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(Arthur) Bamber GASCOIGNE {UK} (M: 1935 Jan 24 - 2022 Feb 8)
	Twentieth Century Drama [n|1962]

Caroline Leigh GASCOIGNE, nee SMITH (F: 1813 - 1883 Jun 11)
	Temptation [f|1839]
	The School For Wives [f|1842]
	Evelyn Harcourt [f|1847]
	Belgravia [p|1851]
	Recollections Of The Crystal Palace [p|1852]
	Spencer's Cross Manor House [1852]
	England's Heroes! [p|1855]
	Next Door Neighbours [f|1855]
	Doctor Harold [f|1865]

Christina GASCOIGNE, nee DITCHBURN {UK} (F: c1938 - living 2022)

George GASCOIGNE (M: c1525 - 1577 Oct 7)
	Supposes [p|1566]
&	Poesies Of G Gascoigne, Corrected And Completed [p|1575]
	Glasse Of Government [d|1575]
&	The Steele Glas [d|1576]
	The Dromme Of Doomsday [?]
	Tale Of Hermetes [?]
&	The Complaynte Of Philomene [?]

(Laura) Gwendolen Douglas GASCOIGNE, nee GALTON {UK} (F: 1859 - 1949 Jul 10)
	La Fenton [f|1891]
	'A Step Aside' [f|1893]

Henry GASCOIGNE (see: Henry Burton Mompesson GAPPER)

Marguerite GASCOIGNE (see: Anna GILBERT)

Paul GASCOIGNE, aka 'Gazza' {UK} (M: 1967 May 27 - living 2022)

Rita GASCOIGNE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The English Weather.. [p|1946]

David (Emery) GASCOYNE {UK} (M: 1916 Oct 10 - 2001 Nov 25)
	Roman Balcony.. [p|1932]
	Opening Day [f|1933]
	A Short Survey Of Surrealism [n|1935]
	Man's Life Is This Meat [p|1936]
	Hölderlin's Madness [p|1938]
	Poems 1937-42 [p|1943]
	A Vagrant.. [p|1950]

Rev, Richard GASCOYNE (M: 1794 - 1890 Sep 29)

Bp, (Rupert Ernest) William GASCOYNE-CECIL {UK} (M: 1863 Mar 9 - 1936 Jun 23)
	Science And Religion [n|1906]
	Changing China [n|1910]
	Difficulties And Duties [n|1920]

Sir, Stephen GASELEE {UK} (M: 1882 Nov 9 - 1943 Jun 16 (or 15))
	Codex Tragunensis Of Petronius [n|1915]
	Stories From The Christian East [1918]
	The Spanish Books In The Library Of Samuel Pepys [n|1921]
	An Anthology Of Medieval Latin (ed) [1925]
	The Oxford Book Of Medieval Latin Verse (ed) [p|La-1928]
	Transition From The Late Latin Lyric To The Medieval Love Poems [n|1931]
	The Foreign Office [n|1933]
	The Costerian Doctrinale Of Alexander De Villa Dei [n|1938]
	The Language Of Diplomacy [n|1939]

Ann GASH, nee COCKBURN {AU} (F: 1923 - 2006)

Joe GASH (see: Bill GRANGER)

Jonathan GASH (see: John GRANT)

Prof, Norman GASH {UK} (M: 1912 Jan 16 - 2009 May 1)
	Politics In The Age Of Peel [n|1953]
	Mr Secretary Peel [b|1961]

Arthur (Cecil) GASK {UK/AU} (M: 1869 (wrongly 1872) Jul 10 - 1951 Jun 24)
#	The Secret Of The Sandhills [f|1921]
#	The Red Paste Murders (US: Murder In The Night) [f|1924]
#	The Secret Of The Garden [f|1924]
#	Cloud, The Smiter [f|1926]
#	The Dark Highway [f|1928]
#	The Lonely House [f|1929]
#	Gentlemen Of Crime [f|1932]
#	The House On The Fens [f|1932]
#	The House On The Island [f|1932]
#	The Hidden Door [f|1934]
#	The Judgment Of Larose [f|1934]
#	The Poisoned Goblet [f|1935]
#	The Hangman's Knot [f|1936]
#	The Master Spy [f|1937]
#	The Night Of The Storm [f|1937]
#	The Grave-Digger Of Monks Arden [f|1938]
#	The Fall Of A Dictator [f|1939]
k	The Shadow Of Larose [f|1939]
#	The Vengeance Of Larose [f|1939]
#	The Tragedy Of The Silver Moon [f|1940]
#	The Beachy Head Murder [f|1941]
#	His Prey Was Man [f|1942]
	The Mystery Of Fell Castle [f|1944]
#	The Man Of Death [f|1946]
	The Dark Miss Stream [f|1947]
	The Unfolding Years [f|1947]
#	The House With The High Wall [f|1948]
#	The Storm Breaks [f|1949]
#	The Silent Dead [f|1950]
#	The Vaults Of Blackarden Castle [f|1950]
#	Marauders By Night [f|1951]
	Night And Fog [f|1951]
	Crime Upon Crime [f|1952]
#	The Passion Years [f|?]
#	The Martyr On The Land [f|?]
#	The Mark Of Honor [f|?]
#	The Lottery Ticket [f|?]
#	The Hatton Garden Crime [f|?]
#	The Bishop's Dilemma [f|?]
#	The Amazing Adventure Of Marmaduke [f|?]
#	Seedtime And Harvest [f|?]
#	Ghosts [f|?]
#	Buggy's Babies [f|?]
#	Black Market [f|?]
#	The Way Of Chance [f|?]
#	The Will [f|?]
#	The Jest Of Life [f|?]
#	The Dark Mill Stream [?]
#	The Destroyer [?]

Daphne Irvine Prideaux GASK, nee SELBY {UK} (F: 1920 Jul 25 - 2004 Nov 18)

Prof, George Ernest GASK {UK} (M: 1875 Aug 1 - 1951 Jan 16)
	Surgery Of The Sympathetic Nervous System (w ROSS) [n|1934]
	Theory And Practice Of Surgery (w SPENCER) [n|?]
	Surgery (w WILSON) [n|?]

Lilian (Fanny) GASK {UK} (F: 1865 - 1942 Nov 17)
	The Wonders Of The Zoo [n|1908]
	In Nature's School [1908]
	The Quest Of The White Merle [1909]
          True Stories About Dogs 1910
	Bird Wonders Of The Zoo [n|1911]
	Legends Of Our Little Brothers [1911]
	In The Once-Upon-A-Time [1913]
	Hundred Best Animals [n|1914]
	True Stories About Horses [1914]
	Bear Stories [1915]
	Babes Of The Wild [1916]
	Dicky's Circus [1918]
	Betty And Bobtail [1920]
	All About Pets [n|1921]
	The Story Of The Owl [n|1921]
	All About Animals [n|1927]

(Reginald) Norman GASK {UK} (M: 1879 Jan 30 - 1961 Oct 6)
	Old Silver Spoons Of England [n|1926]

A P GASKELL (see: Alexander Gaskell PICKARD)

Lady, Catherine (Henrietta) Milnes GASKELL {UK} (F: 1857 - 1935 Aug 1)
	The New Cinderella.. [d|pub:1903]
	Old Shropshire Life [n|1904]
	Spring In A Shropshire Abbey [n|1905]
	Prose Idyls Of The West Riding [1907]
	Episodes In The Lives Of A Shropshire Lass And Lad [f|1908]
	Lady Ann's Fairy Tales [s|1914]
	Friends Round The Wrekin [1914]
	A Woman's Soul [1919]
	The Greater Love [f|1921]

