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Giulio BAS, Sr (M: 1874 - 1929)
	Trattato D'Armonia, pt 1 [1924]

Rutger BAS (see: An(=Anna) RUTGERS Van Der LOEFF)

Jnán Chandra BASÁK (M: ? - ?)
	Personal Hygiene And Care Of The Skin (ed) [n|1931]

Sukufe Nihal BASAR {TR} (F: 1896 - 1973 Sep 24)
	Yildizlar Ve Gölgeler [p|Tu-1919]
	Renksiz Istirap [f|Tu-1926]
	Hazan Rüzgârlari [p|Tu-1927]
	Gayyâ [p|Tu-1930]
	Yakut Kayalar [f|Tu-1931]
	Çöl Günesi [f|Tu-1933]
	Su [p|Tu-1935]
	Sile Yollari [p|Tu-1935]
	Finlandiya [n|Tu-1935]
	Yalniz Dönüyorum [f|Tu-1938]
	Sabah Kuslari [p|Tu-1943]
	Domaniç Daglarinin Yolcusu [n|Tu-1946]
	Çölde Sabah Oluyor [f|Tu-1951]
	Yerden Göge [p|Tu-1960]

Ann (nee)Phillips BASART {US} (F: 1931 Aug 26 - ?)
	Serial Music [n|1961]

Ernst BASCH {US} (M: 1909 - ?)
(ps: E B ASHTON)
	I Lift My Lamp (w Hertha PAULI) [n|1948]

Harry BASCH {US} (M: c1935 - ?)

Prof, Michael Franz BASCH {US} (M: 1929 May 5 - 1996 (wrongly 1999) Jan 24)

Prof, Victor (Vilém/Guillaume) BASCH {FR} (M: 1863 or 1865 Aug 18 - 1944 Jan 10)
	Essai Critique Sur L'Esthétique De Kant [n|Fr-1896]
	L'Individualisme Anarchiste Max Stirner [n|Fr-1904]
	La Poétique De Schiller [n|Fr-1911]
	L'Aube [Fr-1918]
	Titien [Fr-1919]
	Le Maître-Problème De L'Esthétique [n|Fr-1921]
	La Vie Douloureuse De Schumann [b|Fr-1926]
	Les Doctrines Politiques Des Philosophes..De L'Allemagne [n|Fr-1927]
	Essai D'Esthétique De Kant [n|Fr-1936]

François BASCHET {FR} (M: 1920 - ?)

Emily BASCOM (F: ? - ?)

Elva Lucile BASCOM {US} (F: 1870 - 1944 May 11)
	ALA Catalog, 1904-1911 Class List [n|1912]
	Child Welfare (w Dorothy Reed MENDENHALL) [n|1918]
	Book Selection [n|1930]

Prof, Florence BASCOM {US} (F: 1862 Jul 14 (or 1863 Jul 1) - 1945 Jun 18)
&	Water Resources Of The Philadelphia District [n|1904]

Prof, John BASCOM (M: 1827 May 1 - 1911 Oct 2)
	An Appeal To Young Men On The Use Of Tobacco [n|1850]
	Philosophy Of Rhetoric [n|1866]
A	The Principles Of Psychology [n|1869]
	Problems In Philosophy [n|1885]
A	Education And The State [n|1877]
	Comparative Psychology [n|1878]
	Science, Philosophy And Religion [1871]
A	Aesthetics; or, The Science Of Beauty [n|1871]
	Philosophy Of English Literature [n|1874]
	Ethics [n|1879]
	Natural Theology [n|1880]
	The Science Of Mind [n|1881]
	The Lawyer And The Lawyer's Questions [n|1882]
	Prohibition And Common Sense [n|1885]
	Sociology [n|1887]
	The New Theology [n|1891]
	Address Before The YMCA Of The Mass Agricultural College [n|1892]
	An Historical Interpretation Of Philosophy [n|1893]
	Social Theory [n|1895]
	Evolution And Religion [n|1897]
	The Goodness Of God [n|1901]
	The Remedies Of Trusts [n|1901]
	Things Learned By Living [a|1913]
	Sermons And Addresses [n|1913]

Kellogg Finley BASCOM {US} (M: 1891 Sep 22 - 1974 May 3)

Willard (Newell) BASCOM (Jr) {US} (M: 1916 Nov 7 - 2000 Sep 20)
	A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea [n|1961]
	Waves And Beaches [n|1963]

Prof, William Russel BASCOM {US} (M: 1912 May 23 - 1981 Sep 11)
	Sixteen Cowries [n|?]

Emma BASDEN {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Archdeacon, George Thomas BASDEN {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 31 - 1944 Dec 30)
	Among The Ibos Of Nigeria [n|1920]
	Edith Warner Of The Niger [b|1927]
	Niger Ibos [n|1938]

Graeme (Rowland) BASE {UK/AU?} (M: 1958 Apr 6 - living 2022)

Herbert BASEDOW {AU} (M: 1881 Oct 27 - 1933 Jun 2 or 4)
	The Australian Aboriginal [n|1925]
	Knights Of The Boomerang [n|1935]

Johann Bernard BASEDOW (M: 1724 Sep 11 - 1790 Jul 25)
	Elementarwerk [4v|n|Ge-1774]

Martin Peter Friedrich BASEDOW (M: 1829 Sep 25 - 1902 Mar 12)
	Workers' Insurance In Germany [e|1899]

Mrs, (Ellen) BASELEY, nee SCOTT (F: 1844 - 1907)
(&ps: MIGNON)
	Millicent's Children [f|1883]
	Sweet Anna Greyson (anon?) [f|1888]
	The Dowager's Secret: Leaves From Frank Capel's Diary (ps: MIGNON) [f|1897]
	Lady Morton's Governess (ps: MIGNON) [f|?]
	David's Queen (anon) [f|1905]

(Cyril) Godfrey BASELEY {UK} (M: 1904 Oct 2 - 1997 Feb 2)

Lt-Col, William Henry Francis BASEVI {UK} (M: 1868 May 16 - 1944 Jul 28)
	The Burial Of The Dead [n|1920]

Levon BASHALIAN {SU} (M: 1868 - 1939)

Prof, Arthur Llewellyn BASHAM {UK} (M: 1914 May 24 - 1986 Jan 27)
	History And Doctrines Of The Aj-vikas [n|1951]
	The Wonder That Was India [n|1954]

Maud Ruby BASHAM, nee TAYLOR, aka Daisy BASHAM {NZ} (F: 1879 Aug 30 - 1963 Jul 14)
(ps: Aunt DAISY)
	Aunt Daisy's Cookery Book Of Selected Recipes (ed F G BASHAM) [n|1937]
	Aunt Daisy's Book Of Hints For The Housewife [n|1940]
	Aunt Daisy's Scrap Book [n|1944]
	Aunt Daisy And Uncle Sam (anon) [n|1945]
	Breakfasts For Everybody [n|1945]
	Aunt Daisy's New Cookery No 6 [n|1948]
	Aunt Daisy's Pickles And Sauces, Jams And Jellies [n|1949]

Fred G BASHAM {NZ?} (M: ? - ?)

William Richard BASHAM (M: 1824 - 1877 Oct 16)

Vladimir BASHEV {BG} (M: 1935 Jul 28 - 1967 Nov 19)

Isaac BASHEVIS (see: Isek-Hersz ZINGER / ZYNGER)

Sir, Henry Howarth BASHFORD {UK} (M: 1880 Jan 13 - 1961 Aug 15)
(&ps: Peter HARDING)
	Tomy Wideawake [f|1903]
	The Manitoban [f|1904]
	The Trail Together [f|1906]
	The Pilgrims' March [f|1909]
	The Corner Of Harley Street (ps: Peter HARDING) [1911]
	Pity The Poor Blind [f|1913]
	Vagabonds In Perigord [f|1914]
	Songs Out Of School [p|1916]
	Sons Of Admiralty (w Archibald HURD) [n|1919]
	The Plain Girl's Tale [f|1919]
	Half Past Bed-time [f|1921]
	Augustus Carp, Esq [f|1924]
	The Happy Ghost [s|1925]
	Behind The Fog [f|1926]
	The Harley Street Calendar [e|1929]
	Lodgings For Twelve [f|1935]
	Fisherman's Progress [1946]
	Wiltshire Harvest [1953]

Bp, James W BASHFORD (M: 1849 May 29 - 1919 Mar 18)
	Outlines Of The Science Of Religion [n|?]
	Wesley And Goethe [n|1903]
	The Awakening Of China [n|?]
	China And Methodism [n|1906]
	God's Missionary Plan For The World [n|1907]

John Laidlay BASHFORD (M: c1850 - 1908 Dec 22)
	Elementary Education In Saxony [n|1881]
	Life And Labour In Germany (ed) [n|1907]
	Hohenzollern Jagdschlösser [n|Ge-?]

Maj, (Radcliffe James) Lindsay BASHFORD {UK} (M: 1881 Feb 6 - 1921 Aug 20)
	Everybody's Boy [1912]
	Splendrum [1914]
	Cupid In The Car [1914]

Elizabeth (nee)Burford BASHINSKY {US} (F: 1867 Aug 22 - 1968 Jan 21)
	Tried And True Recipes [n|1922]

Marie BASHKIRTSEFF (see: Mariia Konstantinovna BASHIRTSEVA)

Mariia Konstantinovna BASHKIRTSEVA (F: J 1858 Nov 12 (wrongly 1860 Nov 23) - 1884 Oct 31)
	..The Journal Of A Young Artist [a|Fr-1887] (tr Mary J SERRANO) [1889]
	The Journal Of.. [a|Fr-1887] (tr A D HALL & George D HECKEL) [1889]
	Journal [a|Fr-1887] (tr Mathilde BLIND) [1890]
13916	The New Journal Of Marie.. [a|Fr-1887] (tr Mary J SAFFORD) [1912]
18106	Lettres De Marie Bashkirtseff [a|Fr-?]

BASHO (see: MATSUO Kinsaku)

Alain BASHUNG, originally BASCHUNG {FR} (M: 1947 Dec 1 - 2009 Mar 14)

BASIL (see: Richard Ashe KING)

St, BASIL of Caesarea, aka BASIL the Great (M: c330 - 379 Jan 1)

George Chester BASIL {US} (M: 1902 Sep 28 - 1954 Dec 5)
	Test Tubes And Dragon Scales [a|1940]

Giovanni Battista/Giambattista BASILE (M: c1575 - 1632 Feb 23)
(ps: Gian Alesio ABBATUTIS)
	Lo Cunto De Li Cunti Overo.. (aka: Pentamerone) [s|It-1634]
	  [Pentamerone] [s|It-1634] (tr John Edward TAYLOR) [1848]
	  [Pentamerone] [s|It-1634] (tr Richard Francis BURTON) [1893]
	  The Tale Of Tales [s|It-1634] (tr ?) [1932]
	  [Pentamerone] [s|It-1634] (tr Norman N PENZER) [1934]
2198	  Stories From The Pentamerone [s|It-1634] (tr ?) [?]

Giuseppe BASILE, Count of MORONE (M: fl 17th cent)

Gloria (nee)Vitanza BASILE {US} (F: 1929 Jun 29 - 2004 Sep 29)
(&ps: Michaela MORGAN)

Gabriele BASILICO {IT} (M: 1944 Aug 12 - 2013 Feb 13)

BASILISK (see: Alfred Higgins BURNE)

Harold Albert BASILIUS {US} (M: 1905 Jan 15 - 1977 Jun 19 (or 17))
	Workbook For Reading German [n|?/?/?/1940]
	Contemporary Problems In Religion [n|1956]

Prof, Jeanine BASINGER, nee DEYLING {US} (F: 1936 Feb 3 - living 2022)
	The 'It's A Wonderful Life' Book [n|?]
	The World War II Combat Film [n|1985/2003]
	American Cinema [n|?]

Earle Morris BASINISKY, Jr {US} (M: 1921 Dec 26 - 1963 Mar 12)
	The Big Steal [f|1955]
	Death Is A Cold Keen Edge [f|1956]

Rev, Charles George Henry BASKCOMB {UK} (M: 1849 Jul 29 - 1943 Mar 16)
	Advent Watchwords [n|1885]
	Forty Thoughts For Forty Days [n|1888]
	Verses On The Weekly Gospels [p|1910]
	Order For Evening Prayer [n|1925]

Thyloth BASKER {UK} (M: 1910 - ?)
	Passing Clouds [?]

Prof, William Malone BASKERVILL (M: 1850 Apr 1 - 1899 Sep 6)
	An Outline Of Anglo-Saxon Grammar [n|1887]
14006	An English Grammar (w J W SEWELL) [n|1896]
	Irwin Russell [n|1896]
	Charles Egbert Craddock [n|1896]
	Joel Chandler Harris [n|1896]
	Maurice Thompson [n|1896]
	Sidney Lanier [n|1896]
	Anglo-Saxon Prose Reader For Beginners (w J A HARRISON) [n|1898]
	Elements Of English Grammar (w J W SEWELL) [n|1900]
	Anglo-Saxon Reader (w J L HALL & J A HARRISON) [n|1901]
	School Grammar Of The English Language (w J W SEWELL) [n|1903/09]

(Robert) Barnet BASKERVILLE {US} (M: 1916 Sep 14 - 2000 Dec 31)
	American Forum (w Ernest J WRAGE) [n|1960]
	Contemporary Forum (w Ernest J WRAGE) [n|1962]

Beatrice Catherine BASKERVILLE, Mrs GUICHARD {UK} (F: 1876 (wrongly 1878) - 1955 Jun 3)

Charles BASKERVILLE {US} (M: 1870 Jun 18 - 1922 Jan 28)
	School Chemistry [n|1899]
	Aids To Teachers Of School Chemistry [n|1899]
	Radium And Radio-active Substances [n|1905]
	General Inorganic Chemistry [n|1909]
	Laboratory Exercises..General Inorganic Chemistry (w R W CURTIS) [n|1909]
	A Course In Qualitative Chemical Analysis (w Louis J CURTMAN) [n|1910]
	Progressive Problems In General Chemistry (w W L ESTABROOKE) [n|1910]
	Answers To Progressive Problems In Chemistry [n|1911]
	Anethesia (w James T GWATHMEY) [n|1914]

Canon, Charles Gardiner BASKERVILLE {UK} (M: 1830 Oct 20 - 1921 Feb 28)
	Abba Father [n|?]
	Sidelights On Ephesians And On Philippians [n|?]
	Hints To Sunday School Teachers [n|?]

Geoffrey (Martel) BASKERVILLE {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 23 - 1944 Jul 22)
	English Monks And The Suppression Of The Monasteries [n|1937]

Mrs George, (Rosetta Gage) BASKERVILLE, nee HARVEY {UK} (F: 1880 Feb 15 - 1966 Mar 10)
	The King Of The Snakes And Other Folk-lore Stories From Uganda [n|1922]

Archdeacon, George Knyfton BASKERVILLE {UK} (M: 1867 Aug 30 - 1941 Apr 7)

John (Patrick) BASKETT {UK} (M: 1930 Jul 28 - ?)

Peter BASKETT {UK} (M: 1934 Jul 26 - 2008 Apr 18)
	Resuscitation Greats (jt ed) [n|?]

Tom BASKETT {UK} (M: c1935 - ?)
	Resuscitation Greats (jt ed) [n|?]

Alice (Calhoun) (nee)Haines BASKIN {US} (F: 1874 Jan 23 - 1965 Dec 14)
	Pets [n|1904]
	Book Of Dogs [n|1904]
	Japanese Childlife [n|1905]
	Boys And Girls [n|1905]
	Indian Boys And Girls [n|1906]
	According To Grandma [1907]
	Little Folk Of Brittany [n|1907]
	Luck Of The Dudley Grahams [1907]
	Cockadoodle Hill [1909]
	Partners For Fair [1912]
	Firecracker Jane [f|1918]
	Flower Of The World [1922]

Gertrude BASKIN, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Hitch-Hiking On The Alaska Highway [n|1944]

Joseph Lougheed BASKIN {UK} (M: 1870 Mar 25 - 1941 Aug 30)
	Verses Topical And Gay [p|?]

Leonard BASKIN {US} (M: 1922 Aug 15 - 2000 Jun 3)

Mayor, Robert Newton BASKIN (M: 1835 or 1837 Dec 20 - 1918 Aug 25)
&	Reminiscences Of Early Utah [n|1914]
	Reply By R N Baskin To Certain Statements..History Of Utah [n|1916]

Prof, Wade (Jacob) BASKIN {US} (M: 1924 Jul 24 - 1974 Mar 5)

Roy Prentice BASLER (Jr) {US} (M: 1906 Nov 19 - 1989 Oct 25)
	The Lincoln Legend [n|1935]
	Abraham Lincoln's Democracy [n|1938]
	As One Southerner To Another [1943]
	Sex, Symbolism And Psychology In Literature [n|1948]
	A Short History Of The American Civil War [n|1948]
	All The Difference [n|1959]
	The Enduring Lincoln (jt ed) [n|1959]
	A Guide To The Study Of The USA (ed) [n|1960]
	Lincoln [b|1962]


Shaunt BASMAJIAN {LB/CA?} (M: 1950 Sep 30 - 1990 Jan 25)

Miriam BASNER {ZA} (M: ? - ?)

