nov 29)
34362	Joseph Smith As Scientist [n|1908]
4924	Dry-Farming:..Agriculture For Countries Under Low Rainfall [n|1911]

Prof, Jesús Francisco WIEBE {CA/US} (M: 1924 - 2016)

Prof, Robert Huddleston WIEBE {US} (M: 1930 Apr 22 - 2000 Dec 11 (or 10))
	Businessmen And Reform [n|1962]
	Historical Vistas (w Grady McWHINEY) [n|1963]

Ernst WIECHERT {DE} (M: 1887 May 18 - 1950 Aug (or Sep) 24)
(&ps: Barany BJELL)

Friedrich WIECK (M: 1785 - 1873)
16658	Piano And Song [n|Ge-?] (tr Mary P NICHOLS) [1875]

Irmela WIECKBERG {DE} (F: 1888 Dec 10 or 22 or 23 - 1960 Jan 4)
(ps: Irmela LINBERG)
	Mein Jugendland [p|Ge-1917]
	Ehe [f|Ge-1921]
	Kinder [s|Ge-1938]
	Das Goldene Buch Des Humors [Ge-1956]

Prof, Anna M WIECKING {US} (F: 1887 Dec 6 - 1973 Nov 23 (wrongly 15))
	Education Through Manual Activities [n|1928]
	Blue Earth County From 1700-1900 [n|1957]

Gustav WIED (M: 1858 - 1914)
r	Mindeudgave [Da-1820]

Martina WIED (see: Alexandrine Martina August WEISL)

Alice (Alexandrine Hedwig Marie) von WIEDEBACH und NOSTITZ-JAENKENDORF, nee von SEYDEWITZ {DDR} (F: 1882 Sep 3 - c1952)

Alfred WIEDEMANN {DE} (M: 1856 Jul 18 - 1936 Dec 7)
	Ägyptische Geschichte [n|Ge-1884-88]
	Herodots Zweites Buch [n|Ge-1890]
	Die Religion Der Alten Ägypter [n|Ge-1890]
	Die Toten Und Ihre Reiche Im Glauben Der Alten Ägypter [n|Ge-1902]
	  The Realms Of The Egyptian Dead [n|Ge-1902] (tr Jane HUTCHISON) [?]
	Literaturgeschichte Der Alten Ägypter [n|Ge-1903]
	  Popular Literature In Ancient Egypt [n|Ge-1903] (tr J HUTCHISON) [?]
	Kleine Geschichte Bad Godesbergs [n|Ge-1920]

Hans WIEDEMANN {DDR} (M: 1888 May 18 - 1959 Oct 16)
	Aus Meinen Reden [e|Ge-1960]

Prof, Thomas Ernst Josef WIEDEMANN {DE/UK?} (M: 1950 May 14 - 2001 Jun 28)
	Adults And Children In The Roman Empire [n|?]

Alexander WIEDEN (see: Paul QUENSEL)

Franz bei der WIEDEN {DE} (M: 1896 Oct 15 - 1973 Mar 18)
	Nie Wieder Wehrlos! [Ge-1939]
	Die Frauen Des Aretino [d|Ge-1940]
	Die Zertanzten Schuhe [d|Ge-1941]
	Maestro Bernardo [d|Ge-1941]
	Besuch Aus Dem Paradies [d|Ge-1951]
	Von A Bis Z Durch Bad Salzschlirf [n|Ge-1958]

Frederik Caspar WIEDER {NL} (M: 1874 Nov 23 - 1943 Jan 7)
	De Schriftuurlijke Liedekens [Du-1900]

Prof, Naphtali WIEDER {IL} (M: 1905 May 5 - 2001 Mar 5)

Bedřich Antonín WIEDERMANN {CS} (M: 1883 Nov 10 - 1951 Nov 5)

Georg WIEDERSHEIM {SE} (M: 1863 Jan 6 - 1943 Sep 30 (or Oct 1 or 5))
(ps: Adolf PAUL)
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	Jung-Hansens Liebesbriefe [f|Ge-1911]
51051	Die Tänzerin Barberina: Roman..Zeit Friedrichs Des Großen [f|Ge-1915]
	Exzellenz Unterrock [f|Ge-1915]
	Stille Teilhaber [f|Ge-1916]
	Wenn Die Kosaken Kommen [f|Ge-1916]
	Der Bewußte Jemand [f|Ge-1917]
	Lola Montez [d|Ge-1917]
39650	Das Heilige Donnerwetter: Ein Blücherroman [f|Ge-1918]
	Strindberg-Erinnerungen Und Briefe [b|Ge-1924]
	Der Einfluß Walter Scotts Auf..Technik Theodor Fontanes [n|Ge-1934]
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Karl WIEDMAIER {DE} (M: c1886 - 1931 Nov 21)

Gebhardt WIEDMANN {DE} (M: 1884 Aug 10 - 1965 Apr 8)
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Prof, Donald Lawrence WIEDNER {US} (M: 1930 Nov 17 - 1997 Nov 6)
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Laurenz WIEDNER {AT} (M: 1903 Aug 10 - 1958 Jun 1)