Elizabeth Cleghorn GASKELL, nee STEVENSON (F: 1810 (or 1811) Sep 29 - 1865 Nov 12)
(&ps: Cotton Mather MILLS, Esq)
2153	Mary Barton: A Tale Of Manchester Life [f|1848]
	The Moorland Cottage [f|1850]
4275	Ruth [f|1853]
394	Cranford (anon) [f|1853]
4276	North And South [f|1855]
2521	Lizzie Leigh.. [s|1855]
1827	The Life Of Charlotte Brontë [2v|b|1857]
2524	My Lady Ludlow [f|1858]
2533	Round The Sofa.. [s|1859]
	Right At Last.. [s|1860]
4537	Sylvia's Lovers [f|1863]
X	Selected Contributions To Fraser's Magazine [s|1864]
4268	Cousin Phillis.. [s|1865]
28636,#	The Grey Woman.. [s|1865]
4274,D	Wives And Daughters [unfinished] [f|1866]
2532	The Half-Brothers [f|?]
2531	An Accursed Race [f|?]
2522	A Dark Night's Work [f|?]
2549	Doom Of The Griffiths [f|?]
2547	Half A Life-Time Ago [f|?]
24879	Curious, If True: Strange Tales [s|?]
2548	  The Poor Clare [f|?]
	Some Passages From The History Of The Chomley Family [?]
	The Works Of Mrs Gaskell (ed A W WARD) [f|1906]
	The Novels & Tales Of Mrs Gaskell (ed C SHORTER) [s|1906-19]
#	The Old Nurse's Story.. [s|?]

Jane GASKELL (see: Jane Gaskell DENVIL)

Philip GASKELL (M: ? - ?)
	Senior Major [f|1886]
	Lion Among The Ladies [f|1887]

(John) Philip (Wellesley) GASKELL {UK} (M: 1926 Jan 6 - 2001 Jul 31)
	The First Editions Of William Mason [n|1951]
	John Baskerville [n|1958]

Walter Holbrook GASKELL {UK} (M: 1847 Nov 1 - 1914 Sep 7)

Prof, William GASKELL (M: 1805 Jul 24 - 1884 Jun 11)
	Lectures On Lancashire Dialect [n|1844]

Dave(=David) (Thomas) GASKILL {UK} (M: 1939 May 27 - 2019 Jul 6)

Harold Vincent GASKILL {US} (M: 1905 Feb 3 - 1975 Ap 19)
	Personality [n|1936]

Lillian Erotida GASKILL {US} (F: c1930 - ?)

Peter GASKILL (M: ? - ?)
	Old Maids (anon?) [1835]
	Old Bachelors (anon) [1835]
	Plebeians And Patricians (anon) [f|1836]

Arthur Joseph GASKIN {UK} (M: 1862 Mar 16 - 1928 Jun 4)

Catherine GASKIN, Mrs CORNBERG {AU/IE} (F: 1929 Apr 2 - 2009 Sep 6)
	This Other Eden [f|1947]
	With Every Year [f|1949]
	Dust In The Sunlight [f|1950]
	All Else Is Folly [f|1951]
	Daughter Of The House [f|1952]
	Sara Dane [f|1955]
	Blakes' Reach [f|1958]
	Corporation Wife [f|1960]
	I Know My Love [f|1962]
	The Tilsit Inheritance [f|1963]

Georgie(=Georgina) Evelyn Cave GASKIN, nee FRANCE {UK} (F: 1866 Dec 8 - 1934 Oct 29)

James John GASKIN (M: ? - ?)
	Varieties Of Irish History [n|1869]

Prof, Maxwell GASKIN {UK} (M: 1921 Nov 8 - 2012 Apr 7)

Stephen GASKIN {US} (M: 1935 Feb 16 - 2014 Jul 1)

Rev, Thomas GASKIN (M: c1811 - 1887 Feb 17)

John GASKINS (M: c1816 - ?)
	Life And Adventures.. [a|1893]

Prof, Charles Jacinth Bellairs GASKOIN {UK} (M: 1873 Jul 30 - 1955 Mar 24)
	Alcuin, His Life And His Work [b|1904]
	The Hanoverians [n|1914]
	Britain In The Modern World [n|1923]
	Cambridge Marriage Registers (jt ed) [n|?]

George GASKOIN (M: c1817 - 1887 Feb 5)

Lydia (nee?)Csato GASMAN {US} (F: 1925 May 28 - 2010 Jan 15)

André GASPARD {LB?} (M: c1950 - ?)
(ps: Selim ACCAOUI)

Count, Agénor Étienne de GASPARIN (M: 1810 Jul 12 - 1871 May 4)
	De L'Amortissement [n|Fr-1834]
	Esclavage Et Traite [n|Fr-1838]
	Les Intérêts Généraux Du Protestantisme Français [n|Fr-1843]
	Christianisme Et Paganisme [2v|n|Fr-1846]
	Des Tables Tournantes, Du Surnaturel En General.. [2v|n|Fr-1854]
	La Question Du Neufchâtel [n|Fr-1857]
	Un Grand Peuple Qui Se Relève [n|Fr-1861]
10637	  The Uprising Of A Great People [n|Fr-1861] (tr Mary L BOOTH) [?]
	L'Amérique Devant L'Europe [n|Fr-1862]
	La Liberté Morale [n|Fr-1863]
	La Famille, Ses Devoirs, Ses Joies Et Ses Douleurs [2v|n|Fr-1865]
	Liberal Christianity [n|1869]
	La Déclaration De Guerre, Un Protêt [n|Fr-1870]
	La République Neutre D'Alsace [n|Fr-1870]
	Appel Au Patriotisme Et Au Bon Sens [n|Fr-1871]
	La Conscience [n|Fr-1872]
	Vie D'Innocent III [b|Fr-1873]
	L'Ennemi De La Famille [n|Fr-1874]

Comtesse, Catherine Valérie de GASPARIN, nee BOISSIER (F: 1813 Sep 13 - 1894 Jun 16)
	Le Mariage Au Point De Vue Chrétien [n|Fr-1842]
	Allons Faire Fortune À Paris [n|Fr-1844]
	Un Livre Pour Les Femmes Mariées [n|Fr-1845]
	Il Y A Des Pauvres À Paris Et Ailleurs [n|Fr-1846]
	Quelques Défauts Des Chrétiens D'Aujourd'hui [n|Fr-1853]
	Des Corporations Monastiques Au Sein Du Protestantisme [n|Fr-1855]
	Les Horizons Prochains [n|Fr-1859]
	Les Horizons Célestes [n|Fr-1859]
	Vesper [n|Fr-1861]
	Les Tristesses Humaines [n|Fr-1863]
	La Lèpre Sociale [n|Fr-1870]

Hans GASPARITSCH {DE} (M: 1918 Mar 30 - 2002 Apr 13)
(ps: Fritz KASPAR)

Leopoldo GASPAROTTO {IT} (M: 1902 Dec 30 - 1944 Jun 21)

Prof, Louis GASPER {US} (M: 1911 Feb 10 - 2004 Dec 16)
	Introduction To Sociology [n|1962]
	The Fundamentalist Movement [n|1963]

Thomas GASPEY (M: 1788 Mar 31 - 1871 Dec 8)
(&ps: T G)
	The Mystery; or, Forty Years Ago (ps: T G) [f|1820]
	Calthorpe; or Fallen Fortunes (ps: T G) [f|1821]
	Takings; or the Life of a collegian (anon) [p|1821]
	Other Times [1823]
	The Witch-Finder (anon) [f|1824]
	History Of George Godfrey (ps: T G) [1828]
	The Self-Condemned (ps: T G) [f|1836]
	Many Coloured Life; or, Tales Of Woe And Touches Of Mirth (ps: T G) [f|1842]
	The Life And Times Of The Good Lord Cobham [b|1843]
	The Lollards [f|?]

Thomas William GASPEY (M: c1818 - 1871 Dec 22)

William GASPEY (M: 1812 Jun 20 - 1888 Jul 19)

Oliver GASPIRITZ (M: ? - ?)