Fred BASNETT {UK} (M: c1927 - 2005 Dec 11)

Fred(=Frederick) (Thomas) BASON {UK} (M: 1907 Aug 29 - 1973 Jul 3 (wrongly 2))
	The W Somerset Maugham Bibliography [n|1931]
	Gallery Unreserved (ps: A GALLERYITE) [1931]
	The Cigarette Card Hand Book And Guide To Values [n|1938]
	Toys For Nothing [n|1941]
	More Toys For Nothing [n|1942]
	Fred Bason's Diary [a|1951/1952]
	Fred Bason's Second Diary [a|1952]
	The Third Diary Of Fred Bason [a|1955]
	The Last Bassoon [1960]
	Fishing [1960]
	Fred Bason Has A Picnic [1961]
	Spring [1962]
	Summer [1963]

Lillian BASON, nee PETERSON {US} (F: 1913 Oct 17 - ?)

Prof, Nikolai Gennadievich BASOV {RU} (M: 1922 Dec 14 - 2001 Jul 1)

Gabriel Segundo BASPER {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Olin Hanson BASQUIN {US} (M: 1869 Jan 30 - 1946 Mar 30)
	Pocket Hand-book Of Electro-glazed Luxfer Prisms (jt ed) [n|1898]
	Pocket Hand-book Of Useful Information And Tables.. (jt ed) [n|1898]

Meir BASRI {IQ} (M: 1911 Sep 11 - 2006 Jan 3)

Althea (Leah) BASS, nee BIERBOWER {US} (F: 1892 Sep 5 - 1988 Jul 11 (wrongly 15))
	Now That The Hawthorn Blossoms [1931]
	Cherokee Messenger [1936]
	Young Inquirer [1937]
	A Cherokee Daughter Of Mount Holyoke [1937]
	The Thankful People [1950]
	The Story Of Tullahassee [1960]

Anthony David BASS {UK} (M: 1921 Jun 14 - 1944 Aug 18)
	Poems [p|1946]

Arnold Marvin BASS {US} (M: 1922 - ?)
	Formation And Trapping Of Free Radicals (jt ed) [e|1960]
	A Spectrophotometric Atlas Of The Spectrum Of CH.. (w H P BROIDA) [n|1961]

Prof, Barnet Hilary BASS {UK} (M: 1927 Jan 4 - 2005 Aug 23)
	Lung Function Tests [n|1959/1962/66/74]

Prof, Bernard Morris BASS {US} (M: 1925 Jun 11 - 2007 Oct 11)
	Objective Approaches To Personality Assessment [n|1959]
	Leadership, Psychology, And Organizational Behavior [n|1960]

Charles BASS (M: 1803 Mar 5 - 1863 May 5)
	Lectures On Canada [e|1863]

Charles Cassedy BASS {US} (M: 1875 Jan 29 - 1975 Aug 25 or 29)
	Hookworm Disease (w George DOCK) [n|1910]
	Alveolodental Pyorrhea [n|1915]
	Practical Clinical Laboroatory Diagnosis (w Foster JOHNS) [n|1917]

Charlotta Amanda BASS, nee SPEARS {US} (F: 1879 (wrongly 1874 or 1880 or 1890) Oct (or Feb) 13 or 14 - 1969 Apr 12)
	Forty Years [a|1960]

Prof, Clarence Beaty BASS {US} (M: 1922 Dec 4 - ?)
	New Testament Writings And Writers [n|1958]
	Backgrounds To Dispensationalism [n|1960]

George BASS (M: 1771 Jan 30 - 1803)
#	The Discovery Of Bass Strait [n|?]

Prof, George Houston BASS {US} (M: 1938 Apr 23 - 1990 Sep)

Herbert Jacob BASS {US} (M: 1929 Jan 25 - ?)
	'I Am A Democrat' [b|1961]
	Readings In American History (jt ed) [2v|e|1963]

Howard BASS {UK} (M: 1923 Oct 28 - ?)
	The Sense In Sport [n|1941]
	This Skating Age [n|1958]
	The Magic Of Skiing [n|1959]

Ivan Ernest BASS {US} (M: 1877 Jul 29 - 1967 Nov 1)
	Bass Family History [n|1955]

Jack Alexander BASS {CA} (M: 1946 Jul 16 - 2015 Dec 24)

Kingsley B BASS, Jr (see: Ed BULLINS)

Milton Ralph BASS {US} (M: 1923 - ?)
	Jory [f|?]

Richard Daniel BASS {US} (M: 1929 Dec 21 - 2015 Jul 26)

Thomas Bassler BASS {US} (M: 1932 - 2011)

William Louis BASS {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Thirteen From The Front (anon) [p|1909]

Bertold BASSA {AT} (M: 1885 Nov 30 - 1961 Nov 28)

Giorgio BASSANI {IT} (M: 1916 Mar or Apr 4 - 2000 Apr 13)

Rev, Gerhard BASSARAK {DE} (M: 1918 Feb 3 - 2008 Sep 22)

Friedrich (Wilhelm) von BASSE {DE} (M: 1893 Mar 16 - 1972 Jul 17)
	Grundfragen Des Beamtenrechts.. [n|Ge-1931]
	Ie Anordnungen Der Wirtschaftsgruppe Elektroindustrie.. [n|Ge-1943]

Prof, Maurits (Marius Frederik Arthur) BASSE {BE} (M: 1868 Sep 5 - 1944 Feb 18)
	Stijlaffectatie Bij Shakespeare.. [n|Fl-1895]
	Het Aandeel Der Vrouw In De Nederlandse Letterkunde [2v|n|Fl-1920-21]
	Byron [n|Fl-1924]
	Van Hier En Elders [Fl-1925]
	Professor Jozef Vercouillie [b|Fl-1928]
	De Vlaamsche Beweging Van 1905 Tot 1930 [2v|n|Fl-1930-1933]

William BASSE / BAS (M: c1583 - c1653)

Nikolaus BASSECHES {AT} (M: 1895 Dec 31 - 1961 Jun)

Veronica BASSER {AU} (F: ? - ?)
	Ponny The Penguin [f|?]

Dieter BASSER {DE} (M: 1887 Sep 28 - 1955 May 8)

Alfred Barnard BASSET {UK} (M: 1854 Jul 25 - 1930 Dec 5)
	A Treatise On Hydrodynamics [2v|n|1888]
	An Elementary Treatise On Hydrodynamics And Sound [n|1890]
	A Treatise On Physical Optics [n|1892]
	An Elementary Treatise On Cubic And Quartic Curves [n|1901]
	A Treatise On The Geometry Of Surfaces [n|1910]

Arthur Ward BASSET (see: Albert Ebenezer BULL)

Rev, Bernard (Adrian B) BASSET {UK} (M: 1909 Mar 21 - 1988 Jun 13)
	Blessed Edmund Campion [p|1936]
	Mr Brice Lets Us Down.. [s|1939]
	A Secret Service Agent.. [s|1940]

Lady, Elizabeth BASSET {UK} (F: 1908 Mar 5 - 2000 Nov 30)
	Love Is My Meaning [1973/88]

Dorothea BASSET {US?} (F: ? - ?)

Patience Mary BASSET, Mrs AGAR-ROBARTES {UK} (F: 1901 May 2 - 1956 Dec 13)
(ps: Mary DUNSTAN)
	Jagged Skyline [f|1935]
	Live On [f|1936]
	Banners In Bavaria [f|1939]
	The Driving Fear [f|1946]
	Winter Rhapsody [f|1947]
	He Climbed Alone [f|1948]
	What Comes After [f|1950]
	She Was Always There [f|1951]
	Tom Tiddler's Ground [f|1952]
	Walled City [f|1955]
	Trusty And Well-Beloved [f|1956]

Serge BASSET (see: Hippolyte Gaëtan CHAPOTON)

William Rupert BASSET {US} (M: 1883 Nov 12 - 1953 Jan 9)
	How To Audit (anon) [n|1919]

Arthur Tilney BASSETT {UK} (M: 1869 Oct 13 - 1964 Nov 17)
	The Life Of The Rt Hon John Edward Ellis, MP [b|1914]
	S Barnabas' Oxford [n|1919]
	A Victorian Vintage [n|1930]
	The Gladstone Papers [n|1930]
	Catalogue Of The Gladstone Papers [n|1953]

Douglas Anthony BASSETT {UK} (M: 1927 Aug 11 - 2009 Nov 9)

Rep, Edward Murray BASSETT {US} (M: 1863 Feb 7 - 1948 Oct 7)
	The Master Plan, With..Community Land Planning Legislation [n|1938]
	Autobiography.. [a|1939]
	Zoning [n|1940]

Rev, Francis Tilney BASSETT (M: 1827 Feb 18 - 1892 Sep 23)

Prof, Henry BASSETT {UK} (M: 1881 May 1 - 1965 Feb 23)
	The Theory Of Quantitative Analysis And Its Practical Application [n|1925]

Herbert Harry BASSETT {UK} (M: 1874 May 4 - 1939 Aug 13)
	Fenn On The Funds (ed) [n|1907]
	Men Of Note In Finance And Commerce (ed) [b|1900]
	Investor's Blue Book (ed) [n|1901-03]
	Bradshaw's Railway Manual (ed) [n|1904-21]
	The Investor's Four-Shilling Year Book (ed) [n|1909-14]
	Business Men At Home And Abroad [n|1912-13]
	British Commerce [n|1913]
	Shareholders Manual [n|1922]

Jack BASSETT (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Jan(=Janice) (Mary) BASSETT {AU} (F: 1953 - 1999)

John Keith BASSETT (see: Lawrence Alfred KEATING)

Prof, John Spencer BASSETT {US} (M: 1867 Sep 10 - 1928 Jan 27)
T	The Constitutional Beginnings Of North Carolina [n|1894]
T	Slavery And Servitude In The Colony Of North Carolina [n|1896]
T	Anti-Slavery Leaders Of North Carolina [n|1898]
T	Slavery In The State Of North Carolina [n|1899]
	The Regulators Of North Carolina [n|?]
	The Federalist System, 1789-1801 [n|1906]
	The Life Of Andrew Jackson [2v|b|1911]
	A Short History Of The United States [n|1913]
	The Plain Story Of American History [n|1915]
	The Middle Group Of American Historians [n|1917]
	The Lost Fruits Of Waterloo [n|1918/19]
	Our War With Germany [n|1919]
	Southern Plantation Overseer As Revealed In His Letters [n|1925]
	Expansion And Reform [n|1926]
	Makers Of A New Nation [n|1928]

Marjorie BASSETT (F: ? - ?)
	Strange Request [f|1960]

Lady, (Flora) Marnie(=Marjorie) BASSETT, nee MASSON {AU} (F: 1889 (or 1890) Jun 30 - 1980 Feb 3)
	The Governor's Lady, Mrs Philip Gidley King [b|1940]
	The Hentys [n|1954]
	Realms And Islands [n|1962]

Mary E Stone BASSETT (F: ? - ?)
	The Little Green Door [f|1905]

Ralph (Periera) Henry BASSETT {UK} (M: 1896 Feb 16 - 1962 Jul 18)
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(ps: Peter DARIEN)
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	  Drift, East And West [p|1962]
	  Drift, North And South [p|1962]
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(ps: Maria von LINDEN)
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Hogan BASSEY (see: Okon Bassey ASUQUO)

Emjo BASSHE (see: Emmanuel JOCHELMAN)

Andrea BASSIL {UK} (F: 1948 - ?)
(&ps: Anna NILSEN)

Alexander BASSIN {US} (M: 1912 Aug 4 - 2004 Nov 3 (wrongly 2))

Eileen BASSING {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Lillian (Violet) BASSMAN, Mrs HIMMEL {US} (F: 1917 Jun 15 - 2012 Feb 13)

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Vicente BASSO MAGLIO {UY} (M: 1889 - 1961 Sep 14)
(&ps: Pocas PLUMAS)
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Caesius BASSUS (M: fl c60)

Amedée de BAST (M: 1795 - 1892 Aug 5)

Jørgen (Christoffer) BAST {DK} (M: 1894 Sep 25 - 1965 Dec 27 or 28)
(&ps: Willy STONE; Jørn UHL)
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&	Public Finance [n|1892/?/1917]
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Tony(=Anthony) (Leslie) BASTABLE {UK} (M: 1944 Oct 15 - 2007 May 29)

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Thomas BASTARD (M: ? - ?)
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Lisa BASTIEN, Mrs HANSS {US} (F: c1965 - ?)

Lori BASTIEN, Mrs VICKERS {US} (F: c1965 - ?)

Clare Damaris BASTIN, later Beatrice Clare DUNKEL, 1:Mrs OLSEN, 2:Mrs RANDALL, aka Candy DAVIS {UK} (F: 1962 Jan 2 - 2021 Jul 27)
(ps: Theo CLARE; Mo HAYDER)
	The Book Of Sand (ps: Theo CLARE) [f|2022]

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Peter BATCHELOR {US} (M: ? - ?)

Reg BATCHELOR (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

Reg BATCHELOR {UK} (M: 1921 - 2008)

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John BATEMAN (M: ? - ?)
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Joseph BATEMAN (M: 1797 Mar 4 - 1863 Nov 10)

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(&ps: SENEX)

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May Geraldine BATEMAN {UK} (F: c1872 - 1938 Jun 30)
	Sonnets And Songs [p|1895]
	The Children's Hour (ed) [s|1897]
	The Altar Of Life [f|1898/?]
	The Glow-Worm [f|1901]
	The Gunner's Little Sister [f|1901]
	Farquharson Of Glune [1908]
	Speed Up [n|1920]

Michael BATEMAN {UK} (M: 1932 Mar 25 - 2006 Mar 26)

Newton BATEMAN (M: 1822 Jul 27 - 1897 Oct 21)

Reginald John Godfrey BATEMAN (M: 1883 - 1918)
k	Reginald Bateman, Teacher And Soldier (ed anon) [e|1922]

Robert BATEMAN {UK} (M: 1842 Aug 12 - 1922 Feb 28)

Robert BATEMAN (M: ? - ?)
	War Poems [p|1915]

Robert BATEMAN {US} (M: 1967 - ?)

Robert (Moyes Carruthers) BATEMAN {UK} (M: 1922 Jun 21 - 1973 Apr 12)
(&ps: Robin MOYES)
	Instructions To Young Athletes [n|1957]
	Sportsman's Who's Who (w Raymond GLENDENNING) [b|1957]
	Instructions To Young Stamp Collectors [n|1958]
	Young Footballer [f|1958]
	Young Runner [f|1958]
	Young Climber [f|1959]
	Young Cricketer [f|1959]
	The Bumper Book Of Sport [n|1960]
	Every Boy's Handbook [n|1960/1963/66]
	Movie-Making As A Pastime [n|1960]
	Stamp Collecting As A Pastime [n|1960]
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	Young Jockey (w Norman THORNETT) [f|1960]
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	Sports World Album [n|1961]
	Tackle Stamp Collecting This Way [n|1961]
	The Hands Of Orlac [f|1961]
	Archie, Young Detective [f|1961]
	Young Sea-Angler (w George Goldsmith CARTER) [f|1961]
	Young Skater [f|1961]
	Jim's First Convoy [f|1962]
	Young Boxer [f|1962]
	Young Cyclist [f|1962]
	Archie Abroad [f|1963]
	Mystery For Archie [f|1963]
	Race Against The U-Boats [f|1963]
	TV Reporter [f|1963]
	When The Whites Went [f|1963]

Sidney Frances BATEMAN, nee COWELL (F: 1823 Mar 29 - 1881 Jan 13)
	Self [d|1856]
	Geraldine [d|1859]
	Evangeline [d|1860]

Rev, (Thomas) Somerset BATEMAN {UK} (M: 1871 Jun 22 - 1939 Jul 17)
	Simon De Montfort [b|1923]

Thomas BATEMAN (M: 1821 Nov 8 - 1861 Aug 28)

Canon, William Henry Fraser BATEMAN {UK} (M: 1855 - 1923 Aug 6)
	Parish Register, Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York (ed) [b|1903]

Younge BATEMAN (see: John Erskine Joseph YUNGE-BATEMAN)

Anderson Monroe BATEN {US} (M: 1888 Jan 14 - 1943 May 25)
	The Philosophy Of Life [n|1930]
	Slang From Shakespeare [n|1931]
	Why Are You Standing Still [n|1934]
	Do You Believe In Yourself [n|1935]
	The Philosophy Of Success [n|1936]
	The Philosophy Of Shakespeare [n|1937]
	The Language Of Life [n|1938]

Charles E BATEN {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Canon, Alfred Brenchly BATER {UK} (M: c1858 - 1933 Mar 21)
	The OT Sunday Lessons [n|?]
	Preparation For Confirmation [n|?]
	Lessons On The Holy Communion Service [n|?]

