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Fr, Bartolomé de LAS CASAS (M: 1484 (or 1474) - 1566 Jul 17)
	Brevisima Relación De La Destrucción De Las Indias [n|Sp-1552]
20321	  A Brief Account Of The Destruction Of The Indies [n|Sp-1552] (tr anon) [1689]
	Historia De Las Indias [n|Sp-?]

Baron, Tassilo von (HEYDEBRAND Und) Der LASA (M: 1818 Oct 17 - 1899 Jul 27)
	Handbuch Des Schachspiels (w Paul Rudolf von BILGUER) [n|Ge-1843]
	Zur Geschichte Und Literatur Des Schachspiels, Forschungen [n|Ge-1897]

Charles E LASALLE (see: Edward Sylvester ELLIS)

Prof, Dorothy (Marguerite) LaSALLE {US} (F: 1895 Jun 2 - 1980 Oct 6)
	Play Activities For Elementary Schools [n|1926]
	Rhythms And Dances For Elementary Schools [n|1926/1951]

Victor LaSALLE (house pseudonym)

Kamau Ode LASANA {AG} (M: ? - ?)
	Roadside Prophet & Other Poems [p|?]

Fr, Francis Xavier LASANCE {US} (M: 1860 Jan 24 - 1946 Dec 11)
	Hours And Half-hours Of Adoration Before The Blessed Sacrament [n|1897]
	Come Holy Spirit [n|1904]
	Thoughts On The Religious Life [n|1907]
	With God [n|1911]
	My Prayer Book [n|1913]
	Blessed Sacrament Book (ed) [n|1913]
	Reflections For Religious [n|1920]
	My God And My All [n|1923]
	The New Missal For Everyday [n|1924]
	Our Lady Book (ed) [n|1924]
	The New Roman Missal (w Augustine WALSH) [n|1937]
	Patience [n|1937]
	Catholic Girl's Guide [n|?]
	Young Men's Guide [n|?]
	Manna Of The Soul [n|?]
	Visits To Jesus In The Tabernacle [n|?]
	Road To Happiness [n|?]
	With Saints And Sages [n|?]
	Let Us Pray [n|?]
	Lift Up Your Hearts [n|?]
	Blessed Sacrament Book [n|?]
	Holy Souls Book [n|?]
	Sacred Heart Book [n|?]
	Little Manual Of St Anthony [n|?]
	Rejoice In The Lord [n|?]
	Prisoner Of Love [n|?]
	Sweet Sacrament, We Thee Adore [n|?]
	Emmanuel [n|?]
	Holiness And Happiness [n|?]
	Novenas And Devotions In Honor Of The Holy Ghost [n|?]
	Self-Conquest [n|?]
	Remember [n|?]

Louis (C) LASAGNA {US} (M: 1923 Feb 22 - 2003 Aug 6)
	The Doctors' Dilemmas [n|1962]

Sir, Alan (Frederick) LASCELLES, aka Tommy LASCELLES {UK} (M: 1887 Apr 11 - 1981 Aug 10)

Edward Charles Ponsonby LASCELLES {UK} (M: 1884 Oct 8 - 1956 Feb 3)
	Granville Sharp [b|1928]
	The Life Of Charles James Fox [b|1936]
	Unemployment In East London (ed) [n|?]
	Dock Labour And Decasualisation (w S S BULLOCK) [n|1924]
	A Guide To The Unemployment Insurance Acts (w H C EMMERSON) [n|1927]
	Poverty, A Survey (w J J MALLON) [n|1930]

Ernita LASCELLES (S Da TIMME), Mrs RANSON {CL?/UK} (F: 1890 May 1 - 1972 Jun)
	The Sacrificial Goat [f|1923]

Fr, Francis Henry LASCELLES (M: 1825 - 1891)

George (Henry Hubert) LASCELLES, 7th Earl of HAREWOOD {UK} (M: 1923 Feb 7 - 2011 Jul 11)

Gerald David LASCELLES (M: 1924 Aug 21 - 1998 Feb 27)

Gerald William LASCELLES {UK} (M: 1849 Oct 26 - 1928 Feb 11)
	Falconry [n|?]
	Thirty-Five Years In The New Forest [n|1915]

Gertrude LASCELLES {UK} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: An AUTHOR Who Has Been Given Inside Knowledge)
	Our King And Queen (aka: Our Duke And Duchess) [b|1937]

Mary (Madge) LASCELLES {UK} (F: 1900 Feb 7 - 1995 Oct 12)
	Jane Austen And Her Art [n|1939]

Rowley LASCELLES (M: c1771 - 1841 Mar 19)

Prof, (Robert) Christopher LASCH {US} (M: 1932 Jun 1 - 1994 Feb 14)

Barnett David LASCHEVER {US} (M: 1924 Mar 13 - 2014 May 22)
(&ps: L David BARNETT)
	Getting To Know Hawaii [n|1959]
	Getting To Know India [n|1960]
	Getting To Know Pakistan [n|1961]
	Getting To Know Cuba [n|1962]
	Getting To Know Venezuela [n|1962]
	Connecticut (w ?) [n|?]

Ray(=Raymond) (Louis) LaSCOLA {US} (M: 1915 May 11 - 1994 Apr 5 (or 4))
	Book Of Health [n|1956]
	Emotional Problems Of Children [n|1958]

Sir, Denys (Louis) LASDUN {UK} (M: 1914 Sep 8 - 2001 Jan 11)

Fen H LASELL (see: Elinor H CALVERT)

Jack LASENBY {NZ} (M: 1931 - ?)

Prof, Marvin LASER {US} (M: 1914 Nov 2 - 1985 Feb 5)
	Television For The California State Colleges (w others) [n|1963]
	Ideas And Issues (jt ed) [n|1963]

Charles Francis LASERON {AU} (M: 1887 Dec 6 - 1959 Jun 27)
	From Australia To The Dardanelles [n|1916]
	South With Mawson [n|1947]
	The Face Of Australia [n|1953]
	Ancient Australia [n|1954]

Botho LASERSTEIN {DE} (M: 1901 Jul 31 - 1955 Mar 9)

Joseph Paul LASH {US} (M: 1909 Dec 2 - 1987 Aug 22)

Prof, Nicholas Langrishe Alleyne LASH {UK} (M: 1934 Apr 6 - 2020 Jul 11)

William Henry LASH, III {US} (M: 1961 Jan 21 - 2006 Jul 14)

Bp, William Quinlan LASH {UK} (M: 1905 Feb 5 - 1986 Oct 5)
	Approach To Christian Mysticism [n|1947]
	The Temple Of God's Wounds [n|1951]

Zebulun Aiton LASH {CA} (M: 1846 Sep 29 - 1920 Jan 24)
	Defence And Foreign Affairs [n|?]

Milton Kirk LaSHELLS {US} (M: 1862 (or 1863) Sep 23 - 1905 May 16)
(ps: Kirke LA SHELLE)
	The Vain (w Owen WISTER) [d|1958]

Willis W LASHER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Forsythia (anon) [p|1930]

Orrie LASHIN (M: ? - ?)
17061	Class Of '29 (w Milo HASTINGS) [d|pro:1936/pub:1937]

Karl Spencer LASHLEY {US} (M: 1890 Jun 7 - 1958 Aug 7)

Chris LASHMORE-DAVIES {UK} (M: 1937 Aug 28 - 2009 Apr 5)

Prof, Pierre LASJAUNIAS {FR} (M: 1948 Jul 15 - 2008 Jul 1)
	Surgical Neuroangiography (w Alex BERENSTEIN & K ter BRUGGE) [5v|n|1987-92]

Berta LASK (see: Berta JACOBSOHN-LASK)

Prof, Bryan LASK {UK} (M: 1941 Feb 18 - 2015 Oct 24)

Edward LASKA {US} (M: 1894 Jan 3 - 1959 Apr 27)
	The Earl And The Girl [d|pro:1905]
	We've Got To Have Money [d|1923]

Eduard LASKER (M: 1829 - 1884)

Edward(=Eduard) (David) LASKER {US} (M: 1885 Dec 3 - 1981 Mar 23 (or 25))
	Schach Strategie [n|Ge-1911]
5614	  Chess Strategy [n|Ge-1911] (tr Julew DuMONT) [1915]
4913	Chess And Checkers: The Way To Mastership [n|1918/1959]
	Go And Go-Maku [n|1934/1960]
	Chess For Fun And Chess For Blood [n|1942]
	Modern Chess Strategy [n|1945/1950/68]
	The Adventure Of Chess [n|1950/1959]

Emanuel LASKER {DE} (M: 1868 Dec 24 - 1941 Jan 11 or 13)
	Common Sense In Chess [n|1896]
	Struggle [1906]
	Der Internationale Schachkongress Zu St Petersburg 1909 [n|Ge-1909]
	Das Begreifen Der Welt [n|Ge-1913]
	Die Philosophie Des Unvollendbar [n|Ge-1919]
	Lehrbuch Des Schachspiels [n|Ge-1925]
	Lasker's Manual Of Chess [n|1927]
	Die Kultur In Gefahr [n|Ge-1928]
	Das Verständige Kartenspiel [n|Ge-1929]
	Brettspiele Der Völker [n|Ge-1929]
	Schachfibel [n|Ge-1930]
	Bridgefibel [n|Ge-1931]
	Skatfibel [n|Ge-1931]

Prof, Gabriel Ward LASKER {UK/US?} (M: 1912 Apr 29 - 2002 (wrongly 2004) Aug 27)
	The Processes Of Ongoing Human Evolution (ed) [n|1960]
	The Evolution Of Man [n|1961]

Joe(=Joseph) (Leon) LASKER {US} (M: 1919 Jun 26 - 2015)

Else(=Elisabeth) (1:Mrs)LASKER-SCHÜLER, 2:Mrs LEWIN {DE} (F: 1869 Feb 11 - 1945 Jan 22)
	Styx [p|Ge-1902]
	Der Siebente Tag [p|Ge-1905]
	Die Wupper [d|Ge-pub:1908/pro:1919]
	Meine Wunder [Ge-1911]
	Gesammelte Gedichte [p|Ge-1917]
	Mein Blaues Klavier [Ge-1943]

John K LASKEY (M: fl 1835-40)
	Leisure Hours [p|1838]
	Mars Hill.. [p|1838]
	Alethes [f|1840]

Audrey (Louise) LASKI, nee HARRIS {UK} (F: 1931 Mar 12 - 2003 Jan 18)

Prof, Harold Joseph LASKI {UK} (M: 1893 Jun 30 - 1950 Mar 24)
	Studies In The Problem Of Sovereignty [n|1917]
	Authority In The Modern State [n|1919]
14735	Political Thought In England From Locke To Bentham [n|1920]
&	Karl Marx [n|1922]
	The Defence Of Liberty Against Tyrants (ed) [n|1924]
	A Grammar Of Politics [n|1925]
	Communism [n|1927]
	Liberty In The Modern State [n|1930]
	The Dangers Of Obedience.. [e|1930]
	An Introduction To Politics [n|1931]
	Studies In Law And Politics [n|1932]
	The Crisis And The Constitution [n|1932]
	Democracy In Crisis [n|1933]
	The State In Theory And Practice [n|1935]
	A Century Of Municipal Progress, 1835-1935 (jt ed) [n|1936]
	The Rise Of European Liberalism [n|1936]
	Parliamentary Government In England [n|1938]
	The American Presidency [n|1940]
	Reflections On The Revolution Of Our Time [n|1943]
	Marx And Today [n|1943]
	Faith, Reason, And Civilisation [n|1944]
	The American Democracy [n|1948]
	Trade Unions In The New Society [n|1949]
	Reflections On The Constitution [n|1951]
	The Dilemma Of Our Times [n|1952]

(Esther Pearle) Marghanita LASKI, Mrs HOWARD {UK} (F: 1915 Oct 24 - 1988 Feb 6)
(&ps: Sarah RUSSELL)
	Love On The Supertax [f|1944]
	The Patchwork Book [1946]
	Stories Of Adventure (ed) [1946]
	To Bed With Grand Music (ps: Sarah RUSSELL) [f|1946]
	Stories Of Adventure (ed) [n|1947]
	Victorian Tales (ed) [n|1948]
	Tory Heaven [f|1948]
	Little Boy Lost [f|1949]
	Mrs Ewing, Mrs Molesworth, Mrs Hodgson Burnett [n|1950]
	The Village [f|1952]
	The Victorian Chaise-Longue [f|1953]
	The Offshore Island [d|1959]
	Ecstasy [n|1961]