Francis Aidan GASQUET (see: Francis Neil GASQUET)

Cardinal, Francis Neil GASQUET {UK} (M: 1846 Oct 5 - 1929 Apr 5 (wrongly 4))
(ps: Francis Aidan GASQUET)
	Henry VIII And The English Monasteries [n|1899]
	Edward VI And The Book Of Common Prayer (w Edmund BISHOP) [n|1890]
	The Eve Of The Reformation [n|1900]
	English Monastic Life [n|1904]
	The Last Abbot Of Glastonbury.. [e|1908]
34923	Breaking With The Past [e|1914]

Charles Penrhyn GASQUOINE {UK} (M: 1871 - 1935 Oct 19)
20074	The Story Of The Cambrian: A Biography Of A Railway [n|1922]

Georg GASS {AT} (M: 1878 Mar 24 - 1944 Sep 20)
	Der Bajuwarische Wandersmann [Ge-1922]
	Labsal Im Trübsal [s|Ge-1923]
	Achter Ulanen [s|Ge-1934]

Prof, Ian (Graham) GASS {UK} (M: 1926 Mar 20 - 1992 Oct 8)

John Bradshaw GASS {UK} (M: 1855 - 1939 Jul 3)

John Donald MacIntyre GASS {CA/US?} (M: 1928 Aug 2 - 2005 Feb 26)
	Stereoscopic Atlas Of Macular Diseases [n|1970/77/87/97]

Karl GASS {DE} (M: 1917 Feb 2 - 2009 Jan 29)

Karl Eugen GASS {DE} (M: 1912 Mar 21 - 1944 Sep 18)
	Die Idee Der Volksdichtung Und Die Geschichtsphilosophie.. [n|Ge-1940]
	Das Antlitz Italiens [n|Ge-1943]
	Pisaner Tagebuch (ed P E HÜBINGER) [n|Ge-1961]

Patrick GASS (M: 1771 - 1870)
	The Life And Times Of Patrick Gass (w John G JACOB) [a|1859]

Prof, Sherlock Bronson GASS {US} (M: 1878 Oct 17 - 1945 Aug 31)
(&ps: Morrison DUPREE)
	English Composition [n|1910]
	A Lover Of The Chair (ps: Morrison DUPREE) [1919]
	Criers Of The Shops (ps: Morrison DUPREE) [1925]
	A Tap On The Shoulder (ps: Morrison DUPREE) [1929]
	Family Crisis [1940]

Prof, William H GASS {US} (M: 1924 Jul 30 - ?)

Frank Harrison GASSAWAY {US} (M: c1850 - ?)
(ps: Derrick DODD)
L	Summer Saunterings [n|1882]
	Poems [p|1920]

Pierre/Petrus GASSENDI (M: G 1592 Jan 22 - G 1655 Oct 24 (or 21))
	Exercitationes Paradoxicae Adversus Aristoteleos [n|La-1624]
	Mercurius In Sole Visus Et Venus Invisa Parisiis.. [n|La-1631]
	De Motu Impresso A Motore Translato [n|La-1642]
	Tychonis Brahei, Equitis Dani, Astronomorum Coryphaei [b|La-1655]
	Opera Omnia [6v|n|La-1658]

Prof, Herbert Spencer GASSER {US} (M: 1888 Jul 5 - 1963 May 11)
	Electrical Signs Of Nervous Activity (w J ERLANGER) [n|1937]

McDill (nee)McCown GASSMAN {US} (F: 1915 Oct 15 - ?)

Joe GASSNER (see: Karl Jakob HIRSCH)

Prof, John(=Jenö) Waldhorn GASSNER {US} (M: 1903 Jan 30 - 1967 Apr 2)
	Masters Of The Drama [n|1940/?/1954]
	Twenty Best Film Plays (jt ed) [d|1943]

Gottfried GAST (see: Walther NISSEN)

Kelly P GAST (see: José Mario Garry Ordoñez EDMONDSON y COTTON)

Paul Werner GAST {UK} (M: 1930 Sep 11 - 1973 May 16)
	Isotopic Geochemistry [n|?]

Joseph GASTER {US} (M: 1911 Apr 14 - 2001 Jan 1)

Moses GASTER {UK} (M: 1856 Sep 17 - 1939 Mar 5)

Theodor Herzl GASTER {UK/US:1944on} (M: 1906 Jul 21 - 1992 Feb 2 or 3)
	A Canaanite Ritual Drama [n|1946]
	The Face Of Hate [n|1948]
	Passover, Its History And Traditions [n|1949]
	Purim And Hanukkah In Custom And Tradition [n|1950]
	Thespis [n|1950]
	The Oldest Stories In The World [n|1952]
	Festivals Of The Jewish Year [n|1953]
	Holy And The Profane (aka: Customs And Folkways Of Jewish Life) [n|1955]
	New Year [n|1955]
	The Dead Sea Scriptures In English Translation [n|1956]

Louis (Jules) GASTINE {FR} (M: 1858 Feb 7 - 1935 (wrongly 1930) Dec 3)
	Filles D'Orient [Fr-1898]
	L'Asie En Feu [Fr-1904]
	Dans L'Azur, Aventures D'Un Aviateur Français [Fr-1909]
	Énigme Dans L'Espace [Fr-1909]
	Le Roi De L'Espace [Fr-?]
	Les Nuits Galantes De Louis XV [Fr-?]
	Le Roi-Soleil S'amuse [Fr-1924]
	L'Orgie Gauloise [Fr-?]
	Les Jouissances De La Révolution [Fr-?]
	La Reine Du Directoire [Fr-?]
34633	L'ABC De L'Aviation - Biplans Et Monoplans [n|Fr-1911]
	Les Torpilleurs De L'Air [f|Fr-1912]
	  War in Space [f|Fr-1912] (tr G H MARCHAT) [1913]
	La Guerre Dans L'Espace [Fr-1912]
	La Ruée Des Jaunes [Fr-1933]
	Nuits D'Orgies Au Vatican [Fr-1935]
	Voluptés Gallo-Romaines [Fr-1935]
	Plaisirs Féodaux [Fr-1935]

Henry G GASTINEAU (M: 1790 or 1791 - 1876 Jan 17)

Albert (Lodewijk Edward) GASTMANN {NL/US?} (M: 1919 (wrongly 1921) Oct 28 - 2007 Feb 1)

Alfred James GASTON {UK} (M: 1854 Oct 14 - 1928 Oct 31)
	Sussex County Cricket, 1728-1923-5 [n|1924]

Arthur George GASTON {US} (M: 1892 Jul 4 - 1996 Jan 19)

Charles Robert GASTON {US} (M: 1874 Sep 6 - ?)
	Modern Lives (jt ed) [n|1927]
	English In Daily Life (w ?) [n|?]

Diane GASTON, nee ? {US} (F: 1948 - ?)
(&ps: Diane PERKINS)

Prof, Edwin Willmer GASTON, Jr {US} (M: 1925 Feb 22 - 2007 Oct 12)
	The Early Novel Of The Southwest [n|1961]
	A Manual Of Style [n|1961]

(Edith) Gertrude (nee)Fales GASTON {US} (F: c1875 - ?)
	Modern Lives (jt ed) [n|1927]

Wilber GASTON (see: Walter Brown GIBSON)

William A GASTON {US} (M: 1949 Jul 11 - 2004 Oct 22)

William Shaw Harriss GASTRELL {UK} (M: 1862 Dec 4 - 1948 Sep 23)
	Our Trade In The World In Relation To Foreign Competition.. [n|?]
	The German Empire Of To-day [n|1902]

Jules de GASTYNE (M: 1847 - 1920)
17184	Le Lys Noir [Fr-?]