Alan BATES {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Albert Carlos BATES {US} (M: 1865 - 1954)
	Captain Enoch Powers And His Wife Sophia Teresa Collins (anon) [b|1945]

Prof, Arlo BATES (M: 1850 Dec 16 - 1918 Aug (wrongly Sep) 24)
(&ps: Persis MATHER)
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	Mr Jacobs [f|1883]
8671	The Pagans [1884]
	A Wheel Of Fire [f|1885]
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	A Lad's Love [f|1887]
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8570	The Philistines [f|1889]
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	Told In The Gate [p|1892]
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8522	The Puritans [f|1898]
	Under The Beech Tree [p|1899]
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	The Diary Of A Saint [f|1902]
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	Talks On Teaching Literature [e|1906]
	The Intoxicated Ghost.. [s|1908]
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Rev, Barnabas BATES (M: 1787 (or 1785) Feb 2 - 1854 (or 1853) Oct 11)
A	Hon A Lawrence's Correspondence With The Hon D Webster.. (anon) [n|?]

Betty(=Elizabeth) BATES, nee WILLETT {US} (F: 1921 Oct 5 - ?)

Brian BATES {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Clara (nee)Doty BATES (F: 1838 - 1895)
24530	On The Tree Top: Children's Favorite Stories [p|1881]

Clement BATES {US?} (M: 1845 - 1931)
	The New Pleading, Practice, Parties & Forms Under The Code [n|1923]

Mrs D B BATES, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
A&	Incidents On Land And Water; or,..The Pacific Coast [a|1857]

Daisy Lee (nee?)Gatson BATES {US} (F: 1914 Nov 10 - 1999 Nov 4)

Daisy (May) BATES, nee O'DWYER, 1:Mrs MURRANT {AU} (F: 1859 (or 1861) or 1863 Oct 16 - 1951 Apr 18 or 19)
#	The Passing Of The Aborigines (w Ernestine HILL) [n|1938]

Daniel M BATES (M: 1849 - 1899)

Daniel Moore BATES (M: 1821 - 1879)

Sir, (Julian) Darrell BATES {UK} (M: 1913 Nov 10 - 1989 Jun 11)
	A Fly Switch From The Sultan [1961]
	The Shell At My Ear [a|1961]
	The Mango And The Palm [1962]

Edmond Franklin BATES {US} (M: 1851 Mar 22 - 1927 May 29)

Edward BATES (M: 1793 Sep 4 - 1869 Mar 25)
	Edward Bates Against Thomas H Benton [n|1828]
	Opinion Of The Attorney General On..Habeas Corpus [n|1861]
A	Opinion Of Attorney General Bates On Citizenship [n|1862]
	The Diary Of Edward Bates 1859-1866 [a|1933]

Edwin BATES (M: 1898 - ?)

Elisha BATES (M: c1779 - 1861)

Prof, Elizabeth Ann BATES, Mrs CARNEVALE {US} (F: 1947 Jul 26 - 2003 Dec 13 (wrongly 14))

Emily Katharine (Ann) BATES {UK} (M: 1846 - 1922 Feb 13)
	Egyptian Bonds [f|1879]
I	A Year In The Great Republic [2v|n|1887]
	George Vyvian [f|1889]
21041	Seen And Unseen [n|1907]

Ernest Stuart BATES {UK} (M: 1876 Aug 23 - 1944 Apr 5)
	Touring In 1600 [1911]
	Modern Translation [n|1936]
	Inside Out [1936]
	Soviet Asia [n|1942]
	Intertraffic [n|1943]

Ernest Sutherland BATES {US} (M: 1879 - 1939)
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	This Land Of Liberty [1930]
	Mary Baker Eddy (w J V DITTEMORE) [b|1932]
	The Story Of The Supreme Court [n|1936]
	The Story Of Congress [n|1936]
	Hearst, The Lord Of San Simeon (w Oliver CARLSON) [b|1936]
	The Bible Designed To Be Read As Living Literature [n|1936]
	American Faith [n|1940]

Esther Willard BATES {US} (F: 1882 (wrongly 1884) Jan 29 - 1977 Oct 26)
	The Christmas Flowers [d|1924]

Fanny D BATES (F: ? - ?)
(ps: BEULAH)
	Zarailla [f|1889]

Finis Langdon BATES {US} (M: 1848 (wrongly 1860) Aug 22 - 1923 Nov 29)
	Escape And Suicide Of John Wilkes Booth..President Lincoln [b|1907]

Brig-Gen, Francis Stewart Montague BATES {UK} (M: 1876 Feb 8 - 1954 Jun 21)
	The Infantry Scout [n|1913/15]

Frederic Alan BATES {UK} (M: 1884 Aug 16 - 1957 Jun 24)
	Dingle Stalk [1960]

Capt, Gordon BATES (see: Josephine CHASE)

Harry(=Hiram) (Gimore) BATES, III {US} (M: 1900 Oct 9 - 1981 May)

Havergall BATES (see: James Dennis HIRD)

Henry Montague BATES {UK} (M: 1849 Mar 17 - 1928 Dec 30)
	Origin, Statutory Powers, And Duties..Sewers Of..London [n|?]

Henry Walter BATES (M: 1825 Feb 8 - 1892 Feb 16)
2440	The Naturalist On The River Amazon [2v|n|1863]
	Illustrated Travels (6v) (ed) [n|c1870]

Herbert Ernest BATES {UK} (M: 1905 May 16 - 1974 Jan 29)
(&ps: H E B; Flying Officer X)
	The Two Sisters [f|1926]
	The Last Bread [f|1926]
	The Spring Song [s|1927]
	Day's End.. [s|1928]
	Catherine Foster [f|1929]
	Seven Tales And Alexander [s|1929]
	The Hessian Prisoner [s|1930]
	Charlotte's Row [f|1931]
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	The Woman Who Had Imagination [s|1934]
	Thirty Tales [s|1934]
	The Poacher [f|1935]
	Cut And Come Again [s|1935]
	A House Of Women [f|1936]
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	My Uncle Silas [s|1937]
	Country Tales [s|1938]
	The Flying Goat [s|1939]
	Spella Ho [f|1938]
	The Beauty Of The Dead [s|1940]
	The Greatest People In The World (ps: Flying Officer X) [1] [s|1942]
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	Something In The Air (ps: Flying Officer X) [1+2] [s|1944]
	There's Freedom In The Air (anon) [n|1944]
	The WAAF In Action (anon) [n|1944]
	Fair Stood The Wind For France [f|1944]
	The Day Of Glory [d|1945]
	The Cruise Of The Breadwinner [f|1946]
	The Purple Plain [f|1947]
	The Jacaranda Tree [f|1949]
	The Bride Comes To Evensford [s|1949]
	Dear Life [f|1950]
	The Scarlet Sword [f|1951]
	Colonel Julian [s|1951]
	Love For Lydia [f|1952]
	The Face Of England (ps: Flying Officer X) [1952]
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	The Daffodil Sky [s|1955]
	The Sleepless Moon [f|1956]
	Death Of A Huntsman [f|1957]
	Sugar For The Horse [s|1957]
	The Darling Buds Of May [f|1958]
	A Breath Of French Air [d|1959]
	The Watercress Girl [s|1959]
	When The Green Woods Laugh [f|1960]
	An Aspidistra In Babylon [s|1960]
	The Day Of The Tortoise [f|1961]
	Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal [s|1961]
	A Crown Of Wild Myrtle [f|1962]
	Oh! To Be In England [f|1963]
	The Seekers [?]
	The Tree [?]
	Mrs Esmond's Life [?]
	Sally Go Round The Moon [?]
	A German Idyll [?]
	The Story Without An End [?]
	Flowers And Faces [?]
	The Duet [?]
	Through The Woods [?]
	Down The River [?]
	I Am Not Myself [?]
	The Seasons & The Gardener [?]
	The Modern Short Story [n|?]
	In The Heart Of The Country [?]
	War Pictures By British Artists [n|?]
	Country Life [?]
	O More Than Happy Countryman [?]
	There's Freedom In The Air [?]
	The Country Heart [?]
	The Bride Comes To Evensford.. [s|?]
	Edward Garnett [?]
	The Grass God [?]
	The Country Of White Clover [?]
	Achilles The Donkey [?]
	The Golden Oriole [?]
	Achilles And Diana [?]
	The Fabulous Mrs V [?]
	Achilles And The Twins [?]
	A Fountain Of Flowers [?]
	The Yellow Meads Of Asphodel [?]
	Flying Bombs Over England [?]

Prof, James Leonard BATES {US} (M: 1919 May 6 - 1998 Oct 17)
	The Origins Of Teapot Dome [1963]

Jefferson D BATES {US} (M: 1920 Aug 22 - 2002 Jan 24)

Jenny BATES (see: Maura SEGER)

Rev, Joseph BATES (M: 1792 Jul 8 - 1872 Mar 19)
27266	The Seventh-Day Sabbath: A Perpetual Sign [n|1846/47]
30531	A Vindication Of The Seventh-Day Sabbath [n|?]
	The Autobiography.. [a|1868]

Joseph Clement BATES (M: 1836 - 1913)

Joseph D BATES (M: 1903 - ?)

Joseph D BATES (M: 1938 - ?)

Katharine Lee BATES {US} (F: 1859 Aug 12 - 1929 Mar 28)
	The College Beautiful.. [p|1887]
	English Religious Drama [n|1893]
	American Literature [n|1898]
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&	The Retinue.. [p|1918]
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A	Yellow Clover: A Book Of Remembrance [1922]
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7935	Ballad Book (ed) [?]

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Laura Brace BATES {US?} (F: ? - ?)
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Leo(=Leonard) (Fison) BATES {UK} (M: 1890 May 11 - 1957)

Prof, Leslie Fleetwood BATES {UK} (M: 1897 Mar 7 - 1978 Jan 20)
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	History Of The Bates Family Of New York [n|?]

Mrs Lindon W, (Josephine White), BATES, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
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Lizzie BATES (F: ? - ?)
R	The Gabled House; or, Self-Sacrifice [f|1869]
R	Downward And Upward [f|1871]
R	Had You Been In His Place [f|1873]

Loïs BATES (F: ? - ?)
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34200	Story Lessons On Character-Building (Morals) And Manners [n|1900]
	Little Golden Hood.. (jt ed) [s|1900]
37165	Games Without Music For Children [n|?]
	New Recitations For Infants [n|?]
	Saltaire Action Songs [?]
	Saltaire Kindergarten Games [n|?]
	Guessing Games [n|?]

Prof, (Drell) Marston BATES {US} (M: 1906 Jul 23 - 1974 Apr 3)
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	The Nature Of Natural History [n|1950]
	Where Winter Never Comes [n|1952]
	The Prevalence Of People [n|1955]
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	The Forest And The Sea [n|1960]
	Man In Nature [n|1960]
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Morgan BATES (M: 1847 May 4 - 1902 Jan 5)
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Nancy Bell BATES, nee FAIRCHILD {US} (F: 1912 Nov 6 - 1976 Jun 25)
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Norman BATES (see: Connie (Leslie) SELLERS (Jr))

Onward BATES {US} (M: 1850 Feb 24 - 1936 Apr 4)
	Memorabilia Of An Engineer.. [a|1933]

Oric BATES (M: 1883 Dec 5 - 1918 Oct 10)
	A Madcap Cruise [n|1905]
	The Eastern Libyans [n|1914]

Peter Edward Gascoigne BATES {UK} (M: 1924 Aug 6 - 2005 Sep 1)

Quentin BATES {UK} (M: 1962 - ?)

R BATES (F: ? - ?)
	Edith Lawson [f|1886]

Rachael BATES {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Danae.. [p|1922]
	Songs From A Lake [p|1947]

Ralph BATES {UK/US?} (M: 1899 Nov 3 - 2000 Nov 26)
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	Lean Men [f|1934]
	Schubert [b|1935]
	The Olive Field [f|1936]
	Rainbow Fish [f|1937]
	The Miraculous Horde.. [s|1939]
	Sirocco.. [s|1939]
	The Fields Of Paradise [f|1940]
	The Undiscoverables.. [s|1942]
	The Journey To The Sandalwood Forest [1947]
	The Dolphin In The Wood [f|1950]

Prof, Ralph Samuel BATES {US} (M: 1906 Jun 19 - 1994 Feb 26)
	Scientific Societies In The US [n|1945/?/65]

Samuel Penniman BATES (M: 1827 - 1902)
A	History Of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5 [n|?]

Shelley BATES, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Shelley ADINA; Shannon HOLLIS; Adina SENFT)
	Grounds To Believe [f|?]

Tom(=Thomas) BATES {US} (M: 1944 Mar 11 - 1999 Dec 16)
(&ps: Timothy LAKE)

Walter BATES (M: 1760 - 1842)
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65686	The Mysterious Stranger, Or, Adventures Of Henry More Smith [b|1855]

Rev, William BATES (M: c1815 - 1877 Nov 22)
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Prof, William BATES (M: c1824 - 1884 Sep 24)
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William Horatio BATES {US} (M: 1860 Dec 23 - 1931 Jul 10)
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Prof, William Nickerson BATES {US} (M: 1867 Dec 8 - 1949 Jun 10)
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Frederick (Noel) Wilse BATESON {UK} (M: 1901 Dec 25 - 1978 Oct 16)
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Hartley BATESON {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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(Charles) Henry BATESON {AU} (M: 1903 Aug 4 - 1974 Jul 5)
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Mary BATESON (F: 1865 Sep 12 - 1906 Nov 30)
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	Mediæval England, 1066-1350 [n|1903]
	Cambridge Gild Records (ed) [n|1903]
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Mary Catherine BATESON {US} (F: c1930 - ?)

Thomas BATESON (M: c1570 - 1630)

Vaughan BATESON {UK} (M: c1875 - 1938 Oct 22)
	Masonic Secrets And The Antient Mysteries [n|1924]
	What The Devil Told The Doctor; Gallipoli [1926]
	Personal Identification By Means Of Finger Print Impressions [n|?]

William BATESON {UK} (M: 1861 Aug 8 - 1926 Feb 8)
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&	Mendel's Principles Of Heredity [n|1902]
	Problems Of Genetics [n|1913]

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(James) Derek BATEY {UK} (M: 1928 Aug 8 - 2013 Feb 17)

Mavis (Lilian) BATEY, nee LEVER {UK} (F: 1921 May 5 - 2013 Nov 12)

Alan Alfred BATH {UK} (M: 1924 May 3 - 2001 Jul 8)

Hubert (Charles) BATH {UK} (M: 1883 Nov 6 - 1945 Apr 24)

Philip Ernest BATH {UK} (M: 1898 Feb 21 - 1974 Mar 18)
	Fun With Words [n|1958]
	Fun With Figures [n|1959]
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	Great Names In Industry [n|1960]
	Great Names In Exploration [n|1960]
	Fun With Words Again [n|1960]
	How Much Do YOU Know? [n|1961]
	A Biblical Quiz [n|1961]
	More Fun With Figures [n|1962]
	How's Your General Knowledge? [n|1963]

Virginia Churchill BATH (F: ? - ?)

Fr(SJ), William BATHE (M: 1564 - 1614 Jun 17)
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Francis Arthur BATHER {UK} (M: 1863 - 1934 Mar 20)
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Prof, John (Alfred) BATHER {UK} (M: 1936 Jan 20 - 2012 Sep 7)

Lucy Elizabeth BATHER, nee BLOMFIELD (F: 1836 Mar 31 - 1864 Sep 5)
(&ps: Aunt LUCY)

Muriel BATHERMAN, Mrs SHELDON {US} (F: 1926 Oct 16 - ?)

Alexander BATHGATE {UK/NZ?} (M: 1845 - 1930 Sep 9)
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John BATHGATE (M: 1809 - 1886 Sep 21)

Rev, William BATHGATE (M: 1820 Sep 28 - 1879 Dec 28)

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Bella BATHURST {UK} (F: 1969 - living 2016)
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	The Lighthouse Stevensons [n|?]
	Special [f|?]

Elizabeth BATHURST (F: ? - 1691)
&	An Expostulatory Appeal To The Professors Of Christianity [n|?]