Nathan LASKI {UK} (M: 1863 Jun 24 - 1941 Oct 21)
	A Week In Palestine [n|1924]
	India As I Know It [n|1928]

Judge, Neville (Jonas) LASKI {UK} (M: 1890 Dec 18 - 1969 Mar 24)
	Jewish Rights And Jewish Wrongs [n|1939]

Rutka LASKIER {PL?} (F: 1929 - 1943)

Judge, Bora LASKIN {CA} (M: 1912 Oct 5 - 1984 Mar 26)
	Canadian Constitutional Law [n|?/?/1969]

Elaine LASKO (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Laine ALLEN)

Prof, Peter Erik LASKO {UK} (M: 1924 Mar 5 - 2003 May 18)
	Ars Sacra 800-1200 [n|1972/94]

Ernst LASKOWSKI {DE} (M: 1889 Sep 29 - 1961 Mar 19)

Jesse (Louis) LASKY, Sr {US} (M: 1880 Sep 13 - 1958 Jan 13)
	I Blow My Own Horn [a|1957]

Jesse (Louis) LASKY, Jr {US} (M: 1910 Sep 19 - 1988 Apr 11)
	Songs From The Heart Of A Boy [p|1926]
	Listening To Silence [p|1927]
	Singing In Thunder [p|1934]
	Curtain Of Life (w Jack PRESTON) [f|1934]

Joseph LASKY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Our President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt [b|1933]

Melvin (Jonah) LASKY {US} (M: 1920 Jan 15 (or 17 or 20) - 2004 May 19)
	The Hungarian Revolution [n|1957]
	Africa For Beginners (w Jacques BARZUN) [n|1962]

Victor (A) LASKY {US} (M: 1918 Jan 7 - 1990 Feb 22)
	Seeds Of Treason (w Ralph de TOLEDANO) [n|1950]
	John F Kennedy, What's Behind The Image? [b|1960]
	J F K, The Man And The Myth [b|1963]

William Raymond LASKY {US} (M: 1921 Mar 24 - 1985 Jan 21)

(Thomas) Peter (Ruffell) LASLETT {UK} (M: 1915 Dec 18 - 2001 Nov 8)

Walt LASLY (see: Frederik (George) POHL (Jr))

Prof, Dominik LASOK {UK} (M: 1921 Jan 4 - 2000 Apr 11)
	Polish Civil Law (ed) [4v|n|1973-75]
	Law And Institutions Of The European Communities (w J W BRIDGE) [n|1973/?/?/?/?/94]
	Customs Law Of The European Communities [n|1983/?/97]

William Stanford LaSOR {US} (M: 1911 Oct 25 - 1991 Jan 11)
	Amazing Dead Sea Scrolls [n|1956]
	Bibliography Of Dead Sea Scrolls, 1948-57 [n|1958]

Salvatore LASPINA {MT} (M: 1903 Apr 16 - 1981 Oct 7)

Alberto LASPLACES {UY} (M: 1887 - 1950)
	Opiniones Literarias [e|Sp-1919]
	El Club De Los Jubilados [s|Sp-?]

Abraham Harold LASS {US} (M: 1907 Sep 16 - 2001 Mar 16)
	The Way To Write (w Rudolf Franz FLESCH) [n|1947/?/1955]
	Plays From Radio (jt ed) [d|1948]
	Stories For Youth (jt ed) [s|1950]

Prof, William Edward LASS {US} (M: 1928 Nov 27 - ?)
	Frontier Photographer (w Wesley R HURT) [n|1956]
	Steamboating On The Upper Missouri [n|1962]

(Hippolyte) LASSAGNE (M: ? - ?)
	La Noce Et L'Enterrement (w Alexandre DUMAS & GUSTAVE) [Fr-1826]

Margaret LASSALL (see: Jennifer STEVENSON)

Ferdinand Johann Gottlieb LASSALLE, originally LASSAL (M: 1825 Apr 11 - 1864 Aug 31)

Iwan LASSANG (see: Isaac LANG / LANGE)

Franck LASSÈGUE {HT} (M: 1892 or 1890 Oct - 1940 Dec 6)
	Etudes Critiques Sur La Musique Haïtienne [n|Fr-1919]

Nancy (nee)Polk/Polke LASSELLE (F: 1809 - 1865 Sep)
R	Annie Grayson; or, Life In Washington [f|1853]
R	Hope Marshall; or, Government And Its Offices [f|1859]

Prof, Christian L LASSEN (M: 1800 Oct 22 - 1876 May 8)
	Essai Sur Le Pali (w BERNOUF) [n|Fr-1826]
	Indische Alterthumskunde [4v|n|Ge-1847-61]

Peter Christian Wilhelm Eduard LASSEN {DK} (M: 1869 - 1945)
(ps: Christian KJERULF-LASSEN)
	Signe Hejnesen [Da-1914]

Willi LASSEN {DE} (M: 1906 - 1973 Aug 25)
	News Paper Cuttings [n|Ge-1941]
	The High Command Announces [n|Ge-1941]

Alejandro LASSER (see: Alí LASSER SÁNCHEZ)

David LASSER {US} (M: 1902 Mar 20 - 1996 May 5)
	The Conquest Of Space [n|1931]

Gladys (Maurine) (nee)Lovrien LASSER {US} (F: 1911 Jul 11 - 2009 Jan 15)

Jacob Kay LASSER {US} (M: 1896 - 1954)
	Your Income Tax [n|1945]
	How To Live Within Your Income (w Sylvia F PORTER) [n|1948]
	Money And You (w Sylvia F PORTER) [n|1949]
	Managing Your Money (w Sylvia F PORTER) [n|1950]

Tobías LASSER {VE} (M: 1911 May 24 - ?)

Alí LASSER SÁNCHEZ {VE} (M: 1916 Aug 10 - ?)
(ps: Alejandro LASSER)

Henri LASSERRE (M: 1828 - 1900)
I	Notre-Dame De Lourdes [b|Fr-1870]

Maiju LASSILA (see: Algot/Algoth Tietäväinen UNTOLA)

Karl LASSITER (ps) {US} (M: before 1960 - ?)
	Drifter [f|?]

Rev, (Albin) Perry LASSITER (Jr) {US} (M: 1935 Oct 12 - 2018 Dec 3)

William C LASSITER {US} (M: 1909 Mar 5 - 1998 May 8)

Hans LASSLEBEN {DE} (M: 1908 May 30 - 1941 Dec 8)

Johann Baptist LASSLEBEN {DE} (M: 1864 Mar 5 - 1928 Feb 14)
*	Du Deutsches Kind [Ge-?]

Gerd LASSNER {DE} (M: 1940 Aug 19 - 2005 Aug 24)

Raphael V LASSO (M: ? - ?)
	Wonderland Ecuador [n|1944]

Jean-Baptiste LASSUS (M: 1807 - 1857)
18920	Project De Restauration De Notre-Dame De Paris (w E E VIOLLET-Le-DUC) [n|Fr-1843]

Orlande de LASSUS (M: 1532 - 1594 Jun 14)

Harold Dwight LASSWELL {US} (M: 1902 Feb 13 - 1978 Dec 18)
	Propaganda Technique In The World War [n|1927]
	Psychopathology And Politics [n|1930]
	World Politics And Personal Insecurity [n|1935]
	Propaganda And Promotional Activities [n|1935]
	Democracy Through Public Opinion [n|1941]
	World Politics Faces Politics [n|1945]
	And Power And Personality [n|1948]
	National Security And Individual Freedom [n|1950]
	The Decision Process [n|1956]
	Politics [n|1958]

Prof, Marcia (Lee) LASSWELL, nee ECK, 2:Mrs HOWELL {US} (F: 1927 Jul 13 - 2017 Jun 16)

Erich LASSWITZ {DE} (M: ? - 1959 Mar 20)

Kurd LASSWITZ (M: 1848 Apr 20 - 1910 Oct 17)
	Bis Zum Nullpunkt Des Seins [f|Ge-1871]
	Bilder Aus Der Zukunft [s|Ge-1874]
	Atomistik Und Kriticismus [n|Ge-1878]
	Natur Und Mensch [n|Ge-1878]
	Die Lehre Kants Von Der Idealitaet Des Raumes.. [n|Ge-1883]
	Geschichte Der Atomistik Vom Mittelalter Bis Newton [2v|Ge-1890]
	Seifenblasen [s|Ge-1894]
	Gustav Theodor Fechner [b|Ge-1896]
	Auf Zwei Planeten [f|Ge-1897]
	Wirklichkeiten [e|Ge-1900]
	Nie Und Immer [s|Ge-1902]
	Die Universalbibliothek [Ge-1904]
	Aspira [Ge-1905]
	Sternentau [f|Ge-1909]

C LAST {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Blood, Sweat And Tear(e)s (w Stanley PHILLIPS) [p|1944]

Hans LAST {DE} (M: 1929 Apr 17 - 2015 Jun 9)
(ps: James LAST)

Prof, Hugh Macilwain LAST {UK?} (M: 1894 - 1957 Oct 25)
	Thomas Rice Edward Holmes, 1855-1933 (anon) [b|1937]

James LAST (see: Hans LAST)

Jef(=Josephus) (Carel Franciscus) LAST {NL} (M: 1898 May 2 - 1972 Feb 15)
(&ps: Co MANTJENS)
	Bakboordslichten [p|Du-1926]
	Branding [Du-1930]
	Kameraden! [p|Du-1930]
	Marianne [Du-1930]
	Liefde In De Portieken [Du-1932]
	Verleden Tijd [p|Du-1932]
	Onder De Koperen Ploert [Du-1933]
	Partij Remise [Du-1933]
	Twee Werelden [p|Du-1933]
	De Vlucht Van Den Opstandeling [Du-1933]
	Zuiderzee [Du-1934]
	Een Huis Zonder Vensters [Du-1935]
	Voor De Mast [Du-1935]
	Brieven Uit Spanje [Du-1936]
	De Bevrijde Eros [p|Du-1936]
	Een Flirt Met Den Duivel [Du-1936]
	Bloedkoraal [p|Du-1937]
	In De Loopgraven Voor Madrid [Du-1937]
	De Spaansche Tragedie [n|Du-1937]
	  The Spanish Tragedy [n|Du-1937] (tr David HALLETT) [1939/1962]
	De Laatste Waarheid [Du-1938]
	Kruisgang Der Jeugd (w Harry WILDE) [Du-1939]
	De Vliegende Hollander [Du-1939]
	Kinderen Van De Middernachtzon [Du-1940]
	Onvoldoende Voor De Liefde [Du-1940]
	Van Een Jongen Die Een Man Werd [2v|Du-1941]
	Elfstedentocht [Du-1941]
	Leeghwater Maalt De Meren Leeg [Du-1942]
	Tau Kho Tau [p|Du-1944]
	Een Socialistische Renaissance [Du-1945]
	Het Eerste Schip Op De Newa [Du-1945]
	Oog In Oog [p|Du-1946]
	Vingers Van De Linkerhand [Du-1947]
	In De Zevende Hemel [Du-1949]
	Schuim Op De Kust [Du-1950]
	De Rode En De Witte Lotus [Du-1951]
	Inleiding Tot Het Denken Van Confucius [Du-1953]
	Bali In De Kentering [Du-1955]
	Zo Zag Ik Indonesië [Du-1956]
	Een Lotje Uit De Loterij [Du-1957]
	I Bontot En I Koese (w Udeyana Pandji TISNA) [Du-1958]
	Lu Hsün, Dichter Und Idol [Ge-1959]
	Japan In Kimono En Overall [Du-1960]
	Tegen De Draad [p|Du-1960]
	Vloog Een Bloesem Terug Naar Haar Tak [Du-1960]
	Golven Der Gele Rivier [Du-1962]

Nella LAST, nee LORD, aka Housewife 49 {UK} (F: 1889 Oct 4 - 1968 Jun 22)

Prof, Raymond Jack LAST {UK/AU?} (M: 1903 May 26 - 1993 Jan 1)
	Aids To Anatomy (12e) [n|1962]

Greg LASTOWKA {US} (M: ? - ?)

Elis Wyn o LASYNYS (M: 1671 - 1734)

Miklós LÁSZLÓ (see: Nicholaus LEITNER)

Raoul LASZLO {HU} (M: ? - c1942)
(ps: A RUDOLF)
	Die Wiederentdeckung Europas [n|Ge-1936]
	Der Moskauer Prozeß [Ge-1936]
	Abschied Von Sowjetrußland [f|Ge-1936]

Philip Alexius LASZLO De LOMBOS (M: 1869 - 1937 Nov 22)
	Painting A Portrait (w A L BALDRY) [n|?]

