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Oral Sumner COAD {US} (M: 1887 Dec 27 - 1976 Aug)

Thorold Francis COADE {UK} (M: 1896 Jul 3 - 1963 Feb 1)
	Latin Translation Simplified [n|1924]
	Harrow Lectures On Education (ed) [e|1930]
	Manhood In The Making (ed) [n|1939]

Ben COADY (see: James O'BRIEN)

Fr, Moses Michael COADY {CA} (M: 1882 Jan 3 - 1959 Jul 28)

Sir, William Ford COAKER {CA} (M: 1871 - 1938 Oct 29)

Mary (nee)Lewis COAKLEY, 1:Mrs ? {US} (F: 1907 Dec 8 - 1995 Apr 20)
	Fitting God Into The Picture [n|1950]

Prof, Ansley Johnson COALE {US} (M: 1917 Nov 14 - 2002 Nov 5)
	Population Growth..In Low-Income Countries (w Edgar HOOVER) [n|1958]

Prof, John Flavell COALES {UK} (M: 1907 Sep 14 - 1999 Jun 6)

Pierre COALFLEET (see: Frank Cyril Shaw DAVISON)

Glo COALSON {US} (F: ? - ?)

Rev, Frederick Gaylord COAN {US} (M: 1859 May 23 - 1943 Mar 23)
	Yesterdays In Persia And Kurdistan [a|1939]

Prof, Otis Welton COAN {US} (M: 1895 Apr 21 - 1984 May 10)
	Rocktown, Arkansas [f|1953]

Titus COAN (M: 1801 Feb 1 - 1882 Dec 1)
	Life In Hawaii..1835-1881 [a|1882]

Henry Edward COANE {AU} (M: 1877 - 1923)
	Australasian Roads (w J M COANE & J M COANE, Jr) [n|1908/?/?/?/1937]

John Montgomery COANE (Sr) {AU} (M: 1848 - 1923 Dec 28)
	Australasian Roads (w H E COANE & J M COANE, Jr) [n|1908/?/?/?/1937]

John Montgomery COANE, Jr (M: 1884 - 1910)
	Australasian Roads (w H E COANE & J M COANE) [n|1908/?/?/?/1937]

Henry Coe COAPE (M: 1810 - 1890 Apr 1)
(ps: Mervyn MERRITON)
	The Ringwoods Of Ringwood [f|1873]
	What Will Society Say? [f|1880]

Firmin COAR (see: Hans ROSELIEB)

Peter (Chadburn) COARD {UK} (M: 1924 Jun 27 - 2001 Sep 2)

Ruth E COARD, nee ? {UK} (F: c1925 - ?)

Prof, Ronald Harry COASE {UK} (M: 1910 Dec 29 - 2013 Sep 2)
	British Broadcasting [n|1950]

James Percy Chatterton COAST {UK} (M: 1880 Jan 5 - 1962 Apr 1)
	The Land Agents' Society, 1901-1939 [n|1939]

Suffolk COAST (see: Ernest Read COOPER)


Prof, Paul COATALEN {FR} (M: 1944 - ?)

Paul J COATALEN (M: ? - ?)

(Gilbert) Randoll COATE {UK} (M: 1909 Oct 8 - 2005 Dec 2)

Arthur Wells COATEN {UK} (M: 1879 Aug 4 - 1939 Jan 29)
	British Hunting [n|1910]
	International Polo [n|1912]
	Evolution Of Racing [n|1940]
	Famous Horses Of The British Turf [n|?]
	The Point-To-Point Calendar [n|?]
	The Book Of The Horse [n|?]

Albert COATES {UK} (M: 1882 Apr 23 - 1953 Dec 11)

Albert COATES {US} (M: 1896 Aug 25 - 1989 Jan 28)
	Task Of Legal Education In North Carolina [n|1930]
	Story Of The Institute Of Government..Chapel Hill [n|1944]

Alexis Urial COATES {US} (M: 1858 - 1943 Jan 21)
	Life Story Of A U Coates [a|1938]

Austin (Francis Harrison) COATES {UK} (M: 1922 - 1997 Mar 17)
	The Road [f|1957]
	Prelude To Hong Kong [n|?/1988]
	City Of Broken Promises [f|1967/87]
	A Macau Narrative [1978/99]
	Islands Of The South [n|?]
	Western Pacific Islands [n|?]
	Personal And Oriental [?]
	Invitation To An Eastern Feast [?]
	Basutoland [n|?]
	Macao And The British, 1637-1842 [n|?]

Belle COATES {US} (F: 1896 Nov 11 - 1986 Jan 7)
	Barn Cat [1955]
	Little Maverick Cow [1959]
	That Colt Fireplug [1958]

Carol COATES {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Fancy Free [p|1939]
	The Return And Selected Poems [p|1941]
	Shanling [f|1944]
	Invitation To Mood [p|1949]

David Wilson COATES {UK} (M: 1886 Apr 11 - 1968 Aug 5)
	Excess Profits Duty Termination And Stock Adjustments [n|1921]

Des COATES {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Dora Meeson COATES (see: Dora MEESON)

Doris Evelyn COATES, nee DAWSON {UK} (F: 1908 Mar 6 - 1998)

Edna Henriette Louise (nee?)Watson COATES (F: ? - ?)
	Moments Of Meditation [p|?]

Edward Groves COATES {UK} (M: 1907 Aug 29 - 1993 Aug 17)
	The British Empire.. [p|1954]

Eliza(=Elizabeth) COATES, nee YOUATT (F: c1816 - 1879 Jan 18)
	'Our Willie' [f|1855]
	Dora Hamilton (anon) [f|1864]
	The Beautiful Island [1866]
	Kitty Bright, The Flower Girl (anon) [f|1874]
	Waiting For The Ship [f|1877]
	Margaret Browning [f|1878]
	While They Are With Us [f|1879]
	Hannah Lee [f|1880]
	How Little Bessie Kept The Wolf From The Door (anon) [f|?]

Eliza Kerr COATES (F: ? - ?)
	That Conceited Vanity [1907]

Eric COATES, aka Jack ARNOLD {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 27 - 1957 Dec 21 (wrongly 23 or 30))

Florence Earle COATES, nee van LEER {US} (F: 1850 - 1927 Apr 16)
	Matthew Arnold [n|1894]
	Poems [p|1898]
	Mine And Thine [p|1904]
	Lyrics Of Life [p|1909]
	The Unconquered Air [p|1912]
	Poems [2v|p|1916]
	Pro Patria [p|1917]

Prof, Geoffrey (Edward) COATES {UK} (M: 1917 May 4 - 2013 Jan 10)
	Organo-metallic Compounds [n|1956/?/1967-68]

George James COATES {UK/AU?} (M: 1869 Aug 9 - 1930 Jul 27)

George Reed COATES (M: 1876 - 1898)
	Sonnets, Poems, Sketches [p|1898]

Grace (nee)Stone COATES {US} (F: 1881 May 20 - 1976 Jan 25)
	Black Cherries [1931]
	Mead And Mangel-Wurzel [p|1932]
	Portulacas In The Wheat [p|1933]
	Riding The High Country (w Patric T TUCKER) [1933]

Prof, Henry COATES {UK} (M: 1880 Mar 28 - 1963 Dec 28)
	Palestrina [n|1938]
	Chopin [n|1940]

Irene COATES, nee GREGORY {UK} (F: 1925 Mar 23 - 2019 Jun 18)
	Poems Of Change [p|1954]
	Who's Afraid Of Leonard Woolf? [b|?]