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	Saint Grégoire [b|Fr-1925]
	Catholicisme Et Papauté [n|Fr-1926]
	Cathedra Petri [n|Fr-1938]

CU Pres, Fulgencio BATISTA (y ZALDÍVAR), originally Rubén ZALDÍVAR {CU} (M: 1901 Jan 16 - 1973 Aug 6)
	Estoy Con El Pueblo [n|Sp-1939]
	Respuesta [Sp-1960]
	Piedras Y Leyes [Sp-1961]
	Cuba Betrayed [n|1961]
	To Rule Is To Foresee [n|1962]

Amelia BATISTICH, nee/Mrs ? {NZ} (F: 1915 Mar 11 - 2004)

Mark BATISTICH {NZ} (M: 1914 - 2003)

Konstantin (Nicolaievitch) BATIUSHKOV (M: 1787 May 29 - 1855 Jul 19)

Fereydoon BATMANGHELIDJ {IR/US?} (M: 1931 Apr 8 - 2004 Nov 15)

Joseph/Josef/Jozsef BATÓ {HU/UK} (M: 1888 Oct 15 - 1966 May 21)
	Defiant City [1942]

Ludwig BATO (M: 1886 - ?)
	Juden Im Alten Wien [n|Ge-1928]
	[Don Yosef Nasi [He-1942]

Antonio BATRES JÁUREGUI {GT} (M: 1847 Sep 11 - 1929 (or 1928) Apr 12)
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	Vicios Del Lenguaje Y Provincialismos De Guatemala [n|Sp-1892]
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45250	Los Indios, Su Historia Y Su Civilizacion [n|Sp-1893]
	Memorias De Antaño [Sp-1896]
	Literatos Guatemaltecos [n|Sp-1896]
	José Batres Montúfar [b|Sp-1910]
	La América Central Ante La Historia [3v|n|Sp-1915]

Brian Cook BATSFORD (see: Brian Caldwell COOK)

George (Donald) BATSON {US} (M: 1918 Feb 13 - ?)

Henrietta Mary BATSON, nee BLACKMAN {UK} (F: 1859 May 30 - 1943 Nov 30)
	Terrier And Inventory Of Church Possessions..Welford, Berks [n|1892]
	Dark (anon) [f|1892]
	Such A Lord Is Love [f|1893]
	Adam The Gardener [f|1894]
	The Earth Children [f|1897]
	A Concise Handbook Of Garden Flowers [n|1903]
	A Book Of The Country And The Garden [n|1903]
	The Summer Garden Of Pleasure [n|1908]
	The Gay Paradines [f|1909]
	A Splendid Heritage [f|1910]
	The Parson's Revels [f|?]
	The Thief [f|?]
	The Treasure [f|?]

Prof, Reginald George (C) BATSON {UK} (M: 1885 May 17 - 1974 Dec 27)
	Mechanical Testing [n|1922/1931]
	Roads [n|1950]

Stephanie BATSTONE {UK} (F: 1922 Dec 22 - 2006 Oct 17)

Felix (Franz Ferdinand Maria) BATSY {AT} (M: 1877 May 30 - 1952 Jan 30)
	Jungfrauen [s|Ge-1942]
	Die Brautnacht [Ge-1944]
	Sonette [p|Ge-1945]
	Brautlehre [Ge-1947]

BATT (see: Oswald Charles BARRETT)

Elizabeth BATT (F: ? - ?)

Judge, Francis Raleigh BATT {UK} (M: 1890 Jun 9 - 1961 Mar 25)
	Law Of Master And Servant [n|1928/?/?/1950]
	Law Of Negotiable Instruments [n|1931]

(Leslie) Gordon BATT {UK} (M: 1916 Nov 27 - 2004 Feb 4)

Kurt BATT {DDR} (M: 1931 Jul 11 - 1975 Feb 20)

Peter BATT {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Aurelius (Gaetano) BATTAGLIA {US} (M: 1910 Jan 16 - 1984 May 23)

Elio Lee BATTAGLIA {US} (M: 1928 Oct 11 - ?)
	The Face Of Missouri [n|1960]

Louis Joseph BATTAN {US} (M: 1923 Feb 9 - 1986 Oct 29)
	Radar Meteorology [n|1959]
	The Nature Of Violent Storms [n|1961]

Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Jabir ibn Sinan ar-Raqqi al-Harrani as-Sabi al-BATTANI, aka ALBATEGNIUS (M: c858 - 929)
	[Opus Astronomicum] [n|Ar-?]

(Ada) Bernice BATTARBEE, nee LOONE {AU} (F: c1920 - ?)

Rex(=Reginald) (Ernest) BATTARBEE {AU} (M: 1893 Dec 16 - 1973 Sep 2)
	Modern Australian Aboriginal Art [n|1951]

Marjorie BATTCOCK, nee LEACH {UK} (F: 1904 Apr 21 - 1992 Jul 25)
	The Filigree Bridge [p|1956]
	Chiaroscuro [p|1960]

Andrew BATTELL (M: 1560 - 1613)
41282	The Strange Adventures Of Andrew Battell (ed E G RAVENSTEIN) [n|1901]

Guido BATTELLI {IT} (M: 1869 - 1955)

Harry Mortimer BATTEN {UK} (M: 1888 Feb 4 - 1958 Jan 3)
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	Tales Of Wild Bird Life [1948]
	Habits And Characters Of British Wild Animals [n|?]
	Wandering Otter [n|?]
	The Badger Afield And Underground [n|?]
	Romances Of The Wild [n|?]
	The Grey Fox Of Bennan [n|?]
	Prints From Many Trails [n|?]
	Nature From The Highways [n|?]
	Wild Animals And Their Tracks [n|?]
	Dramas Of The Wild Folk [n|?]
	2LO Animal Stories [n|?]
	2LO Bird Stories [n|?]
	Forth From The Wilderness [n|?]
	How To Feed And Attract The Wild Birds [n|?]
	Muskwa The Trailmaker [n|?]
	Starlight [n|?]
	Electricity And The Camera [n|?]
	Ray Of The Rainbows [n|?]
	British Wild Animals Illustrated [n|?]

Jean Gardner BATTEN {NZ} (F: 1909 Sep 15 - 1982 Nov 22)
	My Life (aka: Alone In The Sky) [a|1938]

John BATTEN (M: 1815 Feb 17 - 1900 Nov 8)

John Dickson BATTEN {UK} (M: 1860 Oct 8 - 1932 Aug 5)

John Mullin/Mullen BATTEN (M: 1837 Apr 19 - 1916 Jan (wrongly Jun) 23 (wrongly 27))
25764	Reminiscences Of Two Years In The United States Navy [n|1881]
	Around And Around [a|1906]

Joyce Mortimer BATTEN (see: Joyce Kells Batten MANKOWSKA)

Mark Wilfrid BATTEN {UK} (M: 1905 Jul 21 - 1993 Jan 4)
	Stone Sculpture By Direct Carving [n|1957]

Mary BATTEN {US} (F: 1937 Jan 19 - ?)

Percy(later Peter) Woodruff BATTEN {UK} (M: 1893 Jun 26 - 1958 Sep 28)
(ps: Peter W BATTEN; Peter WOODRUFF; Richard WORTH)
	Last Of Her Line (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1923]
	A Gallop To Fortune (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1924]
	The Fighting 'Parson' (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1925]
	The Young Corinthian (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1925]
	Fighting Mac (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1925]
	Pride Of The Fancy (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1925]
	A Boxing Squire (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1925]
	The Star Of Hope (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1925]
	The Stolen Girl (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1926]
	The Knock-Out Fisherman (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1926]
	The Wizard Of The Wing (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1926]
	Bred In The Bone (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1926]
	From Prize Ring To Palace (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1926]
	The Battling Champ (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1926]
	A Fight To The Finish (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1926]
	Ploughboy Champion (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1926]
	A Bantam Champion (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1926]
	A Footballer's Romance (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1926]
	Dan Of The Rovers (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1927]
	The Great Invincibles (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1927]
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	The Mystery Centre (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1927]
	What A Fighter! (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1927]
	The Murder In The Fog (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1927]
	The Airman Half-Back (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1928]
	Dr Jim, Full Back (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1928]
	The Twin Centre (ps: Peter WOODRUFF) [f|1928]
	The Actor-Footballer (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1928]
	The Midget Winger (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1928]
	The Speed-King Centre (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1929]
	Nobbled! (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1930]
	Champion In Spite Of All (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1930]
	Twins Of The Pigskin (ps: Richard WORTH) [f|1930]
	Game To The End (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1931]
	The Pit-Boy Centre (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1931]
	The Needle Match (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1932]
	The Greenhorn Champion (ps: Peter W BATTEN) [f|1940]

(Richard) Peter (E) BATTEN {UK} (M: 1916 Aug 23 - 2001 Jul 26)

Peter W BATTEN (see: Percy Woodruff BATTEN)

Thomas Reginald BATTEN {UK} (M: 1904 Nov 30 - 1999 Jan 29)
	Handbook On The Teaching Of History And Geography In Nigeria [n|1933]

Rev, Henry Martin BATTENHOUSE, originally BETTENHAUSEN {US} (M: 1885 Aug 27 - 1960 Mar 24)
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Prof, Roy Wesley BATTENHOUSE {US} (M: 1912 Apr 9 - 1995 Feb 17)
	Marlowe's Tamburlaine [n|1941]
	A Companion To The Study Of St Augustine [n|1955]

Ariane BATTERBERRY (see: Ariane RUSKIN)

Michael (Carver) BATTERBERRY {US} (M: 1932 Apr 8 - 2010 Jul 28)

Thomas Kenneth Ellison BATTERBURY {UK} (M: 1889 Aug 27 - 1959 Feb 20)
	Reddenda Minima [n|1926]
	Duodecim Fabulæ [n|1934]

Henry Francis Prevost BATTERSBY / PREVOST BATTERSBY {UK} (M: 1862 Feb 10 - 1949 Jun 26)
(ps: Francis PREVOST)
	Fires Of Green Wood [p|1887]
	Melilot [p|1893]
	Rust Of Gold [1895]
	Hockey [n|1895]
	On The Verge [1896]
	False Dawn [f|1897]
	Entanglements [1898]
	London Water [n|1899]
	In The Web Of A War [n|1900]
	The Way Of War [d|1902]
	The Plague Of The Heart [f|1902]
	The Future Of Cavalry [n|1904]
	The Voice Of Duty [d|1904]
	India Under The Royal Eyes [n|1906]
	The Avenging Hour [f|1906]
	The Last Resort [f|1912]
	The Silence Of Men [f|1913]
	Richard Corfield Of Somaliland [1914]
	The Lure Of Romance [f|1914]
	Th Uncertain Gloyr [f|1914]
	The Edge Of Doom [f|1919]
	Ash Of Roses [p|1920]
	Psychic Certainties [n|1930]
	Spirit Voices Of The Bible [n|1933]
	Man Outside Himself [n|1942]

Hannah S BATTERSBY, nee ? (F: ? - c1887)
	Home Lyrics, Vol I [p|1876]
7336,I	Home Lyrics, Vol II [p|1887]

Robert Christopher BATTERSBY {UK} (M: 1924 Dec 14 - 2001 Sep 30)

Maj-Gen, Thomas Preston BATTERSBY {UK} (M: 1856 Aug 10 - 1941 Feb 13)
(&ps: T P B)
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	The Souls Of The Stones [1898]
	Sutor Ultra Crepidam: A Soldier's Thoughts About Religion (ps: T P B) [n|1907]
	Beating To Port.. (ps: T P B) [p|1912]

Thomas Stephenson Francis BATTERSBY {IE} (M: 1855 Apr 17 - 1933 Oct 31)
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	The Fiscal Question In The United States [n|?]
	Grand Jury Laws Of Ireland [n|?]
	Irish Election Law [n|?]
	Municipal Elections [n|?]
	The Pocket Pleader [n|?]

William John BATTERSBY, aka Brother, Clair STANISLAUS {UK/US?} (M: 1904 Sep 25 - 1976 Oct)
	De La Salle [n|1949]
	Saint And Spiritual Writer [n|1950]
	Letters And Documents [n|1952]
	Meditations [n|1953]
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	Brother Abban [b|1950]
	Brother Potanzian, Educator And Scientist [b|1953]
	The De La Salle Brothers In Great Britain [n|1954]
	St Joseph's College, 1855-3955 [n|1955]
	Brother Solomon, Martyr Of The French Revolution [b|1960]
	History Of The..Brothers Of The Christian Schools.. [2v|n|1960-1963]
	English Catholics, 1850-1950 (w others) [n|1950]

Canon, John (Victor) BATTERSBY HARFORD {UK} (M: 1897 Jun 25 - 1978 Aug 30)
	Handley C G Moule, Bishop Of Durham [b|?]
	Since Wellhausen [?]
	Altars And Sanctuaries [n|?]

Lady, BATTERSEA (see: Constance de ROTHSCHILD)

Prof, Martin Carey BATTESTIN {US} (M: 1930 Mar 25 - 2015 May 15)
	The Moral Basis Of Fielding's Art [n|1959]

Ruthe BATTESTIN, nee ? {UK} (F: c1930 - living 2015)

Abbé, Charles BATTEUX (M: 1713 May 3 - 1780 Jul 14)
g	Les Beaux-Arts Réduits À Un Même Principe [n|Fr-?]

George Magruder BATTEY, Jr {US} (M: 1887 Feb 11 - 1965 Aug 21)
	70,000 Miles On A Submarine Destroyer [a|1920]
	A History Of Rome And Floyd County, State Of Georgia.. [n|1922]

Ernest James BATTEY {UK} (M: 1906 (wrongly 1907) Jul 23 - 1972 Jan 13)

Thomas Chester BATTEY (M: 1828 Feb 19 - 1897 Aug 28)
	The Life And Adventures Of A Quaker Among The Indians [a|1875]

David BATTIE {UK} (M: 1942 Oct 22 - living 2022)

Prof, Alcibiade Fleury BATTIER / FLEURY-BATTIER (M: 1841 Jul 8 - 1883 Feb 23)
	Sous Les Bambous [p|Fr-1881]

Rosabell (nee)Ray BATTIN {US} (F: 1925 May 25 - living 2018)
	A Study..Effectiveness..Speech..Development..Preschool Child [n|1959]
	Speech And Language Delay (w C Olaf HAUG) [n|1964/68]

Emery John BATTIS {US} (M: 1915 May 30 - 2011 Sep 20)
	Saints And Sectaries [n|1962]

Georgina BATTISCOMBE (see: (Esther) Gina(=Georgina) HARWOOD)

Brian (Owen) BATTISON {UK} (M: 1939 Jul 20 - 1998 Oct 4)

Edwin Albert BATTISON {US} (M: 1915 Sep 28 - 2009 Jan 12)
29934	The Auburndale Watch Company: First..Dollar Watch [n|1959]

Orlando Aloysius BATTISTA {CA} (M: 1917 Jun 20 - 1995 Oct 3)
	How To Enjoy Work And Get More Fun Out Of Life [n|1957]
	God's World And You [n|1957]

Mattia BATTISTINI, Barone di POGGIO CASALINO {IT} (M: 1858 Feb 27 - 1928 Nov 8)

Vincent BATTISTINO {MT} (M: 1936 Jan 27 - 1997 Jun 5)

Archibald John BATTLE (M: 1826 Sep 10 - 1907 Sep 30)

Rev, Augustus Allen BATTLE {US} (M: 1864 - 1928)
	Skeleton Of Sermons Of Rev Augustus A Battle [e|1923]
	A Synopsis Of The Autobiography.. [a|1927]

Herbert Bemerton BATTLE {US} (M: 1862 May 29 - 1929 Jul 3)
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	The Battle Book (w H B BATTLE & Lois YELVERTON) [b|1930]

Jesse Mercer BATTLE (M: 1850 Nov 10 - 1914 Sep 16)
	Tributes To My Father And Mother.. [a|1911]
	Why I Am Not A Roman Catholic [n|?]
	Some Stories Of My Life [a|?]

John BATTLE (see: Gordon (Holmes) LANDSBOROUGH)

Kemp Plummer BATTLE (Sr) {US} (M: 1831 Dec 19 - 1919 Feb 4)
T	History Of The University Of North Carolina [2v|n|1907-12]
	Memories Of An Old-Time Tar-Heel [a|1945]

Laura Elizabeth Lee BATTLE {US} (F: 1855 Jan 26 - 1929 May 11)
T	Forget-Me-Nots Of The Civil War [a|c1909]

Richard John Vulliamy BATTLE {UK} (M: 1907 Jan 21 - 1982 May 26)

Prof, William Henry BATTLE {UK} (M: c1855 - 1936 Feb 2)
	Diseases Of The Appendix And Their Surgical Complications [n|?/?]
	The Acute Abdomen [n|?/?]
	Lectures On Some Points Relating To Injuries Of The Head [n|?]

