Cicely Mary BARKER

Sex : Female

Nationality: UK

Born : 1895 Jun 28
            Croydon, London, England

Lived : Storrington, Sussex, England (final)

Died :   1973 Feb 16
             Worthing, Sussex, England
aged :   77
More info can be found online at:
Find a Grave

More info can be found offline at:
Dictionary of British Book Illustrators - The 20th Century, by Brigid Peppin & Lucy Micklethwait [1983]
The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators, by Alan Horne [1994]
Obituary in The Times, 1973 Feb 21
Something about the Author, vols 39 & 49
Grant of Probate in England & Wales

This person is/was also an illustrator

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Flower FairiesEnglish
Flower Fairies Of The TreesEnglish
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