John Francis COATES {UK} (M: 1922 Mar 30 - 2010 Jul 10)

Rev, John Rider COATES {UK} (M: 1879 Sep 25 - 1956 Mar 8)
	The Christ Of Revolution [n|1920]
	Men Of Destiny [n|1926]
	The Gospel Of The Cross (w others) [n|1918]
	Notes On Daily Bible Readings For 1922 [n|1922]
	Men Of Destiny [n|1926]
	The Coming Of The Church [n|1929]
	Personal Freedom Through Personal Faith (ed) [n|1934]
	The Open Bible (ed) [n|1938-1939]
	War - What Does The Bible Say? [n|1940]
	The Saving History [n|1951]

Joseph Gordon COATES {NZ} (M: 1878 Feb 3 - 1943 May 27)

Ken(=Kenneth) (Sidney) COATES {UK} (M: 1930 Sep 16 - 2010 Jun 27)

Nigel COATES {UK} (M: 1949 Mar 2 - living 2022)

Patrick Devereux COATES {UK} (M: 1916 Apr 30 - 1990 Oct 28)

Paul COATES {UK} (M: c1945 - 2013)

Rev, Percy COATES {UK} (M: 1855 - 1925 Nov 18)
	War-Songs.. [p|?]

Percy COATES (M: ? - ?)
	The World Is Wide Enough [f|1949]

Robert Harry COATES {US} (M: 1905 Dec 4 - 1973 Jun 21)
	Nature And Scope Of Adult Education [n|1946]

Robert Myron COATES {US} (M: 1897 Apr 6 - 1973 Feb 8)
	The Eater Of Darkness [f|1926/1959]
	The Outlaw Years [n|1930]
	Yesterday's Burdens [f|1933]
	All The Year Round [s|1943]
	The Bitter Season [f|1946]
	Wisteria Cottage [f|1948]
	The Farther Shore [f|1955]
	The Hour After Westerly.. [s|1957]
	The View From Here [n|1960]
	Beyond The Alps [n|1961]

Ronald Assheton COATES {UK} (M: 1894 Apr 3 - 1944 Aug 20)
(ps: R A C)
	March In Scotland, 1929 (anon) [1929]

Sheila (Ann Mary) COATES, Mrs HOLLAND {UK} (F: 1937 Dec 22 - 2000 Oct 8)
(&ps: Laura HARDY; Sheila HOLLAND; Charlotte LAMB; Sheila LANCASTER; Victoria WOOLF)

Stephen COATES {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	First Poems [p|1943]
	Second Poems [p|1947]

Stephen COATES (M: 1955 - ?)

Vincent (Middleton Hope) COATES {UK} (M: 1889 May 18 - 1934 Nov 14)
	Rheumatoid Arthritis And Its Treatment (w Leo DELICATI) [n|?]

W H COATES {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Beating Shoes [p|1939]

Olive (Hanniball) COATES PALGRAVE, nee TROLLIP {ZA} (F: 1889 Apr 5 - 1963 Aug)
	Trees Of Central Africa [n|1956]

Hilda Mary(originally Bertha) COATH, nee BRADFORD {UK} (F: 1899 (wrongly 1900) May 20 - 1973)

John COATMAN {UK} (M: 1889 Nov 5 - 1963 Nov 1)
	The Indian Riddle [n|1932]
	Years Of Destiny [n|1932]
	Magna Britannia [n|1936]
	India [n|1941]
	The British Family Of Nations [n|1950]
	Völkerfamilie Commonwealth [n|Ge-1955]
	Police [n|1959]
	A Commonwealth Of Nations [n|1959]
	Portrait Of An Englishwoman [n|1960]
	Eric Charles Handyside, CIE, OBE, Indian Police [b|1962]

Alice (Margaret) COATS {UK} (F: 1905 Jun 15 - 1978 May 19)
	The Story Of Horace [1937]
	The Travels Of Maurice [1939]
	Flowers And Their Histories [n|1956]
	Garden Shrubs & Their Histories [n|1963]

Rev, Jervis COATS {UK} (M: 1844 Jun 7 - 1921 Nov 15)
	The Master's Watchward [n|1897]

Prof, Joseph COATS (M: 1846 Feb 4 - 1899 Jan 24)

Olive Mary COATS {UK} (F: 1882 Jul 14 - 1978 Oct 9)
	Dr & Mrs Coats (w V T COATS) [b|1929]

Robert Hamilton COATS {CA} (M: 1874 Jul 25 - 1960 Feb 7)
	The Labour Movement In Canada [n|?]
	Sir James Douglas (w R E GOSNELL) [b|1908]
	The American - Born In Canada [n|1942]

Rev, Robert Hay COATS {UK} (M: 1873 Jan 8 - 1956 Jun 9)
	Types Of English Piety [n|1912]
	Travellers' Tales Of Scotland [n|1913]
	The Christian Life [n|1915]
	The Realm Of Prayer [n|1920]
	The Changing Church And The Unchanging Christ [n|1924]
	John Glasworthy As A Dramatic Artist [n|1926]
	John Bunyan [b|1927]

Victoria Taylor COATS {UK} (F: 1885 Apr16 - 1940 Jan 4)
	To-day And Yesterday [p|1915]
	Things New And Old [p|1919]
	A Maid In Armour [f|1923]
	David Charters, Engineer, Doctor And Missionary, 1864-1894 [b|1925]
	The Clock Tower [1926]
	Discovery [1926]
	Wm Carey [b|1928]
	Dr & Mrs Coats (w O M COATS) [b|1929]

Rev, Walter William COATS {UK} (M: 1856 Jun 18 - 1941 Jun 21)
	A Short History Of Brechin Cathedral [n|1903]

Elizabeth (Jane) COATSWORTH, Mrs BESTON {US} (F: 1893 May 31 - 1986 Aug 31 (or Sep 2))
	Fox Footprints [p|1923]
	Atlas And Beyond [p|1924]
	The Cat And The Captain [f|1927]
	Toutou In Bondage [f|1929]
	Compass Rose [p|1929]
	The Sun's Diary [f|1929]
	The Boy With The Parrot [f|1930]
	The Cat Who Went To Heaven [f|1930]
	Knock At The Door [f|1931]
	Cricket And The Emperor's Son [f|1932]
	Away Goes Sally [f|1934]
	The Golden Horseshoe [f|1935]
	Sword Of The Wilderness [f|1936]
	Alice-All-By-Herself [f|1937]
	Dancing Tom [f|1938]
	Here I Stay [f|1938]
	Five Bushel Farm [f|1939]
	The Fair American [f|1940]
	The Littlest House [1940]
	A Toast To The King [1940]
	Tonio And The Stranger [f|1941]
	You Shall Have A Carriage [1941]
	The Trunk [f|1941]
	Forgotten Island [1942]
	Runaway Home (w Mabel O'DONNELL) [f|1942/1954]
	Houseboat Summer [f|1942]
	The White Horse (Of Morocco) [f|1942]
	Country Poems [p|1942]
	Thief Island [1943]
	Twelve Months Make An Island [1943]
	The Big Green Umbrella [f|1944]
	Trudy And The Tree House [1944]
	Country Neighborhood [1944]
	Maine Memories [a|1944]
	The Kitten Stand [1946]
	Tales Of The Gauchos (ed) [1946]
	The Wonderful Day [1946]
	Maine Ways [n|1947]
	Plum Daffy Adventure [1947]
	Up Hill And Down [1947]
	The House Of The Swan [f|1948]
	South Shore Town [1948]
	Summer Green [p|1948]
	The Little Haymakers [1949]
	The Creaking Stair [p|1949]
	The Captain's Daughter [1950]
	First Adventure [f|1950]
	Door To The North [f|1950]
	Night And The Cat [p|p50]
	Dollar For Luck (aka: The Sailing Hatrack) [1951]
	The Wishing Pear [1951]
	The Enchanted [1951]
	The Last Fort [1952]
	Boston Belles [1952]
	The Giant Golden Book Of Cat Stories [1953]
	The Giant Golden Book Of Dog Stories [1953]
	Old Whirlwind [1953]
	Aunt Flora [1953]
	Silky [1953]
	Horse Stories (w Kate BARNES) [1954]
	The Sod House [1954]
	Mountain Bride [f|1954]
	Cherry Ann And The Dragon Horse [1955]
	Mouse Chorus [p|1955]
	Hide And Seek [1956]
	The Peddler's Cart [1956]
	Poems [p|1957]
	The Giant Golden Book Of Dogs, Cats, And Horses [n|1957]
	The Dog From Nowhere [1958]
	The Cave (aka: Cave Of Ghosts) [1958]
	You Say You Saw A Camel! [1958]
	Down Tumbledown Mountain [1958]
	The Peaceful/Peaceable Kingdom.. [p|1958]
	The White Room [f|1958]
	Pika And The Roses [1959]
	Desert Dan [1960]
	Lonely Maria [1960]
	Indian Encounters (ed) [s|1960]
	The Children Come Running [1960]
	The Noble Doll [1961]
	Ronnie And The Chief's Son [1962]
	The Princess And The Lion [1963]
	Jock's Island (w Lilian OBLIGADO) [1963]