Judge, William Horn BATTLE (M: 1802 Oct 17 - 1879 Mar 14)

Prof, William James BATTLE {US} (M: 1870 Nov 30 - 1955 Oct 9)
	The Battle Book (w H B BATTLE & Lois YELVERTON) [b|1930]

(Roxy) Edith BATTLES, nee BAKER {US} (F: 1921 Mar 29 - 2008 Apr 19)

Prof, Ford Lewis BATTLES {US} (M: 1915 Jan 30 (wrongly 15) - 1979 Nov 22)

John Rose BATTLEY {UK} (M: 1880 Nov 26 - 1952 Nov 1)
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	Clapham, Old Yet Ever New [n|1937]
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	A Visit To The Houses Of Parliament [n|1947/1949]

Gregory BATTOCK {US} (M: 1941 Jul 2 - 1980 Dec 25)

Agnes Mary BATTY {UK} (F: 1890 Aug 3 - 1982 Sep 20)
	The Wider Vision [d|pub:1925]

Ann/Anne/Annie Hepple/Heppell BATTY, Mrs DICKINSON {UK} (F: baptised 1877 (wrongly 1879) Nov 25 - 1959 Nov 10)
(ps: Anne HEPPLE)
	Jemima Rides [f|1928]
	The Untempered Wind [f|1930]
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	The Runaway Family [f|(1929?)/1932]
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Bp, Basil Staunton BATTY {UK} (M: 1873 May 12 - 1952 Mar 19)
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Beatrice BATTY, nee STEBBING {UK} (F: 1833 Aug 30 - 1933 Apr 30)
(&ps: Bee BEE)
	An English Girl's Account..Black Forest (aka: Moravian Life) (anon) [a|1858]
	The Mill In The Valley (anon) [f|1859]
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I	Forty-Two Years Amongst The Indians And Eskimo [John Horden] [b|1893]
	Notes On Lectures By A Novice (ps: Bee BEE) [1927]

Dora Margaret BATTY {UK} (F: 1891 (or 1900) Jan 12 - 1966 Jul 10)

Bp, Francis de Witt BATTY {AU} (M: 1879 Jan 10 - 1961 Apr 3)
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	Christianity And The Home [n|1930]
	St Clair Donaldson (w C T DIMONT) [b|1932]
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Jane Agnes Staunton BATTY, Mrs EDWARDS {UK} (F: 1882 Jan 2 - 1951 Jun 4)
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Richard John BATTY {UK} (M: 1884 Apr 2 - 1966 Feb 18)
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Lt-Col, Robert BATTY (M: 1789 Aug 5 - 1848 Nov 20)
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	German Scenery [n|1823]
	Welsh Scenery [n|1823]
	Scenery Of The Rhine, Belgium, And Holland [n|1826]
	Hanoverian, Saxon, And Danish Scenery [n|1828]
	Select Views Of The Principal Cities Of Europe [n|1832]

Rev, Robert Eaton BATTY (M: c1823 - 1876 Sep 12)

Gladys BATTYE, nee STARKEY {UK} (F: 1915 Nov 13 - 1972 Sep 7)
(ps: Margaret LYNN)

Prof, James BATTYE (M: baptised 1803 Jun 5 - 1858 Oct 10)

James Sykes BATTYE {AU} (M: 1871 Nov 14 or 20 - 1954 Jul 15)
	Cyclopedia Of Western Australia (ed) [n|1912-13]
	History Of The North West Of Australia (ed) [n|1915]
#	Western Australia: A History From Its Discovery..Commonwealth [n|1924]

Louis Neville BATTYE {UK} (M: 1923 Aug 20 - 1976 (or 1977))
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Maj, Richmond Keith Molesworth BATTYE {UK} (M: 1905 Aug 30 - 1958 Oct 22)
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Susan BATTYE {NZ} (F: 1950 - living 2010)

Thomas BATTYE (M: 1816 Apr 16 - ?)

Lt-Col, Walter Rothney BATTYE {UK} (M: 1874 Jan 20 - 1943 Apr 27)
	Climate And Health In Meshed [n|1906]
	Plague In Ajmer-Merwara [n|1910]
	Spinal Ancssthenia [n|1913]

Yuri Mikhailovich BATURIN {RU} (M: 1949 Jun 12 - ?)

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	Latin Unseens [n|?]

Thomas BATY {UK} (M: 1869 Feb 8 - 1954 Feb 9)
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Prof, Wayne (Murlin) BATY {US} (M: 1925 Nov 20 - 2008 Feb 23)
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Baron, Charles de BATZ (M: ? - ?)
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Richard BATZ {DE} (M: 1894 Aug 23 - 1965 Mar 10)
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Nicolae Constantin BATZARIA {RO} (M: 1874 Nov 20 - 1952 Jan 28)
(&ps: Ali BABA; Mos ENE; Mos NAE)

Maria BATZER {DE} (F: 1877 Aug 17 - 1965 Aug 24 or 28)
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Georg BATZLER-HEIM {DE} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: A GERMAN as a French Bagno-Convict)
	The Horrors Of Cayenne [Ge?-?] (tr Beatrice MARSHALL) [1930]

Joseph BAU {PL/IL} (M: 1920 Jun 18 - 2002 May 24)

Mingchien Joshua BAU (M: ? - ?)
	The Open Door Doctrine In Relation To China [n|1923]

William Edward BAUBIE, originally BABY {US} (M: 1853 (or 1852) Sep 11 (wrongly 1854 Sep 1) - 1938 (wrongly 1936) Dec 16 (wrongly 1922 Apr 29))
	French-Canadian Verse [p|1917]
	The Man Condemned [f|1936]

Jean-Dominique BAUBY {FR} (M: 1952 Apr 23 - 1997 Mar 9)

Botho BAUCH {DE} (M: 1897 Dec 26 - 1973 Sep)
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Luigi BAUCH {IT} (M: 1873 Jul 14 - 1945 Mar 3)
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	Allegretto.. Ma Non Troppo [p|It-1934]
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	I Proverbi Zaratini Sull'Amore, La Donna E Il Matrimonio [p|It-1941]

Henry BAUCHAU {BE} (M: 1913 - ?)

Henri BAUCHE {FR} (M: 1880 May 31 - 1947 Oct 2)
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Florián BAUCKE (M: 1719 - 1780)
	Hin Und Her [Ge-?]

William BAUCKE {NZ} (M: 1847 or 1848 - 1931 Jun 6)
(ps: W B, Te Kuiti)
	Where The White Man Treads [e|1905]

Alfred H BAUCOM {US} (M: 1951 - ?)

Abbé, Nicolas BAUDEAU (M: 1730 - 1792)
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	Avis Au Peuple De Paris Sur La Caisse De Poissi [n|Fr-1774]
g	Première Introduction À La Philosophie Économique [n|Fr-?]

Charles(-Pierre) BAUDELAIRE (M: 1821 Apr 9 - 1867 Aug 31)
13792	Journaux Intimes [Fr-?]
	  Intimate Journals [Fr-?] (tr Christopher ISHERWOOD) [1930]
6099,g	Les Fleurs Du Mal; Les Épaves; Bribes [p|Fr-1857]
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g	Petits Poèmes En Prose; Le Spleen De Paris [Fr-?]
#	The Generous Gambler [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]
+	Poems Of Baudelaire [p|Fr-var] (tr Roy CAMPBELL) [1952]

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g	Principes Sur L'Art Des Accouchemens [n|Fr-1812]

Moisés BAUDER RICARDO {VE} (M: ? - 1924 Feb 9)

Rev, Walther BAUDERT {DE} (M: 1888 Jan 1 - 1952 Dec 24)

Gräfin, Eva Fanny Bernhardine von BAUDISSIN, nee TÜRK {DE} (F: 1869 Oct 8 - 1943 Feb 11)
(ps: Bernhard von BRANDENBURG)

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Jacques de BAUDONCOURT {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
I	Histoire Populaire Du Canada.. [n|Fr-c1886]

Prof, Georges BAUDOT {FR} (M: 1935 May 29 - 2002 Apr 28)

Paul BAUDOT (M: 1801 Jun 29 - 1870 Mar 6)

(Louis) Charles BAUDOUIN {FR/CH?} (M: 1893 Jul 26 - 1963 Aug 25)
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	  Suggestion And Autosuggestion [n|Fr-?] (tr C PAUL & E PAUL) [1922]
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	Psychanalyse De L'Art [n|Fr-?]
	Tolstoi Éducateur [n|Fr-?]
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	Reconnaissances Lorraines [n|Fr-?]
	Le Voile De La Danse [n|Fr-?]
	De L'Instinct À L'Esprit [n|Fr-?]
	Le Triomphe Du Héros [n|Fr-?]
	Y A-T-Il Une Science De L'Âme? [n|Fr-?]
	Psychanalyse Du Symbole Religieux [n|Fr-?]
	Livre D'Heures [n|Fr-?]
	Blaise Pascal [n|Fr-?]
	Paroles Sur De Vieux Airs [n|Fr-?]
	Jean Racine, L'Enfant Du Désert [n|Fr-?]

Everett Large BAUDOUX {CA} (M: 1919 Jan 14 - 2009 May 27)
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Prof, Michel-Aimé BAUDOUY {FR} (M: 1909 Apr 1 - 1999)
(&ps: François VERNIÈRES)
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	Nous N'Étions Que Des Hommes [Fr-1946]
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	J'Ai Vu Naître Le 'France' [Fr-1961]
	Mystère À Carnac [Fr-1962]
	Le 'Onze' De Mon Village [Fr-1963]

Jean BAUDRILLARD {FR} (M: 1929 Jun 20 - 2007 Mar 6)

Cardinal, Alfred (Henri-Marie) BAUDRILLART {FR} (M: 1859 Jan 6 - 1942 May 19 (or 18))
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	La Vie De Mgr D'Hulst [b|Fr-?]
	La Vocation Catholique De La France [n|Fr-?]

André BAUDRILLART (M: 1862 - ?)
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Henri(-Joseph-Léon) BAUDRILLART (M: 1821 Nov 28 - 1892)
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André BAUDRIT {FR} (M: 1896 - 1969 Jan)

Gen, Louis Narcisse BAUDRY Des LOZIÈRES (M: 1751 Jan 13 - 1841)
(&ps: B***; B*** D***)
g	Voyage À La Louisiane.. [Fr-1802]

(Charles) Robert BAUDUY {HT} (M: 1940 Dec 21 - 2008 Jan 31)

BAUER vom Wald (see: Josef ALBICKER)

Agi(=Agnes) L BAUER, Mrs SHELLY {AU} (F: 1929 - 2007)

Belinda BAUER {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Billy(=William) (Henry) BAUER {US} (M: 1915 Nov 14 - 2005 Jun 17)

Bruno BAUER {CH} (M: 1887 Feb 27 - 1972 Oct 21)
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Caroline Feller BAUER {US} (F: 1935 - 2013)

Catherine BAUER, Mrs WURSTER (F: ? - ?)
	Modern Housing [n|1934/74]

Constantin (Hermann Sigismund) BAUER {DE} (M: 1883 Jul 27 - 1966 Oct 14)
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	Raabe-Gedenkbuch (ed) [Ge-1921]
	Raabe-Studien (ed) [n|Ge-1925]
	Sport And Games In England [n|1926]
	Wilhelm Raabes Welt Und Werk In Bildern (ed) [n|Ge-1931]
	Une Familie De Colons Français En Algerie [Fr-1937]

Fr, E Charles BAUER {US} (M: 1916 May 7 - ?)
	A Graphichism Of Christian Doctrine [n|1958]

Emil BAUER {DE} (M: 1884 Feb 11 - 1969 Apr 27)

Erwin Adam BAUER {US} (M: 1919 Aug 22 - 2004 Feb 19)
(&ps: Ken BOURBON; Nat FRANKLIN; Tom HARDIN; Charles W NORTH; Barney PETERS)
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	The Bass Fisherman's Bible [n|1961]

Ferdinand Lukas BAUER (M: 1760 Jan 20 - 1826 Mar 17)
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Florence (Anne) (nee)Marvyne BAUER {US} (F: 1894 or 1895 Mar 4 - 1985 May 29)
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	Daughter Of Nazareth [1955]

Franz BAUER (M: c1758 - ?)

Franz BAUER {DE} (M: 1901 May 2 - 1969 Dec 8)

Georg BAUER / PAWER (M: 1494 (or 1490) Mar 24 - 1555 Nov 21)
(ps: Georgius AGRICOLA)
	Bermannus [n|La-1530]
	De Ortu Et Causis Subterraneorum [n|La-1544]
	De Natura Eorum Quae Effluunt E Terra [n|La-1545]
	De Veteribus Et Novis Metallis [n|La-1546]
	De Animantibus Subterraneis [n|La-1548]
	De Re Metallica [n|La-1556]
38015	  De Re Metallica [n|La-1556] (tr H C HOOVER & Mrs H C HOOVER) [1912]
	Dominatores Saxonici A Prima Origine Ad Hanc Aetatem [n|La-?]

Georg BAUER (M: 1917 - ?)

George Neander BAUER {US} (M: 1872 Jan 8 - 1952 Oct 13)

George Taylor BAUER (M: 1909 - ?)

George Howard BAUER {US} (M: 1933 Dec 31 - 1996 Jun 7)

Gérard BAUËR (M: 1888 Oct 7 - 1967 Sep 4)

Prof, Harry Charles BAUER {US} (M: 1902 Jul 22 - 1978 Sep 4)
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(Blanche) Helen BAUER, Mrs CARLQUIST {US} (F: 1899 (wrongly 1900) Aug 14 - 1988 Sep 20)
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	California Rancho Days [n|1953]
	California Gold Days [n|1954]
	Good Times At Home [n|1954]
	Good Times At The Park [n|1954]
	Good Times At The Circus [n|1955]
	Good Times At The Fair [n|1957]
	Water [n|1959]
	Hawaii, The Aloha State [n|1960]
	California Indian Days [n|1963]

Herbert BAUER {HU} (M: 1884 (or 1886) Aug 4 - 1949 May 17)
(ps: Béla BALÁZS)
19433	Történet: A Lógody-Utcáról, A Tavaszról, A Halálról.. [f|Hu-?]
	Karlchen, Durchhalten! [f|Ge-1936]

Josef Martin BAUER {DE} (M: 1901 Mar 11 - 1970 Mar 15)
	Achtsiedel [Ge-1931]
	Die Notthafften [Ge-1931]
	Die Salzstraße [Ge-1932]
	Das Haus Am Fohlenmarkt [Ge-1936]
	Das Herz [Ge-1940]
	Das Mädchen Auf Stachet [Ge-1940]
	Unterm Edelweiß In Jugoslawien [n|Ge-1941]
	Die Kraniche Der Nogaia [n|Ge-1942]
	Unterm Edelweiß In Der Ukraine [n|Ge-1943]
	Späh-Trupp Voraus [n|Ge-1943]
	Kaukasisches Abenteuer [n|Ge-1950]
	So Weit Die Füße Tragen [Ge-1955]
	Kranich Mit Dem Stein [Ge-1958]
	Der Abhang [Ge-1960]
	Mensch An Der Wand [Ge-1962]

Julius BAUER {AT} (M: 1853 Oct 15 - 1941 Jun 11)

Prof, Karl (Hugo Friedrich) BAUER {DE} (M: 1874 Oct 16 - 1944 Aug 8)
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	Geschichte Der Chemie [n|Ge-1906]
	Chemie Der Fette [n|Ge-1928]
	Die Trocknenden Öle [n|Ge-1929]

Leo BAUER (see: Eliezer Lippa Ben Jossip David ha COHEN)

Leonhard BAUER {DE} (M: 1865 May 9 - 1964 Nov 19)
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	Israels Zukunft [n|Ge-1952]
	Deutsch-Arabisches Wörterbuch Der Umgangssprache.. [n|Ge-1957]

Louis Hopewell BAUER {US} (M: 1888 Jul 18 - 1964 Feb 2)
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	Private Enterprise Or Government In Medicine [n|1947]

Ludwig BAUER {CH} (M: 1876 Sep 5 - 1935 Feb 1)

Marion BAUER {US} (F: 1887 - 1955)
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	Music Through The Ages (w Ethel Rose PEYSER) [n|1932/1946]
	Twentieth Century Music [n|1933/1947]

Otto BAUER {AT} (M: 1881 Sep 5 - 1938 Jul 4)
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	Das Arbeitende Volk Und Die Nationalitätenfrage [n|Ge-1911]
	Die Sozialisierungsaktion Im Ersten Jahre Der Republik [n|Ge-1919]
	Der Weg Zum Sozialismus [n|Ge-1919]
	Bolschewismus Oder Sozialdemokratie? [n|Ge-1920]
	Kapitalismus Und Sozialismus Nach Dem Weltkrieg [n|Ge-1931]
	Der Aufstand Der Österreichischen Arbeiter [n|Ge-1934]
	Zwischen Zwei Weltkriegen? [n|Ge-1936]
	Die Illegale Partei [n|Ge-1939]
	Eine Auswahl Aus Seinem Lebenswerk [e|Ge-1961]

Pamela BAUER (F: ? - ?)

Peggy (R) BAUER, nee ?, 1:Mrs ? {US} (F: 1932 Mar 2 - 2004 Mar 23)

Peter BAUER {DE} (M: 1885 Jul 5 - 1952 Feb 20)

Peter (Thomas/Tamás) BAUER, (life) Baron BAUER of Market Ward {UK} (M: 1915 Nov 6 - 2002 May 3)
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Robert A BAUER {US} (M: 1952 - ?)