Robert LATAILLADE {HT} (M: 1910 Nov 28 - 1931 Jun 28)

John Holladay LATANÉ {US?} (M: 1869 - 1932)
18553	From Isolation To Leadership:..American Foreign Policy [n|1919/22]
31789	The United States And Latin America [n|1920]

Marjorie Elizabeth LATCHAW {US} (F: 1914 Jul 7 - 2006 Oct 23)
	Pocket Guide Of Games And Rhythms For Elementary School [n|1956]
	Pocket Guide Of Dance Activities (w Jean PYATT) [n|1958]

Judge, Francis Robert LATCHFORD {CA} (M: 1854 Apr 30 - 1938 Aug 13)

Yusef LATEEF (see: William Emanuel HUDDLESTON)

Joseph LATEINER (M: 1853 - 1935)

Pierre de Sales LATERRIÈRE (M: 1747 Sep 23 - 1815 Jun 8)
	Dissertation On Puerpal Fever [n|1789]
	Memoires [a|Fr-1873]

Pierre de Sales LATERRIÈRE (M: 1789 Jul 1 (or 1785 Jun) - 1834 Dec 15)
	A Political And Historical Account Of Lower Canada [n|1830]

Frank LATEUR {BE} (M: 1871 Oct 3 - 1969 Aug 15)
(ps: Stijn STREUVELS)
	Old Jan [Du?-?] (tr Edward CRANKSHAW) [1936]
17537	Dagen [Du-?]
8437	The Path Of Life [?]

John LATEY (M: 1842 Oct 30 - 1902 Sep 26)
	Love-Clouds [f|1884]
	The River Of Life [f|1886]

Sir, John (Brinsmead) LATEY {UK} (M: 1914 Mar 7 - 1999 Apr 24)

John Lash LATEY (M: 1808 Jun 14 - 1891 Jan 6)

William LATEY {UK} (M: 1885 Feb 12 - 1976 Feb 28)

Alma LATFI {UK} (M: 1879 - ?)
	Effects Of War On Property [n|1909]
	The Illustrated Punjab [n|1911]

J A LATH (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	Lost City Of The Aztecs [f|1934]
	The Cortez Emerald Mystery [f|1935]

A W LATHAM {US} (M: ? - ?)
18183	Trees, Fruits And Flowers Of Minnesota [12v|n|1916]

Mrs Albert G, (Katharine Wright) LATHAM, nee MURRAY {UK} (F: 1871 - 1941 May 16)
	Christabel [f|1909]
	Christabel In France [f|1910]
	Simple Dramatic Scenes In Easy French [n|1913]
	Little French Plays For Little English Children [d|1913]
	The Young Crofters [f|1920]
	A Summer At 'The Barn' [1923]
	Those Two And The Queer Folk [1928]
	Gates Of Horn And Ivory [1932]

Prof, Albert George LATHAM {UK} (M: 1864 Mar 31 - 1940 Nov 4)

Austin LATHAM {UK} (M: 1867 - ?)
	Just Sweet Impressions [1912]
	among the innocents [1920]

Baldwin LATHAM (M: 1836 - 1917 Mar 13)
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(ps: Cassandra BISHOP; Robin LYNN)

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Un LATIN (ps) (M: ? - ?)
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Anne LATTIN (see: Lois Dwight COLE)

Francis Joseph LATTIN {UK} (M: 1905 Mar 23 - 1986 Apr 19)

Douglas LATTO {UK} (M: 1913 Dec 13 - 1999 Dec 26)

Thomas Carstairs LATTO (M: 1818 Dec 1 - 1894 May 19)

Gen, Jean Joseph Marie Gabriel de LATTRE De TASSIGNY {FR} (M: 1889 Feb 2 - 1952 Jan 11)
	Première Armée Française, Ordres Du Jours Et Messages [n|Fr-1945]
	Textes Du Général De Lattre De Tassigny [e|Fr-1947]
	Histoire De La Premiere Armée Française.. [n|Fr-1949]
	  [History Of The First French Army] [n|Fr-1949] (tr ?) [1953]
	Général De Lattre, La Victoire À Berlin 1945 [n|Fr-1949]
	O=Euvres Libres [Fr-1949]

Jean Henry LATUDE (M: 1725 Mar 23 - 1805 Jan 1)
(ps: DANRY; Masers LATUDE)
	Le Despotisme Dévoilé (w J Y de BEAUPOIL) [n|Fr-1787]
	  Despotism Unveiled (w J Y de BEAUPOIL) [n|Fr-1787] (tr ?) [1787]
33745	Mémoires Authentiques De Latude (ps: Masers LATUDE) [Fr-?]

Masers LATUDE (see: Jean Henry LATUDE)

LATUIT (see: William JESSE)

Bp, Élie Anicet LATULIPE {CA} (M: 1859 Aug 3 - 1922 Dec 14)
	Visite Pastorale Chez Les Sauvages Du Lac Barrière.. [n|Fr-?]
	Pastoral Letters [n|?]

Taavetti LATVALAINEN (?: 1797 - 1855)

Derek LATYMER-SAYER (see: Derrick Latimer SAYER)

Francisco LATZINA {AR} (M: 1843 - 1922)
*	L'Agriculture Et L'Élevage Dans La République Argentina [n|Fr-1889]

Wilhelm LATZKI (M: 1881 - 1939)
	[Erdgayst] [He-1918]
	[Gefeyras Denikin] [He?-1922]
	[Ya'akov Ze'ev Latski-Bertoldi] [He?-1940]

Andreas(=Andor) LATZKÓ {HU} (M: 1876 Sep 1 - 1943 Sep 11)
	Menschen Im Krieg [f|Ge-1918]
	  Men In Battle [f|Ge-1918] (tr Adele SELTZER) [1918]
8440	  Men In War [f|Ge-1918] (tr anon) [?]
	Friedensgericht [f|Ge-1918]
	  The Judgement Of Peace [f|Ge-1918] (tr ?) [?]
	Der Wilde Mann [f|Ge-1918]
	Frauen Im Krieg [n|Ge-1918]
	Sieben Tage [f|Ge-1931]
	Marcia Reale [Ge-1932]
	Lafayette [Ge-1935]
	  LaFayette [Ge-1935] (tr ?) [?]

Hugo LATZKO (M: 1876 - 1932)

Prof, Din Cheuk LAU {CN} (M: 1921 Mar 8 - 2010 Apr 26)

Edward C N LAU {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	How To Do The Hawaiian Hula (anon) [n|1944]

Franz (Christian Karl Bernhard) LAU {DDR} (M: 1907 Feb 18 - 1973 Jun 6)
	Das Heil Des Volkes Und Das Evangelium, Geistlicher.. [n|Ge-1937]
	Die Kirchlichen Ordnungen Als Erziehungsmacht [n|Ge-1938]
	Das Matthäus-Evangelium [n|Ge-1949]
	Luthers Lehre Von Den Beiden Reichen [n|Ge-1952]
	Luther [b|Ge-1959]
	Der Glaube Der Reformatoren (ed) [n|Ge-1960]
	Paulus - Augustin - Luther [n|Ge-1961]
	Zwischen Fundamentalismus.. (w J PFEIFFER & H SCHLYTER) [n|Ge-1962]

Fritz LAU {DE} (M: 1872 Aug 10 - 1966 Jul 7)
	Katenlüd [s|Ge-1909]
	Johann Un Trina Up Reisen [Ge-1910]
	Ebb Un Flot - Glück Un Not [s|Ge-1911]
	Dar Schallst Man Op Kamen [Ge-?]
	De Besten Geschichten [s|Ge-?]
	Helden To Hus [s|Ge-1915]
	Ost Und West [s|Ge-1916]
	In Luv Un Lee [s|Ge-1916]
	Sünn Achter De Wolken [f|Ge-1917]
	Elsbe [f|Ge-1918]
	Kopp Hoch [f|Ge-1921]
	Elsbe [Ge-1923]
	Drees Dreesen [f|Ge-1924]
	So Is Dat Leben! [s|Ge-1926]
	Unner'n Tüffel [Ge-1927]
	Kinnerland [s|Ge-1927]
	Lach Mit! [s|Ge-1929]
	Wat Mi So Öwer'n Weg Löp [f|Ge-1932]
	Von Em Un Ehr! [f|Ge-1932]
	Jungs Un Deerns Von De Waterkant [s|Ge-1933]
	Wie Möt Dor Henlank [f|Ge-1934]
	Wat Löppt De Tiet [f|Ge-1962]
	Brandung Geschichten Von De Waterkant [s|Ge-?]
	So Fungen Se An [Ge-?]

Rev, Robert Frederick LAU {US} (M: 1885 Dec 21 - 1943 Oct 5)
	The Servers Manual [n|1916]
	The Eastern Church In The Western World (w T BURGESS & W EMHARDT) [n|1928]

LAU Shaw (see: SHU Qingchu)

LAU-ZI, aka LAO-ZI (M: ? - ?)
7337	[Lau-Zi Dao De Jing] [Ch-?]

Franz LAUB {DE} (M: 1872 - 1945 Apr 30)

David C LAUBACH {DE/US} (M: 1939 - 2015 Feb 13)
	Growing Up Amish [f|?]
	Introduction To Folklore [n|?]
	Witches & Rebels [s|?]

Rev, Frank Charles LAUBACH {US} (M: 1884 Sep 2 - 1970 Jun 11)
	Why There Are Vagrants [n|1916]

Clifford (James) LAUBE {US} (M: 1891 Aug 28 - 1974 Aug 21)
	Crags [p|1938]
	Their Music Is Mary (ed) [p|1961]

Eva Johanna LAUBE {DE} (F: 1886 Aug 16 - 1942)
(ps: Johann LAUBE)
	Förster Dachs Erzählt [Ge-1938]
	Tantchen Augustchen Schneidereit [f|Ge-1941]

Heinrich (Rudolf Constanz) LAUBE (M: 1806 Sep 18 - 1884 Aug 1)
	Das Neue Jahrhundert [2v|Ge-1833]
	Die Poeten [f|Ge-1833]
	Reisenovellen [s|Ge-1834-36]
	Moderne Charakteristiken [2v|Ge-1835]
	Liebesbriefe [f|Ge-1835]
	Die Schauspielerin [f|Ge-1836]
	Die Französische Revolution, Von 1789 Bis 1836 (anon) [n|Ge-1836]
	Die Glück [f|Ge-1837]
	Die Krieger [f|Ge-1837]
	Die Bürger [f|Ge-1837]
	Neue Reisenovellen [s|Ge-1837]
	Vertraute Briefe Über Preußens Hauptstadt [Ge-1837]
	Goerres Und Athanasius (anon) [Ge-1838]
	Geschichte Der Deutschen Literatur [4v|n|Ge-1839-40]
	Französische Lustschlösser [3v|Ge-1840]
	Jagdbrevier [Ge-1841/58]
	Der Prätendent [Ge-1842]
	Die Bandomire [f|Ge-1842]
	Gräfin Chateaubriant [f|Ge-1843]
	George Sand's Frauenbilder [Ge-1845]
	Der Belgische Graf [Ge-1845]
	Drei Königsstädte Im Norden [f|Ge-1845]
	Dramatische Werke [13v|d|Ge-pub:1845-75]
	Briefe Über Das Deutsche Theater [4v|n|Ge-1846-47]
	Novellen [1s|Ge-1846-48]
	Reisenovellen [s|Ge-1847]
	Das Erste Deutsche Parlament [3v|Ge-1849]
	Cato Von Eisen [d|Ge-pro:1858/pub:1858]
	Creszentia (ps: Gustav von BLITTERSPERG) [Ge-1859]
	Der Deutsche Krieg [f|Ge-1863-66]
	Das Burgtheater [n|Ge-1868]
	Böse Zungen [Ge-1869]
	Advocat Hamlet [d|Ge-pub:1870]
	Das Norddeutsche Theater [n|Ge-1872]
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	Die Böhminger [f|Ge-1880]
	Louison [f|Ge-1881]
	Entweder - Oder [f|Ge-1882]
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	Ruben [f|Ge-1885]
	Theaterkritiken Und Dramaturgische Aufsätze (ed A von WEILEN) [e|Ge-1906]
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	Das Theaterbüchlein [n|Ge-1946]
	Schriften Über Theater (ed Eva STAHL-WISTEN) [e|Ge-1959]

Johan LAUBE (see: Eva Johanna LAUBE)

Prof, William Tell LAUBE {US} (M: 1912 Jun 25 - 1997 Jan 3)

