Edwin (Powell) HUBBLE

Sex : Male

Nationality: USA

Born : 1889 Nov 20
            Marshfield, Missouri, USA

Lived : San Marino, California, USA (final)

Died :   1953 Sep 28
             San Marino, California, USA
aged :   63
More info can be found online at:
English-language Wikipedia
Notable Names Database

More info can be found offline at:
Who Was Who, vol 5
American National Biography, ed John A Garraty & Mark C Carnes [1999]
Biographical Encyclopaedia of Scientists (2nd ed), ed J Dainteth et al [1994]

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Red Shifts In The Spectra Of The NebulaeEnglish
The Realm Of The NebulaeEnglish
The Observational Approach To CosmologyEnglish
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