Robert Albert BAUER {AT/US} (M: 1910 Aug 29 - 2003 Sep 27)
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Roland BAUER {DE} (M: 1928 Mar 19 - 2017)
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	Kriegspolitik Und Friedenskampf [n|Ge-1963]

Prof, Royal Daniel Michael BAUER {US} (M: 1889 Oct 25 - 1983 Mar 26)
	Elementary Accounting (w Paul H DARBY) [n|1942/?/?/72]
	Auditing (w Roy T CULEY) [n|1953]

Steven BAUER {US} (M: 1948 Sep 10 - ?)

Ursula BAUER, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Walter BAUER {DE} (M: 1898 Dec 31 - 1970 Dec 23)

Walter BAUER {CA} (M: 1904 - 1976)

William Waldo BAUER {US} (M: 1892 Jul 23 - 1967 Dec 25)
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Prof, Wolfgang Leander BAUER {DE} (M: 1930 Feb 23 - 1997 Jan 14)
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	China And The Search For Happiness [n|?]

Therese BAUER-PEISSENBERG {DE} (F: 1893 Feb 21 - 1968 Sep 7)
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	Das Oldinger Jahr [f|Ge-1944]
	Leonhard Staltmayr [f|Ge-1946]
	Mittenwald [n|Ge-1958]

Greta BAUER-SCHWIND {CS} (F: 1904 Nov 4 - 1944 Mar 13)
	Licht Und Erde [p|Ge-1936]
	Gott Schuf Die Welt Aus Liebe [p|Ge-1938]
	Die Stimmgabel [p|Ge-1940]
	Die Echogesänge [p|Ge-1948]
	Und Dennoch Sterne [p|Ge-1954]

Johanna Maria BAUER-STUMPFF {NL} (F: 1873 Sep 5 - 1964 Dec 19)

Amelia (Matilda) BÄUERLE, later BOWERLEY (F: 1873 - 1916 Mar 4 (wrongly Feb 5))
(&ps: Amelia BOWERLEY)

Hilary BAUERMAN (M: 1834 - 1909 Dec 5)
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Marjorie Edith (nee)O'Neill BAUERSFELD {US} (F: 1890 Jul 3 - 1974 Jul 21)
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Albert Croll BAUGH {US} (M: 1891 Feb 26 - 1981 Mar 21)
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	A History Of The English Language [n|1935/1957/78]
	A Literary History Of England (ed) [n|1948/67]
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Cecil (Archibald) BAUGH {JM} (M: 1908 Nov 22 - 2005 Jun 28)

Emma BAUGH, later KITCHELLS, Mrs WEBSTER {US} (F: 1912 Mar 31 - 1983 Nov 19)
(ps: Iva KITCHELL)

Prof, Ruth Emily BAUGH {US} (F: 1889 Jan 10 - 1973 Jun 1)

Benjamin George BAUGHAN {UK} (M: 1917 Jun 13 - 2017 Feb 26)

Blanche Edith BAUGHAN {UK/NZ} (F: 1870 Jan 16 - 1958 Aug 20)
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	Reuben.. [p|1903]
	Shingle-Short.. [p|1908]
	The Finest Walk In The World [n|1909]
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Edward Algernon BAUGHAN {UK} (M: 1865 Dec 2 - 1938 Nov 26)
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	Ignaz Jan Paderewski [b|1908]

Rev, John Lee BAUGHMAN {US} (M: 1913 Jan 31 - 1989 Oct 28)

Kenneth Lee BAUGHMAN {US} (M: 1946 Oct 8 - 2009 Nov 16 or 19)

Ray Edward BAUGHMAN {US} (M: 1925 Nov 9 - 1999 May 24)
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	Do You Know? [n|1959]
	Bible History Visualized [n|1963]

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William Hubert BAUGHN {US} (M: 1918 Aug 27 - 2009 Nov 1)
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Chevalier, Louis Henri de BAUGY (M: ? - 1720)
I	Journal D'Une Expédition Contre Les Iroquois En 1687 [n|Fr-1883]

Gaspard/Caspar BAUHIN (M: 1560 Jan 17 - 1624 Dec 5)

Jean/Johann BAUHIN (M: 1541 - 1613)
	Historia Plantarum Universalis [n|La-1650-51]

Josette (Marie Louise) BAUJOT, nee NONDONFAZ {BE} (F: 1920 Aug 17 - 2009 Aug 13)

Hilmar Robert BAUKHAGE {US} (M: 1889 Jan 7 - 1976 Jan 31)
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John BAULDIE (M: 1949 Aug 23 - 1996 Oct 22)

Paul BAULDRI (M: 1639 - 1706)

Andre BAULDRY (M: 1641 - 1717)
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Anton BAULE {DE} (M: 1850 Feb 11 - 1935 Jan 16)
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Bernhard BAULE {DE} (M: 1891 May 4 - 1976 Apr 5)
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Jayne BAULING {UK/ZA?} (F: Apr 4 - living 2022)
	Smoke Across The Sun [f|2021]

Abe(=Abraham) (J) BAUM {US} (M: 1921 Mar 29 - 2013 Mar 3)

Alice BAUM, 2:Mrs BURNES {US} (F: 1937 Jan 9 - 2003 Sep 23)

Allyn Zelton BAUM {US} (M: 1924 Oct 22 - 1997 May 17)

Prof, Bernard Helmut BAUM {US} (M: 1926 Apr 18 - 2008 Jun 6)

Bruno BAUM {DDR} (M: 1910 Feb 3 - 1971 Dec 13)
	Widerstand In Auschwitz [n|Ge-1949]
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Daniel (Jay) BAUM {US} (M: 1934 Nov 24 - ?)

Prof, (John) David BAUM {UK} (M: 1940 Jul 23 - 1999 Sep 5)

Hedwig BAUM, 1:Mrs PRELS, 2:Mrs LERT {AT/US:1938on} (F: 1888 (wrongly 1896) Jan 24 - 1960 Aug 29)
(ps: Vicki BAUM)
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	  Grand Hotel [f|Ge-1929] (tr Basil CREIGHTON) [1930]
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Jiří BAUM {CS} (M: 1900 Sep 20 - 1944)
	Through The African Wilderness [n|1933]

L Frank BAUM (see: Ruth Plumly THOMPSON)

Lotti BAUM, nee LÜBBE {DE} (F: 1939 Dec 3 - ?)

Lyman Frank BAUM (M: 1856 May 15 - 1919 May 6 (or 5))
(&ps: Floyd AKERS; Laura BANCROFT; John Estes COOKE; Capt, Hugh FITZGERALD; Suzanne METCALF; Schuyler STAUNTON; Edith VAN DYNE)
	The Book Of The Hamburgs [n|1886]
5312	Mother Goose In Prose [s|1897]
	Father Goose, His Book [f|1899]
	The Army Alphabet [1900]
	The Navy Alphabet [1900]
	A New Wonderland (aka: The Magical Monarch Of Mo) [f|1900]
	The Art Of Decorating Dry Goods Windows And Interiors [3v|n|1900]
	The Songs Of Father Goose [p|1900]
55	The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz (aka: The Wizard Of Oz) [f|1900]
4357,&	American Fairy Tales [f|1901]
436	The Master Key [f|1901]
	Dot And Tot Of Merryland [f|1901]
520	The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus [f|1902]
16259	The Surprising Adventures Of The Magical Monarch Of Mo.. [f|1902]
518	The Enchanted Island Of Yew [f|1903]
54	The Marvelous Land Of Oz (aka: The Land Of Oz) [f|1904]
	Queen Zixi Of Ix [f|1905]
	The Fate Of A Crown (ps: Schuyler STAUNTON) [f|1905]
21914	The Woggle-Bug Book [1905]
10123	Aunt Jane's Nieces (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1906]
16566	Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1906]
	Daughters Of Destiny (ps: Schuyler STAUNTON) [f|1906]
	Annabel (ps: Suzanne METCALF) [f|1906]
	Sam Steele's Adventures On.. (ps: Capt Hugh FITZGERALD) [1] [f|1906]
	John Dough And The Cherub [f|1906]
	Tamawaca Folks: A Summer Comedy (ps: John Estes COOKE) [f|1907]
486	Ozma Of Oz [f|1907]
	Father Goose's Year Book [1907]
27951	Policeman Bluejay (aka: Babes In Birdland) (ps: Laura BANCROFT) [f|1907]
	Sam Steele's Adventures In Panama (ps: Capt Hugh FITZGERALD) [2] [f|1907]
22566	Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz [f|1908]
10359	Aunt Jane's Nieces At Millville (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1908]
	The Last Egyptian (anon) [f|1908]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In Alaska (ps: Floyd AKERS) [repr of 1] [f|1908]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In Panama (ps: Floyd AKERS) [repr of 2] [f|1908]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In Egypt (ps: Floyd AKERS) [f|1908]
26624	The Road To Oz [f|1909]
13110	Aunt Jane's Nieces At Work (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1909]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In China (ps: Floyd AKERS) [f|1909]
517	The Emerald City Of Oz [f|1910]
10468	Aunt Jane's Nieces In Society (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1910]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In Yucatan (ps: Floyd AKERS) [f|1910]
4358	The Sea Fairies [f|1911]
10124	Aunt Jane's Nieces And Uncle John (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1911]
	The Boy Fortune Hunters In The South Seas (ps: Floyd AKERS) [f|1911]
	The Daring Twins [f|1911]
	The Flying Girl (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1911]
	The Sea Fairies [f|1911]
28552	Twinkle And Chubbins (ps: Laura BANCROFT) [s|1911]
4356	Sky Island [f|1912]
10059	Aunt Jane's Nieces On Vacation (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1912]
	The Flying Girl And Her Chum (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1912]
	Phoebe Daring [f|1912]
32094	The Patchwork Girl Of Oz [f|1913]
	Aunt Jane's Nieces On The Ranch (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1913]
956	Tik-Tok Of Oz [f|1914]
25519,&	Little Wizard Stories Of Oz [s|1914]
10432	Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1914]
957	The Scarecrow Of Oz [f|1915]
16567	Aunt Jane's Nieces In The Red Cross (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1915]
25581	Rinkitink In Oz [f|1916]
5660	Mary Louise (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1916]
22225	Mary Louise In The Country (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1916]
24459	The Lost Princess Of Oz [f|1917]
24578	Mary Louise Solves A Mystery (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1917]
30852	The Tin Woodman Of Oz [f|1918]
21876	Mary Louise And The Liberty Girls (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1918]
419	The Magic Of Oz [f|1919]
	Mary Louise Adopts A Soldier (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1919]
961	Glinda Of Oz [f|1920]
519	A Kidnapped Santa Claus [f|?]
#	The Enchanted Buffalo [f|?]

Marie BAUM {DE} (F: 1874 Mar 23 - 1964 Aug 8)
	Grundriss Der Gesundheitsfürsorge [n|Ge-1923]
	Familienfürsorge [n|Ge-1928]
	Das Familienleben In Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1930]
	Rückblick Auf Mein Leben [a|Ge-1950]
	Leuchtende Spur [b|Ge-1950]
	Anna Von Gierke [b|Ge-1954]

Maud (nee)Gage BAUM {US} (F: 1861 (wrongly 1866) Mar 27 - 1953 Mar 6)
	In Other Lands Than Ours [n|?]

Max BAUM {AT} (M: 1872 May 27 - 1937)
(ps: Max JUNGK)

Oskar BAUM {CS} (M: 1883 Jan 21 - 1941 Mar 20)

Prof, Paull Franklin BAUM {US} (M: 1886 May 13 - 1964 Jul 15)
21342	The Principles Of English Versification [n|1922]
	Analytical List Of Rosetti Manuscripts.. [n|1931]

Richard (David) BAUM {US} (M: 1940 Jul 8 - 2012 Dec 14)

Richard Fitzgerald BAUM {US} (M: 1913 Jun 17 - 1985 Sep 1)
	By The Wind (ed Eugene V CONNETT) [n|1962]

Robert BAUM {AT} (M: 1913 May 11 - 1994 Jul 14)
(ps: Robert JUNGK)
	Tomorrow Is Already Here [n|1954]
	Heller Als Tausend Sonnen [n|Ge-1956]
	  Brighter Than A Thousand Suns [n|Ge-1956] (tr James CLEUGH) [1957]
	Children Of The Ashes [n|1961]
	The Nuclear State [n|?]
	The Everyman Project [n|?]
	Future Workshops [n|?]

Vicki BAUM (see: Hedwig BAUM)

Willi (K) BAUM {CH/US?} (M: 1931 Mar 10 - ?)

Carolyn (Blackburn) BAUMAN, nee BUSEY {US} (F: 1904 Mar 1 - 1977 Jun 28)

Herman/Hyman Carl/Karl BAUMAN {US} (M: 1913 Apr 1 - 2001 Jan 25)

Janina (Gustawa) BAUMAN, nee LEWINSON {PL/UK?} (F: 1926 - 2009 Dec 29)

John Edmiston BAUMAN {US} (M: 1891 Sep 27 - 1962 Mar 4)
	Out Of The Valley Of The Forgotten [2v|1923]

Arthur Anthony BAUMANN {UK} (M: 1856 Jan 9 - 1936 Jun 20)
	Betterment, Worsement, And Recoupment [n|1894]
	Persons And Politics Of The Transition [n|1916]
	The Last Victorians [n|1927]
	Burke [b|1930]
	Personalities [n|1936]

Edith BAUMANN, Mrs HONECKER {DDR} (F: 1909 Aug 1 - 1973 Apr 7)
	Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Jugendbewegung [n|Ge-1947]
	Bericht Über Die Ratstagung Der IDFF In Peking [n|Ge-1956]

Gustave BAUMANN {DE/US} (M: 1881 Jun 27 - 1971 Oct 8)
	Frijoles Canyon Pictographs [n|1939]

Hans BAUMANN {DE} (M: 1914 Apr 22 - 1988 Nov 7)
	Macht Keinen Lärm [Ge-1933]
	Unser Trommelbube [Ge-1934]
	Trommel Der Rebellen [p|Ge-1935]
	Horch Auf Kamerad [Ge-1936]
	Wir Zünden Das Feuer [Ge-1936]
	Kampf Um Die Karawanken [Ge-1938]
	Der Helle Tag [Ge-c1938]
	Atem Einer Flöte [Ge-1940]
	Briefgedichte [p|Ge-1941]
	Der Turm Nehaj [Ge-1941]
	Der Wandler Krieg Briefgedichte [Ge-1942]
	Die Helle Flöte [Ge-1948]
	Im Zeichen Der Fische [Ge-1960]
	Der Helle Ton [Ge-?]
	Rüdiger Von Bechelaren [Ge-?]
	Alexander [Ge-?]
	Affengeplapper, 100 Der Schönsten Fabeln Aus Aller Welt [Ge-?]
	Bombo Zaubert Anders [Ge-?]
	Bergbauernweihnacht [Ge-?]
	Brennende Quellen [Ge-?]
	Buchstaben Zu Verkaufen [Ge-?]
	Das Einhorn Und Der Löwe [Ge-?]
	Das Everl Und Der Aff [Ge-?]
	Das Gekränkte Krokodil [Ge-?]
	Das Große Familienbuch Für Die Advents- Und Weihnachtszeit [Ge-?]
	Das Heimliche Haus [Ge-?]
	Das Karussell Auf Dem Dach [Ge-?]
	Das Karussell Zur Weiten Welt [Ge-?]
	Das Karussellgeheimnis [Ge-?]
	Das Kind Und Die Tiere [Ge-?]
	Das Liederboot [Ge-?]
	Das Riesenrhinozeros (w Reiner STOLTE) [Ge-?]
	Das Schaukelschaf [Ge-?]
	Das Schiffschaukelschiff [Ge-?]
	Der Bär Und Seine Brüder [Ge-?]
	Der Bekränzte Spiegel [Ge-?]
	Der Drache Von Nebenan [Ge-?]
	Der Große Alexanderzug [Ge-?]
	Der Große Elefant Und Der Kleine [Ge-?]
	Der Grüne Esel Sieben Alte Fabeln Neu Erzählt [Ge-?]
	Der Junge Aus Dem Vogelnest [Ge-?]
	Der Kindermond [Ge-?]
	Der Löwe Und Die Maus [Ge-?]
	Der Mutter Zulieb [Ge-?]
	Der Rote Pull [Ge-?]
	Der Schatz Auf Der Dracheninsel [Ge-?]
	Der Schimmel Aus Dem Bild [Ge-?]
	Der Sohn Des Columbus [Ge-?]
	Der Weg Zum Kap [Ge-?]
	Der Wunderbare Ball Kadalupp [Ge-?]
	Der Zirkus Ist Da [Ge-?]
	Die Barke Der Brüder [Ge-?]
	Die Drei Im Blauen Luftballon [Ge-?]
	Die Feuerwehr Hilft Immer [Ge-?]
	Die Höhlen Der Großen Jäger [Ge-?]
	Die Kinder Und Der Große Drache [Ge-?]
	Die Stadt Der Tiere [Ge-?]
	Die Welt Der Pharaonen [Ge-?]
	Dimitri Und Die Falschen Zaren [Ge-?]
	Drei Bären Im Bärenhaus [Ge-?]
	Drei Esel Und Ein Elefant [Ge-?]
	Ein Brief Nach Buxtehude [Ge-?]
	Ein Fuchs Fährt Nach Amerika [Ge-?]
	Ein Kompaß Für Das Löwenkind [Ge-?]
	Ein Stern Für Alle [Ge-?]
	Fenny [Ge-?]
	Flügel Für Ikaros [Ge-?]
	Gold Und Götter Von Peru [Ge-?]
	Hänschen In Der Grube [Ge-?]
	Hasenwettlauf, Aber Ehrlich [Ge-?]
	Ich Bin Dabei [Ge-?]
	Ich Zog Mit Hannibal [Ge-?]
	Igel Haben Vorfahrt Und 2 Andere Geschichten [s|Ge-?]
	Im Lande Ur [Ge-?]
	In Meinem Haus [Ge-?]
	Kasperle Hat Viele Freunde [Ge-?]
	Katzimir Der Größte [Ge-?]
	Kleine Schwester Schwalbe [Ge-?]
	Kopfkissenbuch Für Kinder [Ge-?]
	Krokodilvogel Und Affenkind [Ge-?]
	Löwentor Und Labyrinth [Ge-?]
	Mischa Und Seine Brüder [Ge-?]
	Penny [Ge-?]
	Redleg [Ge-?]
	Schorschi Der Drachentöter [Ge-?]
	Steppensöhne [Ge-?]
	Tina Und Nina [Ge-?]
	Und Wer Fährt Vorn? [Ge-?]
	Und Wo Wohnst Du? [Ge-?]
	Vom Goldnen Licht [Ge-?]
	Vorstoß Zum Pazifik [Ge-?]
	Warum Fiffi Fiffi Heißt [Ge-?]
	Wer Flügel Hat, Kann Fliegen [Ge-?]
	Wer Rettet Eirene? [Ge-?]
	Wie Kommt Die Katze Aufs Dach? [Ge-?]
	Wie Tierkinder Schlafen [Ge-?]
	Wie Tierkinder Spielen [Ge-?]
	Wolkenreise Für Den König [Ge-?]