R-Adm, Galfry George Ormond GATACRE {AU} (M: 1907 Jun 11 - 1983 Aug 11 (or 12))

Alice (nee)James GATCHEL {US} (F: 1908 Feb 1 - ?)
	Mississippi Verse (ed) [p|1934]

Prof, Charles GATCHELL (M: 1853 - 1910)

Prof, Dana King GATCHELL {US} (F: 1888 - 1960)
	Handbook Of Menu Planning [n|1927]
	Manual Of Food Preservation [n|1942]
	Know Your Table Ware [n|1945]
	Who's Who In Delta Kappa Gamma Of Beta State, Alabama [b|1945]
	Know Your Table Linen And Laces [n|1946]

Joseph GATCHELL (M: ? - ?)
	Disenthralled [a|?/1844]

Frank Otto GATELL {US} (M: 1931 Jul 28 - ?)
	John Gorham Palfrey And The New England Conscience [n|1963]

George GATELY (see: George Gately GALLAGHER)

Greg GATENBY {CA} (M: 1950 May 5 - ?)

Prof, James Brontë GATENBY {UK} (M: 1892 - 1960 Jul 20)
	Biological Technique [n|1937]
	Microtomist's Vade-Mecum (2e w Bolles LEE) [n|1950]

Albert GATES (see: Albert GLOTZER)

Arthur Irving GATES {US} (M: 1890 Sep 22 - 1972 Aug 24)
	Psychology For Students Of Education [n|1923]
	Learning To Use Hearing Aids (w Rose KUSHNER) [n|1946]

Bill GATES, aka 'Swiftwater' {US} (M: 1860 - 1935)
	The True Life Story Of Swiftwater Bill Gates (w Iola BEEBE) [a|1908]

Bill(=William) (Henry) GATES, III {US} (M: 1955 Oct 28 - living 2023)

Rev, Caleb Frank GATES {US} (M: 1857 (or 1858) Oct 18 - 1946 Apr 9 (or 10))
	A Christian Business Man [b|1893]
	Not To Me Only [a|1940]

Charles Marvin GATES {US} (M: 1904 Aug 25 - 1963 Mar 24)
	Five Fur Traders Of The Northwest (ed) [1933]
	Messages Of The Governors Of The Territory Of Washington [n|1940]
	Readings In Pacific Northwest History [n|1941]
	Empire Of The Columbia (w Dorothy O JOHANSEN) [n|1957]
	The First Century At The University Of Washington, 1861-1961 [n|1961]

Clarence Ray GATES {US} (M: 1885 Dec 23 - 1944 Sep 21)
	The Management Of Smaller Schools [n|1923]
	A Leisure Emphasis In Education [n|1937]

Daryl Francis GATES {US} (M: 1926 Aug 30 - 2010 Apr 16)

Doris GATES {US} (F: 1901 Nov 26 - 1987 Sep 3)
	Sarah's Idea [f|1938]
	Blue Willow [f|1940]

Eleanor GATES, 1:Mrs TULLY, 2:Mrs MOORE {US} (F: 1875 Sep 26 - 1951 Mar 7)
28989	The Biography Of A Prairie Girl [f|1902]
31139	The Plow-Woman [f|1907]
33884	Cupid - The Cowpunch (aka: Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher) [f|1907]
15714	The Poor Little Rich Girl [f|1912]
22804	Apron-Strings [f|1917]
24663	The Rich Little Poor Boy [f|1922]
	Piggie [f|1919]

Gareth (Paul) GATES {UK} (M: 1984 Jul 12 - living 2022)

Georgina (I) Stickland GATES {US} (F: 1896 Jan 2 - 1981 May)
	The Modern Cat [n|1928]

Hartley Baxter GATES (M: ? - ?)

Henry Leyford GATES (M: 1880 - 1937 Mar 10)

Rev, Herbert Wright GATES {US} (M: 1868 Oct 30 - 1948 Feb 8)
	The Life Of Jesus [b|?]
	Recreation And The Church [n|?]

Rev, Isaac Edgar GATES {US} (M: 1874 - ?)
	Watching The World Go By [a|1930]

Prof, John Alexander GATES {US} (M: 1898 Sep 28 - 1979 Sep)
	Youth And The Kingdom [n|1940]
	The Life And Thought Of Kierkegaard For Everyman [b|1960]
	Christendom Revisited [n|1963]

Prof, John Floyd GATES {US} (M: 1915 Mar 23 - 1982 Jul 19)
	Adventures In The History Of Philosophy [n|1961]

Josephine GATES, nee SCRIBNER {US?} (F: 1859 - 1930)
	More About Live Dolls [1924]
	The Secret About The Live Dolls [1924]

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Olivia GATES, nee ? (F: ? - ?)

Prof, Paul Wallace GATES {US} (M: 1901 Dec 4 or 14 - 1999 Jan 5)
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	The Wisconsin Pine Lands Of Cornell University [n|1944]

Peter John GATES {UK} (M: c1935 - ?)

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Tudor (David) GATES {UK} (M: 1930 - 2007 Jan 11 (wrongly 12 or 14))
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	Who Saw Him Die? [d|?]
	Saving Ardley [d|?]
	The Ladies Who Lunch [d|?]
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Peter GATH {DE} (M: 1898 Oct 4 - 1959 Oct 15)
(ps: Schang vum VUGELSANG)

Archdeacon, John Robert GATHERCOLE {UK} (M: 1937 Apr 23 - 2010 Oct 8)

Rev, Michael Augustus GATHERCOLE (M: c1802 - 1886 Dec 11)
(ps: L S E)

Alfred Erskine GATHORNE-HARDY (see: Alfred Erskine HARDY)

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Mark GATISS {UK} (M: 1966 Oct 17 - living 2023)

Heinrich GÄTKE (M: 1814 Mar or May 19 - 1897 Jan 1)

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3491	Missy [1920]
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Stephanie GATOS (see: Steve KATZ)

Albert Samuel GATSCHET (M: 1832 - 1907)
I	Indian Languages Of The Pacific States And Territories [n|c1877]

Adeodato GATT {MT} (M: 1898 Jun 26 - 1966 May 23)

Dennis GATT {MT} (M: 1957 Feb 27 - ?)

Emmanuel GATT {MT} (M: 1899 Feb 19 - 1969 Jul 29)

Federico GATT (M: 1841 Dec 7 - 1892 Sep 22)

Guzè GATT {MT} (M: 1886 Jan 2 - 1976 Mar 31)

Joseph GATT {MT} (M: 1950 - ?)

Lawrence GATT {MT} (M: 1941 May 12 - ?)

Lorenzo GATT (M: 1856 Sep 18 - 1926 May 15)

Philip GATT {MT} (M: 1927 Sep 12 - 1995 Nov 16)

Stephen P GATT {MT} (M: 1952 Jan 24 - ?)

Zélia GATTAI, Mrs AMADO {BR} (F: 1916 Jul 2 - 2008 May 17)

Caleb GATTEGNO {US} (M: 1911 Nov 11 - 1988 Jul 28)

Jean GATTÉGNO (M: 1935 Jun 6 - 1994 May 30)

Claude-Marie GATTEL (M: 1743 - 1812)

Felix GATTEL (M: 1870 Dec 14 - 1904)

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Carlo GATTI {IT} (M: 1876 Dec 19 - 1965 Mar 3)
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David GATTI (M: ? - ?)

Florence (nee)Mague GATTI {US} (F: 1912 Feb 19 - 2009 Feb 5)

Giancarlo GATTI {IT} (M: ? - ?)

Guido GATTI {IT} (M: 1892 May 30 - 1973 May 10)
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(David) Ivor (Vaughan) GATTY {UK} (M: 1879 - 1947 Jan 1)
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Woolmer GATTY (?: ? - ?)
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Clara E GATZERT, Mrs SPIEGEL {US} (F: 1904 Dec 6 - 1997 Oct 20)
(ps: Clare JAYNES (1))

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John GAU (M: ? - 1533)

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16562	Chemiam Artibus Academicis Jure Esse Inserendam [n|La-?]
*	Rede Waarin Wordt Aangetoond Dat De Scheikunde.. [n|Du-?]
18147	Inaugureele Rede [Du-?]