(Anton) Joseph LAUBER {CH} (M: 1864 Dec 27 - 1952 May 28)

Maria LAUBER {CH} (F: 1891 Aug 25 - 1973 Jul 4)
	Alpen-Legendchen [Ge-1920]
	D' Wyberschlacht Uf De Langermatte [d|Ge-1922]
	Wa Grossatt Nug Het Gläbt [Ge-1939]
	Eghi Brügg [Ge-1942]
	Hab Sorg Derzue [s|Ge-1940]
	Chüngold [f|Ge-1950]
	Chüngold In Der Stadt [f|Ge-1954]
	Mis Tal [p|Ge-1955]
	Bletter Im Luft [p|Ge-1959]
	Unter Dem Gekrönten Adler [Ge-1961]

Patricia (Grace) LAUBER, Mrs FROST {US} (F: 1924 Feb 5 - 2010 Mar 13)
	Magic Up Your Sleeve [n|1954]
	Battle Against The Sea [n|1956]

Manfred LAUBERT (M: 1877 - ?)
*	Polnische Geschichte [n|Ge-1907]
	Polnische Geschichte (2e w Clemens BRANDENBURGER) [n|Ge-1927]

Georg Joachim von LAUCHEN (M: 1514 Feb 16 - 1574 Dec 4 or 5)
	Narratio Prima [n|La-1540]
	Opus Palatinum De Triangulus (w Valentin OTTO) [n|La-1596]

Hans-Joachim LAUCK {DE} (M: 1937 Sep 27 - living 2022)

William Jett LAUCK {US} (M: 1879 Aug 2 - 1949 Jun 14)
	The Causes Of The Panic Of 1893 [n|1905]
	The Immigration Problem (w Johann Wolfgang JENKS) [n|1911]
	Conditions Of Labor In American Industries (w Edgar SYDENSTRICKER) [n|1917]
	The Industrial Code (w C S WATTS) [n|1923]
	Political And Industrial Democracy (1776-1926) [n|1926]
	The New Industrial Revolution And Wages [n|1929]

Rolf (Wilhelm Rudolf) LAUCKNER {DE} (M: 1887 Oct 15 - 1954 Apr 26 or 27)


Prof, Afferbeck LAUDER (see: Alistair MORRISON)

Charles James LAUDER {UK} (M: 1840 or 1841 - 1921 (wrongly 1920) Apr 27)
	Picturesque London [n|?]
	Hampton Court [n|?]
	Royal Richmond [n|?]

(Josephine) Estée(=Esther) LAUDER, originally LAUTER, nee MENTZER {US} (F: 1908 (or 1906) Jul 1 - 2004 Apr 24)

Evelyn LAUDER, nee HAUSNER {US} (F: 1936 Aug 12 - 2011 Nov 12)
	In Great Taste [n|?]

Sir, Harry(=Harold) (MacLennan) LAUDER {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 4 - 1950 Feb 26)
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	Ten Tales [s|1909]
	My American Travels [n|1910]
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11211	A Minstrel In France [1918]
11765	Between You And Me [1919]
	Roamin' In The Gloamin' [a|1928]
	My Best Scotch Stories [s|1929]
	Wee Drappies [1931]
	Ticklin' Talks [a|1934]

Harry LAUDER (M: ? - ?)
	The Temple [n|1951]
	From Tyburn To The Tower [n|1956]

Prof, Hugh LAUDER {AU} (M: 1948 - ?)

James LAUDER {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Sir, John LAUDER, 2nd Bt, aka Lord FOUNTAINHALL (M: baptised 1646 Aug 2 - 1722 Sep 20)
12930	Publications Of The Scottish History Society (ed D CRAWFORD) [n|?]

Maria Elise Turner LAUDER, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Toofie LAUDER; TOOFIE)
	Evergreen Leaves: Being Notes From My Travel Book (ps: TOOFIE) [n|1877]
	Legends And Tales Of The Harz Mountains.. (ps: Toofie LAUDER) [s|1881]
	At Last [f|1893]

Sir, Thomas Dick LAUDER / DICK-LAUDER, 7th Bt (M: 1784 Aug 13 - 1848 May (wrongly Apr) 29 (or 9))
	Lochandhu (anon) [f|1824]
	The Wolfe Of Badenoch (anon) [f|1827]
	An Account Of The Great Floods In Morayshire In 1829.. [n|1830]
	The Miscellany Of Natural History (ed) [n|1833]
	Biographical Sketch Of Baron Cuvier [b|1834]
	Highland Rambles, And Long Legends To Shorten The Way [2v|n|1837]
	Legendary Tales Of The Highlands [3v|n|1841]
	Tour Round The Coasts Of Scotland [n|1842]
	Memorial Of The Royal Progress In Scotland [n|1843]
	Directions For Taking And Curing Herrings [n|1846]
	The Mill Of Dalveney [n|1872]
	Scottish Rivers [n|1874]

Toofie LAUDER (see: Maria Elise Turner LAUDER)

Clint Arlen LAUDERDALE {US} (M: 1932 Sep 14 - 2009 Dec 11)

Robert Jasper LAUDERDALE, aka 'Bob' LAUDERDALE {US} (M: 1854 - ?)
	Life On The Range..Trail (w John M DOAK) (ed L N PIRTLE) [a|1936]

Warren Prince LAUDERS {US} (M: 1869 - ?)
	Brockton And Its Centennial [n|1921]

René Goulainé de LAUDONNIÈRE (M: fl c1562-82)
	L'Histoire Notable De La Floride [n|Fr-1586] (tr HAKLUYT) [1587]

Prof, Max (Theodor Felix) von LAUE {DE} (M: 1879 Oct 9 - 1960 Apr 23 or 24)
	Die Relativitätstheorie [2v|n|Ge-1911-21]
	Korpuskular- Und Wellentheorie [n|Ge-1933]
	Die Interferenzen Von Röntgen- Und Elektronenstrahlen [n|Ge-1935]
	Röntgenstrahlinterferenzen [n|Ge-1941]
	Eine Ausgestaltung Der Londonschen Theorie Der Supraleitung [n|Ge-1942]
	Materiewellen Und Ihre Interferenzen [n|Ge-1944]
	Geschichte Der Physik [n|Ge-1946]
	  History Of Physics [n|Ge-1946] (tr R E OESPER) [1950]
	Theorie Der Supraleitung [n|Ge-1947]
	  Theory Of Superconductivity [n|Ge-1947] (tr W BAND & L MEYER) [1952]
	Wissenschaftliche Selbstbiographie (w Max PLANCK) [n|Ge-1948]
	Vorlesungen Über Thermodynamik (w Max PLANCK) [n|Ge-1954]

Prof, Theodore Herman von LAUE {DE} (M: 1916 Jun 22 - 2000 Jan 22)
	Leopold Ranke, The Formative Years [b|1950]
	Sergei Witte And The Industrialization Of Russia [n|1963]

Diether LAUENSTEIN {DE} (M: 1914 Apr 8 - 1990 Dec 28)
	Das Erwachen Der Gottesmystik In Indien [n|Ge-1943]

Johann Dietrich LAUENSTEIN {DE} (M: 1893 Mar 20 - 1973 Dec 15)

Conrad Newton LAUER {US} (M: 1869 Nov 25 - 1943 Aug 2)
	Engineering In American Industry [n|?]

Philippe (Jean) LAUER {FR} (M: 1874 Dec 2 - 1953 Feb 3)
	Le Règne De Louis IV D'Outremer [n|Fr-1900]
	Les Annales De Flodoard, Publiées D'Après Les Manuscrits [n|Fr-1906]
11132	Robert Ier Et Raoul De Bourgogne, Rois De France, 923-936 [n|Fr-1910]
	Le Palais De Latran, Étude Historique Et Archéologique [n|Fr-1911]
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	Robert De Clari [n|Fr-1924]
	Recueil Des Actes De Charles III Le Simple..(893-923) [n|Fr-1940]

Rosemary Zita LAUER {US} (F: 1919 May 9 - 1988 Jan 11)
	The Mind Of Voltaire [n|1962]

Anna LAUERMANNOVÁ {CS} (F: c1855 - 1932 Jun 16)
(ps: Felix TEVÉR)

M Eglé LAUFER, nee VAJDA {AT/UK} (F: 1925 - 2021 Nov 7)

Moses LAUFER {CA?} (M: 1928 May 6 - 2006 Jul 21)

Joseph von LAUFF {DE} (M: c1856 - 1933 Aug 22)

Pierre LAUFFER (see: José Antonio MARTES)

Harold LAUFMAN {US} (M: 1912 Jan 6 - 2010 May 3)

Mary (nee)Eakin LAUGESEN {US} (F: 1906 May 4 (or 14) - 1995 Dec 16)

W B LAUGHEAD (?: ? - ?)
5800	The Marvelous Exploits Of Paul Bunyan [1934]

Mary-Eileen LAUGHLAND, Mrs RUSSELL {US} (F: 1962 - living 2022)
(ps: Elena Maria VIDAL)

Burren LAUGHLIN (M: ? - ?)
18441	Bright-Wits, Prince Of Mogadore (w L L FLOOD) [f|1909]

Clara Elizabeth LAUGHLIN {US} (F: 1873 Aug 3 - 1941 Mar 3)
16650	The Complete Home (ed) [n|1906]
	Felicity [f|1907]
17507	Everybody's Lonesome: A True Fairy Story [f|1910]
	Children Of To-morrow [f|1911]
	Reminiscences Of James Whitcomb Riley [b|1916]
17511	Foch The Man:..The Supreme Commander Of The Allied Armies [b|1918]
	So You're Going To Paris [1924]
	Traveling Through Life [a|1934]

Edward Douglas LAUGHLIN {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Yaqui Gold [a|1943]

Florence (Henrietta) LAUGHLIN, nee YOUNG {US} (F: 1910 Jun 1 - 2001 Jun 22)
	Sally's Lost Shoe.. [s|1944]
	The Little Leftover Witch [1960]
	The Mystery Of The McGilley Mansion [f|1963]

George LAUGHLIN (M: ? - ?)
R	Ashmore; or, The Reclaimed Husband.. [s|1858]

George Ashton LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1862 Sep 28 - 1936 Dec 7)
	Six Trips.. [n|?]
	Australia And Around The World [n|1923]
	South Africa And Around The World [n|1926]
	Europe [n|1930]

Harry Hamilton LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1880 Mar 11 - 1943 Jan 26)
	A Decade Of Progress In Eugenics (ed) [n|1934]
	Mitotic Stage Duration [n|1918]
	State Institutions For The Defective, Dependent..Classes [n|1919]
	Eugenical Sterilization In The United States [n|1922]
	Analysis Of America's Modern Melting Pot [n|1923]
	Europe As The Emigration-Exporting Continent.. [n|1924]
	The General Formula Of Heredity [n|1933]
	Immigration Control [n|1934]
	Racing Capacity In The Thoroughbred Horse [n|1934]
	Probability Resultant [n|1934]
	Conquest By Immigration [n|1939]
	Current Studies On Race Conditions In The United States [n|?]

James LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1914 Oct 30 - 1997 Nov 12)
	The River [1938]
	Some Natural Things [1945]

James Everett LAUGHLIN {CA} (M: 1870 - 1944)

James Laurence LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1850 - 1933)

John Seth LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1918 Jan 26 - 2004 Dec 11)

Ledlie Irwin LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1890 Apr 26 - 1977 Feb 7)
	Pewter In America [3v|n|1940-1941-1971/1969]
	Joseph Ledlie And William Moody, Early Pittsburgh Residents [b|1961]

Sceva Bright LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1881 Oct 16 - 1947 Aug 15)
	Missouri Politics During The Civil War [n|1930]
	Wil The American Farmer Become A Peasant? [n|1932]
	A Handbook For Thesis Writing [n|1933]
	Beyond Dilemmas (ed) [n|1933]
	Representatives Of Leading Religious Denominations.. [n|1942]

Tom(=Thomas) (Robert) LAUGHLIN {US} (M: 1931 Aug 10 - 2013 Dec 12)

Virginia Carli LAUGHLIN, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs AIELLO {US} (F: 1907 Dec 4 - 1988 Aug 30)
(ps: John CLARKE; Carli LAKLAN)
	Gifts From Your Kitchen (ps: Carli LAKLAN) (w Frederick THOMAS) [n|1955]
	The Candlebook (ps: Carli LAKLAN) [1956]
	Nancy Kimball, Nurse's Aide (ps: Carli LAKLAN) [f|1962]

Alfred Nelson LAUGHTON (M: 1828 - 1911 Mar 12)
&	High Baliff Laughton's Reminiscences [a|(1912)/1916]

Arthur Frederick LAUGHTON (M: 1840 Jun 18 - 1915 Sep 4)

Bruce (Kyle Blake) LAUGHTON {UK/CA?} (M: 1928 - 2016)

Charles LAUGHTON {UK/US:1950on} (M: 1899 Jul 21 - 1962 Dec 15)
	Tell Me A Story (ed) [1957]
	The Fabulous Country (ed) [1962]

Prof, Eric LAUGHTON {UK} (M: 1911 Sep 4 - 1988 Sep 7)

Freda LAUGHTON, nee ?, 2:Mrs MIDGLEY {UK} (F: 1907 - ?)
	A Transitory House [p|1945]

V-Rev, John George LAUGHTON {NZ} (M: 1891 Dec 2 - 1965 Jul 3)
	Maori Service Book Of Presbyterian Church [n|?]