Hans Felix Sigismund BAUMANN {DE/UK:1938on} (M: 1893 Nov 30 - 1985 Jan 30)
(ps: Felix MAN)
	150 Years Of Artists' Lithographs 1803-1953 [n|1953]
	Eight European Artists, Lithography In England, 1801-1810 [n|1954]
	Europäische Graphik [10v|n|Ge-?]

Hermann BAUMANN {DE} (M: 1902 Feb 9 - 1972 Jun 30)
	Die Mannbarkeitsfeiern Bei Den Tsokwe.. [n|Ge-1932]
	Lunda [n|Ge-1935]
	Schöpfung Und Urzeit Des Menschen Im Mythus..Völker [n|Ge-1936]
	Völkerkunde Von Afrika (w R THURNWALD & D WESTERMANN) [n|Ge-1940]
	Das Doppelte Geschlecht [n|Ge-1955]
	Die Völker Afrikas Und Ihre Traditionellen Kulturen [2v|n|Ge-1975-79]

Manfred BAUMANN {DE} (M: 1934 Apr 21 - ?)

Margaret Irene BAUMANN (see: Margaret (Irene Sarah) BAUMANN)

Margaret (Irene Sarah) BAUMANN, Mrs LEES {UK} (F: 1905 Apr 23 - 1990 Feb 16)
(&ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN; Marguerite LEES)
	Ajapa The Tortoise (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [1929]
	Sons Of Sticks (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [1933]
	Golden Pavements: A Story Of Japan (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1935]
	Nansen Of The North (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [b|1937]
	There Goes My Heart (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1952]
	Girl With A Dream (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1953]
	Love Will Find A Way (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1953]
	Dream In The Sun (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1954]
	Woman Without Heart (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1954]
	A Case For Nurse Clare (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1955]
	Meet Doctor Kettering (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1955]
	Secret Star (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1956]
	The Keys Of Fortune (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1956]
	Private Case (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1957]
	District Nurse (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1957]
	Never Let Me Go (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1957]
	Ann Carsdaile, Almoner (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1958]
	Sister Grace (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1958]
	The Sun And The Sea (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1958]
	The Girl Who Kept Faith (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1959]
	When I Give My Heart (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1959]
	Doctor Halcott (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1960]
	Hospital At Night (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1960]
	Village Nurse (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1960]
	The World Of Sister Frayne (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1960]
	The Captain's Lady (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1960]
	Nursing Auxiliary (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1961]
	Doctor's Choice / Heart Deep [s|1962]
	Hospital Secretary / There Goes [s|1962]
	Stevie, Student Nurse (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1962]
	Stevie, Ward Sister (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1962]
	Party Girl (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1962]
	A Case In The Alps [f|1963]
	General Hospital (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1963]
	Stevie, Staff Nurse (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1963]
	Back Room Girl (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1963]
	Stevie, Ward Sister (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1963]
	Ward Hostess (ps: Marguerite LEES) [f|1963]
	A Case In The Alps (ps: Margaret Irene BAUMANN) [f|1963]

Rudolf BAUMANN {DDR} (M: 1911 Aug 19 - 1988 Jun 19)
	Physiologie Des Schlafes Und Klinik Der Schlaftherapie [n|Ge-1953]
	Coma Diabeticum [n|Ge-1959]

Rudolf Gottfried/Gottlieb BAUMANN {CH} (M: 1868 Nov 24 - 1952 Apr 2)
	Waldspuk [f|Ge-1905]
	Sonnenscheinchen [f|Ge-1907]

Jonathan BAUMBACH {US} (M: 1933 Jul 5 - 2019 Mar 28)

Rudolf BAUMBACH (M: 1840 Sep 28 - 1905 Sep 21)
	Von Der Landstrasse [Ge-1883]
&	Summer Legends [Ge-?] (tr Helen B DOLE) [1888]
	Trug-Gold [f|Ge-1890]
	Frau Holde [p|Ge-1894]
	Nicotiana Und Andere Erzählungen [s|Ge-1898?]
	Schwiegersohn [Ge-?]
	Habichtsfräulein [Ge-1904]

Werner BAUMBACH {DE} (M: 1916 Dec 27 - 1953 Oct 29)

Gabriele von BAUMBERG, Mrs BACSÁNYI (F: 1768 Mar 24 - 1839 Jul 24)
	Sämmtliche Gedichte [p|Ge-1800]
	Amor Und Hymen [p|Ge-1807]

Prof, Simon BAUMBERG {UK} (M: 1940 Mar 5 - 2007 Apr 10)

Eric BAUME (see: Frederick Ehrenfried BAUME)

Frederick Ehrenfried BAUME {NZ} (M: 1900 May 29 - 1967 Apr 25)
(ps: Eric BAUME)
	Tragedy Track [1932]
	Half-Caste [1934]
	Burnt Sugar [1934]
	I Lived These Years [a|1942]
	I Lived Another Year [a|1943]
	Sydney Duck [1944]
	Five Graves At Nijmegen [1945]
	Mercia Wade [1947]
	Ponty Galler [1947]
	Devil Lord's Daughter [1948]
	Unrehearsed Incident [1949]
	The Mortal Sin Of Father Grossard [1950]

Gottfried BAUMECKER {DE} (M: ? - 1942)

Prof, Roy F BAUMEISTER {US} (M: 1953 May 16 - ?)

Aenne BÄUMER (see: Aenne STÜTZER)

Gertrud BÄUMER {DE} (F: 1873 Sep 12 - 1954 Mar 25)
	Handbuch Der Frauenbewegung (jt ed) [2v|n|Ge-1901]
	Die Hoeheren Lehranstalten.. (w R LEHMANN & C RETHWISCH) [n|Ge-1904]
	Geschichte Der Gymnasialkurse Für Frauen Zu Berlin [n|Ge-1906]
	Von Der Kinderseele (w Lili DROESCHER) [Ge-1908]
	Frauenbewegung Und Sexualethik [n|Ge-1909]
	Die Soziale Idee In Den Weltanschauungen Des 19 Jahrhunderts [n|Ge-1910]
	Die Frau Und Das Geistige Leben [n|Ge-1911]
	Der Deutsche Frauenkongreß [n|Ge-1912]
	Die Frau In Volkswirtschaft Und Staatsleben Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1914]
	Studien Über Frauen [n|Ge-1921]
	Die Seelische Krisis [n|Ge-1924]
	Grundlagen Demokratischer Politik [n|Ge-1928]
	Deutsche Schulpolitik [n|Ge-1928]
	Heimatchronik Während Des Weltkrieges [n|Ge-1930]
	Sinn Und Formen Geistiger Führung [n|Ge-1930]
	Neuer Humanismus [n|Ge-1930]
	Lebensweg Durch Eine Zeitenwende [n|Ge-1933]
	Adelheid - Mutter Der Königreiche [n|Ge-1936]
	Der Park [n|Ge-1937]
	Wolfram Von Eschenbach [b|Ge-1938]
	Die Macht Der Liebe [n|Ge-1941]
	Der Ritterliche Mensch [n|Ge-1941]
	Frau Rath Goethe [n|Ge-1949]
	Die Drei Göttlichen Komödien Des Abendlandes [n|Ge-1949]
	Ricarda Huch [n|Ge-1949]
	Otto I Und Adelheid [n|Ge-1951]
	Das Königliche Haupt [f|Ge-1951]
	Im Licht Der Erinnerung [a|Ge-1953]
	Eine Woche Im Mai [n|Ge-1956]
	Des Lebens Wie Der Liebe Band (ed Emmy BECKMANN) [a|Ge-1956]
	Bildnis Der Liebenden [n|Ge-1958]
	Eleonora Duse [b|Ge-1958]
	Der Berg Des Königs [n|Ge-1959]

Heino BÄUMER (see: Bruno BOM)

Lewis (Christopher Edward) BAUMER {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 8 - 1963 Oct 25)
	Jumbles [1897]
	Did You Ever? [1903]
	Bright Young Things [1928]

Sybil BAUMER {UK} (F: 1880 Feb 1 - 1966 Nov 12)
	Ave Vita!.. [p|1958]

William Henry BAUMER (Sr) {US} (M: 1909 Nov 27 - 1989 Feb 13)
	Sports As Taught And Played At West Point [n|1939]
	How To Be An Army Officer [n|1940]
	Politics Is Your Business [n|?]
	Darby's Rangers - We Led The Way (w William O DARBY) [n|?]

Lisa BAUMFELD (F: 1877 Apr 27 - 1897 Feb 3)
(&ps: [Ewald BERGEN]; [LIZZY])

Prof, Richard Peter BAUMFELDT-LOHNSTEIN {AT} (M: 1881 Jan 17 - 1963 Dec 31)
(ps: Richard PETER)

Rabbi, Herbert Mark BAUMGARD {US} (M: 1920 Aug 3 - 2016 Apr 15)

Cathie Linz BAUMGARDNER {US} (F: Nov 29 - ?)
(ps: Cathie LINZ)

Prof, David BAUMGARDT {DE/US} (M: 1890 Apr 20 - 1963 Jul 21 or 22)
	Das Möglichkeitsproblem Der Kritik Der Reinen Vernunst [n|Ge-1920]
	Franz Von Baader Und Die Philosophische Romantik [n|Ge-1927]
	Seele Und Welt [n|Ge-1928]
	Spinoza Und Medelssohn [n|Ge-1932]
	Der Kampf Um Den Lebenssinn..Vorlaufern Der Modernen Ethik [n|Ge-1933]
	The Goethe Centuries [n|1950]
	Philosophical Periodicals [n|1952]
	Bentham And The Ethics Of Today [n|1952]
	Maimonides [n|1955]
	Great Western Mystics [n|1961]
	Mystik Und Wissenschaft [n|Ge-1963]

Rudolf BAUMGARDT {DE} (M: 1896 Jul 9 - 1955 Jan 27)

Waldemar BAUMGART {DE} (M: 1878 Nov 27 - 1965 Jul 4)
(ps: Waldemar ROTT)
	Ein Beitrag Zur Volks- Und Jugendliteratur [n|Ge-1905]
	Rundfunkfibel [Ge-1926]
	Andree [f|Ge-1931]
	Klar Zum Tauchen [Ge-1932]
	Leidenschaften Am Kap [f|Ge-1936]

Dieter BAUMGÄRTEL (see: Karl Dietrich BAUMGÄRTEL)

Karl Dietrich BAUMGÄRTEL {DE} (M: 1915 Oct 3 - 1942 Feb 20)
(ps: Dieter BAUMGÄRTEL)
	Junges Laub [p|Ge-1936]

Karl Emmerich BAUMGÄRTEL {AT} (M: 1889 Nov 3 - 1958 Aug 27)

Gerhard BAUMGÄRTEL {DE} (M: 1931 Nov 25 - 1997 Jul 27)

Alexander Gottlieb BAUMGARTEN (M: 1714 - 1762)

Arthur BAUMGARTEN {DDR} (M: 1884 Mar 31 - 1966 Nov 27)
	Die Wissensachaft Vom Recht Und Ihre Methode [3v|n|Ge-1920]
	Geschichte Der Abendländischen Philosophie [n|Ge-1945]
	Bemerkungen Zur Erkenntnistheorie Des..Materialismus [n|Ge-1957]

Friedrich BAUMGARTEN {DE} (M: 1877 Mar 5 - 1950 Nov 3)

(Karl August Ludwig) Hermann BAUMGARTEN (M: 1825 Apr 28 - 1893 Jun 19)
	Gervinus Und Seine Politschen Überzeugungen [n|Ge-1853]
	Der Deutsche Liberalismus [n|Ge-1866]
	Anmerkungen Zu Treitschkes 'Deutsche Geschichte' [2v|n|Ge-1883]

Johanna BAUMGARTEN (F: 1898 Feb 20 - c1952)
(ps: Harald BAUMGARTEN)
	Wasserdroschke 'Junge Liebe' [f|Ge-?]
	Mädel, Warum Fährst Du Nach Berlin [f|Ge-?]
	Das Verzauberte Schiff [f|Ge-?]
	Glückliche Reise, Herr Korff [f|Ge-?]

Klaus-Dieter BAUMGARTEN {DE} (M: 1931 Mar 1 - 2008 Feb 17)

Sylvia BAUMGARTEN (F: ? - ?)

Eugen BAUMGARTNER {DE} (M: 1879 Aug 21 - 1944 Apr 12)
	Kurze Einführung In Die Staatslehre [n|Ge-1921]
	Das Reich Und Die Länder [n|Ge-1923]

Heinrich/Henri (Emil) BAUMGARTNER {CH} (M: 1889 Jul 16 - 1944 Feb 21)
	Die Mundarten Des Berner Seelandes [n|Ge-1922]
	Unsere Aussprache Des Schriftdeutschen [n|Ge-1932]
	Simon Gfeller [Ge-1938]
	Deutsche Sprachschule Für Die Primarschulen Des Kantons Bern [n|Ge-1939]
	Stadtmundart [n|Ge-1940]
	Deutsche Sprachschule Für Die Sekundarschulen..Bern [n|Ge-1943]

John Stanley BAUMGARTNER {US} (M: 1924 May 2 - 2007 Oct 5)
	Project Management [n|1963]

Lisa BAUMGARTNER, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: c1970 - ?)
(ps: Lisa GARDNER; Alicia SCOTT)
	Walking After Midnight (ps: Alicia SCOTT) [f|?]

Matthias BAUMGARTNER {DE} (M: 1865 Feb 20 - 1933 Jun 22 (or 29))

William Jacob BAUMGARTNER {US} (M: 1871 May 14 - 1959 Apr 12)
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Alexandrine de BAWR (see: Alexandrine-Sophie GOURY De CHAMPGRAND)

Sir, Arnold (Edward Trevor) BAX {UK} (M: 1883 Oct 8 - 1953 Oct 3)
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George (Leonard) BAXT {US} (M: 1923 (or 1922) Jun 11 - 2003 Jun 1 (or 28))

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Anne BAXTER, 1:Mrs HODIAK, 2:Mrs GALT, 3:Mrs KLEE {US} (F: 1923 May 7 (or 3) - 1985 Dec 12)

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Biddy BAXTER (see: Joan Maureen BAXTER)

Brian (Henry) BAXTER {UK} (M: 1946 Oct 21 - 2003)

Chris BAXTER (?: ? - ?)

Crichton Milne BAXTER (M: ? - 1881 Feb 24)

Claire BAXTER {AU} (F: ? - ?)