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Pierre GAUCHAT {CH} (M: 1902 Jan 5 - 1956 Feb 25)

Albert GAUCI {MT} (M: 1910 Dec 28 - 1988 Sep 11)

Anton GAUCI {MT} (M: 1925 Aug 15 - ?)

Charles A GAUCI {MT} (M: 1947 Oct 19 - ?)

Gino GAUCI {MT} (M: 1951 Jun 9 - ?)

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Fr, Paolo GAUCI (M: 1867 - 1942 Mar 12)

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	Praeterita [1926]
	New Poems [p|?]
	The Light That Faileth Not [p|?]

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Gaetano GAUCI TRAMBLETT (M: 1848 - 1925 May 22)

DE Pres, Joachim GAUCK {DE} (M: 1940 Jan 24 - living 2022)

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John GAUDEN (M: 1605 - 1662 Sep 20)
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Hartwig GAUDER {DE} (M: 1954 Nov 10 - ?)

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	Labor Turnover [n|1960]

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Placide GAUDET {CA} (M: 1850 Nov 19 - 1930 Nov 9)

Henri GAUDIER-BREZESKA (M: 1891 - 1915)

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	Priniciples Of Mineral Dressing [n|1939]

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(Eugène Henri) Paul GAUGUIN, aka Charles MORICE? (M: 1848 Jun 7 - 1903 May 8 or 9)
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Paul (René) GAUGUIN {DK} (M: 1911 - 1976)

Harbakhshingh GAUHAR {IN?} (M: 1912 - ?)
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	[Love Stories Of Great Men] [n|Ur-?]

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(ps: Jenny WREN)
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	Kith And Kin [s|?]

Harvey Bartlett GAUL {US} (M: 1881 Apr 12 - 1945 Dec 1)

Charles Anderson GAULD {US} (M: 1911 Aug 12 - 1977 Aug 11)

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(&ps: Wesley RAY)
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Aimable Philippe GAULIER (M: ? - ?)
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Huguette GAULIN, Mrs BERGERON {CA} (F: 1944 - 1972 Jun 6)

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Jacques de GAULLE (see: Juan GOMEZ CASAS)

Genevieve de GAULLE-ANTHONIOZ, nee de GAULLE, Mrs ANTHONIOZ (F: 1920 Oct 25 - 2002 Feb 14)

Un Franc GAULOIS (see: Marc LESCARBOT)

Paul GAULOT (M: ? - ?)
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Clare GAULT, nee SOLBERG {US} (F: 1925 Mar 20 - 2017 May 20)

Frank GAULT {US} (M: 1926 Aug 14 - 1982)

Henri André Paul Victor GAULT (M: 1929 Nov 4 - 2000 Jul 9)

Prof, James GAULT {UK} (M: 1850 Jun 21 - 1927 Dec 13)
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Mark GAULT (see: John COURNOS)

Robert Harvey GAULT {US} (M: 1874 (wrongly 1873) Nov 3 - 1971 Jun)
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Ted(=Edward) (Woodall) GAULT {AU} (M: 1903 Mar 15 - 1982 Oct 13)

William Campbell GAULT {US} (M: 1910 Mar 9 - 1995 Dec 27)
(&ps: Will DUKE; Dial FOREST; Roney SCOTT)
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	Speedway Challenge [1956]
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	Phantom [f|1957]
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	Sweet Wild Wench [f|1959]
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	Come Die With Me [f|1959]
	Death Out Of Focus [f|1959]
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	Two-Wheeled Thunder [1962]
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Walter Herbert GAUMNITZ {US} (M: 1891 Oct 10 - 1979 Aug 5)
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Prof, Carlos GAUNA LISCANO {VE} (M: 1924 Nov 4 - 1979 Feb 16)

GAUNILO / GAUNILON, of Marmoutiers (M: fl 11th cent)
C	On Behalf Of The Fool [La-C11th] (tr S N DEANE & J G VOSE) [?]

Arthur (Nettleton) GAUNT {UK} (M: 1906 Aug 14 - 1978 Jan 1)
(&ps: Arthur NETTLETON)
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Hardy GAUNT (M: ? - ?)
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Canon, Howard Charles Adie GAUNT, aka Tom GAUNT {UK} (M: 1902 Nov 13 - 1983 Feb 1)
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Jeffrey GAUNT (see: George Ernest ROCHESTER)

Leonard GAUNT {UK} (M: 1921 Mar 26 - 2009 Sep 13)
	The Carriage And Insurance Of Cargoes [n|1955]
	Ilford Book Of Colour [n|1963]

M B GAUNT (see: Richard Edward HORSFIELD)

Mary (Eliza Bakewell) GAUNT, Mrs MILLER {AU} (F: 1861 Feb 20 - 1942 Jan 19)
#	Dave's Sweetheart [f|1894]
21335	The Moving Finger [f|1895]
#,Z	Kirkham's Find [f|1897]
#	Deadman's [f|1898]
	The Arm Of The Leopard (w J R ESSEX) [f|1904]
	Fools Rush In (w J R ESSEX) [f|1906]
	The Silent Ones (w J R ESSEX) [1909]
#	The Uncounted Cost [1910]
	The Mummy Moves [1910]
	Alone In West Africa [n|1911]
	Every Man's Desire [f|1913]
	A Woman In China [n|1914]
#	The Ends Of The Earth [s|1915]
	A Wind From The Wilderness [1919]
	A Broken Journey [n|1919]
	The Surrender.. [s|1920]
	Where The Twain Meet [n|1922]
	As The Whirlwind Passeth [f|1923]
	The Mummy Moves [f|1925]
	The Forbidden Town [f|1926]
	Saul's Daughter [f|1927]
	George Washington And The Men Who Made The American Revolution [b|1929]
	The Lawless Frontier [1929]
	Joan Of The Pilchard [f|1930]
	Reflections In Jamaica [n|1932]
	Harmony [f|1933]
	Worlds Away [?]

William GAUNT {UK} (M: 1900 Jul 5 - 1980 May 24)
	London Promenade [1930]
	Bandits In A Landscape [1937]
	The Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy [n|1942/75]
	Etty And The Nude (w F G ROE) [n|1943]
	British Painting, From Hogarth's Day To Ours [n|1945]
	Hogarth (ed) [n|1947]
	The March Of The Moderns [n|1949]
	Victorian Olympus [1952]
	London In Colour (w J RIDDELL) [n|1955]
	Renoir [n|1952/71]
	Chelsea [n|1954]
	The Lady In The Castle [f|1956]
	Arrows Of Desire [1956]
	Teach Yourself To Study Sculpture [n|1957]
	Kensington [n|1958]
	The Observer's Book Of Painting And Graphic Art [n|1958]
	London [n|1961]
	Everyman's Dictionary Of Pictorial Art [n|1962]

Sir, (Mager) Frederic GAUNTLETT {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 12 - 1964 Jan 25)
	An Introduction To Indian Government Audit [n|?]