Rita(=Marguerite) (Harcourt) COATTS, nee BURRAGE {UK} (F: 1883 Feb 2 - 1955 Mar 22)
	The Taming Of Patricia [f|1934]
	Bookworm, The Mystery Solver [f|1938]
	Next Door [f|1937]
	Facing It Out [f|1937]
	Crashed! [f|1937]
	Red! - Look Ahead! [f|1937]
	Ginger For Pluck! [f|1938]
	Jane Of Cherry Barn [f|1938]
	Ghosts At Stark Hall [f|1938]
	School On An Island [f|1938]
	Flying Escape [f|1947]
	The House On The Cliffs [f|1947]
	Schoolgirl Pluck [f|1947]
	The Ghost At Beeches [f|1947]
	Jane Sets Out [f|1948]
	Lots Of Pluck [f|1948]
	Lisbet Leads [f|1948]
	The House With Dark Corners [f|1948]
	The Forbidden Garden [f|1948]
	The Wrong School! [f|1949]
	Born Lucky [f|1949]
	The House On The Cliffs [f|1949]
	The Silent House Which Held A Secret! [f|1949]
	The Thirteen Clues [f|1950]
	Room For One More [f|1950]
	No Stopping Her [f|1950]
	Breaking Bounds [f|1951]
	Under Sara's Wing [f|1951]
	Robin - The Rebel! [f|1953]
	Journey Into Adventure [f|1953]
	Peggy Means Luck [f|1953]

Kurt (Donald) COBAIN {US} (M: 1967 Feb 20 - 1994 Apr 5)

Martin COBALT (see: William (James Carter) MAYNE)

Alice (L) COBB {US} (F: 1909 Apr 7 - 1995 May 18)
	War's Unconquered Children Speak [n|1953]
	Refugees From War [n|1953]

Arthur Frederick COBB {UK} (M: 1877 Feb 16 - 1973 Jan 22)
	Wild Life In The Falkland Islands [n|1910]
	Birds Of The Falkland Islands [n|1933]

Bertha Browning COBB, nee BARNES {US} (F: 1867 - 1951)
	Busy Builders' Book (w Ernest COBB) [n|1912]
	Arlo (w Ernest COBB) [f|1915]
26543	Clematis (w Ernest COBB) [f|1917]
	Anita (w Ernest COBB) [f|1920]
	Pathways Of European Peoples (w Ernest COBB) [n|1922]
	Who Knows? (w Ernest COBB) [s|1924]
	Allspice (w Ernest COBB) [f|1925]
	Dan's Boy (w Ernest COBB) [f|1926]
	The Cracker Box (w Ernest COBB) [1927]
	Pennie (w Ernest COBB) [f|1927]
	André (w Ernest COBB) [f|1930]
	Robin (w Ernest COBB) [f|1934]
	Renard Rusé (w Ernest COBB & Madeline W COBB) [1936]
	Adam Lee [1938]
	Mind's Eye [1941]
	American Eagle [1944]

Carl Wesley COBB {US} (M: 1926 Aug 11 - ?)

Cassels COBB (?: ? - ?)
	Struggle [1915]

Chester (Francis) COBB {AU} (M: 1899 Jun 8 - 1943 Feb 17)
	Mr Moffatt [f|1925]
	Days Of Disillusion [f|1926]

David COBB (M: ? - ?)

Edward L COBB {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: ONE of Its Members)
	Optic Views And Impressions Of The National Soldiers' Home.. [n|1910]

Rev, Edwin Howard COBB {UK} (M: 1878 Jan 8 - 1950 Sep 19)
	Christ Calling [n|1930]
	Christ Fulfilling [n|1931]
	Christ Healing [n|1933]

Elijah COBB {US} (M: 1768 Jul 4 - 1848 Nov 21)
	Elijah Cobb, 1768-1848, A Cape Cod Skipper (ed Ralph D PAINE) [a|1925]

Enos COBB (M: ? - ?)
	An Exposition.. [n|1846]

Ernest COBB {US} (M: 1877 Dec 3 - 1964 Nov)
	Busy Builders' Book (w Bertha B COBB) [n|1912]
	Arlo (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1915]
26543	Clematis (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1917]
	Garden Steps [n|1917]
	Hen At Work [n|1919]
	Anita (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1920]
	Pathways Of European Peoples (w Bertha B COBB) [n|1922]
	Who Knows? (w Bertha B COBB) [s|1924]
	Allspice (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1925]
	Dan's Boy (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1926]
	The Cracker Box (w Bertha B COBB) [1927]
	Pennie (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1927]
	Miles McCarthy [1928]
	André (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1930]
	One Foot On The Ground [n|1932]
	Robin (w Bertha B COBB) [f|1934]
	Renard Rusé (w Bertha B COBB & Madeline W COBB) [1936]

Faye (nee)Davis COBB {US} (F: 1932 Jun 3 - 2013 Jan 22)
	A Parent's Guide To Better Babysitting [n|1963]

Capt, Frank COBB (house pseudonym)
	Winning In The Air [f|1915]
	Winning The War Cross [f|1916]
	Hunting Down The Spy [f|1916]
	The Potter Boys Under Old Glory [f|1918]
	The Potter Boys With The Tanks [f|1919]
	The Potter Boys In The Front Line Trenches [f|1919]
28625	Battling The Clouds; or, For A Comrade's Honor [f|1921]
	An Aviator's Luck [f|1921]
	Dangerous Deeds [f|1921]

Frank Irving COBB {US} (M: 1869 Aug 6 - 1923 Dec 21)

Geoffrey Belton COBB / BELTON-COBB {UK} (M: 1892 May 12 - 1971 Aug 15)
	Stand To Arms [f|1916]
	Island Adventurers [f|1927]
	A Price On Their Heads [f|1930]
	Fatal Dose [f|1937]
	Quickly Dead [f|1937]
	The Fatal Holiday [f|1938]
	Like A Guilty Thing [f|1938]
	Death Defies The Doctor [f|1939]
	No Alibi [f|1939]
	Inspector Burmann's Busiest Day [f|1939]
	The Poisoner's Mistake [f|1940]
	Sergeant Ross In Disguise [f|1940]
	Inspector Burmann's Black-Out [f|1941]
	Home Guard Mystery [f|1941]
	Double Detection [f|1945]
	Death In The 13th Dose [f|1946]
	Early Morning Poison [f|1947]
	The Secret Of Superintendent Manning [f|1948]
	The Framing Of Carol Woan [f|1948]
	No Last Words [f|1949]
	Stolen Strychnine [f|1949]
	The Lunatic, The Lover [f|1950]
	No Charge For The Poison [f|1950]
	No Mercy For Margaret [f|1952]
	Next-Door To Death [f|1952]
	Corpse Incognito [f|1953]
	Detective In Distress [f|1953]
	Need A Body Tell? [f|1954]
	The Willing Witness [f|1955]
	Doubly Dead [f|1956]
	Drink Alone And Die [f|1956]
	Corpse At Casablanca [f|1956]
	Critical Years At The Yard [n|1956]
	Poisoner's Base [f|1957]
	With Intent To Kill [f|1958]
	The Missing Scapegoat [f|1958]
	The First Detectives And The Early Career Of Richard Mayne.. [n|1958]
	Criminals Confess [1959]
	Don't Lie To The Police [1960]
	Death With A Difference [f|1960]
	Corpse In The Cargo [f|1961]
	Search For Sergeant Baxter [f|1961]
	Murdered On Duty [n|1961]
	Trials - And Errors [n|1962]
	Murder - Men Only [1962]
	Death Of A Peeping Tom [f|1963]