Sir, John Knox LAUGHTON (M: 1830 Apr 23 - 1915 Sep 14)
9803	Memoirs Of The Life And Correspondence Of Henry Reeve.. [2v|b|1898]

John Robert Carr LAUGHTON {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Gambia [n|1938/1949]

Leonard George Carr LAUGHTON {UK} (M: 1871 - 1955 Apr 30)
	The British Navy In War [n|1915]
	The Navy [n|1916]
	HMS Marlborough [n|1922]
	Old Ship Figure-heads And Sterns.. [n|1925]
	Great Storms (w V HEDDON) [n|1927]
	The Royal Marine Artillery, 1804-1923 (w Edward FRASER) [n|1930]
	Royal Navy [n|?]

Henri LAUGIER {FR} (M: 1888 Aug 5 - 1973 Jan 19)
	Études Docimologiques Sur Le Perfectionnement.. (w others) [n|Fr-1934]
	..L'Étude De L'Électroencéphalogramme.. (w W LIBERSON) [n|Fr-1937]

Rev, Hermann LAUGS {DE} (M: 1916 Aug 10 - 1955 Oct 24)

(John) Keith LAUMER {US} (M: 1925 Jun 9 - 1993 Jan 23)
(&ps: Anthony LE BARON)
	How To Design And Build Flying Models [n|1960/70]
	Worlds Of The Imperium [f|(1962)/1962]
	A Trace Of Memory [f|(1962)/1963]
	Envoy To New Worlds [s|1963]

Charles de LAUNAY (see: Mme Émile, (Delphine) de GIRARDIN)

Jacques Forment de LAUNAY {FR} (M: 1924 Jan 28 - ?)
	Le Monde En Guerre, 1939-1945 [n|Fr-1945]
	Jeunesse De Europe (w Claude MURAT) [n|Fr-1948]

Charles Henry LAUNDER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Word Of God, Prophecy Unfolded.. (anon) [n|1914]

Paul (Sidney) LAUNE {US} (M: 1899 May 5 - 1977 Mar 13)

Donald (M) LAUNER {US} (M: 1926 - 2015)

Pittu LAUNGANI {IN} (M: 1936 May 30 - 2007 Feb 28)
	Death And Bereavement Around The World (jt ed) [5v|n|2002-07]

Ernst LAUR {DE} (M: 1871 Mar 27 - 1964 May 30)
	Landwirtschaftliche Betriebslehre Für Bäuerliche Verhältnisse [n|Ge-1907]
	Die Wehrkraft Des Schweizervolkes Und Der Bauernstand [n|Ge-1915]
	Industrie Und Landwirtschaft [n|Ge-1915]
	Bauernpolitik [n|Ge-1919]
	Die Schweiz Und Der Völkerbund [n|Ge-1919]
	Erinnerungen Eines Schweizerischen Bauernführers [a|Ge-1942]

Rudolf LAUR-BELART {CH} (M: 1898 Jul 7 - 1972 May 11)
	Geschichte Von Augst Und Kaiseraugst [n|Ge-1962]

Patrick (Knowles) LAURANCE {UK} (M: c1919 - 2008 Jan 11)
	Life's Been Fun [a|?]

Abp, Richard LAURANCE (M: 1758 - 1838 Dec 29)

William LAURANCE {US?} (M: ? - ?)

Pierre LAURE (M: 1680 Sep 17 - 1738 Nov 22)

Lisa Kaye LAUREL (F: ? - ?)

Johann LAUREMBERG (M: 1590 Feb 26 - 1658 Feb 28)

James LAUREN {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Mrs Leslie Carter In David Belasco's Du Barry (anon) [n|1902]



Clarice LAURENCE (see: Clarice Laurence HANCOCK)

Dan Hyman LAURENCE (see: Daniel Hyman GOLDSTEIN)

Edla LAURENCE (F: ? - after 1953)
	It Could Happen To You [1927]

Ester (nee)Hauser LAURENCE {US} (F: 1935 Jul 27 - ?)

Frances Elsie LAURENCE, nee FRY {CA} (F: 1893 - ?)
(&ps: Christine FIELD)
	Half A Gypsy (ps: Christine FIELD) [f|1916]
	XII Poems [p|1929]
	The Band Plays A March.. [p|1936]
	Rearguard.. [p|1944]

Hugh LAURENCE (M: ? - ?)
	Tales From An Old Yew Tree [1910]

Janet LAURENCE {UK} (F: 1937 - ?)

John LAURENCE (see: John Laurence PRITCHARD)

John LAURENCE (M: 1668 - 1732)

John Zachariah LAURENCE (M: c1828 - 1870 Jul 18)

Lauron William de LAURENCE {US} (M: 1868 - 1938 Sep 11)
	Psychomancy And Crystal Gazing (w W W ATKINSON) [n|?]
	The Master Key [n|?]
	The Great Book Of Hindu Magic [n|?]

(Jean) Margaret LAURENCE, nee WEMYSS {CA} (F: 1926 Jul 18 (or 19) - 1987 Jan 5 (or 6))
	A Tree For Poverty (ed) [p|1954]
	This Side Jordan [f|1960]
	The Tomorrow-Tamer [s|1963]
	The Prophet's Camel Bell [n|1963]
	The Loons [f|?]

Michael LAURENCE {AU} (M: 1935 Nov 24 - 2015 Mar 23)
	Skeletons Are Dancing [a|?]

Patrick LAURENCE {ZA} (M: 1937 Apr 2 - 2011 Jun 30)

Sir, Perceval Maitland LAURENCE {UK} (M: 1854 Apr 20 - 1930 Feb 28)

Sir, Peter (Harold) LAURENCE {UK} (M: 1923 Feb 18 - 2007 Nov 26)

Reginald Vere LAURENCE {UK} (M: 1876 Jul 13 - 1934 Oct 19)

Rev, Robert French LAURENCE (M: 1807 Apr 2 - 1885 (wrongly 1886) Apr 23)

Temple LAURENCE (ps?) {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
	Silken Meshes [f|1882]

Will LAURENCE (see: Willard Laurence SMITH)

Henry LAURENS (M: 1724 - 1792)
	..American Customs House Officers And Courts.. [n|1769]
	Narrative [n|1857]

Jean-Paul LAURENS (M: 1838 - 1921 Mar 22)

Stephanie LAURENS, nee ? {AU} (F: ? - ?)

Auguste LAURENT (M: 1807 Nov 14 - 1853 Apr 23)

Emile LAURENT (M: 1861 - 1904)

Gérard Mentor LAURENT {HT} (M: 1921 Dec 14 - ?)
	Coup D'Oeil Sur La Politique De Toussaint Louverture [n|Fr-1945]
	Six Etudes Sur J J Dessalines [e|Fr-1951]
	Pages D'Histoire D'Haïti [n|Fr-1960]
	Le Commissaire Sonthonax À Saint-Domingue [4v|n|Fr-1965-74]

Henri LAURENT (M: 1827 - 1861 Mar 20)

(Paul Matthieu) Hermann LAURENT (M: 1841 Sep 2 - 1908 Feb 19)
	Théorie Des Séries, Contenant 1e Les Règles.. [n|Fr-1862]
	Raité D'Analyse [n|Fr-1885]
	Élimination [n|Fr-1900]
33132	Sur Les Principes Fondamentaux De La Théorie Des Nombres.. [n|Fr-1902]
	La Géométrie Analytique Générale [n|Fr-1906]
	Statistique Mathématique [n|Fr-1908]

Jacques LAURENT (M: 1919 - 2000 Dec 29)

Joseph LAURENT (M: ? - ?)
I	New Familiar Abenakis And English Dialogues [n|1884]

Livia LAURENT {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Poems [p|1942]

Arthur (Milton) LAURENTS {US} (M: 1917 (wrongly 1918 or 1920) Jul 14 - 2011 May 5)
	Home Of The Brave [d|pro:1945]
	The Bird Cage [d|1950]
	The Time Of The Cuckoo [1953]
	Clearing In The Woods [d|1957]
	Invitation To A March [d|1961]

Joanie(=Joan) (Marie) LAURER, aka 'Chyna' {US} (F: 1969 (or 1970) Dec 27 - 2016 Apr 17)

Henry LAUREYS {CA} (M: 1882 Oct 3 - 1958 Apr 26)

Josef LAURI {MT} (M: 1955 Apr 4 - ?)

Mary Anne LAURI, nee AZZOPARDI {MT} (F: 1960 Aug 14 - ?)

Giacomo LAURI-VOLPI {IT} (M: 1892 Dec 11 - 1979 Mar 17)
	L'Equivoco, Cosi È, E Non Vi Pare [a|It-1938]
	Aviso Aperto [It-1953]
	Voci Parallele [n|It-1955]

Frank LAURIA {US} (M: 1935 Oct 26 - ?)
	Ice City Blues [f|2021]

Duchesse, LAURIANNE (see: (Marie-)Louise GAGNEUR)

Morten (Johannes) LAURIDSEN {US} (M: 1943 Feb 27 - living 2022)

Peter LAURIDSEN {DK?} (M: 1846 - 1923)
*	Vitus Bering [b|Da-?] (tr Julius E OLSEN) [1889]

André LAURIE (see: Paschal GROUSSET)

Annie LAURIE (see: Alma Sioux SCARBERRY)

Arthur Pillans LAURIE {UK} (M: 1861 Nov 6 - 1949 Oct 7)
	Scientific Investigations In Physico-Chemistry [n|?]
	The Food Of Plants [n|1893]
	Facts About Processes, Pigments, And Vehicles [n|1895]
	Greek And Roman Methods Of Painting [n|1910]
	Materials Used In The Painter's Craft, From The Earliest.. [n|1911]
	The Teacher's Encyclopaedia..Education At Home And Abroad (ed) [n|1911]
	The Pigments And Mediums Of The Old Masters [n|1914]
	The Painter's Methods And Materials [n|1926]
	A Study Of Rembrandt And His School [n|1929]
	The Brushwork Of Rembrandt And His School [n|1932]
	Simple Rules For Painting In Oils [n|1934]
	Pictures And Politics [n|1934]
	New Light On Old Masters [n|1935]
	The Technique Of The Great Painters [n|1949]

Prof, Edward James LAURIE {US} (M: 1925 - 2015)

Lt-Col, George Brenton LAURIE (M: 1867 - 1915 Mar 12)
*	History Of The Royal Irish Rifles [n|1914]
24862	Letters Of Lt-Col George Brenton Laurie (ed F VERE-LAURIE) [a|1921]

Harry C LAURIE (see: Zvi/Tsvi CAHN / COHEN)

Henry LAURIE {AU} (M: 1837 Sep 22 - 1922 May 14)
	Some Thoughts On Immortality [n|1901]
	Scottish Philosophy In Its National Development [n|1902]
	Plato In English Literature [n|1921]

Hugh LAURIE {UK} (M: 1959 Jun 11 - living 2022)

James LAURIE (M: ? - 1854 Aug 28)

James Stuart LAURIE (M: 1831 Sep 21 - 1904 Jul 18)

Joe Laurie, Jr {US} (M: 1892 Feb 24 - 1954 Apr 29)
	Show Biz (w Abel GREEN) [n|1951]
	Vaudeville [a|1953]

John LAURIE (M: 1797 - 1864 Aug 2)

Maj-Gen, John Wimburn LAURIE (M: 1835 Oct 1 - 1912 May 20)
	Report Of Major-General..North-West Territories In 1885 [n|1887]

Maxwell LAURIE {UK} (M: 1868 Jan 12 - 1951 Feb 1)
	The Black Blanket [f|1921]
	The Shameless Innocent [f|1924]
	A Young Man At Sea [f|1931]
	Young Wheat [f|1943]

Prof, Michael Mackie LAURIE (M: 1932 Dec 12 - 2002 Mar 20)

Sir, Peter LAURIE (M: c1778 - 1861 Dec 3)

Richard Carney LAURIE {CA} (M: 1858 Jan 31 - 1938 Jan 20)
	Reminiscences Of Early Days In Battleford.. [a|1935]

Richard Holmes LAURIE (M: 1777 Dec 2 - 1858 Jan 19)

Simon Somerville LAURIE (M: 1829 Nov 13 - 1909 Mar 2)
(&ps: Scotus NOVANTICUS)
	Institutes Of Education [n|1892]
	Comenius [1892]

Rev, Thomas LAURIE (M: 1821 - 1897)
(&ps: A Returned MISSIONARY)
	Dr Grant And The Mountain Nestorians [1853]
8699,A	Woman And Her Saviour In Persia (ps: A Returned MISSIONARY) [1] [n|1863]
8699,A	Morning On The Mountains [UK of 1] (ps: A Returned MISSIONARY) [n|1863]
	Three Discourses, Preached In The South Evangelical Church [e|1865]
	Historical Sketch Of The Syria Mission [n|1866]
	Historical Sketch Of The Mission To The Nestorians (w J PERKINS) [n|1866]
	Glimpses Of Christ In Holy Scripture [n|1869]
	The Ely Volume [n|1881]
	Women And The Gospel In Persia [n|1887]
	Assyrian Echoes Of The Word [n|1894]

Victoria LAURIE {US} (F: ? - ?)