Henry John GAUNTLETT (M: 1805 Jul 9 - 1876 Feb 21)

Hermann GAUPP {DE} (M: 1901 Jan 5 - 1966 Jul 12)
	Stiller Weg [p|Ge-1936]
	Hochgelobtes Gutes Leben [p|Ge-1943]
	Eichendorff [b|Ge-1945]

Gerald (Simpson Hillairet Rutland Vere) de GAURY {UK} (M: 1897 Apr 1 - 1984 Jan 12)
	A Saudi Arabian Notebook (w ?) [n|1943]
	Arabia Phoenix [n|1946]

Günter GAUS {DE} (M: 1929 Nov 23 - 2004 May 15)

Adele GAUS-BACHMANN {AT} (F: 1869 Oct 29 - 1945 Apr 3)
	Der Gansedoktor [Ge-1908]
	Gegen Das Schicksal [f|Ge-1908]
	Lorbeer Und Rose [f|Ge-1908]
	Der Teufelsschlosser [p|Ge-1908]
	Im Alpenhotel Bernegger [Ge-1909]
	Millionenfieber [d|Ge-1912]
	Form Und Takt [Ge-1913]
	Züruck Zu Den Alten Griechen [Ge-1924]
	Fritz Kienholz [f|Ge-1925]

Fritz GAUSE {DE} (M: 1893 Aug 4 - 1973 Dec 24)
	Der Kämmereibesitz Der Stadt Königsberg Im 19 Jahrhundert [n|Ge-1924]
	Die Russen In Ostpreußen 1914/15 [n|Ge-1931]
	Neue Ortsnamen In Ostpreußen Seit 1800 [n|Ge-1935]
	Krollmanns Wissenschaftliches Werk [n|Ge-1936]
	Erbe Und Aufgabe Des Deutschen Ostens [n|Ge-1955]
	Geschichte Des Amtes Und Der Stadt Soldau [n|Ge-1958]
	Ostpreußen [n|Ge-1958]
	Das Königsberger Friedrichskollegium [n|Ge-1959]
	Die Geschichte Der Stadt Königsberg In Preußen [3v|n|Ge-1965-71]

Isaac GAUSE (M: 1843 - ?)
	Four Years With Five Armies [a|1908]

(Johann) Carl/Karl Friedrich GAUSS (M: 1777 Apr 30 - 1855 Feb 23)
	Disquisitiones Arithmeticae [n|La-1801]
	Theorematis Arithmetici Demonstratio Nova [n|La-1808]
	Theoria Motus Corporum Coelestium In Sectionibus Conicis.. [n|La-1809]
A	  Theory Of The Motion Of The Heavenly.. [n|La-1809] (tr C H DAVIS) [?]
	Summatio Serierun Quarundam Singularium [n|La-1811]
	Disquisitiones Generales Circa Seriem Infinitam [n|La-1812]
	Theorematis Fundamentallis In Doctrina De Residuis.. [n|La-1818]
	Theoria Combinationis Observationum Erroribus Minimis.. [n|La-1821]
	Theoria Residuorum Biquadraticorum [2v|n|La-1828-32]
	Intensitas Vis Magneticae Terrestris.. [n|La-1833]

Carl Joseph GAUSS {DE} (M: 1875 Oct 29 - 1957 Feb 11)
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(François) Samuel Robert Louis GAUSSEN (M: 1790 Aug 25 - 1863 Jun 18)
	Theopneusty [n|Fr?-?] (tr Edward N KIRK) [1842]

William Frederick Armytage GAUSSEN (M: 1863 Jan 9 - 1893 Apr 28)

Edwin Scott GAUSTAD {US} (M: 1923 Nov 14 - 2011 Mar 25)
	The Great Awakening In New England [n|1957]
	Historical Atlas Of Religion In America [n|1962/76/2001]

Helen (nee)Lukens GAUT {US} (F: 1872 Jan 9 - 1955 Jan 17)
	Trails To Peace [?]

Gail GAUTHIER {US?} (F: 1953 - ?)

Louis-Onésime GAUTHIER (M: 1840 - 1880)
I	Histoire Du Canada [n|Fr-c1867]

Henry GAUTHIER-VILLARS {FR} (M: 1859 Aug 10 - 1931 Jan 12)
(ps: WILLY)
	Claudine At School (w Colette WILLY) [Fr-?] (tr Janet FLANNER) [1930]
	Claudine In Paris (w Colette WILLY) [Fr-?] (tr anon) [1931]
	Claudine S'En Va [Fr-?]
	  The Innocent Wife [Fr-?] (tr F A BLOSSOM) [1934]

GAUTIER, d'Arras (M: ? - 1185)

GAUTIER, de Metz (M: fl 13th cent)

George R GAUTIER {US} (M: 1839 - ?)
	Harder Than Death.. [a|1902]

Hubert GAUTIER, aka Henri GAUTIER (M: 1660 Aug 21 - 1737 Sep 27)
	Traite Des Ponts [n|Fr-1716]
	Leçons de chimie (w Georges CHARPY) [n|Fr-1892]

Judith GAUTIER, Mrs MENDÈS (F: 1845 Aug 4 - 1917 Dec 26)
(&ps: F CHAULNES; Judith WALTER)
	Le Livre De La Foi Nouvelle (anon) [Fr-1900]
18407	En Chine: Merveilleuses Histoires [s|Fr-?]
	Wagner At Home [Fr-?] (tr Effie Dunreith MASSIE) [1910]
	Le Dragon Impérial [f|Fr-?]
	Iskender [f|Fr-?]
	La So=eur Du Soleil [f|Fr-?]
	Le Vieux De La Montagne [f|Fr-?]
	Khou 'N Atonon [f|Fr-?]
	L'Inde Eblouie [f|Fr-?]
	La Marchande De Sourires [d|Fr-pro:?]
	  The Heart Of Ruby [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) [pro:1895]
	L'Avare Chinois [d|Fr-pro:?]
	Princesse D'Amour [d|Fr-pro:?]
	La Fille Du Ciel (w Pierre LOTI) [d|Fr-pro:?]
            The Daughter Of Heaven (w Pierre LOTI) [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) pro:1912
	Poèmes De La Libellule [p|Fr-?]
	Collier Des Jours [3v|a|Fr-?]

Leon GAUTIER (M: 1832 Aug 8 - 1897 Aug 25)

Prof, (Charles) Lucien GAUTIER {CH} (M: 1850 Aug 17 - 1924 Feb 2)
	Le Sacerdoce Dans L'Ancien Testament [n|Fr-1874]
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	Au-Delà Du Jourdain [n|Fr-1896]
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	La Loi Dans L'Ancienne Alliance [n|Fr-1908]
	L'Evangeliste De L'Exil [n|Fr-1911]
	Le Prophète Jérémie [n|Fr-1916]

(Pierre Jules) Théophile GAUTIER (M: 1811 Aug 30 (or 31) - 1872 Oct 23 (or 22))
(ps: Le Bon THÉO)
14288	Mademoiselle De Maupin [f|Fr-1835]
	  Mademoiselle De Maupin [f|Fr-1835] (tr ?) [?]
10442,g	La Comédie De La Mort [p|Fr-1838]
	Les Deux Etoiles [Fr-1848]
	Emaux Et Camées [p|Fr-1856]
	  Emaux Et Camées [p|Fr-1856] (tr ?) [?]
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	La Roman De La Momie [f|Fr-?]
	  The Romance Of A Mummy [f|Fr-?] (tr Anne T WILBUR) [1863]
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30760	  My Private Menagerie [Fr-1869] (tr F C de SUMICHRAST) [1902]
+	La Croix De Berny (w others) [f|Fr-?]
13191	  The Cross Of Berny (w others) [f|Fr-?] (tr F FENDALL & F HOLCOMB) [1873]
&	One Of Cleopatra's Nights [Fr-?] (tr Lafcadio HEARN) [1882]
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22660	King Candaules [Fr-?] (tr Lafcadio HEARN) [1908]
22661	Clarimonde [Fr-?] (tr Lafcadio HEARN) [?]
22662	The Mummy's Foot [Fr-?] (tr Lafcadio HEARN) [?]
g	Le Capitaine Fracasse [Fr-?]
1235	  Captain Fracasse [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]
g	Albertus; ou, L'Âme Et Le Péché [Fr-?]
g	L'Oeuvre Fantastique [s|Fr-?]
#	The Mummy's Foot.. [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]
#	Jettatura [f|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]
27724	Egypt [Fr-?] (tr F C de SUMICHRAST) [?]
33157	Voyage En Espagne [Fr-?]