Gerald COBB {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Gerard Francis COBB (M: 1838 Oct 15 - 1904 Mar 31)

Rev, Henry Evertson COBB {US} (M: 1863 Mar 25 - 1943 Aug 15 (wrongly 14))
	The Victories Of Youth [1900]
	The Ships Of Tarshish [1909]

Henry Nichols COBB {US} (M: 1926 Apr 8 - 2020 Mar 2)

Prof, Henry Van Zandt COBB {US} (M: 1909 Feb 22 - 1998 Jun 20)
	Man's Way [n|1942]

Herschel Neill COBB {US} (M: 1904 Aug 4 - 1984 Jun 12)

Howell COBB (M: 1795 - 1864)
	Compilation Of Legal Forms In Use In The State Of Georgia (ed) [n|1841]
	Analysis Of The Statutes Of Georgia.. [n|1846]
	An Examination Of The Origin..Of The Church Of God [n|1854]
A	A Scriptural Examination Of The Institution Of Slavery.. [n|1856]

Gen, Howell COBB (M: 1815 Sep 7 - 1868 Oct 9)
	Speech..On The Oregon Question..January 8, 1846 [n|1846]
	Necessity For Party Organization [n|1848]
	Speech..Concord, NH..Democratic Party Of Merrimac County [n|1855]
	Remarks..In The House Of Representatives December 21, 1855 [n|1855]
	Speeches Of Messrs Weller, Orr, Lane & Cobb.. (w others) [n|1856]
	Communication From Hon Howell Cobb [n|1865]
	Great Speech..Atlanta, Ga, July 23, 1868 [n|1868]

Humphrey COBB {US} (M: 1899 Sep 5 - 1944 Apr 25)
	Paths Of Glory [f|1935]

Ida (Belle) (nee)Sublette COBB {US} (F: 1881 Jan 5 - 1956 Sep 27)
	Vagabond Hours [f|1937]
	The River Shuttle [f|1940]

Irvin Shrewsbury COBB {US} (M: 1876 Jun 23 - 1944 Mar 10 (or 11))
	Faith, Hope And Charity [1896]
	Funabashi [d|pro:1907]
1222	Cobb's Anatomy [1912]
	Back Home [f|1912]
19479	Roughing It De Luxe [1913]
24595	Cobb's Bill-Of-Fare [1913]
24799	The Escape Of Mr Trimm: His Plight.. [s|1913]
4551	Europe Revised [1914]
	Old Judge Priest [1915]
	Back Home (w Bayard VEILLER) [d|pro:1915]
10798	Paths Of Glory: Impressions Of War Written At..The Front [n|1915]
1890	'Speaking Of Operations -' [1916]
27154	Fibble, DD [1916]
41297	Local Color [1916]
24936	The Thunders Of Silence [f|1918]
18526	Eating In Two Or Three Languages [1919]
27212	The Life Of The Party [f|1919]
24259	'Oh, Well, You Know How Women Are!' [n|1920]
22530	From Place To Place [1920]
16197	One Third Off [1921]
1891	A Plea For Old Cap Collier [1921]
27439	Sundry Accounts [1922]
	Stickfuls [a|1923]
	A Laugh A Day Keeps The Doctor Away [1923]
	Snake Doctor.. [s|1923]
	Speaking Of Operations.. [s|1923]
	Indiana [1924]
	Kansas [1924]
	Kentucky [1924]
	Maine [1924]
	New York [1924]
	North Carolina [1924]
	Goin' On Fourteen [f|1924]
	Alias Ben Alibi [f|1925]
	On An Island That Cost $24.00 [1926]
	Prose And Cons [1926]
	Some United States [1926]
	Chivalry Peak [1927]
	All Aboard [1928]
	Red Likker [1929]
+	At His Best [1929]
	Both Sides Of The Street [1930]
	To Be Taken Before Sailing [1930]
	Incredible Truth [f|1931]
	Down Yonder With Judge Priest [f|1932]
	Murder Day By Day [f|1933]
	One Way To Stop A Panic [1933]
	Irvin Cobb's Own Recipe Book [n|1934]
	Who's Who, Plus Here's How [1934]
	Faith, Hope, And Charity [1934]
	Judge Priest Turns Detective [f|1937]
	Four Useful Pups [1940]
	Glory, Glory Hallelujah [1941]
	Exit Laughing [a|1941]
	Roll Call [1942]
	Curtain Call [1944]

Ivo Geikie COBB / GEIKIE-COBB {UK} (M: 1887 Apr 30 - 1953 Aug 15)
(ps: Anthony WEYMOUTH)
	Frozen Death [f|1934]
	The Doctors Are Doubtful [f|1935]
	No, Sir Jeremy [f|1935]
	Hard Liver [f|1936]
	Cornish Crime [f|1937]
	Tempt Me Not [f|1937]
	Who'd Be A Doctor? [a|1937]
	Through The Leper-Squint [n|1938]
	Good News About Yourself [e|1938]
	A Psychologist's War-time Diary [n|1940]
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	Germany [n|1945]
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	This Century Of Change, 1853-1952 [n|1953]
	Going To London (2e w Christopher TRENT) [n|1959]
	A Guide To Medicine [n|?]
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	Aids To Organotherapy [n|?]
	Aspects Of Modern Science (ed) [n|?]
	Of London And Londoners [n|?]
	A Journal Of The Second World War [n|?]

J Weldon COBB (M: 1866 - 1902)

James Francis COBB (M: 1829 - 1903 Mar 18)
	Heroes Of Charity [1876]
	Stories Of Success [b|1872]
	Workman And Soldier [f|1880]
	The Watchers On The Longships [f|c1882]
	Martin The Skipper [f|c1888]
	Two Wandering Apprentices (anon) [Ge-?] (tr) [1891]
	How Lorenzo Paid His Debt [f|?]

James Harrel COBB {US} (M: 1906 Nov 13 - 1973 Aug 3)

James Harvey COBB {US} (M: 1953 Feb 18 - 2014 Jul 8)
	Sea Strike [f|?]
	Sea Fighter [f|?]
	Target Lock [f|?]

John COBB (see: John C COOPER)

Prof, John Boswell COBB, Jr {US} (M: 1925 Feb 9 - living 2022)
	Varieties Of Protestantism [n|1960]
	Living Options In Protestant Theology [n|1962]
	Is It Too Late? [n|1971/95]
	Spiritual Bankruptcy [n|?]

Col, John Edward COBB, Jr, aka Jack COBB {US} (M: 1924 Jan 7 - 2003 Jun 17)

Joseph Beckham COBB (M: 1819 Apr 11 - 1858 Sep 15)
	The Creole [f|1850]
R	  Mississippi Scenes; or, Sketches Of Southern And Western.. [s|1851]
	Leisure Labors [e|1858]

Joyce COBB {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Stories From Dickens [1910]

L B COBB {US} (F: ? - ?)