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Emily BAXTER {AU} (F: ? - ?)
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Evan Buchanan BAXTER (M: 1844 Dec 4 - 1885 Jan 14)

Francis Willoughby BAXTER (M: c1805 - 1870 Jun 27)
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George Robert Wythen BAXTER (M: 1814 - 1854 Jan 17)

George Owen BAXTER (see: Frederick Schiller FAUST)

Glen BAXTER {UK} (M: 1944 Mar 4 - living 2022)

Gregory BAXTER (see: Eric DE BANZIE & John Sellar Matheson RESSICH)
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Hazel BAXTER (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

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James Phinney BAXTER, III {US} (M: 1893 Feb 15 - 1975 Jun 17)
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Prof, James Sinclair BAXTER {UK} (M: 1870 - 1933 Aug 24)
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Joan Maureen BAXTER, Mrs HOSIER {UK} (F: 1933 May 25 - living 2022)
(ps: Biddy BAXTER)

John BAXTER (see: Everette Howard HUNT (Jr))

John BAXTER (M: 1781 Oct 21 - 1858 Nov 12)

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(ps: Leader SCOTT)
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Mary Forrest BAXTER, Mrs GEORGE {UK/CA} (F: 1940 Jan 24 - 2010 Jul 12)
(ps: Elizabeth THORNTON)

Mary Lynn BAXTER, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Maurice BAXTER (see: Joseph COMPTON-RICKETT)

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Rev, Michael Paget BAXTER (M: 1834 Dec 7 - 1910 Jan 7)
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Olive BAXTER (see: Helen EASTWOOD)

Raymond (Frederic) BAXTER {UK} (M: 1922 Jan 25 - 2006 Sep 15)

Richard BAXTER (M: 1615 Nov 12 - 1691 Dec 8)
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Valerie BAXTER (see: Laurence MEYNELL)

Walter BAXTER {UK} (M: 1915 May 17 - 1994 Jul 25)
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William BAXTER (M: c1788 - 1871 Nov 1)

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(&ps: Llewellin ACTON)
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Bayler BAY (see: (August Friedrich Peter) Hermann BARTEL)

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(ps: Léon PICARD)
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E BAYARD (?: 1829 - ?)

Edward BAYARD (M: 1806 - 1889)

Prof, Émile BAYARD {FR} (M: 1868 - 1937)
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Émile Antoine BAYARD, aka Abel De Miray (M: 1837 Nov 2 - 1891 Dec 6)

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Mary (nee)Addams BAYNE {US} (F: 1856 or 1866 Sep - 1939 Mar 7 (wrongly 2))
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	Blue Grass And Wattle [f|1909]

Paula Tersea BAYNE, Mrs SPENCER {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Spencer BAYNE (1))

Peter BAYNE (M: 1830 Oct 19 - 1896 Feb 10)

Samuel Gamble BAYNE {US} (M: 1844 Nov 11 - 1924 Apr 20)
	On An Irish Jaunting-Car Through Donegal And Connemara [n|1902]
	Quicksteps Through Scandinavia [n|1908]
22115	A Fantasy Of Mediterranean Travel [n|1909]
	Derricks Of Destiny [a|1924]

Spencer BAYNE (see: Paula Tersea BAYNE & Floyd Albert SPENCER)
	Murder Recalls Van Kill [f|1939]

Bp, Stephen Fielding BAYNE (Jr) {US} (M: 1908 May 21 - 1974 Jan 18)
	Gifts Of The Spirit [n|1943]
	The Optional God [n|1953]
	Christian Living [n|1957]
	In The Sight Of The Lord [n|1958]
	Enter With Joy [n|1961]
	Mindful Of The Love [n|1962]

Thomas Wilson BAYNE {UK} (M: 1845 Oct 21 - 1931 Apr 20)

Tim BAYNE {UK} (M: ? - ?)

William BAYNE {UK} (M: 1858 - 1922 Nov 2)
	Sir David Wilkie, RA [b|1903]

Robert Lane BAYNE-POWELL {UK} (M: 1910 Oct 10 - 1994 Jan 30)

Rosamond Alicia BAYNE-POWELL {UK} (F: 1879 Nov 25 - 1960 May 8)
	Eighteenth Century London Life [n|1937]
	English Country Life In The Eighteenth Century [n|1935]
	Housekeeping In The Eighteenth Century [n|1956]
	The Crime At Cloysters [f|1947]
	The Crime At Porches Hill [f|1950]
	The English Child In The Eighteenth Century [n|1939]
	Travellers In Eighteenth Century England [n|1951]

Bp, Arthur Hamilton BAYNES {UK} (M: 1854 Mar 23 - 1942 Jul 30)
	My Diocese During The War [n|1900]
	S Africa [n|1908]
	Two Centuries Of Church Life [n|1915]

Cary F BAYNES (F: c1873 - 1977 Oct 29)

Charles Robert BAYNES (M: 1809 - 1899 Feb 26)

Edward Stuart Augustus BAYNES {UK} (M: 1889 Jun 25 - 1972 May 14)

Ernest Harold BAYNES {US?} (M: 1868 - 1925)
	Polaris [1922]
	Jimmie [1923]
	The Sprite [1924]

Helton Godwin BAYNES, aka Peter BAYNES {UK} (M: 1882 Jun 26 - 1943 Sep 6)
	Mythology Of The Soul [n|1939]
	Germany Possessed [n|1941]
	Analytical Psychology And The English Mind.. [e|1950]

Jack BAYNES (see: Bertram B FOWLER)

Sir, John (Christopher Malcolm) BAYNES, 7th Bt {UK} (M: 1928 Apr 24 - 2005 Jan 22)
	Morale [1967/87]

Keith Stuart BAYNES {UK} (M: 1887 Nov (wrongly Jul) 11 - 1977 Apr 17)

Prof, Norman Hepburn BAYNES {UK} (M: 1877 May 29 - 1961 Feb 12 (wrongly 13))
	The Claim Of Antiquity [n|?]
	The Byzantine Empire [n|1926]
	The Historia Augusta, Its Date And Purpose [n|1926]
	Israel Amongst The Nations [n|1927]
	A Bibliography Of The Works Of J B Bury [n|1929]
	Constantine The Great And The Christian Church [n|1931]
	Intellectual Liberty And Totalitarian Claims [n|1942]
	The Hellenistic Civilization And East Rome [n|1946]
	The Thought-World Of East Rome [n|1947]
	Three Byzantine Saints (w Elizabeth DAWES) [n|1948]
	Byzantium (jt ed) [n|1948]
	Byzantine Studies.. [e|1955]

Pauline (Diana) BAYNES, Mrs GASCH {UK} (F: 1922 Sep 9 - 2008 Aug 2 (or 1))

Robert Edward BAYNES {UK} (M: 1849 Sep 27 - 1921 Sep 9)
	The Book Of Heat [n|1878]
	Lessons On Thermodynamics [n|1878]

Canon, Robert Hall BAYNES (M: 1831 Mar 10 - 1895 Mar 27)

Prof, Thomas Spencer BAYNES (M: 1823 Mar 24 - 1887 May 30 (wrongly 31))
(&ps: [Juniper AGATE])

Arthur David BAYNES-COPE {UK} (M: 1928 Jan 4 - 2002 Dec 27)

Henry Wellesley Forster BAYNHAM {UK} (M: 1933 Jul 21 - 2002)

Barbara (Jane/Janet Ainsleigh) BAYNTON, nee LAWRENCE, 1:Mrs FRATER, 3:Mrs ALLANSON-WINN, Baroness HEADLEY {AU} (F: 1857 Jun 4 - 1929 May 28)
#Z	Bush Studies [s|1902]
#	Human Toll [f|1907]
	Cobbers [s|1917]

Margaret BAYNTON {UK} (F: 1953 - ?)

Roger (Hilaire) BAYNTON-WILLAMS {UK} (M: 1936 Dec 23 - 2011 Jul 27)

Henry Peter (George) BAYON {UK} (M: 1876 Feb 29 - 1952 Oct 20)
	Il Cretinismo [n|It-1904]
	Histologische Untersuchungsmethoden Des Zentralnervensystems [n|Ge-?]
	Diseases Of Poultry [n|1933]

Edwin (Dorrance) BAYRD (Jr) {US} (M: 1944 Jun 7 - ?)

Gwendolyn (nee)McKee BAYS {US} (F: 1917 Apr 14 - 2013 May 15)

Peter Payne BAYS (M: c1784 - 1864 Feb 7)

Joseph BAYSMORE (M: 1823 - ?)
T	Historical Sketch Of The First Colored Baptist Church Weldon NC [n|1887]

James Arthur BAYTON {US} (M: 1912 Apr 5 - 1990 Aug 4)

Prof, Turhan BAYTOP {TR} (M: 1920 Jun 20 - 2002 Jun 25)

Jean BAZAINE {FR} (M: 1904 Dec 21 - 2001 Mar 4)

Léon BAZALGETTE {FR} (M: 1873 - 1928)
	Camille Lemonnier [n|Fr-1904]
	Whitman [n|Fr-1908]
	  Walt Whitman [n|Fr-1908] (tr ?) [1920]
	Henry Thoreau, Bachelor Of Nature [n|Fr-?] (tr Van Wyck BROOKS) [1924]

César de BAZÁN (see: Julio L de VIZCARRONDO (y CORONADO))

Baron, César (Lecat) de BAZANCOURT (M: c1810 - 1865 Jan 22)
	Les Hommes Noirs [Fr-1850]
	Les Expéditions De Chine Et De Cochinchine.. [n|Fr-1861]
	Secrets Of The Sword [n|Fr-?] (tr C F CLAY) [1900]

Byabasakuzi Timothy BAZARRABUSA {UG} (M: 1912 Mar 28 - 1966 Apr 25)
	Akaana Akatabunga [n|?-1940]
	Thanga Rukanga [n|?-1945]
	Onyuunye Omale [n|?-1957]
	Mungenzoomu [n|?-1962]
	Ha Munwa Gw'Ekituuro [f|?-1963]

Elsie Theodora BAZELEY {UK} (F: 1882 - 1936 Apr 21)
	Homer Lane And The Little Commonwealth [1928]

Canon, William BAZELEY {UK} (M: 1843 - 1925 Jul 12)
	Records Of Matson And The Selwyns [n|?]
	Matson In Tudor And Early Stuart Times [n|?]
	The Bibliographer's Manual Of Gloucestershire Literature (w ?) [n|?]
	Battle Of Tewkesbury [n|?]

Prof, Charles Ernest BAZELL {UK} (M: 1909 Dec 7 - 1984 Apr 5)
	Linguistic Form [n|1953]

Prof, David (Thomas) BAZELON {US} (M: 1923 Mar 2 - 2005 Apr 25)
	The Paper Economy [n|1963]

Rev, Thomas Jefferson BAZEMORE (M: 1844 Dec 11 - 1919 Jan 5)
	Autobiography And Book Of Sermons [a|1901]

Osvaldo BAZIL LEYVA {DO} (M: 1884 Oct 9 - 1946 Oct 5)
	Rosales En Flor [p|Sp-1906]
	Arcos Votivos [Sp-1907]
	Parnaso Dominicano (ed) [p|Sp-1915]
	Parnaso Antillano (ed) [p|Sp-1917]
	Movimiento Intelectual Dominicano [n|Sp-1924]
	La Apoteosis De Las Lágrimas [n|Sp-1932]
	Vidas De Iluminación [n|Sp-1932]
	Cabezas De América [n|Sp-1933]
	El Relicario Del Alma [f|Sp-1936]
	Tarea Literaria Y Patricia [n|Sp-1943]
	Santo Domingo Y Su Jefe [n|Sp-1943]

Corneille BAZILE {FR} (M: c1895 - ?)

Otto Friedrich BAZILLE {DE} (M: 1915 Jun 12 - 1955 Sep 20)
	Natur, Schicksal Und Mensch [p|Ge-1942]
	Die Waage Des Schicksals [Ge-1948]

Germain René Michel BAZIN {FR} (M: 1901 (or 1907) Sep 24 - 1990 May 2 (or 3))
	Le Mont St Michel [n|Fr-1933]
	Le Louvre [n|Fr-1935/80]
	Les Primitifs Français [n|Fr-1937]
	La Peinture Italienne Aux XIVe Et XVe Siècles [n|Fr-1938]
	Memling [n|Fr-1939]
	De David À Cézanne [n|Fr-1941]
	Fra Angelico [n|Fr-1941]
	Corot [n|Fr-1942]
	Le Crépuscule Des Images [n|Fr-1946]
	L'Epoque Impressioniste [n|Fr-1947]
	Les Grands Maîtres De La Peinture Hollandaise [n|Fr-1950]
	Histoire Générale De L'Art [n|Fr-1951]
	L'Architecture Religieuse Baroque Au Brésil [n|Fr-1956-1958]
	Trésors De La Peinture Au Louvre [n|Fr-1957]
	Musée De L'Ermitage [n|Fr-1957]
	Trésors De L'Impressionisme Au Louvre [n|Fr-1958]
	A Gallery Of Flowers [n|1960]
	Aleijadinho [n|Fr-1963]

Hervé BAZIN (see: Jean-Pierre Marie HERVÉ-BAZIN)

Jean BAZIN {FR} (M: 1941 - 2001 Dec 12 (wrongly 21))

René (François Nicolas Marie) BAZIN {FR} (M: 1853 Dec 26 - 1932 Jul 20)
	Stéphanette [Fr-1884]
	Ma Tante Giron [Fr-1885]
	Une Tache D'Encre [Fr-1888]
3975	  The Ink-Stain [Fr-1888] (tr ?) [3v|?]
	Les Noëllet [f|Fr-1890]
	  This, My Son [f|Fr-1890] (tr ?) [1908]
	Le Guide De L'Empereur [Fr-1890]
	À l'Aventure [n|Fr-1891]
	Contes En Vers [Fr-1891]
	La Sarcelle Bleue [f|Fr-1892]
	La Légende De Sainte Béga [Fr-1892]
	Sicile [n|Fr-1892]
	Madame Corentine [f|Fr-1893]
	  Those Of His Own Household [f|Fr-1893] (tr ?) [1914]
	Humble Amour [f|Fr-1894]
	Les Italiens D'Aujourd'hui [Fr-1894]
	Terre D'Espagne [n|Fr-1896]
	En Province [Fr-1896]
	Contes De Bonne Perrette [s|Fr-1897]
	De Toute Son Âme [f|Fr-1897]
	  Redemption [f|Fr-1897] (tr ?) [1908]
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34957	  The Children Of Alsace [f|Fr-1901] (tr ?) [?]
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	L'Âme Alsacienne [f|Fr-1903]
	Donatienne [f|Fr-1903]
	  The Penitent [f|Fr-1903] (tr ?) [1912]
	Récits De La Plaine Et De La Montagne [Fr-1904]
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	  The Nun [f|Fr-1905] (tr ?) [1908]
	Le Duc De Nemours [Fr-1905]
	Questions Littéraires Et Sociales [Fr-1906]
31154	Le Blé Qui Leve [f|Fr-1907]
	  The Coming Harvest [f|Fr-1907] (tr ?) [1908]
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	La Barrière [f|Fr-1910]
	  The Barrier [f|Fr-1910] (tr ) [?]
	La Douce France [Fr-1911]
	Davidée Birot [f|Fr-1912]
	  Davidée Birot [Fr-?] [f|Fr-1912] (tr Mary D FROST) [?]
34708	Nord-Sud: Amérique - Angleterre - Corse - Spitzberg [n|Fr-1913]
	Gingolph L'Abandonné [f|Fr-1914]
	Pages Religieuses [Fr-1915]
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	  Charles De Foucauld, Hermit And Explorer [f|Fr-1921] (tr ?) [1923]
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	Il Etait Quatre Petits Enfants [Fr-1923]
	  Juniper Farm [f|Fr-1923] (tr ?) [1928]
	Le Conte Du Triolet [Fr-1924]
	Baltus Le Lorrain [Fr-1926]
	Pie X [Fr-1928]
	Le Roi Des Archers [Fr-1929]
	Paysages Et Pays D'Anjou [Fr-1926]
	Magnificat [Fr-1931]
	Pages Choisies [Fr-?]
	Récits Du Temps De La Guerre [Fr-?]

Roberto BAZLEN {IT} (M: 1902 Jun 10 - 1965 Jul 27)

Arthur William BAZLEY {AU} (M: 1896 Aug 4 - 1972 Jul 31)
	Writing The Official History Of World War I At Tuggeranong [n|1959]

George BAZLEY {AU} (M: ? - ?)

John Henry Royston BAZLEY (M: ? - ?)
	Coarse Fishing [n|1954]

Pauline BAZLEY {AU} (F: ? - ?)

Sir, Thomas Sebastian BAZLEY, 2nd Bt {UK} (M: 1829 Apr 30 - 1919 Jan 6)
	Notes On The Epicycloidal Cutting Frame Of..Holtzapffel & Co [n|1872]
	Index To The Geometric Chuck [n|1875]
	The Stars In Their Courses [n|1878]

Ambrogio BAZZERO (M: 1851 - 1882)
9641	Ugo: Scene Del Secolo X [f|It-1876]
19048	Storia Di Un'Anima [d|It-pub:1885]

Giambattista BAZZONI (M: 1803 Feb 12 - 1850 Oct 9)
	Il Castello Di Trezzo [It-1827]
27091	Falco Della Rupe; o, La Guerra Di Musso [f|It-1829]
	La Bella Celeste Degli Spadari [It-1832]
	Racconti Storici [s|It-1832]
	Zagranella [It-1845]