José GAUTIER BENÍTEZ (M: 1851 Nov 12 (or 1848 Apr 12) - 1880 Jan 24)
(&ps: [GUSTAVO])

Rev, Robert Moffat GAUTREY {UK} (M: 1872 Jan 27 - 1937 Jan 26)
	The Sacrament Of Liberty.. [e|1915/1929]
	The Church With The High Threshold [n|1916]
	The Eternal Optimist [e|1925]
	The Chivalry Of Jesus.. [e|1928]
	The Glory Of Going On [e|1929]
	'This Tremendous Lover' [n|1932]
	The Burning Cataracts Of Christ [n|1933]
	Love Is Lord [n|1934]

Sir, Henry (John) GAUVAIN {UK} (M: 1878 Nov 28 - 1945 Jan 19)
	Actinotherapy Technique [n|1933/?/?/1937/?/?/1946]
	Index Of Treatment [n|?]
	Recent Progress In Medicine And Surgery [n|?]

Julienne Josephine GAUVAIN (F: 1806 - 1883)
(ps: Juliette DROUET)
*	Juliette Drouet's Love-Letters.. (ed L GUIMBAUD) [a|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?]

(Catherine Joan) Suzette GAUVAIN, Mrs MURRAY {UK} (F: 1914 Jan 24 - 1980 Jan 23)
	Occupational Health, A Guide To Sources Of Information [n|1968/74]

Charles Arthur GAUVREAU {CA} (M: 1860 Sep 29 - 1924 Oct 9)
	Captive Et Bourreau [Fr-?]
I	Histoire De Trois-Pistoles [n|Fr-1890]

Émile (Henri/Henry) GAUVREAU {US} (M: 1891 (or 1892) - 1956 Oct 15)
	Hot News [1931]
	The Scandal Monger [1932]
	Virtue OK'd [?]
	My Last Million Readers [a|1941]

Georgi Frantsevich GAUZE / GAUSE {SU} (M: 1910 - 1988)

Terence GAVAGHAN {UK} (M: 1922 Oct 1 - 2011 Aug 11)
	Of Lions And Dung Beetles [a|?]

Thomas GAVAN-DUFFY {UK} (M: 1867 Sep 25 - 1932 Aug 4)

Paul GAVARNI (see: Sulpice Guillaume CHEVALIER)

Ričardas GAVELIS {LT} (M: 1950 Nov 8 - 2002 Aug 18)

Claude H GAVER {US} (M: 1906 Feb 20 - 1974 Dec 16)
(ps: Jack GAVER)
	There's Laughter In The Air! (jt ed) [1945]
	Curtain Calls [1949]
	Critics' Choice (ed) [d|1955]

Jack GAVER (see: Claude H GAVER)

Prof, Mary Virginia GAVER {US} (F: 1906 Dec 10 - 1991 Dec 31)
	The Source Theme (w Lucyle HOOK) [n|1944]
	The Research Paper (w Lucyle HOOK) [n|1948/1962]
	Every Child Needs A School Library [n|1958]

William J GAVET {US?} (M: ? - ?)

Thomas William GAVETT {US} (M: 1932 Jan 16 - 1982 Jan)

Clarence John GAVEY {UK} (M: 1911 Jun 20 - 1982 Sep 7)

Rev, Antonio GAVIN (M: fl 1716-26)

Catherine (Irvine) GAVIN, Mrs ASHCRAFT {UK} (F: 1907 May 13 - 1999 Dec 27 (wrongly 7))
	Louis Philippe, King Of The French [n|1933]
	Clyde Valley [f|1938]
	The Hostile Shore [f|1940]
	The Black Milestone [f|1941]
	Britain And France [n|1941]
	Edward The Seventh [b|1941]
	The Mountain Of Light [f|1944]
	Liberated France [n|1955]
	Madeleine [f|1957]
	The Cactus And The Crown [f|1962]

Diarmuid GAVIN {IE} (M: 1964 May 10 - living 2022)
	Diarmuid Gavin's Big Ideas [n|?]
	Outer Spaces [n|?]

Douglas GAVIN (see: James Lennox KERR)

Hector GAVIN (M: c1816 - 1855 Apr 21)
&	Sanitary Ramblings, Being Sketches..Bethnal Green.. [n|1848]

James L GAVIN (M: ? - ?)
	The Economics Of Empire, II (anon) [n|1903]

Lt-Gen, James Maurice GAVIN {US} (M: 1907 Mar 22 - 1990 Feb 23)
	Airborne Warfare [n|1947]

Jessie GAVIN, Mrs RAOUL-DUVAL {UK} (F: 1876 - 1939 May 3)

John GAVIN {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Under His Spell [f|1921]
	Acting A Part [f|1923]
	Dare-Devil Douglas [f|1924]
	The Critical Hour [f|1924]
	The Widow In Red [f|1924]
	What She Concealed [f|1924]
	A Heartless Cheat [f|1925]
	A Pair Of Schemers [f|1925]
	At A Woman's Mercy [f|1925]
	A Bashful Beauty [f|1925]
	She Thought Herself Somebody [f|1925]
	Anne Against Them All [f|1926]
	Mrs Brown's Son [f|1927]
	The Harvest Of A Lie [f|1927]
	A Headstrong Girl [f|1927]
	Lilian Comes To Stay [f|1927]
	Her Strange Engagement [f|1928]
	The Stormy Haven [f|1928]
	All A Sham [f|1928]
	Her Two Desires [f|1928]
	Margaret's Father [f|1930]
	The Woman Blamed [f|1930]
	A Scheming Widow [f|1931]
	The Coward Wife [f|1931]
	The Man She Jilted [f|1931]
	Easy Come-Easy Go [f|1932]
	Nowhere To Turn [f|1932]
	Her Reckless Family [f|1933]
	Adventures Of A Young Wife [f|1933]
	The Girl In Demand [f|1933]

Malcolm Ross GAVIN {UK} (M: 1908 Apr 27 - 1989 Feb 4)

Fr(SJ), Michael GAVIN (M: 1843 Jan 5 - 1919 Jun 28)
	The Sacrifice Of The Mass [n|?]
	Memoirs Of Father P Gallwey, SJ [b|?]
	The Decay Of Faith [n|?]
	The Devotion To The Sacred Heart [n|?]
	The Salvation Of God [n|?]

Sir, William GAVIN {UK} (M: 1886 May 31 - 1968 Jun 4)

Wilfred (Arthur) GAVIN-BROWN {UK} (M: 1904 Mar 10 - 1981 Apr 23)
	My River, And Some Other Waters [n|1947]

P GAVINA {IT} (?: ? - ?)
L	Balli Di Ieri E Balli D'Oggi [n|It-1922]

Rev, Elnathan Corrington GAVITT (M: 1808 - 1896)
	Crumbs From My Saddle Bag [a|1884]

Marcus GAVIUS Apicius (M: BC c25 - c37)
16439	De Re Coquinaria [n|La-?]

Hannah(=Anne/Ann) GAVRON, nee FYVEL {UK} (F: 1936 - 1965 Dec 14)

Robert GAVRON, (life) Baron GAVRON of Highgate {UK} (M: 1930 Sep 13 - 2015 Feb 7)

Arthur Leslie GAVSHON {UK} (M: 1916 Aug 21 (wrongly 28) - 1995 Jul 24 (wrongly 25))
	Flight For Freedom [1941]
	the mysterious death of dag hammarskjold [b|1962]

Allison GAW {US} (M: 1877 May 23 - 1954 May 17)
	Sir Samuel Tuke's Adventures Of Five Hours..'Spanish Plot'.. [n|1917]
	Studying The Play [n|1921/1925/1928]
	Pegasus And The Mule (w Ethelean Tyson GAW) [1924]
	Pharaoh's Daughter (w Ethelean Tyson GAW) [d|pro:1925/pub:1928]
	The Origin And Development Of I Henry VI.. [n|1926/1927]
	University Of Southern California Poems, 1880-1930 (jt ed) [p|1930]
	The Artistry Of The Stanza [n|?]