Louise Staples COBB {US} (F: 1897 Jun 3 - 1981 Oct 9)
	A Study Of The Functions Of Physical Education In Higher Education [n|1943]

Lyman COBB (M: 1800 Sep 18 - 1864 Oct 26)
	A Just Standard For Pronouncing The English Language [n|1821]
	Just Standard For Pronouncing The English Language [n|1825]
	Spelling-Book [n|1826]
	Miniature Lexicon Of The English Language [n|1835]
	Arithmetical Rules And Tables [n|1835]
	New Pronouncing School Dictionary [n|1843]
	Evil Tendency Of Corporal Punishment [n|1847]

Michael Herbert COBB {UK} (M: 1916 Sep 10 - 2010 Jun 23)

Prof, Martha (Beatrice) (nee)Kendrick COBB {US} (F: 1917 Mar 1 - 2002 Apr 27)

Ned COBB {US} (M: c1885 - 1973)
(ps: Nate SHAW)
	All God's Dangers (w Theodore ROSENGARTEN) [a|?]

Needham Bryan COBB (M: 1836 Feb 11 (or 1) - 1905 May 31)
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Prof, Richard (Charles) COBB {UK} (M: 1917 May 20 - 1996 Jan 15)

Ruth COBB {UK} (F: 1878 Jun 14 - 1950 Dec 7)
	Baby Ballads [1911]
	This Way To London [1936]
	The Golden Thread [1937]

Sally (Wright) COBB {US} (F: 1915 Mar 20 - 1998 Sep 22)

Samuel COBB (M: 1675 - 1713)
14528	Discourse On Criticism And Of Poetry [n|1707]

Sanford Hoadley COBB (M: 1838 - 1910)
&	The Rise Of Religious Liberty In America [n|1902]

Sophia Dickinson COBB {US?} (F: ? - ?)
R	Hillsboro' Farms [f|1869]

Stanley COBB {US} (M: 1887 Dec 10 - 1968 Feb 25)
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	Outline Of Neuropathology For Students Of General Medicine [n|1929]
	A Perface To Nervous Disease [n|1936]
	Foundations Of Neuropsychiatry [n|1941/1944/1948/1952/1958]
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	Emotions And Clinical Medicine [n|1950]

Stanwood COBB {US} (M: 1881 Nov 6 - 1982 Dec 29)
	The Real Turk [n|1914]
	Ayesha Of The Bosphorus [n|1915]
	The Essential Mysticism [n|1918]
	Simia [p|1919]
	The New Leaven [n|1928]
	Discovering The Genius Within You [n|1932]
	New Horizons For The Child [n|1934]
	Security In A Failing World [n|1934]
	The Way Of Life Of Wu Ming Fu [n|1935]
	Character [n|1938]
	Tomorrow And Tomorrow [n|1951]
	The Donkey Or The Elephant [n|1951]
	What Is Man? [n|1952]
	Sage Of The Sacred Mountain [n|1953]
	Magnificent Partnership [n|1954]
	What Is God? [n|1955]
	What Is Love? [n|1957]
	Memories Of Abdu'l-Baha [b|1962]
	Islamic Contributions To Civilization [n|1963]

Rev, Sylvanus COBB, Sr (M: 1798 Jul 17 - 1866 Oct 31)
	Autobiography.. [a|1867]

Sylvanus COBB, Jr (M: 1823 Jun 5 - 1887 Jul 20)
(&ps: Austin BURDICK; Charles CASTLETON; Col, Walter B DUNLAP; Enoch FITZWHISTLER; Dr, J H ROBINSON; Dr, S LeCompton SMITH; SYMUS, the Pilgrim; Amos WINSLOW, Jr)
	The King's Talisman [1851]
R	The Yankee Champion; or, The Tory And His League [f|1852]
R	Orlando Chester; or, The Adventures Of A Young Hunter [f|1852]
R	The Child Of The Bay; or, The Old Sailor's Protégé [f|1852]
R	The Earl's Ward; or, The Old Chapel And Its Mysteries [f|1852]
#,R	The Knight Of León; or, The Monarch's Last Bride [f|1853]
R	The Lost Heir; or, The Duke And The Lazzarone [f|1853]
R	The Ocean Martyr; or, The Hunter Spy Of Virginia [f|c1855]
R	Olivia Trevett; or, The Patriot Cruiser [f|c1855]
R	Henry La Nuit; or, The Foundling Of The Castle Of Estella [f|c1855]
R	Isidore De Montigny, Or, The Smuggler Of St Malo [f|c1855]
R	The Juggler Of Nankin; or, The Grandee's Plot [f|c1855]
R	The King And Cobbler [f|c1855]
R	The Royal Yacht; or, Logan The Warlock [f|c1855]
R	Alice The Fisher Girl; or, The Old Man Of The Wreck [f|c1855]
	The Patriot Cruiser [1859]
#	Ben Hamed [1864]
#	The Gunmaker Of Moscow [f|1888]
#	Atholbane [f|?]
#	The Smuggler's Ward [f|?]
#	Orion The Gold Beater [f|?]
#	Ivan The Serf [f|?]
#	Collected Stories (1st series) [s|?]
#	Collected Stories (2nd series) [s|?]

Thomas COBB {UK} (M: 1854 Jun 8 - 1932 Jan 15)
	Brownie's Plot [f|1889]
	For Value Received [f|1890]
	On Trust [f|1891]
	The House By The Common [f|1891]
	The Westlakes [f|1892]
	Miss Merewether's Money [f|1892]
	Wedderburn's Will [f|1892]
	The Disappearance Of Mr Derwent [f|1894]
	Carpet Courtship [f|1898]
	Mr Passingham [f|1899]
	Cooper's First Term [f|1899]
	The Judgment Of Helen [f|1899]
30446	The Bountiful Lady; or, How Mary Was Changed.. [f|1900]
	Scruples [f|1900]
31371	The Little Clown [f|1901]
	The Dissemblers [f|1901]
	The Bishop's Gambit [f|1901]
	Severance [f|1901]
	The Castaways Of Meadow Bank [f|1901]
	The Head Of The Household [f|1902]
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	A Man Of Sentiment [f|1902]
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	A Change Of Face [f|1904]
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18280	Enter Bridget [f|1912]
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	Pat [f|1916]
	The Hillerway Letters [f|1917]
	Captain Marraday's Marriage [f|1918]
	While Guy Was In France [f|1918]
	The Silver Bag [f|1919]
	The Impossible Apollo [f|1920]
	Mr Preston's Daughter [f|1920]
	Getting Rid Of Anne [f|1921]
	Priscilla To The Rescue [f|1922]
	Peggy's Dilemma [f|1923]
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	One Who Passed By [f|1924]
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	False Pretences [f|1926]
	Who Opened The Door? [f|1928]
	The Crime Without A Clue [f|1929]
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	Crime At Keeper's [f|1930]
	Inspector Bedison Risks It [f|1931]
	Inspector Bedison And The Sunderland Case [f|1931]
	Who Closed The Casement? [f|1932]
	Death On The Cliff [f|1932]
	The Metal Box [f|1933]

Thomas H COBB {US} (M: ? - ?)

