Daisy(=Margaret) (Mary Julia) ASHFORD, Mrs DEVLIN

Gender : Female

Nationality: UK

Born : 1881 Apr 7 (wrongly 3 or 17)
              Petersham, Surrey, England

Lived : Norwich, Norfolk, England (final)

Died : 1972 Jan 15
             Norwich, Norfolk, England
aged : 90
More info can be found online at:
English-language Wikipedia
Internet Movie Database

More info can be found offline at:
The Readerís Companion to the Twentieth Century Novel, ed Peter Parker [1994]
Something about the Author, vol 10
Grant of Probate in England & Wales

             Book Titles              InfoDate(s)Read Online
The Young Visiters; or, Mr Salteena's PlanEnglish
1919Pr Gut #21315
Daisy Ashford: Her Book
[with Angela ASHFORD]
short stories
1920Pr Gut #25658
Love And MarriageEnglish
short stories
Where Love Lies DeepestEnglish
The Hangman's Daughter And Other StoriesEnglish
short stories
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