William LAURIE {CA} (M: 1856 - 1927)

Col, William Ferguson Beatson LAURIE (M: 1819 - 1891 Nov 13)
	The Second Burmese War [n|1853]
	Pegu [1854]
	Northern Europe [n|1862]
	Sketches Of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians (1st series) [b|1875]
	Our Burmese Wars And Relations With Burma [n|1885]
	Sketches Of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians (2nd series) [b|1888]

Sir, Wilfrid LAURIER (M: 1841 Nov 20 - 1919 Feb 17)
	Letters To My Father And Mother (ed Lucien PACAUD) [a|1935]

Eliza LAURILLARD (M: 1830 Mar 25 - 1908 Jul 10)
	Zelfopoffering [Du-1851]
	Disputatio Theologica De Locis Euangelii Johannis.. [n|La-1853]
	Primulae Veris [p|Du-1854]
	Zijn [Du-1860]
	Een Treffelijk Ambt [n|Du-1861]
	Jane Grey [d|Du-1861]
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	Winter [Du-1861]
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	Vuur [Du-1862]
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	Toespraak Ter Gelegenheid Van De 50e Verjaring..Waterloo [n|Du-1865]
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	Een Geroep Uit De Diepten [n|Du-1866]
	Voor Meer Dan Één Leven [n|Du-1866]
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	Laatbloeiers [p|Du-1904]
	Herfstsyringen [p|Du-1906]
	Heidebloei [p|Du-1908]

Friedrich LAURIN (see: Friedrich ERDMANNSDORFFER)

Joseph LAURIN (M: ? - ?)
I	Géographie Élémentaire [n|Fr-1839]

Palle LAURING {DK} (M: 1909 Oct 16 - 1996 Oct 3)
	Vitellius [f|Da-1944]
	Borger Alexandre [f|Da-1946]
	Sjælland Og København [Da-1950]
	Danmark I Skåne [Da-1952]
	Sporene Kalder [Da-1952]
	Danmark Fra Oldtid Til Nutid [Da-1954]
	Danmarks Håb Og Horn [Da-1954]
	Elisabeth Af Danmark [Da-1955]
	Stendolken [f|Da-1956]
	Vikingerne [Da-1956]

Victor LAURISTON (see: William Edward PARK)

Elizabeth (Leona) (nee)Moyes LAURITZEN {US} (F: 1909 Dec 4 - 2001 Mar 29)

Jonreed LAURITZEN {US} (M: 1902 Jul 22 (or 20) - 1979 Aug 8)
	Arrows Into The Sun [1943]
	Song Before Sunrise [1948]

Prof, Albert LAUSCHER {DE} (M: 1872 Feb 18 - 1944 May 23)
	Erzbischof Bruno II Von Köln [b|Ge-1903]
	Friedrich Nietzsche [n|Ge-1908]
	Die Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät..Zu Bonn, 1818-1918 [n|Ge-1920]

Hermann LAUSCHER (see: Hermann HESSE)

Carl LAUSEN {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Quicksilver (Mercury) Resources Of Arizona [n|1927]

Prof, Martin Schwarz LAUSTEN {DK} (M: 1938 Jul 6 - living 2022)

Agnes Christina LAUT {CA} (F: 1871 Feb 11 - 1936 Nov 15)
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+	The Quenchless Light [f|1924]
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k	Cadillac, Knight Errant Of The Wilderness, Founder Of Detroit [b|1931]
	Pilgrims Of The Santa Fe [n|1931]

Elodie(=Genevieve) LAUTEN, nee SCHECROUN {FR/US:c1985} (F: 1950 Oct 20 - 2014 Jun 3)

Myer LAUTENBERG (M: ? - ?)
	Constant Factor [n|1937]

Joachim LAUTENSCHLAGER (see: Herbert Erich BUHL)

LAUTER (see: André (Jules Louis) CHAMSON)

Paul LAUTER {US} (M: 1932 Jun (wrongly Jul) 25 - ?)

Prof, Albert (Thomas) LAUTERBACH {AT/US:1944on} (M: 1904 Jun 24 - 1986 Jul)
	Economic Security And Individual Freedom [n|1948]
	Man, Motives And Money [n|1954/1959]

Hans LAUTERBACH {DE} (M: 1908 Jun 3 - 1961 Dec 26)

Prof, Jacob Zallel LAUTERBACH {US} (M: 1873 Jan 6 - 1942 Mar 21)
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	An Introduction To The Talmud [n|1925]
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Johann Henry LAUTERBACH {DE} (M: 1889 May 20 - 1961 Apr 12)
	Am Quell Der Deutschen Volksseele [p|Ge-1934]
	Der Tempelschänder [f|Ge-1939]
	Das Buch Vom Leben Im Leben [Ge-1940]

Robert LAUTERBACH {DE} (M: 1915 Feb 25 - 1995 Aug 19)

Werner LAUTERBACH {DE} (M: 1930 Jun 10 - 2012 Aug 12)

William Arthur LAUTERBACH {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	When Shadows Fall [1945]

Wolfgang LAUTERBACH {DE} (M: 1893 Oct 2 - 1973 Mar 13)
	Zivilprozessordnung [n|Ge-?]
	Kostengesetze [n|Ge-?]

Prof, Robert LAUTERBORN {DE} (M: 1869 Oct 23 - 1952 Sep 11)
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Ingeborg LAUTERSTEIN, nee SCHWARZ {US} (F: 1923 - 2012 May 18)

Prof, Franz Joseph LAUTH (M: 1822 Feb 18 - 1895 Feb 11)

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Georges LAUTNER {FR} (M: 1926 Jan 24 - 2013 Nov 22)

Comte, de LAUTRÉAMONT (see: Isidore-Lucien DUCASSE)

Prof, Joseph (Albert) LAUWERYS {UK} (M: 1902 Nov 7 - 1981 Jun 29)
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John/Johann Joseph LAUX (M: 1878 - 1939)
(&ps: George METLAKE)
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Karl LAUX {DDR} (M: 1896 Aug 26 - 1978 Jun 27)
	Joseph Haas [b|Ge-1931]
	Musik Und Musiker Der Gegenwart - Deutschland [n|Ge-1958]
	Die Musik In Russland Und In Der Sowjetunion [n|Ge-?]


Stéphane LAUZANNE (M: 1874 - ?)
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18483	  Fighting France [Fr-?] (tr John L B WILLIAMS) [1918]

Edythe Morahan-de LAUZON {CA} (F: ? - ?)
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	From The Kingdom Of The Stars [f|1922]

Henri (Alfred Auguste Ferdinand) LAVACHERY {BE} (M: 1885 May 6 - 1972 Dec 1)
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Pierre LAVAL {FR} (M: 1883 Jun 28 - 1945 Oct 15)
	Laval Parle [a|Fr-1947]
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José Antonio de LAVALLE ROMERO-MONTEZUMA, 3rd Conde de PREMIO-REAL (M: 1840 - 1888)
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11036	Legendes Normandes [Fr-?]

Christine LAVANT (see: Christine THONHAUSER)

Johann Kaspar/Caspar LAVATER (M: 1741 Nov 15 - 1801 Jan 2)
	Aussichten In Die Ewigkeit [4v|Ge-1768-78]
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Monica (Mary) LAWLOR {UK} (F: 1926 May 2 - ?)
	Personal Responsibility [n|1963]

Pat(=Patrick) (Anthony) LAWLOR {NZ} (M: 1893 Feb 12 - 1979 Jan 19)
(&ps: Shibli BAGARAG; Christopher PENN)
	Maori Tales [1926]
	More Maori Tales [1929]
	Still More Maori Tales [1930]
	Confessions Of A Journalist.. [1935]
	Murphy's Moa.. [1936]
	The House Of Templemore [1938]
	Wellington In Verse And Picture (ed) [p|1939/1955]
	The Last First Friday [p|1946]
	The Mystery Of Maata [f|1946]
	The Best New Zealand Books [n|1948]
	Mansfieldiana [n|1948]
	New Zealand Book-Plates (ps: Shibli BAGARAG) [1948]
	The Loneliness Of Katherine Mansfield [1950]
	A Katherine Mansfield Enthusiast [n|1951]
	The Caxton Press [n|1951]
	Books And Bookmen, New Zealand And Overseas [n|1954]
	Wellington Characters Of The Long Ago [n|(1956)/1956]
	Old Wellington Days [n|1959]
	More Wellington Days [n|1962]

Lynn(=Lynne) LAWNER {US} (F: 1935 Apr 10 - ?)

Edward LAWRANCE (M: 1802 - 1871 Jul 1)

Hannah LAWRANCE (F: 1795 - 1875 Nov 20)

William Thomas LAWRANCE {UK} (M: c1858 - 1932 Jun 23)

Brother, LAWRENCE, of the Resurrection (see: Herman NICHOLAS)

A R LAWRENCE (see: Arthur Raymond FOFF)

Sir, Alexander (Waldemar) LAWRENCE, 4th Bt {UK} (M: 1874 May 18 - 1939 Sep 1)
	Aliunde [p|1938]

Alfred Henry LAWRENCE (M: 1859 Sep 12 - 1900 Nov 15)
(ps: O C)

Allison LAWRENCE (see: Judy BRYER)

Amos LAWRENCE (M: 1786 - 1852)
*	Extracts From The Diary And Correspondence Of The Late.. [a|1855]

Ann (Margaret) LAWRENCE {UK} (F: 1942 Dec 12 or 18 - 1987 May)

Anthony (John) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1912 Aug 12 - 2013 Sep 24)

Ariadne LAWRENCE (see: Amy LING)

Prof, Arnold Walter LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1900 May 2 - 1991 Mar 31)
	Later Greek Sculpture And Its Influence [n|1927]
	Classical Sculpture [n|1929]
	T E Lawrence By His Friends (ed) [b|1937]
	Greek Architecture [n|1957/67/74]
	Letters To T E Lawrence (ed) [n|1962]
	Trade Castles And Forts Of West Africa [n|1963]

Aubrey Trevor LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1875 - 1930 Mar 23)

Bernard Edwin LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1901 Jan 3 - 1988 Oct 2)

Bertram LAWRENCE (see: John Francis BLOXAM)

Boyle LAWRENCE (M: 1869 - 1951 Dec 30)

Bruce LAWRENCE {AU} (M: 1932 - 2010)

Lt-Col, Bryan Turner Tom LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1873 - 1949 Jun 6)
	Horse Talks [?]