Brig-Gen, Thomas Reade Rootes COBB (M: 1823 Apr 10 - 1862 Dec 13)
	An Inquiry Into The Law Of Negro Slavery In The USA [n|1858]

Timothy Humphrey COBB {UK} (M: 1909 Jul 4 - 2002 Apr 27)

Ty(=Tyrus) (Raymond) COBB {US} (M: 1886 Dec 18 - 1961 Jul 17)
	Busting 'Em.. [s|1914]
	My Life In Baseball (w Al STUMP) [a|1961]

Ty(=Tyrus) (R) COBB {US} (M: 1915 Sep 21 - 1997 May 25)

Vicki (Linda) COBB, nee WOLF {US} (F: 1938 Aug 19 - 2023 Jan 8)

William COBB (see: Jules LERMINA)

Alex COBBAN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Alfred (Bert C) COBBAN {UK} (M: 1901 May 24 - 1968 Apr 1)
	Edmund Burke And The Revolt Against The Eighteenth Century [n|1929]
	Rousseau And The Modern State [n|1934]
	Dictatorship [n|1939]
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James MacLaren COBBAN (M: 1849 Apr 24 - 1903 Oct 31)
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13931	Master Of His Fate [f|1890]
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	The King Of Andaman [f|1895]
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	The Tyrants Of Kool-Sim [f|1896]
	Wilt Thou Have This Woman? [f|1897]
	Her Royal Highness's Love Affair [f|1897]
	The Angel Of The Covenant [f|1898]
	An African Treasure [f|1899]
	Pursued By The Law [f|1899]
	Cease Fire! [f|1900]
	I'd Crowns Resign [f|1900]
	The Life And Deeds Of Earl Roberts, VC [4v|b|1901]
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	The Green Turbans [f|1902]
	A Soldier And A Gentleman [f|1904]
	The Iron Hand [f|1904]
	The Terror By Night [f|1905]
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Sir, James (Macdonald) COBBAN {UK} (M: 1910 Sep 14 - 1999 Apr 19)

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V	The Red Flag In John Bull's Eyes [1863]
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V	Criminals, Idiots, Women & Minors:..Classification Sound? [n|1869]
V	Our Policy: An Address To Women Concerning The Suffrage [n|c1870]
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V	Why Women Desire The Franchise [n|1877]
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V	Vivisection In America [n|1890]
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L-Cpl, COBBER (see: Arthur St John ADCOCK)

COBBETT (see: Anthony (Mario) LUDOVICI)

Alice (Mary Violet) COBBETT {UK} (F: 1872 Mar 21 - 1942 Jan 29)

Daisy Leggett COBBETT {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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	Oil Of Joy [p|1960]

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Louis COBBETT {UK} (M: 1862 May 14 - 1947 Mar 10 (wrongly 9))
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Martin (Richard) COBBETT (M: 1846 - 1906 Apr 24)
(&ps: GERAINT)
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	Sporting Notions Of Present Days And Past (ed Alice COBBETT) [e|1908]

Prof, (William) Pitt COBBETT (M: 1853 Jul 26 - 1919 Oct 17 (wrongly Nov 15))
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	Peace [n|1909]
	War And Neutrality [n|1913]

Walter Willson COBBETT {UK} (M: 1847 - 1937 Jan 22)
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William COBBETT (M: 1763 Mar 9 - 1835 Jun 18)
(&ps: Peter PORCUPINE)
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	A Bone To Gnaw For The Democrats [1795]
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A	The American Gardener [n|1821]
32863	Cottage Economy, To Which Is Added The Poor Man's Friend [n|1821]
	..The Protestant 'Reformation' In England And Ireland [n|1824-27]
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I	The Emigrant's Guide, In Ten Letters.. [n|1829]
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	Legacy To Parsons [n|1835]
	State Trials [?]

Rev, Ingram COBBIN (M: 1777 Dec - 1851 Mar 10)
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	The Pictorial Bible And Commentator [n|1878]

Bob(=Robert) (Walter) COBBING (M: 1920 Jul 30 - 2002 Sep 29)

Prof, James Robert COBBLEDICK {US} (M: 1935 Jun 11 - ?)


Sylvester COBBLESTONE, Jr (see: (William) Wirt SIKES)

Lady, Evelyn (later Zainab) COBBOLD, nee MURRAY {UK} (F: 1867 Jul 17 - 1963 Jan 25)
	Pilgrimage To Mecca [n|1934]
	Kenya [n|1935]

Rev, George Augustus COBBOLD (M: 1857 - 1915 Dec 10)
28598	Religion In Japan: Shintoism-Buddhism-Christianity [n|1905]

Rev, Richard COBBOLD (M: 1797 - 1877 Jan 5)
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	Zenon The Martyr [f|1847]
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Preb, Robert Henry COBBOLD (M: 1819 - 1893 Sep 16)

Thomas Spencer COBBOLD (M: 1828 May 26 - 1886 Mar 20)
45923	Parasites: A Treatise On The Entozoa Of Man And Animals.. [n|1879]

W N COBBOLD {UK} (M: ? - ?)

(Catherine) Aleathea (nee)Thompson COBBS {US} (F: 1860 Jan 20 - 1953 Feb 24)
	Around The Year In Mobile (1702-1924) (w ?) [n|1924]
	Presbyterian Women Of The Synod Of Alabama [n|1936]

Arthur Henry COBBY {AU} (M: 1894 Aug 26 - 1955 Nov 11)
	High Adventure [a|1942]

Ellen (Melicent) COBDEN, Mrs SICKERT (F: c1848 - 1914 Sep 4)
(&ps: Miles AMBER)
	Wistons (ps: Miles AMBER) [f|1902]
	Sylvia Saxon [f|1914]

John C COBDEN (M: ? - ?)
	White Slaves Of England [n|1854]

Richard COBDEN (M: 1804 Jun 3 - 1865 Apr 2)

Louis Eveleigh Bawtree COBDEN-RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 29 - 1962 May 15)
	Gazetteer Of The Orissa Feudatory States [n|?]

Thomas James COBDEN-SANDERSON, originally SANDERSON {UK} (M: 1840 Dec 2 - 1922 Sep 7)
33350	The Arts And Crafts Movement [n|1905]

Harlan COBEN {US} (M: 1962 Jan 4 - living 2022)
	The Boy From The Woods [f|2020]
	Win [f|2021]
	The Match [f|2022]

Alan Edwin COBER {US} (M: 1935 May 18 - 1998 Jan 17)

Rev, Alvin Alonzo COBER {US} (M: 1861 (wrongly 1864) Dec 4 (wrongly Dec 24) - 1934 Oct 11)
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Sir, Alan COBHAM (see: Charles Harold St John HAMILTON)

Sir, Alan (John) COBHAM {UK} (M: 1894 May 6 - 1973 Oct 21)
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	With Cobham To Australia And Back [1] [n|1926]
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Claude Delaval COBHAM (M: 1842 Jun 30 - 1915 Apr 29)

Archdeacon, John Oldcastle COBHAM {UK} (M: 1899 Apr 11 - 1987 May 20)

Rosemary (Celine) COBHAM {UK} (F: 1912 Mar 1 - 1979)
	Collected Poems [p|1955]

John (Lawrence) COBLE {US} (M: 1924 Dec 27 - 2009 Feb 21)
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Carl COBLENTZ (see: Karl SCHNOG)

Catherine (E) (nee)Cate COBLENTZ {US} (F: 1897 Jan 5 - 1951 May 30)
	Animal Pioneers [1936]
	The Blue Cat Of Castleton [c1949]

Elizabeth COBLENTZ, nee ? {US} (F: 1936 Jul 18 - 2002 Sep 17)

Stanton Arthur COBLENTZ {US} (M: 1896 Aug 24 - 1982 Sep (or Aug) 6)
	The Decline Of Man [1925]
	Marching Men [n|1927]
	The Literary Revolution [n|1927]
	The Wonder Stick [f|1929]
	Under The Triple Suns [f|1955]

Abraham COBENZ {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Transistors (w Harry Lee OWENS) [n|1955]

John (Frederick Clair Camphin) COBLEY {AU} (M: 1914 Aug 3 - 1989 Jan 4)
	Sydney Cove [5v|n|1962-86]

Charles COBORN (see: Colin Whitton McCALLUM)

Harry Aaron COBRIN {US} (M: 1902 Jul 21 - 1989 Aug 4)

Ernst August Karl Johannes Leopold Alexander Eduard, Duke of COBURG-GOTHA (M: 1818 Jun 21 - 1893 Aug 22)

Alvin F COBURN {US} (M: 1899 Aug 1 - 1975 Dec 29)
	The Factor Of Infection In The Rheumatic State [n|1931]
	The Epidemiology Of Hemolytic Streptococcus [n|1949]

(James) Anthony COBURN {UK} (M: 1927 Dec 10 - 1977 Apr 24)

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Rev, John COBURN {CA} (M: 1874 Apr 19 - 1954 May 21)
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	Prayer And Personal Religion [n|1957]

Prof, Kathleen (Hazel) COBURN {CA} (M: 1905 Sep 7 - 1991 Sep 23)
	The Grandmothers.. [f|1949]

L J COBURN (house pseudonym)
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	The Raiders [f|?]
	Brotherly Death [f|?]