Carl Friedrich WIEGAND {DE} (M: 1877 Jan 29 - 1942)

Johann-August WIEGAND {DE} (M: 1874 Jul 27 - 1940 Feb 7)

William George WIEGAND {US} (M: 1928 Jun 11 - ?)
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	The Treatment Man [f|1959]

William James WIEGAND (M: c1832 - 1914)

Friso WIEGERSMA {NL} (M: 1925 Oct 14 - 2006 Jun 5)

Paul WIEGLER {DE} (M: 1878 Sep 15 - 1949 Aug 22)

Jan WIEGMAN {NL} (M: 1884 Feb 1 - 1963 Sep 20)
(&ps: Tante JOH)
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	Verhalen Die Echt Gebeurd Zijn, Naverteld Te Bethanië [Du-1925]
	'T Kabouterboek [Du-1947]

Karoline Sofie Marie WIEGMANN {DE} (F: 1886 Nov 16 - 1973 Sep 19 (or 18))
(ps: Mary WIGMAN)
	Die Sieben Tänze Des Lebens [p|Ge-1921]
	Komposition [Ge-1925]
	Deutsche Tanzkunst [n|Ge-1935]
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Lis WIEHL, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs SHERMAN {US} (F: 1961 Aug 19 - living 2017)

Lawley Alethea WIEL {UK} (F: 1851 - ?)
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	Venice [n|1894]
	Romance Of House Of Savoy [1898]
	Verona [n|1902]
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Aleksander WIELHORSKI {PL} (M: 1890 Nov 26 - 1952 Oct 19)

Christoph Martin WIELAND (M: 1733 Sep 5 - 1813 Jan 20)
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Günther WIELAND {DE} (M: 1931 Apr 16 - 2004 Jan 31)

Klaus-Peter WIELAND {DE} (M: 1904 Mar 11 - 1960 Mar 2)

Georg von WIELANDSTHAL (see: Alfred von WINTERSTEIN)

Henry Nelson WIEMAN {US} (M: 1884 Aug 19 - 1975 Jun 19)

Bernard WIEMANN {DE} (M: 1872 May 13 - 1941 Feb 10)

Peter WIEMAR {DE} (M: 1889 Jul 3 - 1956 Sep 7)
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	Mein Eifelbuch [p|Ge-1923]

Maria WIEMER {DE} (F: 1891 Mar 8 - 1960 Dec)
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(Christian) Ludolf WIENBARG (M: 1802 Dec 25 - 1872 Jan 2)
(&ps: FREIMUND; Ludolf VINETA)
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12660	Soll Die Plattdeutsche Sprache Gepflegt Oder Ausgerottet.. [n|Ge-1834]
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Alexander Solomon WIENER {US} (M: 1907 Mar 16 - 1976 Nov)

Anthony Janoff WIENER {US} (M: 1930 Jul 27 - 2012 Jun 19)

Franz WIENER {BE} (M: 1877 (wrongly 1885) Jan 28 - 1937 Nov 8)
(ps: Francis de CROISSET)
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Jacqueline WIENER {HT} (F: 1906 Mar 8 - 1976 Aug 10)

Prof, Jan WIENER {CS/US?} (M: 1920 May 26 - 2010 Nov 24)

Jean WIENER (M: 1896 Mar 19 - 1982 Jun 8)

Jerry M WIENER {US} (M: 1933 May 12 - 2002 Sep 7)

Leigh (Auston) WIENER {US} (M: 1931 Nov 15 - 1993 May 11)

Prof, Leo WIENER {US} (M: 1862 Jul 27 - 1939 Dec 12)
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	Anthology Of Russian Literature (ed) [n|?]
	Slavic Anthology (ed) [n|?]
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	Commentary To The Germanic Laws And Mediæval Documents [n|?]
	Contributions Toward A History Of Arabico-Gothic Culture [n|?]
	Africa And The Discovery Of America [n|?]
	The Contemporary Drama Of Russia [n|?]
	Mayan And Mexican Origins [n|?]
	Songs From The Ghetto (ed) [?]

Margaret WIENER {ZA?} (F: ? - ?)
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Prof, Norbert WIENER {US} (M: 1894 Nov 26 - 1964 Mar 18)
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Prof, Philip Paul WIENER {US} (M: 1905 Jul 8 - 1992 Apr 5)
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Richard WIENER {AT} (M: 1885 Aug 7 - 1965 Dec 14)
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Wanda Ducoste WIENER {HT} (F: c1904 - ?)
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Wolfgang WIENER (see: Oskar Egon WAWERKA)

John Joseph WIENERS {US} (M: 1934 Jan 6 - 2002 Mar 1)
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Arnold WIENHOLT {AU} (M: 1877 Nov 25 - 1940 Sep 10)
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Henryk WIENIAWSKI (M: 1835 Jul 10 - 1880 Mar 31)

Heinrich WIENKE {DE} (M: 1898 Aug 2 - 1963 Mar 31)

Prof, Paul (Develin) WIENPAHL {US} (M: 1916 Mar 6 - 1980 Mar 1)

John A WIENS {US} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, John J WIENS {US} (M: c1970 - ?)