Ethelean Tyson GAW {US} (F: 1877 Jan 23 - 1962 Jan 29)
	Battle Song Of Democracy [1917]
	Pegasus And The Mule (w Allison GAW) [1924]
	Pharaoh's Daughter (w Allison GAW) [d|pro:1925/pub:1928]
	Lifted Torch [d|pro:1926]
	Literary Map Of California [n|1926]
	Mixed Carrots [d|1930]

Walter Alfred GAW {US} (M: 1904 Dec 30 - 2001 Jul 8)
	Advertising (w Warren W DYGERT) [n|1949]

Karl Wilhelm GAWALOWSKI {AT} (M: 1861 Jun 30 - 1945 Mar 16)
	Lieder [p|Ge-1881]
	Egerberg [p|Ge-1884]
	Ramphold Gorenz [p|Ge-1885]
	Im Heiligen Deutschen Osten [p|Ge-1894]
	Wie Der Weichnachtsbaum In Die Welt Kam [f|Ge-1900]
	Friedrich Marx [b|Ge-1911]
	Steiermark - Hand- Und Reisebuch [n|Ge-1911/1926]
	Brüx In Der Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart [n|Ge-1911]
	Karl Lacher [b|Ge-1911]
	Steiermärkisches Dichterbuch (ed) [Ge-1927]

Prof, Atul (Atmaram) GAWANDE {US} (M: 1965 Nov 5 - living 2022)

George GAWLER (M: 1795 Jul 21 - 1869 May 7)
	The Tranquillization Of Syria And The East [n|1845]
	The Emancipation Of The Jews [n|1847]
	Present State Of Moral Principle In..British Colonial Empire [n|1850]

John Cox GAWLER (M: 1830 Apr 7 - 1882 Jul 31)

John Stevens GAWLER {AU} (M: 1885 May 20 - 1978 Sep 6)
	A Roof Over My Head [a|1963]

Philippe GAWLIKOWSKY (M: ? - ?)
L	Guide Complet De La Danse [n|Fr-1858]

Doris E GAWRYS, nee ROGERS {UK} (F: c1920 - ?)

John GAWSWORTH (see: Terence Ian Fytton ARMSTRONG)

Mary (Eleanor) GAWTHORPE, Mrs SANDERS {UK} (F: 1881 Jan 12 - 1973 Mar 12)
	Votes For Men [n|1910]
	Up Hill To Holloway [a|1962]

Lady, GAY (see: Grace Elizabeth DENISON, nee SANDYS)

Amelia GAY (see: Grace (Weston) ALLEN)

Charles Richard GAY {US} (M: 1875 Sep 14 - 1946 Mar 23)
	Interdependence [n|1935]

Edwin Francis GAY {US} (M: 1867 Oct 27 - 1946 Feb 7 (or 8))
	Zur Geschichte Der Einhegungen In England [n|Ge-1902]

Florence GAY, nee ? {AU} (F: ? - ?)
	The Druidess [f|1908]
	In Praise Of Australia [n|1912]

Frederick A GAY (M: ? - ?)
L	Sketches Of California [n|1848]

Fritz GAY {DDR} (M: 1907 May 27 - 1969 May 23)

George E GAY (M: ? - ?)
	Problems In Arithmetic [n|1898]

Hannah GAY {UK} (F: c1940 - ?)

James GAY (M: 1810 Mar 24 - 1891 Feb 23)
	Poems By James Gay.. [p|1883]
	Canada's Poet [p|1884]

James(wrongly John) Drew GAY (M: 1846 - 1890 Oct 8)
	From Pall Mall To The Punjaub [n|1876]
	Plevna, The Sultan And The Porte [n|1787]
	The Mystery Of The Shroud [f|1886]

Jan GAY (see: Helen REITMAN)

John GAY (M: 1685 Jun 30 - 1732 Dec 4)
14800	The Present State Of Wit [1711]
	The Shepherd's Week [p|1714]
	What D'Ye Call It [d|1715]
	Trivia [p|1716]
*	Three Hours After Marriage (w POPE & ARBUTHNOT) [d|1717]
*	Fables (1st series) [s|1727]
25063,DWThe Beggar's Opera [d|1728]
	Polly [d|1729]
	Fables (2nd series) [s|1738]

John GAY (M: 1812 (or 1813) Sep 26 - 1885 Sep 15)
	On Femoral Rupture, Its Anatomy, Pathology And Surgery [n|1848]
	On Indolent Ulcers And Their Surgical Treatment [n|1855]
	On Varicose Disease Of The Lower Extremities And Its Allied.. [n|1867]
	On Haemorrhoidal Disorder [n|1882]

(Mary) Laverne GAY, nee KELS {US} (F: 1914 Dec 1 - 1997 Aug 5)
	The Unspeakables [f|1945]
	Wine Of Satan [f|1948]

M M GAY, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
R	Gleanings From Real Life [f|1858]

Maisie GAY (see: Daisy Maude NOBLE)

Marcelle GAY {CH} (F: 1955 - ?)

Martin GAY {UK} (M: ? - 2002)

Mary Ann Harris GAY {US} (F: 1827 or 1823 - ?)
(&ps: A Southern LADY)
R	Prose And Poetry (ps: A Southern LADY) [1] [s|1858]
R	The Pastor's Story.. [repr of 1] [s|1871/74]
	Life In Dixie Before The War [a|1892/?/?/1901]

Maurice GAY (M: ? - ?)
	In Spite Of Fortune [f|1876]

Noel GAY (see: Reginald Moxon ARMITAGE)

Peter GAY (see: Peter Joachim FRÖHLICH)

Robert Malcolm GAY {US} (M: 1879 - 1961)
	Writing Through Reading [n|1920]
	Fact, Fancy, And Opinion [n|1923]
	The 8-45 [1925]
	Riverside Book Of Verse [p|1927]
	Emerson [n|1928]

Romney GAY (see: Phyllis Isobel BRITCHER)

Ruth GAY, nee SLOTKIN, 1:Mrs GLAZER {US} (F: 1922 Oct 19 - 2006 May 9)

Sophie GAY, nee NICHAULT De LAVALETTE (F: 1776 - 1852)
17757	Ellénore [Fr-?]

Sydney Howard GAY (M: 1814 May 22 - 1888 Jun 25)
	Our Old Burial Grounds (anon) [n|1842]
	Popular History Of The United States (w W C BYANT) [n|1883]
	Amerigo Vespucci [b|1884]
28992	James Madison [b|1884]

Walter GAY {US} (M: 1856 - ?)
	Memoirs.. [a|1930]

William GAY (M: 1865 May 2 - 1897 Dec 22)
	Sonnets.. [p|1894]
	The Commonwealth & The Empire (jt ed) [e|1895]
	Sonnets [p|1896]
	Christ On Olympus.. [p|1896]

William (Elbert) GAY {US} (M: 1941 (wrongly 1943) Oct 27 - 2012 Feb 23)

Prof, William Teague GAY {US} (M: 1899 Sep 29 - 1981 Nov)

Zhenya GAY (see: Eleanor F BYRNES)

Enrique GAY CALBÓ {CU} (M: 1889 Oct 11 - 1977 Oct 14)

Louis-Joseph GAY-LUSSAC (M: 1778 Dec 6 - 1850 May 9)
g	Note Sur La Dilatation Des Liquides [n|Fr-?]
g	Observations Sur La Combinaison De L'Iode Et Du Chlore [n|Fr-?]
g	Observations Sur L'Oxydation De Quelques Métaux [n|Fr-?]
g	Sur Les Combinaisons De L'Azote Avec L'Oxygène [n|Fr-?]

Juan Antonio GAYA NUÑO {ES} (M: 1913 Jan 29 - 1976 Jul 6)

Pascual de GAYANGOS y ARCE (M: 1809 Jun 21 - 1897 Oct 4)
*	Catalogue Of The Manuscripts In The Spanish..British Museum [n|1875]

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(&ps: Jill BARKLEM)

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(ps: John GALE)
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