Walt(=Walter) (J) COBURN {US} (M: 1889 Oct 23 - 1971 May 24)
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	Mavericks [f|1929]
	Barb Wire [f|1931]
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	Sky-Pilot Cowboy (aka: The Kansas Killers) [f|1937]
	Pardners Of The Dim Trails (aka: Tough Texan) [f|1951]
	The Way Of A Texan [f|1953]
	Drift Fence [f|1953]
	The Burnt Ranch [f|1954]
	Wet Cattle (US: Violent Maverick) [f|1955]
	The Square Shooter [f|1955]
	The Renegade [f|1956]
	Cayuse [f|1956]
	Border Jumper [f|1956]
	Beyond The Wild Missouri [f|1956]
	One Step Ahead Of The Posse [f|1956]
	The Night Branders [f|1957]
	Stirrup High [a|1957]
	Fear Branded [f|1957]
	Buffalo Run [f|1958]
	Guns Blaze On Spiderweb Range [f|1958]
	Free Rangers [f|1959]
	Branded [f|1959]
	Fast Gun [f|1959]
	Feud Valley [s|1960]
	The Ramrod, And Sone Of Gunfighters [s|1960]
	La Jornada [f|1961]
	Invitation To A Hanging [f|1963]

Arthur Fernandez COCA {US} (M: 1875 Mar 20 - 1959 Dec 11)
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	Asthma And Hay Fever.. (w A A THOMEN & M WALZER) [n|1931]
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Fr, (Augustin) Maurice (Jean) COCAGNAC {FR} (M: 1924 Jun 20 - 2006 Dec 18)
(&ps: J M WARBLER)
	Le Jugement Dernier Dans L'Art [n|Fr-1955]
	L'Âne De Balaam [n|Fr-1963]
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	L'Agneau De Pâques [n|Fr-1963]
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Joseph A COCANNOUER {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Trampling Out The Vintage [n|1945]
	Weeds, Guardians Of The Soil [n|1950]
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25687	Las Solteronas [d|Sp-?]

Merlino COCCAIO (see: Teofilo FOLENGO)

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Gruffydd ab yr Ynad COCH (M: fl c1284)

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Michael (Francis Lovell) COCKS, (life) Baron COCKS Of HARTCLIFFE of Chinnor {UK} (M: 1929 Aug 19 - 2001 Mar 26)

Rev, Nicholas John COCKS {AU} (M: 1867 Mar 29 - 1925 Jan 21)
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Ruby Louisa COCKS, nee ROSSON {UK} (F: 1882 Aug 15 - 1978)
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	More Verses From Dorset [p|1946]

Robert COCKS (M: 1796 (or 1797 or 1798) - 1887 Apr (wrongly May) 7)

Naidra COCKSHUT {UK} (F: 1912 - 1995 Feb 5)
(ps: Naidra GREY)

Henry COCKTON (M: 1807 Dec 7 - 1853 Jun 26)
(&ps: SHERRY)
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	The Love Match [f|1845]
	The Steward [f|1850]
	Lady Felicia [f|1852]
	Percy Effingham [f|1853]

James (Emil) COCO {US} (M: 1929 (or 1930) Mar 21 - 1987 Feb 25)

Une COCODETTE (see: Ernest(-Aimé) FEYDEAU)

Y Bardd COCOS (see: John EVANS)

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Michael John CODA {US} (M: 1955 Oct 20 - 2004 Oct 8)

Carson CODD (see: Robert (Thomas) SOMMERS)

Edgar Frank CODD, aka Ted CODD {UK/US?} (M: 1923 Aug 23 - 2003 Apr 18)
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Leslie Edward Wostall CODD {ZA} (M: 1908 Sep 16 - 1999 Mar 2)
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Mary Frances CODD {UK} (F: 1893 Apr 25 - 1970 Feb 8)
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	Nephew-In-Law [?]

Addison Epafro CODDINGTON (Jr) {US} (M: 1887 (or 1888) Dec 13 (wrongly 16) - 1952 Aug 17)
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Elizabeth C CODDINGTON (F: ? - ?)
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Fitzherbert John Osbourne CODDINGTON {UK} (M: 1881 Jul 27 - 1956 Mar 18)
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	Young Officer's Guide To Air Force Law [n|?]
	Constable's Guide To The Laws Of Evidence [n|?]
	Advice On Advocacy In The Magistrates Court [n|1951]
	Advice On Advocacy In The Lower Courts [n|1954]

Lynn CODDINGTON {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Allison HAYES)

Arthur Dodd CODE {US} (M: 1923 Aug 13 - 2009 Mar 11)

Edward Percival CODE {AU} (M: 1888 Jul 3 - 1953 Oct 16)
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Canon, George Brereton CODE {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 24 - 1946 Sep 21)
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	A Cathedral College Of Clergy [n|1944]

Mary L CODE {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
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	Wandering May [f|?]
	Clarie's Little Charge [f|?]
	Lonely Lily [f|?]

Samuel Maxwell CODER {US} (M: 1902 Mar 25 - 1997 Jul 28)

Emile CODERRE {CA} (M: 1893 Jun 10 - 1970 Apr 6)
(&ps: Jean NARRACHE)
	Les Signes Sur Le Sable [Fr-1922]
	Quand J' Parl' Tout Seul (ps: Jean NARRACHE) [Fr-1932]
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	Jean Narrache Chez Le Diable (ps: Jean NARRACHE) [Fr-1963]
	Rêveries De Jean Narrache (ps: Jean NARRACHE) [Fr-?]

Ernesto CODIGNOLA {IT} (M: 1885 Jun 23 - 1965 Sep 28)
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	Problemi Didattici [n|It-1919]
	Educatori Moderni [n|It-1926]
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	Illuministi, Giansenisti E Giacobini..Del Settecento [n|It-1947]
	Un Esperimento Di Scuola Attiva [n|It-1954]

James M CODMAN {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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John CODMAN (M: 1814 Oct 16 - 1900 Apr 6)
(&ps: Captain RINGBOLT; American SHIPMASTER)
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Corneliu Zelea CODREANU {RO} (M: 1899 Sep 18 - 1938 Nov 30)

Sir, Alfred Edward CODRINGTON {UK} (M: 1854 May 4 - 1945 Sep 12)
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Sir, Geoffrey (Ronald) CODRINGTON {UK} (M: 1888 May 13 - 1973 Jun 18)
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	The Territorial Army [n|1937]

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Rev, Robert Henry CODRINGTON {UK} (M: 1830 Sep 15 - 1922 Sep 11)
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	A Dictionary Of The Language Of Mota, Sugarloaf Island, Banks'.. [n|1896]

Al CODY (see: Archie (Lynn) JOSCELYN)

C S CODY (see: Leslie (Elson) WALLER)

Prof, Claude Carr CODY (Sr) {US} (M: 1854 Nov 5 - 1923 Jun 26)
	Life And Labors Of Francis Asbury Mood (w Francis Asbury MOOD) [b|1886]

H H CODY (M: ? - ?)