Heinrich (Friedrich) WIEPKING-JÜRGENSMANN {DE} (M: 1891 Mar 23 - 1973 Jun 17)
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Albert E WIER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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	The Ideal Home Music Library (ed) [10v|?/1924]
	A Practical Guide To 'The Ideal Home Music Library' (ed) [n|1924]

Ester WIER, nee ALBERTI {US} (F: 1910 Oct 17 - 2000 Jan 6)
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	Answer Book On Air Force Social Customs (w Dorothy HICKEY) [n|1957]
	Army Social Customs [n|1958]
	What Every Air Force Wife Should Know [n|1960]
	The Loner [1963]

Awfly WIERDLY (see: Charles ROBINSON)

Mona van WIEREN (see: Wendela KILMER)

Saskia WIERINGA {NL} (F: 1950 - ?)
	Uw Toegenegen Dora D [n|Du-?]

John WIERNICKI (see: Janusz Mikolaja STROJNOWSKI)

Jankiel/Yankel/Jacob WIERNIK {PL/IL} (M: 1889 - 1972)
	Rok W Treblince [a|Pl-1944]
	  A Year In Treblinka [a|Pl-1944] (tr ?) [?]

Rev, Warren Wendell WIERSBE {US} (M: 1929 May 16 - 2019 May 2)
(&ps: Dave WARREN)
	A Guidebook To Ephesians [n|1957]
	A Guidebook To Galatians [n|1958]
	Teen-age Rock! (ed) [n|1959]

Paul WIERSE {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Ids WIERSMA {NL} (M: 1878 Jun 21 - 1965 Aug 24)

Rev, Victor Paul WIERWILLE {US} (M: 1916 Dec 31 - 1985 May 20)
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	Receiving The Holy Spirit Today [n|1955/?/?/?/67]

Felix/Feliks Paul/Pawel WIERZBICKI (M: 1815 Jan 1 - 1860 Dec 26)
L	California As It Is & As It May Be [n|1849/49]

Kazimierz WIERZYNSKI, originally WIRSTLEIN {PL} (M: 1894 Aug 27 - 1969 Feb 19)

Benno von WIESE (M: ? - ?)
	Eduard Mörike [n|Ge-1950]

Ernest G WIESE {US?} (M: ? - after 1951)
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(Friedrich Wilhelm) Kurt WIESE {US} (M: 1887 Apr 22 - 1974 May 27 (wrongly 29))
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	The Chinese Ink Stick [1929]
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Leopold von WIESE (Und KAISERSWALDAU) {DE} (M: 1876 Dec 2 - 1969 Jan 11)

Max WIESE {DE} (M: 1882 Jul 23 - 1965 Oct 19)

Prof, Elie(=Eliezer) WIESEL {RO/US:1963on} (M: 1928 Sep 30 - 2016 Jul 2)
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	The Accident [1962]

Prof, Karl Georg WIESELER (M: 1813 Feb 26 - 1883 Mar 11)
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Harald (Ossian) WIESELGREN (M: 1835 Nov 2 - 1906)
r	Ur Vor Samtid [b|Sw-1880]

Meir WIESELTIER {IL} (M: 1941 - living 2022)

Barbara WIESEN (see: Ilse JEWAN-MOSIG)

Martha WISENDANGER {DE} (F: 1889 Jun 24 - 1941 Apr 25)
	Die Seiltänzerin [f|Ge-?]

Prof, Joseph (John) WIESENFARTH {US} (M: 1933 Aug 20 - ?)
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(ps: Theodor Wiesengrund ADORNO)
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Simon WIESENTHAL {AT} (M: 1908 Dec 31 - 2005 Sep 20)
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	Grossmufti [n|Ge-1947]
	Ich Jagte Eichmann [n|Ge-1961]

Georg WIESER (see: Otto LEICHTER)

Gottlob WIESER {CH} (M: 1888 Mar 19 - 1973 Jan 15)
	Friedrich Gogarten [b|Ge-1930]

Max WIESER {DE} (M: 1890 May 14 - 1946 Dec 15)

Berthold Paul WIESNER {AT} (M: 1901 - 1972)
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	Sex [n|1936]
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Erich WIESNER {DDR} (M: 1897 Apr 17 - 1968 Oct 19)
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Prof, Jerome Bert WIESNER {US} (M: 1915 May 30 - 1994 Oct 21)

Rev, Kurt WIESNER {DDR} (M: 1907 Jan 13 - 1967 Apr 16)

Louis Arnold WIESNER {US} (M: 1916 Apr 14 - 2002 Sep 20)

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Josef WIESSALLA {DE} (M: 1898 Dec 15 - 1945 Mar)
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Georg Gustav WIESZNER {DE} (M: 1893 Mar 9 - 1969 Jan 20)
(ps: Georg DAUMER, Jr)
	Einsames Wandern [p|Ge-1919]