Carl LAWRENCE (see: Arthur Bertram CHANDLER)

Catherine (Ann) LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1921 - ?)
	The Narrowing Wind [f|1944]

Catherine S LAWRENCE (F: ? - ?)
	Autobiography [a|?/1896]

Charles LAWRENCE (M: 1794 Mar 21 - 1881 Jul 5)

Charles Edward LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1870 Dec 24 - 1940 Mar 14)
	The Trial Of Man (anon) [f|1902]
	Pilgrimage [f|1907]
	Much Ado About Something [f|1909]
	Wisdom Of The Apocrypha [1910]
	The Arnold Lip [f|1913]
	Pilgrimage [1914]
	Youth Went Riding [f|1918]
	Mrs Bente [f|1918]
	Such Stuff As Dreams [f|1919]
	The God In The Thicket [f|1920]
	The Iron Bell [f|1921]
	Mr Ambrose [f|1922]
	Lass Of The Sword [f|1923]
	The Gentle Art Of Authorship [1924]
	William Purdie Treloar [1925]
	The Old Man's Wife [f|1926]
	Swift And Stella [d|pub:1927]
	The Hour Of Prospero [d|pub:1927]
	Cockadoodle [f|1927]
	Underneath [f|1928]
	Spikenard [d|pub:1929]
	The Day Before Yesterday [d|pub:1931]
	Dead Water [f|1932]
	Home [d|pub:1932]
	The Touch Of Nature [d|pub:1934]
	Week-end At Forthries [f|1935]
	The Old Lady [f|1936]
	The Gods Were Sleeping [f|1937]
	Gloriana [f|1939]

Christopher George Holman LAWRENCE, originally George Christopher Holman LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1866 - 1950 Mar 13)
(ps: Escott LYNN; [Jack SPUR])
	When Lion Heart Was King [f|1908]
	Under The Red Rose [f|1910]
	Blair Of Balaclava [f|1911]
	A Cavalier Of Fortune [f|1912]
	A Hero Of The Mutiny (aka: A Hero Of The Indian Mutiny) [f|1913]
	Edric The Outlaw [f|1914]
	For Bonnie Prince Charlie [f|1915]
	In Khaki For The King [f|1915]
	Oliver Hastings, VC [f|1916]
	Knights Of The Air [1918]
	Tommy Of The Tanks [f|1919]
	For Name And Nation [f|1919]
	Lads Of The Lothians [f|1920]
	Comrades Ever! [f|1921]
	Stirring Days In Old Virginia [f|1922]
	Rebels Of The Green Cockade [f|1923]
	Robin Hood And His Merry Men [f|1924]
	The Twenty-Five Swordsmen [f|1925]
	The Black Triangle [f|1926]
	The Second Adventure [f|1927]
	For Land And Liberty [f|1927]
	The Luck Of The Bertrams [f|1928]
	A Young Virginian [f|1929]
	Fortune's Vassal [f|1930]
	Westward Ho! With Drake [f|1930]
	Three Jolly Cadets [f|1931]
	Blakeney Of The 'Slashers' [f|1932]
	Three Dashing Subalterns [f|1933]
	Under The Golden Dragon [f|1934]
	The Red Spears Of Honan [f|1935]

Clara Louise LAWRENCE {US} (F: ? - ?)
	Sea-Witch.. [s|1932]

David LAWRENCE (see: David HARSENT)

David LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1888 Dec 25 - 1973 Feb 11)

David Herbert (Richards) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1885 Sep 11 - 1930 Mar 2)
#	The White Peacock [f|1911]
9498	The Trespasser [f|1912]
217,DQ	Sons And Lovers [f|1913]
	Love Poems.. [p|1913]
22480,#	The Prussian Officer.. [s|1914]
#	The Widowing Of Mrs Holroyd [d|1914]
#D	The Rainbow [f|1915/16]
9497	Twilight In Italy [e|1916]
22531,B	Amores [p|1916]
23394,B	Look! We Have Come Through! [p|1917]
22726,B	New Poems [p|1918]
22734,B	Bay: A Book Of Poems [p|1919]
4240,D	Women In Love [f|1920/21]
23727,#	The Lost Girl [f|1920]
4216,#	Touch And Go [d|pub:1920]
#	Sea And Sardinia [n|1921]
22475	Tortoises [p|1921]
4520	Aaron's Rod [f|1922]
8914	England, My England.. [s|1922]
20654	Fantasia Of The Unconscious [n|1922]
#	Kangaroo [f|1923]
#	The Ladybird; The Fox; The Captain's Doll [s|1923]
#	The Captain's Doll [s|1923]
#	Birds, Beasts And Flowers [p|1923]
&	Studies In Classic American Literature [n|1923]
k	The Boy In The Bush (w M L SKINNER) [f|1924]
#	St Mawr [f|1925]
#	The Plumed Serpent [f|1926]
#	David [d|1926]
#	Mornings In Mexico [n|1927]
	The Collected Poems Of D H Lawrence [p|1928]
	Pansies [p|1929]
#D	Lady Chatterley's Lover [f|priv:1928/exp:1932/full:1959]
#	The Woman Who Rode Away.. [s|1928]
#	The Virgin And The Gypsy [f|1930]
	Nettles [p|1930]
#	The Man Who Died (aka: The Escaped Cock) [f|1931]
#	Sketches Of Etruscan Places.. [e|1932]
	Last Poems [p|1932]
#	The Fight For Barbara [d|1933]
#	A Collier's Friday Night [d|1934]
	Fire.. [p|1940]
#	The Married Man [d|1940]
#	The Merry-Go-Round [d|1941]
	Selected Poems (ed W E WILLIAMS) [p|1950]
#	Collected Short Stories [s|?]
#	The Daughter-In-Law [?]

Deborah LAWRENCE (see: Deborah WOOD)

Dennis George Charles LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1918 Aug 15 - 2011 Dec 17)

Dinah LAWRENCE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	A Sudden Loneliness [f|1963]

Don(=Donald) (Southam) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1928 Nov 17 - 2003 Dec 29)
	Don Lawrence, The Collection [?v|n|?]

Dorothy LAWRENCE {UK} (F: 1896 Oct 4 - 1964 Oct)
	Sapper Dorothy Lawrence [a|1919]

E S LAWRENCE {UK?} (?: ? - ?)

Eddie LAWRENCE (see: Lawrence EISLER)

Edith LAWRENCE {UK} (F: 1890 - 1973)
	Christmas.. (w Claude FLIGHT) [n|1936]
	A Little About Geography (w Claude FLIGHT) [n|?]
	A Little About History (w Claude FLIGHT) [n|?]
	A Little About Art (w Claude FLIGHT) [n|?]

Edmund LAWRENCE {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
	George Stalden [f|1887]
	It May Happen Yet [f|1899]

Edwin Gordon LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1859 Nov 1 - 1950 Nov 22)
	The Power Of Speech [n|1909]
57813	How To Master The Spoken Word [n|1913]
	How To Improve The Memory [n|?]
	Rudiments Of Speech [n|?]
	Homespun Verse [p|1932]

Elwell LAWRENCE (see: Francis William SULLIVAN)

Fr, Emeric Anthony LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1908 Jun 13 - 1999 May 17)
	The Week With Christ [n|1953]
	Meditating The Gospels [n|1957]

Eugene LAWRENCE (M: 1823 - 1894)
19694	A Smaller History Of Rome (2e w William SMITH) [n|1881]

Evelyn Mary LAWRENCE, Mrs ISAACS {UK} (F: 1892 Dec 31 - 1987 Apr 13)

Fanya Foss LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1904 Oct 4 - 1995 Dec 11)

Felicity LAWRENCE {UK} (F: 1958 Aug 15 - living 2022)
	Eat Your Heart Out [n|?]

Francis Lee LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1926 May 21 or 11 - 1996 Jul 10)

Rev, Fred(=Alfred) Stratton LAWRENCE, Jr {US} (M: 1910 Aug 27 - 1981 Jul 2)

Frederick LAWRENCE (M: 1821 - 1867 Oct 25)
	The Life Of Henry Fielding [b|1855]
	Culverwell V Sidebottom (ps: A BARRISTER) [n|1857]

(Emma Maria) Frieda (Johanna) LAWRENCE, nee von RICHTHOFEN, 1:Mrs WEEKLEY {US} (F: 1879 Aug 11 - 1956 Aug 11)
	'Not I, But The Wind..' [a|1934]

George Alfred LAWRENCE (M: 1827 Mar 25 - 1876 Sep 23 or 24)
(&ps: LAMBDA)
	Songs Of Feast, Field, And Fray (ps: LAMBDA) [p|1853]
17084	Guy Livingstone; or, 'Thorough' [f|1857]
19121	Sword And Gown [f|1859]
34616	Barren Honour [f|1862]
19705	Border And Bastille [f|1863]
	A Bundle Of Ballads (ed) [p|1864]
	Maurice Dering [f|1864]
	Sans Merci [f|1866]
	Brakespeare [f|1868]
	Breaking A Butterfly [f|1869]
	Anteros [f|1871]
	Silverland [f|1873]
	Hagarene [f|1874]

Sir, George St Patrick LAWRENCE (M: 1804 Mar 17 - 1884 Nov 16)
	Forty-Three Years In India [a|1874]

Gertrude LAWRENCE (see: Gertrud Alexandra Dagmar KLASEN)

Henry Lionel LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1908 Apr 22 - 1990 Jun 28)
	The Children Of Light [1960]
	The Sparta Medallion [1961]

Sir, Henry Montgomery LAWRENCE (M: 1806 Jun 26 - 1857 Jul 4)

Henry Sherwood LAWRENCE, aka Jerry LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1916 Sep 22 - 2004 Apr 5)
	Cellular And Humoral Aspects Of The Hypersensitive States (ed) [e|1959]

Sir, Henry Staveley LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1870 Oct 20 - 1949 Jun 29)
	The Indian White Paper [n|1934]
	Freedom From Fear And Want [n|1942]
	The Inspiration Of Shakespeare [n|1948]

Prof, Henry Wells LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1879 Dec 2 - 1942 Jan 23)
	The Not-Quite Puritans [n|1928]

Hilda(=Hildegarde) LAWRENCE, nee KRONMILLER / KRONEMULLER {US} (F: 1894 (wrongly 1906) Jan 4 - 1976 Aug)
	Blood Upon The Snow [f|1944]
	A Time To Die [f|1945]
	The Pavilion (aka: The Deadly Pavilion) [f|1946]
	Death Of A Doll [f|1947]
	Duet Of Death (aka: Duet In Death) [s|1949]

Irene LAWRENCE (see: John MARSH)

Isabelle LAWRENCE {US} (F: ? - ?)
	A Spy In Williamsburg [f|1955]

Jack LAWRENCE (see: Lawrence Pennybaker FITZGERALD)

Jack LAWRENCE (see: Jacob/Jack Lawrence/Louis SCHWARTZ)

Sir, James (Henry) LAWRENCE (M: c1773 - 1840 Oct c26)
	Das Reich Der Nairen (aka: Das Paradies Der Liebe) [f|Ge-c1800]
	  The Empire Of The Nairs [f|Ge-c1800] (tr self) [4v|1811]
	A Picture Of Verdun [2v|n|1810]
	The Englishman At Versailles [d|pub:1815]
	On The Nobility Of The British Gentry (aka: British..Honour) [n|1824]
	The Etonian Out Of Bounds [e|1828]

Jerome LAWRENCE (see: Jerome Lawrence SCHWARTZ)

Joanne LAWRENCE, nee ANDERSON {UK} (F: c1964 - ?)

John LAWRENCE (M: 1753 Jan 22 - 1839 Jan 17)
(&ps: Bennington MOUBRAY)
	A Philosophical And Practical Treatise On Horses.. [2v|n|1796-98]
	The New Farmer's Calendar [n|1800]
	The Modern Land Steward [n|1801]
	A General Treatise On Cattle, The Ox And Swine [n|1805]
	The History And Delineation Of The Horse, In All His Varieties [n|1809]
	A Memoir Of The Late Sir T C Bunbury [b|1821]
	The Horse In All Its Varieties And Uses [n|1829]

John LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1933 Sep 15 - ?)

Rev, John Benjamin LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1873 Jul 10 - 1968 Sep 15)
	Power For Service [n|1909]
	The Biology Of The Cross [n|1913]
	Church Organization And Methods (w Selsus Estol TULL) [n|1917]
	Taking Jesus Christ Seriously [n|1936]
	A New Heaven And A New Earth [n|1960]

John Craig/Creig LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1861 Jan 22 - 1927 Dec 22)
	The Story Of My Life [a|1925]

John E LAWRENCE (see: Larry Edward JOHNSON)

John F LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1934 Feb 6 - 2005 Jan 3)

John Geoffrey Tristram LAWRENCE, 2nd Baron OAKSEY {UK} (M: 1929 Mar 21 - 2012 Sep 5)

John Shelton LAWRENCE {US} (M: ? - ?)