Archdeacon, Hiram Alfred CODY {CA} (M: 1872 Jul 3 - 1948 Feb 9)
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k	The Master Revenge [f|1924]
k	Songs Of A Bluenose [p|1925]
+	The Fighting-Slogan [f|1926]
k	Fighting Stars [f|1927]
+	The Stumbling Shepherd [f|1929]
+	The River Fury [f|1930]
+	The Red Ranger [f|1931]
+	The Girl At Bullet Lake [f|1933]
k	The Crimson Sign [f|1935]
+	Storm King Banner [f|?]

James P CODY (see: Peter Thomas ROHRBACH)

James R CODY (see: Peter Thomas ROHRBACH)

Jess CODY (see: Chet(=Chester) CUNNINGHAM)

Joseph Frederick CODY {NZ} (M: 1895 - 1967)

Liza CODY {UK} (F: 1944 Apr 11 - living 2022)

Louisa (Maud) (nee)Frederici CODY {US} (F: 1844 - 1921 (wrongly 1922) Oct 20 (or 21 or 22))
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(Alpheus) Sherwin CODY {US} (M: 1868 Nov 30 - 1959 Apr 5)
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19719	The Art Of Writing & Speaking The English Language [3v|n|1903]
	An Evening With Lamb [n|1907]
	An Evening With Dickens [n|1907]
	An Evening With Thackeray [n|1907]
	An Evening With Burns [n|1907]
	An Evening With Lincoln [n|1907]
	An Evening With Irving [n|1907]
	An Evening With Tennyson [n|1907]
	An Evening With Longfellow [n|1907]
	How To Read And What To Read [n|1907]
	Poe [n|1924]

Stetson CODY (ps?) (?: ? - ?)
	Cactus Clancy Rides [f|1949]
	The Range Hawk [f|1950]
	Texas Triggers [f|1951]
	Wolf Trail [f|1952]
	Cactus Justice [f|1952]
	Overland Guns [f|1953]
	Vengeance Rider [f|1954]
	Rawhide Range [f|1955]
	Branding Bullets [f|1956]
	Gunsmoke At Necktie [f|1957]
	Moon River Outlaw [f|1957]
	Double X Ranch [f|1958]
	Renegade Triggers [f|1959]
	Sagebrush Bandit [f|1959]
	Colt Fever [f|1960]
	Hair-Trigger Justice [f|1961]
	The Violent Breed [f|1962]
	The Fast Gun [f|1963]

Stone CODY (see: Thomas Ernest MOUNT)

William Frederick CODY, aka 'Buffalo Bill' (M: 1846 Feb 26 - 1917 Jan 10)
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10030,L	The Life Of Hon William F Cody: Known As Buffalo Bill.. [a|1879]
5718	The Great Salt Lake Trail (w Henry INMAN) [n|1898]
&	The Life And Adventures Of Buffalo Bill [a|1904/17]
12740	An Autobiography Of Buffalo Bill [a|1920]

Captain, COE (see: Edward Card MITCHELL)

Brian (Walter) COE {UK} (M: 1930 Dec 27 - 2007 Oct 18)
	The Snapshot Photograph (w Paul GATES) [n|?]

Rev, Charles Clement COE {UK} (M: 1830 - 1921 Apr 1)

Charles Francis COE {US} (M: 1890 Nov 25 - 1956 Dec)
(&ps: Roy TRENT)
	Me - Gangster [f|1927]
	The River Pirate [f|1928]
	Swag [f|1928]
	Hooch! [f|1929]
	Triumph [f|1929]
	Gunman [f|1930]
	The Other Half [f|1930]
	About Two AM [f|1931]
	Ransom [f|1934]
	G-Man [f|1935]
	Never A Dull Moment [a|1944]

Prof, Charles Norton COE {US} (M: 1915 Apr 29 - 1991 Oct 1)
	Wordsworth And The Literature Of Travel [n|1953]
	Shakespeare's Villains [n|1957]
	Demi-Devils [n|1963]

Denis Walter COE {UK} (M: 1929 Jun 5 - 2015 Mar 3)

Douglas COE (see: Samuel EPSTEIN & Beryl WILLIAMS)

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Fanny Eliza COE (F: ? - ?)
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George Washington COE {US} (M: 1856 Dec 13 - 1941 Nov 14)
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Ida COE {US} (F: ? - ?)
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6685	Story Hour Readers, bk 3 (jt ed) [s|?]

Jonathan COE {UK} (M: 1961 Aug 19 - living 2022)

Katherine (M) (nee)Hunter COE {US} (F: 1886 (or 1879) Jan 17 - 1950 May 12)
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	Sundial Shadows [1931]
	Poems Of America (ed) [p|?]

Lloyd COE {US} (M: 1899 Aug 23 - 1976 (wrongly 1977) Oct 10)

Michael Douglas COE {US} (M: 1929 May 14 - 2019 Sep 25)
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Peter(=Percy) Newbold COE {UK} (M: 1919 Sep 27 - 2008 Aug 9)
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	Better Training For Distance Runners (w David E MARTIN) [n|?]

Ralph Tracy COE {US} (M: 1929 Aug 27 - 2010 Sep 14 (wrongly 16))
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	Popular Art [n|1963]

Prof, Richard Nelson (Caslon) COE {UK} (M: 1923 Oct 27 - 1987 Dec 30)

Sebastian (Newbold) COE, (life) Baron COE of Ranmore {UK} (M: 1956 Sep 29 - living 2022)

Tucker COE (see: Donald Edwin (Edmund) WESTLAKE)

Urling Campbell COE {US} (M: 1881 Jul 9 - 1956 May 9)
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William Robertson COE {US} (M: 1869 Jun 8 - 1955 Mar 15)
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William Robertson COE, II {US} (M: 1926 Nov 28 - 2009 Nov 23)
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Prydydd y COED (see: Reuben DAVIES)

Frère?, Nicolas COËFFETEAU (M: 1574 - 1623 Apr 21)
g	Histoire Romaine [n|Fr-?/1623]

Margaret COEL {US} (F: 1937 Oct 11 - living 2022)

COELEBS (see: Hannah MORE)

COELEBS, M A (see: Edward Augustus CARLYON)

Francisco Adolpho COELHO (M: 1847 - 1919)
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21429	Portugal E Ilhas Adjacentes [n|Pt-1896]

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(José Francisco) Trindade COELHO (M: 1861 Jun 18 - 1908 Jun 9)
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Henrique COELHO NETTO {PT} (M: 1864 - 1934)
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	Esphynge [Pt-?]
	Sertão [Pt-?]
	Agua De Juventa [Pt-?]
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	Romanceiro [Pt-?]
	Jardim Das Oliveiras [Pt-?]
	Fabulario [Pt-?]
	Miragem [Pt-?]
	Theatro [2v|d|Pt-?]
	Ouebranto [d|Pt-?]
	Apologos [Pt-?]

Grete COELLEN {DE} (F: 1876 Apr 15 - 1961 Jun 15)

António (José) COELHO LOUSADA (M: 1828 Nov 4 - 1859 Jul 23)
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Cornelis Janszoon COEN {NL?} (M: ? - ?)
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Giuliana COEN, nee/Mrs ? {IT} (F: 1920 Dec 8 - 2010 May 10)

Massimo (Aldo) COEN {IT} (M: 1918 Jul 29 - 2004 Feb 13)

Rena (nee)Neumann COEN {US} (F: 1925 Feb 22 - 2001 Oct 18 (wrongly 28))

Louis Adolphe COERNE {US} (M: 1870 Feb 27 - 1922 Sep 11)
49747	The Evolution Of Modern Orchestration [n|1908]

Eleanor COERR (see: Eleanor PAGE)

D J COETZEE {ZA} (M: 1919 - ?)

John Maxwell COETZEE {ZA} (M: 1940 Feb 9 - living 2022)

Auguste COEURET (M: ? - ?)
23484	La Bastille: (1370-1789) Histoire, Description.. [n|Fr-1890]