John (W) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1933 Sep 15 - living 2022)

Sir, John (Waldemar) LAWRENCE, 6th Bt {UK} (M: 1907 May 27 - 1999 Dec 30)

(Victor) John (Walter Myles) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1928 - 2006 Dec 20)

Joseph Wilson LAWRENCE (M: 1818 Feb 28 - 1892 Nov 6)
	The Judges Of New Brunswick And Their Times (ed A A STOCKTON) [b|1907]

Josephine LAWRENCE, Mrs PLATZ {US} (F: 1889 Mar 12 - 1978 Feb 22)
4784,&	Brother And Sister [f|1921]
	Man In The Moon Stories [s|1922]
20620	Rosemary [f|1922]
	The Adventures Of Elizabeth Ann [f|1923]
	Elizabeth Ann At Maple Spring [f|1923]
	Elizabeth Ann's Six Cousins [f|1924]
26533	Rainbow Hill [f|1924]
	Linda Lane [f|1925]
	Elizabeth Ann And Doris [f|1925]
	Linda Lane Helps Out [f|1925]
	The Berry Patch [f|1925]
	Next Door Neighbors [f|1926]
	Rosemary And The Princess [f|1927]
	The Two Little Fellows [f|1927]
	The Two Little Fellows Go Visiting [f|1927]
	The Two Little Fellows Start School [f|1927]
	Elizabeth Ann And Uncle Doctor [f|1928]
	The Unhappy Paper Doll [f|1928]
	The Two Little Fellows' Secret [f|1928]
	Flying Cloud And His Rocking Horse [f|1928]
	Linda Lane's Problems [f|1928]
	The Jolly Holly Berrys [f|1928]
	The Toys' Christmas Party [f|1928]
	Red Arrow, A Warrior [f|1928]
	The Policeman Cat [f|1928]
	Perry And Polly's Pictures [f|1928]
	Mr White Helps Santa Claus [f|1928]
	Elizabeth Ann And Uncle Doctor [f|1928]
	The Dollville Railroad [f|1928]
	Eagle Feather, The Laughing Indian [f|1928]
	Linda Lane's Big Sister [f|1929]
	The Two Little Fellows In April [f|1929]
	Elizabeth Ann's Houseboat [f|1929]
	Glenna [f|1929]
	Christine [f|1930]
	Wind's In The West [f|1931]
	Head Of The Family [f|1932]
	Years Are So Long [f|1934]
	If I Have Four Apples [f|1935]
	The Sound Of Running Feet [f|1937]
	Bow Down To Wood And Stone [f|1938]
	A Good Home With Nice People [f|1939]
	But You Are Young [f|1940]
	No Stone Unturned [f|1941]
	There Is Today [f|1942]
	A Tower Of Steel [f|1943]
	Let Us Consider One Another [f|1945]
	Double Wedding Ring [f|1946]
	The Pleasant Morning Light [f|1948]
	My Heart Shall Not Fear [f|1949]
	The Way Things Are [f|1950]
	The Picture Window [f|1951]
	Song In The Night [f|1952]
	The Web Of Time [f|1953]
	The Gates Of Living [f|1955]
	The Empty Nest [f|1956]
	The Prodigal [f|1957]
	The Ring Of Truth [f|1958]
	All Our Tomorrows [f|1959]
	Hearts Do Not Break [f|1960]
	The Amiable Meddlers [1961]
	I Am In Urgent Need Of Advice [f|1962]
	In The Name Of Love [f|1963]
	Brother And Sister's Schooldays [f|?]
	Brother And Sister's Holidays [f|?]
	Brother And Sister's Vacation [f|?]

Joy LAWRENCE {AG} (F: ? - ?)

Karl LAWRENCE (see: Arthur Raymond FOFF)

Kathy LAWRENCE (see: Kat(=Kathleen) (Kelly) MARTIN)

Kim LAWRENCE, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)


Louise LAWRENCE (see: Elizabeth Rhoda HOLDEN)

Lucy LAWRENCE (see: Jenn McKINLAY)

Margaret LAWRENCE (see: Margaret KEILSTRUP)

Margaret Isabel LAWRENCE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	The School Of Femininity [n|1938]

Margery LAWRENCE, Mrs TOWLE {UK} (F: 1889 Aug 8 - 1969 Nov 3)
	Miss Brandt - Adventuress [f|1923]
	Red Heels [f|1924]
	Nights Of The Round Table [s|1926]
	Bohemian Glass [f|1928]
	Drums Of Youth [f|1929]
	Snapdragon [s|1931]
	The Madonna Of Seven Moons [f|1931]
	The Terraces Of Night [s|1932]
	Silken Sarah [f|1932]
	Fourteen To Forty-Eight [p|1950]
	Daughter Of The Nile [f|1956]
	Master Of Shadows [s|1959]
	Skivvy [f|1961]
	Madam Holle [f|?]
	The Crooked Smile [f|?]
	Overture To Life [f|?]
	The Bridge Of Wonder [f|?]
	Step Light Lady [f|?]
	Ferry Over Jordan [f|?]
	The Gilded Jar [f|?]
	The Rent In The Veil [f|?]
	Emma Of Alkistan [f|?]
	Evil Harvest [f|?]
	Spanish Interlude [f|?]
	The Gate Of Yesterday [f|?]

Margot LAWRENCE (see: Margot BURROWS)

Marjorie (Florence) LAWRENCE, Mrs KING {AU/US?} (F: 1907 Feb 17 - 1979 Jan 13 (or 12))
	Interrupted Melody [a|1949]

Martha C LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1956 - ?)

Mary LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1918 May 17 - 1991 Sep 24)

Michael LAWRENCE (see: Lawrence ROSENBLUM)

Mildred (nee)Elwood LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1907 Nov 10 - 1997 Jul 21)
	Susan's Bears [1945]
	Peachtree Island [1948]
	Sand In Her Shoes [1949]

P LAWRENCE (see: Edwin Charles TUBB)

Paul LAWRENCE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Light And Shadow [p|1958]

Peter (Stafford Hayden) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1913 Feb 9 - 2005 Mar 18)

Philip Henry LAWRENCE (M: 1822 - 1895 Oct 15)

Ralph LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1899 - ?)
	The Millstream.. [p|1944]
	Aftermath.. [p|1948]
	Surrey [n|1950]
	Southern England - Surrey - Sussex (w Reginald TURNOR) [n|1957]

Reginald LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1900 Feb (or Mar) 4 (or 3) - 1967 Nov 20)

Prof, Reginald (James) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1914 Jun 14 - 2002 Jul 14)

Richard A LAWRENCE (see: Nathan F LEOPOLD)

Robert LAWRENCE (see: Robert (Lawrence) BEUM)

Robert LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1960 - ?)

Robert Daniel LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1892 Nov 18 - 1968 Aug 27)
	The Diabetic Life [n|1925/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/1965]
	Happiness And Our Instincts [n|1947]
	Clinical Medicine [n|1954]

Col, Robert Grant LAWRENCE {US} (M: c1942 - 2003 Jan 8)

Robert Means LAWRENCE (M: 1847 - 1935)
23293	Primitive Psycho-therapy And Quackery [n|1910]

Robert deTreville LAWRENCE, III {US} (M: c1916 - 2007 Jan 26)

Robert Z LAWRENCE {US?} (M: 1949 - ?)

Sarah LAWRENCE (F: ? - ?)
	Verses [p|1936]

Slingsby LAWRENCE (see: George Henry LEWES)

Steven C/G LAWRENCE (see: Lawrence Augustus MURPHY)

Sydney Boyle (S G) LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1869 - 1951 Dec 30)
	Her Own Rival (w F W BROUGHTON) [d|?]
	A Promise [d|?]
	A Man Of His Word [d|?]
	The First Kiss [d|?]
	The Heel Of Achilles (w Louis N PARKER) [d|?]
	The Popiniay (w Frederick MOUILLOT) [d|?]
	Decameron Nights (w Robert McLAUGHLIN) [d|?]
	Celebrities Of The Stage [n|?]

Thomas Edward LAWRENCE, aka 'Lawrence of Arabia', aka Thomas Edward SHAW {UK} (M: 1888 Aug 15 - 1935 May 19)
(&ps: 352087 A/c ROSS; J H ROSS)
&	The Wilderness Of Zin (w C Leonard WOOLLEY) [1915]
#	The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom [n|priv:1926/publ:1935]
+	Revolt In The Desert [n|1927]
	The Odyssey Of Homer [n|1935]
	The Mint [1936]
	Crusader Castles [n|1936]
	Letters (ed David GARNETT) [a|1938]
	Oriental Assembly (ed A W LAWRENCE) [1939]

Rev, Thomas Joseph LAWRENCE (M: 1849 Apr 23 - 1919 Aug 16)
	Disputed Questions In Modern International Law [n|1884]
	Handbook Of Public International Law [n|1885/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/1918]
	Principles Of International Law [n|1895/?/?/?/?/1915]
	War And Neutrality In The Far East [n|1904]
	International Problems And Hague Conferences [n|1908]
	Documents Illustrative Of International Law [n|1914]

Vina LAWRENCE (F: ? - ?)
	The Love Bargain [f|1935]

Vincent LAWRENCE (see: Vincent BANVILLE)

Vincent (Sargent) LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1889 Nov 28 - 1946 Nov 25)
	Two Fellows And A Girl (w George M COHAN) [d|pro:1923]

W H C LAWRENCE (M: ? - ?)
	The Storm Of '92 [f|1889]

Walter LAWRENCE (see: Owen (Gould) DAVIS (Sr))

Walter MacArthur LAWRENCE {UK} (M: 1896 Jan 16 - 1942 Oct)
	Poet Of Guyana [p|1948]

Sir, Walter (Roper) LAWRENCE, 1st Bt {UK} (M: 1857 Feb 9 - 1940 May 25)
	The Valley Of Kashmir [n|1895]
	The India We Served [n|1929]

Warwick LAWRENCE {NZ} (M: 1915 - ?)

Sir, William LAWRENCE, 1st Bt (M: 1783 Jul 16 - 1867 Jul 5)
	Treatise On Hernia [n|1807]
	A Treatise On Ruptures [n|1810/?/16/?/38]
	An Introduction To The Comparative Anatomy And Physiology.. [n|1816]
	Lectures On Physiology, Zoology And The Natural History Of Man [n|1819]
	Lectures On Surgery At St Bartholomew's Hospital [e|1830]
	A Treatise On The Diseases Of The Eye [n|1833]
	The Hunterian Oration..On The 14th Of February 1834 [n|1834]
	Lectures On Surgery [n|1863]

William LAWRENCE (M: 1791 - 1867)
29263	The Autobiography Of Sergeant William Lawrence (ed G NUGENT) [a|1886]

William LAWRENCE (M: 1819 - 1899)
	Relations Of The Church To Higher Education [n|1879]
	Wool Tariff [n|1898]

Bp, William LAWRENCE {US} (M: 1850 May 30 - 1941 Nov 6)
	Life Of Amos A Lawrence [b|?]
	Visions And Service [n|?]
	Life Of Roger Wolcott [b|?]
	Sketch Of Phillips Brooks [b|?]
	The American Cathedral [n|?]
	Fifty Years [a|1923]
	Biographical Sketch Of Senator Cabot Henry Lodge [b|?]
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(ps: A A L)
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Christine LAWSON (see: (Emily) Kathleen TREVES)

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M C LAWSON (see: Horace Lowe LAWSON)

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Nigella (Lucy) LAWSON, 1:Mrs DIAMOND, 2:Mrs SAATCHI {UK} (F: 1960 Jan 6 - living 2023)

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W B LAWSON {US} (?: ? - ?)
&	Jesse James, The Outlaw [f|1901]

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Charles LAWTON (see: Charles Newman HECKELMANN)

Charles LAWTON (see: Noel (Everingham) SAINSBURY, Jr)

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14305	Brut [?-c1200] (tr Eugene MASON) [?]

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Dee LAYE (see: Gil(=Gilbert) BREWER)

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Camara LAYE (see: CAMARA Laye)

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A LAY-MEMBER of the Church of England (see: John STOW)

A LAYMAN (see: Lyman ABBOTT)

A LAYMAN (see: Thomas CARLYLE)

A LAYMAN (see: William DOMVILLE)


A LAYMAN (see: George Huntly GORDON)

A LAYMAN (see: George GRIFFIN)

A LAYMAN (see: Andrew MacGEORGE)

A LAYMAN (see: Basil Montagu PICKERING)

A LAYMAN of the Church of England (see: William Augustine Ignatius GRANT)

A LAYMAN of the Church of England (see: Alexander M STALKER)

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A LAYMAN of the Diocese (ps) (M: ? - ?)
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Judith Amanda LAYZER {US} (F: 1961 Aug 8 - 2015 May 28)

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